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Postby morgans1991 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:31 am

This is one of the best pregnant sex stories I've ever read, especially as it includes my favorite type of pregnant woman; a cougar! She's 38 in this story and the guy is early twenties.

The story is a little slow to begin with, but believe me, it gets much, much better the more you read!

This story is from Literotica, since I found it so enjoyable, I reckoned that everybody on here might enjoy it too!

I did not write this!


Part One

That first time, he certainly did not catch me at my best. At least I thought as much. I was thirty weeks pregnant and felt as big as a house. It was June and terribly hot already, so I'd just put on a pair of comfy shorts, flip-flops and a strappy maternity tank that probably showed off a little too much of my bulging belly and swelling breasts.

I was proud of my pregnancy though. It was my first, at thirty-eight, and we had not really been trying, but the baby was definitely something I had always wanted. I was in very good shape before that, and always able to turn heads, but not one to flaunt my sexuality like some women. Not that I didn't know how to turn on the charm with clients, or with men if I needed something done in a hurry. All women do it if they can.

So anyway, here I am with no makeup and a crappy outfit if I do say so myself. I was seemingly always hungry at that time, so I was presently stuffing my face with one of those horrid pretzels slathered in mustard which I had just bought at the Target eatery. To this day I have no idea how long he had been watching me. I hope to God it was not long, with me wiping mustard from the corners of my mouth and struggling with that loaded cart toward the checkout.

"Miss?" I heard someone ask; but I honestly ignored it the first time as I was well beyond the Miss years. I heard it again, right behind me and turned around as I stopped the cart.

Stepping up beside me was a man who looked to be in his early to mid twenties. Not especially tall, about my height, but very cute. And very well built. I chastised myself for even thinking such a thing. He had wavy black hair with vibrant blue eyes; and a wonderfully friendly smile. The way he looked right into my eyes actually made me stop gnawing on that damned pretzel and just stare back at him like an idiot.

I tried to ask him what he wanted, but it started to come out jumbled, and before I really even had a chance he stunned me by saying, "I hope you don't mind, but I saw you a couple of times walking around the store... and then just now when you walked by, I just had to tell you that you are without a doubt one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen."

He smiled again, or more of a big grin this time, and I could feel myself turn a bright red, and for one of the first times in my life I was completely speechless. My heart was pounding in my ears and I also felt a jolt in places that had been neglected for far too long. He winked and said, "That's all. Just couldn't stand myself if I didn't get over here and tell you that. You have a good day now."

He started to walk away, but then noticed the large box in my cart (the crib for the nursery) and he stopped short.

"You don't need any help with that do you? It sometimes takes forever to get help out to your car from places like this."

I just blinked, still reeling from what he had said. I felt like a deer caught in headlights; and maybe that is the best way to describe it.

He smiled and lifted the end of the large box. "The umm...crib?"

I finally managed to swallow most of the half eaten bite of pretzel in my mouth and answer back, "No. I can handle it."

He smiled again, but not as big this time, and shrugged. "Okay then. Bye now."

As he walked away, this time for good, I found myself starting at one of the cutest denim-clad butts I had seen in a very, very long time. That boy... no, man, was so yummy and he actually thought that I was "gorgeous" in my state! I tried to gather my composure and proceed to the checkout, but I was suddenly very self conscious. Had I been flaunting myself or revealing something? What ulterior motives could he have had in complimenting a woman in an extremely pregnant state?? I was very weary and could not help but search for him again the entire time I stood in line.

I don't even remember paying for things in my cart until I found myself standing in front of the Target with my receipt in hand. Of course it was then that I realized that I had not even asked for help, and if they had offered, I must have said no. I had made a fool of myself in front of how many people now? All I wanted to do was come out and get this chore taken care of and THIS had to happen! I could feel myself getting not only embarrassed but angry as well. I was doing absolutely fine until that stranger had come over and said that to me. Even if he was a yummy looking stud.


I marched myself over to my SUV and took my time unloading the bags of everything else I had bought. Lord only knew how I was going to get that damn crib in the car now! I made three unsuccessful attempts, with the third nearly sending me and the crib flat on the pavement. I just stood there ready to burst into tears when I heard that voice again from some distance.

"Hold on! Let me help with that!"

He came running from the Office Depot which was next door; and just in time because I don't think I could have held that box in that precarious position any longer.

"Wow... What are you think you're trying to do?" he asked, as he stepped in beside me and took the weight with such ease that it actually made me jealous! I just folded my arms and thanked him. "Geez, and you went and got the one that weighs 100 pounds or something too didn't you," he winked backed at me, sliding the crib inside.

He turned around and brushed his hands off and caught me staring at his arms, which were still bulging a little. I felt myself blushing again and even though I wanted to turn away, for some reason the two of us just stood there, looking into each other's eyes for what seemed like five minutes, but was probably two seconds. Both of us reached for the back door at the same time, so I demurely let him close at, as I pushed a few strands of my loose hair behind my ear.

"Well that was fun!" he said, with that big smile that just made me tingle all over again. "Matt," he said with a cute little nod.

"Megan," I responded and reached for the cart to walk it back. He quickly grabbed it and ran it across the street while I debated on whether I should get in and bolt or hang around.

I put my purse inside the front and went ahead and got in; turned on the a/c and put my left window down since I could already see "Matt" jogging back from the carts. It was cute. He was anxious to get back to me. It had been a long time since I had seen that kind of reaction from a man, even before I had become pregnant, but now....

"OK, so how are you going to get that inside? I don't normally offer my services to strange ladies but you really could use the help, I can tell."

I started to shrug away and yet I knew I was smiling at him and not wanting those butterflies in my tummy to stop so soon. I looked into his eyes and was about to say no, all the while fiddling with my wedding and engagement rings right on top of my very pregnant tummy. And of course I caught the not so subtle mention of his "services" which had more of an affect on me than I let him see. At least I thought so.

He cocked one eyebrow and I saw a slow grin form on his lips. Delectable, plump, perfectly shaped lips. I had never seen lips like that on a man before. My girlfriend in college had lips like his. Small, soft and plump; perfect for hours upon hours of kissing; but they actually fit perfectly on his masculine face, with just the trace of a five o'clock shadow forming. Could he tell I wanted to just reach outside that window and grab him; suck and chew on those lips even if I couldn't do anything else? Despite myself I was getting excited even though I was nervous, and still a bit perturbed about the entire situation.

"So... How far away do you live anyway? I don't mind helping as long as you didn't come from out of state or something," he said with a little laugh.

I told him the general area, all the while averting his eyes and still playing with my rings. He had placed one well toned arm on my door ledge and I found myself glancing out of the corner of my eye at the muscles as I finished speaking.

"You're kidding? I live like right across the street from there," he said. He lived in a condo while I lived in a townhouse that was literally right around the corner from him, just five miles from where we were.

I don't know why, but I started to get scared. I couldn't let him find out where I lived, could I? He looked perfectly harmless. Well maybe not. He actually looked delightfully handsome, but that was something I dared not think about while staring at him. It had been six months since my husband had even touched me and thinking about being ravished by a young stud would have probably made me cream all over that nice leather seat!

Well, it was like my puss had a mind of her own because I heard myself agreeing to let him follow me back to my place and carry the crib in. But that was it, I screamed to myself driving the whole way home. I shouldn't even go inside the house with him just in the case he really is dangerous. And on the other hand, Lord only knew what my pregnant horny little self would do if I got him upstairs right across from my bed for Christ's sakes! As much as I hated the thoughts, I was loving every second of it as well. I was so turned on, looking back in my rearview mirror at him and thinking that I could have that young stud servicing my very pregnant, swollen pussy in 20 minutes if I dared. Of course I wouldn't, I mean, I just couldn't! Even if I wanted to, it wouldn't be safe even ... would it?? Regardless, I knew that once he left I would get out my favorite toy; the one that was twice as big as my husband, and bring myself off so fast and so good! That would have to suffice as it had for the past six months. Hell the past six years.

