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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Create and share pregnant fantasies here.

Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby IHaveTheQi » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:08 pm

Thank you for writing this story, and for keeping us in the loop. It's hugely appreciated, and your writing is brilliant. I look forward to reading more of your work, be it this or something else.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby DylanX » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:49 pm

You don't get paid for this, my friend, so we appreciate all your skill and hard work!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby majin83 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:01 am

Its wonderful that the story is coming to a definite end, it was left hanging so suddenly that it is a big relief.

...I realise this is late, but I have always been rather sad there never was a pool/beach/riverside scene in the story...especially given how big Maggie would get :p Or any of the others. Still, something to cherish in the imagination :p Looking forwards to the new chapter as usual!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Whitechimera » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:06 am

Bump for update
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:58 am

Chapter 19 Overdue

My treatment in the hospital turned out to be a rigorous regime. The first week I mostly slept and was not allowed to leave the bed (not that I could’ve, mind you) while an IV-drip slowly washed out the chemical cocktail coursing through my veins. The second week my catheter was removed (thank GOD for that!) and I was allowed short walks – mostly to and fro the bathroom. Once a day my kids were allowed to visit, and I felt proud hearing everyone getting along, and attempting to follow their strict health rhythm.

In the third week Peggy told me she’d requested to be hospitalised. Her size and girth had finally grown too disproportionate for her, and without my help she felt nervous about falling down or otherwise injuring herself (and the babies). She had found an au-pair through her circle of catholic friends, a twenty year old French girl named Fleur, who had been willing to come to Fertile Valley and work with our ‘special case’. Fleur always neatly accompanied my daughters who came and visited and was a terrific help with homework, washing and cooking, and followed our instructions to the T. She had a sweet voice, a sexy French accent and a slim, athletic body – but no curves, boobs or butt on her, which I’m certain was what Peggy considered a great plus. Last thing anyone needed was more distractions and innuendo.

At the end of my third week in the hospital the doctor allowed me to move anywhere within the premises – as long as I’d haul an IV-pole on wheels with me. A week from now I would likely be dismissed completely, as the final traces of the chemicals were practically gone. With my strength returning it felt great flexing my muscles again; I was determined to visit Peggy in the maternity ward – a ten minute walk crossing the hospital from the ER – and tell her I’d be home again in a week.

When I entered the maternity ward I was greeted by friendly faces; nurses and workers I recognized, and who cheerfully greeted me. The waiting room was no less packed than usual with a colourful variety of knocked up women. Young, busty girls with round, swollen bellies everywhere. A familiar fire was returning to my groin upon seeing this familiar sight. Good to know that is still in order.

One elevator ride to the second floor later and I found myself in the hall leading to the private rooms; spacious and quiet for those who could afford it. Peggy had said she was staying in room 2-2E, and it was in the middle of the hallway on the left. I opened the door and walked in, tugging at the cumbersome IV-pole behind me.

“Surprise!” I cheered, before my own surprise kicked in. There was my wife, on the bed near the window… and there was Maggie, on a bed next to her, her massive dome obscuring her face!

“Bill! Honey, this IS a surprise!” Peggy clasped her hands, smiling brightly at me.

“Wait, I c-can’t see…” Maggie puffed, and with an audible humming sound the hospital bed rose at the head end, lifting Maggie into view. “Billie Boy, you’re looking well!”

My God were they an impressive sight. My wife sat upright on the bed, her legs apart to make way for her belly. She wore a hospital gown which couldn’t cover all of her abundance – the lower half of her stomach bulged out of the gown in proud defiance, desperately trying to reach for her knees. A little more and it would succeed at that. Maggie was somehow still going strong, and then some – I’d figured she would’ve popped already – and had grown the biggest pregnant belly I’d EVER seen. Lying down, slanted on her bed like that, the dome that dominated her figure was like a hill that sloped steeply upwards, only to surge down again after going up a bloated three feet or so. Her belly had dropped remarkably low, practically reaching her knees, and bulged out sideways where it couldn’t grow forwards. Her gown didn’t cover her abdomen at all – there was no point to that; she had grown far too enormous for such pointless trifles.

Peggy snickered. “Y-you’re doing really well, Bill!” She pointed at my penis, which was visibly growing in my hospital pyjamas. It wasn’t nearly as big as it grew last time (which was, in truth, worrisomely ridiculous!) but I had always been well-endowed, and was glad to see my member back in shape again.

“It’s good to see you honey. And Maggie! I didn’t know you were sharing a room!”

“It’s a lot cheaper this way,” Maggie groaned, both hands clutching her swollen sides, “when I heard Peggy checked in I asked if she’d be my roomie.”

“Oh we’ve had some fun gossiping,” Peggy giggled while stroking her belly. “Did you know that at any given time at least three quarters of the nurses here are expecting?”

With that both women started laughing, holding their bellies to avoid them from shaking. It was great to see how close they had become. It was great to see how BIG they had become, too.

“Well, I’m certain you two are the topic of gossip yourselves,” I winked, gesturing at their stomachs. “Frankly, Maggie, I’m surprised you are still here. Weren’t you due weeks ago?”

At that Maggie sighed, patting the hill in front of her. “I was hoping to induce labour early – at 36 weeks – but nothing has helped convincing these ruggers to come out. I’m 40 weeks now, and I’ve had enough!” She prodded her belly and I witnessed a bump in response. “You hear that? Mommy’s had enough! I’m having trouble breathing for Christ’s sake!”

“We get checked three times a day now,” my wife smiled melancholically, “it’s impossible for me to get up without help. To PEE without help. And this…this planet next to me needs TWO nurses to get up!”

I nodded in sympathy, although my real intentions were shown by my stiffening cock. Jesus, were these two knocked up. Both their pregnant bellies sticking out like overinflated beach balls – and that was not an exaggeration. Maggie especially was HUGE –her torpedo-belly was such a turn-on.

“Aren’t you worried about giving birth to six babies?” I asked, envisioning how that would be. Maggie laughed in short breaths.

“That’s why I’ve scheduled a caesarean two days from now,” Maggie puffed. For a moment her belly distended and hardened, glistening and round. Then the pressure released and Maggie exhaled a long breath. “I love how big I’ve become, but I want to experience walking again,” she huffed.

“Oh fuck, not again,” Peggy said. At first I thought she was responding to Maggie, but then I saw her looking at her large breasts; she was lactating right through her gown, her milk spreading in dark patches around her puffy nipples. Then she looked up at me with mischievous eyes.

“Now that you’ve recovered enough, honey, mind helping me out a little?” her purring invitation got my cock jumping upwards, like an obedient soldier standing attention, stiff and erect.

With some effort I moved in between the two beds, followed by the clumsy IV-pole. With NO effort I hoisted my wife’s gown up and over her head. I whistled when her breasts bounced back into place; they were gorgeous – large and engorged, jiggling and dripping milk with each movement.

“Oh n-no you don’t, not without me,” huffed Maggie behind me. Upon turning around I saw she had also removed her gown. Neither appeared to have worn a bra in days; no strains or marks were visible. Maggie had also properly swollen in the breast-department, and was definitely a cup size or two bigger than before. Hell – she was a cup size or two BIGGER than my wife!

“My my, slut,” Peggy smirked, “you can’t be helped, can you?” Then she turned to me, “Help me up, Bill. Let’s do her one more service before she pops!”

This time it did take quite a bit of effort, but after a minute of pushing and pulling my swollen wife sat on the edge of Maggie’s bed. Two gorgeous, heavily pregnant, naked ladies were staring at me, wanting.

After such a long time in recovery I needed my wife first. God, I had missed her. Without delay I groped her large breasts and familiarized myself once more with them. She gasped and moaned at my touch, and as I squeezed her beautiful breasts more milk trickled from her slowly stiffening nipples. I lifted her boobs and examined their weight, felt the flesh bulge and sink in between my fingers and the softness of the skin. I squashed them together – more milk dripping down – and squeezed them hard, burying my fingers in between her milky flesh.

“Ohh, Oh God Bill, that feels so good,” Peggy moaned, biting her lip, “Play with my nipples honey, please…”

I was getting hornier by the second – Peggy had always had a way of turning me on. My hands went to her hard, erect nipples and I tugged on them, pulling and flicking them; milk steadily spraying out with each pinch. Her moans got louder and I dug into her breasts, burying my head in those heavenly mounds. My mouth found one nipple and I greedily began to suck and lick it, drinking her milk as fast as it flowed out.

“Oh yesss,” my wife groaned, slowly leaning backwards. I began to suck and knead her tits stronger now and as she threw her head back she let it rest on Maggie’s bloated boobs. She had started moaning softly, too, and was breathing more rapidly looking at us. Slowly Maggie brought one hand to my wife’s tits, and with a small gasp from Peggy she began to fondle and squeeze them with me.

“Your tits are amazing, Pegster,” Maggie puffed, “look at all that milk! You ARE horny, huh, you sexy bitch…”

As if in answer, Peggy moved her arm upwards and, with her head still firmly planted on its newly found pillows, she began caressing and stroking Maggie’s breasts, then chin, then cheeks. I stopped my own busywork and stood back, watching these two horny, knocked up goddesses. What really got my dick as hard as a rock was that they were turning each other on, loving each other’s breasts and belly. I pulled my pyjamas down to free my dick, content to see it returned to glory. Slowly I started jerking it – happy to notice precum already oozing from the tip.

Maggie’s other hand was stroking her gigantic belly, which sometimes hardened and softened again with Braxton Hicks contractions. Peggy had, with some effort, begun to finger herself, though I couldn’t see her vagina underneath that round stomach bulging over her crotch. Maggie kept squeezing my wife’s tits, milking her in the process, and Peggy moved her free hand over to Maggie’s hips as she tried to go for HER pussy too. Lustful moans echoed through the room.

