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Tentacles by KomperaKlause

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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:41 am

Part 21

Cona stirred awake.

She was on her back, her body sore. She glanced to her left to see Brad sprawled face-down on the bed beside her.

Cona opened her mouth and tried to speak, but what came out was unintelligible. She felt an uncomfortable dizziness, and the sensation of the tentacle slithering between her loins. At that point, she was so disoriented that she couldn’t tell whether it was going in or out of her.

The tentacle appeared before her weary eyes, looking longer and thicker than ever. It idly waved left and right for a few moments, before suddenly tensing then plunging forward, into her face, between her lips, down her throat as Cona’s protest was choked down, replaced by muffled grunts and groans.

She struggled, but the heaviness of her torso seemed to be almost pressing her to the bed as it rolled and bobbed with her heaving movements. The tentacle pulsed gently, and a fluid was pumped into Cona’s mouth. It was thick and creamy as it poured down her throat, and Cona was suddenly very tired. Her eyelids lowered and her struggles subsided.



Cona awoke for a second time. For a moment she stared at the ceiling, trying to register where she was and what was going on. Her eyes shifted.

Brad was still out, still lying in the same position on the bed beside her.

The tentacles were out of sight, buried in her womb, at least for the time being.

Cona shifted, slowly, not wanted to agitate them. Her stomach churned, but they remained largely inactive, at least for the moment.

It was difficult, and it took her several minutes, but Cona managed to get herself up to a sitting position. She pressed her lips to muffle a moan as she slowly allowed her weight to shift to her pelvis. She felt a pressure on her loins. Not as though she had to give birth, and not as though a tentacle was going to pop out. Just an incredible heaviness against her vagina that made her feel like she had something permanently lodged on her birth canal.

Cona carefully got up onto her feet, groaning quietly as she did so. She shifted slowly, waddling forward, as she continued to hope that the tentacles didn’t take notice of the fact that she was awake. Cona looked back at Brad in regret. The situation had descended into truly dangerous territory.

Not knowing whether it was weariness or just her sheer size, Cona made a painfully slow progression to the bathroom down the hall. Her belly trembled here and there but the tentacles were otherwise complacent. Once she made it inside, Cona locked the door behind her, and she took a moment to fall apart, hunching down and hugging herself as she was wracked with gasping sobs, her legs trembling and her face reddening…

Not reddening. A glance in the mirror told Cona that her cheeks had not darkened red…but green. After a few moments, she watched the darker green tint fade away, her cheeks against becoming the pale green hue that the rest of her body had taken on. Cona stared for a while.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:00 am

Part 22

She closed in on the mirror.

Cona felt sick just looking at herself, her body wanting nothing more than to collapse. She rubbed her hands over the expanse of her belly. It was so large and plump. It was presently throbbing. She gripped the sink, a grunt escaping her lips. She was absolutely huge. Her small body could barely even support her condition anymore. Her belly was big—bigger than any pregnant woman’s she had seen. Even the woman at work who had gotten herself pregnant with quints was no match for Cona’s size.

There was a tingling in her loins, and Cona didn’t think she would be able to stay up right. She made her way to the toilet and eased herself down, spreading her legs wide just as a tentacle popped free, sliding out of her pants. “Nnnghhh…” Cona groaned as the tentacle went straight for her shirt. It slithered into its tight confines, this time, directing its sucker to her right nipple, and it did just that. It sucked.

Cona’s cheeks darkened, rhythmic grunts escaping her throat, her belly bobbing in her lap as she fidgeted and squirmed. A second tentacle popped free of her and joined the first one, this one wrapping around her plump left EEE-cup, squeezing and rubbing as Cona whimpered and squirmed.

It had become painfully evident that she was completely at their mercy. The tentacles had easily powered both her and Brad. Who knew what else they could do?



Finally, a third tentacle appeared, this one also diving into her overly-stretched top, and prodding against the plumpened skin beneath her breasts.

Cona took in a sharp breath of air. She had not realized how sore and heated the skin there had become. She slowly, carefully reached up to touch her flesh there. Despite the tentacle-slime that it was presently coated with, the flesh was heated, as though with infection.

