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Postby LTKNT101 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:34 pm


Police officer Brent Scott was working the grave yard shift on vehicle patrol. It was another slow and uneventful night on the beat he had been covering for nearly 20 years. Radio traffic from dispatch and other officers crackled over his squad car radio constantly. There was lots of action in town. Just not within the territory Officer Scott was given. Rarely he would get an occasional domestic violence call, or a disturbance of the peace type incident. These however were few and far in between.

Scott yawned and stretched his upper body as he came to a stop at a intersection. The light was red. He observed the car in front of him. It was a small Honda sedan. Scott's police training kicked in. His eyes examined the sedan's license plate. The month displayed was October. The registration year tag color was yellow. Currently, it was now February and the tag color for the year was red. This meant that the sedan was on the road with a expired registration.

Normally Scott would not bother a driver who was only 3 months past due on vehicle registration. However, his boredom motivated him to engage because if this unlucky driver was the only action he was going to get for the night, well at least he did something positive with his shift.

The traffic signal light turned green. The sedan pulled away. Scott followed. He shadowed the unsuspecting driver through two more intersections, then turned on his squad car's light bar. The sedan pulled over onto the road side of a rarely traveled and concealed back street. Scott fell in behind, placing his squad car in the traffic stop position. He activated the spotlight and keyed the dash radio mic.

"Dispatch this is car #25. Conducting 11-95 on 1615 Meadowview Road ."

"10-4 car #25. Go ahead with the license plate number."

"6, Victor, Charles, David, 0006. Registration is 3 months expired."

There was a brief silence, then the dispatcher's calm female voice returned to the air waves.

"Car # 25 be advised, the registered owner has no prior violations."

"10-4 dispatch. I'm going to make contact with the driver. No assistance needed."

"Copy car #25, please advise when you are 10-26."

"10-4, over and and out."

Officer Scott left his patrol car and approached the sedan. He stopped at the driver side window and looked inside. He was stunned to find a very pregnant woman sitting behind the wheel. Her swollen belly was huge. It pushed tightly against the confines of the maternity top she wore. The seat belt rested snugly between her engorged, big breasts. She gripped the steering wheel tightly, and tried to smile through her nervousness.

Instantly Scott felt blood rush into his cock. It began to rise until it was fully erect, and throbbing madly inside his pants. He had a perverted fetish for pregnant women. In fact, they drove him absolutely crazy. The fertile female he had found sitting in the sedan was beautiful. She was everything he fantasized about. Realizing that now was not the time to succumb to sexual arousal, Scott did his best to distract himself and focus on his job.

"Mam I'm pretty sure you know why I stopped you."

"Yes sir. I'm sorry. My car won't pass smog. I've been trying to get it done. Honestly, I have sir. Today, my mechanic told me I have some kind of leak. I think its in the suction system. Any way it's like $500 to get it fixed. I'm trying to save up for it but it's hard sir. I don't make much money and I have bills too."

Scott noticed the pregnant woman's thick nipples slowly begin to poke through her maternity top. His efforts to avoid arousal quickly vanished. His stiff cock tensed, aching with sexual tension. Again, he tried to maintain control.

"Mam I need to see your diver's license."

The pregnant woman took a deep breath causing her large milk filled breasts to rise and fall. She could feel her nipples getting wet. Breast milk was slowly leaking from them. The warm nourishing fluid began to soak the nursing pads she wore inside the cups of her 42 DDD size bra. She looked into Scott's eyes. The hint of desperation on her face.

"Sir, my purse got stolen while I was out shopping. I lost my license, my ID, all of my credit cards and money. I don't live far from here. I'm just trying to get home. Please, I'm never in trouble like this sir. Can you just let me go?"

Scott paused. He realized that he had a desperate, knocked up woman in front of him who would most likely be willing to do anything to avoid getting a ticket. This could be his chance to realize his long time fantasy of fucking a pregnant woman. It was however so wrong. In fact, giving in to temptation could put his job at risk.

The pregnant woman squirmed, gripping the steering wheel. Breast milk had penetrated through the nursing pads and was starting to dampen her bra. Any minute now she knew embarrassing wet spots would appear on her maternity top. Again she begged for leniency.

