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Continuation of Fertile Valley

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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Tue May 10, 2016 8:00 pm

Dearest all,

This story continues the Fertile Valley story. To fully appreciate this continuation I encourage you to read the original 12 chapters written by Jim Davis.

The story will have pregnancy, incest, pre-teen (consensual) sex, breast/penis expansion and cum inflation. If any of these are not to your liking, perhaps this work is not for you. This is a work of fiction and is by no means a justification of pedophilia.

CHAPTERS click on the link to read the chapter:
Chapter 13 One Month After
Chapter 14 Seed & Shower
Chapter 15 Curriculum Gravida
Chapter 16 The Ovum Conundrum
Chapter 17 Battle of Boobs and Bellies
Chapter 18 The Fertility Farm
Chapter 19 Overdue
Epilogue: Ten Years Later


Chapter 13 One Month After

So many things happened since the results of the lab report had come in. The FBI had done a thorough investigation of the child pornography case – and had made quite a few arrests. It hadn’t taken long for word to come out through TV and internet, spreading the “scandal of Fertile Valley” across the entire country. I had been called in for questioning numerous times – as well as for my expertise in genetics in this particular case of fertility-enhancing components, in every-day consumable products. The FBI was, however, the first to leave the valley.

Through their investigations the feds had come to that damn preacher Daniels a few times – but without concrete or clear evidence relating him to the pornography, the sly bastard could not be apprehended. Whenever interviewed on television you could just see his overconfident smirk as he related a (much more toned-down) version of his doctrine on procreation.

He was not, however, able to escape the national welfare department’s accusations, based on the results from the 3-page-long fax done by the lab. State police and other law administrators had come immediately after the feds were gone, and shut down his dairy factory and closed his water distributor. The preacher himself was meant to pay huge sums of money both in fines and compensation – but had of course disappeared the night before his apprehension.

The community of Fertile Valley had almost been indifferent to this change; a few devout churchgoers – people in the preacher’s inner circle – had simply stated that Daniels had gone and spread the word to other counties. A lie, and an obvious one at that, but one that most people drank up like they drank their fertility-enhanced water. Apart from the mayor, who cooperated graciously with the feds and my department, most common folk in the valley led on – and bred on – like nothing was going on at all.

My colleagues from the welfare department had stayed for a week or two, accumulating evidence and writing reports. I had been appointed to supervise them and collect their data – together with Maggie. With so many people around, as well as prying eyes of the government, I wasn’t at all surprised to find nurse Maggie wearing loose, unrevealing clothes; keeping up a professional appearance. With so much paperwork to deal with, results to analyse and data to collect, there had been no time for her usual teases, or even cheeky playfulness.

Upon the departure of my colleagues, the head of my department paid us a personal visit and notified me of my new tasks: “You are to compile an extensive report on everything that has happened, with a detailed history and thorough sample analysis,” he had said. This included trying to find out how long the preacher had been at it, going over his records (both personal and commercial) and taking samples of ground water, soil, crops and more. It would be very likely that I and my family, would have to stay in the valley for one more year. On the flip side, “compensation will be very generous,” my chief had said. When the month’s salary came in I could see that had not been a lie.

Which brings us to my wife and children. Last you read my wife was throwing up in the bathroom, and four of my daughters had all seduced me CRAZILY with their big, ever-growing tits. Coming home after tiring days of work I hadn’t always had the pleasure to find them awake (or, indeed, myself); but more often than not I would find myself stuffing my humongous, rock-hard dick in one of their sopping pussies, gushing rivers of cum in their oh-so fertile wombs.
It should be no surprise that Debbie, Dee, Melissa and Meagan had missed their periods, and gotten pregnant. VERY pregnant, I imagined, half ashamed and half too horny to care. Even only one month in and the changes were noticeable; the growth in their bust had accelerated, all four simply stretched out one bra after another. My sweet wife Peggy felt the most sore, she had been impregnated by me the earliest; her tits had swelled up two cup sizes at least and felt very tight, she exclaimed more than once. Debbie already showed the slightest of pudge in her belly; Meagan had already looked like that and had not yet changed there. Both their nipples had gotten fatter though, the areolas puffy and oh-so juicy looking. They felt tightness and discomfort too, and both (but especially Meagan) enjoyed rubbing and massaging their oversized boobs to relieve themselves. It also caused their tits to balloon a cup size BIGGER, driving me absolutely out of my mind.

In all this sexual craziness it was a miracle that Julie and Jenny had not grown abnormally at all. Indeed, they had shown no signs of sexual activity, and were very much aware of what it would mean if they TOO were to get pregnant. I suppose being the oldest made them, in this case, the wisest. But even more surprising was our oldest son, Adam, who had chosen his videogames over any-and-all things to do with the world outside. He went to school, came home, locked himself in his room and turned on his Nintendo.

All of this had happened in merely one month. All the chaos at work had completely disappeared by this time, with only myself and Maggie remaining. That was another BIG change: Maggie. As soon as my colleagues and chief had gone she went back to wearing her tight uniform again. Now she was only three months pregnant, but she looked twice that size. She had a BIG belly, swelling with babies, and even BIGGER tits. My god, those things were growing by the day, I thought, bursting through her uniform – literally, at one point; a button had popped off when she arched her back and her breasts just OOZED out of their bra. I could barely concentrate with her around, and she loved to tease me with her figure. My dick would grow painfully large and nothing could subside it; nothing except stuffing her ripe, pregnant pussy and pumping her full of my cum. “You’re mine, mister,” she would purr in my ears as she slammed herself on my cock, “Oh yea baby, like that – FUCK you are so big, Bill. You’ve gotten BIGGER lately, and FATTER – you’re stretching my pussy, baby, stretching it and I LOVE it.” Her tits would swell up from excitement and she had no trouble pointing it out. “Look what you’re doing to my tits, Bill. They’re SWELLING, they are growing for you baby – oh, fuck your cum in me Billy, I want your cum in my BIG, PREGNANT belly!” I would lose it seeing her big, sexy tits bouncing in front of me, feeling her pregnant belly against me – and I’d cum deep inside her, deep and hard.

But that had been a week ago. For the past seven days I had not been home, or in the office at the clinic. Instead I had driven cross-county to hunt down the preacher, Lucas P. Fucking Daniels. But he was a sly devil – ironically – for a man of the cloth he had seemingly completely disappeared off the face of the earth. I had been asking people, especially fellow clergy in the numerous little churches, but everyone had the same cover story – perfectly rehearsed (as I was certain had been the case). In his own office, right behind the largest church in the valley, I had found bits and pieces of evidence only: a neglected file, some post-its with hastily scribbled data and a seemingly innocent-looking bible with words and phrases randomly highlighted; I later discovered that together they made entirely new sentences, revealing a little more.

Then had come the taking of soil samples. This had been the most arduous task; the chief of my department wanted samples of all around the valley. Fortunately the people I met were very kind, helping me out and allowing me to take samples of the ground in their farmland. That was how I had gotten crop samples as well, as many of the farmers considered health-related work important – especially in case of fertility research.

Being out there for the whole week, though, sleeping in little, shabby motels had brought along quite a complication. I hadn’t had sex AT ALL, and with so many farm girls and wives being overly well-endowed – as well as pregnant, HUGELY pregnant more often – my sexual drive was more than I could handle. I didn’t get enough sleep either; the small roadside motels had a reputation of being love shacks; the midnight moans and banging would not allow for a peaceful night. On top of that, the research (and preacher hunt) had left me too exhausted to help myself out. Whenever I had left a farm I’d have a painfully hard, throbbing erect penis, pressing against my pants like a swollen third leg. Only when collecting and counting the data would it subside, and was I able to crawl in bed – only to have to listen to the sounds of nightly activity going on around me.

This was the last evening, though, and I had almost finished up taking samples at the church. My watch showed me it was around 10 pm, and I felt weary – but not as exhausted as before. With the preacher gone, the large church had less of a following than before, and the mass had been shorter, giving way for a greatly needed quietness. As I was toiling away in the grassy fields just outside the church grounds, halfway up the hill, I could see the stars above appearing, and for those precious few hours I had felt completely serene. The outdoors, sound of crickets and croaking frogs, the silent stars, fresh breeze and smell of grass and flowers all made me forget my primal urges and needs.

When I finished labelling the samples and had put them in the car; when I sat down in the driver’s seat and turned on the engine; only then was I brought back to reality, the valley, the preacher, the swelling bosoms and bellies. My OWN swelling prick. I was half tempted to unzip my pants and jack off in the car, but if I left now I might still make it home, to my newly pregnant wife – and the thought of humping the living daylight out of my sexy, hot wife was enough to get me driving. It was also enough to get me a boner, desperate to escape the confines that were my pants.

I hadn’t driven a mile or three when I saw someone walking along the side of the road. A young woman from the looks of it. As she noticed the light from my high beams (there had been no street lights on this part of the road) she turned around and beckoned me to stop. From a distance she looked very pretty, slender, black hair, wearing a light summer dress. I stopped next to her and rolled up the window. I was surprised to see she was Asian; she was the first person with oriental features that I had seen in Fertile Valley. She had a beautiful, smooth face, high cheekbones and a cute smile.