Cona waited almost an hour for the three tentacles to recoil back into her body, before she got up and waddled her way back over to the mirror.

Her belly protruded completely free of the top, which was presently pasted tightly against her round breasts. Taking a deep breath, Cona lifted her fingers to the hem and slowly peeled the shirt up over the mounds. She surveyed herself for a while. As they were before, her breasts were unusually plump and fat—maybe even moreso, almost engorged. “Eugh,” Cona groaned. With the pale green skin and forest green nipples, everything seemed business as usual.

Just that final matter.

Cona hesitated before she again lifted her arms to gently raise her breasts off her chest.

She stared at the heated mounds of fat perched just beneath them. She gaped at the dark green nubs they revealed. Small though they were, she had grown a second pair of breasts!

Cona barely had the chance to panic. At the familiar sensation of tightness in her belly, she dropped her breasts, instead gripping her primary mound of concern. But the tension faded, Cona panting as her belly heaved up and down.

Despite this, Cona felt her vaginal lips bulging uncomfortably between her legs. She waited, but nothing else occurred.

Cona reached down into her pants and curiously stroked her lips, but then she shuddered, and had to again grip the sink with her free hand. Based on the contact, she could tell that her loins were bulging out, the lips open slightly. But it wasn’t a tentacle or anything else making an exit. It was the mass as a whole pushing against her groin, as though her body was so completely stuffed with it, there was no room left. Even as she retracted her hand from her pants, she could feel her swollen, bulging lips pressing against the fabric, some of the translucent green slim seeping through to moisten it. Cona covered her mouth, trying not to be sick.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:08 pm

Part 23

There was a knock on the door. “Cona?” Brad called.

Breathing heavily, Cona glanced at the bathroom door, but then she returned her attention to the mirror. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her cell phone. Brad couldn’t help her. If anything, he was just being pulled into the madness that she had started. Cona didn’t want him to get hurt, not again. And so, she lifted her phone to her ear and tried calling Doctor Rogers for the umpteenth time.

And to her shock, he picked up.

“Can’t talk,” said Rogers, breathing heavily on the other line. “Too dangerous.”

“Rogers—” Cona stated.

“It isn’t safe,” said Rogers with finality. And with that, the line went dead.

Cona stared at her phone in shock for several moments. Her face burned and her heart pounded as she was overcome with indignation.

She made her way to Brad’s bathroom closet, the act of walking twice as uncomfortable with the pressure on her loins. It made her flushed and weak in the knees, which just made the matter of her mobility several times more uncomfortable.

Cona rummaged in the closet for something to put on. She didn’t find much, the only thing that she had any hopes of fitting her being a large black cloak from one of Brad’s old Halloween costumes. She remembered when he had worn it as a warlock last year during Professor Webber’s end-of-the-fall costume party. Everyone had shown up in elaborate costumes if just to salvage their post-neuroscience GPAs. Cona, herself, had shown up as a sexy doctor and flirted her way to an A.

That provocative doctor seemed miles away now, her petite frame lost to layers of flesh, fat, and alien entity.

Cona wrapped the cloak around her shoulders. It barely managed to close over her belly. She tugged up the back of her long johns, but it was useless. The waistband continuously slid down her plump ass, and if not, the material strained to the point that it looked like it would burst open.

Heaving a sigh, Cona again lifted her phone, this time calling a cab company.

“Cona,” called Brad, knocking more briskly now.

But Cona did her best to ignore him. “Yes, the place is right after exit seven,” she spoke into the line. “Ten minutes? Yes, that’s perfect.” She hung up the phone.

It was time to give Rogers a house call.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:24 am

Part 24

“I can’t stay,” said Cona, looking at Brad apologetically. Her massive belly heaved up and down. “I’m sorry Brad. I—I can’t.”

“Cona…” said Brad entreatingly.

“Please don’t, Brad. We don’t want to…antagonize them.” Cona rubbed her belly.