I was pumping my cock now, feeling my orgasm building slowly. I came in closer and patted Maggie’s massive dome with my shaft, smearing streaks of precum over it; then I slapped my wife’s pregnant figure and prodded it with my fully erect dick. I gently moved my wife’s hand away from Maggie’s hips and placed it on my cock.

“Oh baby, your dick is so hard!” Peggy gasped, squeezing my shaft as hard as she could. Slowly she started working my dick faster, but she continued fingering herself. “Fuck, I missed your big fucking DICK, Bill. It makes me so fucking wet to know that thick cock KNOCKED me UP.”
“I can see that,” I grinned, “but I think Maggie needs a little help, don’t you?” Carefully I squeezed my hand in between Maggie’s bloated belly and legs, finding her slick, wet pussy, and slipped two fingers inside her puffy cunt.

“Ooh YESSSS!” Maggie moaned loud, her belly shuddering as she softly bucked her hips. I felt her stomach get tighter and harder, like skin stretched thinly over a drum. I made a beckoning movement with my fingers – stuffing three now in her snatch – and felt her babies bump against my hand.

It wasn’t long before Maggie began to gasp little shrieks; face red and boobs swelling. Peggy was still jerking me as well as helping herself – and getting close too. Her tits had visibly grown from arousal and seemed strained; Maggie had stopped squeezing her tits, which meant less milk was escaping.

“O-oh Bill, you gotta fih-finish yourself…” Peggy let go of my cock and began squeezing her own breasts, allowing her milk to truly spray out in glistening arcs. Peggy looked at my dick with lustful eyes.

“God, no wonder I’m so fucking PREGNANT, Bill… You know what?” I had begun jerking myself off again listening to her, “I s-secretly LOVE being pregnant again, Bill, love being KNOCKED UP by your sperm. Oh yea, honey, stroke that big fucking dick for us…” As my wife coaxed me on I felt Maggie’s lower region tighten around my fingers, as if loving to hear Peggy’s words too.
“Shi-it Bill, don’t stop,” Maggie clutched her big bulging belly, clenching her teeth as it hardened yet again, “It’s gonna be a b-BIG one!”

Within seconds Maggie’s spasms rocked the bed, her shrill orgasm filling the room. Her great, pregnant figure shook, her tits wobbled, and her babies kicked, as she came.

“Oh, FUCK!” Peggy was thrusting her fingers deep into her pussy now. “Bill, I need you to… oh… I need you to CUM all over me. Now, babe… COVER me with semen, B-Bill… Oh..Oh! OOH!”

With a scream Peggy threw her head onto Maggie’s tits, orgasming so hard her nipples gushed milk out over her entire belly. Pumping furiously I grunted and released my seed, spurting it against her face, all over her boobs and belly. Then I pointed at Maggie and plastered the rest of my spunk on her trembling belly. After three weeks in the hospital it felt great to release so much – and it WAS much – and to know my penis had gone back to normal.

Peggy giggled in between drawing breath. “Hi hi! C-clean up in isle two, please!”

Maggie snorted at that and before we knew it, all three of us were laughing out aloud.

“Oh babe, that was wonderful,” Peggy lifted one boob and licked the semen off it, before falling back on Maggie once again.

“You’ve got some BIG, marvellous pillows here, slut!”

“So do you, you h-horny cow!”

After a minute of gasping, puffing and belly-clutching I helped Peggy back to her bed and, with towels from the bathroom, helped wipe off the naughty evidence. Damn, I loved these two bombshells. I loved it how they got along – and loved each other.

“Bill,” Peg began, in a more serious tone of voice, “hon – Maggie isn’t the only one who’ll have a caesarean.”

“A-are you sure?” I reacted in surprise. “You always preferred natural birth with the twins.”

“I know, I know, but I’m not carrying twins now, am I?” Peggy sighed, putting her gown back on. “I didn’t want any more kids, Bill – after Lis and Meg, that was enough. And though I do admit I love being pregnant… well, now that there’s five more coming…”

My wife locked eyes with me. A look of serious contemplation, hinting a little alarm, steeled my heart.

“I won’t let our kids go through natural birth either, Bill. They are so young… the pain alone…”
Solemnly I nodded, understanding completely. I had to admit, part of me was disappointed; there was something strangely sexy about seeing Peggy giving birth the way nature intended. But it was hard enough with one baby; let alone three, or five – or EIGHT. They would all need to have a caesarean scheduled, then. It would be for the best.


My last week in the hospital Peggy and I talked a lot – especially after Maggie went away for her procedure (which was a complete success, according to the nurses). Planning a caesarean for Debbie and Dee wasn’t difficult, but Melissa had quintuplets, like her mother, and let’s not even begin to mention Meagan! An expert consulting obstetrician was needed for such large deliveries. Turned out there were only two such experts, and as luck would have it one was on holiday – making the other’s schedule quite crowded.

Ultimately we scheduled Peg first – two weeks from now, when she’d be 39 weeks gone. Two weeks after her would be time for Debbie and Dee, who’d by then be 37 weeks (not the perfect time for delivery, or so one nurse said, but there was no other time available). Melissa would undergo her C-section at week 39 – a whopping three weeks after her sisters – which could not be later because of the risk involved with child mortality. For Meagan the specialist wanted to wait until she’d be in week 40, considering a healthy octuplet birth was astronomically rare, and best done at full-term, considering how far along her pregnancy was already.

After a clean bill of health (thank the stars for federal health care) and my dismissal I went home mostly to just go back to the hospital again to work on my last paper. I saw to my girls in the evening, and boy was that an adventure every night.

Deb and Dee were the only pregnant ones by now who went to school. All the girls were 32 or 33 weeks along, but they were the only two still able to walk (or waddle) and be moderately active. Melissa and Meagan stayed at home and were instead schooled by the au-pair, Fleur.
Dee and Deb now closely resembled the girls from the restaurant, Ma’s Kettle, those many months ago. They were close to Emily’s Walton’s size and had trouble sitting at the table, amongst other things. They waddled around leaning against the walls, chairs, tables, or were helped by Fleur; they were not experts in mobility like my wife had been, being much smaller in height and stature!

Dee had the smallest breasts – although an adult E-cup on a 12-year-old was not “small” by any means – but that didn’t bother her at all. She loved teasing me and her brothers with them, despite Fleur’s disapproval. It was good the French girl was here, to keep the kids in check. Of course, their difficulty in walking about helped against any sexcapades, which were evidentially getting sparse.

Debbie filled an EE-cup bra, slightly bigger than her twin sister’s, but what really made my tongue drag were her nipples. My GOD, they were easily the longest, FATTEST spigots I’d seen – longer than her mother’s. Her areolas were easily 4 inches in diameter, and puffed up from the skin of her double-E boobs. They were a darker shade of pink, and had small bumps near the base of her nipples – which were bigger and thicker than my thumbs, sticking out at 2 inches like fat little sausages. They were BEGGING to be sucked, poking out from under her shirt, and even visible through bras. It was a miracle they hadn’t started dripping milk yet, though I suspect our dietary changes had a hand in that.

Little Melissa was too large to do anything without help, just like her mother. It was surreal having a girl in the house who’d outgrown poster-girl Emily Walton (a quick, unpleasant memory of Daniels crossed my mind). Melissa mostly stayed in her room upstairs, where Fleur brought her food on a tray. The bathroom and shower was just down the hall, but even that was too much of a struggle for Melissa without Fleur’s assistance; she was out of breath after a few steps. Her belly now stuck out MORE than three feet and bulged from her sides to accommodate the ever-growing quints. Her knees and feet hurt a lot, she often said, and the discomfort had almost completely taken her sex-drive away. I suppose she realised more than the others she’d be bedridden before too long. Her tits had grown out of her F-cup brassiere, but thankfully had not inflated much more than that (they were getting a bit heavy, she complained). I actually felt sorry for her, seeing her in her pitiful state, mostly alone (or with her brother) on the second floor.

Then there was Meagan. Impossible little Meagan.

When first I came home and saw her, my jaw dropped (and my dick rose). She was lying on her made-shift bed (two matrasses on the floor and a lot of pillows), barely able to get up. Her octuplet-stretched belly must’ve stuck out close to FOUR FEET – an impossible size for anyone – and it bulged out obscenely, flowing upwards and sideways from under her ribcage. Her large belly button hung low as a testament to the incredible; her round, orb-like belly went OVER her knees! Meagan was so huge, so GIGANTICALLY pregnant she made her older sisters look normal by comparison. Her breasts were out of this world, too: her measurements showed a mind-boggling L-cup, with 45 fucking inches worth of tit-flesh resting on top of her mammoth mound (I knew for she LOVED measuring herself). Her areolas were almost as big as Debbie’s, and her nipples almost as thick – however, unlike Debbie’s spigots, Meagan had a constant flow of milk dripping from the tips, and with each movement she made her tits spurt out a little extra. Her tiny frame was OVERWHELMED by her pregnancy. And she was still growing.

“Daddy!” She excitedly shouted, more than pleased to see me. “Oh Daddy, I missed you sooooo much!” She then beckoned me for a hug, and as I came close, holding her from the side (tits squashing my arms, spraying milk as a result) she whispered, “I’m reeeeally HUGE, aren’t I daddy? Look at my TITS daddy, my milk keeps on flowing. And my belly, daddy, my big…HUGE…PREGNANT belly. The doctor says I’m not even full-term yet, daddy. He says I’m gonna get EVEN BIGGER…”

That evening I masturbated twice to her.


With the arrival of Peggy’s C-section my life became a lot busier. Her surgery had been very successful and the quints were all healthy upon birth. As she recuperated in the hospital – the five babies staying with her in a large private room – we spent most our time together discussing future options.

