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Continuation of Fertile Valley

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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Mixful » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:15 am

Enjoy your break you deserve it.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby falloutghoul » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:04 pm

Sweet baby jesus, this story...
Forever shall it be framed in my hard drive.
"What are you looking at, smooth-skin?" -Ghoul, Fallout game series.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby BEAnonymous » Wed May 10, 2017 6:38 am

I quite enjoyed the story, job well done on continuing, and finishing this epic story. The ultrasound scene between Bill and Meagan really captured the same feeling as the yellow tank top scene in the original. My interest in the FV started because I'm a fan of BE, so I liked how all the girls go through one last growth spurt. I look forward to see what it looks like in the epilogue.

I was disappointed that Jenny and Julie never underwent the transformation that the other girls did. In the original they're so jealous of their sisters I was hoping they would figure out the cause and start chugging spring water and taking the pills to catch up. I love the growth and transformation, so I wish there was more of that, but otherwise this is such a great continuation I can hardly complain.

I am curious how the epilogue will go in the wake of all the births. I cannot imagine the family functioning very well with all those babies around. I also have a hard time imagining they will ever quite go back to being a normal family again. Some of the girls clearly have caught the pregnancy bug and won't go back to being normal pre-teens.

I'd be really interested if you wrote a spin-off for your next work, like Breed's Hill, Cutter's Creek or Toni's New Life. You've done so well here I'd be curious to see what you could do with your own characters in a similar setting.

Keep up the great work!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Tue May 23, 2017 11:33 pm

Epilogue: Ten Years Later

Hey girls! It’s me, Meagan. You’re probably wondering about why I write this e-mail. Well, some of you (Felicia, you campus slut!) found out about my childhood and of course wanted to know the whole story. Considering it all happened ten years ago, I thought fuck it, why not? Oh – but do know that I tell very few people about this. I don’t share this with just anyone, so don’t tell anyone else please, or my family could get into trouble.

I MEAN IT! I’ll hunt your asses down!

Oh – and a fair warning: you know I am not a shy girl. I wasn’t even before the whole Fertile Valley thing. The things I tell in this mail get spicy. Like, super spicy. In-your-face PORN spicy.

So, to officially confirm it: drum roll pleeeeeez... Yes, I am Meagan, Fertile Valley’s “octogirl”. Ha ha! Even now I still think “octogirl” is more of a superhero name. Or maybe a villain with killer tits? Anyway, the whole country knew about me, alright. Google it! There are plenty of articles and news archives and, well erotic stories.

For those too lazy to search the web (tl;dr right?) here’s the recap: my family moved to Fertile Valley because my dad got sent there by his work. He’s a geneticist, and he was tasked to find out about the valley’s post-millennial baby boom. Now hold on to your ass cheeks, ‘cuz this valley was fucked UP. Turned out everyone was screwing everyone there – getting EVERYONE knocked up. Dads fucking mums and daughters, sons fucking moms and sisters, doctors screwing their patients (and NOT financially for once!) and being screwed in return. It was like an epic south-European free-for-all fuckfest.

Anyway, this was all the work of some lunatic preacher, Lucas Daniels, working together with the local drug store owner, mister Dixon. It became a meme, if you remember: don’t you dare, Dixon! They came up with a formula to enhance milk production in cows, and found it affected humans too. Not just in milk production – or growing bigger boobs – people got HORNIER too. Like masterclass perverts, Daniels and Dixon kept refining their product and pumped it into fucking everything. Beef, dairy, soda, water, even in the fucking SOIL. Yup, your broccoli would turn you on. After decades of this shit it was no wonder Daniels had transformed the Valley into his own personal whorehouse (Felicia, you can stop flickin’ your bean now!)

It was my dad who uncovered it all. He found out about the chemical manipulation and wrote a paper about it – winning multiple awards and honors and stuff. Sounds awesome, right? But it was actually very dangerous, because he had to infiltrate the preacher’s secret lab, got caught and tortured, and almost DIED. Luckily it turned out my older sisters carried immune antidote-blood and saved him. Man, that sounds like a comic book plot. It was the real deal though, and a HUGE deal too, with the FBI involved, the national medical board, my parents said it was nuts!