By the time we got to my house I almost couldn't wait for him to leave. My whole pregnancy I had not allowed myself to fantasize about a real encounter like this, and now everything was coming to a head. I felt weak to my knees as I stepped out of the SUV and opened the back for him to get the crib out. He asked where he was taking it and I told him just inside the front door, so that would avoid any suspicion on my husband's part too, I thought to myself.

I hurried up to the front door and got it open while he was getting the crib out. I watched him as he approached the house, carrying that very heavy crib, which looked far too big for him to be lifting. I watched his eyes and saw them lingering on my tanned, toned legs as I stood there holding the screened door open for him; he glanced repeatedly to my bulging tummy, and then finally made contact with my own eyes. The sweet thing actually blushed and turned away instantly. Like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar, it was! Lovely is all I can say.

I wanted him. She wanted him. I could tell because as he stepped inside and I got a wiff of his sweet sweat mixed with whatever else he was wearing, she started oozing.

NO! I couldn't have him. I was very married, and very pregnant, and either one of those things in itself would be reason enough not to. But combined? What would that make me? No. And that was that. But that was easier said then done. Especially with her all roused up like she was.

He placed the crib down gently in the only spot he could, in the center of the room. Turning around he caught me once again admiring him, only this time I had taken a second too long on that incredible ass of his. There was no hiding the fact so I just went with it.

"I'm sorry, but you do have an awesome butt, Sweetie," I said, giving him the once over again. I knew I would never see him again, so I might as well enjoy that while it lasted!

He was obviously a little surprised by my words because he just stood there grinning and let out a laugh.

"No need to apologize. There's quite a bit more I could compliment you on too, if you'd give me half the chance," he said.

I don't know why, but him saying that suddenly made me feel self-conscious again. I folded my arms across my chest, and tried to ignore the awkward silence.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just like I said earlier, you are absolutely amazing is all."

"Just 'absolutely amazing'?" I asked with a smirk, cocking my eyebrow like he had before.

He smiled again. God, that smile could make me melt.

"And stunning."


"And unbelievably sexy."

We both actually blushed slightly at that.

"How can this be 'unbelievably sexy'? You must be out of your mind!" I said, framing my belly with my hands and laughing.

He was quiet for a few seconds and I thought I had been too harsh.

"That isn't what makes you sexy. It's just part of the package. When I first saw you I could only see your head above the racks of baby clothes. The way your hair is pulled back like that and the tone of your skin definitely caught my attention. Then you turned around. I saw your profile, your nose and mouth and chin for the first time. There aren't a lot of women that can pull off being this cute and this beautiful at the same time."

Wow. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach, and not by the baby. Way too much coming from a perfect stranger, I thought. In fact, I couldn't recall anyone ever having the balls to compliment me like that before. And to have a stranger say these things to me was turning my world upside down.

"Do you want me to go?"

"What about this? What about when you saw this?" I asked as an afterthought, rubbing my tummy again, even though he couldn't see because he was standing behind me.

"I thought ... I had never seen anything so beautiful. I don't know why. But you carry yourself so perfectly compared to other ... you know ... pregnant women."

He was quiet behind me for a minute while I just stood there rubbing my tummy and looking outside, thinking things through. I finally heard him moving toward the door to let himself out.

"Are you married?" I asked, without looking at him. His hand was already on the screen door latch.

"No. No takers yet," he said with a little nervous laugh.

I thought for a second. "That's good to know." And I turned to him and smiled weakly.

It was the best I could do in my emotional state, and I couldn't really just jump in bed with a stranger. Plus, there were "other" complications as well in my condition. Better to leave this to fantasies for him and my big, rubber, man-made lover for me. Matt on the other hand did not let it go that easy, BLESS HIS HEART!!

After Matt left, I sat on the couch looking at his business card, while running through everything that had just occurred. I probably should have just thrown it away right then and there, but there was something so forbidden, so naughty, so taboo about keeping it ... just in case. Yes, my emotions had gone through a rollercoaster that afternoon, but one thing was for certain – she was still very much involved in this decision.

She needed relief so bad it was killing me. I didn't even finish bringing everything inside. I just locked the Escalade from the front door and headed on upstairs.

I quickly stripped down to nothing and went to the closet to find my "little helper." I had three, but this was my favorite. No bells or whistles, just a plain old thick piece of rubber molded into the shape of a beautiful, slightly curved, 7 inch cock. It was in fact only about an inch or so longer than my husband, but it was easily twice as thick.

I could feel my heart racing just a little and she was getting so excited knowing what was about to come, so to speak. There are times when I want to take my time, to work myself up into a frenzy before I let her have relief; but not today. I needed to be fucked. I would have give anything to just have had the courage to lead that young man up to my bed and let him take care of everything!

As I laid back and spread my legs wide, reaching around my pregnant tummy, I imagined him over top of me, ready to take me as his own. I had to lean up on one elbow to get the toy inside, and I wasted no time sliding its entire length all the way inside my wet, greedy little puss. I propped some pillows behind my back so I could maintain that position and then I just let her have it. I closed me eyes and worked that cock fast and furious; so much that the squelching sounds emanating from between my spread legs filled the entire room for seconds at a time.

I was so excited from the whole scenario that I came faster than I think with any other fantasy I had ever had. It was a long drawn out climax that caused me to toss my head back and actually cry out; something I never do while doing myself for fear that someone will hear me, whether I have the house to myself or not. I was able to twist and screw that fat rubber cock around inside her until I felt myself on the verge of yet another climax; and this one was every bit as intense as the last. I wanted this feeling to last forever.

Collapsing back on the bed and letting go of the toy, I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations of still being completely filled by my man-made lover. I ran my well manicured nails delicately across my breasts and traced circles around my sensitive nipples; teasing them, tormenting them, exciting them. As I rolled both between a finger and thumb of each hand I instantly felt my puss grabbing at the toy still embedded so deep inside of her. I closed my legs together and very carefully rocked back and forth against the bed while playing with my nipples. Milk started to leak from each one, coating my fingers and exciting me even more.

It took a lot longer in that position, not holding the dildo at all except for with my legs, and I was tempted so many times to just reach down and take charge again, but I was leading up to something amazing, I just knew it.

I rubbed my swollen belly with one hand and pulled on my nipple with the other; all the while squeezing my legs together and shoving my butt down into the bed to get that cock deeper inside of me. Using my whole hand on my breast, I imagined it was my new young lover, Matt, sucking and biting my nipple until I came all over him. It happened so suddenly it seemed. Oh my God! When I came it was honestly one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever given myself. And to think that I had not even had a hand in it so to speak!

After all that, I still was not completely satisfied, but it certainly helped. And yes, I know I was bad; but the thought of that young stranger pleasing me in my husband's bed, with his baby in my belly, just made me cum like you wouldn't believe!

I had an hour or so before my husband came home so I proceeded to take a long hot shower even though it was probably not the best thing to do in my condition. Using the shower massager felt so good all over, but particularly on my poor swollen little puss. I brought myself off to another small orgasm letting that spray pulse against my clit as I squeezed my nipples roughly. Did he like to eat puss? The thought of that delicious young stud down there doing what that water was doing was bringing me to the same aroused state I had been in before I had even come upstairs.


This could be good, I decided. I dried myself off, but instead of getting dressed I waited the last 10 minutes for my husband to arrive home, wearing nothing but my towel wrapped barely around my swollen body. I needed a man, and I loved my husband. There was absolutely no reason why he couldn't make love to me like we had before we had gotten pregnant.