In the meantime I was educating my daughters about caesareans and childbirth – things that they had not properly thought through, having babies fucked into them. Hearing of the pains of labour – and knowing they were so young – they were glad to have an alternative at the ready. Constantly driving back and forth between Peggy in the hospital and the kids at home was tiresome, and I thanked the lucky stars for having Fleur around.

Amazingly, au-pair Fleur had not given in to the whiles of the valley and its people. Obviously she had been thoroughly briefed by Peggy, as she stuck to the import-diet we had maintained the last months. Her presence was a sobering experience to everyone: a reminder that the outside world was still, very much, as normal as it had always been.

One week after Peggy had given birth it was almost time for Deb and Dee, now 36 weeks along, to be submitted to the hospital. We booked the rooms a week in advance out of fear for a premature birth – despite something in my mind telling me that was unlikely to happen in Fertile Valley; the kids may have stopped taking hormone-altering food, true, but they had been veritably drugged every DAY until at least halfway through their pregnancies.

Now, one day before Dee and Deb would go to the maternity ward, I decided to take the girls swimming one last time. Melissa wanted to join and, with a lot of grunting and careful steps, I had managed to help her down the stairs and out the door. Fleur stayed with Meagan in the house, as she had grown SO big she couldn’t walk anymore without collapsing. A part of me felt pity for her – but it was a distant part, overshadowed by my desire for her growing gravidness.

Thus, with the eldest kids at school and Meagan stuck at home, the four of us cautiously waddled to the creek behind our house, carefully stepping over tree roots and loose rocks. A small path in between the shrubs led us to a secluded bit of riverbank, away from prying eyes of the road – and incidentally (but not coincidentally) out of sight from the house.

“It’s been weeks since we went swimming, daddy,” Debbie cooed, having reached the place the first. Clumsily she began undressing, revealing the bikini (her swimsuit didn’t fit anymore) she’d put on this morning.

“Mommy says swimming is good when you’re pregnant,” Melissa deftly echoed Peggy, mimicking her mother’s tone, “it is the lowest impact-sport and therefore the safest.” She then beckoned me to help her undress, while her older twins were slowly wading into the creek, peeping a bit upon touching the cold fresh water.

I carefully lifted Melissa’s dress up over her head, in awe at how larger-than-life she looked; no wonder she had so much trouble walking, with a belly swollen rounder and fuller than Dee or Deb, and Double-Forte breasts flowing from her chest!

“Daddy, I don’t have a bikini, but… Well, my bra, it’s tight, daddy…” Melissa pouted and looked down at her chest. Indeed, the F-cup bra was no longer able to fully hold all that bulging flesh.
“just a second, hon,” I replied. My fingers trembled as I plucked at her bra – I remembered how I felt when Meagan teased me before her pregnancy. Melissa, however, patiently waited until finally I loosened the clasps and hooks.

Seeing those large breasts bounce into their natural shape, falling to the sides of her wonderful pregnant stomach, managed to catch me by surprise – even now. Good LORD this girl was pregnant, and ready to pop! She had visibly grown bigger than a mere week ago, and that included those fat TITS of hers.

“Daddy, help me into the water please,” she carefully asked, fully aware I was staring at her body. Slowly I pulled down her maternity pants – her panties she kept on almost protectively – and walked her down to the bank. The water was crystal clear – probably coming from the mountains – and the creek was gentle and not too deep – wading through the deepest part the water only rose to her belly button.

Melissa sighed in relief when the water took most of her weight away, and smilingly she closed her eyes, bobbing up and down with the gentle waves.

“Thank you daddy,” she kissed my hand, then carefully she floated on her back, softly rubbing and splashing water over her belly – which stuck out above the water like a round little island. Her large breasts gently wobbled with the ripples she made; it was a sight that already gave me an erection. An erection that would be largely be ignored, as I didn’t feel like disturbing the weightless serenity on which Melissa almost literally drifted.

Dee and Deb, however, were in higher spirits, splashing about and following each other in the shallow water. Laughing and giggling, their boobs jumping up and down in their tiny bikinis; their bellies shaking left and right with each energetic jump. Suddenly, after jumping back to avoid her sister, Debbie’s breasts slipped out of their confines, bouncing into view.

“Eep!” Deb yipped, looking down. Her nipples were poking out from the cold, hard and thick.
“Ha ha! You don’t in your bikini! Your tits are tooo biiiig!” Dee stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry.

“Oh yea? L-look at your own tits, Dee!” Debbie surged forwards, bumping her belly into her sister’s as she yanked her top down, revealing Dee’s breasts.

“Hey! Not fair!” Dee retaliated by grabbing hold of Debbie’s nipples and pulling them hard, causing her sister to yelp. In return Debbie began to squeeze Dee’s tits. Within ten seconds their yelps turned to moans; the rivalry struggle becoming a seductive tease. I had been with Melissa, who was quietly floating near the riverbank, and only now waded towards them.

“Come now, girls,” I said without real conviction, “accidents happen, so p-put your…your bikinis…”

I couldn’t finish my sentence. My two girls had begun kissing each other, rubbing each other’s abdomen and fondling each other’s breasts; their triplets were stirring, kicking and bumping in their ripe, swollen bellies. Dee bent forward and began sucking one of Debbie’s huge nipples, pulling it with her mouth, then releasing it, causing her tits to shake.

“G-girls…” I stammered, losing the very argument in my own mind.

“Oh daddy, w-we’re so HORNY daddy,” Debbie moaned, biting her lip. A cute blush now adorned her cheeks and as she turned to me I saw the desperation in her eyes.

“W-we know it’s bad daddy, but…but we get TOO horny sometimes…” Dee said, half in bliss sucking her sister’s teats. Already Debbie’s breasts were swelling slightly – her nipples puffing up, growing a little thicker. Beads of water trickled down her creamy skin, shimmering in the pale light.

“Tomorrow we can’t do it anymore, daddy,” Deb pleaded, “Oh, and I’ve been WANTING you, daddy, now that I’m so very, VERY pregnant…”

Dee looked up too and stuck out her belly as far as she could, propping her hands in the small of her back. It made her appear simply enormous. “Just one last time daddy, pleeez... Oh! It looks like you feel it too, daddy.”

As my girls waded towards me I realized my penis had, as always, answered for me: the head was poking out of my trunks, and I hadn’t even noticed it getting hard. Then Dee ‘n Deb were on me, rubbing their heavily pregnant bellies against me; squishing my arms in between their EE-normous breasts.

“Fleur never allows anything…oh, look how BIG you got daddy, how big and HARD you are…”
“You love us, don’t you daddy? You love us and our big, HUGE tummies, swollen with babies…”
Debbie pulled my trunks down and bent forward, wrapped her tits around my dick and began to move them up and down, before slowly licking the tip. I groaned and, without realizing, grabbed her head and eased it down.

“O-only this once, girls,” I conceded, “and we won’t tell Fleur. I do love you, both of you, but this… this is the last time.”

God, they were so pretty. So SEXY. Their bellies glistened, shiny and wet with the water; their nipples poked out, erect and wanting. I began fondling Dee’s breasts while Debbie put the head of my dick in her mouth – more wouldn’t fit – and stroked the shaft with her growing boobs.

“Oh, oh yes daddy,” Dee moaned softly, almost a whimper, “squeeze my titties daddy…Oh,, oh pull my nipples too.” Eagerly I obliged, pulling and twisting her stiff nipples, pinching them and flicking them. As Debbie came up, gasping for air, I lunged at her breasts, hunching forward to suck those naughty spigots of hers.

“D-daddy, I want… I – oh – I NEED your cock, daddy, your big fat COCK in my pregnant pussy,” Debbie moaned louder as I sucked her tits harder. Then she pushed me away, gently, and with some effort (her belly was in the way) pulled down her bikini’s bottom. She then turned around, showing me her back; I could still see the swell of her breasts and belly from this angle. My dick twitched in anticipation. Slowly Debbie bent forward and, with her hands under the water, spread her ass cheeks, showing her gaping pussy.

“I-it’s not heavy in the water, daddy, so fuck me. FUCK me with your HUGE cock, daddy! Fuck your knocked-up, slutty daughter!”

I gave in completely and guided my hard dick into Debbie’s waiting, longing vagina. The moment the tip entered I felt her muscles squeeze me, and as I pushed forward I felt the wetness of her pussy engulf my cock. I had forgotten how good this felt – and decided to enjoy this final ride while it lasted.

“Uuuuuungh, y-yes, OH you’re so big daddy, Uuuhnn, FUCK me, do me hard!” Debbie moaned out loud with each thrust, pushing her plump butt back, forcing more of my thick shaft inside her. I held her pregnant abdomen with both hands now, feeling the occasional bump, and began ploughing her harder, forcing myself as deep as I could get. The water waved and sloshed with each thrust of my fat prick stuffing Deb’s wet snatch, dancing around frantically as we made love.

“T-that’s it! Ooh, oh daddy, I’m so big and FULL with your babies… Oh, M-my nipp – my nipples a-are… o-oh…OH! Daddy, l-look!”

Bucking at me wildly I felt Debbie’s pussy contract and her belly harden. Peering to the side over her shoulders I saw her breasts slapping against the water… and lactating. Then Debbie orgasmed, moaning long and loud; milk spurting from those long, fat nipples of hers, mixing with the water in the creek. It sent me over the edge and, while thrusting in and out of her sopping, squeezing cunt, I came too, squirting my seed inside her. When I pulled out, intending to come over Deb’s back, Dee suddenly grabbed my spurting dick and started sucking the tip, swallowing as much cum as she possibly could.