“Thank you so much for stopping, mister,” the girl started, pushing a lock of hair behind her left ear, leaning inward to properly see inside the car. “I’ve been walking for quite some time, and really need a ride…”

Who was I to deny a pretty young woman a ride, in the dark of night? I briefly contemplated what it’d mean for getting home to Peggy – but decided not to leave a woman alone in the dark. “Hop in,” I said, unlocking the door. The pretty Asian smiled widely and opened the car door, before plopping down on the passenger’s seat next to me. She stroked one hand through her hair as she closed the door, her thin, light-blue summer dress held in place with a large white belt. She was a petite girl, but she wasn’t pregnant, I could tell.

It was then that my eyes noticed her chest. Her big, BULGING breasts. Her summer dress was loose and flowing below her waistline – but from her belt and up it was stretched TIGHT. She filled up her dress, which revealed a lot of cleavage; her creamy-white skin pressed heavily against the fabric of her dress, and it jiggled with every movement she made. She’s not wearing a bra, I thought, and true enough, I could see her nipples poking through the dress, squashed against those HUGE orbs of flesh. My dick got hard just looking at her like that – it was difficult to return my eyes on the road and continue on driving, but I forced myself to do so.

“Thank you again, mister. I would’ve walked all night to get home if you hadn’t stopped for me,” the girl had a sweet, soft voice. I noticed she spoke more eloquently than the natives of the valley.

“Forgive me for asking,” I began, trying to sway my mind from horny thoughts (and to prevent my dick from exploding), “but you don’t seem to be from, eh, around here.”

The young woman giggled. “I know, right? I might just be the only Asian in this county! I actually came here as an exchange student, with my boyfriend.” Boyfriend. Of course she would have one. Any carnal desires of mine to have my way with her diminished; after all, she wasn’t from the valley. My painful boner, however, begged to disagree.

“Thing is,” the girl sighed, leaning back into the seat, “we’ve been here for two months now, and there’s not much studying goin’ on here.” I snickered at that, remembering what Meagan and Melissa were being taught at their school. “Yea, you’re in the wrong place for that!” I laughed. “People are busy here with, well, completely different things.” The girl laughed at that too, and I dared a glance at her; as she laughed her oversized breasts shook and jiggled in their dress, hypnotic and tempting. She noticed my stare and, embarrassed, I quickly looked ahead once more.

“Well, there was a second reason for coming here…” Was that a subtly seductive tone I heard? “My boyfriend and I, well… we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year or so, without results,” she continued, her voice ever so slightly sadder. “Where I’m from it is difficult to get fertility drugs, and my boyfriend thinks it is all MY fault.” She began to sound a bit angry. “I mean, I had to take all the possible drugs and vitamins here, and look at me!” As I glanced her way again she arched her back, pushing her chest forward; her tits stretched the dress even more; nipples poking hard at the fabric.

“I’m as ready for making babies as I’ll ever be!” Through the corner of my eye I saw her grab her boobs, squeezing them as she adjusted her dress. My dick was pulsing and had gotten so thick it was easily visible through my pants. ONE WEEK without release, and now a foxy, fertile little Asian with enormous tits was sitting next to me. I was beginning to regret stopping the car. Groaning a bit, my eyes glancing to my crotch, I shifted my legs trying to accommodate for my ever-growing erection, catching the attention of the sexy little woman beside me.

“This place did something to me,” she said softly, eyeing my crotch, “made me…GROW…” she looked up at me, with a slight blush on her cheeks. “I can see this place has done something to you as well, mister.”

I clumsily apologized, “I’m sorry, really…it’s just that, eh… I haven’t had an opportunity to, well… see, the past week I couldn’t…” A nervous bead of sweat ran along the side of my head. Damn, I couldn’t focus on steering the car, looking at this hot, busty young girl AND get my thoughts across. But she giggled again – tits jiggling – understanding me perfectly.

“You haven’t had sex in a while, huh?” her triumphant exclamation made me feel even more embarrassed. God, she was pretty. I just wanted to jump on her, rip that dress up, free those MASSIVE boobs and plaster them with my white, gooey cum.

“I’m a researcher here, trying to collect data on the fertility issues in this valley,” I said, trying to distract myself from her ‘assets’. “I’ve been out for a week, and haven’t had time with my wife, or… even to… help myself.” I confessed, sighing, shifting my position once more.

Then the girl moved her hand to me leg, slowly reaching my penis. “Maybe you could…explain this fertility thing to me…in private.” Her soft, smooth purr increased my lust for her. “Maybe a thorough…examination…is in order.” My dick jumped a bit under her hand; she pressed slightly harder and began to stroke it.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Even a foreigner – who had probably been raised with stricter standards than in the valley – was unable to resist the sexually enhancing effects of this place! The threshold in my mind was fading the more the horny, busty girl touched me…but there was one more hurdle.

“Y-you have a boyfriend…” I managed. She kept stroking my throbbing, growing manhood, smiling kindly to me.

“My boyfriend is infertile, mister. I KNOW I can make babies, I can FEEL it. With the stuff I have taken while I’ve been here, I can make MANY babies,” she had begun to caress one of her big, luscious breasts with her free hand, “He blames me, but we’ve done it countless times, and it’s not working.” She removed her hand from my crotch, much to my displeasure. “I need a real man, with a real…BIG…manhood.” She eyed my dick, biting her lip as she saw it thickening in my pants. I could’ve cum all over myself right then and there. “Please, mister,” she begged, almost moaned, “I can see you need the relief… Let’s help each other out.”

Any threshold I had held on to was gone. We pulled up in a small motel after a painfully long ten minute drive. There was no motel owner, though we did hear some hefty noises coming from the utility cupboard in the back. We decided to take a key from a room at the far end – one with many vacant rooms next to it, so other “noises” would not disturb us.

The young woman had me trailing her with my tongue out, one hand on my huge dick – throbbing all the more with the promise of release. Her cute, swaying butt and hips practically put me under a spell; she turned around once, and her big, swaying boobs bounced in her dress as she spun. I couldn’t wait to see them in their full glory – and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get to feel them and squeeze them.

The room was surprisingly spacious, and especially the bed was well-kept. Jenny Lee – for that was her name – was eighteen, she had said in the car, which in her country was a very respectable age for getting married – and getting knocked up. “My boyfriend won’t marry me until I get pregnant, ensuring he has children first,” she had told me. Helping her out would help her get married – and as far as ridiculous reasons for ploughing her brains out went, that seemed a totally acceptable excuse.

As she stood in front of me in the small room – curtains drawn – with a dim standing lamp shining on us, she shyly turned to me and said, almost in a whisper, “I’ve never done it with another man… but I’m so HORNY all the time, mister Bill. So horny and READY for children.”
“Just Bill, please, Jenny,” I said. “Before I came here, to this valley, I… I don’t think I could’ve done this either. But this place…” I sighed, locking eyes with the small Asian woman. Small, but with BIG, bouncy breasts. “It does something to you.”

“I want YOU to do something to ME now,” Jenny Lee teased, shyly grabbing my hands and placing them on her breasts. Through the silk-like material of her dress her soft, fleshy tits felt wondrous. Especially after a week of abstinence. She pulled my T-shirt up – I had to let go of those beautiful orbs – and then I removed the belt on her dress. Slowly she then pulled the summer dress over her head, freeing her enormous mammaries. As her dress gave way, her breasts fell and bounced right back into place.

My jaw dropped. Her slender, tiny figure had such perfectly shaped, huge breasts. Round, firm and not in the least sagging. What really struck me, though, was how perfectly round her areolas and nipples were. Slightly puffy, perfect circles with in the middle perky, erect nipples. I may have literally been drooling at them, like some dumb fool hungering for something sweet.
Jenny Lee smiled nervously, the blush on her cheek making her look even cuter. “They have grown so much here. I’m an EE-cup now.” Slowly she reached for my pants, unhooking my belt and unzipping me. She carefully lowered my pants and underpants together. I groaned at the lower part, when it got stuck for a bit around the swollen head of my dick, but then sighed of relief when she pulled it all the way down. When she looked up she gasped; her hands instinctively went to her beautiful breasts.

“Oh my GOD…Miste…I mean Bill, you are big. HUGE, Bill, y-you had that in your pants?” She felt my semi-erect dick up with both her hands, felt it growing hard in seconds. “It’s getting so THICK and LONG, Bill… And your balls, look at those MASSIVE balls!”

She wasn’t lying. I hadn’t realized it, but not having released any cum for a week had swelled up my balls almost absurdly large. They were like tennis balls, softly pulsing as Jenny cupped them.

“They are so HEAVY…Bill, you must be in agony…” Jenny Lee began to feel herself up, rubbing her cunt back and forth with two fingers. She was wet, VERY wet from the sound of it. My dick was almost fully erect now, about the length of Jenny’s forearm, but – amazingly – it was THICKER.

“I…I need this so badly…” the sexy Asian whispered, a bit of a tremble in her voice. Her nipples were getting more erect, her areolas puffed up a little more; her entire breasts were SWELLING with anticipation. She was entranced by my humongous cock, which had finally reached a fully erect state. It was pulsing like crazy as Jenny tried to grab it with one hand and began to slowly jerk my broad, thick shaft.

“I can’t reach around it with one hand, Bill,” she teased and purred, “I don’t think I can even with TWO hands, that’s how thick you are…You put a horse to shame, Bill, with a cock that LONG, and HARD, and FAT!” As she stroked upward to the tip of my penis, a huge glob of liquid spurted out and landed on her tits, dripping slowly downward, covering one of her large tits. She gave a short shriek, looking up at me in shock. “D-did you just cum? Already?”

I shook my head. “I’ve been producing a lot of pre-cum since you entered the car,” I explained. “I – I myself can’t believe I produce that much…” The amount that dripped from her chest was obscene; I couldn’t imagine how much I would actually cum.