At this, Brad looked alarmed. But he didn’t back down. “Stay, Cona.” He spoke more quietly now. “I’ll figure this out. I’m making some progress with the testing…”

Cona shook her head. It wasn’t enough.

As she waddled forward, Brad stepped aside, daring not to touch her in her advanced stare. Cona could see the lump of his enlarged package protruding in the front of his pants, flaccid that it was. Like her, it seemed that Brad had been affected by the tentacles on a biological level.

“Be careful,” Brad said in resignation as Cona made her way to the door.

Cona threw him one more forced smile. “I will. I promise.” She opened the door, and was suddenly standing on Brad’s porch, waiting for her ride.

Once the door closed behind her, Cona hunched slightly, overwhelmed by the weight of her exceedingly large pregnancy. Her tangerine-sized belly button shifted and wiggled slightly against her mass. Her belly was the size of a beach ball. It was full of heat and visibly pulsating. Her EEE-cup breasts were swollen and plump. She could feel the new breasts, beneath them, steadily growing, pushing into the upper ones. They felt even bigger than they had been just an hour before. Cona slid her hands into the cape and cradled her lower breasts through her overly-stretched, ill-fitting T-shirt. She groaned quietly. They were so sensitive.

A cab pulled up at the curb in front of the house. Through the driver’s window, Cona could see a young man gawking at her in shock.

Her insides squirmed. Cona prayed that the tentacles behaved. Just a little longer. Gripping the railing, she slowly made her way down the front steps, struggling to remain balanced. Once she was on the ground, Cona gripped what she could of her belly, and slowly waddled forward.

She was so massive, she felt like her mound might spill away from her, or like she might just tip over. With the incredible heaviness in her pelvis and pressure on her opening, she felt like something might simply burst out of her. Something more than just a tentacle or two. Something large.

Every move she made, her labia felt like it was opening wider, more of whatever laid within her being exposed, crowning, feeling like it might drop—but it was just one part of the entire mass within her, and it wasn’t going anywhere.

She just felt so heavy, so tight. Her belly was throbbing. And despite all her changes, she knew that she was only human. There were limits to her growth. How much more could she take on until she just popped? Cona whimpered. She didn’t want to find out. This thing was stretching her to her capacity as it was.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:29 am

Part 25

Soon enough, Cona found herself wedged in the back of a cab, her large belly pressed between her seat and the one in front of her, which was pushed up as far as it could go. Every so often the driver would give her odd looks through the rearview mirror. He drove too fast, perhaps in fear or anxiety, and Cona did her best to endure as her mound was bounced and jostled throughout the bumpy ride to Rogers’ home.

Fortunately enough, he didn’t live too far. To cab came to a screeching halt, and Cona’s loins felt so burdened, she almost reached down to clutch them and contain whatever was protruding there. But she could not reach her groin beyond the mound of her belly, so instead she rubbed her hands up and down the throbbing mass as she breathed deeply, shuddered, and groaned.

She barely heard as the driver repeated the fare for a third time. Cona pulled out some bills, and practically threw them at him. It took her a while to heave herself out of the cab, the driver showing no inclination towards helping her. She proceeded with her slow waddle towards the front door of Rogers’ building as the car sped away. It must have been some celestial act of mercy that Rogers’ apartment was on the first floor. 1J. Cona knew it from all the times she had dropped off reports of exchanged supplies with the man.

Her belly rocked as she proceeded into the building. Her shirt was pasted to her chest like a tube-top, though it wouldn’t last much longer. She was progressively outgrowing it. Her belly was concealed only by the cloak, which routinely flapped open to reveal the entirety of her outlandish mass. Her skin was pale green, except her nipples, which were the size of coke caps, and had taken on a dark green pigment. They felt sore and were bulging out more than before, looking as though they were tunneling through her shirt. Her breasts were fat, and tingling, and pressurized, much like the rest of her. FFF-cups by then, heated, and growing. Her bottom bulged out behind her, large and plump. She in no way resembled the slim PhD student that she had been before.

