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Move to Chile with Pregnant Wife?

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Move to Chile with Pregnant Wife?

Postby kevinmanuel » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:00 am


So, my wife and I (recently married), have been planning a move to Chile for about three months now. Our plan was to scout out Santiago and Valparaiso and choose a place to live for a year or two. Then we found out she's pregnant.We are comfortably budgeted to land, find a place to live and a job for me (I'm planning to teach English to get a foothold). But, this whole pregnancy thing is introducing a lot of unknowns into our plan.What I'd like to know is how practical it would be for us to follow through with our original plan AND have a baby in Chile. I've read here that if I have a job and temp work visa, I can get insurance through FONASA with a rider policy to cover a private clinic birth. Is this a practical plan? Any estimates on the cost of pregnancy and birth in Chile would be much appreciated. I've dug through some of the posts here about similar situations, but haven't found a whole lot of info regarding the time it takes to get insured and the approximate cost of pregnancy in Chile. Lastly, I am also under the impression that we are able to apply for Chilean citizenship for the child. Is this true? How often are these applications denied?

Please help.

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