That was all the petite Jenny Lee could take. She moved to the bed, lay down on her back and spread her legs. She had a clean shaven pussy, tight-looking, and oozing wet. My dick actually stiffened just looking at it.

“I can’t wait anymore, Bill…” she really did moan now, “I need you…I need…NEED that big cock in me right now…” She grabbed her tits and started massaging them, mashing them together. “My tits have grown bigger just from seeing your massive COCK, Bill…They are still swelling…Oh, oh god Bill, fuck me…fuck me HARD!”

My enormous, rock-hard cock was in pain, that’s how stiff and thick it was. I edged towards the bed and pushed the tip of my penis against her pussy, spreading her lips and slowly entered her. Jenny Lee gasped and squeezed her tits hard as I inched inside her; her legs trembling when I pushed past her G-spot. The head of my dick was inside her, and it felt TIGHT, tighter than my wife. Tighter than my sweet Meagan or Debbie. Her pussy was so tiny, so tight, and yet it took ALL of me, inch by inch, inside.

“Oh…oh god Bill, that’s it… Oh, you are STRETCHING me…You’re so fucking HUGE Bill…I’m gonna…g-gonna cum Bill, just from you entering me, I’m going to CUMMMMMM!” She arched her back, her massive tits pushing up in the air, as I felt her squeeze me even tighter. I continued pushing in – halfway now – and groaned every time her tiny little pussy convulsed.

“R-ram it in Bill…Oh, oh baby, I want it all inside me…stuff me with your horse dick, Bill!” I had been worried about how tight she was, but not anymore. I leaned forward, grabbed her sexy, bulging tits and as I squeezed them I pushed my entire fat, long cock inside of her dripping pussy. She shrieked and wrapped her arms around my back, cumming a second time. I couldn’t believe how tight she squeezed my fat prick – and how GOOD it felt. I began to thrust in and out, hard and deep every time, picking up the pace as she bucked her hips at me, moaning in rhythm.

“Oh! Oh, oh Bill… FUCK you’re big! Ah, AH, I’m cummingggg!” little Jenny Lee clenched her teeth, face bathed in sweat as she came a third time. Her vagina squeezed so hard that time I thought I might actually hurt her – but she kept moving her hips and colliding with me. I was panting, groaning, and felt my massive balls tingle as they slapped hard against her butt cheeks.

Jenny Lee’s eyes widened, suddenly. “Oh my god, Bill…I can fe… I can feel you GROWING… Bill, you’re getting BIGGER inside me…Ah…ahhh…Don’t stop…I-if you wanna c-cummm…” Jenny managed before another orgasm waved through her. Her perfect, puffy nipples were so sexy, hard and erect, pressing against my chest. Her tits shook up and down as I heaved my gigantic – growing – dick inside her. I was getting close to orgasming, and the idea of releasing a week’s worth of baby-making juice inside this very horny, VERY fertile little Asian pushed me closer still.

Then something happened I thought wasn’t possible. I felt her cervix against the tip of my cock, and it was opening. Slowly I felt it take on more and more of the head of my swollen cock, a little more with every thrust. I heard Jenny gasp and shriek: “Oh! Oh! OOOH! M-my womb…my womb WANTS your dick… Y-you’re entering my womb, Bill, oh baby… K-keep going! I can feel you swelling… Y-you’re so massive Bill…F-fuck my womb and cum directly inside!”

I felt it – the whole head of my penis went through her womb’s entrance and it tightened around it. Her panting, her swaying tits, her squeezing pussy – I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I felt my dick swell even MORE, felt my balls had grown too, and as if lightning ran through my entire shaft I pushed as deep as I could, blasting Jenny’s womb with my cum. Her eyes flared and she gasped as she felt the first load hit her; her legs trembling as she kept bucking her hips to guide me in even further. Wave after wave of cum shot out of me, my balls seemingly bottomless. God, it felt so good, after such a long time. I couldn’t stop cumming!

°Bill…Oh Bill, y-you poor man…holding it ba-ack for so long…” Jenny panted, tears of pure ecstasy in her eyes. “S-so much cum…You’re filling me up, baby…GOD there is so MUCH!” I could feel her tits press against me as she panted, her hard nipples poking me. “I’ll get pregnant…Bill, y-you’re getting me so VERY pregnant, I know it. Oh..ohh…Keep cumming… How can you cum so much?”

My dick was on fire. It hadn’t slowed down at all; I was still filling up Jenny Lee like a firehose, filling her tiny Asian womb with thick, gooey cum. I groaned as I moved myself up a bit – and didn’t believe what I saw.

Jenny’s flat little tummy had started to bulge. I could actually see it grow a bit with every spurt of my thick cum. Jenny followed my gaze and noticed it, too: “I-is that…? Oh Bill, look at my belly…I’m so full of your CUM that my belly’s expanding, Bill… I look three months pregnant already! God, I love it…I LOVE being STRETCHED by your massive cock…love being FILLED with your cum!”

Finally my orgasm began to subside. She did look three months pregnant. With my dick stuck so deep in her – even in her womb – my cum couldn’t leak out of her nasty little pussy. But even though I had just cum that much, I felt there was more – WAY more – in my balls. My dick had remained rock-hard too, the head of my dick still stuck in her womb.

Jenny Lee edged closer and began to whisper in my ear. “Bill…I can almost feel it. FEEL your sperm fertilizing my eggs. Yes Billy – EGGS. God, if I didn’t ovulate before all this fucking will have done it…” Slowly she began to move up and down my shaft – at least as much as my dick’s head allowed. “You’ve gotten me pregnant, Bill… Oh, you’re still so hard, and DEEP inside me… I’m impregnated and even LOOK pregnant with all your cum… Oh Billy, fuck me more… Fertilize me MORE… I want to make even more babies with you… Let’s see how much you can FILL ME UP!”

I was too horny to refuse, or to think about anything else than fucking this little minx until I had emptied my balls in her completely. We went at it again; my dick as hard and thick as before, pumping her pussy. Her tiny pussy, that still clamped down on me, still tightened whenever Jenny came, still somehow WANTED the onslaught of my massive cock. I grabbed her butt and pulled her upwards, thrusting more downwards myself. Her slightly pregnant-looking belly shook and shuddered with every thrust, her EE-normous, round tits rolled up and down, hitting her chin. Her gasps became moans; her moans became shrieks and she held on to my legs as she shook and trembled in another powerful orgasm.

“D-deeper, Bill. That’s it, DEEPER…Oh, oh God, your thick…BIG…cock is swelling again… CUM in me Bill, make my belly grow… I wanna be pregnant, Bill!” My dick was wet and slick from her pussy juices, grinding inside her, growing as I felt another orgasm building. My hands squeezed her sexy ass, lifted her up even higher; I was pounding down so hard I couldn’t hold back anymore. With an animal-like grunt I thrust down as deep as I could, balls pulsing, and exploded inside her womb. From how she squeezed me I knew Jenny Lee had cum as well; I’d lost count how many times that was already.

“Oh B..B-Bill…BILL!” She gritted her teeth, convulsing under me in orgasmic spasms; big breasts wobbling and shaking seductively each time she did. I was in ecstasy. We both looked at her belly, then. True enough, it was expanding. More…and more… shaping bigger and rounder, as I continued to fill her with impossible amounts of semen. Jenny bit her lip, blushing, her eyes locked on her protruding abdomen, bulging and getting rounder still.

“My God, Bill, I swear… each time you cum it’s like two more eggs are fertilized…Oh…oh, Bill, my belly, it’s GROWING so much… my womb is so FULL of your sperm, Bill, getting so much FULLER…” The look in her eyes was one of pure lust and wonder.

As my second orgasm stopped we both panted, dripping with sweat. My eyes darted from her swollen belly, looking five or so months along now, to her perfect tits. Beads of sweat were rolling off those heavenly mounds, and I couldn’t resist them anymore. I flung forward – her preggo-belly shaking – and buried my face in those giant boobs, grabbing them from the sides and feeling them up. I bit and suckled her nipples, feeling her puffy areolas on my tongue. I was like a beast in heat, and would enjoy this young woman’s body to the fullest.

Jenny Lee giggled. “I knew it, from back in the car. I KNEW you were a sucker for big, round TITS!” She wrapped her arms around my head, pushing me deeper into her soft, bouncy cleavage. I could’ve died in bliss right then. Then she pulled me up and looked me in the eyes.
“Bill…I’ve NEVER had sex like this before… I don’t want it to end yet…” I could only stare and blink at her beautiful, fair face. “I don’t know how, but my body wants MORE… It can take it, Bill, it can take you, your FAT COCK and all your SEED…” she had both her hands on my cheeks, then had them travel to my shoulders, arms, to my hands. She guided them to her swollen belly and pressed both our hands against it. My dick and my balls twitched when she did so, carnal desires returning in mind. I had more left to cum, more seed in those overly swollen testicles of mine, I felt it.

“I’m going to hold on to ALL that sperm, mister… I want everything you’ve got inside me…I wanna swell up with your cum until I can’t take it, and then I want to swell up some MORE…” she grabbed her own tits and began rubbing them, flicking her nipples. “I’ve never been hornier in my life, Bill, so DO me…make me cum again and again, until I pass out…then keep FUCKING me, Bill, keep CUMMING in me…” she moaned and arched her back – making her belly stand out even more – “…because I want to get very, VERY pregnant, with a LOT of babies… YOUR babies, Bill…”

I was living my wildest fantasies, hearing her moan those words. I loved the idea of knocking up this tiny Asian slut with as many babies as I could, and to actually SEE her belly grow from all that cum was too good to be true. I wanted more, like she wanted more; I wanted to see how big she could get from my massive loads of semen.

