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12/12/2013: Quick Spam Update...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:42 pm
by monster
Wanted to make a quick announcement regarding spam on the message board and let everyone know how and why it happened.

From July 2013, when Pregnant Community 2.0 was launched, until around 11/30/2013, anyone who tried to register an account would have to answer a basic Q&A type question in which you fill in the blank or answer a simple question.

This system kept spammers off the board with very few exceptions during the first 4 months, but between about 11/20 to 11/25 there were a few thousand registrations by spammers that got through and, just as they did to Pregnant Community 1.0, flooded the board with BS posts.

Well when this happened to the first Pregnant Community, the administrator was apparently MIA, and to this day nobody really knows who ran that site and what happened to that person (or maybe someone does, but not to my knowledge) so the spam kept accumulating until the site was practically impossible to use. And yet we kept going back to it because that's how great it was.

Anyway, Pregnant Community 2.0 HAS an administrator, and soon it will have moderators (PM me for more info), so if you look around... you should notice that most of the spam posts are gone now, and so are the most of the accounts that are responsible for it.

It was an easy fix for the most part. Since all of the spam account registrations took place over the course of about 5 days, I was able to delete most of the registered accounts and associated posts during that time, but there were also several accounts that I did NOT delete, because there were also a lot of legitimate registrations that I did not want to screw with.

However, as a result, there are still a few spam accounts on this board that were registered during that 5 day period, and that is why every few days we find a handful of new spam posts pop up, and then I remove them, along with the user. And over time, the number of these remaining spam accounts shall diminish.

As of now I do not expect any of this to effect your experience on the site because I am monitoring the situation closely and at the beginning of the month I updated the Registration system. So far so good, as all of the spam that continues to come up on occasion links back to that same 5 day period.

If you continue to experience issues with spam, please use this thread to communicate them.

Thanks for reading and please continue to enjoy our database of pregnant women as it constantly grows!