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Tentacles by KomperaKlause

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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat May 07, 2016 7:35 am

Part 11

There was only one tentacle left, and it was warily hovering over her, swaying to and fro.

Cona was perched at the bottom of the stall on her plumpened ass, her legs spread wide, and her clothes moist with sweat.

"C'mon, just go back in," she groaned as she rubbed her belly more. She was beginning to fear it had a preference for being outside. But finally, the tentacle began to retract, Cona moaning as she subtly tightened, until the rounded head, too, pushed its way through and disappeared inside her.

Cona sat there, trying to catch her breath.

The assault had gone on for an hour, the three tentacles massaging goo into her bloated flesh, and Cona just couldn't figure out why.

Cona tentatively touched the skin of her belly. She must have looked overdue with child by then. And her skin felt softer than it had before - more plump than firm now. And there was certainly some amount of resistance, her fingers able to press into the bloated flesh.

Holding onto the walls of the stall, Cona slowly climbed to her feet. She stayed still for a few moments, just to ensure that her trembling legs didn't decide to fail her. She then made her way out of the stall, walked to the mirror, and leaned heavily on the counter.

Her round breasts were close to popping out of the top of her shirt, round nipples bulging out, incredibly swollen and erect. And her belly was pushing out below the top, her belly button large and round, protruding considerably. Her round ass was bulging out far enough that her skirt could barely accommodate it anymore. She fidgeted and tugged at her clothes in feeble efforts to maintain modesty. The fact that she was soaked in sweat just made everything that much worse. The small jacket around her shoulders hardly helped at all.

Cona slid her hands up her belly, into her shirt, and beneath her breasts where they encountered an arbitrary roll of fat. And it was tender. It resemble a pair of abdominal muscles but was purely comprised of fatty tissue. Cona lightly massaged the tingling flesh for a few moments, but then as she grew breathless, she withdrew her hands.

Cona turned to look at the door, her long ponytail swinging behind her. She had to get back on task. She had to get to the lab.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Mon May 09, 2016 12:25 pm

Part 12

Cona was breathless by the time she got to the lab. It was the one she usually used under Rogers' supervision. Cona waddled her way over to a chair, her belly perching against her lap as she eased herself down. In this position, the mound had popped completely out of her top, rendering the apparel a belly-shirt. Her flushed cleavage bulged heavily from the low neck line.

Cona held her bloated belly. She groaned as the contents squirmed. What on earth was going on inside her?

There was only one way to find out.

Much as she wanted to stay in that spot, Cona climbed up to her feet and waddled about, gathering equipment. She turned the machine on, then looked at the exam table.

It took Cona quite some effort to clamber onto it. Once she had succeeded, she was again breathless, her mounds heaving up and down. Wasting no more time, Cona spurted some jelly onto her abdomen, grabbed the attachment, and started the sonogram.

Cona squinted at the screen as it became more and more detailed the more she rubbed. She massaged the remote into every part of her abdomen, then speechlessly stared at the screen.

All that was visible was a large mound of squirming tentacles - a lot of them. And they completely concealed what laid beneath them.

Cona covered her mouth with her hand.

There were so many of the long, winding limbs. And considering the strength she had observed from them individually, she knew that together, they could easily rip her open if they so chose.

But Cona didn't think that they would. The tentacles seemed to have a greater purpose.

She continued to peer at the screen.

Was it a single creature they were attached to? Or multiple ones? Where had the eggs come from? Where had the grapefruit gone? She needed a better picture.

Cona's cell phone began to ring. Pulling it out of her jacket pocket, she lifted it to her ear. "Hello?" she said weakly.

"Cona, it's Brad," said the masculine voice on the other line. "I wanted to apologize about yesterday. I know we were supposed to talk. You know how I get caught up in my experiments."

"It's okay," Cona managed as the tentacles squirmed within her.

"And admittedly, I was a bit blindsided by your pregnancy. We had broken up less than a year ago. I don't blame you for moving on but...well, you realize the frame of mind I was in."

"Brad, it's not what you think at all," Cona breathed.