“Let’s try a different position,” I grinned, cupping her breasts before slowly turning her around. Slowly, because my fat, hard prick was still lodged deep inside her. After two huge orgasms the head of my penis had become a little smaller, but it was still stuck in her, plugging her womb up tight. Jenny caught on and in less than a minute she was on her hands and knees, those perfect ballooning tits hanging down, her expanded belly jiggling with each movement.

I began to thrust once more, slowly at first, then faster…and faster. God, this little pussy felt so GOOD. Her back arched, her sexy butt sticking up; it was a perfect view. Doing it doggy-style allowed me to slide even deeper inside her, and from this angle her vagina clenched and squeezed even more. Jenny Lee loved it, moaning louder and fucking her hips back at me, making us collide harder and faster. My cum-heavy balls slapped hard against her ass, growing and pulsing with the promise of another huge load begging to be released.

“I…I c-can’t hold it, Bill… I’m…I’m gonna cum s-so…SO hard…” Jenny’s big tits swayed back and forth with each hard thrust; her swollen belly shaking along. “Ooooh…I-it’s the bih…it’s the BIGGEST one yet, Bill…T-this is my favourite p-position…” I groaned as I felt my dick swelling, my balls tightening. “G-get me preg… PREGNANT, Bill… more and more pregnant… Bigger…and b-bigger… Oh I’m gonna c… I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna CUMMMMMM!”

Jenny shook and trembled, convulsing and spasming harder than before as I impaled her with my oversized cock. She shrieked in pleasure when I gave one final thrust, then with a loud moan I, too, spilled out in her once more. Like a fire hydrant I blasted inside her, my balls pulsing with each wave of cum.

“Oooooh B-BILLLLLLL… I’m so FULLLLL…I-it feels so good…” Jenny moaned, her teeth clenched as she did when she came. My hands automatically went to her belly, holding it. I could feel the skin stretching…growing….pushing my hands apart as her belly swelled and swelled with my seed. If anything it made me come even harder; my fat, hard dick filled up the young, horny woman until she looked seven months along; her pregnant belly was touching the bed sheets under us. Feeling her grow sent shivers down my whole body, even as my dick finally stopped blasting globs of semen inside little Jenny Lee’s wanting pussy.

“My goodness…Oh my goodness, I’m so full…” Jenny panted, still shivering, her hands rubbing her big, round belly. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say I’m carrying a child already. Bill…you wonderful, impossible man… I’m gonna be hugely pregnant…I’ll be ENORMOUS, Bill… There’ll be SO MANY babies growing in me…” I could hear her moan as she pressed her round, tight, gurgling belly. “I’ll put what you see here to shame, Bill… I’ll put all these girls in the valley to shame, that’s how PREGNANT you’ve gotten me…”

“One more time,” I had said the words even before my brain had even registered them. “I can… I need to come again…” It was the truth that I spoke; even though the swelling in my balls had gone down a lot, they still felt painfully large. My dick had once more decreased in girth, allowing me to finally, carefully, slip out of Jenny’s womb. It was still very much erect, spreading her tiny vagina – something Jenny Lee did not seem to mind at all.

“Alright, mister,” she teased, wiggling her butt. “But I want to be on top then, riding you with all I’ve got!”

As we changed positions and it was me on my back this time, I could only gasp and stare at the changes in her body. Her tits, round and perfect, had swollen a whole cup-size during our crazy fucking; her nipples were thick and erect, areolas swollen and puffy. Perfect orbs, glistening in sweat, heaving up and down with her every breath. Instead of firmly perched in place, her swollen boobs were now resting on her distended belly. She looked pregnant alright – belly sticking out, round and smooth – I couldn’t believe it was all from my semen, swirling inside her womb, finding as many eggs as possible to fertilize. I was certain there were many of those inside that ripe, sexy body.

“Alright, mister! Let’s make it count…let’s really empty you out this time! I want to be so HUGE I might pop!” With that, the tiny Asian began to push up and down my massive cock. She had to lean back and rest on her arms to work my long, thick shaft; a position that pushed her big, round belly out even MORE. My hands went from her thighs to her belly, rubbing and feeling it, to her tits, pulling her nipples as she picked up the pace. She was grinding my dick, panting and moaning short little puffs whenever she pushed down hard. I could see her wet juices flowing from her on my crotch – but surprisingly not a single drop of my cum leaked out of her. True to her word, Jenny held on to everything I had pumped into her.

It was a full twenty minutes she rode me before I felt the rumble in my balls, their slight swelling and the thickening of my monster cock. The sexy Asian had orgasmed numerous times, stroking her own belly and wishing to be pregnant at numerous intervals. I was letting out a low grunt, feeling I was getting close now, too.

“H-hold it back! Try h-hholding it back, Bill…” the busty young woman panted as she bounced up and down my slick shaft, boobs swaying and jumping along. “Keep it in a-a little longer…” she winced at a sudden spasm of my dick, “So when you DO cum, y-you give me all you’ve got!”
I put my arms on the bed and clenched them. Cum was being produced in those aching balls of mine at an alarming rate. Could I hold back? I tried distracting myself, closing my eyes. I thought of my work, the samples – anything to take my mind of this fertile goddess that was riding me like there was no tomorrow. For a minute or two it worked; my swelling member didn’t go down, but I supressed the urge to orgasm. That would, however, not last.

“B-Bill… You’ve swollen…oh, you’ve swollen s-so much… I’m ready Bill… Give me your biggest load yet!” Jenny Lee panted, a certain tiredness in her voice – distant over her horny moans and shrieks as it was. She was leaning back again on her arms, pushing her large belly outwards. “I’m so pregnant, Bill… I’ll be big and HUGE and SWOLLEN with babies… oh God, yes!” She must’ve felt my prick pushing hard against her cervix again, swelling from what she was saying to me.

“Look at me, Bill… L-look at my belly and cum… CUM all you’ve got left, drain your big, juicy balls and watch me GROW!”

I opened my eyes, taking in the beautiful, busty, horny woman riding my pulsating cock. Her eyes were shut tight, her arms and legs trembling – she was holding back her own orgasm too! I looked at her belly, filled with my cum, bouncing up and down. I wanted to see it grow, see it expand…

With a primordial shout I heaved upwards – Jenny Lee moaned loud and long – shoving my entire prick in pussy, reaching her womb one final time. The pressure and build-up from holding back rushed through my shaft as I came, and came… and CAME. Her entire body trembling, her nipples harder than ever, her hair slick with sweat clinging to her back. We both climaxed the hardest we had done that night – perhaps the hardest in our entire lives.

As I unloaded inside her I witnessed her big belly ripple a bit, then stretch outwards, swelling bigger and bigger. She was gorgeous, womb growing from all my cum, and swelling still. Her skin grew taut, her belly was getting absolutely HUGE. She groaned loudly then and tensed up, and with a -pop- her belly button pushed outwards from the pressure. She sighed in relief as I jizzed my final waves of cum inside her; the growing of her belly finally coming to a halt. I had completely emptied my balls inside of her. She looked overdue with a big, heavy baby, her skin smooth, and shiny, and taut. Sweat dripped from her boobs on this massive dome and slowly trickled down her sides on a circular path. She shuddered and exhaled slowly, inhaling deeply, rubbing the sides of her extended form.

“Amazing…” she whispered, head thrown back. She was smiling in pure bliss, breathing deep and steady. Her form reminded me of when Peggy had Adam, our first son; her belly had been about the same size. Jenny Lee had grown rounder though, and her belly button stuck out cuter. Her skin was more taut; though I supposed that was from the sudden growth.

Jenny reached forward and patted her distended stomach. It wobbled slightly but was too tight to react otherwise. Surprisingly the small woman showed no signs of discomfort.

“Phew…Wow, Bill…my God am I enormous!” Jenny Lee giggled while stroking her shiny round belly. “Like I’m full-term!” She gave me a naughty look. “But I think you and I both know there’ll be more than just one kid inside me. I think even more than twins or triplets…” She stretched out her arms farther than her belly, hovering over my face. “In nine months, Bill, I may be up to HERE. Will you meet me then, too? One last fuck with a HUGELY pregnant Asian?

I laughed and nodded, caressing her belly too. “I’ll leave you my number, Jenny,” I smiled at her. She smiled back. We hadn’t kissed each other’s lips, both knowing this was nothing but pure, raw sex. My penis had finally gone limp, and, groaning due to the added weight, Jenny Lee pushed herself off.

She stood up, turned a bit wobbly and uneven, then stretched her arms and arched her back. From the side she looked HUGE, her belly sticking out a feet or so. Sleep was waving over me, though, having orgasmed so hard and long four times had drained me of my energy. I had many questions swirling in the back of my mind: how could I produce all that semen? And at such a fast rate? How could she take such rapid expansion? But it would have to wait; I had a year of research ahead of me, after all. I yawned and let my head drop on the pillows. I barely noticed Jenny lie down next to me, but assumed she fell into a wonderful sleep as well.


The next morning I woke up to the sound of the shower. Stretching and yawning I made my way out of bed to have a shower too. Perhaps Jenny Lee would allow me to join her?

