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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Create and share pregnant fantasies here.

Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Mixful » Tue May 31, 2016 9:45 am

This is by far one of the best erotic stories I have ever read. Thank you for introducing me to Fertile Valley looking forward to more!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby dickkickem » Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:06 am

While Fertile Valley is amazing, your continuation really captures the feel of it way better than the other one, im excited to see the next chapter. Do you post stories on any other websitesÉ
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:34 am

Thank you all for the encouraging words. The process to writing is a slow one, if the quality is to be the same.

dickkickem wrote:Do you post stories on any other websitesÉ

I have attempted to contact the Kristen archives people - to see if they are/would be willing to add the story to their archives. As is, I'm not certain that will be the case.

I have checked other places, but due to the nature of pre-teen intercourse many sites won't allow for it. I did create a thread on pregchan on the Random board.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby jfingers » Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:09 pm

Holy shit!! What a story! I was doubtful about Bill's confession to his wife, but you were right! That was hot, and it opens the door for lots of sexy adventures.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby jfingers » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:44 pm

I know what you mean about the writing process being a slow one. You pour out a draft of a really hot scene. You have to hurry while you have the inspiration. Then you have to go relieve yourself. Then you go back and look at what you wrote and you realize it could be so much better. So you revise it and relieve yourself again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Then you move on to the next scene. Very time consuming, but worth it.

Take all the time you need, and let your rest breaks be your guide. Don't release until you are satisfied. Uh, release the story, I mean. It's hard to replace a story with a better version once you have released it. The best you can do is publish somewhere else, and we don't want that. So take your time and, once again, let your rest breaks be your guide. I have some stories I published a while ago that I am revising for this forum. They'll be better than they ever were. My rest breaks tell me so.

What are Bill and Maggie going to find when they study the eggs produced by Fertile Valley's women? But first, where are they going to get eggs? The easy choice would be contact the McCabe family or someone like them to be donors. They might be glad to get rid of a few to delay the arrival a the next dozen offspring. On the other hand, what about Bill's two hold-out daughters? Maybe they can be convinced to load up on pills and water "for the sake of science" (yeah, right...).

Once they have eggs, what will they find? Little genetic cluster bombs? When the eggs are overrun by hyper-aggressive sperm, do they split into three or four zygotes? Or do the eggs call in reinforcements? Do they force the girl's ovaries to release another clutch of eggs? Either way, you end up with a town full of contented, massively pregnant girls. (I feel a rest break coming on.)
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:33 pm

Chapter 15 Curriculum Gravida

“Daddy, daddy! It’s your turn Monday for ‘bring-your-dad-to-school-day’!” Meagan and Melissa excitedly ran towards me the second they had come home. I went home earlier on Fridays lately, excusing myself from nurse Maggie’s lustful grip to tend to the family. And tend to them I did, as much as I tended to myself.

I’d been waiting for two months since I sent the results of the lab rats, semen analysis and the crop and soil samples. Two weeks ago I received a reply to my e-mailed query; an automated response stating the department had gone on vacation. With nothing much else to do, I spent half my time at home, and the other half at work.

Busty nurse (or ‘slut’, according to my wife) Maggie had grown – oh boy had she grown – but I had sent her out on a mission and didn’t see her every day. Maggie had been trying to convince people of getting egg cells to study; something that didn’t sit too well with most religious locals. As a result we didn’t have anything to show for just yet.

As for my family, the results of our escapades three months ago were undeniable now. Similarly to Maggie, my wife Peggy had started to show around the eight-week mark. That’s where it ended though, because my wife was getting BIGGER. I knew from Peggy’s earlier experiences that she grew larger with each consecutive pregnancy – but this was something else. A little over 3 months and my wife looked 9 months pregnant already! Her tits were swelling too; going from F to a double-F to a G-cup bra, which by now she was pushing to its limits.

What was most noticeably different this pregnancy was that she had already begun to lactate. This was sooner than ever before; it usually only begun in her ninth month. Preggy Peggy had to milk her swollen breasts daily; they’d swell even MORE from all the milk she stored up. When she got especially aroused it would start dripping from her nipples, and whenever I’d fuck her into orgasm her milk would spray outwards uncontrollably.

Just looking at my milky, pregnant wife would give me a raging boner. Even when fully dressed she was hugely pregnant – and if she showed THIS much at only three months, how big would she really get? The thought alone would cause me to lose control and jump my sexy preggo wife; she was all too eager to comply.