She could practically see Brad waving her off. "Cona - no - you don't have to explain anything at all. Now what was it that you wanted to consult me about? I'm free tomorrow if you want to-"

"How about now?" Cona cut him off.

"Now?" said Brad in surprise.

"I can stop by. Do you still live by exit 7?"

"I, um - yes. Yes, same place."

"I'll see you in an hour." Cona hung up the phone. She returned her attention to her belly, rubbing her hand up and down the spot beneath her navel. A familiar tightness was beginning to occupy the mound. Cona sucked in a long breath of air.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Tue May 10, 2016 1:15 pm

Part 13

She had managed to find a change of clothes - a black sweater dress that one of the larger lab techs had left in a locker. The material was clingy but fit comfortably. Cona had cradled her belly as she waddled out of the school building and to the cab waiting outside.

At present she was sitting in the back of it as the vehicle sped off towards Brad's place. She did her best to try to distract herself from the increasing tightness in her belly, but it was no use. She fidgeted and rubbed the mound, beads of sweat forming above her brow. Every bump the car hit made her feel like she might burst. She tried to tell herself it was all in her head, but it wasn't! Her belly felt tight as a drum!

Water, she needed water.

"Stop!" Cona cried out, and the cab came to a screeching halt, the driver mainly startled by her outburst.

The driver threw a glance at the panting, sweating young woman through his rear-view mirror. She looked ready to to pop out twins. "Are you all right, miss? Can I take you to the hospital?" said the driver.

"No," Cona gasped out. She released a grunt as her belly tightened more. She could physically see it pushing out in her dress, the material clinging more tightly against her. "Where...where are we?" Cona forced out.

"By the lake miss, but I don't think-" The driver became increasingly alarmed as Cona opened the door. "What are you doing!?"

But Cona left the driver ignored as she clambered out of the cab and waddled her way downhill along the muddy banks and forestry for several yards until she caught sight of the lake. She nearly fell twice. When she was only feet from the water, her boot got caught in the mud for a third time, and she really did fall. Her knees connected with the mud, but she just shifted to all fours, her belly rubbing against the earth as she crawled forward. Her body strained, her belly absolutely throbbing. She genuinely did feel as though it was about to burst.

As soon as Cona hit the water, her abdominal muscles began to clench and contract. She groaned and shifted onto her backside in the shallows of the lake, spreading her legs wide as her face reddened and she pushed.

She felt a mass unpleasantly shift into her birth canal - not a tentacle. Cona strained and pushed until a large round object crowned - an egg. She groaned. She held the heaving mass of her belly as she bared down harder, until finally, the egg popped free of her opening.

There was no relief, just an increasing desperation.

Cona kept at work as the egg was replaced by a second one, and that one, replaced by a third, the tension inside her slowly subsiding as she birthed a fourth, then a fifth, then a sixth softball-sized egg. Finally, with the seventh, the tension completely disappeared.

Panting, Cona looked down at her body. Her large round breasts wiggled as her chest rose up and down. Her ass had become a squishy round platform beneath her that left her a bit unbalanced even then. Her belly had gotten no smaller, but it was no longer painfully tight. If anything - it just seemed larger since the episode.

Cona knew she had to get going, but she suddenly felt fearful about leaving the water. What would have happened if she hadn't made it in time?

Reluctant as she was to move from that spot, Cona struggled a bit, and got up to her feet. It took her a good while and considerable strain to waddle back to the road, by which point, the cab was gone.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Tue May 10, 2016 2:33 pm

Part 14

Brad’s house was only a mile off from the lake. By the time Cona made it there, she was dirty and disheveled. Her hair had come loose and fallen around her shoulders. Between the lake water and her own sweat, she was soaked, her clothes pasted to her bloated flesh.
She panted heavily, her belly heaving as she stood there. Her back strained to support the mound before her, and she felt like she was on the verge of collapse. With a trembling hand, Cona rang the doorbell.

It was only moments before Brad appeared through the windowpane. He smiled at seeing her, and opened the door.