You all know what I look like, right? I’m that short blonde slut with the juicy ass and the huge gazungas bouncing around campus. Well, those buxom babes of mine were caused by the growth hormones in my system, courtesy of Fertile Valley, ladies and gentlemen. I went through puberty waaaay too early. Some areas were genetically “ordered” to grow, while others were left to nature. I guess I was always meant to be just a little over 5 feet – a little girl except for in the chest.

It was my tits – my buxom babes – that got me into trouble ten years ago. I was only nine years old when they began to develop, and I shit you not: they were an E-cup even before I got knocked up. That’s right, bitches! I was BIGGER than your MOMS when I was nine, and I’m bigger than a fucking PORNSTAR now that I’m 20! Being pregnant gets you going, but being pregnant with eight babies, in Fertile Valley? Yea, my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard!

Here’s the thing that I usually leave out: it was my dad who pumped me full of babies. That’s right, my own father. Now before you start yelling abuse and assault, remember this was somehow COMMON in Fertile Valley. Plus, my family got immunity from prosecution due to the drugs, the hormones, the food, all of which was tailor-made to drive you fucking INSANE with lust. And when I grew tits bigger than my mom’s I drove my dad insane alright.

Oh, and my dad has a HUGE. FUCKING. DICK. Yes, Felicia, bigger than Dan’s. Fuck, you girls have no idea how good it felt to have him stuff my sopping cunt with that horse-cock of his. To get your pussy stretched by a pulsing, throbbing monster cock. And when he came… Jesus and all the saints, he turned your knob to fucking eleven, and kept it there a full minute!

You have to know that I’m from a big family, because my mom’s a huge slut as well. I have five sisters (we’re all twins) and two brothers. Now, when I lived in FV, three of my sisters got preggers as well, and so did my mom. Only the oldest ‘magic-blood’ twins were unaffected by the drugs. To do the math: my mom was filled with quints. Dee and Deb both carried triplets, and my twin sister Melissa carried five babies too. That’s the thing with Fertile Valley: if you get pregnant, you’re prone to get VERY pregnant. As for me, well… “octogirl”, right? I was SO huge at the end I couldn’t walk! I swear to God, I was more belly than girl. To tell you a secret… I fucking LOVED it. Growing and growing, fuller and rounder, sexier and hornier… And it turned my dad on BIG time, too.

Anyway, after my dad was saved and Daniels and Dixon were behind bars (awaiting the trial of the fucking century) we all gave birth. A total of 24 babies were born between us all, within the span of two months. My mom, of course, said we weren’t quite ready for motherhood just yet. Debbie and Dee had been the first to go back to school after having popped, and despite having sprouted milky EE-cup drippers, they weren’t in the least concerned with parenting. Melissa and I were still recovering in the hospital when mom came to the inevitable conclusion to put the babies up for adoption. Dad agreed, of course. I mean, how the fuck would we have lived in a family of THIRTY-TWO? We had actually TRIPLED the size of our family – and it was pretty crowded to begin with! To think one-third of this expansion came from me… God, we were one fucked up family.

It turned out that putting children up for adoption was actually quite common in the valley. Mom said the nurses knew of at least six adoption agencies that worked with the hospital. Her only demand was that the children would NOT be brought up within the valley. Didn’t want another baby-boom on our hands! So yea, over the course of our last year in the valley, the little babies found new and loving homes, away from perverted valley-goers (oh, I’ll tell you later). I was a little sad, and so were my sisters, but ultimately we did understand this was never going to work. In the valley there were SO many people living off food stamps and welfare, even our young minds could see that was not a good example to follow.

So while my dad finished his paper, which was our final year in the valley, my family imported food and water and we had a maid, Fleur (a classic French maid!) who helped out, to make sure we didn’t get fucked again (how’s that for puns? OK I’ll stop now). I mean, even my 4th grade teacher miss Claire had gotten knocked up by my dad months before. A quick side-jump: my GOD, that woman had the biggest fucking BAZOOKAS I have ever seen! And when she was ready to pop with triplets those things grew to TWICE the size of her head! She leaked milk all over the place, and her tits constantly wiped away anything she wrote on the board. We laughed a lot in class, of course, but mom warned ‘Lis and me not to turn out like that. I mean, some girls in class were pregnant a second time already, or a third. I’m secretly still jealous of those beanbags, but I really can’t complain – I’m stretching out an L-cup bra already, so maybe not, huh? Well, maybe not…yet ;)

