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The Preg Bottles

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The Preg Bottles

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:43 pm

The Preg Bottles
[By "OneWingedLegend" on Deviantart]

Warning this story contains the following themes
-Hyper pregnancy
-Pregnancy expansion
-Breast Expansion
-Moderate Yuri scene
If anything here bothers you, this story might not be your cup of tea.

It was yet another average Saturday morning for all of Minden, except for one person: Paige Lovitz. It was 7:50 AM and Paige was still sleeping for what was going to be a big day for her. 8:00 AM came by and her phone alarm went off, reminding her of an important meeting she had today. She lazily extended her arm and turned the alarm off, and with a deep sigh pushed herself up, sat up straight and leaned back on the headboard of her bed. While the process of getting up in the morning had started getting easier for Paige, the idea of being pregnant still felt foreign to her. She rubbed her children filled stomach, reminding herself of how pregnant she was.

Paige was the result of a successful Osmorph pregnancy that made her pregnant with 5 kids all at the third trimester. This resulted in her body changing drastically from the "average" figure she had before the experiment. Her breasts were full D cups, as the obvious side effect of pregnancies were larger breasts. Her butt gained a considerable amount of size to it, as it seemed that the pregnancy related weight preferred gathering there as well as in her thighs, rather than her arms or legs. Her hips had widened by a large amount, as her body adjusted to prepare itself for the delivery day that was yet to be determined by Osmorph. Of course, her stomach had expanded massively, easily becoming the focus of her body, subtle stretch marks could be found across her taut and gravid stomach. With all those elements combined, Paige became the embodiment of the "Pregnant figure". While no male suitors ever proposed to Paige, to her own taste ,she found herself quite sexually appealing. She couldn't say what, as the combination of breasts, wide hips and large stomach all just seemed so sexually attractive to her, although she still didn't reveal that information to others.

After taking a couple seconds to compose herself, Paige commenced her daily morning routine, the same routine she started since she first stopped growing. She rubbed her stomach and began talking to her litter. "Rise in shine darlings. Today's a big day for you all as you're all about to become well.. People!" Despite her sluggish awakening, Paige was actually very excited for the events that were to unfold later today. Osmorph requested that she report to the pregnancy department and test out a new pregnancy expansion drink, and while that was Osmorph's focus it wasn't Paige's. Her focus was directed towards the fact that they had also developed the technology to be able to not only pre-emptily change physical aspects of a child inside the womb, but also change their personality to whatever the parents (or parent in this case) desired. Driven by the idea of finally giving her kids the appearance that goes with their respective names (Marth,Eliwood,Vergil,Camilla and Lucina), Paige got up and put on some clothes, but not without some struggle as her wardrobe never seemed to work for her. Wearing an outfit that perfectly fit her was reserved to important meeting or appointments. She managed to put on her bra and eventually a black shirt, and while it was a good fit to her, it still failed to cover the lower half of her gravid stomach. She mostly struggled to put on a pair of pants, as mounting it over her rather impressive rear caused multiple difficulties. "Come on! I wish I could just shimmy a bit but this *hnnnnng* stomach won't let me!" Paige struggled for a while, as her reduced mobility made getting pants on a challenge. Eventually, Paige had succeeded in getting her pants on and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. She sat down eating her usual bowl of cereal, but couldn't help but feel excited when she looked at the table to see a folder, filled with paper resting not so far from her. Paige had spent most of her week gathering various pictures and documents that would give the best amount of detail to help the scientist visualize and properly create the children she dreamed to have. After finishing up her breakfast, Paige picked up the folder and made her way to the Osmorph pregnancy department that was fortunately not too far to walk to.