“Oh daddy, look how much you’re cumming,” she gasped, unable to gulp everything down. Dee pulled her panties away and began rubbing herself against my unrelenting erection. Slowly she brought her heavy belly up, standing on her toes now, trying to have her pussy touch my dick. I hunched forward and let it slip in between her labia – but wasn’t able to enter her from this angle.

Suddenly her sister, Melissa, came up behind her older sister; her belly looming large and gloriously round over her. “Let me help you with that,” she purred – amused and aroused– and gently helped Dee float on the water, holding her shoulders and allowing her sister’s head to rest on the massive island that was her stomach.

I gently grabbed Dee by her hips and, from an almost horizontal position, slid into her tight, wet vagina. Melissa held her by her shoulders as I began to move back and forth, sliding a little deeper in Dee’s puffy little pussy. Before long we were rocking back and forth, making the water slosh wildly around us on this wonderful, mild-mannered day.

“Oh, oh yes, daddy, YES!” Dee cried in ecstasy. Her large belly was heaving up and down – tits slapping hard against it – as she clasped her sister’s arms. The creek softened our bouncing and followed our increasing tempo with splashes and waves of both sweat and water. Within moments she began to shake – her cheeks reddened and her cries became shrieks. Her breasts swelled and I saw her nipples getting more perky and erect. Her orgasm followed mere seconds after, and she squeezed me tightly, convulsing and spasming, thrusting her abdomen above the waterline.

Seeing her pregnant dome push up like that, bulging and moving with life, shiny and wet, made me cum with her. I pulled free from her and, still holding her waist, came over her great belly, coating her with my white, gooey sperm. Some flew far up enough to land on Melissa’s gargantuan form, to which she giggles naughtily and knowingly.

“Oh yeaaaa,” Dee slid off her sister’s belly with a ear-splitting grin on her face. “I needed that soooo bad, daddy.”

“I can’t believe I am MILKING now, Dee!” Deb added, obsessed with how her breasts now lactated. “I’m like moo-cow Meagan now! Teehee!” Teasingly she squirted it at her sisters, and at me, causing all of us to end up laughing. With our horniness subsiding we all fell back down, allowing our sex-drunken bodies to bob and float in relaxing, afternoon bliss on a comforting blanket of waves.


Things went rather fast after our little get-together in the creek. With Dee and Deb in the hospital, Peggy decided to stay there longer and give all the motherly support they would need. There was also a second, more practical reason for her to stay: having five babies would create a huge undertaking at the house, but at the hospital (specifically such an elaborately decked-out maternity ward) facilities and staff were in no short supply.

Maggie had safely gone home to enjoy some “mommy-time” with her sextuplets
. I was not surprised to hear that she regularly texted with Peggy, and I was lucky enough to catch a tale or two of Maggie’s inflated, milk-bursting breasts. The kid who knocked her up had come to visit, apparently, and from what Peggy was insinuating, they had been at it again. I guess that Maggie simply couldn’t resist her urges. I wondered how soon it would be before she’d be knocked up again?

One week after Dee and Deb’s admission they, too, had their C-section. Dee one day, Deb the other, what with one specialist doctor on call. Both sets of triplets were delivered without complications, and only one of the kiddos was a little thinner than desired (though nothing of the malnourished sort). They would stay a week longer before returning home (and to school), but Peggy insisted the babies themselves would remain with her in the ward.

“They are too young, Bill,” Peggy sighed, cupping one of our five new additions to the family to her teat, “and they can’t bear the responsibility of taking care of children. We’re not valley people – they must do well in school and be children, not mothers.”

I wholeheartedly agreed with my wife. Not just because of the compelling argument considering Deb and Dee, but also because it allowed me to sleep soundly through the night without the screaming and wailing of newly born babes.

When Dee and Deb did come home, the week after their deliveries, their bellies had, of course, not entirely dissipated – but weren’t their bulging, round former selves either. No, that description belonged to their breasts, which had increased in size one last time –another cup size bigger, and they were lactating like there was no tomorrow. Not having any babies to suckle on those pillow-y boobs caused a ceaseless supply of milk to constantly stream from their nipples. Debby had especially grown thicker, puffier nipples, which always appeared erect. More than once did I catch them suckling each other’s tits. More than once I joined in.

Melissa experienced heavy contractions a few days after her sisters’ return, nine days before her scheduled delivery, so I rushed her to the hospital. Turned out to be nothing but Braxton Hicks contractions, but to be safe (and with five heavy, active babies) she stayed in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. Her discomfort had only increased, so perhaps it was only better to have her in the hospital with ample care at a moment’s notice.

After one week of recovery at home, Dee and Deb went back to school once more. I drove them the first time, armed with a letter of reference from the doctor as to why they missed a hefty chunk from their ‘curriculum’. Their fifth-grade teacher was ill that day, so instead it was Miss Claire who, very sympathetically, understood and accepted the reason. By now she was a LOT further along, about sixth months into her pregnancy: for the love of GOD that woman had grown big! Her massive breasts, which had been overwhelming to begin with, were almost cartoonish in size, having expanded well beyond the size of her head. The alphabet is running out of letters, I remember thinking. Her belly was nicely on the way as well, showing as if full term with a single child already. It was an image that I happily fapped to that night.

It wasn’t long after when Melissa went under the knife. At 39 weeks she was almost as big as Peggy had been, and for her, being much smaller than my wife, it meant being bedridden for the final week. She was the only one of my daughters to be glad to get it all over with – the only one to whom the discomfort of being massively pregnant was a burden and held little sense of pride. Her babies were, without exception, healthy. Three of the kiddos were black, likely because of her taste for black boys at school, but that didn’t faze Melissa in the least.

Finally, little (but HUGE) Meagan would be next.

Or, would’ve, as it turned out to be: as fate would have it the only remaining expert obstetrician injured his hands in a car accident. None of the other available doctors dared to undertake the surgery without supervision, and thus Meagan’s delivery was put on hold. First one week… then a few more days... then a few more still. Peggy was traveling back and forth now, to check up on our youngest girl every day. Every three days a nurse or doctor would come to the house and examine her, making sure everything was alright. We were all getting nervous as time passed; 40 weeks pregnant crept to 41 weeks, which slowly became 42 weeks… add another day, and another, and another

All the while Meagan kept on growing, and growing… and GROWING, getting rounder…bigger…fuller. With every day that passed the measuring tape nudged a little wider; her stomach stretching a little further. Her breasts didn’t lag behind either and steadily kept up with her abdomen, expanding slowly but without constraint. The child looked knocked up with a horse, as big as she was getting.

At 42 weeks and 4 days, Peggy had enough.

“I’m getting the whole fucking team ready in our house, if I have to!” she blared almost viciously. “We must induce labor now, before her womb deteriorates. Or worse, explodes!” Peggy made it sound so crude, but she had a good point: there was a considerable risk for stillbirth after 42 weeks – and especially with the birth of so many multiples the risks would only grow.

Except somehow I didn’t believe that would happen; not here in Fertile Valley. As crazy as things would get in this place, you could always rely on one thing: children were born healthily, without defects, and miraculously little trouble.

Thus, that fateful morning, Peggy left to the hospital to make some noise. Fleur was already in the maternity ward with the babies, and I had just driven Dee, Deb, and the others to school. When I came home there was no-one else except Meagan.

When I entered the hallway I heard her call me from the living room. “Daddy? Could you come here for a moment?”

“I’m here sweetie. Need anything?” I hummed as I opened the door.

What I saw next would be imprinted in memory forever.

Meagan stood – yes, stood – with her back turned to me, leaning against the dining table. She wore a thin, translucent robe, white in colour, loosely draped over her shoulders; I recognized it as one of Peggy’s. I was amazed she had managed to pull herself up, as even from behind I saw the bulging swell of her body.

“W-what’s… honey, can you stand like that? A-are you alright?” My voice was a stammer, distant in my mind. Meagan turned her head sideways, slowly, teasingly, and looked at me the way only a lover could. An authoritative desire shone from her eyes, not as my daughter but as a woman looking upon a man. And she WAS a woman, not a child – no, that much was written on her face. Despite the freckles and cute, blond pigtails she looked at me with sound, mature understanding… and desire. Even her smile was beautiful, rather than childish. My heart bumped louder in my chest as I felt a strong sense of love overwhelm me. Love – and unadulterated LUST.

“Look at me, daddy,” she spoke softly, breathing rapidly, “Look how I’ve grown for you, just the way you like it. Oh, oh daddy, don’t you love my big, round tummy? It’s grown really, REALLY big, hasn’t it daddy? I’m so HUGE and PREGNANT daddy, just for YOU.”

As she finished her sentence Meagan slowly turned her body sideways, firmly grasping the edge of the table. I could do nothing but gasp at the full sight of her. Leaning back, her back arched to accommodate her weight, the size of her pregnant figure was truly beyond compare. Bulging from her small frame was a heavily pregnant belly so absolutely GARGANTUAN it was nothing short of a monument, worth of the highest praise and worship. The transparent robe was unbuttoned and failed spectacularly at hiding her naked body underneath. Distending from her ribcage, surging UPWARDS even, her belly arched forwards a dazzling distance. Four feet? Four-and-a-half? Impossible as it sounded, there it was, her belly was humongous and real, dwarfing its host with a defiant sense of pride. The skin, taut and stretched, shone in the dim light from the window, thin and white, yet supple. She no longer sprouted a belly button: her navel had flattened against the colossal orb from the pressure that grew within. Sloping downwards and hanging low her belly hulked between her knees; her legs she had opened wide to give space. her vastness moved up and down with each of her strained breaths, almost threatening to increase in size yet again and overtake the girl completely. It was absolutely herculean of little Meagan to carry her massively pregnant figure the way she did, defiant to gravity and logic alike. She truly was an impossible girl – and I found her irresistible.