And the thing bulging out of her, between her legs…she couldn’t see it, but she could certainly feel it. “Nngghhhh…” Cona had to pause, give herself another moment to breathe. It was uncomfortable, arousing, and generally horrifying. She knew that it was visible, just not beyond the round mound adhered to her abdomen. Something rounded, pushing against her opening from sheer pressure.

“Mmmmgggghhh…” The more she moved, the harder it seemed to press against her loins, yet it had no hope of coming out. Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t seen the tentacles all day. Maybe she was just too stuffed full of them by then. Maybe she was so congested in there, they no longer had the flexibility to come out.

Holding the underside of her belly, as though this would help with the incredible weight of the mound, Cona finally waddled over to Rogers’ apartment door. This was her fail safe. It was truly her last resort. Taking a deep breath, Cona knocked.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:34 am

Part 26

Cona continued to pound on the door, growing more desperate as minutes ticked by. She gripped onto the doorframe, her back straining, her legs feeling as though they would give out beneath her. She was just so tight, so heavy. She didn’t think that she could hold out for much longer. And Rogers wasn’t even home. Cona was so distraught, she felt that she might cry. She was out of options. Cona bowed her head. Her situation was hopeless.

There was a clicking noise of the lock turning. Cona slowly raised her head as the door opened slightly. And to her overwhelming relief, Rogers’ face appeared in the crack.


“Rogers!” Cona cried breathlessly.

The door opened more, and as Rogers took in her physique, his face drained of color. Cona could barely hold herself upright by then, and Rogers quickly collected his composure. He opened his door fully, and stepped aside. “Come in, come in,” he said in a hushed voice.

Cona staggered forward, her belly scraping against either side of the doorframe, she was so large. “Where?” she gasped out, desperate for somewhere to ease her mass down.

Rogers had gone back to staring at her, a stunned expression on his face. He lightly shook himself. “To the lab,” he said, taking her arm, helping guide her, despite the uncertainty he continued to wear on his face. He escorted Cona down a corridor to a private lab he had. There, he lowered a mechanical lab table, and Cona eased her body down against the padded surface. She was so relieved to be off her feet and yet as she looked down at herself, she couldn’t imagine how she had been upright in the first place.

Rogers pressed a button on the side of the lab table, and it slowly elevated, to about the height of his waist.

Sitting upright, the mass of her belly was resting between legs, perched on the table, and pushing up her breasts. Her belly was swollen massive, truly massive, and Cona knew that she would have serious mobility issues if it grew an inch larger.

“Rogers, when we got separated, I think I was...infected by something. It’s inside of me. I don’t know what to do.” Cona’s voice wavered with emotion. “I’m afraid I might r-rupture. It’s getting so tight in there.”

Unlike Brad, Rogers was not one to be affected with emotional attachment. He silenced her with a wave of his hand and proceeded to examine her, pressing his hands all over Cona’s plump belly, even as it quavered with her silent sobs. He didn’t bother to examine the rest of her—explore why her skin was a green hue, why she was developing extra breasts, or even the subtle bulge in the groin of her pants. Her belly was the most pressing matter, and so it had all of his attention for the time being.

Rogers left her side only for a moment, returning shortly with a device that Cona recognized—it was an ultra-sensitized sonogram machine of Rogers’ creation. It was so powerful, it could determine the contents of food in someone’s digestive tract if Rogers so chose.

He squirted her belly with gel and began to press the mound with the wand, rubbing her all over as a picture developed on the computer monitor beside the table. As expected, Cona saw tentacles. But not just two or three—it was an endless blob of appendages compacted inside of her. Cona covered her mouth. It twisted and turned, and was absolutely stuffing her.

As if this wasn’t enough, Rogers continued the sonogram, as though he was looking for more. Cona could spot round masses here and there—it took her a while to realize they were eggs. And within the throbbing mass of tentacles, was a completely different figure. It was bigger, gentler, and…humanoid. It resembled a baby, perhaps seven months along. But that wasn’t even possible. Cona hadn’t been pregnant.

Cona was stunned. Her mind shifted to Brad. Was it his? Was that what his seed had been used for? Was it a regular human child, or would it be more like the tentacle creature? Would it be like her?