Then there were my girls. Dee and Deb had now grown out of the child-bra section into D- and DD-cups for adults. They felt so proud that they showed off their chests as much as they could, jiggling and bouncing them up and down inside the bra cups. Like my wife they had become hornier and hornier, and for three months pregnant they were quite big as well. Though their bellies were not like Peggy’s, they looked big on their smaller frames. Dee had grown bigger hips, but her twin sister was still flat there – exuberating her pregnancy even more.

Dee’s favourite way of relieving herself was with her brother Peter, who was nearly as big as me in the groin area. More than once would I catch her riding his (and her) brains out on his massively fat prick. More than once did I fuck her afterwards for good measure.

Debbie had gotten a crush on a well-endowed boy at school, Ramon Something-or-another. Although I absolutely forbade her from bringing him home, she would often hook up with him after school or in the bus. She still loved coming at me, rubbing her long, rubbery nipples over me and teasing me with her small waist and big stomach. She especially loved to get her nipples played with, and would climax hard every time I did so. Those things were getting massive, and were much longer and thicker than any of the other ladies in the house.

Melissa, the second youngest (although just by a few minutes), had gotten a taste for large black penises. It was more than likely one of the kids at school had gotten her knocked up – but we weren’t sure who had done it.

We were sure, however, that she was knocked up GOOD. She wasn’t growing as fast in the chest as her sisters (though she was, by now, an E-cup), but her belly certainly stuck out more. Smooth and round, looking seven months along when she was likely three months gone. She loved the attention her belly got, and made sure to rub and stroke it as much as possible.

But NONE of them, not my hugely pregnant wife, nor my thoroughly knocked up daughters, could’ve prepared me for Meagan.

When she was one month along there wasn’t much of a change; her breasts were growing and getting sensitive, but her belly had remained pudgy. But in the second month, things changed. And rapidly, too. Her breasts suddenly accelerated in their growth, first bursting out of EE-cup bras, then F-cups, and now she was rivalling her mother, spilling tit-flesh from a strained G-cup brassiere. Her areolas had grown larger and darker than Peggy’s, and her nipples were almost as long as Debbie’s.

That wasn’t, however, what really drove me over the edge. In merely two months her belly had started growing…and growing…and GROWING. It was noticeable per day, as first her cute pudgy tummy slowly began to stretch the waistband of her pants, until she couldn’t button it anymore. Then it began to smoothen and fill out against the large dresses and T-shirts we had bought her. As her pregnant belly expanded even maternity clothes were getting tight, and now, at the end of her first trimester, little 9-year-old Meagan was BIGGER than her mother. It may not have been much larger, but Meagan was only half as tall as Peggy; At 3’9” she had always been slightly shorter than average, and a gigantic overdue-pregnant-looking belly made her look simply ENORMOUS.

Much like before, little (HUGE) Meagan loved to show off her curvaceous body, especially to me. Peggy had made her wear XL-sized maternity clothes, but she was stretching them day by day. Often she would ‘accidentally’ leave a button open, or wear a few sizes too small, showing off inches of her round belly through the gaps. The maternity dresses that did fit were barely containing her massive dome – and were definitely not able to hold her massive TITS. They would often pop right out, destroying a button or two in the process.

Meagan used this against me at every opportunity she saw. Now that she and I had crossed the line three months ago there was no holding her back: she would throw herself upon me, have me massage oil over her swelling tits and stomach, riding her slick, puffy pussy over my legs and stuffing my dick inside her as deep as possible. Peggy had begun to lock the bedroom door at night because Meagan had even woken us up trying to hump me. It was insane how greatly attracted to her I was – how much I fantasized about my ow daughter, even when fucking Peggy, or Maggie at work. She was always on my mind – and it ALWAYS got me aroused.

“Last week there was Cindy’s dad, who is a lumberjack. He has a big thingie, daddy, but not nearly as big as yours!” My girls cooed and hugged me tightly; soft tit-flesh pressing against my groin. Meagan flashed a grin up to me.

“He had the biggest of all the dads so far – even miss Claire got excited daddy – but I bet you can drive her crazy!”

“Wait, what exactly am I supposed to do in class?” I asked those two excited faces staring at me.

“Well, you tell a bit about your job, and answer questions from the other kids in class…” Meagan almost continued, but then held her breath and kissed me instead. Her twin sister giggled naughtily. I had a feeling this would not just be about my work.