Resting on top of this dome were two mind-boggling titanic TITS, nestled between her belly and her chin; their roundness bulged – OOZED – sideward, forced to spread by her abdomen’s immense girth. Each of her breasts was almost TWICE the size of her head, soft yet firm, begging to be touched, to be kneaded, to be squeezed. Her areolas were as wide as my outstretched hand, dark and puffy with little bumps – Montgomery glands – indicating their readiness for nursing. Her nipples were round and thick, sticking out like small doorknobs, beckoning hungry lips to clasp around them and suck them greedily. Milk gently trickled down, and with each breath Meagan drew a little more milk dripped out; the girl looked ready to explode.

A memory flashed through my mind – of the glass windows in the farm, with those female experiments-gone-wrong looking at me in sad contemplation. Meagan, however, looked with anticipation, and if she was in any discomfort it didn’t show.

“It’s… a little hard to breathe…” she smiled, puffing her words more than speaking them. She blushed and looked down at her stomach, slowly rubbing it with her hand. She made no visible indent, as if the skin was stretched too tightly around her womb, filled with eight overdue babies.

“S-shu…shouldn’t you lie down, honey?” I struggled with my words looking at this fertility goddess standing in front of me. I recognized that feeling where logic was replaced with desire. I guess there was some of the valley left in me still…

“No daddy,” Meagan shook her head and smiled at me again with that womanly look, “because I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Waiting? For me?” I asked, despite knowing better.

“Daddy…” She looked me directly in the eyes and simply stared at me for some seconds. “I want you to make love to you.”

Make love. Gone was the dirty, lustful speak she and her sisters had roused me with in months past. This wasn’t lust – it was passion. It was love.

“I feel so much for you daddy, so very, very much,” she continued, caressing her enormity, “and I wanted to prove I could be the sexiest, and grow the BIGGEST for you to prove it. Oh daddy… I… I want you so badly, daddy…”

The redness of her cheeks deepened, and Meagan looked more seductive by the second. Did I imagine it, or was more milk dripping from her nipples? My own desire began to show – down in my pants, as Meagan kept on speaking – almost moaning.

“I LOVE it, daddy. It’s heavy, my big tummy like this, but I love being so BIG and PREGNANT, because it’s YOUR babies inside me. I know I must be careful – mommy says so – but now that we’re alone, I… I couldn’t…” tears sprung in her eyes; a mixture of relief, desire and love.

“You like pregnant women, right daddy? Big… HUGE… bellies… and I’m the biggest, daddy, and I want you.”

When she bit her lip and squirmed erotically, I couldn’t help myself anymore. I wanted her; no, NEEDED her, this girl who had constantly proven the wondrous, impossible drive of fertile perfection. I was hers, this morning, and hers alone.

It didn’t take long for me to undress and, with my large penis harder and stiffer than I’d ever felt, I walked over to my gargantuanly pregnant girl, and kissed her. My hands rubbed her belly and she gasped in return. The flesh of her skin was so tight, yet I felt goose bumps appear under the brush of my fingertips. I had to stretch my arm out entirely to reach her navel, and realising how big she was only got me hornier. My big, hard dick was pushing hard against her side, throbbing impatiently.

“Your hands feel so nice daddy, oohh…” Meagan’s breath quickened once more, and she closed her eyes in enjoyment. That’s when I felt a squirt of milk trailing along my skin as I pressed myself onto her massive mammaries. Without further constraint I grasped her wonderful, engorged breast and let my hand sink into the ocean of flesh. Immediately her nipple sprayed a fountain of milk as I squeezed her tit harder. Meagan moaned loud and long now, visibly relieved from the release of milky pressure.

“Oh yes! I-it’s been so long daddy, I SO missed your t-touch!” Meagan gasped as I knead and squeezed her more, feeling more of her milk flow over my hand. I kissed her more feverishly, our tongues melting together. My fingers found her nipple and as I began pinching it I felt her areola puff up and her nipple hardening – spraying more of her white, creamy liquid outwards.

Slowly I disengaged and made my way around her – I couldn’t reach both breasts because of her INSANE belly – to latch onto her other breast. Meagan’s moans were rapid and short of breath, her voice elevating in pitch. God she was beautiful – the pinnacle of womanhood.

“Your babies…they’re kicking…” Meagan moved my free hand to a spot on her right side. True enough, ever so slightly I felt a bump against the strained and stretched skin of her abdomen. Knowing she was so FULL of life, so HUMONGOUS and sexy, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Sweetie, daddy loves you very much,” I whispered in her ear (a whimper was my response). “Lean forward against the wall here, alright? It’s safer doing it from behind.”

With tremendous effort Meagan hoisted herself straight and, resting on my shoulders and arms, waddled one slow step after another to the wall nearby. Cautiously she bent forward, breathing heavily in and out, until her back was horizontal and her head hung down into her own boobilicious buxom. I let out a soft ‘wow’ when I stood back; her belly was so big it almost touched the floor!

“Are you alright, Meg?” I inquired, rather wanting to quit than to wear her out. But of course, Meagan didn’t disappoint.

“I’m…huff… I’m alright. It’s heavy, but I really, REALLY want to fuh-feel you inside me, daddy.”
My dick, harder than granite and slick with precum, twitched up as if coaxing me on.

“Daddy also wants to be inside you, sweetie. But let’s be careful, alright?”

With a trembling whimper Meagan agreed. I rubbed her butt cheeks – plump and jiggly – and spread them wide. Her vagina was wet, VERY wet, and her puffy labia were visibly throbbing in anticipation. I looked from the side (almost having to step to my left) but couldn’t see her face; her giant, milky udders obscured it from this angle.

“D…DO me daddy, p-put it in… FILL your pregnant daughter with your big, h-hard…oh daddy, n-now… I nuh…need... oh hurry!”

I needed no further invitation. I grabbed hold of my member and slowly, steadily pushed it against the entrance of Meagan’s vagina, spreading the folds of soft skin. I felt her labia stretch around the tip of my twitching hard-on and guided it further, feeling the warmth and wetness wrap and squeeze around it. As I pushed through I felt her grip tightening; I felt every ridge and bump in her sopping hole squeeze and pull me in further. As I passed her G-spot Meagan groaned and spasmed, squeezing me even harder.

“I’m ok…I j-just came a little…” she panted from behind her sphere.

“Tell me if it’s too much, sweetheart.” With those words I pulled out a bit and slowly, steadily began moving. Each thrust sank into her juicy folds a little deeper and I felt confident to pick up the pace a little. God, she felt incredible. She moaned in rhythm now with my movements, and even began pushing back at me. Her enormous belly rocked and bumped against her legs and I heard her tits slapping against it.

“Harder…oh…oh daddy, feh..fuck me HARDER! I can take it, pleeez!”

I only fit half of my dick inside her pussy, afraid of hitting her fragile womb. Even so she was tight, hot and wet; so good it felt like my dick was melting inside her. My lust for her spurred me on. Except this wasn’t mere lust, or desire. It was stronger than that; stronger than love, even. As my cock penetrated my pregnant girl’s cunt I remembered how everything had begun: from a sneaky smirk when her breasts began to develop; how she began to masturbate by shoving her fist inside her snatch; when she learned about babies and used her overdeveloped boobs to drive me over the edge; that fateful day when I fucked the living daylight out of her and impregnated her with all my might. When I saw her grow, both her chest and her ‘tummy’; when she coerced me into knocking up her teacher; when we discovered she was carrying eight babies. The insane, tantalizing (or, TIT-alaizing) adventure we had gone through and culminated in our final bond at this very moment – it was much stronger than lust or love. It was euphory, divinity; stronger than God in heaven and all the angels combined could summon.
With determination I grabbed her plump butt and slapped it, thrusting my large member in and out of Meagan’s sloppy, dripping vagina. Her moans had become shouts and grunts and I felt her convulsing once more.

“Aah… AAGH! D-d-daddy, ohhh YES! I’m c-close, s-sho close!” Her humongous belly, visible from her sides, tightened and hardened, rocking back and forth as I rammed into her, feeling my dick grow thicker, filling her up even more. Her tits bounced sideways so hard now I could SEE them, and I saw her nipples were streaming breastmilk continuously. Meagan’s groans became shrieks and I saw her knees tremble.

“K-keep goh…keep goin-nnNNGH!” Meagan clenched her teeth as her belly tightened and contracted again. My dick swelled and stretched her further, closing in on my climax.
“I c-can’t hold it... I’m gonna… I’m cumming!” Her vagina suddenly gripped me tight – tighter than I had ever felt – and feeling the rush from my balls to my shaft I spilled my seed inside her.

“Oh, oh yes! Daddy, YES! I’m cuh-c-cumming so ha-ard! I’m CUMMINNNNGH!” Meagan screamed and cried; I could hear her voice waver and sob. I hugged her belly from both sides – felt how hard it had become – and from the side saw her breasts had swollen immensely and were simply gushing milk. I slipped my cock out from her tight hole and squirted the rest of my seed on her back and belly.

Finally Meagan’s legs and arms gave in. Slowly she sagged down and let her beanbag of a belly rest on the floor. Panting heavily she sobbed silent tears from her eyes, whispering ‘I love you daddy’ over and over. My cum belched from her gaping pussy and dripped over the lower side of her belly, trailing to the floor. Her face she buried in her bloated boobs; milk streaming down the sphere on which she rested.

“I’ve been w-wanting this… for SO long…” I heard her smile, and looked at my daughter, swollen and expanded to such an insane size. She was perfect.

A sudden spasm and gurgle from her belly ended the bliss. Meagan grunted, firmly clutching her distended sides. Another gurgle, longer this time, caused her to shout.