I opened the shower door – it wasn’t locked – to find the busty woman rinsing her long, black hair. Her belly was gone; she must’ve let out everything before she showered. I was a little bummed I hadn’t been awake to see that! She smiled at me, wagging her finger.

“Uh-uh, mister! No more! Yesterday was unbelievable, unimaginable even, but I have a boyfriend to surprise!”

A short flash of disappointment crossed my mind – but I understood her perfectly well. She was right; of course she was. I had been thinking with my other head the night before, and now our lives would part again, as they should.

I showered after she was done, finally able to focus my thoughts. I’d have to bring the samples to the lab, find out more about the fertility effects…but more importantly, I needed to go home. I knew I needed to talk to Peggy; about my weakness to our daughters – especially Meagan – about nurse Maggie and about my insane night with Jenny Lee. Hell to pay, I thought to myself. But I need us both to see this through together.

I said goodbye to Jenny – she wanted to walk the rest to her small flat, which she said was nearby – returned the keys – still no sign of a motel owner – and got back into the car. It wasn’t until I was halfway home that I realized I had forgotten to give Jenny my number, though that was probably for the best. I smiled at the memory of last night, but there was no arousal for now. I thought about Peggy and nodded in stern determination. It was time to come clean.

Author's notes:
Like many fans of Davis’ erotica I’ve been waiting for a continuation of Fertile Valley for, admittedly, far too long. Davis wrote 12 chapters, and unfortunately never returned to the story. For years I’ve toyed with the idea of continuing the erotica, postponing it until now. I haven’t made a complete outline yet, but I’m thinking of adding seven/eight chapters, giving the story a proper end. This will take time - months, likely. Please be patient, and please be kind.

I am aware that there is a reprise of the story on the net - but I find it isn't to my liking.

I’m trying to keep the style of writing close to the original. Chapter 13 is purposely not about any recurring characters and functions as both a try-out for myself, as well as a means to gauge readers' reactions without ‘spoiling’ the original characters.

Feedback and future ideas are always appreciated, as well as constructive criticism. Feel free to post your thoughts, or PM me; I don't come here often, so be patient expecting an answer.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Anon88 » Sat May 14, 2016 6:17 am

Looking forward to more. I agree the other unofficial sequel was pretty bad from a pregnancy/expansion fetish point of view, it was pretty much all incest/generic sex story instead of pregnancy/inflation/growth.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby betterbigger7 » Sun May 15, 2016 7:08 am

What a perfect addition to a great story. Looking forward to more chapters.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Bryce101 » Sun May 15, 2016 11:48 am

That sequel was trash and I hated how it went. Yours is way better.

Im curious to see how Jenny turns out. Im sure shell have some more appearances as she gets larger.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby jfingers » Thu May 19, 2016 3:07 pm

It sounds like you're on track for a great continuation of the story.

One suggestion, though. Don't make Bill confess his horniness to Peggy lIke it's some guilty secret. She knows all about it. She loves it and participates in it whenever she can, and now she's pregnant as hell! It's all about the chemicals, don't you know. Nobody's fault, really. She should enjoy it lIke she always has. If anything at all, let her complain about Maggie. Saucy, big-bellied Maggie can have the time of her life distracting Bill from his wife. Great rivals, they can both worry about whether they will get their share of him. They won't know that he has he has enough for both of them, and maybe Meagan, too.

At the most, he should promise to TRY not to get anyone else pregnant. But who knows? Billy has a well-earned reputation, and there are lots of girls like Jenny Lee in the world. Maybe they'll stay in town until they deliver and to get some occasional comfort from Bill as their bellies ripen up huge.

Also, Reverend Daniels was not a chemist. Maybe Dixon, Fertile Valley's pharmacist, has those formulas and whips up another batch of water or pills from time to time.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Fri May 20, 2016 6:02 pm

jfingers wrote:It sounds like you're on track for a great continuation of the story.

One suggestion, though. Don't make Bill confess his horniness to Peggy lIke it's some guilty secret. She knows all about it. She loves it and participates in it whenever she can, and now she's pregnant as hell! It's all about the chemicals, don't you know. Nobody's fault, really. She should enjoy it lIke she always has. If anything at all, let her complain about Maggie. Saucy, big-bellied Maggie can have the time of her life distracting Bill from his wife. Great rivals, they can both worry about whether they will get their share of him. They won't know that he has he has enough for both of them, and maybe Meagan, too.

At the most, he should promise to TRY not to get anyone else pregnant. But who knows? Billy has a well-earned reputation, and there are lots of girls like Jenny Lee in the world. Maybe they'll stay in town until they deliver and to get some occasional comfort from Bill as their bellies ripen up huge.

Also, Reverend Daniels was not a chemist. Maybe Dixon, Fertile Valley's pharmacist, has those formulas and whips up another batch of water or pills from time to time.

Great suggestions, thank you; I will definitely keep them in consideration whilst writing the chapters. I had, indeed, already intended for a rivalry between Maggie and Peggy. The confession is not what it seems - but I am going to re-read parts of the original with your suggestions in mind.

It's great to have a community able to help shape the story. I am writing chapter 14 currently, so it is on its way.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby KnightOfZero » Mon May 23, 2016 2:10 am

I had never heard of the Fertile Valley series until stumbling upon this post. But I must thank you for a week's worth of great reading, and I think your chapter is probably the hottest so far! Even though I don't have a history of waiting for this series to continue, I feel like it is in great hands.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Mon May 30, 2016 12:56 am

Chapter 14 Seed & Shower

It was around 9 AM in the morning when I pulled into the driveway of our house. I knew the children would be at school, so I didn’t need to worry about them listening in on (or distracting) my conversation with Peggy. As I opened the car door my heart fluttered nervously. There was a part of me that fought against the decision to confess; a part that didn’t want to suffer the possible consequences. A part, I realized, which wanted to keep doing lustful, sinful things to my wife and daughters. I walked to the front door with a terrible feeling in my gut. Best get this over with, I thought to myself.

The door was unlocked. As I stepped into the hallway I noticed Peggy’s coat wasn’t on its usual peg. Had she gone out? My question was almost immediately answered when I heard sobbing coming from the living room.

Any nervousness melted away. I opened the living room door and rushed in with a worried look on my face. My wife was sitting at the large dining table near the open kitchen, a box of tissues in front of her. She was still wearing her coat; how long had she been crying?

Only when I approached the table did she see notice me. “Oh, Bill…” she whimpered, dabbing under her teary eyes. I sat down next to her and grabbed her hand. I had much to say, but it’d have to wait a moment.

“It’s all so fucked up!” Peggy sobbed, throwing the tissue on table in an almost violent fashion. “You’ve been gone for a week doing God-knows-what and we…we’re just sitting here, EXPANDING!” She looked at me then, my beautiful, sad wife. “I didn’t want to get pregnant again, Bill. Not after eight children. On top of that four of our daughters are fucking knocked up! How could I let this happen, Bill? In just a few months?”

I carefully wiped my wife’s face with my hands, caressing her cheeks. “It’s not your fault, honey,” I softly kissed her on her lips. “I wanted to be angry with you – ever since I learned the girls hadn’t been taking their pills. But I can’t. I can’t put blame on you...” Peggy sighed, her voice a shiver, breathing a short breath before sighing again. I continued, “You already knew what was in the report from last month, how many untested chemicals and fertility drugs are in the medicine and water bottles. How milk and meat is processed here.”

Closing her eyes, Peggy nodded. “I know, I know – but still! I’m their MOTHER, Bill, a-and had I been stricter, or more vigilant…” tears were welling up in those loving, caring eyes once again. I took a deep breath and held it for a second or two.

“If anyone, I’m to blame. You were right, ever since we came here, honey… You have always been right.” She looked up at me once more, a look of curiosity amidst her worries. I wanted to start crying myself, then.

“Back in the hotel you knew better than I did, Peg,” my voice was trembling now, getting closer to the point, “you predicted I wouldn’t be able to resist, even if I thought I could…” I couldn’t look at my wife anymore, and instead my eyes darted at the box of tissues on the table.

“Meagan especially was too much of a tease,” I continued, “and she KNEW she got to me. She has grown the biggest, honey, and used her…assets… to turn me on.” I took a sharp breath now. “Last month, before the lab results came in, she seduced me and I gave in... I fucked her, fucked her silly… Damnit, I was weak for her – I still AM weak for her, Peg. I’m the one who knocked her up!”

I had closed my eyes and was waiting – waiting for an onslaught of verbal accusations, emotional discharge, crying or slapping. I was waiting for anything and everything to happen. I heard Peggy stand up, shift the chair…and felt her hugging me, wrapping her hands around me, my head in between her breasts.

“Bill, you fool… You thought I didn’t know already? That I didn’t see the chemistry between our Meagan and you?” she rapped on my head with her knuckle. “Of course I knew… Those little visits upstairs to the girls’ rooms; sneaking out of bed when you thought I was asleep…” She wobbled her breasts in my face almost affirmatively. “I know you, Bill, and with Meagan strutting around, her enlarging TITS popping out of her bras and shirts, I knew you would give in.”

“But that’s not all…” I tried, but was immediately cut off by Peggy.

“Yes, yes… You’ve had sex with Melissa, Dee and Deb as well, possibly knocking them up too. You know what?” She then pulled me away from her cleavage and looked at my confused face. For half a minute neither of us spoke. She sat down again, still looking at me. “I would blame you, but…I suppose I have a confession to make, myself.” my wife sighed, unconsciously rubbing her slightly puffed-up stomach. She was still wearing her coat, obscuring much of her figure. “You haven’t been the only one who’s been seduced, Bill,” Peggy started, now facing the window overseeing the creek.