Paige eventually arrived at her destination and was greeted by the scientist who was going to work with her today. The scientist's name was Levi Sterlington, but preferred to go as Dr.Levi because he felt it was more casual and created better relations with his patients. Paige made her way to the examination room where she would have an ultra sound done before the experiment, as the experiment was scheduled to be a large one. Paige was wearing a hospital gown that surprisingly managed to cover her maternal orb, but it still couldn't prevent itself from rising slightly like a tent as almost nothing could truly fit Paige's stomach. She lied down on the bed, and waited a couple seconds before Dr.Levi showed himself. While Paige did sleep in this kind of position, it still left her in awe that she could no longer see past her breasts and stomach, as their massive size robbed her of any vision of what her feet look like. Dr.Levi returned and then started rubbing some ultrasound gel across Paige's stomach; the cold gel caused Paige to shiver slightly as her stomach was sensitive to drastic changes temperature, although the pleasurable sensation of getting her stomach rubbed outweighed the unpleasant feelings. Paige turned her head to see a monitor turn on that displayed all five of her children within her.

"They all look healthy Ms.Lovitz. You should be good for the experiment and for your own request. It was the personality influencers yes?" Dr.Levi started, moving an apparatus around Paige's stomach.

"Perfect! Now about that personality thing. Could you get that folder for me? It has all the Info inside it" Paige pointed towards the folder that she brought from home. Paige and Dr. Levi began discussing about which child was going to receive which personality/ physical traits.

"So this one that just moved. That would be Camilla yes?" Dr.Levi started, noticing a large lump move across Paige's gravid stomach.

" *she giggles* Yes that's Camilla, she doesn't move often but when she does, you know it. She's the purple haired one I talked about" Paige replied.

"I see. And about her breasts? According to this photo she has an ample sized chest. DD's most likely. What age would you like her to reach this size" Dr.Levi asked, requesting more details about Camilla's physical traits.

"I want her to have that bust size at... 21, that sounds good enough. Make it progressive though, say C's at 16 and D's at 18. And about the personality, I marked off the specific traits I want them to have. Make sure that all of them have their hair though, that is a must." Paige said, emphasizing the hair part. A couple more minutes and Paige finished explaining the necessary details on how she desired every child to be.

"Well now that that's over, we can get to the fun part. I'll give you sometime to sit up, I'll go and get the "preg bottles" while you're doing that." Dr. Levi left, leaving Paige to reposition herself. A couple minutes later Dr.Levi returned with three bottles in his hands, he set them down on a nearby table and began to explain what these bottles were. There were three bottles each label : Preg-E, Preg-O and Preg X. What Paige was testing was an experimental brew that when drunk, will temporarily give the drinker an array of effects that mimic a pregnancy. The effects include breasts growth, stomach expansion, small weight gain, lactation and increased fetal activity if the drinker is already pregnant. The strength and duration of these effects are based which one of the three bottles you drank from, Preg-E being the weakest and Preg- X being the strongest.

"Wait so why am I testing this? Shouldn't you be giving this to someone who isn't pregnant?" Paige asked, noticing how it served to simulate and not "enhance" a pregnancy.

"Usually yes, we would. But we're trying to see if we're able to amplify a pregnancies effect first. Temporarily simulating it is much harder than simply making them pregnant or amplifying its effects. The theory behind it is that we amplify it so much that it simulates a real pregnancy. We chose you because we don't necessarily have to amplify it that much as you're already pregnant as it is. Also, you must drink all three of these if you wish for your kids to have the physical traits/ personality traits as you desired, a request from Osmorph to achieve a mutual satisfaction." Dr.Levi said, putting Paige in a difficult spot.Paige's desire for her children far outweighed that of her fears of what might happen if she were to drink the potions. Paige agreed to the experiment, took the bottles and returned home.