“Uunnh… d-daad-ARGH!” She pushed her face sideways to look at me; her face was drained of color and panic showed in her eyes.

“I-it hurts, this c-cramp, daddy… ah! UNGH!” She clenched her teeth and pressed her giga-belly. It was rock hard.

Then, after a deep and loud popping sound, a jet of water rushed from her vagina, flowing to the floor.

My daughter was going into labor.

“Ohhhhhh!” Meagan, clenching her teeth and clutching her enormous abdomen, cried out in pain. For a few seconds my brain refused to acknowledge what was happening. Then it jumpstarted and sprang into overdrive.

“Meagan, sweetie, that was your water breaking,” I rushed to her side and gently caressed her cheek, wiping away her tears. I tried to sound as calm as possible, praying my own panic would not be apparent in my voice.

“Y-you’ve been having contractions – cramps – for a while now, yes?

“Y-y…Ah! Yes…” my sweet daughter sobbed, nodding her head. At times she squeezed her eyes shut at another stab of pain. “Daaaaahddy it huuuuuurts… Y-yaah!”

“Remember how mommy showed you how to breathe?” Whimpering, tears streaming down her cheeks, Meagan nodded again. “Good girl, breathe like that, in and out. I’m going to call mommy and get a doctor. I’ll be right back.”

My feet carried me faster than they’d ever had to my phone – in my coat in the hall – yet I found my fingers unwilling to cooperate: they kept trembling as I tried to get to my contacts and call Peggy. I even dropped my phone and feared it would break beyond repair. My heart was racing as I finally managed to call my wife, reeling with implications of the possible LIFE BIRTH of octuplets. I got woozy just thinking about it.

“Hey Billy-boy, naughty man, wha-“

“Meagan’s water broke. We need a doctor, NOW!” I shouted as polite as I could. For a moment she didn’t respond.

“…Fuck. Fuck-fuck, FUCK! Bill, okay, eh, don’t… Yea, I-I’m on it. DON’T let her push, Bill, I’m getting a goddamn doctor.”

With an almost aggressive click she hung up. It was then that Meagan wailed long and loud.

Within seconds I was back in the living room. I didn’t remember getting dressed, but I wore my pants by now, and dashed to my swollen, laboring daughter.

“Ah..ah, AAGH! I-I’m too…too FULL, daddy!” Meagan blew up her cheeks and puffed rapidly. Her face had flushed a dark shade of red and she had begun to sweat profoundly. Her pregnant belly was hardening and I saw her babies pushing restlessly from within her.

“J-just breathe, sweetie, I’ll get some wet towels from the bathroom. T-eh, try to count how far your contractions are apart.”

We had prepared towels in the bathroom downstairs, where Meagan was showered the past few weeks, and wettened a small one to wipe her face. I blotted it against her forehead and wiped her large breasts and the sides of her immense belly. I felt soft squirming movement under the skin, which tightened and hardened ever more.

“Ahh, Uuuuuh, Fffuuuuhh…” Meagan blew her breath like Peggy had told her, trying to concentrate. For a moment it helped her calm down. Then she grabbed my arm as her eyes flared open and she moaned loudly.

“Wh-WHOAAAAAA! T-too big… I’m g-gonna explode! DADDY!” She shrieked, squeezing my arm with sudden, unrelenting strength. As she grunted her breasts fountained milk outwards, as if reacting to the pressure below.

“You’re not going to explode,” I shushed, although a painful image of my daughter popping like a balloon crossed my mind. “Your contractions are strong because you have such a full womb. Did you count? How far are your contractions apart?”

“Ah…haaf…a minute… S-sometimes…lehhss…” Meagan panted, her hands rubbing her oversized belly absentmindedly. “I fuh-feel like, oooh, I hafta p-push!”

“Don’t push yet, darling, not until a doctor says you’re dilated. Focus only on your breathing.”
Meagan’s face was red and slick from sweat as she huffed in rhythmic salvos. Her hair clung to her skin apologetically, clutching her face much like her arms clutched her bloated body. She was still facing the wall lying on her stomach, which was so MASSIVE her knees had not even reached the floor.

Thirty or forty minutes passed at a crawl, feeling like days, reluctant to pass. All the time Meagan grunted upon contractions, wanting to push, shouting she’d die. Finally, after forever, we heard the front door open and Peggy come in.

“Hurry the FUCK up!” I heard her shout to the door, before she ran – with wobbling tits – into the living room. “Oh Meg, sweetie, I’m here, I’m here now.” She gave me a look of simultaneous relief and worry, as if saying I’m happy you are here, but this couldn’t be worse timing.

“Oww… M-mommyyy, it h-HURTS! UAAAAGH!” Another contraction rocked Meagan’s body, turning her belly into a boulder. With each grunt and contraction her breasts sprayed milk more than they did before.

I barely noticed Fleur rushing in, followed by two doctors and a midwife.
“Mon dieu… elle accouche; merde! Rapidement, docteur! Vite – eh, ‘urry up!” Fleur practically shoved the doctors to Meagan’s immovable body.

“My God,” the female doctor, who came in first, echoed Fleur; her face one of complete shock. “H-how far…”

“Less than half a minute,” I answered, still wiping Meagan’s face with a cold towel, “hurry, i-is she dilated enough?”

“Uuuuurgh!” Meagan clenched again. Her legs were trembling, hanging hopelessly from her swollen figure like a marionette whose strings were cut. The doctor snapped a latex glove on one hand and gently moved two of her fingers inside Meagan’s squeezing vagina. She was trying to keep her cool but I saw droplets of sweat appearing on her face; the doc was obviously unnerved.

“She’s fully dilated, and the babies are pressing HARD against her cervix,” she said before pulling her hand away again. She looked at me and Peggy, saying that which we had feared: “There’s no time to go to the hospital; she has to deliver them here. God, I’ve never seen anyone this HUGE.”

“Oh, oh, OOOOH! P-preh… Pressure-UUUUNGH!” Meagan grunted, instinctually pressing the sides of her belly with both arms.

The doctor softly rubbed Meagan’s belly. “She’s 42 weeks along, you said, ma’am?” Peggy nodded, her eyes fixated on her daughter. “normally the babies would be about eight or nine pounds, but at 42 weeks, and with a belly this BIG, I’d say they’re closer to TEN.”

I hadn’t even considered that, the babies’ size. When Peggy was due delivering Meagan and Melissa they were over nine pounds; very big for twins. She had delivered them by vaginal birth, but I remember the struggle all too well. Meagan was MUCH smaller than Peggy, and she didn’t have two babies inside her, but EIGHT – eight fully developed, HEAVY babies, stretching her little womb to its limit.

“T-they’re TOO BIIIIIIG!” Meagan shrieked, tears rolling over her cheeks.

“It’s safe to push,” the doctor stated, “and her position happens to be favorable. Gravity is on her side.”

Peggy took the towel from me and dabbed her daughter’s head. “Sweetie, when the next contraction comes, I need you to push – as hard as you can. Can you do that, Meg? Push?”
Meagan, sobbing and red from pain and crying, nodded, looking at us with such hurtful endurance it felt like a stab to the heart. She was so brave, our little girl, and had such a tremendously difficult task ahead of her.

With each contraction, Meagan pushed. Time ticked by, far too slow for any of us. Half an hour, then one more, all the while Meagan kept puffing and grunting, and pushing.

“Oooff, i-it’s coming…” Meagan puffed, gripping her mother’s hand tight. “It’s coming! It’s coming itscomingiscomingi-i-HUAAAAAAAAGH!”

“Push, honey!” I shouted, my voice almost commanding her, “Push, now!”

“NGAAAAAH!” Meagan bellowed, clenched her teeth (and her mom’s hand) and, with shaking legs, continued to do the impossible. Her cries were loud, primordial, and with each strained push and shove the doctors pressed her belly, trying to coax her unborn babies out.

“I cah…can’t…” she whimpered in the midst of contractions, “I j-juszz…ohmyGODDDDD!”

“Yes you can, Meagan!” Peggy angrily lifted her daughter’s chin and, with stern, motherly determination willed her daughter to go on. “You CAN and you WILL, you little slut! This is what you get for screwing around. Bear the pain! Now PUSH!”

“AAAAUUUURRGH!” Meagan gave a powerful scream –milk spurting from her trembling nipples, the fluid dripping down her enormous tits.

“That’s it, the head is crowning!” the doctor almost shouted in relief. “Keep ‘m coming, hun, keep pushing!”

“I WANNA DIEEEEE!” Meagan gave a warrior’s cry, her red face twisted in exuberating pain.

“Can’t she get a fucking epidural?” Peggy shouted at the other doctor, who was rummaging in her bag.

“That’ll likely lengthen her labor, and with – what, octuplets? – with eight babies that’s gonna be hell.”

Meagan huffed short, fast breaths and for a moment locked eyes with me. Like her I had tears in my eyes, but with an utmost sense of love I gave her a nod, and smirked. Suddenly, I knew what would help.

“Your daddy’s babies are coming out now, Meagan, and you WANT to meet them. You can take it, and you know it – you could handle me, and have carried a belly almost as big as you – so you CAN and WILL push, honey. Now DO IT.”

Upon hearing my words I saw Meagan’s eyes shine and with sheer willpower she summoned up all her strength. She always did want to impress me, and giving birth appeared no different. Focused now she drew a long breath and, with her gargantuan dome hardening once more, she puffed her cheeks up, pushing hard.

“Unnnn….UUHHHHNGG!” Her face turned from deep red to purple as she pushed and pushed, and PUSHED. Her hands were shaking and clawing her mother’s arms with an iron grip. Her belly trembled and shook violently, spasms convulsing, yet Meagan pushed on without relent. Fluid was dripping down her legs and, as I moved back a little, I saw her vagina beginning to bulge.