A gasp escaped his lips. He covered his mouth as he surveyed her. “But…how?” he said. “I saw you a few days ago...” Like any other normal person, Brad was baffled as to how she had grown so pregnant in a matter of days.

“Brad…” said Cona entreatingly, standing there on the doorstep, shivering somewhat. Her loins began to tingle, and she compulsively squeezed her thighs together, though this had proven a useless measure time and time again. “I…It…” Cona’s voice shook. She didn’t even know where to begin.

Brad frowned in sympathy. “Why don’t you come out of the cold? Come in, come in,” he ushered her inside, but as he did so, he continued to stare at Cona’s rounded belly. She was massive. She looked overdue with twins. It couldn’t have been real…could it? His eyes darted to her large breasts, then her massively round posterior that her dress could barely accommodate anymore. Just what was going on?

Brad led Cona to the living room and had her sit down. He hurried off, returning shortly with some towels and a blanket that she wrapped herself in. She rubbed a towel against her moist head of hair, not able to meet Brad’s eyes as he sat in the chair opposite her. She released a quiet groan as her stomach lurched.

“Cona…what’s going on?” Brad finally said.

Cona looked at Brad, took a deep breath, and started from the beginning. She told him everything – about the strange object that she and Rogers had discovered at the site of the meteor landing some days before. How, in her efforts to salvage it, she had hidden it inside of her. She told Brad about the resulting weight gain, and finally, she took a deep breath, and told him about the development of the tentacles. Cona forced herself to continue despite Brad’s stunned expression. She informed him of the quick and steady growth. And the eggs – the eggs that had started to come out of her, but only when she was submerged in water. She explained how strong the tentacles were, how easily they were able to overpower her – and their arbitrary, often strange diet. How they had even consumed some of Brad’s lab gerbils during their last meeting in his lab. By the time Cona was finished, she knew that it all sounded ludicrous, but she’d just had to get it off her chest.

And now Brad was just staring at her, like he thought she was mad.

He was careful in his words. “Cona…you understand that this is a lot to take in. I want to help you – but you have to allow me to. Let me take you to the psych ward in Ferton. Their doctors are some of the best.”

“Brad, I’m not lying.”

“I know you’re not, Cona. But you’re confused.”

“Brad, just look at this thing!” Cona thrust off the blanket and jerked up her dress. Brad froze to stare at the round, plump expanse of her belly and her golf ball-sized belly button throbbing at her navel. Cona face reddened as she felt one of the tentacles begin to descend, her vaginal lips bulging, then opening, making way for the tentacle’s bulby green head. Finally, it began to slide out of her.

Brad’s jaw fell slack.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Tue May 10, 2016 3:22 pm

Part 15

Brad stood frozen as Cona groaned and the tentacle swayed above him, back and forth, methodically. To Cona, it was being rather tame. But to Brad, it was the most insane thing he had ever seen. The tentacle began to close in on Brad, hovering inches from his face, as though to examine him. It seemed longer than ever, perhaps seven feet, if not more. Brad took a step back, and it just trailed farther out of Cona, the head twitching here and there as it swayed from Brad’s right eye to his left.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly, the tentacle withdrew, its length retracting. Cona grunted as its head popped back into her opening and disappeared.

She panted as she rubbed her belly. “That isn’t even the worst of it,” she groaned.

Brad was pale and speechless. He seemed certain that it was he who had lost his mind.

“Brad, stay with me,” said Cona, pulling down the front of her dress. She continued to hold the underside of her belly. “I need your help.”

Brad lightly shook himself. “Yes…of course,” he said, in a daze. “The first course of action would be…oh…oh god. What…was that?” He began to pace and ran his hand through his hair, seeming confused and distressed.

“Brad, you have to hold yourself together!” Cona insisted, continuing to take deep breaths. “Just imagine what I’m going through. All of this is all happening to me.” Her voice quavered. “And I don’t know what to do.”

“Right, right,” said Brad, trying to control his anxiety. He stopped pacing and turned to face her. “I’m so sorry Cona. First we’ll do bloodwork. A sonogram. A full workup. Let’s figure out what’s going on in there. Does that sound good to you?”