Melissa, patting her belly, went off to the living room and turned on the TV. Meagan immediately started to tease me, as she so often did: “Look daddy, my TITS have gotten bigger again.” She was wearing an overstretched XL-sized blouse over a wide skirt, and skilfully popped it open, revealing her big breasts. Her G-cup bra, merely a week old, had ripped open; the cups were split in the middle, the threads hanging bare.

“I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to break my bra. I adjusted the straps and the hooks, like mommy taught me, but since yesterday they couldn’t go any further, and when I tried running during PE today it just snapped. Pleez don’t get angry, daddy…”

I couldn’t have gotten angry even if I had wanted to. It didn’t take much to get me excited, and my daughter, with bloated tits that literally burst through her bra, had gotten me hard in seconds. Meagan looked at me, her beautiful blue eyes twinkling with lustful excitement. She had me, and she knew it.

“I’d better make it up to you, huh daddy?” the little devil smirked and pulled me along by my arm, up to her room. Once inside she shut the door and let her blouse slide off her shoulders, taking the bra with it in the process. The skirt she wore was actually meant for plus-sized women, but it was strained tight around her abdomen. My boner was pressing hard against my pants looking at my swollen daughter, who snickered again now, rubbing both her tits and her pregnant belly.

“Look at me, daddy… Look at how much BIGGER I am than just last week,” she bent forward, cupping her large breasts, dropping them and let them wobble. “This is what you want, isn’t it daddy? I know you love seeing my tits grow. My big…fat..TITS…” She moved her shoulders, swaying her knockers left and right. My eyes followed them as if I was being hypnotized.

“I just LOVE it, daddy… I love how you look at me, I love how I GROW for you… I wanna get bigger, SO much bigger for you, daddy. Just for you.” I was hanging on every word she spoke – it was a whole different level of desire. Her words got to me so much I was getting almost too hard; I struggled to remove my pants, freeing my own growth. I sat down on the edge of her bed, my eyes still fixated on those giant jugs.

Then Meagan stood upright and arched her back. Smiling she turned to her side, pushing her belly out as far as she could. I gasped at the sight; her dome-shaped belly must’ve stuck out over a foot! Slowly she moved her suffering skirt down, revealing her already-popped belly button sticking out like a large marble. The skirt slid off after this point and fell to the ground. My girl was gorgeous: her massive tits resting on her overly swollen belly, smooth and without stretchmarks. Her skin was shiny and white, her areolas large and dark, her nipples fat and round. My pants had by now joined Meagan’s skirt on the floor, and my dick was harder than ever.

“Look at my tummy, daddy…my big, HUGE tummy, swelling with YOUR babies, daddy…” Meagan began caressing her stomach, then her tits, squeezing them.

“I’m growing for you, daddy. See? I’m soooo big for you…” She bit her lip, her eyes fixed on my hard dick; it was simply oozing pre-cum. She lifted her heavy orbs and began to lick her own nipples. My daughter was one naughty, horny girl, and she had me in a thrall.

“Oh daddy… my nipples are so sensitive… I get so HORNY when I see your big thingie…” her nipples were getting longer and thicker as they became fully erect. “You’ve gotten so much BIGGER again, daddy… your thingie is longer and thicker than when you got me pregnant!”

It was true; during the past few months my penis and balls had grown more. Peggy and I had measured it two nights ago; it was longer than my forearm at 15,3 inches, and 4 inches thick. My testicles could grow to baseballs when I’d orgasm. It was enough to drive her completely wild, and we fucked three times that night.

Now my knocked up daughter was staring at my fully erect dick with much the same look on her face. Little beads of sweat had formed on her temples, a red blush adorned her cheeks and freckled nose. She was panting softly. By now I knew I didn’t imagine it: Meagan’s breasts were visibly swelling as she massaged them in arousal.

“Look at what your thingie…your DICK is doing to me daddy… What it already DID to me!” She grabbed my hands and put them on her swollen stomach. “I’m so big, huh? I’m BIGGER than mommy, and she is huge already, daddy…How much bigger will I get?” With one hand she began to play with my -very- hard penis.

“My tits too…they are growing bigger than mommy’s, bigger and FASTER.” She giggled once more as I kissed her round belly, my hands already playing with her oversized buxom. “You know what that means, daddy? It means you got me MUCH more pregnant than her, daddy. I’ve got SO many of your babies inside me that I already look like I’ll burst!”