It was all just so bizarre that she could barely digest it. Feeling her eyes moisten, Cona covered her face with her hand. “What’s going to happen to me?” she said weakly. She grunted as her mass tightened. She rubbed the side of it, breathing as it slowly relaxed.

“I don’t know,” Rogers admitted, continuing to gaze at the screen. “Cona I really…don’t know.”

Cona choked back a sob. She fumbled for her purse for a moment. Rogers assisted, placing it into her trembling hands. Cona opened it, and pulled out a rounded object. She held it up for Rogers. It largely resembled the sample the two had originally discovered at the site of the meteor landing, only it was bigger, about the size of a grapefruit.

“Remember the object we found? Well ap-parrently, it was an egg,” Cona stammered out. “I think I unintentionally imp-pregnated m-myself with it…somehow…I’m n-not quite sure. But since then, I must have b-birthed about t-twenty more of these things. Some are in my apartment. Some are at Brad’s. Some are even in the lake by the old mill. P-promise me you’ll find them all. They have to be d-destroyed.” She lowered the egg to Rogers’ hands, her belly heaving up and down with her heavy breathing.

“Cona...” said Rogers.

“I k-know I should have done it myself. I guess I didn’t have the courage to. But I should have. What if this is the start of something terrible?”

There was a cracking noise. Both Cona and Roger’s eyes darted down to the egg clasped in the palm of Rogers’ hand. A crack had formed on the surface. The egg trembled.

Cona grunted as her breasts suddenly tightened, her upper nipples seeping a pale green fluid, as her lower breasts surged in growth, pushing the upper ones higher. “Nnnghhhhhh...” Cona clutched her chest as both pairs of breasts bloated up in great bouts of growth.

And finally, the egg broke open. Cona and Rogers found that they could do little more than stare.

The End
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Tue May 22, 2018 11:15 am

Tentacles - Alternate Ending


Strangely, Cona found herself more fascinated by her changes than she was disturbed by them. She certainly got a lot of attention now, with her pale green skin, plump forest green lips, bright green eyes, and dark green hair. Most extraordinary was the second pair of breasts perched directly below her B-cups, all four of equal sizes and of heightened sensitivity.

Not only did people stare at her, they fetishized her. Some men practically drooled at the sight of her. It was hard to think that people could still find her desirable in her present state. Cona continued to practice caution whenever she went out.

Ever since her strange dream, Cona had been this way. She supposed the closest thing to describing her appearance was—alien. And maybe she should have been grateful that it wasn’t worse. At least her dreams of perpetual pregnancy and ravagement had not actually come true.

Cona’s hips were quite plump now, her ass round and swaying as she walked about. Only spandex and leggings could accommodate her unusually voluptuous proportions. At present, she was wearing a black spandex skirt, as she carefully negotiated her plump posterior into a seat just before physics lecture that day.

An attractive classmate, Jim, began to walk by. Briefly their eyes met, and Cona’s whole body started to tingle. Her pale cheeks darkened as she blushed, and she pressed her lips together to contain a groan as her breasts tightened, and swelled so erotically, her feet twisted and she hunched down. She tried her best to hide as her shirt stretched, and diamonds of skin appeared between her buttons. Her bloating breasts bulged over the cups of her upper bra as well as the strapless beneath it containing her second pair.

Her nipples had at least doubled in size, and protruded out, feeling so sensitive, she hardly dared to move.

Cona could hear the whispers and feel the stares at her classmates continued to fill the room, but she dared not to raise her head. Not until her body calmed down.
This had been happening a lot lately. Usually when she spotted babies, or particularly attractive males. On one occasion she had bumped into Brad, and had nearly torn right through her bra. It had been mortifying.

Cona had been tested, examined, even held in quarantine, but aside from her external abnormalities, scientists could find nothing wrong with her. There was nothing unusual about her DNA, no parasitic entities. And there was no explanation as to why she had changed so drastically overnight, following a dream.