“You know how much I love big, HUGE dicks, Bill… how much I love your big dick…” she began to shift nervously in her chair. “it’s Peter, honey, we’ve… Well, he complained about his growing pains and at first I thought he could just help himself, but…” She turned her head back to me, knowing she had my full attention, “…but it wasn’t enough for him. He stayed hard – hard and HUGE, Bill. Our son has the cock of a mule!”

Peggy finally removed her coat, revealing her figure. Her breasts had been a sexy double-D size when we just arrived in the valley. Now two sexier engorged F-cup boobs were straining against her bra – visible through her white T-shirt. She had a bit more belly fat than a month before, preparing for her pregnancy. She was, after all, one month along now.

She mashed her boobs together and squeezed them hard. “he got turned on by my tits, Bill…he would grab them, just like that, not knowing it was wrong to do. He’d start jerking off to me, milking his dick and he’d SHOWER me in his cum, Bill…” she looked at her own chest, her boobs bulging from between her fingers. “Just like you I thought I could be strong…but he had me in a trance, honey…” Peggy began feeling up her breasts again while telling her story. I was hanging on her every word – my eyes hanging on her fat tits; and so was my dick, looking at my wife squeezing and grabbing all that soft flesh.

“Ever since you poured your seed inside me I’ve been getting hornier…and hornier…” I couldn’t believe what I saw – my wife was getting aroused from confessing to me! “A few weeks ago I couldn’t help it anymore, Bill. I yanked off my clothes, and then I yanked his big dick. I did it all, hon, I gave him a blowjob, a titjob, and I had him stuff my pregnant pussy with that…that huge COCK of his.”

I had begun to rub my penis through my pants, looking at my wife getting herself worked up, speaking of her time with our son Peter. Our ten-year-old, massively HUNG Peter. Peggy continued, her hands now unclasping her bra from under her shirt.

“I let him fuck me as much as I fucked him back, Bill. I knew I had been knocked up by you, I somehow KNEW…and that was all the reason I needed to fuck Peter’s fat cock. Ooh, that’s better…” Peggy finally unclasped her bra and her tits almost jumped free, pushing her shirt forward. I was slowly losing my composure; I had absentmindedly unbuckled my belt and – though part of me knew I shouldn’t – I was unbuttoning my pants.

“We’ve done it more since then, hon. Just like you and our girls… and our little BUSTY Meagan. Whenever you weren’t there Peter and I would fuck like rabbits…” her confession had turned into a lustful seduction. Her entire body screamed sex: her eyes were full of desire, her breathing had become more rapid and she was rubbing her legs together. Damn, I had one crazy-hot wife!

“So you and I both did things we swore we’d never do,” her voice was sweet as honey, “and it’s nobody’s fault except the valley’s…” she dropped to her knees, then, slowly working my pants down, revealing the bulge in my underwear. She got me more and more excited.

“Just talking about it makes me…oh Bill, I know I was just crying a minute ago, but my hormones are in OVERDRIVE!” She pulled my hardening penis free from my underpants and began to jerk it with one hand, the other one squeezing and rubbing her boobs. “I understand now why everyone in this valley is knocked up. VERY knocked up. I get why they give in to their lust, Bill, it just feels too damn good!”

Without warning Peggy bent down and slipped my dick in her mouth. I groaned, my hands moving to her head as she began to suck my dick like crazy. She was slobbering all over it, licking the shaft and shoving it down her throat. I pulled her free before I would grow too thick –she simply began to suck the head of my dick, licking the tip, kissing it while stroking the long shaft with both her hands. My wife was in heat, and it turned me ON.

°We just have to survive this year, Bill…” Peggy slurped and panted all over my massive cock. “Until you’re done here, then we must get out…before we don’t – oh God you are big…”

She didn’t need to continue. Before we didn’t WANT to leave anymore. My wife, though crazy with lust, understood all too well that if we weren’t careful we’d end up like the poor, brainless fuckers from Fertile Valley, jumping at any occasion to impregnate, well, anyone. Peggy knew – yet was unable to resist. Just like myself, she had fallen victim to the whims of this place.

She then removed her T-shirt, releasing those heavenly breasts I had come to love so much. They were bigger alright – bigger than Jenny Lee from last night. Her nipples were larger and slightly darker – something that always happened when she got pregnant. She lured me over to the sofa and, jumping out of my clothes, I eagerly followed.

“Just look at what you’ve done to me, Bill…” she pushed her chest out, hitting me in the face with her engorged tits. “I’ve never grown this fast, not even when I was pregnant with Mel and Meagan. How pregnant do you think I am, Bill?” She mashed her tits together, burying my face in her cleavage. “How many babies do you think you fucked into me?” My dick twitched at her mentioning that. She was prone to have multiples, we already knew this; now, with all the fertility treatment in this place, there was no telling how hugely pregnant she was.

“You’re going to see me grow big, Bill. Bigger than EVER before. Big…and swollen…with more babies than I ever carried.” She pushed me down on the leather sofa and sat on her knees in front of me, pushing my enlarged penis in between her breasts. Slowly, teasingly, she began to stroke my dick with her tits, up and down, squeezing them from the sides.

“You’ve grown so big too, honey… No wonder Meagan is all over you…You’re bigger than Peter – THICKER than Peter, sweetie…” her breasts were getting slick from my precum, lubricating them as she gave me the tittyfuck of my life.

“And now SHE’s pregnant too, Bill. You got little busty Meagan pregnant, and with her rate of growth, well…she may as well get BIGGER than me. Can you imagine it, baby? Meagan’s cute tummy getting rounder…her boobs swelling up, her tiny figure OUTGROWING me?” I gritted my teeth listening to her, feeling her tits wrapped around my dick. My wife began sucking the tip of my penis, lapping up the precum as fast as it oozed out. “You’ve got a whole family of horny, pregnant girls, Bill. You’ll be surrounded with bellies that will swell to MASSIVE size, hon, big bellies with big fat TITS to match!”

The image my wife conjured up was too much. I came, and as I did my wife wrapped the tip of my cock with her soft boobs; my cum poured out the top and ran along the sides of her fuck-pillows. When my orgasm subsided I had plastered Peggy’s breasts in so much cum they were completely drenched. Slowly she lifted her dripping mounds and licked the sperm from them.

“You naughty man. I made my naughty man cum thinking about his wife and daughters getting fuller, didn’t I? My dirty man loves the idea of fucking his VERY pregnant women, doesn’t he? Oh, you are still hard babe…I want you to shoot your load inside me now… fuck your PREGNANT WIFE!

She was on top of me before I knew it, slipping my fat prick inside her slick, pregnant pussy. She was very wet – I noticed the inside of her vagina was thicker and puffier than normal; something my dick remembered from her last pregnancy.

“I-I have another confeh – oh hon – confession to make,” my pregnant wife panted as she rode me. “After you knocked me up…I…I haven’t just fucked Peter…” her large boobs bounced up and down. “In a public restroom, a man… I don’t even know his name…”

I groaned and thrust my pelvis upwards, fucking my cock deeper into Peggy’s cunt. “Guess I’m next again, huh?” I said as we looked at each other; a lustful couple humping one another like crazy. “I fucked Maggie, the nurse that works with me.”

“T-that busty slut?” Peggy grabbed her tits and lifted them up. “What a bi…bitch, seducing you… W-well I fucked Meagan’s teacher when her scores dropped!”

Our confession had by now become a boasting game. “I fucked an Asian student yesterday…Fucked her so hard she looked pregnant with my sperm!”

Thinking back of Jenny Lee and how swollen she looked made me come again, Peggy riding me hard and fast.

“Ooh Bill, you ARE naughty…f-fucking your seed into a young, fertile Asian!” Peggy grinned, her butt a blur as she slammed my dick inside her. She went all the way to the tip and dropped hard on my balls, squeezing more and more semen out of them.

“F-U-C-K…I missed this...” Peggy loved it rough, especially when aroused. She was panting heavily, her F-cup tits wobbling and slapping against my chest. I grabbed and squeezed them; I noticed they were heavier and felt fuller than before. As I bit and squeezed her nipples she went stiff and orgasmed hard with my fat dick buried inside her.

“O-ooohhh B-billlll! H-honey…I fucking LOVE you…” she clung onto my shoulders as the orgasm rushed through her; hips spasming and tits shaking. Then she climbed off my penis, globs of cum bubbling and oozing from her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you a lot, Bill…every day… more than once if I can. You’ll get to see me grow, Bill, over the next eight months. I’ll grow and grow with multiple babies inside me – and I will fuck you until I go into labour. That nurse, Maggie, our daughters…Meagan, they’ll have to learn to share!”

In the afterglow of fucking my favourite woman on earth we finally came back to our senses. Peggy had been just as active as I was, which in hindsight should not have surprised me so. We understood each other – and loved each other to bits. We agreed we’d need to get out of Fertile Valley after my job was finished, and learn to live a ‘normal’ life again – though with how many new kiddos added to the mix we didn’t dare to think of.

It was way past time to go to the lab and get the samples analysed, so after a quick shower and breakfast with Peg I drove to the clinic. There was a lot to do and to prepare, I knew, and there was one thing I’d have to test in particular.