That was all I could take. I stood up and began to jerk my prick furiously, rubbing it against Meagan’s belly and slapping it against her tits. Meagan had begun rubbing her wet pussy, plunging three fingers inside her sopping hole.

“Do it, daddy…Oh…Oh, I want your CUM all over my belly. Give it to me daddy, I want your sperm so bad!” Meagan was fingering herself faster, her free hand bringing her left tit to her mouth. As she suckled and pulled her nipple I groaned and blasted my seed all over my daughter’s pregnant belly. I spurted so much it dribbled from all sides, as if someone had spilled a bowl of yogurt over her.

“Oh daddy…I love you so much…and I can see you love me too!” Meagan began to rub my semen all over, scooping it up and massaging it into her tits. “I wanna have your sperm every day, daddy. I wanna rub it over my big tits and get them really HUGE!”

With that she giggled, licked the remaining sperm from her fingers and waddled to the door. “I’d better shower now before mom comes home… She’ll be jealous I got to you first!”


The weekend had gone by fast enough, with the whole pregnant family going wild at home. The only exception to the rule remained my oldest daughters Jul and Jen, and our oldest son Adam. They pretended not to notice, but I knew better. Dee had spotted her sisters peeking on her and Peter doing it, and Peggy knew they were jealous of their sisters’ expanding busts. Whenever Peggy took them under her wing, going out with them for shopping or the movies, she told me they had no interest in pregnancy – and were strangely unaffected by the hormonal substance abuse.

But with Monday having arrived I dismissed my curiosities on that last matter, as I was more interested in seeing what school life looked like for my youngest twins.

As I pulled up the parking lot of the primary school building I could immediately tell this was, very much, a Fertile Valley school. A large banner over the school’s entrance read ‘Educate to Procreate’ in colourful letters. Drawings of families and pregnant girls adorned classroom windows, and almost a fifth of all kids entering school were showing signs of pregnancy. I knew they started young – I’d seen it all around me, after all – but in a school setting it again blew my mind.

Many of the dads who dropped off their children gave them a delightful squeeze, either on their boobs or their butts. The mothers would help the heavily pregnant ones waddle to the hallway, after which an assistant took over. Some of them appeared only 7 years old – and I thought my daughters were gonna be young moms already.

I entered the school and notified the front office of my arrival. The hallway walls were plastered with posters on fertility, pregnancy and prenatal care, and there were flyers with biblical quotes on procreation. The floors were made of soft, colourful carpet; I wondered if it was used for the procreation part the school seemed to feverishly advertise. Some teachers – mostly female – walked to their respective classrooms. Two of them were pregnant, one about ready to pop; she was carrying twins at least.

“Okay sir, Melissa and Meagan’s classroom is 106, down the hall on the left. You may wait there until the teacher calls you inside.” The lady at the front office was old and fat, in her sixties, but she had a warm smile and nodded politely. I made my way to room 106 and waited there. I couldn’t see through the windowed door, as a sheet of paper covered the glass.

After a minute or two the door opened and a female teacher greeted me.

“You must be Bill. I’m Claire Bonnette. Please, come in! There’s a seat in front of the white board, please make yourself comfortable.” Claire shook my hand and walked back to her desk. She was young, mid-twenties likely, and had a slim figure. She wore thin, oval glasses, giving her an intelligent-but-playful look. Her skirt was extremely short and tight, showing off her panties as she sat down. What truly made me gaze though was her pair of GIGANTIC BREASTS – easily two cup sizes bigger than Peggy or Meagan. They strained tightly against her blouse. I looked away before I would get an erection in the middle of class.

“Alright everyone, this is mister Bill, Meagan and Melissa’s father. Please say hello!” miss Claire cooed, and altogether the class uttered a well-rehearsed, “Good morning mister Biiiiill!”

As I sat down I took in the whole classroom. I counted 20 fourth graders in all, twelve of which were girls. My daughters were sitting on opposite sides; Meagan in the second row near the window next to a VERY pregnant girl (Cindy, I recalled, who was expecting triplets) and Melissa in the backrow near the wall, next to a brown-haired girl. In fact, all girls were paired with one another, none sat next to a boy. I understood why that was done perfectly well. Apart from Cindy and my daughters there was one other pregnant girl at the front, though she was showing only a little. Melissa and Meagan had the largest breasts by far; only three other girls had grown in the chest, but ‘only’ to B or C cups.