He saw me lounging on the bed, hair still a little damp, but pulled back (sexy like Matt had told me it was). I was making a pretense of reading a magazine and just killing time. He didn't say much, but started talking about his day when I asked him. I put the magazine down and crawled over the bed to where he was removing his patrol officer's uniform.

He stood up when he felt me get behind him and as he looked down at me I asked him another question so he would keep talking. He hesitated for a few seconds but then continued on his little tirade about the day. I tucked my legs underneath of me and sat back on them; leaning forward I then started unbuckling his belt, all the while making little comments about what he was saying.
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Re: Target

Postby morgans1991 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:34 am

Part Two

I don't even think he was paying any attention at all to what I was doing until he felt me envelop his soft cock inside my mouth and give it a good hard suck. He got quiet and I looked up into his eyes for a brief second and winked. I then cradled his sack with one hand and started pumping with the other while resuming my sucking. It took only a few seconds for him to reach his full six inches... hard and oh, so ready for me.

I maneuvered him around the edge of the bed, all the while continuing to work on him with my tongue and lips. Once I forced him down onto his back, I sucked and licked and nibbled his cock until I knew he would stay hard enough to bring me off. But as I climbed on top of him and reached between our legs he held me up with a stern look on his face.

"What are you doing?" he almost barked at me.

I just stared at him blankly, not knowing what to say. What the fuck did he think I was doing??

"I thought you were just going to finish me that way like you usually do! We can't do anything else with you like that!"

"What on Earth are you talking about?" I responded, trying as best I could to remain calm. True, I had done nothing but give blowjobs and play with myself for the past five months; even before I was showing really, he had stopped wanting anything else from me. But that wasn't because I didn't want anything else. I had even forced him to go to one of my checkups so my doctor could tell us that sex was alright, even healthy, but he just stood there with that stupid "Cop Face" like he was about to write the poor woman a ticket!

The cock in my hand was completely flaccid now and he was trying to push me off without hurting me – I'll give the bastard that much! He wouldn't even look at my stomach, which the towel had completely bared by now. I confirmed right then and there that it was me that he was not attracted to. As long as he couldn't see that belly he was fine.

Now, I am normally a crier and very emotional, and I at least would have argued or something, but something inside me just told me to keep my cool that day. He watched me cautiously as he got off the bed and grabbed a pair of shorts to cover himself. I knew he was expecting me to lash out or burst into tears, and perhaps that is what he wanted to see. So that he could argue or tell me it was just my hormones. Well, fuck him! I was not going to give him the pleasure. And he had another thing coming if he thought I was going to be giving out blowjobs for the remainder of this pregnancy either!

I lay back on the bed after he left and tried to make excuses for his actions. I always did that in order to keep us from fighting. There were no excuses this time though. A much younger, cuter, sexier man had found no problem with me, and yet my own husband whose baby I was carrying didn't see me the same way?

Obviously it was due to the circumstances of what had happened that day, because I honestly don't know how I would have reacted if I had not yet met Matt. What I do know now is that I apparently decided at that very moment that I was going to have an affair. And if that adorable little stud muffin wanted my fat pregnant body and thought it was beautiful in the process, then who was I to deny something like that? I needed the attention and I don't know how he could have seen it, but his saying that to me, at that particular moment, on that particular day pretty much sealed the deal so to speak.

Now remember, at that time I still wasn't sure how far I could bring myself to go, or if I was going to do anything much at all. What I did know is that I had an incredible attraction to this young stranger that I probably in all honesty would never have noticed if he had not approached me and been so shockingly forward. I refused to act like a desperate, lonely housewife; so I made a point of not calling him for over a week. He may have just been humoring me with all those compliments anyway, and I wasn't sure if he would even want to just hang out with a bored pregnant woman he had just met.

I almost hung up after the third ring, because I certainly did not want to leave a message, when I heard him pick up. My heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute. I was flush. I felt like a teenager calling up a boy to a dance, for Christ's sake!

"God, I thought you'd never call!" he said.

I wasn't sure how to react. "You've been waiting all this time?"

"I sure as hell have."

I was quiet. Probably for a little too long, but then I said, "I wanted to thank you for the other day."

"Oh. That was nothing. Really it wasn't."

"And, well... I was wondering ... if you weren't terribly busy, if you would be able to come over and help me put it together. The crib I mean."

"I'd love to! Well, can't say that performing manual labor is something I'd love to do, but if it means seeing you again and helping you out at the same time, then I'd definitely love to."

He was cute. Corny, but cute.

"Well, whenever is good for you. I just want to get a feel for the room and it will be better once it is put together I think."

"Anytime is good. Today even. If that is ok."

I hesitated. I wanted to see him right now. Wanted to feel him and taste him and have him make love to me like I needed so much. I couldn't possibly move that fast though, could I? Then I thought all my life I had played by the rules and played games with men. Played hard to get, teased, didn't let on what I really wanted until usually too late.

I decided to let him come over in a couple of hours. I didn't want to sound too anxious, but I didn't want him to get the wrong idea either. What was the idea anyway? Even I was not sure. I certainly didn't want him thinking I didn't want him. I had to give him some reason to keep coming back.

Well, if you are going to act like a little hoe, then start playing the part, I said to myself. I had a young hottie coming over in less than two hours and I sure as heck did not want to be wearing shorts and an old t-shirt.

I decided on a pair of white stretch pants that I could bring just under my tummy, and showed off my butt pretty good if I do say so myself. It was my top that would show him I meant business though. It was a flimsy blouse with a low neck-line that showed off my swelling breasts, and just barely covered my pregnant belly. No bra. I was feeling very bad. My nipples rubbed against the silky material and sent shivers all around my sensitive breasts. I also decided not to wear any sandals. What was the point? I was in my own house and would want to take them off anyway as soon as we got upstairs to do the crib.

I am not a patient woman. I want what I want, when I want it. All that waiting for him to show up was driving me crazy. If he was a minute late I would be out of my mind! He wasn't though. Not only that, but he called me 30 minutes early and asked if he could just head on over. I tried not to sound too excited, but I had worked myself up so much by then, even allowing myself a little fantasy of him whisking me off into my bedroom and just ravishing me. Amidst all those thoughts, I am sure he could tell by my voice that I was more than pleased that he was coming early.

Part of me was expecting to be disappointed by his appearance when I saw him again. Perhaps I had been swept away by his compliments and since then made him out to be so much more than he was. But oh my! When I opened that door, as nonchalantly as possible, there he was looking every bit the yummy little stud muffin he had been the first time we'd met.

He wore a snug athletic tee that hugged his arms and chest nicely, but not in a way that was showing off. Low-rise dark faded denims and sneaks. He was holding a tool box in one hand so his muscles in that arm were bulging out a bit. I had the almost uncontrollable urge to just run my tongue all the way up that long vein and see what his reaction would be!

Apparently he was sizing me up at the same time, because by the time my eyes finally got back up to his face he was frowning and grinning while looking at my protruding stomach and ample cleavage.

"My god... I have never seen anything so incredible," he said, shaking his head. He looked into my eyes and smiled that smile again.

"View's not too bad from my point either," I ventured. I was feeling a bit bolder now.

I grabbed his free arm and pulled him inside, glancing to my neighbor's houses just in case.

I knew he was watching my ass in those tight pants as we walked up the stairs to the baby's future room. The knowledge that he could no doubt see my snug French laced panties, and would want me as much as I wanted him was excruciating. Turning around as we were talking, I saw him trying not to stare at me, but the poor thing couldn't help it. I was pretty much right there in front of his nose the whole way up.

Standing in the doorway to the baby's room, I purposely made him squeeze by me so that he would have to face me. We looked into each other's eyes and both smiled, and he took just a second longer than he needed to, but then of course he was trying not to hit me with that toolbox too. I let my fingers of both hands press against his chest, ever so lightly, as he entered the room and quickly made a pretense of getting busy.