As I parked in my usual spot – reserved for nurses, doctors and myself – I caught a young mother with her daughter hurrying from their rusty pick-up to the main entrance of the maternity ward. The mother must’ve been 17 or 18 years old only; she was a few months pregnant and her tits were hanging loosely in a wide, sleeveless dress. She was well-endowed, but she was NOTHING compared to the younger girl she rushed onwards. Her daughter – I assumed it was her daughter – leaned far back to accommodate for her heavily pregnant belly as she waddled onwards, groaning and straining against the discomfort. She looked younger than Meagan or Melissa, but her tits…her tits were BIGGER than her belly. The sight was absolutely obscene; she appeared pregnant with one baby only, however her breasts were simply BALLOONING over them, hanging to the sides of her distended abdomen. Another thing I noticed was that her nipples were leaking milk. There was so much it had drenched her entire dress – no bra could possibly fit those udders – and it was dripping down to the ground, leaving a trail behind her.

“C’mon now, git, Sue! Or d’ya wunna give birth to yer baby in dis ‘ere parking lot?” the mother hit the little (HUGE) Sue on the back of her head, causing the little girl to wince.

“Mah bewbs hurt, momma, and my contractions’s still far apart… Can I milk ‘em first, ma?”

But her mother pushed on, leading Sue to the sliding doors – milk dripping in their path. I had heard of hypertrophy of the breasts before; extreme growth spurts that could occur during pregnancy. I felt sorry for the poor girl, and thought of Meagan and Melissa, who were only slightly older. Would they grow THAT impossibly large? Tits almost three times the size of their heads, spraying and leaking milk like that little Sue? I shuddered at the thought. Poor girl indeed.

As I stepped through the large sliding doors of the maternity ward I was welcomed by the usual buzz. Two or three nurses were calling names; swollen, pregnant children were crying and their young, equally pregnant mothers waited impatiently for their turn. The udder-ific Sue and her mom had found a place to sit near the back wall. My eyes just about jumped from their sockets when I saw Sue lifting her dress up – wearing nothing but panties underneath –beginning to knead those ridiculous beanbags of hers. A nurse rushed towards her with a large bucket to catch all the milk, which was simply streaming from her teats. Her face had an expression of sheer relief.

I tore myself away from the view and went through the hallway into my lab. There was a backdoor I needed to unlock to bring in the samples more swiftly, but that was not an issue: the keys were always in the lock on the inside.

Thus began the arduous task of bringing in boxes of samples: bottles of ground water from numerous places; more different types of dirt than I could possibly remember; greens and lushes crops from farmers throughout the valley; I dragged them all inside. The vegetation I put in a large storage cooler; ground water and dirt I simply piled up in a corner of my office. That was step one. Step two was putting smaller amounts of samples in test slides, tubes and tiny containers. These would be sent to the other lab outside Fertile Valley. I labelled them neatly, packaged them and would later have them sent on their way.

After about two hours I was done putting everything away. I wanted to do two more tests, the first having to do with the lab rats. Having been gone the week before I hadn’t been able to take a look at how the situation had progressed; I only knew that Maggie had been taking care of them (and, for safety reasons, had separated the male and female rats once more). Knowing it was one month ago that they had bred, they should have given birth already.

However, as I walked over to the room where we kept the little creatures, I saw that was not the case. The female rats were STILL pregnant – way beyond their usual 22 day gestation period. I found the youngest females were unable to move, their midsections bulging to their sides so far they had become incapacitated. Their breath was rapid, but they seemed to be perfectly healthy otherwise.

The cage of the male rats had been divided in six compartments; one for each rat. Maggie must’ve put some glass tiles in as makeshift walls. Upon examining them, the youngest males had difficulty walking due to their enlarged members; some had grown as thick as my thumb! I jotted down my findings and took a few pictures with my phone. I’d have one heck of a report to write later.

I turned at the sound of the door; Maggie came in and, upon seeing me, her face lit up.
“Bill, you’re back! I’ve missed you so much!” she brushed her hair behind her shoulders, cleverly revealing her heavy bust. She had to leave the top of her blouse unbuttoned now to make room for her swollen bosom, it simply could not hold all of her otherwise. It made part of her bra clearly visible – and Maggie’s cleavage was bursting a good three inches from it.
Then there was her belly. Her outfit was far too small and tight, meant for a slim figure. If anything, seeing her large belly press hard against the buttons, showing off smooth skin in between the gaps, made her look bigger and sexier. I could feel a familiar tingling in my pants while staring at her.

“I know, it’s crazy they are that big, right?” I first thought she meant her breasts, but then she pointed at the rats. “For whatever reason they are able to carry many more babies for a longer period of time,” she walked towards me. “I guess that’s why the women in this valley carry multiples so long, too.” With every step she took her breasts wobbled and shook; I thought they would fall out of her top!

She caught me staring at her bulging chest and gave a playful wink. “Ooh, I see you’ve missed me too, Billy-boy. Remember when I popped that button off? Well it simply won’t close anymore now!” Maggie groped her large breasts and gave them a squeeze. “You should see them burst out of this bra when they grow, Billy. Oh, I’m going to have fun with you today!”

“Actually, I was going to ask you to help me do some testing,” I said. “I’ve done all but one, so if you have time?”

Sighing, Maggie stretched her arms over her head – her blouse pulled up all the way over her distended belly button. “Can’t that wait? I reeeeally would like some time with you and your large…”

“I think we can combine one and one,” it was my turn to wink in a playful manner, “for this last test I need to take a sample of semen.”

A sly look came to Maggie’s face, her mouth curled up in a grin. “You need nurse Maggie’s help getting a semen sample? Why, Bill…” she came in close to me and pressed her fleshly orbs and sexy belly against me, “…it would be my pleasure.”

She moved me into the shower and told me to undress; she would come in when I was done. What a tease, I thought. The shower room was quite spacious, having room to lie down if needed (and, in fact, I did believe it WOULD be needed) and there were plenty of towels and soaps.

“Alright, I’m done!” I shouted; my clothes I had thrown in a small bucket in the corner. When the shower door opened I almost slipped stepping back in awe: Maggie was wearing nothing but a slutty one-piece swimsuit. It had a deep V-neck, which I imagined was meant to stop at her pubes. Fitted on Maggie it was a different beast entirely: her breasts were so big they bulged out the middle, revealing part of her areola. Her nipples were hard, showing through the smooth fabric of the swimsuit. But her belly – my GOD her belly! It stretched the fabric to its limit, the one-piece fitting tight around her swollen abdomen. The V-neck ended just under her belly button, which stood up like a round, fat nipple. She looked enormous in that skimpy outfit, bigger than in her work uniform! She was one properly impregnated bitch.

“I wore this yesterday going swimming after work,” she turned sideways and back, showing off her pregnant body, “but it was more difficult stuffing these puppies inside today! Wanna know why, Bill?” she purred seductively as she slowly approached me, clutching her tits.

“It’s because I got excited when I saw you, Billy, that’s why… I swell up when I’m excited, and I want you to make ‘em SWELL some more.” She closed in on me now, giggling when my engorged cock poked in between her legs.

“Yea, that was pretty much every man’s reaction yesterday, too!” she draped her arms over my shoulders and pressed on, her belly and boobs squished against me again. She moved her pelvis back and forth, effectively rubbing my dick in between her thighs. She made my prick grow fatter still. I couldn’t believe she was merely three months along – she looked closer to seven.
“If you’re a good boy today I’ll tell you a little secret,” Maggie teased without taking her eyes off me. °I had my ultrasound two days ago, Billy, now I know how pregnant I am. How VERY knocked up I am… Will you be good today, Billy?”

I could do nothing but nod and stare in her eyes, transfixed on mine, lust swirling in them. She reached up and kissed me softly on my cheek; her soft breasts and swollen belly brushing against my chest. “Get some towels and lie down on the floor,” she whispered in my ear, biting the earlobe.

She slowly stepped back, freeing my engorged member. I did as I was told, spread out some towels and proceeded to lie down on them. From this low angle Maggie’s massive orbs almost obscured her face! Her puffy labia showed in a visible camel toe, pushing through the bottom of her swimsuit. She was already damp down there from anticipation. Maggie grabbed a bottle of liquid soap, popped the lid off and began to squeeze its entire contents all over her body.

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to try on a sexy man – and today I will get to do that with you,” Maggie smirked seductively, gyrating her hips; her belly swaying left and right, tits wobbling within their confinement, as the oil spread and dripped over her neckline into her cleavage, where it formed a puddle. It slowly oozed out the front, partly going inside her swimsuit, partly running along the sides of her stomach. She began to slowly rub her skin and suit, oiling herself up completely.

“I’m going to give you a soap massage. A wet, sticky massage, Bill. I just LOVE being wet…” she rubbed more of the soapy lotion into her breasts, softly moaning as her fingers dipped under her V-neck to rub her pregnant figure.

I had been so mesmerized by this sexy nurse, oiling herself up, getting shiny and glistening, I hadn’t noticed my prick was already leaking precum. Maggie had, though, and gently she lowered herself on me, starting at my legs, planting her head on my cock. She began to lick it, slowly and precisely, while her large boobs were rubbing oil on my thighs. She pressed them together, wrapping one leg between them, and moved them up and down. I could feel her nipples poking me through her swimsuit. She lay half on her side, accommodating for her large belly.

“Oh my, Billy, did nurse Maggie get you all excited?” Maggie kissed the tip of my dick, sucking up the precum with her tongue flicking in circular motions. “It seems you enjoy the touch of my big wet TITS. Look at how hard you’ve grown, Billy, how THICK and HARD your dick is…”

Slowly nurse Maggie crawled forward, sliding her slick, pregnant body over mine, oiling me up. She stopped when her breasts reached my penis and began to rub them back and forth over my crotch.