“Alright Bill, why don’t you tell us something about yourself?” miss Claire had a sweet voice, almost like she was singing. I kept looking at the class, at those bright faces smiling at me. It made me feel kind of cheerful, really.

“Well, ehm…My name is Bill, I’m 35 years old, and I am the father of Meagan and Melissa.” I waved at my daughters, who waved back and giggled, exchanging knowing glances. Something was going on, but I didn’t quite get what.

“And we welcome you and your girls to our valley, mister Bill!” the whole class applauded at the prompt of miss Claire. “Now, can you tell us what you do for work?”

“Yes, um, I’m a geneticist, working for the government.” This gave a lot of confused looks in class, and one of the boys raised his hand.

“Yes, Patrick?” miss Claire answered, and the boy stood up.

“W-wut is a gene…getes…tit-erist?” the class laughed, but the teacher raised her hands and they all quieted down immediately. One thing was for sure, this busty babe knew how to control her kids.

“Well,” I began, thinking of a way to explain the complexity of genetic research to a nine-year-old, “You know how sometimes you look more like your mom or dad?” Some nods here and there, “or how people say you have your mother’s eyes?” Some more nods and smiles now, “I try to look at why and how this happens, by, eh, zooming in real close on someone.”

“Wow, that’s impressive, isn’t it kids?” miss Claire spurred the class on. “So what brings you to Fertile Valley then, mister Bill?”

I thought for a moment on what to say, and how to make it understandable. I couldn’t just cite that I was investigating chemically induced alterations of every consumable item on the market, in relation to the explosive population increase under a religious dogma.

“It’s pretty complicated, but to make it simple: the government sent me here to find out why so many people here are getting…pregnant.”

Upon hearing that last word, the whole class started to giggle and laugh. Cindy raised her hand; a big smirk had appeared on her face.

“Yes, Cindy, you have a question?”

The little girl struggled to get up from her desk, having to push her chair so far back the girl behind her had to move her desk too. Cindy put her hands at the small of her back to stabilize herself. When she stood up I saw just how knocked up she was: the little fourth grader was wearing a patched gown sewed together from two large maternity dresses, and it still didn’t cover the lower part of her belly. She reminded me of Emily Watson, the massively pregnant seventh grader, who had been the last poster girl. Cindy was almost as big!

Cindy smirked and pointed at her distended stomach. “I kin tell ya why I’m pregnant, mister Bill! Is cuz mah daddy put his big THANG in me eight months ago!” the whole class laughed as Cindy patted her belly contently and carefully sat back down, wheezing while she did.

“Y-yes,” I stammered, not knowing how to reply to that, “I found out that in Fertile Valley, well, people start to make babies a lot younger.”

Miss Claire giggled at that and adjusted her glasses. “And it seems you have joined in on the tradition, haven’t you mister Bill?” She gave an approving nod at my daughters, who were grinning ear to ear. Meagan had begun to run her fingers up and down her breasts absentmindedly, and suddenly raised her hand. Miss Claire allowed her to stand up, and as she did Meagan made a show of adjusting her large buxom in her new GG-cup bra.

“I think daddies love their daughters so much, that’s why they wanna do it with them! MY daddy loved me so much he did THIS to me three months ago!” Without hesitation Meagan lifted her maternity dress, showing off her own pregnant belly. She never failed to maintain eye contact with me. Her grin widened as she glanced a bit further down.

“See? My daddy loves me, so he puts his BIG thingie inside me all the time!”

Only when I looked down I realized I had a massive boner pressing against my pants. Now the whole class was looking at it, including the teacher. Half embarrassed I tried to shift my position to hide it, to no avail. The class was fixated on me now, as Melissa took over from her sister:

“Yea, and our daddy’s thingie is HUGE, miss Claire! Much bigger than Cindy’s dad last week!”

I looked at miss Claire, and suddenly understood why my daughters (and Cindy, and other kids) were grinning. The busty woman’s mouth was agape, her eyes focused on my groin. Her cheeks had reddened and her breathing was more rapid. She was mesmerized by my cock; had that been their scheme? To arouse their teacher?

“What do you think, miss Claire?” Meagan teased, “Isn’t our daddy reeeelly big?”

Miss Claire stood up then, slowly, with one hand on her heart – right between those massive boobs of hers. She made her way to me, eyes still locked onto my hard-on. The attention made me more aroused, my dick swelling, throbbing in my pants.