"Please, I'm so tired sir. I've had a bad day. All I want to do is go home. Are you gonna let me go? You can give me a warning. I promise I'll get my car fixed."

Scott had made his decision. This woman was at least 8 or 9 months pregnant. If he let her go without fucking her, he would never be able to forgive himself. Seriously, how many chances do you get to have your sexual dreams come true? He was not going to allow himself to simply go home after the shift, and think about her and that massive belly while jacking off, to relieve the bottled up sexual tension. The urge to have the object of his fetish would not be denied. In fact years ago when he was 17, he had a chance to fuck Danielle Perez, a 16-year-old pregnant Hispanic girl who lived next door. Scott was alone with her many times. She gave him his first kiss, and even allowed him a sneak peak down her panties for a look at her beautiful pussy. She was young, horny, and gave all the signals that she wanted to be fucked. Scott however chose to take the so called 'high road', and kept his dick in his pants. The sexy, cock teasing slut and her family eventually moved away. Not long after she was gone, Scott found himself regretting his failure to cash in on the many chances he had to bang a knocked up woman. Not this time. This time he was going to man up and end years of dreaming and fantasizing about putting his cock inside pregnant pussy.

Scott turned his attention back to the fidgeting knocked up woman sitting behind the wheel of her car.

"What's your name mam?"


Karen took her hands off the steering wheel and crossed her arms over her breasts to hide the wet spots that were forming on the front of her maternity top. Scott stared at her. Savoring every minute of her uncomfortable situation.

"Well Karen, I understand the trouble you are having with the vehicle. Are the registration fees paid?"

"No sir. I was going to pay it out of my next check."

"Do you have insurance on the vehicle?"

"Yes sir. But my car got broken into last night and they stole my papers. I can show you the invoice on my phone of the recent payment I made.
They sent it to my email."

"That won't be necessary. I believe you, however mam I can't let you go. In fact, I'm going to have to call a tow truck. The vehicle is in direct violation of California law. It's not suppose to be driven on public roads without registration. Now it would be different if the fees were paid because you would technically have registration, but it would be in incomplete status until you get the smog done. That, I would let slide, but you are out here on these roads without the fees paid so you have no registration at all right now."

"What? No! I need my car to get to work in the morning." Cried Karen, squirming uncontrollably.

"Mam put your hands back on the steering wheel."

Karen hesitated. Realizing she had little choice, she unfolded her arms and held onto the steering wheel again. Scott got a eye full of her leaking, thick, erect nipples as they pushed against the growing wet spots on the front of her breast milk soaked maternity top. The officer's erect cock was in agony, tip wet with pre-cum. He was being pushed to the point of climax. It took all of his will power to keep himself from blowing a fat load inside his pants. He wanted Karen's ripe wet pregnant cunt badly. He noticed she was struggling to keep still.

"Mam are you alright?"

"No. I have to pee."

This was music to the perverted police officer's ears. He loved watching videos of women in piss desperation scenarios. Now he had a agitated woman right in front of him in real time, holding her piss in agony. Pregnancy made it all so much hotter. Scott wanted to see Karen wet herself. He began to stall, taking his time.

"Let me see what I can do mam."

"Okay." Replied Karen through clinched teeth. Scott walked back to his squad car and got inside. He waited 10 minutes, got out, and walked slowly back to Karen.

"I have no choice but to get the tow truck out here for the vehicle. I will give you a ride home. Best you get whatever you need out now because once the tow guy gets here and hooks up, whatever is left in the vehicle stays in it."

Karen squirmed violently. A small amount of urine escaped her aching vagina, wetting her leggins. She whimpered in distress, knowing she could not hold on much longer.

"Please officer don't do this to me!" Cried Karen. She let go of the steering wheel, grabbed onto her crotch, and applied pressure as she leaned forward in a futile attempt to hold back the surge of piss that was inevitable.The bulge in Scott's pants got bigger as his arousal level climbed.

"It's not me Karen. You did this to yourself. I'm just doing my job." Said Scott, the hint of a grin on his face. Karen started to cry. She could no longer seal off her bladder. She let go, allowing the restrained load of warm pee to flow out of her stressed pussy. Scott could hear the golden river flow as it soaked through her leggins and into the driver seat.The perverted police officer smiled, getting off on the sight of a knocked up woman wetting herself.

