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My Best Friend's Pregnant Wife

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My Best Friend's Pregnant Wife

Postby jolocke90 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:52 pm

My Best Friend's Pregnant Wife

My best friend Brian lives next to me with his very lovely, very pregnant
wife Jenny. Though I would love to fuck Jenny, Brian is my best friend
since high school so it won't do. When they moved in she was in her 5th
month but it already looked as if she was a bit overdue. She was having
quadruplets, I later found out. Anyway the whole thing was that Jenny was
giving me a hard-on every time I saw her: her very pregnant belly ready to
pop, her turgid breasts bulging out and all. I actually discovered I love
the pregnant form. And so I fantasize about her all the time, jacking off
whenever I could steal a glance.

Now Brian and I are very close-not merely best buddies and such-but real
intimate-he tells me about his sex life-all the details. And so one day
when we were having our usual talk about who I laid over the past week and
how it was going along with Jenny (she was very big by then-the babies
would come any day now), Brian casually ask me if I would mind joining him
and Jenny for some sex tomorrow. Evidently Jenny's appetite was huge now
and Brian could use some help (or so I infer).

I hadn't had sex for the past week so I was pretty hard by the mere
thought of her when I let myself into their house. I was rather
apprehensive too coz I haven't had sex with very heavily pregnant girls
before. Entering their bedroom as cool as I could, I could only stare
stunned at Jenny's very pregnant body lying naked on the bed-what the fuck
she was drop-dead gorgeous and lovely at the same time. Her enormously
gravid belly stuck straight out and her 42 ff breasts bulged and flopped
nicely. She was lying on her back, supporting herself on one hand and
massaging the sides of her swollen belly with firm strokes. The creamy
milkyness of her belly and her aureoles so dark took my breath away. God
was she lovely.

Brian was standing naked at the foot of the bed. He greeted me with a
smile and said I better strip coz the action's beginning and I don't want
to miss it. I caught a wicked gleam in his eye. By that time I was rock
hard. I couldn't wait for all the sucking and foreplay and all. My penis
reared its proud head threateningly as I advance towards Jenny's inviting
body. She giggled c***dishly as I came forward and formed her pretty
cherubic mouth into an O pretending to suck my cock. All the time so
stroked her swollen tummy, which was the sexiest thing I ever saw.

My cock was throbbing now even though I haven't even touched her yet. Then
a most shocking thing happened. Brian suddenly slammed his 9-inch monster
of a penis right into Jenny's incredibly pregnant body. Jenny's eyes grew
wide before me - she was as shocked as me - and she let out a long
Oooooooooooh. No touching, no finger fucking blow job whatever. Brian was
pounding her exquisite, delicate pregnant pussy with grinding, violent
strokes, pistoning in and out. He sucked at one full breast and groped at
the other one, slapping hard her smooth milky pregnant belly at the end of
each vicious thrust. Thick milk flowed in rivulets down her mounds.
Clearly Jenny wasn't feeling too good. She was bucking violently, her body
thrashing up and down; her hands scrabbling all over her belly and breasts
and now trying to push Brian's 180 pound frame off her which was by then
balanced on her painfully swollen abdomen. She was moaning incredibly loud
as Brian fucked her hard and long. Maybe it was pleasure but more likely
it was pain. She pulled at her hair and her once rosy cheeks turned pale.
Finally Brian himself let out a massive groan and brought his knee
crashing to the underside of her enormous belly and climaxed, cumming
enormously and overflowing her little cunt. Cum dribbled freely down her
long, elegant legs as she lay flat out, panting heavily for breath.

Brian motioned me over. Standing over her supine form, I didn't know how
to start. I started kissing her and she let me, hungrily eating me.
Kneeling by her side, I gently rub her breasts. I was surprised by how
firm they felt, with just a touch of softness. My other hand stroke her
hard, full, abdomen that brushed firmly against my dickhead, making it
stiffer than ever. I straddled her and lower myself gently, careful not to
rest any weigh on her. Then I guide my penis (which was harder than I ever
felt, half fearing it would blow up) to brush lightly against her cunt,
eliciting a giggle and a little spasm from her. All of which was just
about ready to make me explode.

For this was precisely what I had fantasized about for months. All the
pent-up fuck in me was boiling. Again I brush my stiff pole against her
slightly bushy pussy, at the same time spreading her legs. Again she let
out a cute squeak and wiggled her all too-massive belly. Then I let myself
go. I drove deeply, unrelentingly in, crushing her turgid body beneath
mine. With previous lubrication, it was still an incredibly tight squeeze
for my generous width. Her little cunt contracted hard after the initial
shock. She stared at me with eyes wide open and let out a huge scream
belying her petite frame. I cupped and groped and squeezed her very turgid
breasts even as I drove roughshod into her. My dick head sc****d against
her cunt wall. She bucked and heaved heavily, even as I did the ol' in-out
in-out, jerking her whole body-and mine-off the bed. Her swollen body
shivered and cummed in writhing spasms. I grind into her belly with each
thrust, assaulting her punished cunt with my entire unreleased fuck. It
was fucking violent. I was humping her milky belly by then. In-out in
-out, ripping her pregnant pussy to shreds. I grabbed at her big belly and
was surprised by their firmness, hardness. All the while I was trying to
hold off. Pounding her savagely I press hard against her big belly. She
wasn't even screaming now but was going squeaking Oh-- Oh---Oh--Oh-- each
time I fuck with all my might. She grabbed and twisted her own breasts as
she cummed. I went on top her, my knees gripping the underside of her
round, bulging belly. In-out in-out. I was almost bouncing on her big
pregnant belly. She started thrashing wildly but I kept up in my crushing
movements, my frame dwarfing hers, punishing her delicate condition and
subduing her-for a while. She started thrashing wildly again on way out so
I had to rammed it in harder. Again and again. Finally I climaxed.
Shooting all my cum into her like wild horses, I crashed again and again
into her, trying to make it last as long as possible. Her heavily pregnant
body heaved and shook violently. Big tears were rolling down her pale
cheeks as she eyed me with frightened eyes.