“Yes,” said Cona in relief. Her eyes watered, but she blinked back her tears.

Brad offered her his hand, and Cona took it, heaving herself off the couch with some difficulty. Once she was upright, she tried to give Brad a hug, but it was awkward, her belly serving as a barrier between them. The contents of it lurched, and she could fell him tense. Cona looked up from his chest, meeting his eyes.

“So this is all…real?” said Brad.

“It is,” said Cona weakly.

They stared at each other for a while longer, until Brad’s brows lowered somewhat, and he took her chin to tilt her face back. For some reason he was staring at her mouth.


“Are you feeling all right?” he asked her.

“Of course not,” said Cona, forcing a smile.

“I mean…your lips. They look…”


Raising his pointer finger to indicate for her to wait, Brad pulled away and left the room. He returned a few moments later with a mirror, which he held up to her face.

Cona peered at her reflection. It took her a moment to figure out what was off, but once she did, she wasn’t sure how she could have missed it in the first place.

Her lips had taken on a greenish hue.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Thu May 12, 2016 10:15 am

Part 16

Laying back on the medical table, Cona lifted her dress. She frowned slightly as she was fully exposed but she focused her attention on her belly as it gently heaved with her breathing. Or maybe it wasn’t with her breathing. Perhaps it was heaving on its own.

Spurting a cool blue gel against her abdomen, Brad began to rub the probe against the mass. On the screen, he produced largely the same image that Cona had seen herself when she had run a sonogram a few hours before. A large, tangled mass of tentacles. Brad paled as he stared, continuing to search for anything beyond them, for any miniscule difference that might offer the two insight on what was happening to her, but there was nothing. Eventually, Brad turned the screen off.

“Your bloodwork came back normal,” he said, taking Cona’s hand and squeezing it slightly. “All tests presented as normal. Your vitamin levels are all average to high. Chemically speaking, you’re perfectly healthy, but…physically…” He trailed off, continuing to observe her swollen body. “Is it okay if I do a physical exam?”

“Do whatever you think is necessary,” Cona insisted.

Brad nodded, and with his gloved hands, he began to press along her abdomen, Cona groaning as the tentacles squirmed in response. Brad must have gotten used to the strange movements by then because he neither tensed nor withdrew his hands.

Cona was still surprised that the tentacles were being so well behaved. Only once had a tentacle come out of her since her arrival at Brad’s house. It was a relief to have a break from their assaults and ministrations, but it was also a little unnerving. Why the sudden decrease in activity?

Brad finished up with her stomach exam. He nodded to her chest. “Do you mind if I…?”

Understanding, Cona pulled up her shirt, exposing the plump EE-cup mounds that had been non-existent only a few days before. Brad paused to stare, and Cona followed his gaze. She gasped at the sight of her nipples. Like her lips, they had become green.

“What’s happening to me?” she said in distress.

“I don’t know,” responded Brad gently. He began to do a breast exam. The texture seemed mostly normal, except it was extraordinarily plump and fatty for breast tissue. Her nipples were also unusually large. Cona groaned as he squeezed and rolled one between his fingers, her back arching, her belly button seeming to distend.

Her nipples were extremely sensitive, Brad observed. Too sensitive. He lifted her breasts upwards and blinked at what was beneath them. “Have you always had these moles?” He certainly had no recollection of them.

“What moles?” said Cona weakly.

Brad took Cona’s hands and guided them to the pudgy roll of flesh just beneath her breasts. She could feel a large mole on each side, in alignment with her nipples.

“No…I…” Cona was stunned. “These weren’t here yesterday.”

Brad frowned but said nothing.

“What do you think?” said Cona, trying to keep her voice calm. “Cancer?”

“I couldn’t say,” Brad admitted. “Cona, I believe that we’re dealing with alien biology here. A lot of strange things are happening to you. I am just as lost as you are.”

“But you can help?” said Cona.

“I’ll do my best,” Brad responded. He gave her a forced smile, before sliding her dress back down over her abdomen. But he left her groin uncovered. “The last part of the exam.”

Squeezing her eyes shut, Cona nodded.

