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8/1/2013: Hosting plan upgrade very likely...

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8/1/2013: Hosting plan upgrade very likely...

Postby monster » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:00 pm

It's been about 3 wks since PXF has been live (I think) and between your feedback and random testing, I've got a feel for where the problems are and what needs to be done going forward.

There are now 700 people registered and even though a small percentage of those people are really active, there have been some occassional issues. Namingly:

1. Internal Server Errors - Probably the most common. Generally this is resolved with a simple F5 or Refresh mouse click, but it's still unacceptable for me and you.

2. Resource Limits - For the first time yesterday I found a new error basically stating that all resources were tied up at the moment. Well, 10 seconds later after a refresh, it was fine, but that can't happen either especially considering we are only in the early stages.

3. Broken images - I'm sure anyone that has been to the Picture Gallery has noticed that on every page some of the images don't load. This is also related to resources and server useage. If you click any of these broken images, it will generally load an image, but nothing should be broken in the first place.

Right now we are hosted on a shared hosting plan. The benefit is on shared hosting there is unlimited storage space, which is why I'm able to allow 200mb video uploads whereas had a 15mb limit, but the disadvantages are that you SHARE resources and if your website uses a lot of resources, it won't be last.

The costs of running this site will certainly go up, and right now all costs have been 100% out of pocket, which I'm ok with since fortunately I do have a full-time job. But that is also why I run ads. The occassional sponsor or webcam signup should cover the bills. And even if it doesn't, we're working towards the goal regardless.

Things will keep getting better and better around here and error free is the ultimate goal.

Plus while this is a lofty goal, with a handful of strong contributors around here in addition to my own efforts, we will hope to match the volume of content available at by the end of our second trimester ;)
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