“I…can certainly tell mister Bill is …well endowed…” she kneeled next to me, bringing trembling hands to my crotch. “B-b..but we must see it fully erect to compare, isn’t that right, kids?”

I sat there, stupefied, as the primary teacher fumbled with my belt and zipper, in front of the entire class. A class of horny little fuckers – two of which were my own daughters. Had you told me half a year ago this was going to happen I would’ve called you mad, probably punched your lights out. Yet here I was, in a valley where the normal didn’t apply.

“Alright class,” miss Claire stood up after unbuckling my belt, “let’s use this opportunity to move Sex-Ed up; we’ll do Art later.” They whole class cheered, and one of the girls in the back went to lower the window blinds. Claire turned her head to me. She didn’t have to say a word: her look spoke volumes, pleading with desperation and maddening lust. I nodded and saw a rush of relief over her face. As the class settled down, Claire started.

“Let’s have mister Bill and I give you a demonstration. B-b…Bill? C-could you take off your pants please?” the hot teacher was trying to maintain a professional composure, but it was clear as day her mind was faltering. I was no longer worried about classroom ethics: in Fertile Valley this behavior was reverently celebrated.

I lowered my pants and underpants, freeing my semi-erect member. The girls all gasped, the boys didn’t care much. They were mostly staring at their well-endowed teacher.

“My God you’re huge…” Claire whispered, noticeably more aroused. “N-now everyone, mr. Bill’s… PENIS…is not fully erect yet. H-how… how can we make that happen?” The pregnant girl in the front raised her hand and stood up.

“His thang’s needin’ sum stimulation, miss!” The teacher nodded, unable to avert her eyes from my cock. “Very good Alice, now… How should one stimulate a penis?”

My little Melissa stood up now, cupping her breasts. “Like you always say, miss, "Got a large chest, let that do the rest!” The class giggled, and some of the boys stared at my girl clutching her own large chest, as if proving her answer. I slowly turned to look at the teacher, whose bust seemed a little tighter than a moment ago.

“Excellent…” Clair’s voice wavered, her breath ragged and shallow. She began rubbing her engorged tits, squeezing them in her blouse. She let out little gasps and had closed her eyes: lust was allowed to take over. Slowly she began to open her blouse. With every button she loosened her breasts wobbled and tit-flesh bulged out, more and more escaping their confines. When she opened her blouse completely it was the boys’ turn (myself included) to gasp: Claire wore a humongous black bra, yet it BARELY constrained her overflowing tits. Deftly she picked at the hooks on the back, springing the clasps free. I was holding my breath when she finally removed it.

The whole class reacted with amazement, oohs and aahs coming from both girls and boys. Miss Claire’s exposed breasts were absolutely MOUNTAINOUS; her bra seemed impossibly small now. They were LARGER than her head and reached down over her belly button. They weren’t saggy in the least: her heavenly tits sloped graciously from her chest into enormous, rotund spheres, heaving up and down with her breath. Her areolas were wider than the palms of my hands and a soft pink in color; her nipples were hard and fat like spigots, dwarfing Debbie’s 2-inch nips.

Claire’s mountains got my penis to thicken and swell within seconds, and I saw many of the boys shifting in their seats, or downright unzipping their pants. Quite a few had oversized members, but I wasn’t surprised of that anymore at this point.

With my long, stiff penis fully erect, glistening with pre-cum, the girls began to squirm and touch themselves. My daughters had started playing with their tits, obviously enjoying the show. Miss Claire turned to me, swaying those terrific breasts of hers, and kneeled once more.

“I’m gonna give you a tit-fuck most men can only DREAM about,” she whispered, her face flushed red with lust. Without effort she heaved her heavy mounds up and squeezed them together, wrapping them around my fat dick. I was in awe: her tits were so big they covered ALL of my member – something nobody had ever been able to do. She began to move her chest up and down, and instinctively I started thrusting my pelvis too. Her tit flesh was soft and warm, yet tightly wrapped around my cock. She moved faster and harder, forcing more pre-cum from my pulsing dick. The slickness only made things better, but right before I’d get too close to orgasming, she stopped. A part of me wished she never would.

As I got back to my senses I heard soft whimpers and moans from the room; everyone had gotten busy. Meagan had popped out her breasts, nipples erect, and Cindy was playing with them. Melissa had moved closer to a boy in front of her, rubbing his penis while he felt up her boobs. Others were pleasing themselves as well, but all eyes were still on us, waiting in anticipation.