Our last year in FV my dad finished his paper: the Valley Genetic Reformation plan (just google ‘VGR’). It had all of the details, analysis, genetic deconstruction of compounds, and reports from other companies verifying the results (hey girls, we’re all biologists soon, gotta be able to replicate the results!). He worked together with his colleagues to write a ten-year salvation plan to change the valley back to normal, both the nature and the people. You know, re-education, shifting where the money goes, incentives for clearwater crops, religious diversity, the full monty. Hell, even the EPA got involved and made it a Superfund site.

Of course, what with the particular nature of this Superfund, lots of perverts signed up and abused the system at first. I mean, of COURSE there were a lot of boob-lovers coming over to get laid, and BOY did they get some, which made actual change difficult. The news and the internet spread word of this “Horny Valley” which caused even more perverted fucks to drive from their depraved little shitholes, to fuck their way through the valley. But my dad got federal funding towards screening the participants, and well, that helped a lot. FV’s mayor hired policemen from outside the county, and that helped even more. I recently read that the incest rate halved within five years, and is now like 25% or something. It ain’t perfect, but it is a LOT better than from before, from what I see on TV.

After that final year we moved back into civilization once more, going back to Pittsburgh. Man, I did NOT do well at school that year, even had to redo the fourth grade. My sisters didn’t do much better. Education wasn’t really at the top of the list in FV, you know! It was hard as well because we were all so fucking BUSTY. I remember feeling like a proper freak-show in between all the normal kids, what with my milky J-cup tits wobbling under my shirt. The other kids teased me, and unlike back in the valley, where showing your tits would shut ‘em all up, they just squeezed and pinched and punched them while laughing at me. Moo-Moo Meagan was my nickname, and when said by mean kids it really hurt my feelings. I was still kinda fat too, my belly not back in shape from giving octo-birth a year before, which didn’t fucking help.

I cried so much those years – felt so fucking miserable. Until finally everyone else underwent puberty. Going to Junior High I suddenly wasn’t a freak anymore: I was sexy. I was hot. I was sssssmokin’ for the boys, and sizzling for the girls. Damn, they were all jealous! I mean, even the older girls who had C’s or D’s hanging off their chests were DWARFED by my babes. I had SO many boyfriends – well, “boyfriends” – and, not gonna lie, I was a total cum-dumpster. It was like a second puberty, spurred on by the horniness of others. I already knew I loved to get my pussy absolutely DESTROYED, fucking boys deep and hard, and getting blasted full of cum. I did ‘em all: nerdy kids, studs, bullies, even a handsome teacher. Normal dicks, monster cocks, thin or fat, I had them stuffing my twat and cumming in no time. I basically fucked my way through high school! God, I don’t know about you, but even just typing it up is getting me wet, ladies. Don’t laugh, Felicia!

You know what? I’m gonna let you in on a little secret of mine. I was sixteen when it happened. I was home alone with my dad and we got pretty drunk, sipping wine on the balcony one summer night. That’s when he told me about the things that he and mom had done in the valley. Like, my mom was fucking the dean of the school to get my marks up; she even once fucked a random dude in a restroom! Ew, mom… standards. Or how my dad had an affair with his pregnant co-worker, nurse Maggie. My mom called her busty slut Maggie for years.

I only met Maggie one time, at my first ultrasound. She told me I had octuplets, and then she and mom had a sexican-standoff to see who could make my dad come the fastest. Wanna know the winner? It was me. I was one hugely pregnant whore when I was ten. Anyway, nurse Maggie became close friends with my parents after. She stayed to work in the valley and got in touch with the kid who knocked her up before (oh, that was with sextuplets, by the by). And you guessed it, she was pregnant again even before we had left the valley! Last I heard was two years ago. She was head nurse then, and told us she was pregnant again, for the fifth time. And you thought I loved sex, huh! She carried twins that time, less babies than the times before, which in a way proved my dad’s reformation plan was working. She has a total of seventeen children now – from three different fathers!