Paige returned home and set down the three bottles on her counter. Before leaving Paige was handed a note, it most likely held explanations as Osmorph, for some inexplicable reason, always preferred this process. The note explained the directions to using the bottles, and a list of tasks she needed to do that was part of the testing. She held up and stared at the Preg-E bottle, as it was the first bottle she has to drink. The idea of her getting even larger didn't seem too pleasant to her as she had finally gotten used to her size, but with a couple of kicks and pushes of encouragement she received from her litter she knew what had to be done. Paige closes her eyes and drank the Preg-E bottle as instructed. While drinking it Paige had noticed that the drink was of a pink color, and odd choice of color she thought to herself. Suddenly, Paige felt a warm sensation inside her stomach. Her unborn offspring began to be more active, and the familiar feeling of her skin stretching had returned once again. While the stretch marks received by the Preg bottles growth would be temporary, it didn't prevent them from appearing across her stomach, as it began to grow larger. Her pregnant stomach slowly expanded before her, as it stretched out even further from her body than before, amplifying its large appearance. Her breasts inflated to DD's, during this expansion, Paige guessed that they were most likely filling up with milk to simulate this growth, as she could not only feel the pressure of the milk inside her breasts but also hear the fluid slosh inside of her breasts as any slight bodily movement resulted in her breasts moving as well. She also gained a decent amount of weight which, of course went to her butt. Her butt had grown enough to offset the positioning of her pants, resulting in a little butt cleavage to be seen. After the growth had finished, Paige somewhat grumpily made her way to her room, as the added size really didn't sit well with her. She looked at herself in the mirror, only to see that her black shirt that previously only failed to cover the lower half of her stomach, now failed to cover any of her stomach, leaving it completely exposed. Her black shirt now resembled a bra as it only covered her enlarged breasts. With her stomach exposed, Paige realized for the first time how big she really was. She rubbed her baby filled stomach, feeling it's taught skin, knowing that it's probably nearing its human limits and that deep stretch marks are imminent. Seeing the veins across her stomach caused her to worry a bit, as she knew this was only the first bottle, and that she was going to get a lot bigger than this. She gauged herself to be the size of a sextuplet pregnancy with and while it was only one additional kid (for now) it was already in the third trimester, expanding her stomach by a large amount.

Once Paige finished inspecting her body, she opened up a box that Dr.Levi had also given her, and as expected it contained a note. The note said that she must attend work today, and that she must also wear the uniform provided within the box. She was also to provide "special services" to the customers who request it. Paige peered into the box, wondering what the suit resembled. She pulled it out to see that it was a pink bunny suit, but with changes made to better fit her figure. The main difference was that the midsection was gone, and to what would be fish nets became a spandex like material. Despite the obvious sexual attractiveness the outfit had, Paige forced herself to put on the outfit knowing that Osmorph wouldn't have it any other way. To her surprise the suit actually fit her quite well, her stomach had ample space and was definitely "front and center" in this outfit. The outfit fit her breasts correctly, giving them ample support although she couldn't help but notice that her butt was getting a wedgie. The material the actual suit was made of thinned out towards her butt, as Paige had a larger rear than most women her size, it resulted in her getting a wedgie. Once she had finished dressing herself, she walked towards her car, although with much difficulty as not only the new weight caused difficulties for her but also the sheer size of her stomach was a challenge. She took this as an omen to what was to come at work.

Paige's workday was cut in half to only four hours, but for the two hours she was working left her exhausted. As if working pregnant wasn't hard enough, all the changes her body had just went through made it even more difficult. Because of her larger size, Paige was unable to fit in between the tables, and while the outfit and larger size did garner more attention (therefore more money) it was incredibly taxing on her energy, she often had to pause and take a breather, as the constant movement left her children unhappy and very active. One thing that was going her way was that no one had requested the "special service" that Paige was offering, as its price was very high. The special service was a private one on one session with Paige, during which you're allowed to do anything to her and request that she do anything to you or herself (so long as it doesn't clash with her beliefs). There were only 45 minutes left before Paige's day would end, she was exhausted and was very sweaty as the outfit didn't help her out much. Paige was sitting down taking a breather when her fellow coworker Lyn Lamki showed up asking for Paige's attention.

"Someone wants that special request deal of yours Paige" Lyn said

"What? How much are they paying and for how long?" Paige replied, wiping the sweat off her face.

"300$ for the rest of your day. Twice the required amount." Lyn said with a hint of seriousness In her tone, letting Paige know that she meant business.