Actually, he knew exactly what he was doing, and after getting the box open, all those pieces started to look like that expensive crib before I knew it. I sat on a chair for the first half-hour, helping him with what I could and just talking.

I found out he worked for himself, at home, like me; made his own hours of course. That was far too convenient for a woman as in need as I was. I tried not to think of the possibilities or the trouble I could get myself into as I watched him doing what my husband should have been doing. My mind started to drift to what else he could be doing that my husband should be doing! The more I stared the more I wanted what I shouldn't have. What I just couldn't have!

She was getting wet.

Plus, I had the air conditioner on, as I was always hot now during this pregnancy, and the fabric of that blouse combined with the cool air in that tiny room made my poor little nipples stand straight out it seemed. I wondered if it was a mistake to have dressed this way, but it sure seemed to make Matt happy, each and every time he snuck a glance in my direction.

I eventually got down on the floor with him, and he made a big deal about me being careful and helped me down to where he was. He was now able to see right down my blouse whenever I wanted him to. And I wanted him to frequently! I made a point of touching his arms as I handed him something or his knees when he stood up. I playfully touched his shoulder or his back when we joked.

We got to the point where he was going to have to stand up on his knees for a few minutes at least to put together the last few sections. I must be honest, he caught me more than once admiring that cute butt of his when he turned around to ask for another nut or bolt.

When he was finished at last and the crib was finally a crib he stood there admiring his work ... while I sat there on the floor just admiring him. He turned and looked down at me and must have seen the dreamy, flushed look on my face at being caught again. Matt reached out both hands to pull me to my feet, but I didn't want to get up just yet.

I pulled him back down on the floor with me and told him to relax a minute. He laughed and just lay there as I sat beside him, looking down at his face, his arms, his stomach which was now showing just a little due to his shirt riding up.

I saw him doing it, but I can't say now who kissed who first. I know that he propped himself up on his elbow and reached for my arm, and I at the same moment found my hand behind his head pulling his face even closer.

Those lips were everything I had desired that first day. Chewable, suckable, kissable, soft. He did not kiss me like a stranger. It felt like we were long lost lovers. It was slow at first to be sure, as we discovered the limits of what each of us wanted, but it quickly blossomed into one of the most passionate kissing sessions I have ever had in my life.

I found myself being lowered onto my back, while those spectacular kisses never ceased for a moment. He cradled the back of my head with his hand and proceeded to devour my mouth, or maybe I devoured his, because I found us competing and tongue dueling more often than not. My nipples were burning, my puss was on fire. I hadn't been kissed like this in years, if ever. He was taking my breath away and making me dizzy.

I don't know how long we kissed like that, but I do know that I eventually had to take his hand and place it up under my blouse. He immediately started running his hand all over my pregnant tummy, squeezing gently, as if sizing me up or something. When his hand reached one of my nipples it was too much. I came right then and there, squeezing my legs together and moaning into his mouth which still covered mine. I fucked his mouth with my tongue as I slowly recovered, and knew that I wanted... no, needed more.

Pushing him away, I shoved him onto his back and straddled him. Next, I pulled his shirt off and just sat there looking down at the fine young man beneath me. I ran my fingers along his abs and watched him squirm as I pinched his nipples between my fingers. His cock was pressing hard against my crotch through his jeans, and creating a bulge that was just perfect for me to rub myself off on.

I was nervous. I knew I shouldn't be doing this and I wasn't sure exactly how far to go. He was a perfect stranger really. A cute, young, delicious perfect stranger; but a stranger none-the-less.

I found that my puss had a mind of her own though. I was already rubbing my crotch back and forth; I could feel my clit pressed hard against his cock through that rough denim and my thin pants. I know it was a horrible thing to do, and I felt so selfish, but I needed to cum again.

I just pressed down hard on his chest and fucked him through our clothes right there in my baby's room.

What kind of woman was I, I thought, as I didn't make a move to stop him when he slid his hands up across my bare belly and took a breast in each hand. I had lost my blouse entirely somewhere along the way. We never broke eye contact as I continued my dry-humping, and I doubted he was getting much pleasure down there, being as confined in those jeans as he was. It didn't matter. I needed to cum.

I ground my crotch harder and harder against him, pressing my clit firmly against that hard bulge in order to get as much friction and pleasure as possible. He told me I looked incredible. So beautiful. That he wanted me to "do it," to take what I needed.

He rolled my nipples between thumb and forefinger on each hand and told me it was ok, to come for him, as milk began to leak from each of my swollen breasts. He told me he had never seen anyone as sexy as me and lifted his head to capture a dripping nipple between those perfect lips. I lost it again. I squeezed my eyes shut, tossed my head back, and I came right there through my pants, rubbing myself furiously against his body. I just kept riding for minutes afterwards, afraid to let it end I think, even though my climax was scarcely there any longer.

When I looked into his eyes again though, I felt a sudden wave of intense guilt and more than that, embarrassment! I had never done anything like that with a partner before, and a stranger no less. I was shocked at my behavior. I climbed off of him as fast as I could and was horrified when I managed to stand up and saw the big wet spot between my legs. I had cum like a whore!

I started to apologize and hurry from the room, arms covering my exposed upper body, tears already blurring my vision. He caught me from behind and kept me from running into my bedroom.

"It's OK," he said. "Really. Please don't be upset. If it was anyone's fault it was mine."

The words stopped me dead in my tracks. I had never had a man apologize that easily before, and for something we both knew full well was not his fault.

I looked at him and I flinched when he wiped the tears from my face. I don't know why, but that seemed much more intimate to me than what we had just done even.

"I'm sorry," I said again. "It's just been so long, and you said such sweet things about me. And I just feel so horrible sometimes..." I let my voice trail off.

He pulled me close to him and let me put my head on his shoulder. I started to cry and I couldn't stop. He just held me and told me it would be ok. That it was alright and there was no reason to cry. I felt him kiss my forehead and finally lift my head up to look at him. I was a swollen, sobbing mess; I knew it.

"Look at me. I'm an awful mess," I sniffled.

"You are absolutely beautiful," he said. I watched as his eyes took in my entire face, my hair, my neck, and then looked back into my eyes again. "Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for?" I whispered.

He stared at me for a few seconds and held me tight. "For letting me help you. For allowing me to be with you like that. I have never......" His voice trailed off as his eyes darted around my face again.

I can't say I don't know what came over me. I do. He was talking to me in a way I had always dreamed of. I was very vulnerable. He was young and sexy.

And I wanted him.

I placed a hand on either side of his face and pulled him to me. I kissed him and made sure he knew it was quite alright to kiss me in return. Our tongues dueled, we inhaled each other's breath, and we tasted each other's wetness.

I felt lightheaded due to the crying, but I didn't want to stop that kiss. I remember feeling afraid, actually afraid that I would never get another chance at this. I knew right then where this was going, and I made no effort to stop it from happening.

Without breaking that kiss, I backed out of the baby's room and towards my bedroom instead. Once he discovered where I was leading him, he hurried us on. He pushed me delicately onto my back on the bed; as his hand roamed all over my tummy and down to the wet spot between my legs. He kept kissing me while he proceeded to rub my puss through my pants. He took my breath away with that kiss.

When I couldn't stand it any longer, and I had to breathe or else, I broke off the kiss and turned my face away from him, gasping for air. His lips were all over my face, my ear, my neck; all the while he was still massaging me between my legs. I was going to come again if he didn't stop, and I told him so. It didn't have the effect I was looking for, as he just pressed harder and moved his face closer to my breasts. His teeth scraped lightly across my nipple before fully enveloping it inside his mouth. He sucked and licked all around my sensitive little bud, teasing me to no end. He moved to the other one and immediately sucked me hard, drinking from me.