“Keep pushing!” the midwife stated, nodding at the other doctor to start pushing hard against Meagan’s spherical figure. “Harder! HARDER! You’re so close!”

“Huu….NNG…HNGGGGGUAYYYH!” Meagan shrieked like an insane banshee, her face a hot red mess of sweat and tears. The skin around her vagina bulged outwards more and more; her labia puffy and red, pulsing and bucking from the bowling ball that forced its way through. Then she stopped, panting heavily, gasping for air.

“You’re great, honey,” Peggy soothed, but her voice remained firm. “Take deep breaths, and get ready to push again. Wait for the contraction to hit you.”

Peggy looked at me, biting her lip. Anxiety was written all over her face.

“It’s close alright,” I confirmed to her, “near the surface, sorta speak.”

“Oh my! O-oh MY, a-anotherrrRRUUUUUUUUURRGH!” Meagan scowled in defiance to the pain, biting her lip so hard it bled. She pushed her arms against her abdomen as much as she pushed the baby out. Again her demure area bulged out, more than last time, and finally her blood-red lips parted, revealing the top of a blond head.

“Push! PUSH, damnit, it’s almost OUT!” I shouted, unaware of my surroundings. Sweat trickled down Meagan’s immensely swollen belly as, with another breath, she gathered her strength once more and heaved.

“B-Big! S-so BIG! F-FUCK!” She gritted her teeth, swaying her head left and right. “HNNNNGH!”
Her labia stretched thin as the baby, reluctant almost, pushed outward. Her lips parted an inch, then two, showing more of the babe’s head. The midwife and other doctor, each on one side of the boulder, pushed downwards, pressing hard against her taut, shiny skin.

“C-can’t… Shooo tireeeeed…” and then, with another surge, “Uhh-UUAAAAAAAAGH! DADDYYYYY!”

Pushing harder than ever, Meagan’s labia now stretched to their absolute limit and were drained from color, white and fragilely thin. Her vagina bulged out obscenely, wrapped around the cannon ball that was her baby’s head. More of the head inched into sight. It creeped slowly further until the eyebrows showed, at which point the obs-gyn grabbed it with her gloved hands.

“One more, sweetie,” she said, smiling now, “One more MASSIVE push!”

“N-NO! Oh G-god I-I’m showrrry-hy…” Meagan sobbed, clutching her gurgling belly. Peggy grabbed her cheeks and kissed her drenched forehead.

“It gets easier after this,” Peggy said to her, “Just don’t think of anything except pushing.”
“I love you honey,” I said, to which she turned her head to me. “You are brave, and strong, and beautiful. Do it for daddy, sweetie. Do it for me.”

“O-okay…” Meagan whispered, and closed her eyes, waiting meditatively, sucking in air and holding it. For a few seconds it was still. Then her face twisted and she let out a predatory roar, low-pitched and long. With each muscle in her body clenched, her breasts ceaselessly erupted their creamy white liquid –no towel were able to soak up its abundance.


Her pussy bulged out so much it was threatening to burst, yet with that final, colossal push the head slid out of her with sudden speed, plopping into the doctor’s hands. Liquid and blood rushed out with it as the shoulders now came into view. With unexpected ease they slipped through and, just like ‘that’ her first child fell into the doctor’s hands. Almost immediately it started crying.

“It’s a girl!” the doctor called enthusiastically. Meagan’s voice was now thin, wavering and her bloodied lower lip trembled – yet relief had appeared, and an ever-so-slight smile.

“Someone get her a fucking DRINK!” Peggy commanded and the doctor, nearest to the kitchen, rushed to the fridge for a cool bottle of water. I moved closer to Meagan’s face and kissed it, pressing my forehead against hers. Her hugely, overly swollen belly had sagged a little and now allowed for her knees to touchdown.

“We’ll have a few minutes before the next contraction hits,” the obs-gyn said, smiling as she held the baby forward, presenting it to Peggy and me. She had already cut and tied umbilical cord, and the wailing infant, still wrinkly, red and pink, seemed in perfect health.

“She must drink water with salt and sugar, to keep her from fainting,” the doctor continued, sighing. Only now I noticed her face was white and she, too, was sweaty. “We can’t turn her around just yet; she’ll have to remain here, on the floor, for two or three more.”

“Like hell she should,” Peggy grumbled, taking the child in her arms, showing it to Meagan, who giggled ‘hey baby’ silently, exhausted, at the young’un in front of her.

“She WILL,” the female doctor urged, “for the babies are aligning themselves perfectly now. Listen, when her belly’s less stretched we will turn her around and commence a C-section.”

Peggy jumped up at that news, clasping her hands together in between her heavy breasts. Despite my better judgement I felt my dick jump along.

“How many more? How long will it take?”

The doctor grimaced. “Hours. But first, what about HER?”

She pointed behind her, at Fleur – who had fainted and lay unconscious on the floor. I sighed and decided she’d be better off upstairs on a bed, away from this stressful birth.


The second baby, like the doctor had predicted, was going a lot smoother. Meagan was a trooper; despite screaming bloody murder and wishing to die, she kept on going with a tenacity that could only be admired. Despite the ease, the birth took 45 minutes before the boy – for it was a boy – entered the world.

Ten minutes after that Meagan started pushing again, for baby number three. Her belly, though still massively full – much bigger than her sisters (or even nurse Maggie) had been – was no longer constricting or too tight. The third child, another girl, plopped out after half an hour, and at this point the doctor thought it best to turn her about.

“Gently roll her on her side first,” she directed her fellows to push Meagan on the mattress, which we had moved to her. The kitchen table we had shoved all the way against the countertop, giving as much space to Meagan and ourselves.

It was like rolling a beached whale back into the ocean; slowly and gently they turned Meagan sideways, minding her great, big belly. She herself had no more strength to help, and despite drinking plenty in between pushes she was on the verge of collapse. It was a few minutes before she (more-or-less) comfortably lay on the mattress, with all the pillows we could find propped up behind her.

“It’s less than ideal, but we’ll have to make due,” the doctor said, wiping her brow. The midwife had wrapped the three newly born babies in a blanket and, soothed by warmth and comfort, they had fallen asleep. The midwife had called for an ambulance so that all the babies, these three included, could be safely brought to the ward the second they were all born.

Meagan rubbed her not-insignificant belly, patting it softly, breathing in deep.

“The incision will be…”

“Yes, I know how a fucking Caesarean works, thank you,” Peggy snarled, then composed herself again. “Sorry – sorry, it’s just… With a C=section this would’ve been over an hour ago.”

The doctor merely smiled. “We’ll administer the local anaesthetic then, and get sta-“

“D-daddy… Mom?” A small, panicked voice from the ground made our heads turn. “A-another baby’s coming… I can f-feel it…”

Meagan spoke calmly, matter-of-fact, yet her body had instinctually spread her legs. Meagan’s arms were wrapped around her belly – still MASSIVE with five big babies inside – both protectively and to heave it up a little so it wouldn’t block her vagina.

“Honey, just a quick anaesthe-“ Peggy began.

“I-it’s – OH! – It’s s-sliding down my birth canal, mommy… It’s c-coh…oh! OWWW!” Meagan clenched down once more and, with the so-maniest contraction hitting her, pushed hard. Both her hands were clutching and squeezing her heavily pregnant dome. But unlike the previous three births, there was no visible indication yet her next baby was coming out.

“Ow! AAAAGH, it’s s-stuck! T-this one is the -BIGGEST yet, ARGH!” Meagan screamed, then looked up at us, panting hard. Her eyes showed how afraid she was, more so than before; if she felt it was THIS big, it truly was.

Despite our encouragement and help, with a drink here and a cold towel there, the fourth baby didn’t want to come, and with her baby already pressing through her cervix the doctor felt reluctant starting a Caesarean. Twenty minutes passed by, but showed no result.

“AYEEE!” Meagan strained with another push, then collapsed again. She was bathed in sweat and her eyes were red from crying. “I-it’s not going f-further…Fuck! W-what do I do, daddy? Mommy?”

Peggy and I looked at each other, not knowing what to do. It was the doctor who suddenly offered an idea.

“Bill, you must stimulate her breasts.”

All of us, including Meagan, looked up in surprise. It was suddenly very quiet for a moment.
“You need me to squeeze my daughter’s breasts…during labor.” I spoke slowly, making sure I had heard her correctly.

“Yes – the areolas and nipples, actually. She may not be producing enough oxytocin, and the easiest way to have her body produce it is by…”

“…Milking me,” Meagan gasped, looking at me; her tired, sweaty face rejuvenating with amazement.

“It will help bring in stronger contractions, and likely take her mind off the pain, even just a little,” the doctor continued, nodding at me to start. Slowly I came forward and sat next to Meagan, looking at her, wondering if she was at all embarrassed. She simply smiled, wincing at the cramps inside her immense, swollen belly, and nodded.

Slowly I brought my hands to her large, impressive breasts, and as I touched her skin I felt her shiver. I felt the smooth skin and the wet patches from her milk around her nipples. Even just with my fingers brushing her I saw her nipples puff up a little and squirt milk out. Meagan gasped again – but this time with a sense of pleasure.

I gently began squeezing her soft breasts, and immediately milk dripped from her nipples as if It had been lying in wait. I saw how my fingers disappeared in her flesh as it oozed around my hands; felt the velvety texture of her skin and how it moulded in my hands.

“Ohhh… it’s good, daddy…” Meagan seemed more relaxed, enjoying the sensation. Eager now I began to grope and fondle her big boobs, feeling my own excitement rise, despite knowing my daughter was very much in labor.

