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Postby LTKNT101 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:42 am

Was it something in the air? No one had the answer however, Kimberly noticed her body begin to feel strange the instant she entered the town of Fetusville. She slowed her car to a stop at the intersection limit line as the traffic light turned from yellow to red. A pregnant woman crossed the street in front of her.

Kimberly could not help noticing the woman's huge swollen belly and large milk filled breasts. The expecting mother waddled safely to the other side. The light turned green. Kimberly drove down the street. She past several Maternity clinics and maternity clothing stores which appeared to be located on every block. Women and girls stood on the sidewalks, and were walking about to and from their destinations. Kimberly noticed something odd about them.

They were all pregnant.

"Jesus! Condoms and birth control must not exist in this town."

Kimberly muttered to herself as she arrived at a coffee shop. She parked her car in the parking lot. A woman was sitting behind the wheel of the car parked next to her. The seat belt rested snugly between her plump breasts. She unfastened the restraint, and with effort, pulled herself out of the car revealing her huge swollen pregnant belly. It protruded out, slightly upward, pushing against her maternity top.

She supported her aching back with her hands as she waddled toward the coffee shop. The weight of her over overgrown belly making each step difficult. Kimberly could not believe her eyes. A gut feeling told her that it was no coincidence that she was encountering so many pregnant females only minutes apart. She stepped out of her car and felt a smell. It was all around her. As her lungs filled with the strange odor, she tried to analyze what it was and where it was coming from.

The aroma had a sweet scent, almost like that of a female hygiene product. Unable to ascertain the exact source and cause, Kimberly decided to let it go. However every breath she took was slowly effecting her body. Her eyes widened when she entered the coffee shop and found it full of very pregnant women. The strange odor was strong, and filled the room. Again, Kimberly tried to locate the source. Was it the coffee? No. Suddenly she realized the odor was being released by all of the mothers to be. Kimberly felt her bra begin to fit more snugly. Her breasts were slowly becoming fuller and sore. All of the pregnant customers smiled at her. Some were seated at tables sipping coffee. Others stood in the order line cradling and rubbing their overgrown bellies as if to send a message. The young girl working behind the counter was glowing with pregnancy. Her torpedo shaped swollen belly bulging out noticeably.

Kimberly was becoming uncomfortable. The weight of several eyes growing heavy on her. Suddenly a voice came from behind her.

"Excuse me, are you in line?"

Kimberly turned around to find a very pregnant woman standing close, cradling her large swollen belly. She was clearly not wearing a bra. Her huge heavy sagging breasts were leaking milk, fat erect nipples poking through the wet spots that stained her maternity top. Her overly widened hips gave her body the shape of a pear. Her bare feet were swollen up to her ankles. Kimberly's heart began to pound inside her chest as she spoke, voice breaking.

"No. I was going to get something but I changed my mind."

"You are not showing yet hun. How far along are you?"

Asked the pregnant woman, sweet odor surrounding her heavy body.

"I'm not pregnant."

Replied Kimberly, sweat beginning to leak out of her skin. The pregnant woman paused, then spoke softly, lowering the tone of her voice.

"You will be. . .You will be."

Kimberly was now scared. She could not stand being inside the pregnancy infested coffee shop any longer. Snubbing harm, she dashed outside into the parking lot where she observed a young girl, barely 18, standing on the street corner in distress, holding her huge bulging pregnant belly. Her petite body tensed up as she was struck by a forceful contraction. Her knees buckled. A surge of water exploded from her vagina. The clear stream flowed between her bowed legs, soaking her unfastened jeans. The fluid ran down her feet and collected in a large puddle on the ground.