I came. I just couldn't hold myself back any longer. It felt too incredible. The sensation of my breast being sucked dry, squirting and pulsing as his fingers worked their magic on me. After a few minutes, I had to push his hand from between my legs to allow myself to recover; otherwise that climax would have gone on forever!

He stood up and looked at me with such hunger in his eyes that it was almost startling. I could feel his eyes burning my skin as they traced their path from my exposed breasts still glistening from his sucking on them, to my large swollen belly. Matt then took the waist of my pants with both hands and deftly pulled them down and off of me, along with my soaked lacey panties. I was so exposed for him; this younger man who was practically a stranger. I could scarcely lie still as I watched him quickly remove his shirt and unbuckle his belt.

I squeezed my legs together and rolled over slightly to trace my fingers along his rock-hard abs. He was like a dream come true. And then I saw what he had been hiding in those jeans that whole time!
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Re: Target

Postby morgans1991 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:36 am

Part Three

He was magnificent. Well over eight or nine inches, and oh so thick. A beautiful set of swollen balls hanging heavily beneath; just waiting to empty their load inside my pregnant, horny little pussy!

I reached out and gripped his cock with one hand and weighed his balls with my other. He groaned and let me stroke him for a few long seconds as while leaning forward and rubbing my big tummy again. I barely had to tug him towards me before he got the idea and was instantly kneeling between my legs; his cock stabbing into my lower belly.

He started kissing my breasts again, slowly making his way down my tummy; licking my little outtie of a belly button and driving me insane. I realized when he started to kiss lower what his intentions were, and I stopped him before he had the chance.

"Not now... I need you inside me!" I groaned.

I had both hands on the sides of his face and pulled him up over top of me as I sat up and devoured his lips. He broke of the kiss a few seconds later and spread my legs wider, positioned his beautiful cock at my entrance and stared into my eyes.

"Is this ok? I mean, is it safe for you to?" he said in a throaty voice. I groaned in response and gripped his ass with both hands, before pulling him inside me.

He only got about halfway in before he seemed to hit bottom. He was splitting me wide open already and he wasn't even all the way in! Neither of us spoke for the next few wondrously tormenting minutes, as he worked more and more of that gorgeous young cock into my swollen puss! Only the sounds of our groaning and sighing; letting out gasps of air as we found ourselves holding our breath.

I couldn't see his progress over my big tummy, so I focused on his eyes, which stared back into mine so passionately. He had to hold himself over me on outstretched arms so as not to crush my belly. He placed his hands on either side of my body and just worked that cock back and forth as much as he could, being as tight as I had become. I secretly wondered how on earth the baby would even make it through there if I was this tight still!

I gripped his arms with both hands, reveling in the feel of his taut, bulging muscles there. There is nothing I love more than having a man over top of me like that; looking down upon me; taking me and making me his own. Just the thought of it when I am alone makes me so wet, but having that young, hard cock attempting to bury itself inside me just made me cream all over the place!

I know from a lot of friends that they take a long time to climax no matter how excited they are, but not me. I have always been a fast cummer. Not to say I am always satisfied, but if the man lasts more than five minutes and we are into it, I have no problem whatsoever. What that boy was doing to me though ... Maybe it didn't hurt that I knew how taboo the whole thing was; letting a young man who was not my husband do me in my own bed, and being eight months pregnant to boot! He certainly made me realize that what I had thought was multi-orgasmic before I met him, was nothing compared to this!

Matt leaned his face down and captured one of my nipples between his teeth again, sucking and tugging and drinking as he continued to work his way in and out of me. Again I couldn't stand it and came all over him that fast.

"Aaaaaahhhh, Gggggodddd!!" I cried out, closing my eyes and arching my back.

I felt my swollen tummy pressing hard into his stomach, and the sensation was just incredible! Grinding against him and spreading my legs wider, I slicked that cock up so much now, that he was at last able to start really thrusting, using almost his entire length. It still hurt some whenever he got too eager and thrust really deep, and I would cry out from the delightful pain it caused.

Back and forth now, my young lover made me his; and in the process made me believe how sexy I was again. I didn't doubt anymore, as I watched his eyes soaking in my nakedness, roaming all over my exposed, sweaty flesh. What was more, he loved my pregnancy. He stared at it with a hunger in his eyes that drove me insane. He told me how beautiful I was, between his thrusts and heavy breathing, and I knew it was true.

He continued his thrusting while nipping at one sensitive nipple, and then the other until I came again. It was almost unbearable it felt so good. He was so much deeper now, and so hard, and so wet from me coming like a little slut in heat. Never had I come so many times in one day, in one week! It was to the point where I completely gave myself over to anything and everything he was doing to me. No inhibitions left. How could there be? I was so pregnant and so horny and my young lover was satisfying me like no other while constantly reassuring me that I was sexy and beautiful, and proving just how desirable I was even in my state!

Matt finally sat back on his heels, resting for a few moments, now that he had thoroughly satisfied me in more ways than one. He only rested a few seconds though, and then I watched him grip my wide hips as he got to his knees and started pulling me into him, my long legs draped loosely around and behind him, resting on his. I reached back to the headboard and grabbed the rod iron rails, riding out the new sensations that were coming to a head inside me. It took almost no time, literally, before he had my pregnant little pussy creaming all over that young cock of his once again.

Seeing my climax again, he suddenly thrust his upper body back to the position he had been in previously, and with long deep strokes that made me cry out with each downward lunge, he finished us off.

We came together as I felt his thick cock get even harder, and finally the intensely warm sensation of his cum splashing against my womb, against my unborn baby, filling me, spilling out of me at last. I loved it that he continued to shudder, his cock still lodged deep inside me, as if he was cumming over and over again. That I could do this to a man so much younger in my pregnant state absolutely amazed me. But it also made me feel so empowered as well. I felt like a beautiful, sexy, woman in the truest sense; having just satisfied my man utterly and completely.

He molded his body around my tummy and carefully leaned down to passionately kiss me. I wrapped my arms and my legs as best I could around his fit young body and enjoyed the afterglow of one the most intense love-making sessions I had ever experienced.

Matt finally rolled off and lay beside me, facing me. He kissed the side of my face and rubbed my tummy, my breasts, and my thigh. If he didn't stop I was going to want more, and I told him so with a little laugh.

"Would that be so terrible?" he asked, leaning on his elbow and wrapping his other arm around my body.

"It will be if my husband gets home and finds you here!"

"Guess that wouldn't be too good would it?"

"Umm, no," I said, lifting his hand from my side and kissing his fingers. He watched as I proceeded to tongue the palm of his hand and kiss each finger in turn, then make my way up his arm and finally pull him down to kiss those luscious lips once more.

We kissed like that for a long while, holding each other and just enjoying the warmth of each other's caresses. I definitely could have gone again even though I was utterly exhausted; and I could feel his hardness against me, so I knew he was more than ready too. But there were things to worry about, as it was getting rather late, so I reluctantly broke things off right there.

I sat up and looked down at the wonderful specimen stretched out beside me, on my side of the bed. It was only then that I even thought about the fact that I had just been thoroughly made love to by a young stranger right on the side where my husband slept each night. It made me feel so deliciously dirty. Served him right for not wanting me when he had the chance, I thought.

The two of us gathered our clothes, although I needed to change my attire completely since there was no need for my husband to see me dressed so provocative when I was supposedly home all day alone.

"Can I see you again?" Matt asked, as we made our way down the stairs, hands still roaming each other's bodies. "Please tell me I can see you again," he laughed.

"Hmm, I think you are a very bad influence on me," I said, pressing my swollen tummy into his hard stomach as we stood by the door. "Very corrupting, don't you think?"

"Most definitely. You can blame it all on me. Just let's do it all over again soon!"

I just laughed and grabbed his butt with one hand as I leaned in to kiss him one more time.

