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my most recent experience

Have you had an encounter with a pregnant woman or better yet, dated one? Tell us about it here.

my most recent experience

Postby dude12345 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:09 pm

so i dont know about you guys, but the urge to be with a pregnant woman comes in waves for me. about 6 years ago it was at an all time high, and over the past year its been growing and growing. interaction wise, i was hanging with this girl who had an incredible belly, but she had just found out her boyfriend was cheating and lying, and for whatever reason didnt find me attractive. the most i got to do was touch and see her belly. we would hang in her garage and smoke cigs and talk about life. unfortunately she popped on christmas day and i was away so i never got to say goodbye or really feel her belly. after that, i was able to hang out with one pregnant girl one day, but she just wasnt into it and was too early on to really tell.

id tried dating sites, craigslist posts even, but no luck. then just last saturday i saw a friend of mine posted a picture of her with a very pregnant friend. naturally i went to her profile, saw we had a good amount of mutual friends and added her, sending a little greeting message. to my surprise, she replied and we started chatting about stuff, like tattoos and music, talking all day and night sunday. then monday i was curious and asked her very casually for a full body pic... man did she look amazing and so round in her tight little sundress. after a bit more small talk, i just went out with it asking her if she wanted to hang out. she again surprisingly said yes, so i freshened up and made the 90 minute drive to her house.

i parked in a lowes parking lot and she picked me up, saying we should go to a park. when i first got in i couldnt quite see her size. but as soon as we got out that thing was better than i could have imagined. it was also quite cute seeing her waddle a bit as we attempted to walk in the humid hot weather. not long after, we left and went to her house. sat on her bed and talked music, and then decided to watch a movie. after a bit i asked her if she wanted to cuddle and she excitedly obliged. at first i was cautious to touch her belly just sort of resting my arm near the top of it. after a while as we got closer i went for it and rubbed around it a couple of times. it tickled her but she liked it. after a while we moved to her couch downstairs and attempted cuddling, which isnt so easy with a 30 week pregnant girl and a non reclining couch! i eventually kiss her cheek and ask if i can kiss her lips. after some pecks we kiss more, im in a position where i can touch her belly and do i go for it. it gets late and i decide to head back home. before i go though, i ask her if i could see her belly... that was the most nervous id been the whole time, but she happily lifted her dress a bit and proudly showed off her almost outtie and one stretch mark. i touched it all over, though in a very neutral examination type way. after a time that wasnt short, but not awkwardly long she put her dress back and i left with a kiss goodbye.

feeling particularly smitten and thanking whatever god afforded me this opportunity on the next day, she texts me with some crushing news. see, im biracial and being in a backwards state means that people dont approve of interracial dating. her mother being one of those people. after about an hour of comforting her over the phone i ask if i could send her mother a message. miraculously and graciously her mom agreed to get to know me and allow me to still see her. not wanting to push it, but wanting to keep this connection going, i ask if i can see her the next day, yesterday.

i go to work the next day, fully expecting to make that drive again right after, even bringing a change of clothes. to my surprise she says shes coming to me. even better she will be at my house when i get home from work. at this point as im sure you can imagine, my heart is beating in excitement and anticipation and im running a mental checklist as to what i need to do to tidy up quick and not look like a 20 something living with another dude. that last hour of work felt like a fucking year! finally im out, i grab some ice for my ac unit, and get home and there she is. i run to her car and she gets out as quick as she can, hugging me and giving me a kiss. it was a good sign.

we go inside, i show her around, explain my roommate is at work and get her some water. we get to my room and she instantly plops down on my bed, loving how comfortable it is. i lay down next to her and we cuddle and listen to music, the whole time ive gone for it and im rubbing her bare fucking belly!! running my fingers all around it and the bottom. tracing her belly button, getting the full hand basketball hold. im in heaven and im sure my boner was the hardest its ever been. after a bit, we change music, lay down again and start making out. i notice shes hesitant and ask if she doesnt like kissing. she says shes never really made out and always asks or is asked if the person wants to have sex. catching the implication i ask her if shed like to, she says yes, i asked her if shed like to today, and she says she figured itd happen if she came to me and thats why she decided to!!! im not sure how my face looked, but i can guess it was a mixture of awe and damn im about to have my dream sexual fantasy come true for the first time in 6 years.

i slowly undress her, kissing her belly all the way up and licking it till i get to her boobs. magically i get the bra undone somewhat quickly and god damn i know we all see pregnancy boobs on here all the time, but in real life its seriously incredible. i proceed to kiss her nipples and massage her clit. i take the shorts and underwear off and down i go, putting my face fully in her area, her swollen lips gracing my cheeks. all the while im down there i make sure i have one hand slowly going around her belly and one massaging her nipples. as much as shes enjoying it she says what may be my favorite thing to hear, why dont you fuck me now? i grab a condom and put it on, never can be too safe, and start on top. it feels good but is just a bit uncomfortable so we switch with her on top. she felt so good on my dick, and holding her belly and boobs for support and pleasure was just incredible. we switch and go from the side, and it took everything i had not to cum, holding her belly and touching her belly button all the while shes loving it. im close at this point and we take a water and breath break and go doggy style. this is her favorite position and shes moaning, i have my hands on both sides of her belly the best i can, and before i know it shes gotten off and i follow about a second later. after we lay there spooning, im holding her belly and rubbing her all over, kissing her in the sweet spots on her neck.

after that we went and got dinner and she headed back home. apart from the amazing sexual experience, we formed a real bond and plan to see each other again.
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Re: my most recent experience

Postby hutch29 » Thu May 12, 2016 1:02 pm

this sounds amazzinngg
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Re: my most recent experience

Postby jfingers » Mon May 16, 2016 9:39 pm

It has been a few weeks. How is it going? Are you still seeing her? Is she getting nice and big?
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Re: my most recent experience

Postby dude12345 » Sun May 22, 2016 2:16 pm

Yeah, we are still seeing each other! It has definitely developed into more of a dating situation, which I am fine with.

She is getting bigger, 35 weeks today. and i told her i had taken up a liking to her belly which she was all about. i have received many great snap chats over the past couple weeks! she just came to stay the night last night and we tried a couple of different positions that would be the most direct. we found one which sort of like lay down doggy but more to the side because of her belly. it was great and she came both times we did it after figuring that out.

while the sex is definitely awesome, i am enjoying the cuddling or hanging out time more, she now puts my hand on her belly to rub it, is super excited for her belly button to pop, and generally has been all about me embracing her belly, which i feel so lucky for.

sadly soon she wont be able to come up here, and we still quite havent figured out what to do about that.. short of getting a seedy motel room closer to her!
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Re: my most recent experience

Postby ClitCommando » Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:46 am

Lucky guy. I love the cute and romantic aspects of the relationship the two of you are having. Hope all is well!
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