Of course, Cona had never disclosed the dream to them. She wasn’t sure why, but whenever she was questioned about her sleep the night before her changes, she always reported it to be dreamless and uneventful. There was just something so…personal, so private, about the dream, and she could not betray herself by revealing it. It was insane, she knew, but what did it matter anyway?

Cona made it through lecture without any more uncomfortable events. Afterwards, she walked home, her breasts bobbing gently, all four still rather tight in their bras. Behind her swayed an ass that would have put Nicki Minaj’s to shame.

Cona ignored the pointing, the murmurs, the stares, and camera flashes. In only a matter of days, she had become a local celebrity.

After Cona entered her house and locked her door behind her, she froze. The air felt…thick, for some reason. There was a sweet scent that permeated the room.

Cona scrutinized her living room for a moment, only then spotting something that had not been there when she had left for class. A peculiar green plant sat in the corner. It resembled a massive, basketball-sized bud, and was perched on some large green leaves that sprouted out beneath it. The bud almost seemed to be pulsating, and Cona could not take her eyes off of it. For some reason, she approached it.

Her breasts felt hot and tight, her nipples aching yearningly. Cona winced at her four breasts began to outgrow her bra again. Her ass throbbed, and her loins became soaked as pulses of warmth ran through her body.

The vision of the plant was eerie. Cona knew that she should have fled, but it enraptured her. She reached out and gently laid her hand upon the heated green flesh—

Suddenly two tentacles shot out from beneath the plant, and jerked her feet out from beneath her. Cona yelped out in pain as she was thrown onto her back. Her chest heaved as she panted. She grunted out as a new surge of growth hit her body. Her shirt tore apart, buttons flying through the air. Her breasts tore free of her bras, resembling bloated DDs by then, and still swelling.
Her loins throbbed. Cona quivered as a tentacle slid into her skirt. It was just like her dream. “Mmmghhh…” She was so sensitive down there. Her cheeks burned as the tentacle pushed its way into her sleek opening.

More tentacles descended on her, lifting her, contorting her body to their pleasure. Cona suddenly found herself held in the air by the surprisingly strong limbs. She was facing the carpet, her ass sticking out above her, breasts hanging down, plump and round, each beginning to resemble a bowling ball in size. Cona squirmed uncomfortably.

“Oh…ngghhh…mmmfff!” A tentacle plunged itself into her mouth. She started to gag as it hit the back of her throat.

Something poured out of the head. Something thick and sweet that she had no choice but to gulp down, lest she wanted to choke. It flowed in pulses and hit her stomach heavily. Cona tried her best to keep up.

Cona nearly squealed as a tentacle began to work its way between her plump ass-cheeks. In the meantime, the tentacle buried in her vagina had begun to throb forcefully, and when Cona glanced down, she just managed to see apple-sized knots working their way down the length of it. She seized up in anticipation, expecting clumps of liquid, but what began to jam between her swollen labia made her eyes widen, and she nearly choked.

Firm, circular mounds were forced into her body, stretching her painfully as she squirmed in discomfort, before they hit her stomach, it and was so intrusive, even the tentacle inside her mouth gave Cona a moment to groan. One mound after the next was pushed into her womb, Cona’s belly beginning to bloat from the second intruding mass. The stream went on and on—there seemed to be no end. Cona felt her belly bloat up more and more, as she was uncomfortably stuffed with what she could only assume to be eggs.

She tried her best to continue feeding, as her belly tightened and tightened, until her back began to strain. She was turned over, to a more comfortable position, but it was worse—now she could see her four volley-ball sized breasts, aching nipples like D-batteries each dripping a green fluid. She could see as her belly slowly rose, like dough, beneath them, pushing her breasts upwards as it slowly swelled wider than she was. She released a strangled noise as her belly button popped out, then it throbbed, resembling a tangerine in size.
Finally, the flow of eggs ceased, and Cona was gently lowered to the ground. The tentacles withdrew back into the strange plant, and Cona was left there, panting, on the floor, her legs spread wide to make room for her beach ball sized belly, her four breasts heaving as she gasped for breath, her plump hips and ass quivering as she quaked with gasps, and loins seeping, leaving a puddle of her juices beneath her.
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