"I have never been so turned by a woman in my life," he said, reaching for the door knob.

I looked back at him and smiled. "You took care of me like no one else ever has," I whispered. "I needed that so bad. But, I really don't think ... oh, I don't know."

I was afraid to give him a definite answer, and he quickly got the hint. But he snuck in one more maddeningly passionate kiss, before he pulled the door open, which left me light-headed and dizzy.

"No fair," I gasped.

Matt just grinned and stepped outside. "Until next time then," he said with a wink. "Hopefully!"

I watched that cute butt of his as he walked down my driveway and got into his car. Not looking back until he got ready to get inside. He winked again and then he was off.

Despite the most amazing sex I could remember ever having, I felt so guilty for the next few days that I couldn't even sleep at night. My husband would be there snoring lightly beside me and I would just find my self starting up at the ceiling for hours.

How could I have been such a ... a ... slut? What kind of a woman lets a complete stranger fuck her at eight months pregnant in her own bed? I felt sick and dirty. It was the last time I would lose control of my urges again, I promised myself.

There was only one problem with that: I missed him.

As I lay there at night thinking how horrible I was, I also wondered just how he was doing. Was he just in it for a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am? He didn't seem the type, but I had heard of men that were just so good at picking up woman they could get anyone they wanted. Was that what I was? A target? Some dirty notch on his bedpost?

No. Not Matt. It couldn't be. He was just so cute, and so sexy. And he had made me feel so beautiful for the first time in too long.

It didn't matter. I wasn't going to call him again. It wasn't like I could just invite him out for coffee. He would know what I was really thinking about, and I would know that he would be undressing me with his eyes the entire time. A delicious thought though, for sure. Sitting at some café at eight months pregnant having a much younger man lusting after at me right there in front of everyone.

Inevitably, these thoughts always led to the same place: My fingers gently and silently massaging myself until I came right there beside my sleeping husband.

I refused to call him even though I wanted a repeat performance more than just about anything. Just could not bring myself to call him up again. He had been so bold as to call me three days later, but I refused to answer the phone when I saw that number.

A week after our first intimate encounter, and I was so frustrated I couldn't stand it. I was bringing myself off two or three times a day. The guilt was at times overwhelming, but the pleasure and knowledge that I had done what I did, was just too good to stop.

I was out shopping at the organic grocery store a few miles from my house when I bumped into him unintentionally. It was just like that. He hadn't seen me at first, picking out apples on the other side of the large bin. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that lovely face; recalling the way he looked as he climaxed inside me. The grimace; the cute smile; the feel of his hot cum coating my womb.

I needed to run. To get away from there before I did something I regretted yet again. He saw me as I quickly turned. I heard him inhale sharply, as if he was absolutely shocked to see me standing two yards away.

"Megan!" he said quickly, just under his breath. "I didn't see you there."

He stepped around the side of the bin and approached me. I couldn't bring myself to run, but I couldn't look him in the eye either. I felt myself clutching the cart until my knuckles turned white. Please, don't come closer! I won't be able to help myself, I just know it!

"I ... I guess ... I just wanted to apologize if you were upset with me for ... you know."

I stared straight ahead.

"I had no intention of hurting you, if that is what happened." He took one step closer. My heart was racing. "I can't bear the thought of you thinking I took advantage of you, or hurt you. I couldn't live with myself."

I closed my eyes and turned my face away.

"I'm glad I got to see you one more time. You look absolutely stunning." I heard him move away and opened my eyes to see him moving on. "Take care."


As if he had heard my thoughts, he paused and gave me one more look. That eye contact was all it took. I wanted, no needed him again. I needed to feel that young hard man on top of me sending me into oblivion. Needed to confirm my beauty and sex appeal once more.

"I need to ..." I began, and instantly blushed, not meaning to start out like that. I took a deep breath and fumbled with my wallet from my purse. I took out his business card with a shaky hand. "Your address?"

"Yes?" I could see the hope and lust in his eyes as he watched me. People were walking around us laughing and talking.

"It's a good address, right? You'll be there?"

"Always. Just let me know – "

"Give me an hour."

I hurried away from the scene like a criminal, not even looking back or waiting for him to agree. I don't even remember paying for my groceries.

I drove home as fast as I could and didn't even put the stuff away; simply stuffed the unopened bags into the fridge. Thirty minutes had passed already. Was I really doing this? Was I really going to succumb to that most carnal urge again?

I sat on the bed for nearly fifteen minutes, wringing my hands and trying to talk myself out of it. I couldn't. I was throbbing, and my breasts were actually sore from my nipples being so incredibly hard for the past hour. I looked at the picture of me and my husband on the wall, then down at the bed where we slept and I had let myself be taken by a young stranger who had made me feel more beautiful and more pleasure than I had in years. That was enough for me.

Barely enough time to change now. I grabbed the sexiest outfit I could still fit my pregnant, swollen body into: A bright yellow flowered sundress that now came well above my knees in my pregnant state. A pair of wedge-heeled, slip-on sandals; my calves looked amazing even to me. No time for my hair or makeup any more than I had already done. I just pulled it back, put on a pair of dark glasses and headed out for my illicit rendezvous.

He was already waiting for me at the top of that first flight of stairs when I arrived at the condo. My breath quickened and my pulse raced as I slid out of the seat, inadvertently rubbing my swollen pussy against the corner of that smooth leather. I was at such a heightened state that I had to stand there and wait for the almost painful sensations to wash away before I was able to make my way up to where he stood.

My lover, and that is what he was now, as in my mind two times would earn such a title; he met me halfway up the stairs and slid his arm around my body and led me back up to where he had just been standing. I would have made it all the way up to that next flight, I know I would, if he hadn't pulled me closer to kiss and suck on the side of my neck. He had one hand squeezing my butt, and the other pressing firmly against the front of my round belly. He was kissing my cheek now and then biting my ear. Oh my God!

I dropped my purse and pulled him against me, crushing my mouth against his. I held his head in place with my hands and thrust my tongue deep inside his mouth. Pinning me against the wall, he quickly had my sundress lifted up around my waist on the one side as he fought to get his fingers inside the hem of my cotton panties.

I let him suck on my tongue and put up a show of being demure by pushing his hands away from between my legs. He put both hands on my tummy and rubbed all over, on my front, down my sides, up to my breasts with their nipples hard and just begging for his attention. I was devouring his mouth with a passion that I hadn't realized I had been holding back. Chewing and sucking on his lips; pulling them back with my teeth and then going back for more. I felt the front of my dress getting warm, and I knew the milk was leaking again and I was more than ready to be sucked dry.

Both of us were momentarily brought back to our senses as we heard the door open across the hall. Through my dark sunglasses I could see a woman around my age staring at us as she turned to lock her door and leave. A part of me wanted to just shrivel up and die; but another part was feeling so naughty, so devilish that I just couldn't resist showing off a little.

I turned my body slightly so that when she turned back around she would get a perfect view of my pregnant tummy in that little sundress and my sexy sandals. Matt was about to take me upstairs, but I stopped him by pulling his head in for another mouthwatering kiss as my other hand slid down and firmly grabbed onto that perfect ass.

I could see out of the corner of my eye the shock on the woman's face when she caught sight of how pregnant I was, before she hurried down the stairs. It was so exhilarating. If that woman knew anything about my Matt, she would know I wasn't his wife. That I was very pregnant and acting like a little hoe right there in the stairwell. She would know very well what the two of us were going to be doing all that long afternoon. She would no doubt be thinking about where my husband was and what he would do if he knew where his pregnant little wife was at that very moment!

I started to pull him toward the next staircase, but he remembered my purse, so bent down to get it for me. He lingered a second and ran his hand along my ankle and up my smooth leg as he finally stood up. His touch made me shiver. We hurried up the stairs; as much as I could in my condition, with him squeezing my ass and kissing along my shoulder and neck, I wasn't going to last long.