"All right. Il head to the room. Just tell whoever it is to meet me in the room, I'll be there." Paige got up and waddled very slowly to her room, as walking had become impossible with her large stomach. Once she made her way there she let out another sigh and wiped as much sweat possible as she could, as the room was poorly ventilated, only causing Paige to get even sweatier. She assumed that the person who requested the special treatment was a male, but to her surprise it was the exact opposite. A lady of similar age to Paige opened up the door and peered into the room before fully entering and asked "Are you Paige Lovitz? I'm here for the uh.. Special request" Paige nodded, as she was too tired to appropriately reply. The lady sat down beside Paige and introduced herself as Erika. For a while Erika seemed too nervous to do anything special with Paige. Paige sighed as the heat was really getting to her, Erika took this as an opportunity to start a conversation

"Real hot in here isn't it?" Erika asked, Paige nodded in agreement. "And you're all sweaty too. Especially around your breasts.." The seemingly harmless Erika suddenly became more and more interested in Paige, her shyness was melting away as she slowly leaned in on Paige. She began to rub Paige's stomach without her consent, but as Paige was exhausted, she couldn't muster any words against it. "My my your stomach is impressive isn't it? How many kids?" Erika asked, started to get interested in Paige. Paige did a show of fingers telling Erika that she had 5 kids. Erika seemed to get even more interested, or rather excited as the more they talked about pregnancy the less shy Erika became. "And what cup size are your breasts?" Erika asked, more excited than before. Paige said D's, although they could get larger if they're filled with milk. Erika's excitement seemingly peeked when Paige mentioned lactation to her. "You can lactate? Could you do it now? Here let me help you with that outfit, this should help you". While Paige didn't exactly enjoy being touched by strangers, she couldn't stand being in the bunny suit any longer, so with Erika's help she managed to get the suit off, leaving Paige in her underwear. Erika hungrily gazed at Paige's essentially naked body, her skin had a maternal glow to it that seemed to sexually excite Erika who was slowly losing control of herself. She suddenly began to message Paige's breasts, this caught her off guard which gave her enough energy to speak up

"Wha what are you doing?" Paige said, despite it being sudden having her breasts messages felt incredibly good, stimulating even.

"I'm massaging your breasts to stimulate lactation, the deal says you'll let me do anything to you and you do anything for me right? I want to see some lactation, so let's get those milk factories started." Erika replied, not lifting her eyes off Paige's breasts, focusing on her assignment like an artisan doing her craft. Paige felt incredibly aroused, however she didn't want to admit that to herself as the entire scenario felt odd to her. Paige released tiny moans as Erika continued massaging her breasts, she couldn't believe it but what Erika was doing worked, she could feel the milk starting to flow inside her breasts. Because she was so busy working, she never had the chance to empty her milk duds, which meant that a huge milk letdown was imminent. Paige tried to not only contain the milk inside of herself (which was painful) but also contain her sexual arousement as it was starting to reach its own peak as well.
"mmmm.. Haaah... You're... *pant*. Pretty good at this... Hand me that bottle over there, the one labeled preg... Mmm! O. Careful on the breasts, they're real sensitive." Paige's mental fortitude started to fail her, as the waves of sexual pleasure crashed upon the shores of her mind progressively reduced her mental resistance to rubble. Once Erika head Paige's request, she immediately shook her head and fetched the bottle for her, like an Ant working for their Queen. Erika handed Paige the bottle, Paige quickly guzzled down the pink drink and patiently awaited its effects. Since getting the bottle, Erika waited patiently for whatever Paige had in mind for her, however she suddenly noticed visible activity on the exterior of her stomach.
"Woah, what's going on in there? Is it ok if I touch it?" Paige agreed, as Preg-O has a small delay too it. The fetal activity within Paige's stomach had increased, making multiple lumps and pushes visible from the outside of her stomach, Erika had become even more focused on Paige's belly, she rested her head on Paige's stomach to hear the sounds within it. During all this, Paige's breasts were slowly expanding, her bra was stretching as much as it could, the now E cup milked filled breasts were causing problems for what little clothing she had on. Her stomach began to expand once again as preg -O's main effect took place. Before this Paige's belly button had remained an innie, although with enough growth and with the help of Preg -O her belly button converted from an innie to an outie, with a noticeable *pop* to it. Paige moaned loudly as the sensation of her belly button popping oddly enough created sexual arousal for her. Erika noticed this and pulled her head off of Paige's stomach, she immediately smiled seeing how much bigger Paige had become only within a couple minutes after drinking preg- O.

"Paige! You're huge! Your belly got even bigger! Holy shit that's sexy!" Erika exclaimed, who had lost almost all of her self control.