“I know you want to hear how many babies I’m carrying, Billy,” she teased again, picking up the pace rubbing my cock with her shiny tits. My shaft was right in between those oiled up hills of hers, slick and wet from her movements. “My belly sure IS big, Bill…Are there twins, or triplets growing in me?” It felt so good, listening to her words, combined with her fat tits wrapping my dick.

“But you must be good, Billy – you cannot cum yet – or I won’t tell you today!” God, she was such a tease!

Maggie began to pant moving up and down the length of my hard, thick penis. She pushed her tits together and massaged them, squeezing them (and me) harder. Groping and grabbing her tit-flesh she began to softly moan.

“Oh…Oh Bill, your cock… your big, fat COCK feels so hot in between my tits…” a slight blush had appeared on her cheeks. “I’m getting so aroused Billy. Which means my tits are swelling up, Billy. They are enlarging…Ahh, I can feel it…I can FEEL my tits stretching!”

I looked down at her chest and sure enough, more and more flesh was bulging through the V-neck of her swimsuit – the suit itself was tightening around those heavenly growing orbs. I could see her boobs shifting underneath the material: Maggie’s face got redder from the constraint, as well as from intense arousal.

“I’m getting ENORMOUS, Billy… Oh, it feels good, my TITS feel so good Billy, rubbing your dick while they GROW…” She arched her back, pushing her massive orbs forward. Slick and wet from the oil they slipped right out of the swimsuit, bursting through the opening in the neckline. I had never seen Maggie that big before; her oversized breasts bulged forward, her newly freed nipples poking up at me. They were huge, as long and thick as my thumbs; her areolas swollen and puffy, round like beer coasters. My balls were pulsing – eager to cum huge wads of sperm all over those mountains of flesh – but somehow I managed to hold back, sweat dripping from my forehead. I wanted to cum so BAD.

“Oh…OH my, Bill, I…I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this…I’m so HUGE, Billy, I’ve never grown this much!” Maggie slid her hands under her massive breasts and cupped them, feeling them up. As she let go they wobbled and bounced hypnotically. She then slid her whole body upwards, her pregnant belly slipping and sliding over my balls, upwards pressing against my hard cock, until I finally felt her slick, sopping wet pussy on my hard shaft.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Billy. Nurse Maggie is going to fuck your massive dick, and you’re going to suck and squeeze my tits until I cum.” Maggie was driven by nothing but lust. Sliding up more to reach the tip of my prick – her massive jugs squishing my face – I felt her move the swimsuit to the side and sliding my penis into her wanting pussy. Deeper and deeper she guided my cock in, parting her vagina wide, filling her up until she had taken all of me inside her. She was panting hard, her pregnant pussy squeezing me in spasms.

“G-god Bill…You’re bigger than last time…bigger than the kid that knocked me up!” Maggie began to grind up and down the length of my shaft. “I love big fat dicks…and yours is the BIGGEST I’ve ever had!” Her wet, oily body was sliding and slipping against mine, her pregnant belly pressed hard against my abdomen. I grabbed her heavy tits and began to knead them, sucking her thick nipples in turn. Maggie gasped, riding me and squeezing my rock-hard dick harder and faster.

“Yes, th..that’s it! Oh, Billy you stud! Ohh you are stretching my pussy to its limitsss…” She leaned forward, then, her breasts covering my head as I continued licking her engorged nipples.
“D-do you know how pregnant I am, Bill? Twi – oh God… - Twins or triplets?” her swollen bosom was rubbing my face, her swollen belly rubbing my body; it brought me so close to orgasm I thought my balls would burst. Panting, glistening in oil, Maggie spurred on.

“Not even close, Billy… Ah! Y-you’re getting THICKER…” Maggie pressed her boobs harder against my face. “I’m MUCH more pregnant, Billy….I’m so very preh…o – ohhh… – I’m carrying sex…sextuplets, Bill. I’m growing HUGE and ROUND with SIX babies!”

She pushed herself upright, her bloated boobs swinging and swaying as she humped my ever-hardening dick. Looking at her belly, three months gone but SWOLLEN with six children made me lose my mind. I felt my cock swell fatter – Maggie gave a yelp of surprise – as I began to pump her VERY pregnant pussy full of my thick, hot seed.

“Ooooh Billy! Oh I feel it…you’re like a hydrant, Bill…It’s up in my throat how hard you’re cumming!” Maggie had planted her squishy butt firmly on my balls, my dick buried deep inside her, hitting her uterus. Globs of cum kept on rushing from my dick, slowly oozing out as I pumped more in. It seemed impossible; I had fucked my wife a mere three hours ago, yet here I was blasting what felt like a litre of semen inside a heavily knocked-up nurse.

“I love…LOVE feeling cum rushing inside me…O-oh Billy it’s m-making me…I-I’m gonna…I’m CUMMING!” Nurse Maggie screamed as a visibly powerful orgasm hit her. Her massive tits swelled even bigger just from climaxing, her long, hard nipples trembling as she came, and came hard. Finally, after almost a minute of orgasmic bliss, we both collapsed on the soap-and-cum soaked towels. My dick, still erect, finally stopped throbbing inside Maggie’s pussy.

“Th-that… that was sooo gooooood…” Maggie smiled, caressing her belly absentmindedly, playing with her belly button. Slowly reality crawled back into the room. “I put a beaker on the floor, there,” the lewd nurse pointed towards the large plastic beaker near the wall. Leaning over I could just reach it and give it to her.

“Now then,” said Maggie with a satisfied sigh, “let’s collect some samples.” Carefully she moved her butt up, inching her way off my dick. It was a bit tricky getting the swollen head of my prick out. “You’re a bit stuck, you big, hung man…Unnngh!” With a pop she pulled free; cum immediately rushed out. Quickly she held the beaker under her vagina and with a heavy groan she pushed out everything I dumped in her. Like a hose under pressure, my sperm blasted out from her, filling up the beaker completely – until it spilled over, gooey semen dribbling down my balls. We both looked at each other with great surprise.

“Goodness, Bill. If I hadn’t been pregnant already…” giggling the woman, putting the beaker aside before lifting herself up. “Think we’ve collected enough?” We both snickered and laughed at that, before cleaning ourselves up and having a – rather sensual – shower.


Thirty minutes after the oily ‘massage’ I was finally dressed and ready to examine the ungodly amount of semen that we collected. My initial estimation had turned out to be correct; the beaker had been about one litre in volume, meaning I WAS able of producing litres in my tennis ball-sized testicles. With my endorphins subsided I could finally think clearly again: the bovine growth hormones in the food and milk must’ve affected every man and boy in the valley; some even for generations. The sexual desire, discomfort in the testicles, all of it because of the production of too much sperm. My thoughts went to my son Peter, who at nine years old had already grown huge as well; what kind of discomfort did he go through? No wonder he jumped his mother and sisters at every occasion.

I had put a sample of the semen on a Petri dish and carefully put it under a microscope when Maggie walked out of the shower. She was hopelessly trying to stuff her overgrown bosom into her bra, but from all the swelling during sex she couldn’t close the clasps – her breasts simply spilled out too much.

“I’m guessing I’ll have to shop for even larger ones,” she pouted. “They are more expensive the larger they come... anyway, what have we found, Bill?”

“Let’s find out,” I answered, withdrawing my gaze from her chest and looking through the microscope. I had studied human sperm cells in college, and knew how healthy (and unhealthy) cells behaved. What I saw was unbelievable: there was a noticeable increase in sperm count. I would have to compare to verify, but it seemed like there were almost three times the regular amount of sperm cells wriggling about. I gasped and sat back; Maggie immediately scooted over to sneak a peek; breasts loosely wobbling in her shirt as she hovered over me.

“Holy shit…how can there be so many?” Maggie stood up again, a look of bewilderment on her face. “And they are fast, Bill…”

“Not just faster,” I returned to study the Petri dish, “but bigger. Twice as big as regular sperm, and seemingly twice as, well, aggressive. Look again, focus on the heads,” I beckoned Maggie over for a second look.

“See it? Their heads are pointier, sharper. I’m guessing it’s to pierce egg cells more efficiently. Their speed, shape size and quantity… it explains the astonishing rate of multiple pregnancies.” Maggie turned to me; an alarmed look had appeared on her face.

“If this is what is happening to sperm cells, what do you think is different about egg cells?”

In that moment Maggie and I looked at each other with completely different eyes. Eyes driven by scientific curiosity, not desire. What we had found here was not just a confirmation – it was a direct RESULT of the chemical alterations from one month ago.

This would be one heck of a report, indeed…

Author's notes: this chapter was challenging to write. I wanted to move on with the plot, but also get across that Peggy and Bill are on the same page. I rewrote the 'confession' two times until it was to my liking - and not too emotional, considering. I have an outline and character arc written out that I will use to develop the story and characters in the upcoming chapters. I hope you enjoy my work, and feedback is always appreciated!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby MitsuTsunami » Mon May 30, 2016 7:57 pm

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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby BEAnonymous » Tue May 31, 2016 3:20 am

This story is fantastic so far, you are really capturing the spirit of the original. I hope you have plans for Julie and Jenny. I always thought because they were jealous of the other girls that they would purposefully consume all the water and pills if they learned what they did. I cannot wait for more!
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