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Old enough to have a baby (story seed)

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Old enough to have a baby (story seed)

Postby ncumbered » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:38 pm

This is a story idea I would like to see taken many directions
by as many writers as possible
if you write a story off of it I ask that you post it here
Or a link here
*Old enough to have a baby*
a young girl(you deside how young) we will call her (preggy)Peggy
becomes pregnant
one day in the middle of the pregnancy she complains to her mother
wanting to know when she will have the baby
Her mother responds not until your old/mature/ready/spicefic age/other
Enough to have it.
this wether deliberate or not results in a "curse" causing
Peggy to stay pregnant for (as long as your heart desires)
Other details to consider does the pregnancy pause so she stays as pregnant as she is
does the baby continue to grow.

So this is the story seed please take it make an awesome
story out of it and share it with me and the community
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