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Youngest Austrian prime minister resigns after being investi

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Youngest Austrian prime minister resigns after being investi

Postby jiraporn66 » Mon Oct 11, 2021 1:41 am


Sebastian Kurz, Prime Minister of Austria resignedดาวน์โหลด SLOTXOfrom office on Saturday (October 9), ending the government crisis After the Coalition stated that he was no longer fit to lead the country. As a result of which he is being investigated for suspected corruption.

The move by Kurz, who denied wrongdoing. Satisfying the Greens coalition government calling for him to resign But he plans to remain as leader of the Austrian People's Party. and is a senior member of the House of Representatives in the National Assembly A position where he can still influence government policies.

“Therefore, I would like to open a path to end a dead end. to prevent clutter and ensure stability," Kurz said in a statement released to the press.

Kurz also said he had nominated Alexander Chalenberg as foreign minister. under the support of the party to President Alexander van der Bellen to step up as Prime Minister instead of him

Werner Kogler, Leader of the Greens And the deputy prime minister indicated that he was satisfied with the proposal. That means Kurz has a successor to pull the ruling coalition back from near-dissolution.

"I believe this is the right step for future government work," Kogler said in a statement, adding that he had a very constructive working relationship with Schallenberg.

Kurz, 35, a star among European conservative politicians. and is famous for its harsh policies against immigration. Became one of the continent's youngest leaders when he, 31, became Austria's chancellor in 2017. At the time, Cruz led a coalition government that shakes hands between the Austrian People's Party and the Independence Party.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that Kurz and nine others were under investigation on suspicion of misconduct. Corruption and bribery It is relevant on many levels.

It started in 2016 when Kurz was looking to step up as party leader. Prosecutors suspect a conservative-led finance ministry Pay for an ad in a newspaper. In exchange for a staging poll and a good news report for Kurz.
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