Suddenly Meagan heaved forward a little, clutching her bloated stomach; a large contraction hit her with sudden force. It caused my hands to slip towards her nipples and, almost accidentally, I tugged on them, hard.

“AAARGH! Aagh…oh? OHHH!” Meagan cried from pain, then opened her eyes in surprise as it changed to a feeling of pleasure. As I pulled, huge amounts of milk sprayed forward, hitting her large, spherical abdomen.

“T-that felt good…” Meagan panted and let out a nervous little laugh. “M-more, daddy… squeeze my nips more!”

Without delay I began playing with her nipples. I rolled them between my fingers and flicked them back and forth, feeling them puff up and stiffen. Meagan’s moans slowly changed as with each contraction, coming in faster and harder now, she experienced less pain and more pleasure.

“K-keep doing that daddy, oh… oh! I-it doesn’t hurt so bad w-when…uh-UUUNGH!”

Every time she had a contraction and Meagan pushed, I tugged her nipples forward hard and massaged the milk out of them. Each time I did more breastmilk came out, and by the fifth contraction I had noticed her breasts… were swelling BIGGER. Meagan was getting aroused.

“It’s not enough,” the doctor said from behind that massive dome, “her muscles are relaxing but her womb’s not contracting hard enough. Meagan, push hard when you feel the nex-”

“UUUUAAAAAGH!” Meagan moaned loudly, clutching her belly as I clutched her bloated boobs, pushing as hard as I pulled. Her face showed a mixture of pain and sensual relief, and it was the latter that was winning. Her mouth curled up in a smile as I pinched and squeezed her nipples, letting more of her milk out; her belly was drenched with it now, and we had run out of towels.

“The baby’s pressing hard against the cervix,” the doctor said before nervously looking at me. “But the head’s not completely through. We need…well, we need…”

“What? We need what, woman?” I yelled as Meagan moaned.

“We need to stimulate her MORE. W-we need her to, eh, ORGASM.”

Had it not been for Meagan’s constant moaning and panting the room would’ve fallen silent a second time.

“If she orgasms her womb contracts hard. Together with the stimulation of her nipples this will push the baby out. Bill, you need to stimulate her clitoris and vagina.”

This was almost unbearably unbelievable. We had tried SO hard to steer clear from these feelings, importing food for months and inventing a schedule – yet somehow, SOMEHOW Fertile Valley wouldn’t quit it and brought it right back into the action. Taken aback a little I released my daughters inflated tits and positioned myself in between her legs. She looked up at me, longingly, but with caution.

“D-daddy, people are watching… i-is it okay?” she nervously asked.

I didn’t have to answer – Peggy did. “to HELL with okay, or allowed, or whether it’s fucking moral. Doctor’s orders, isn’t it? Bill, help our little beach ball here out, now!”

I turned to my wife and saw she had begun massaging her own breasts, probably without thinking; dark stains had appeared on her clothes around her nipples.

Well what the Goddamn hell. You win, Fertile Valley. One last time.

I brought my fingers to Meagan’s clitoris – which was engorged and red like a bean – and began flicking and rubbing it. Immediately Meagan began moaning again, throwing her head back and bucking her hips slightly.

“OH! D-daddy, yes… Yesss!” Meagan brought her tiny hands to her massive udders and began pulling and squeezing them herself; milk was streaming from her nipples. A ripple went through her gargantuan belly and then it hardened again. As it did, Meagan screamed and pushed – but with a sense of delight.

“OHHHH… UAAAAAAAAH!” I didn’t see her vagina bulge yet and dared to go further. I pushed three fingers in her vagina, then four, and slipped inside until I found a rough, ribbed piece of skin. Slowly I began to rub her G-spot with one hand, as I massaged her clitoris with the other. Within moments I felt her tighten – and this time she got wet from arousal.

“Drink, baby!” Peggy had come to Meagan’s face and, to my surprise, took off her sweater, revealing her own milky orbs. “D-don’t forget to drink!” She then thrust her boobs in Meagan’s face, who began to lick and suck the milk from her mother’s nipples. With one hand Peggy played with Meagan’s tits, squeezing and squishing it harder than I had done before.

“Mmmmh! UUHNNNNMH!” Meagan’s moans were muffled in between layers of tit flesh. Peggy started moaning too – all the while Meagan thrust her hips at me, building towards her climax.
“I-it’s good! Feeling s-so GOOD!” she gasped, coming up for air before Peggy mashed her tits in her face again. Meagan’s fun-bags were now erupting milk, splashing it all over her mother’s arm, drenching her own belly and coating the floor with the white liquid. How she could possibly hold so much milk was beyond me.

I moved in and out faster, my fingers beckoning and caressing her G-spot as the other hand flicked and pulled Meagan’s clit. Peggy had let Meagan breathe free again (maybe she got back to her senses?) and was, still half-naked, spurring her daughter on.

“You CUM, you little fuck-slut. Your daddy’s fingers feel GOOD, don’t they? You wanna cum HARD now and push that baby out. You’re close, aren’t you? Close from daddy teasing you?”

Back when we fucked I LOVED hearing my wife (or anyone, really) talk dirty. It was funny, almost, seeing how much it had the same effect on our daughter. Impressively Meagan actually lifted her butt up in the air as I fingered her, milking her giant, expanding tits, even with her massive boulder of a belly contracting and moving. If there was pain, she didn’t feel it.

“I… I’m…” she huffed, eyes squeezed shut, hips thrusting forward. The doctor was right next to me, standing by. Peggy was fondling her own breasts, unaware of how her own breastmilk squirted over Meagan’s belly.

“Oh da-UNGH! I’m cuhmm-Imgonnacuumm…” I felt her vagina spasm and tighten, and with a final thrust Meagan pulled herself up.


Before I knew it the doctor pulled me away and, with a loud ‘PUSH!’ ordered her companions to push down again on Meagan’s belly. It worked wonderfully. As Meagan orgasmed, spouting torrents of milk from her erect nipples, her vagina finally bulged as the fourth child finally broke free from her cervix.

“UAAAAAAAAAAARGGH!” Meagan cried in a mixture of orgasmic delight and pressuring hurt. Ten seconds later the baby’s head protruded from her vagina and the doctor guided it out. It was a boy – a big, fat boy, easily more than 10 pounds.


Things now happened fast. The second doctor, apparently an anaesthesiologist, swiftly prepped Meagan for the C-section. The midwife, previously on stand-by with the three babies, had brought clean towels from the ambulance (I hadn’t even heard it arrive) and thus the make-shift operating room was done.

Peggy and I stayed and held Meagan’s hands as the doctor skilfully performed the Caesarean. Fleur, who had untimely come down in the middle of the procedure, had managed to faint again.

An hour later the other four babies – three more girls and one boy – were delivered and on their way to the hospital, together with an absolutely exhausted Meagan. We had dismissed Fleur after she had woken up, and all too gladly she went to her room upstairs. We’d follow to the hospital soon – there was no more space in the ambulance, after all – but took a moment to breathe, and be alone.

After a few minutes of tidying up in silence, Peggy spoke my name.


Her tone was soft and motherly, devoid from the previous worry and panic. I looked at her, my busty woman, my wife, standing there in the kitchen with the light from outside shining golden around her head, and smiled.

“She did it. WE did it, Bill.”

Her smile made me fall in love with her all over again.

“We truly, finally, did it.”

Author's note: with 26(!) pages this final chapter was the longest to write (and rewrite), and at times it felt impossible. I hope it isn't wearisome, as to me, at times it felt just that. Perhaps that would be fitting, considering the Herculean birth scene at the end - a bit of meta-fiction for you, perhaps? With this final chapter over there's only the epilogue - a much shorter and down-to-earth chapter that ties things up in a neat bow.

The size of this chapter inevitably led to more delays than I wanted - so I can't thank you all enough for your patience, as always. I know I work for free - but by no means do I intend to take anybody's money. For the fans, by a fan, I shall say. Thank you all over what has become almost a year of writing - especially for your ideas, your support, and your encouragement.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Mixful » Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:51 am

Thank you man seriously you have done a fantastic job continuing Fertile Valley I always looked forward to the chapters and so happy to see that it is finally ending. I will say as for someone who isn't a fan of birth you did good with the Megan scene got a little intense there I must say. Kinda curious to know what Jim Davis would think about you continuing the story and finishing it, but the big question I have for you is what now? I know you still have the epilogue but that is most likely going to be simple and short which is fine but do you plan on like continuing to write more stories? On this site or somewhere else because I will happily read whatever you make, again well done on finishing the story loved reading every chapter and looking forward to whatever you do next!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby DylanX » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:21 pm

Once again, thanks for all your work, it is appreciated! That takes a LOT of time and you are really good at what you do!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Zaceria » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:47 pm


That final scene was the icing on the cake, very well done. Please do tell if you plan to start your own story after this?
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby bellylover48 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:33 am

This is such an awesome story, and this author's continuation work is so fantastic that I plan on commissioning an artist to illustrate a number of scenes from both the original works as well as these new chapters, to include the overdue Meagan poses.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:12 pm

Thank you for the kind comments, everyone. I am taking a short (two week) break from writing before I start with the epilogue.

To the question some of you had on what/if I will do after Fertile Valley: I honestly don't know yet. I'll likely disappear for a while, as this project truly was the only contribution that I had in mind, and it has tired me out somewhat. However, if I am to write, I'll likely make it a single-chapter short story (or stories). That is easier to complete and allows for each story to have unique focus.

bellylover48 wrote:...I plan on commissioning an artist to illustrate a number of scenes from both the original works as well as these new chapters, to include the overdue Meagan poses.

I am honored you consider my story art-worthy, many a thanks to you! When they have been completed, please do share the images in this thread and I shall link to them in the first post.

Once more, thank you all and enjoy the story!
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