But the story my dad was the proudest of was with this Asian chick, Jenny Lee. He had fucked her one night, when he was studying crops in the valley, and pumped her SO full of his cum that she had actually EXPANDED from it! She was so full of his seed, he said, that she actually looked pregnant. I mean, damn dad, you never even did that to me :(

Apparently Jenny Lee called him one night, shortly after I gave birth. He was surprised, he said, because he thought they hadn’t exchanged numbers. Turned out she saved his number for one final ‘good luck fuck’. He actually made an excuse to my mom and went to the same motel to meet her! “My god, she was enormous” he said, spreading his arms wide. She was 40 weeks preggo, and ready to burst out of her clothes. She had gorgeous G-cup tits, carried some heavy quadruplets in her tummy, and was still sporting a tight Asian bod’. How DO they do that, by the way? They’re always, like, freaky skinny. I AM jealous of that!

Listening to my dad drunkenly describe his last night with Jenny Lee, going fully detailed on the action, got me turned on. REALLY turned on, like I had been when I seduced my dad when I was younger. Hearing how he rammed his fat dick inside that oh-so tight Asian cunny, with her big, round breasts and full, round belly bouncing up and down as he impaled her… How my dad blasted her puffy pussy full with his jizz… By the time he was done my floodgates were overflowing.

You know how alcohol makes you do stupid things? That night we were stupid, alright. We locked eyes for a minute long, before dad finally gazed at my chest. One side effect from the valley that always remained is that my breasts swell up HUGE when I get excited, like a cup size or more. That night I was already wearing a tight button-up shirt, and after my dad’s story my tit flesh was bulging out SO MUCH between the gaps. It caused my dad to bulge out, too, wink wink. I never forgot how he looked at me whenever I teased him with my huge tits, and that evening was no different. The look on his face when I released my gals from their constraints; how my breasts wobbled into view, nipples stiffening in the summer breeze… I think it took me merely ten seconds before I freed my dad’s MASSIVE cock and plunged it deep in my sloshing cunt. I rode him fucking HARD, and he pierced me so, so DEEP, jabbing my womb’s entrance… I literally came a dozen times. I loved smashing my big tits in his face, having him suck my fat J-cup nipples, making them swell even MORE. Oh – and that feeling right before he comes! His dick becomes so much BIGGER, so freakishly fat and stiff, it is like a piston jamming and stuffing your hole. That feeling of your entire pussy being filled… stretched to the limit… it’s fucking HEAVEN.

He then exploded inside me and ladies, I could fucking feel it filling my womb. He kept pumping his baby juice in me and there was so much, I couldn’t stop cumming. I really, REALLY love being filled like that – it’s completely addictive to me. And my dad was – and is – unlike any other boy I’ve had before or after.

Of course I got pregnant after that. We never told mom – instead pretending it was a boy at school who did it to me. Our hot summer night left me with three buns in the oven; I suppose the multiples-gene of my mom was still very much active in me! During that time my dad and I couldn’t resist it and, as I grew bigger, bustier, and milkier, we sneaked out to random hotels at night and fucked like bunnies. I absolutely LOVE growing big, especially for my daddy, and his reaction to my ballooning body is such a turn on. In my final trimester of pregnancy I swelled up HUGE and grew such enormous, lactating TITS that I had to pump extra breast milk and donated it to struggling moms in the neighborhood!

Anyway, my three boys, Aaron, Brandon and Cameron, they would not be up for adoption. My parents help me raise them, and help them attend preschool, while I go to college here. I love my boys – and I love my daddy for giving me a second chance at having kids with him. Now, I DO want to have a boyfriend in the future, and I hope he'll be as BIG like my dad - plus he has to like VERY pregnant women! Because I LOVE being pregnant, and I can't wait to be knocked up again. Ha ha! I'm such a slut!

What else is there to say? My twin, Melissa, wizened up a lot quicker than I did after FV. ‘Lis did not enjoy her quintuplet belly in the end, I guess that’s why. She has been with her boyfriend – now fiancée – since she was fifteen. He is such a sweet guy, and quite a stud. Robert is a black guy, by the way – Melissa always had something for that dark chocolate! They both study law and are very much in love with each other. It’s disgustingly adorable! They plan to start having a family in a few years, but I KNOW they fuck like bunnies. Just with protection, you know.