When we finally got inside his place, I dragged him back to where I assumed the bedroom was as he dropped my purse on the floor. I kicked my sandals off, tossed my glasses across to the dresser, and pulled his shirt over his head before pushing him roughly backwards onto the bed. I lifted the hem of my sundress as he lay there on propped up elbows, such a look of desire on his face. I lowered my panties and stepped out of them, then crawled on top of him, straddling his chest.

My pussy was so wet already that I could fell the slickness trailing behind me as I moved closer and closer to that mouth that was going to bring me such pleasure. He started to help me, but I stopped him by pinning both arms away from his and my body and then placing both knees on either side of his head. I didn't wait for his approval; I just lowered myself and started to grind back and forth on his face. I couldn't even see my lover's face due to my belly, but I could certainly feel that tongue as it started to work its magic all along my juicy lips.

I let go of his arms and he instantly grabbed my ass and lifted me just enough so that he could control the situation a little. He attacked my sensitive little clit with his mouth, and nibbled me on to an incredible orgasm. I came all over his face; could feel my wetness literally pouring down between my legs to cover my sweet lover. He drank everything he could and then continued thrusting his tongue inside of me and all along my pussy until I came again.
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Re: Target

Postby morgans1991 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:37 am

Part Four

I needed this so bad. So bad!

I collapsed and rolled over to my side, my belly right against his head. He kissed my tummy and then got up off the bed. I watched as he teased me by slowly undoing his jeans and peeling them off, revealing that marvelous cock of his.

Seeing that cock made me want him inside me so bad I could hardly think straight! When he crawled toward me on the bed, I surprised him by putting him on his back once again. This time, I straddled that toned tummy of his and backed my way toward that beautiful hard, young piece of flesh that I had come to know so well just last week. I raised myself up long enough for us to pull my sundress over my head, and then I reached between my legs and grabbed that hard rod, placing it at the entrance of my swollen pussy.

I watched his eyes, and could see that he was clearly enthralled by me hovering over him like that. I rubbed his cock along my pussy and against my clit until I couldn't take it a moment longer. When I sank down on him, it nearly knocked the breath out of me! He felt bigger and harder than even before. He was so deep and it felt, oh so good!

Matt had tossed his head back, apparently at the same time I did, and we brought our faces forward at the same time to lock eyes. My hands were splayed firmly across his muscular chest; my engagement and wedding ring flashing tauntingly in the sunlight; my well manicured, painted fingernails digging into his skin.

He had one full breast in each hand, weighing them, caressing them, as I lifted my body up and down. His fingers found both of my nipples, pinching them simultaneously, and within mere seconds I was coating that nine-inch cock with my cream. I cried out.

I felt his hands all over me, but especially on my pregnant tummy, my plump ass, my full breasts. He lifted his upper body forward and started to suck and chew on one nipple and then the other. My God, it hurt so good, but I held his head there, with his thick cock buried inside me, and let him toughen up my nipples for all the breastfeeding I would soon be doing. He was rewarded with a taste of my milk. I could feel how thick it was becoming and I held his head there as I wiggled my ass on his lap. My sweet little stud muffin was drinking from me and making me squirm all over the place. Another small orgasm for me!

I pushed him back and started to slam my hips up and down, riding that cock for all I was worth. My pregnant belly pressed hard into him with each downward motion, and he helped lift me back up with his hands on my hips, each time I went the other way.

We said scarcely a word the entire time. It was pure fucking. He knew that was all I had come over for that day. The last time had been sensual and amazing, and we had made love for sure. But this was fucking in its rawest form. Our breathing was loud and heavy in the room, as were the sounds of my body slamming down on him, time and time again. I couldn't help myself from crying out even louder when I felt myself cumming again, my wetness oozing all around that hard cock still lodged deep inside me one second, and leaving me so empty the next.

He sat up and cradled my now sweaty body in his strong arms, allowing me to relish the feel of my climax as it subsided. My nipples ached as he went back and forth, chewing and sucking, each time coaxing a little more milk out, and prolonging my orgasm in the process. I would twist my body as best I could to get away from the onslaught of his teeth on my nipple, just in time for him to start on the other one instead. I could feel the baby kicking, and as I looked down I saw my tummy pressed up firmly against his rock-hard abs, his cute face going back and forth from one full breast to the other. The very thought of having his huge cock buried inside me pussy, with my husband's baby still in there, and very much awake, drove me insane!

"My God," I gasped, as I came down from heaven. "That was incredible!" I stroked his hair as he looked up from between my ample breasts.

He responded with that cute little smirk again. All I could think was that he was a cocky little shit, making me cum like that, and knowing it was all him! He licked his lips and I saw that his mouth was soaked, and I knew full well it was from a mixture of my pussy and my milk and I loved it!

He carefully maneuvered me onto my back, by almost rolling us over; my legs were draped over the side of the bed. Instead of moving me up and entering me again though, he surprised the hell out of me by kneeling on the floor between my legs and pulling me toward his face. Jesus Christ, the feel of his tongue cleaning out my puss before he went on to attack my clit with a passion! I lifted myself onto my elbows and peered over my large stomach. All I could see was his dark hair moving back and forth between my legs, which he had sticking up in the air and bent at the knees. He held me like that; open for him and so exposed for what seemed an eternity; sucking and slurping and nibbling my sensitive, swollen pussy. I came again and tossed my head back, groaning with delight.

When I came back to my senses, he was presently showering my inner thighs and my lower tummy with kisses, patiently waiting for me to recover. He let me reach down and stroke his arm lovingly for about thirty seconds and then stood up without warning. He was smiling with that shit-eat-grin that I wanted to slap off his face had it not been that he was so damned cute, and so damned good at all this! I watched as he stood there stroking his thick cock, towering over me.

"How do you want it?" he asked, never losing that smile.

"How do you want me?" I responded, hardly able to speak. Tit for tat, I thought.

He started to blush a little, but regained his composure. "From behind, Baby."

I didn't even hesitate. I was on my hands and knees in a flash, looking around for him to finish what we had started. He climbed onto the bed behind me and I didn't understand as he moved me around to face the dresser. I thought he must not have had enough room on the bed or something. I was just about to say as much, when I felt his cock pushing against my puss. That shut me up!

He slowly slid all nine inches of that thick cock as deep as it would go in three or four strokes. It amazed me that even after all that, I was still tight deep inside when it came to him and that cock of his. I started to get into it now, pushing my ass back against his pelvis. I needed it harder, deeper. He obviously felt my intense need as well. He started to fuck me hard, taking long deep strokes that made me desperate for his cock.

I felt my hair being yanked back forcefully, not enough to hurt, but enough to remind me that he was now in complete control. I opened my eyes and knew instantly why he had turned me around like this. The scene in the dresser mirror right there in front of me was shocking: a woman on her hands and knees stared right back at me. Her large pregnant belly pressed snugly against the mattress and her swollen breasts swung from side to side and back and forth due to the furious fucking she was receiving. Strands of hair were matted to her face and around her shoulders, while sweat was beading on her forehead and careening down between her swinging breasts. It was a slut I was watching. No doubt about it. And the realization that this was not just any slut but me, was just mind numbing! I couldn't stop looking at the scene in front of me in that mirror; mouth agape, hands clenching the sheets.

My eyes moved to the slim, toned body thrusting so consistently and deliberately behind me. With each hard forward motion of his hips there was an accompanying "smacking" sound that resonated throughout the entire room. I watched as the woman in the mirror thrust her ass back against him so wantonly and enveloped that perfect cock time and time again. Not her... me! This was me doing this. This was me fucking that incredible cock. This was me almost nine months pregnant opening her pussy like a cock-hungry whore! I was loving every second of it... and so was my greedy little puss! I slammed my ass back harder and harder, gobbling up every inch of that long, hard shaft.