As I draw off I began to regret letting myself go like I did with my best
friends wife. But when I rolled over Brian was grinning like a mad dog.

"Serve the whore right," he said and grinded his rock hard pole into
Jenny's painful condition. I was shocked. This was nothing less than a
****. Jenny was still whimpering, cradling her aching belly and sobbing a
little when a walpole was stuck into her for the third time that night.
She went Noooooooooo- oooohhhhhh as Brian fucked her up. The first time
was civilized compared to this. Brian was throwing her around like a rag
doll, her heavy condition and all. Not only was he pounding her ripped
pussy, he was punching her breasts viciously, squirting jets of milk.
Brian pistoned deep in with rapid, shuddering thrusts could hear his
hard-as nails torso slapping against Jenny's very swollen belly rapidly.
This made my penis hard again. Sweat and milk mix was glistening all over
her fertile body. She was sobbing now but her sobs was cut short by her
gasping for air. For every time Brian crushed onto her it knocked her wind
out. Brian was straddling her but was supported by only one leg while the
other pushed into the other side of her belly because she was so big and
low. All the time Brian was shouting was shouting, "You whore, you big
heavy whore" as he mashed her breasts. Her milky white breasts were all
red now from all the squeezing and punching and slapping and twisting. A
massive heave amidst wild bucking from Jenny threw them both to their
sides. But Brian gave a loud enraged roar and rolled her back again. " You
fucking whore" went Brian as he slapped her massive belly right full and
dive into her so hard it was painful too watch. My cock was painful too
from all the throbbing. This time he was pounding so savagely that it
didn't look much like fucking anymore. I was afraid Jenny would pop from
the huge pressure. And Brian keep slapping her taut pregnant belly so hard
that it turn reddish shuddered violently. Tears were streaming down her
cherubic face while her hand tried to push Brian off, in vain. A final
savage jerk tearing into her and Brian was finished. , even as he slapped
and grabbed her big belly to milk every ounce of his cum.

This second time I didn't need any invitation from Brian. Jenny was lying
on her side now, crying and massaging her mashed breasts and belly. She
was working her legs too, kicking limply, probably on account of her
punished cunt. So it was easy for me to just grab her painful breasts and
turn her on to her belly. Milk flowed out freely-she really had a lot of
milk. She didn't see me coz I came from the other side but I started to
fuck her doggie style, bad. Like the time before, I use slow, driving,
crushing movements. I was pleased to find her pregnant cunt tight, just a
painful bit looser. She wailed as my penis f***ed its way through and
down. She struggled up using her arms as she realized she was being
doggie-fucked but they gave way on my next overbearing thrust, this time
going deeper, though not any easier. She fell heavily on to her breasts,
with my hard fingers against them, milking them for all they're worth.
Still, milk flowed out. She went Oooohhhhhh again and I began to like that
sound. Her soft, not-so-pert belly was so sexy so I licked them. She must
have been extremely tired coz on my third crushing fuck she suddenly fell
forward and I with her. Her glistening spread-eagled body now curved over
her pregnant belly, which was making a very deep impression on the bed.
Her hands were now cradling it as she gasped. And I never stopped fucking.
I pulled her breasts up-and her whole upper body-and she immediately
Ooooooooooh because her whole weight-and part of mine was on her belly. I
did this every time I thrust into her so it hurt her badly. But all that
awoke my primal sadistic impulse and I fuck her harder and harder and
faster. After a while she couldn't even Ooooooh anymore though she was
still bucking (how I don't know) and milk was still spilling. She rubbed
the sides of her creamy belly furiously, smearing it with all the milk and
cum as she gasped .My battering cock was no longer pounding now but boring
it in deep, deep, deep while her pregnant cunt contract from all sides.
All she could do was gasp very sexily as my balls slide into her delicate
body and I crushed her breasts and her gravid belly one last time.

------------------------------------------- ---------------

Brian and I were both totally exhausted after 2 cum-loads in less than an
hour. We sat on the floor panting tiredly as we watch Jenny. She had sat
up and was massaging her swollen, reddish breasts and heavy belly and
working her legs, sliding them back and forth as we watched. She was still
sobbing. Frequently she would shudder visibly upon touching sore patches
on her body. Her delicate condition was obvious-her babies were kicking
wildly which alter the shape of her gravid belly-she gasped every time
they did so-it was incredibly erotic. I would have fuck her if I were in
any condition to do so. After some time, she struggled to her feet. She
tottered unsteadily towards us -evidently all the punishment to her
pregnant pussy. Suddenly she let out a gasp-the babies were at it
again-and cradled her aching belly with her hands, stroking furiously at
the same time. All these however cause her to lost her balance, and she
fell down heavily on her not-so-pert but oh-so sexy ass. And she again
burst into tears.
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Re: My Best Friend's Pregnant Wife

Postby killerzap » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:13 pm

Love the story! Any chance of a continuation?
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