Dee and Deb are finishing college now. Dee got pregnant (twins! We’re a multiple-family!) when she turned 17, from her now-husband Dennis. He has a thing for big bews, of course, and married her three months after he knocked her up – when she turned 18. She’s an art student, and Dennis is a mechanic, and he’s pretty well-hung. Deb in the meantime has had a few boyfriends but nothing serious at the mo. She’s doing her internship for a – wait for it – maternity clothes designer! Later in life she wants to own her own brand; right now she’s thinking of ‘Baby Dee’ as a name. Who knows? Go sis!

Adam, my oldest brother, now works as a programmer for video games. He’s been into Nintendo ever since he was young, so that makes sense. His girlfriend is a sexy, slim nerd from Ohio, who moved in with him two years back. They wanna wait with children until she finishes uni, so they planned things quite well.

Peter, on the other hand… Well, I guess the valley got to him pretty hard. He was merely eleven at the time, and his penis grew HUMONGOUS. Mom didn’t want surgery to be done on such a sensitive, eh, body part, and so he’s had the nagging itch for hardcore sex all his life. He was expelled from school at 14 when he impregnated three girls and, despite my mother’s best intent, started working in the porn industry as soon as he turned 18. In case you wanna see him, he’s the new White Mamba. I sometimes watch videos of him pounding little Thai vags – I mean, absolutely WRECKING them. It’s SO hot. I mean, sure, I feel sorry that he couldn’t do more in life, but this way he deals with his lust in a less destructive way, right?

My oldest twin sisters, Julie and Jen, were the ones who changed the least, back in FV. They are the ones with the antidote-blood I wrote about. Even back in the valley they showed very little interest in the boys. Therefore it didn’t come as a huge surprise when they turned out to be lesbians, really. They had been secretly having a relationship with each other since the valley, and we found out when mom walked in on them during a hot, steamy ‘shower’ session. They broke up some years ago, but bring home a girlfriend now and then. They never grew quite as big in the chest as us younger sisters, but they were a key element in the reformation of the valley, donating a lot of blood for research. Plus, if it hadn’t been for them, daddy would not be here today. Anyway, Jul works as a barista in a gay coffee shop, and Jen studies some boring subject like Literature or something. I have no idea what she can do with THAT in the future, but whatever...

So there you have it, ladies. The story of my life. Pretty fucked up, right? Still – things could’ve been worse. I always wonder what would’ve happened if dad hadn’t pulled through, or if we’d stayed in Fertile Valley. I think I’d be pregnant every YEAR if that was the case – pregnant with six, seven, or eight babies, I’m sure. My tits would probably be bigger than miss Claire’s, even! Anyway, I hope this satisfied your collective curiosity. If you wanna hear some more, we can hang out together this Saturday – there’s a new pizza place not far from uni, and it’s nice and quiet; perfect for some spicy gossip!

Later, sluts!
~ Moo-Moo Meagan

Author's note: There we have it, indeed, the conclusion to my continuation of Fertile Valley. Kudos to Jim Davis for the fantastic original; I only hope I have done it justice - and that you have enjoyed reading the whole.

For the epilogue I was first afraid it would be uninteresting, but choosing to write from an older Meagan's perspective blew fresh air into the chapter, allowing for a joyful insight in her perverted mind.

Thank you for reading, everyone, and for your support throughout this year of writing. It has been a wonderful adventure, and who knows? Maybe you'll see me again in the future.


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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby DylanX » Wed May 24, 2017 7:27 pm

Once again, huge thank you for your amazing work and all the hours it must have taken to finish such a masterpiece. You really tied things together and made every chapter outstanding. I hope this isn't the last thing of yours we read. I loved the little touches like Adam programming video games, Dee marrying a guy named Dennis, just shows the attention to detail.

And we raise a glass to the original author, Jim Davis, wherever and whoever you are.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Mixful » Thu May 25, 2017 6:47 am

Hey a happy ending for everyone always a good thing, enjoyed every chapter of this story you clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it and you didn't get lazy at all wish there were more stories like this out there. If you ever decide to write other stories were they be short or long I will diffidently read them congrats on finishing Fertile Valley!
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