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Chicago Bears Throwback Jersey Leaks Ahead Of Imminent Unvei

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Chicago Bears Throwback Jersey Leaks Ahead Of Imminent Unvei

Postby supkill124 » Sat May 15, 2021 6:25 pm

Earlier during the NFL's 2019 offseason, the Chicago Bears announced that they would be unveiling a special alternate uniform for the NFL's 100th season. It made sense that the Bears would decide to go with a special uniform for the occasion, considering that they are one of the only charter clubs to remain in existence. So, there was plenty of anticipation for this new look and all signs seemed to indicate that the Bears would dig deep into their uniform catalog to find a throwback that they have yet to utilize.To get more news about Men Game chicago bears, you can visit bearsbuy official website.

That's exactly what the Bears did but unfortunately for the franchise, they weren't the first ones to reveal the throwback jerseys to the public. Indeed, an image of the jersey on a clothes rack at a retail store was uploaded to Twitter, so now we all know what the jersey will look like.This jersey appears to be a modern interpretation of what the Bears wore for the majority of their 1936 season. This includes a blue helmet with orange stripes, blue pants with a sublimated stripe on the back of each leg, and some very lively-striped socks that were either matching the stripes on the jersey or had strictly orange-and-blue stripes. Either way, there's going to be a lot of stripes on the socks.

There's going to be a lot of stripes on this uniform in general, and we'll see just how those stripes look on the rest of the uniform when the Bears finally reveal the rest of the uniform on Friday. That's when we'll get a look at what the on-field product looks like and we'll also see if they stuck to accuracy when it came to the rest of the 1936 uniform.
As far as the choice of throwback goes, it's definitely one of the most unique choices that the Bears could have made. They only wore this uniform for one season and it's also a bit of a departure from the typical three-stripes look that we see on their regular uniforms and their most recently used throwbacks as well. It's not quite as much of a departure from their regular look as their 1994 throwback was but at the same time, it's still distinctive from what you would normally think about when it comes to a Chicago Bears uniform.

The uniqueness alone is enough to bring about enough excitement to make the official uniform unveiling worth paying attention to. Again, we still have yet to see what the helmet, pants and stripes will look like when it's modernized for 2019, but it should add up to what should be an aesthetically-pleasing throwback for the Bears.
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