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Can anyone help with finding an old story?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:17 pm
by allen
It was up on Brafurs site but I'm assuming we'll never see him again.

A woman who lived on a farm with just her young son then got knocked up by a passing farmboy.

If anyone knows what I mean it'd be greatly appreciated.

Re: Can anyone help with finding an old story?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:12 pm
by Natas1898
Are you thinking about Pregnant on the Farm by Stevie D.?

Re: Can anyone help with finding an old story?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:44 pm
by iosefstalin19

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2021 5:31 am
by FrankJScott
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ISO Standardization Is An Important Element To The Growth Of

PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:20 am
by FrankJScott
Part 1-10 Of Medical Electrical Equipment: Essential Safety And Performance - Collateral Standard. The Requirements For Designing Closed-Loop Systems That Are Physiologic En 60601-1-10:2008
The safety of medical equipment is guaranteed by the production of distinct information. Standards are not just for the manufacturing process but also for the use. This means that awareness of the latest standards in the area of medical equipment is on the same level as standardization for general purposes. EN 60601-1-10.2008 defines the requirements for developing (analysis design verification, analysis and validation of a controller within the closed-loop physiologic control system in medical electric equipment as well as medical electrical systems to regulate the variable. This collateral standard is applicable to all types and models of PCLC. If you are interested in this document or have any questions, contact Iteh. See the most popular sist catalog standards sist-en-15323-2007 info.

Information Technology Security TechniquesCode Of Practice For Information Security Security Controls That Are Based On Iso/Iec 27002 For Cloud Services Iso/Iec 27017:2015
Security issues relating to information are more and more prominent in the modern world. They affect all aspects of daily life and also the overall structure of an organisation. This is covered by ISO/IEC 27017: 2015.ISO/IEC 27017-2015 offers guidelines on information security control for cloud services. This Recommendation - International Standard offers guidelines and controls for cloud service providers as well as cloud service customers.Given the many methods available for transferring information quickly currently, we recommend each one be explained in detail. Click on the link and read all technical parameters. Have a look at the best etsi catalog standards etsi-tr-122-953-v12-0-0-2014-10 review.

Characterization Of Bulk Materials - Determination A Size-Weighted Fine Fraction And Crystalline Silica Content - Part 1 General Information And Selection Of Test Methods EN 17289-1:2020
The variability of the manufacturing materials hinders the regulatory process locally and globally. International standards are being created to ease the entry of businesses and organizations into new markets.This document defines the criteria and the test method for the determination of the size-weighted fraction (SWFF) as well as the size-weighted fine fraction (SWFFCS) of crystalline silica (SWFFCS) in bulk materials.This document contains guidance regarding the preparation and determination of Silica crystals using Xray-ray Diffractometry (XRD), or Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.EN 1789-2 outlines a procedure to determine the size-weighted fine percentage by measuring the size distribution. It also assumes that the size distribution of the crystalline silica particles is the same as the other particles found in the bulk material. EN 1789-3 describes a fluid sedimentation method for determining the fine size-weighted portion of the crystalline silica. Both methods are subject to limitations and assumptions. These limitations are explained in EN 1728-9, EN 17289-3. The EN 17289-3 method can also be suitable for other constituents other than CS in the event that it is validated.This document is applicable to crystallized silica with bulk material that has been rigorously studied and confirmed for the analysis of the size-weighted, fine fraction and the crystalline silica.The presence of the technology documentation base will help to scale up production in the event that your field of work is directly in contact with the information contained in the document. Check out our website to learn more. Check out the recommended iso catalog standards iso-prf-15765-4 information.

Systems And Software Engineering - Software Product Quality Requirements And Evaluation (Square) -- Common Industry Format (Cif) For Usability: User Requirements Specifications (Iso 25065:2019) EN ISO 25065:2020
The current quality of software is the main advantage for having a top position on the global market. These markets have specific rules which must be adhered to currently. These requirements are contained in documents such as EN ISO 25065 2020.This document provides a framework and consistent terminology to describe the requirements of users. It defines the common industry format (CIF), which is used to specify the user's requirements. This covers the content elements and the manner of expressing the specifications.A user requirement specification is the formal documentation of requirements for users. It assists in creating and evaluating useful interactive systems.This document is a reference to the user's requirements. These include the following: a) the requirements for interactions between the user and the system in order to achieve the desired outcomes (including requirements regarding system outputs and attributes) and b) quality standards that pertain to the interaction with the system. These quality requirements may be used as criteria to approve the system.ISO/IEC 25030 defines quality requirements. This document includes a special kind of quality obligation, namely the user-specific requirements. The contents of a user specifications specification may be utilized in documentation resulting from activities that are part of ISO 9241-210 or from human-centered design processes such as those in ISO 92421-220.This document is meant to be used as a reference for requirements engineers, business analysts as well as product managers. It could also be used for those who own products and are purchasing systems from third party vendors. CIF is a set of standards that address usability-related information, as described in ISO 9241-11 or ISO/IEC TR 25060.In addition to usability, user requirements may include other perspectives such as human-centredness that was introduced in ISO 9241-220 as well as other quality perspectives described by ISO/IEC's TS 25011 and ISO/IEC 25030.This document was initially designed to be used in interactive systems. But it could be used for all types of domains. This document does no prescribe any method, process or lifecycle. Iterative development, which involves the creation and evolution of requirements (e.g. as in agile development).
This international standard will greatly facilitate your professional activities as well as help you organize your existing systems. It will also open up new possibilities to expand your company and gaining new markets. Have a look at the top rated cen catalog standards en-15837-2009 site.

Health Informatics - Device Interoperability Part 20701 Point-Of-Care Communications With Medical Devices - Service-Oriented Medical Device Exchange Architecture (Iso/Ieee 11073-20701:2020). EN ISO 11073-20701:2020
Communication technologies are not only used in areas that are closely linked to this category however, they are also employed in the medical field. Because the use of various devices in medicine requires complex changes and international standards are being made. One of these documents is EN ISO 11073-2071: 2020.
This standard describes a service-oriented design for medical devices and protocols for medical IT systems. These systems for medical IT need to be able to safely and securely control PoC medical devices. It describes the functional elements and their connections to each other and the way they are bound to protocols specifications.This document is very specific and is low-profile. Therefore, we suggest that you study the technical details and ask managers with expertise in international document choices for any additional questions. Check out the top rated cen catalog standards en-iso-24534-4-2010 information.