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Covid-19 rules to ease in NI but what do the figures say?

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Covid-19 rules to ease in NI but what do the figures say?

Postby geemong » Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:01 am

Covid-19 rules to ease in NI but what do the figures say?


Northern Ireland's Covid-19 restrictions are due to ease further next week after decisions made at the executive on Thursday evening.

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It is a move which has been criticised as "stupid" and "madness" by the chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA) in Northern Ireland, Dr Tom Black.

Two executive ministers - the SDLP's Nichola Mallon and Naomi Long of the Alliance Party - have both expressed concern about the planned easing.

As ever during the pandemic, numbers and statistics lie at the heart of the argument.

So what do the figures tell us about Northern Ireland's progress in the pandemic at the minute?

Cases and infection rates
Both of the following statements are true:

Northern Ireland hasn't seen a significant increase in case rates for months
Northern Ireland's case rate is high

That is because Northern Ireland has had an elevated infection rate for more than three months now.

Scotland, Wales, England and the Republic of Ireland have all seen spikes in case numbers at some points over the same period.

Generally, those were sharps rises, swiftly followed by steep falls.

But Northern Ireland has been a bit different in that respect.

The reason any increase in Covid case numbers is a concern is the potential added pressure it can place on our health system.

And there's good news and bad here.

First the good news - the number of patients in our hospitals with Covid-19 has been falling, albeit it very slowly.

The bad news is that the numbers are still reasonably high.

By the latest figures from the Department of Health (DoH), there has been an average of 382 Covid-positive inpatients in Northern Ireland's hospitals each day over the past week.
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