"Is this what you need?" He asked. "Is this why you came over here, Baby?"

I looked into his eyes and gasped in my throaty voice, "Yes."

"You need a young cock to take care of you, don't ya?" I felt his hand squeeze one of my ass cheeks hard as he slammed into to me.

"Yes!" I shouted.

"You're my little pregnant slut, aren't you?" His other hand slid down to the front of my tummy and cradled me there. I was delirious and in the midst of another climax, but I heard him clearly, and his words hit me just as deep as his cock. I cringed. I was a pregnant slut. His pregnant slut. "You need it just like this, don't you?" The hand on my ass was now gripping one of my ankles. His balls were smacking against my clit with each forward lunge.

"Yes," I whispered back.

"Are you sure?" he smirked, and he yanked harder on my hair and slammed his cock deep inside of me, bringing another climax right to the edge.

"YES!" I screamed

"Tell me what you need, Baby."

"I need you to fuck me!" I groaned back. I could see in his face that he wanted more. "I need your big cock to make me cum.... Oh, God, make me cum!!"

I honestly couldn't say another word even if I had wanted to. He was fucking me harder and deeper, and I was so wet and he was so hard that he was just slipping and sliding so fast in and out of my swollen little puss. And the constant slapping of his heavy cum-filled balls against my clit was just too much!

I came and came and came. I gushed so hard that I thought I must have peed or worse yet, that my water had broke! My wonderful young lover just kept thrusting into me, letting go of my hair so that I could at last bury my face in the sheets in front of me. He drew out my climax until I thought I couldn't stay on my knees a second longer, slowing his thrusting for a few seconds and then slamming back into me over and over; and when he sensed I couldn't stand anymore, I felt him come to a complete stop. Matt started to massage my back and squeeze my butt, slide his hands all down the sides of my big tummy and then back up to cup my breasts. His touch made me tingle all over. I felt him kissing my shoulders and the back of my sweaty neck, nibbling on my ears for what seemed an eternity before he withdrew and left me feeling so completely empty!

Ready to collapse, I was about to turn around and see where he had gone, get ready to relax a bit, when to my shock and delight I felt his mouth pressed firmly against my squishy puss. Oh my! The sensations of being eaten out after coming like I just had are indescribable. I know... he had done this earlier in another position, but something about picturing his cute face back there, with my ass sticking up in the air and my pregnant belly hanging down underneath, with him just sucking away... it made me crazy! And the fact that I was so wet and he was literally licking all of my juices, cleaning me like I had done to each and every one of my men over the years; it put me in a state of sheer bliss! It really was as if he were servicing me; only there for my insatiable appetite and nothing more. He nibbled my clit and sucked and chewed.

I came once more.

I was surprised, although I don't know why after the nasty things he had done to me already, when I felt his tongue suddenly forcing its way into the puckered ring of my ass. I can only imagine how salty and sweaty it must have tasted after all that glorious fucking we had just done. No matter how much I squeezed my little hole though he just kept licking and thrusting that warm tongue, nibbling all over the sensitive flesh. I felt my ass being spread open and felt the firm wetness of his warm tongue forcing its way as deep inside me as it could go, while simultaneously the rest of his mouth kept up a blissful sucking sensation. It was as if he were trying to chew my little ass and fuck it with his tongue at the same time!

I came again. My pussy convulsed and I felt a sudden slickness running down my thighs once more.

The mouth was removed with haste. It licked along the insides of my thighs and then suddenly, it felt like my whole world was being turned upside down, and it took me a few seconds to reorient myself. I found that I was now on my back, my ass right on the edge of the bed with my lover standing between my spread legs. He wasted no time thrusting his entire length all the way inside me, causing me to cry out and reach back for something to hold onto. He was bumping against my very occupied womb, and I don't know how on earth he had the stamina to hold back from cumming after all that time. I just watched him through half closed eyes.

I was in a true sex induced daze by now. The sensation of his hands rubbing my tummy and him telling me how sexy I looked was just too much. My poor little puss was aching by now from all this attention, but oh, it felt so divine. I became fixated on the loud squishing sounds my pussy was making, and the feel of his balls slapping against my butt, and I was already on the verge of cumming again even before I felt his teeth scraping against my nipple. I lifted my head and watched as he shaped his torso around the roundness of my tummy and sucked on first one of my full breasts, then the other. When I started to leak even more than before it only made him more ravenous. My lover sucked and chewed on each of my sensitive nipples, drinking and swallowing my milk; all the while he never stopped thrusting into me. And he never stopped caressing every part of my pregnant body that he could lay his hands on.

When I came this time it was as if the floodgates had opened yet again. I could feel my juices running down the back of my ass, while at the same time, due to him squeezing a full breast with each hand, they were both spraying thin streams of milk. The sight was so dirty, so erotic, so nasty, yet at the same time so beautiful to me. That glorious young cock made me cum and cum and cum! Slipping and sliding all inside my juicy puss. I slowly came down from my climax and felt him sliding me up the bed so that he could get over top of me. I trusted him implicitly by this time, so I knew he would not crush the baby.

I thought perhaps he would like to cum over my tummy or in my mouth, but no. He spread my legs and slowly, and I do mean slowly, delved his cock into me yet again. He held himself over top of me on outstretched arms, and I grabbed on to them with both hands, and just enjoyed the ride, placing my feet on his taut calves and working my slick pussy along his shaft. I couldn't take my eyes off the muscles working in his abs, and in his chest, as he molded his body so perfectly around that big pregnant belly of mine.

I wanted my asshole of a husband to see my like this; a young, hot, sweaty stud taking care of my neglected but sexy, pregnant body that he had so often refused. The same body that carried his baby in her tummy. I wanted him to see how willingly I was opening my swollen pussy to that young hard cock, and what it was able to do to me so easily. I relished the thought of him being infuriated as he saw my thick frothy pussy cream coating every last of inch of that bad boy. I wanted him to know that I was a wanton pregnant little slut that needed a young thick cock to satisfy her!

I reached up and ran my fingers through my lover's sweaty, matted hair and told him to fuck my pregnant pussy; to take it, use it, cum inside it. I told him I wanted him to be my man, my boy toy, my stud; that I wanted to fuck him like this forever and ever, and my pussy needed him so bad. "Cum for me baby," I said. "Do me. Give me that cum, Baby."

And I watched as he stared into my eyes with an almost painful expression for a few long seconds and then threw his head back.

He came with such force and it was so hot, that it triggered another climax for me that I had been barely holding back until just that moment. We came together, and I have no idea how he had enough strength to hold himself over me on those arms as long as he did. The two of just came for what seemed like minutes. His hard cock buried so deep inside me, pulsing and throbbing and making me shiver with pleasure. He filled me with his hot cum, so much that I felt it running down my ass and joining the wet spot where my juices were already beneath me.

When it was all over, he carefully lowered himself onto me, still taking most of his own weight. We found ourselves breathing as if we had been running a marathon and both of us were slick with sweat from head to toe. I slid my hands all over his sweaty body and massaged his muscles while he nibbled on my ear, my nose, my neck, and then finally my lips. We kissed like we were still starved for a minute or so and then he got up for the towels since I was far too exhausted to move. He came back and cleaned me up a little, and then the bed, which we had made such a mess of. Thank god it was his bed and not mine!

He pulled the sheets up and I have to admit, with him holding me in his arms and kissing my forehead, I felt the safest place in the entire world. To me, this was how sex should be. It should have been that way my entire pregnancy. I had missed out on a lot of loving. Once in a lifetime loving since I would most likely not be having children again. I had three weeks until my due date and as I drifted off to sleep, I made a promise that Matt and I were going to enjoy every last minute of them
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