Paige quickly replied " If you find that sexy, check this out." Paige then immediately let go of all resistance she had built up in her milk swollen breasts, causing a steady letdown of all the milk that had welled up within her breasts. A steady streamed of milk was flowing from Paige's nipples, the initial burst of milk was so strong that it squirted Erika in the face for a moment, leaving her shocked and breathless. A couple seconds later Erika wiped the milk off her face and got to see Paige in such a position (and size) that caused her to lose all of her self control. The stream of milk flowing from Paige's breasts had weakened, leaving her breasts to exposed (she removed her bra right before she released her milk) leaking their milky goodness across her round pregnant stomach. Paige's stomach was teeming with activity, as her progeny's activity was at an all time high, constant pushes, kicks and lumps of movement could be seen all across Paige's stomach. Couple that all along with the fact that she was sweating, amplified her motherly glow to where it could be felt across the room.

Erika lunged at Paige's left breast, sucking full force at her motherly mammaries. This surprised Paige which caused her to release an immense moan of pleasure, this only excited Erika more as the sounds of Paige's sexual arousement pushed herself further as well. Paige started to massage her right breast, preparing it for the inevitable sucking to come. Erika, still sucking on Paige's breasts shot out her hand and started rubbing Paige's stomach, as it was so large she didn't even have to look to reach it. The sensations of having her breasts sucked, massaging her own breasts, the rubbing of her stomach and the pleasurable sensations of the fetal activity caused Paige's mind to ascend to another level of being, as all she could possibly think about was how amazing this felt, along with how loud and pleasurable her sexual moaning was. Once Erika had finished with the left breast she quickly shifted to Paige's right breast, Paige once again felt the wonderful sensations of having her breasts relieved of their milky load. Paige had become too exhausted to even acknowledge what was going on, as her senses were numbed with pleasure, all she could feel was her children's kicking, Erika sucking her breasts and her heart beating out of control. After a minute Erika finished sucking Paige's breasts; releasing the nipple with an audible lip smack to it.Erika quickly turned away from Paige, composed herself a little, sat down beside Paige ( who was still breathless) and returned to rubbing Paige's enlarged motherly orb.

After a couple of speechless minutes, Paige spoke up "That was fun but I think your time is up" Paige laughed a bit, trying to not seem too rude. Erika nodded her head and thanked Paige for the time she had spent with her, and not too soon after she left, her hair still having some milk visible within it. Paige eventually got up herself and decided to go home and sleep. The activity within her womb had calmed down enough to not be visible on the exterior but not entirely. Paige put on her bunny outfit again and walked home, ignoring the odd stares she would receive from strangers.

The next morning had arrived and Paige found her morning difficult to be optimistic about. Not only had her stomach become way too big for her but the constant party within her stomach prevented her from getting a good nights sleep. She dreaded at what Brooklyn had to go through every night. Paige made her way to eat her usual breakfast, she wasn't excited because she knew there was one final bottle to drink, Preg - X. Paige finished her morning cereal and made her way to her room, as she didn't want to be stranded within the living room, as she knew that her already hard to manage size was about to become near impossible, she didn't even bother to have a bra on as she knew it was going to be a waste. Paige arrived in her room and without a moments hesitation drank down the final bottle, she just wanted to finish the final trial that awaited her. Paige's stomach began to gurgle loudly, she could feel her breasts begin to fill with milk again as the growing process of her entire body began to start anew. Paige's stomach began to stretch forward even further, causing multiple deep stretch marks across her entire stomach. Small and large veins could be seen across her entire stomach ; her skin had become so tight and stretched that it was on the literal edge of human limits(without any support). While her breasts hadn't grown by a massive amount, Paige's breasts were in full lactation, although more passively than before. With her stomach now fully expanded, she found movement almost impossible as not only the size had become too much for her but the sensations of the fetal activity within her stomach rendered it too difficult to do anything. Paige sighed and was glad that everything was finally over. With her energy drained, she decided to rub her stomach and embrace, what the new preg bottles had temporarily done to her.
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Re: The Preg Bottles

Postby Whitechimera » Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:52 pm

Very fun story, I hope there is more
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