"Did you just piss on yourself?" He asked, pretending not to know.

"Yes. I told you I had to go, but you wouldn't let me." Cried Karen, feeling relief. Scott leaned into the driver side window. The aroma of pregnant pheromone concentrated urine filling his nasal cavity.

"Okay Karen, If I forget about the citation and the tow truck, how do you suggest you and I handle this?"

Karen paused, wiping away tears, stunned to hear she was being given a option.

"I'm not sure sir. But I promise I will fix my car."

"Come on Karen, you know that's not going to get you out of this. Lucky for you, I like pregnant women. I like them a lot. Ever since I was a boy, I've had a condition called preggophillia. It's the strong, sexual desire for pregnant women. Getting in your pants is all I can think about right know. You are so beautiful."

Scott reached inside the car and gently stroked Karen's face. Her eyes widened when she realized what the aroused officer was implying. She decided to meet his request on her terms.

"Alright, you can touch my breasts and rub my belly. I'll give you a blow job. No sex okay?"

Scott's eyes narrowed with anger. He grabbed Karen by the throat, maintaining a tight grip on her neck.

"You dumb heifer! If you want to drive home tonight, you better give me your fucking pussy! That's how you pay the city for breaking the law, understand?"

"Yes sir." gasped Karen, barley able to speak. Scott let go of her neck.

"Now that we have an agreement, I need you to step out of the vehicle and come with me."

"What? I thought you were not taking my car."

"We are leaving it here for now. Come on. I don't have all night."

"Okay sir."

Karen unbuckled the seat belt and with a lot of effort, pulled her heavy, voluptuous body out of the confines of the small car. She was 5feet 5 inches tall. Her brunette hair hung at shoulder length. Her terribly swollen belly stuck out, slightly lifting the maternity top. Her large, plump nipple, leaking breasts slumped against her chest. Wet spots over running the front of her top. She had wide childbearing hips. Her thick thighs touched together. The bulge of her fat pussy was visible amid her urine soaked leggings. Her feet were swollen, causing her soft shoes to warp.

Scott's erect cock tensed in heightened arousal. The thought of removing her clothes, seeing her naked pregnant body, and fucking her was driving him crazy.

"Take off your shoes." He demanded, rubbing the lump of his teased cock.

Karen pulled her swollen feet free and stood barefoot and pregnant. Just the way Scott preferred. He gave another command.

"Turn around."

Karen complied. She waddled around, positioning her back to Scott, revealing the curvy hump of her big fat pregnant ass. Scott grabbed and squeezed it. He knelt down and sniffed it. He reached his hand between her legs and felt up her warm wet swollen pussy. He slightly pulled down her leggins, revealing her butt crack. Karen was not wearing panties. Scott slapped her ass, then placed her in a control hold.

"Are you arresting me? I thought we made that deal!" Cried Karen. Her huge breasts jiggled and bounced as Scott hustled her over to his squad car. He pressed his hard cock against her soft shapely ass along the way.

"Keep quiet. This is part of my enjoyment." Sneered Scott. He helped Karen into the passenger seat, then got in behind the wheel and keyed the dash radio mic.

"Dispatch I'm 10-26. No citation given. I let the vehicle's owner off with a warning to get her registration taking care of."


Scott dropped the mic. He grabbed Karen's large heaving breasts, wildly groping and squeezing them firmly. Breast milk forced from her leaking nipples, wet his hands. In a sexual rage, he tore open the maternity top sending buttons flying. He pulled up on the soaked bra until her large breasts fell free. They made a flesh slapping sound as they hit the top of her badly swollen exposed pregnant belly, then sagged against her chest under their own weight. The areolas were huge, bumpy and dark colored. The thick darkened nipples continued to leak sweet mother's milk. Scott grabbed Karen's hand and forced it onto his crotch. She gently stroked the hard throbbing lump of his aching cock. He grabbed one of her heavy breasts, put his mouth on the nipple, and sucked like the end of the world was coming. In his mind, pretending to be the baby she was carrying inside her inflated womb.