Miss Claire was panting, sweat was dripping from her forehead. She let go of her weighty breasts, which bounced a few times before settling, and began licking my shaft, kissing and sucking the tip. Both her hands began fondling my balls, which had swollen from all the excitement. After a minute she stopped (again right before I’d cum), and guided me to sit down on the chair again – the only thing left standing up being my long, hard cock.

“Now girls,” Claire spoke with a shiver in her voice, “if you want to take on a p-particularly LARGE penis, what must you do?”

“Make sure ya cunnie is nice ‘n wet!” one girl half moaned.

“Indeed!” Promptly miss Claire unzipped her skirt and took off her panties. They were absolutely DRENCHED, dripping from her juices as they splatted on the floor. The busty teacher stepped out of them and positioned herself over me, but couldn’t reach the head of my dick – she had to plant her feet on my upper legs and stand up to get her aching vagina even close.

“R-r…remember to go ss.slow at first…” she stammered, then under her breath to me: “B-but you FUCK me silly with your huge cock, Bill. Fuck me HARD.

With that she gently bent her legs, arms resting on my shoulders for balance. The tip of my penis slowly spread the folds of her labia, then opened her vagina wide, allowing my dick to burrow inside. Inch by inch I stre-e-etched her as she lowered herself, on my engorged prick, trembling but oh-so wet. I still had three inches to go when I pushed against her cervix; that was as far as it could go in this position. My dick was throbbing as Claire began to move up and down the length of the shaft.

“I-it’s good… Oh…OH It’s GOOD!” Claire began to moan, moving faster now. From the back I saw her breasts swelling, pushing out far from her sides, bouncing wildly up and down with each pile driving thrust. I NEEDED to have them – those massive udders of hers: my hands moved on their own, reaching forward to grab those beach ball tits, squeezing and embracing them, pressing them hard against her body; an ocean of flesh in between my fingers. She shrieked as I did so, all the while humping my monster cock harder.

“N-now girls, i-if… Oh God…if you can’t take all…aaall of the penis…” miss Claire huffed, her legs trembling as she rode me, “…t-there is a trick…when you get – Aah! – REALLY excited!”

At that moment I felt it, something I had previously experienced with little Jenny-Lee: Claire’s womb entrance was opening, readying to let me in. The excitement of reliving that feeling made me ROCK hard, something that Claire noticed too.

“B-bill, keep doing that…Oh, keep squeezing my tits, Bill… MILK me, squeeze them harder!” She didn’t bother to whisper anymore. I pushed and pulled her tits, kneaded them, found her nipples and pinched them as I mashed her giant orbs together. I felt beads of milk appearing on her nipples as Claire’s moans became louder, turning into groans of animalistic pleasure.

“Yes, YES! That’s it! Bill, I c-can’t hold it… c-cu…I’m cuh…I’m gonna CUUUUUM!” Claire began to shake uncontrollably, spasming on top of me. Her huge nipples trembled and began dripping breastmilk as an overwhelming orgasm rocked her body. Her legs gave in, and as she plunged down I drove my massive dick right into her womb, entering her balls deep.

“Oh! OHH! OH GO – UUUNNNNNGGGH!” Claire clenched her teeth, hands balled into fists as an even stronger orgasm overpowered her. Her swelling boobs began spraying milk in streams, as if too much pressure was building up. It was too much for me; my poor balls were aching, swollen like baseballs. Clutching her enormous pillows tightly – milk running down my arms – I felt my dick swell up as I erupted inside her womb.

The busty teacher screamed, then gasped, then whimpered. Out of breath she let her arms and legs hang limp while I blasted my load inside her. As I filled Claire’s womb to capacity it began to expand, causing her belly to bulge outward. Her flat tummy was growing with each of my spurts, visibly getting rounder and fuller. Claire twitched with each load entering her, accompanied by a squirt of milk from her long, fat nipples. It took a full minute for my orgasm to subside, after which her belly appeared four months pregnant.

My dick grew flaccid and Claire slid off unceremoniously, sagging to the floor, legs spread wide, tits dripping milk. Once more I regained a sense of my surroundings, and saw everyone had been very active. Most boys and girls had finished masturbating, moaning in their final thralls of ecstasy. Meagan had her tits in Cindy’s face as they rubbed bellies together; Melissa was getting ploughed doggy-style by the boy in front of her. Some others were still having sex as well and one girl, who had stripped completely naked, lay passed out on the floor, drenched in sweat and cum. It was obscene and surreal, a perverted tableau vivant of the biggest taboos.

