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Indonesia's death toll from coronavirus has surpassed 100,00

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Indonesia's death toll from coronavirus has surpassed 100,00

Postby jiraporn66 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:35 am


A woman is vaccinated against Sinovac's COVID-19 at an injection site held at the Raksaka Udayana Regional Headquarters in Denbazaar on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Indonesia reached an unwelcome milestone onฝาก1 บาท รับ 99 2021ล่าสุดWednesday (August 4) when the number of deaths from the coronavirus surpassed the 100,000 mark as China ramped up measures to restrict its citizens from traveling abroad to contain it. The number of infected cases is increasing. which although still in the tens digit level But it is considered the highest number in several months, with Macau following its footsteps on the mainland. order to inspect all citizens After its first case in more than 16 months, New York City became the first major American city to force residents to show proof of vaccination before entering certain public areas, such as restaurants.

Indonesian authorities reported Wednesday that The number of deaths from COVID-19 rose by 1,747, bringing the total number to 100,636.

This is the largest country in Southeast Asia. More than 3.5 million cumulative cases have been reported, but it is widely believed that this is an underestimated number. Because the country does not have an extensive testing campaign.

Like many countries these days The new strain of coronavirus that has hit Indonesia the most is the Delta mutant. which are currently detected in different regions of the Adonis to more than ten regions After being found for the first time in this island nation in June

Dozens of Indonesians are now dying at home. due to inaccessibility to the hospital and even did not receive medical oxygen to relieve symptoms Because the various treatment centers in a state of full congestion

In China, immigration authorities announced on Wednesday it would stop issuing ordinary passports and other documents. which is required for out of the country in case of "not necessary and not urgent"

Yet, this does not mean that the entire Chinese public will be banned from leaving the country. China's immigration official said in a press release that for those who "are really needed The authorities will also issue a passport or necessary documents after verification.

on the other side China's central government has also ordered localities to Stop public transport and taxis from entering and exiting different areas. which caused an outbreak According to the press release of the Ministry of Transport
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Re: Indonesia's death toll from coronavirus has surpassed 10

Postby weihe » Tue Sep 21, 2021 1:41 pm

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