Scott swallowed three mouth fulls of warm sweet breast milk. He let go of the engorged tit. It fell against Karen's chest and slumped aside, continuing to leak. Milk dripped down, wetting the center console. Scott unbuckled his duty belt and unfastened his pants. He pulled his hard cock out of his boxer shorts. It throbbed and pulsated violently as if lunging to get a hold of the pregnant female sitting next to it's master. Karen was getting turned on. She could feel herself getting wet, which made her want to touch her pussy. Alas, her huge belly, and the confines of the squad car's interior would not allow it. Motivated by lust, she grabbed, pulled, squeezed, and rubbed Scott's stiff cock, jerking it in all directions. Pre-cum rose from the tip and oozed down onto her hand.

Scott played with Karen's ample milky breasts, and rubbed her pregnant belly as she continued hand jerk his cock. Suddenly he could feel the climax flaring. Quickly he held onto her hand.

"Stop, don't make me cum."

Karen paused. Scott fought to hold back. A small amount of cum leaked out of his cock and onto Karen's hand. She released her grip and licked some of the white sticky semen from her fingers. She massaged the remaining sperm secretion into her engorged breasts as if it was body cream. Milk shot from her erect darkened nipples, spattering the windshield.

Karen moaned with pleasure, biting her lip. Yearning to feel the bad police officer's cock inside her nice wet pregnant cunt. She looked at him, seduction in her eyes as she spoke softly in a sexy tone.

"We can go to my apartment. It's not far from here. My husband is working late tonight"

"I like the way you think." Said Scott with a smile. He put away his unsatisfied cock, fastened his pants and duty belt. He started the squad car and pulled onto the main road. Karen directed him to the apartment complex she was living in. Scott parked in a uncovered parking spot. He got out and helped Karen pull her lumbering pregnant body free from the car. She held her maternity top closed as best as she could, leading Scott through the complex grounds to her upstairs apartment.

Quietly they slipped inside and stood amid the modest the living room.

"Do you mind if we do it here." Karen asked as she slipped out of her wet, torn maternity top, and removed the milk soaked bra. Her big breasts hung heavily from her chest, sagging in both directions. Firm nipples wet with breast milk discharge. Her large skin tight pregnant belly stuck out, its angle slightly upward. There were visible stretch marks, and the darkened Linea Nigra line ran from her forced out navel down to her concealed pubic area. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Scott's erection intensified. His hard cock was throbbing, yearning to plunge into Karen's pregnant pussy.

"This will work just fine." He replied, hastily undressing himself as if his uniform was on fire. Karen pulled her wet leggins down to her swollen ankles and stepped out of them. Her unshaven bulging pregnant cunt was dripping wet. The wild tangle of well grown pubic hair trapped her natural genital odor, allowing it to linger between her fat thighs. It was pungent and drove Scott wild. He rushed Karen, pushing her against the wall, forcing himself on her. His throbbing cock rubbed against her unyielding belly, wetting it with pre-cum as he groped her breasts and kissed her, forcing his tongue deep inside her mouth. Karen returned the intense, sloppy kiss, grabbing a hold of Scott's aching cock, sliding her gentle hand up and down the shaft.

He reached below her protruding belly and grabbed a hold of her ripe, smelly pussy, gliding his fingers between the wet creamy lips. Karen moaned with pleasure. She dropped to her knees. Scott rubbed his cock against the flesh of her face. She licked and stroked his balls, then sucked on them. Using her drooling, cock pleasing mouth to tug on the ball sack. The excited dick slapped against her cheek, rock hard, throbbing. Erect in all its manhood glory. Karen chocked the shaft, pulling back the foreskin, exposing the swollen dick head meat.

She coated the pulsating cock with her spit, then put her mouth over it and began to suck. First slow, then fast. Gradually increasing the intensity. Squeezing and playing with the balls with one hand. Working the shaft with the other.

Scott moaned deeply. He wanted to let his dick explode inside the pregnant woman's slobbering mouth, but he resisted. Karen let go. A thick line of female spit trailing from her mouth stuck on Scott's teased cock. He lay down, putting his back on the floor. Karen was hungry for more dick. Pussy juice ran down her legs. She pounced on Scott's body, letting her large soft breasts collapse against his chest, wetting it with milk. Her firm pregnant belly pressed against his hard cock. Scott worked his hips, humping it, causing the baby to stir. Karen arched her back, placing a hand on her hanging swollen belly. A small bulge appeared in the tight skin, rising to a noticeable lump as the baby shifted position inside the womb.

