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Hello all preggo lovers !

Welcome to PXF! Come on in and introduce yourself to the community.

Hello all preggo lovers !

Postby preggolover29 » Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:58 pm

I like watching naked females on pictures and to masturbate. I'm addicted to it because I can not stop doing it, yet I didn't even try because it brings me so much joy (or at leas I just think so).

I started doing this like 10 years ago when I was 19 yo and I had a happy sexual live with my beloved ex girlfriend. All I experienced was: my sexual preferences went from "normal" to "weird".

Now I noticed that my erection is week when I have sex with "normal" girl. While like 10 years ago I could have erection and 10 orgasms per day if I would want. My record was 11 times, orgasm through vaginal penetration on one day! That was crazy compare to now my max 3 times per day when in good mood, normally 1-2 times and I have enough.

At the beginning 10 years ago I just watched porn pics of any nice looking girl, you know, just slim, pretty face, age between 18-28 ...
Then the next step was ... I will try to remember every new porn fetishes which I found to be interested and made me more excited/horny.

OK lets start chronologically (as I remember):

1. Hairy crouch (the more the better, It turns me on because it is so feminine and a sign of maturity, shaved vagina reminds me young girl or a teen, and I always like only adult woman)
1.1 Asian hairy females (they were beauty for me, not anymore)
2. Foot fetish (because first I started to love my gf feet. At the beginning when I was loosing my virginity with her, her feet was not interesting for me at all I would even say they were kinda gross)
2.1 Long nail plate at the big toe (crazy, isn't it?)
3. Anal penetration (vaginal sex with my gf get bored and I started to be interested in anus, we tried that about 20-30 times, she didn't like it always so I didn't want to push her and i started watching this kind of porn online)
3.1 Anal insertions and gapping (when "normal" anal got too boring and not interesting anymore)
4. Mature woman (woman up to 50 years old, because they had that part of "gross and ugliness inside", pretty barbie looking girls was too boring)
4.1 Overweighted not beauty housewifes (sometimes, they just made me horny because of my thouths that they are just a normal older females who need a sex life too)
5. Overweighted females in general (18-50 yo, because they were different)
6. Pregnant females (because they war in magical state, so not reachable for me, nice looking breast and that feeling that they feel different right now)
6.1 Lactating females (because of different state of their bodies, post pregnancy)
7. Old man and young female in sex intercourse (made me horny fact that he is excited about getting laid with a beauty young girl and that she is doing it just for money and she is degradated and do not enjoy it at all)
8. Brides in wedding dress (because of being so not reachable at that day)
9. Long vagina lips (because they were different from those millions I saw already)
10. Open footwear, slippers etc. (because of smell of female feet, because she wear it before, open because is nice to see foot and footwear and just smell it ...)
11. Open bras and lingerie (because of easy access to sexy parts of female body)
12. White lingerie (innocent looking)
13. Ugly girls (just anything what is consider by most as ugly, my fantasy said to me that it would be good experience to have sex with such a female while knowing that she do not accept her body and she do not like her body and me showing her that this is not true)
14. Vintage (because of little make, up hairy vaginas and different looks of females compare to those of present time)
15. Redhead females, blonde females (because my last ex girlfriend was this kind of looking girl and she was and is very attractive for me)

That is about it what I remember. The worst part and concern is my fetish about "pregnant woman" ... I still after all those years I am very excited about them and I think I have seen all pregnant females porn which is available online, can you imagine this ?? ALL pictures available online of naked pregnant ladies ? That is just sick. But it is true unfortunately ... I don't know what to thinks about it. Am I sick person ? Or just an average masturbation and porn lover ?

Please be tolerant about my grammar and all, because I'm not from English speaking country.

Also please leave a comment what do you think about it ?

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Joined: Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:54 am

Re: Hello all preggo lovers !

Postby rama » Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:22 am

waw !! its awesome, i mean.. now i found someone who like what i'm like ! My name is rama. you can reach me on skype (+62 835 8250 3455) or line (shalsabila01).
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