Miss Claire moaned. Her body shook as a huge puddle of cum belched out of her cunt, running down the floor. Her head lolled to one side, glasses askew on her nose. Her breasts had swollen absurdly large and her body was glistening from sweat and milk. As the room settled down, apart from some panting and moaning, the young teacher let out a content sigh and tried to straighten her head.

“T-thank mishjer Bill, everyone…for a wonderful demonsrahion…” she muttered softly, her words half slurred. Half of the class uttered a ‘thank you mister Bill’, but most simply smiled in bliss.

“Re…recess… Lesss ‘ave recess now, boys and girls.” With that miss Claire fell onto her side – her bloated belly gurgling as more cum poured out from her pussy. She was completely knocked out.

In a daze, most kids got (reasonably) dressed and drowsily left the room for the playground. As I finished putting my pants back on, the last kids in class - my daughters - came to me and hugged me tightly. They had taken off all their clothes and rubbed their bellies against me, silently moaning. Their breasts had swollen as well from this active Sex-Education, and I could already feel my penis reacting – mere minutes after filling up their teacher.

“Well done, daddy! We KNEW she would go for you!” Meagan cheered, already undressing me, rubbing my arms with her big, young boobs. “She always looks at the daddies’ thingies…their DICKS…and during recess she masturbates in class!”

“She thinks she’s alone, but we peeked through the window once,” Melissa explained, guiding my hand to her swollen stomach. “She’s been SO horny since her husband died last year, that’s what Cindy says. She REALLY wanted to have more kids, too!”

That’s when everything clicked. It was why her breasts were so ridiculously large, and why she produced breastmilk; miss Claire was, of course, a mother. And the plan my girls had concocted was getting their horny teacher pregnant again. I couldn’t believe how naughty my girls had become, how lewd their minds had begun to work. And work quite well, as it turned out.

“She is big, isn’t she daddy?” Meagan said while freeing my cock, jerking it with her tiny hands. “Miss Claire has big…HUUUUGE titties, huh daddy? They got as big as my tummy! Would you like to see me grow tits like that?” She pushed her belly against my penis, rubbing leftover cum over herself. Melissa began licking it from her sister’s belly; a sight that got me instantly erect again.

“She will grow much larger now, daddy. I’m sure you got her pregnant, and she’ll blow up like a balloon!” Meagan began suckling my balls while Melissa licked the shaft. “She’ll get SUPER big from your sperm, daddy!”

I began to stroke both their bellies with my hands, smiling at my two beautiful girls. “Speaking of super big, you two are showing a lot already too,” I said, patting their bellies. “I think it’s time to schedule an ultrasound for you – and your mother and sisters.”

With that they jumped me, kissing me all over and rubbing their young, pregnant pussies over my cock. ‘Educate to Procreate’ shortly crossed my mind, before I let my desire take over, guiding us in another moment of hot, sweaty passion.

Author’s note: This chapter we finally get some moments with Bill’s daughters. I have bigger plans with them, though, so I thought I’d make the focal point a Sex-Ed scenario. The challenge here was to try and keep it sexy, considering school was the setting. It didn’t sit well with me if Bill would try something with other children, and thus miss Claire came to life. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing ideas and giving encouraging reactions. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby KnightOfZero » Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:48 am

Another AMAZING chapter. As much as I would like a new chapter every day, don't worry about taking so long on the chapters. You are producing some A+ work! You do you and keep the quality work rolling at whatever pace works best for you.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Anon88 » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:25 am

So huge at 3 months when they should be barely showing. They're going to be room-filling gigantic at 9 months (and who says they're going to give birth at the normal time?) and I can't WAIT. Keep up the amazing work!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby jfingers » Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:43 pm

Oh, my GOD! I'd love to know how she looks at the PTA meetings in the following months!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Bryce101 » Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:51 pm

So now we have Jenny Lee at two months and Miss Claire so pumped full of semen she looked pregnant already. I appreciate what you did creating Miss Claire and I understand why. Im thinking itd have been nice if Jenny Lee turned out to be a teacher showing just how tiny Fertile Valley really is and if they picked up right where they left off but maybe thats a little too convenient? Im ecstatic to see how big shes gotten. I feel as if both she and the assistant would put all of these people to shame. That is until Miss Claire starts swelling.
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