Karen moved lower. The warm soft flesh of her leaking breasts slipped onto Scott's cock. He put his arms around her, pulling her pregnant body close, compressing her overloaded tits as he humped his dick against them, forcing loads of breast milk from her thick nipples. It felt so good. Scott let go to keep himself from cumming.

Karen wet her breasts with large amounts of foamy oozing spit. She held the massive mounds of flesh together, squeezing Scott's solid cock between them allowing him to tit fuck her cleavage. Milk shot from her fat dark nipples, spraying him in the face.

Karen climbed up higher onto Scott's body and whispered into his ear.

"I have to pee again."

"You you ain't going no where." Replied Scott. He grabbed a hold of Karen's wide butt and squeezed it. She squirmed, and started kissing him, letting urine pour out of her vagina. Scott could feel the warmth of the golden fluid as it flowed onto his body and leaked off onto the floor. Karen moaned in delight.

"Please fuck me. Oh god please fuck me now." She said, urgency in her voice. She rolled off Scott onto the floor, legs spread wide, rubbing and fingering her hungry pregnant pussy. Her round belly pointed up, breasts slumped to her armpits. Scott took one look at Karen's hairy dripping wet cunt and lost his mind. He threw himself between her legs, plowing his hard cock deep inside her. Thrusting harder and harder, pounding against her pelvis.

"Oh yes! Fuck that hairy pregnant pussy! Ohhhh Mmmmmm!" Screamed Karen in pleasure.

Scott was in heaven. It was happening so fast. He was fucking a pregnant woman. Not in a dream. It was for real. Karen's pussy felt so good. It was warm, creamy and tight. It grabbed a hold of his cock and squeezed it. Pulsating and rubbing like a massaging device. His dick head rubbed against bumps that enveloped and stimulated to the highest degree of sexual arousal. It was like no vagina he had ever fucked before. There was no doubt in Scott's mind that pregnancy had morphed this pussy into a ripened erotic state that could not be reached by a woman not carrying a baby in her womb.

Scott closed his eyes tightly, trying to stave off cumming. The vigorous fucking made Karen's tight hairy pussy fume. Soon, the room reeked with her strong vaginal odor. Scott inhaled deeply filling his lungs with the intoxicating female scent. Each violent thrust of his cock pushed large amounts of air into Karen's assaulted pussy. It started to queef loudly. The sound it made was a mix between a cat's purr, and a anal fart. Knowing his actions were affecting the helpless cunt, added to Scott's arousal. He slammed his brick hard cock in so deep he could feel it collide with the inner tunnel wall and up to the bump zone known as the g spot. Karen screamed in pleasure.


Scott joined in.


Karen wrapped her legs around Scott's thrusting lower body. She tensed her vaginal muscles, grabbing onto his throbbing cock, forcing him to the brink. His dick head rubbed against one of those swollen inner bumps and that was it. He came hard inside her pussy. Loads of cum burst out of his cock. The serge was so strong it pushed Karen over the edge causing her to cum with powerful intensity. Scott pulled out allowing her to release a massive vaginal fart, along with a spray of juices that shot clear to the other side of the room covering everything.

Karen lay on the floor twitching and squirming as the after shock of the orgasm traveled through every inch of her pregnant body. Breast milk erupted from her nipples. Thick globs of Scott's cum oozed out of her hairy cunt and slithered down onto the pussy juice soaked carpet.

Scott felt like he had just taken a powerful drug.The high was absolutely amazing. He lay close to Karen, stroking her tight belly, not wanting to move. Soon, they both passed out from the intense sexual stimulation.

Minuets later, Scott sat behind the wheel of his squad car watching carefully as Karen waddled to her car and got inside. She honked the horn as she drove away. Scott visually tracked the car until the taillights disappeared into the night. The scent of the pregnant woman's pussy was all over him. He sat in his car sniffing his cunt tainted fingers, reliving every moment of the traffic stop he would remember for the rest of his life.

"Now I can actually say I love this job." Scott told to himself with a smile.

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