Kimberly looked away. Suddenly she began to feel extremely bloated. The pressure continued to build inside her womb. The sound of gargling fluids could be heard. A fertilized egg had invaded her uterus and was rapidly developing into a fetus. In panic, Kimberly lifted her shirt and looked down at her bulging belly. Her bra was getting tighter and more uncomfortable as it stretched to it's limit. Unable to support the growth of her rising breasts, the back clips broke apart. The cup section loosened, allowing the expanding mounds of flesh to push forward. Kimberly was sweating heavily, her breaths deep and rapid. She realized it was happening to her. She looked in the direction of the young girl and found her down on the ground. She had removed her jeans and panties. Her legs were wide apart, exposing her hairy, ripe, wet, swollen pregnant vagina. She bit her lip, making eye contact with Kimberly, then lay her head back and moaned as a birth fluid soaked infant's head forced its way out into view between the stretched apart lips of her tortured bleeding pussy.

"Oh my god!"

Cried Kimberly as she focused on her own situation. Her belly had expanded forward, stretching the skin tighter and tighter. It had grown past her waist line. That, and her increasingly widening hips, and growing butt put strengthening pressure on her belt until it broke. Her pants snapped open allowing her lower body more room to expand. Her large heaving breasts had forced her bra forward so far, it was now reaching it's stretch limit. It could no longer conceal her oversized darkened areolas which were spilling out the top and bottom. Wet spots soaked the cups as breast milk was being squeezed out of her fattening nipples. The shoulder straps dug deeply into her skin.

Kimberly lifted her shirt over her head and removed it. Frantically she waddled across the parking lot toward her car. The pressure inside her womb forced out her inverted navel. It formed a firm bump at the center of her expanding belly. Her pants split at the sides as her hips and butt continued to grow. By the time she got to her car, her enormous belly made it impossible for her to get in. Kimberly fell against her car to take the weight off her swollen feet. Her bra straps broke apart releasing the cups. Her overgrown breasts flopped out freely and sagged against her chest under their weight. Warm mother's milk dripped from her thick erect nipples.

Abruptly, a newborn could be heard crying not far way. Kimberly found herself being stimulated by the sound. Instantly her heavily engorged large breasts let go of a tremendous load of milk. Kimberly moaned and screamed in pleasure. She could feel her pregnant cunt getting so delightfully wet. All she could do was hold her breasts and let the milk flow. It sprayed violently from her nipples for 15 minutes then slowed to a drip.

Kimberly could smell herself. She was releasing the sweet odor. The odor that was once foreign to her. Her belly had stopped growing. She cradled it and rubbed. She could feel lots of movement inside her womb. Too much squirming for only one baby. There had to be at least 3. Each trying to be the first to emerge from their mother's nice wet swollen cunt. The thought of giving birth to multiple babies aroused Kimberly. Her breasts swelled bigger. Her nipples got fatter. Her belly grew larger as another fetus quickly developed inside her womb. Her hips widened to support the added weight and her butt grow out more. Suddenly her pants split off. Her soaked and badly stretched panties ripped away leaving her completely naked. Her cunt was swollen and lightly covered with pubic hair.

Kimberly waddled away to find a place to give birth. She did not get far when her water broke. On the ground she went, legs spread wide. The first of her four babies forced its way out of her pussy. It crawled up onto her sweaty chest still attached to the umbilical cord, and found its way onto the milk leaking nipple of one of her large breasts. It began to feed. Kimberly pushed the remaining 3 babies out of her cunt. They too found their way onto her breasts.

It was happening everywhere. Women and girls were getting pregnant and giving birth. That's why the town was named Fetusville. The population is nearly entirely made up of pregnant women. Any female not pregnant when she enters the town, will soon find herself carrying a spontaneously grown fetus. It is such a beautiful sight to behold. Pregnant women waddling on every street.

Intoxicating and irresistible. . . To be completely surrounded by pregnant women and girls, and to witness them become pregnant beyond their control and give birth. To press a curious hand against their bloated wombs, while being tempted to grope their fat, expanded milk filled breasts.

There is no doubt that something unexplained exists in the town of Fetusville. Indeed, something is in the air.

The smell of pregnancy.

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