Brad leaned down to examine her opening, noting that her vaginal lips were extraordinarily plump. Her clitoris was quite swollen as well. He carefully parted the opening with his fingers, Cona shifting uncomfortably but remaining compliant. Brad was surprised to see that her cervix was at least partially dilated.

Brad pushed the tips of two fingers into her opening as Cona groaned. He carefully inched his fingers farther and farther, feeling for other abnormalities. Feeling for – the creature.

“Brad…” Cona grunted. He was going to agitate it. Her breathing began to thin.

Brad withdrew his hand. He pulled off his gloves. “It’s okay Cona, I’m here.” He rubbed her arm.

But Brad didn’t seem to understand just how powerful the tentacles were. Cona dropped her head back and quietly thanked him, but she felt less safe than she had ever felt before.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Fri May 13, 2016 9:47 am

Part 17

Brad set Cona up in a guest room. He strapped some monitors around her belly that would measure the tentacles’ growth rate, activity, and temperatures as she slept.

Not that she was getting any sleep. Cona spent that night tossing and turning, her belly throbbing. She could physically see it, swelling, sinking, swelling, sinking. Full, and heavy, and ridden with those terrible lurches. Cona tried several different positions, but she could not sleep through the sensations of what she knew to be her body growing. Beads of sweat formed above her brow.

She sighed and stared at the mound perched on her torso. Though the tentacles continued to squirm within her, they had still not bothered to come out. It was strange and unsettling. She felt like something bad was going to happen that night.

“Errrghhh…” Cona grunted at a sudden sensation of tightness in her abdomen. Her stomach bloated, her belly button swelling outward, as she panted and rubbed at the tension-filled mass. She fumbled to untie the now-tight strap holding the monitors in place, but it was no use. It was happening again. “Grrghhhh…” Cona groaned as she was hit with another surge of pressure.

She climbed off the bed and staggered out of the room, her round bottom rocking, and plump breasts bobbing on her chest. She was dressed in some of Bradley’s clothes – a stretched undershirt her belly bulged out of starting from her navel, and an equally stretched pair of shorts several inches of her ass-crack was protruding over. She was too disoriented to remember where any of the bathrooms were, but opened each door she passed, hoping to find one. She was slightly hunched as she proceeded, opening door after door, fearful that she would not make it in time. Now the strap was digging into her flesh, veins rising and sinking against the bloated mass. Sweating and gasping, Cona burst through a new door – it was the kitchen.

The strap snapped, the monitors falling at her feet. Her belly button was pulsating, looking the size of a tangerine by then. “Oh…goddd…” Cona groaned, gripping her belly and eying the sink. She looked overdue with triplets by then, her belly heaving up and down with its growth and her breathing.

She staggered to a chair and pushed it to the large sink. She turned the sink on then climbed upon the chair, before pulling down her shirts and perching herself in the growing puddle of water.

It was like something inside her unlocked. Cona groaned as the pressure surged down to her loins, something shifting, working its way through her birth canal as she tensed and struggled, finally feeling an egg begin to crown. Why did this one feel so large? “C’mon…ngghh…gnnnhh…” She groaned, panting and sweaty. Her clothes were pasted to her bloating body, shoulders trembling and nipples wiggling. She gripped her belly as it heaved and bobbed.

Suddenly the lights turned on, a shocked Brad standing in the door frame.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sun May 15, 2016 2:59 pm

Part 18

They were no longer softball-sized. Now the eggs felt more like grapefruits against her opening. Cona’s face reddened and contorted as she struggled to push. She was oblivious of Brad’s shocked stare.

“Ohhh…” Cona groaned, sliding her hand down to cradle the egg still lodged in her opening. It trembled, but seemed relatively stuck. The pressure in her stomach increased in the meantime, her belly button throbbing as her stomach swelled. “Nrrghhh…”

Another egg shifted into her birth canal behind this one and its momentum helped her push the crowned egg out. Cona grunted and strained as its greatest width squeezed through her before it finally popped free.

That counted nine. Nine eggs. Cona groaned as the next egg began to crown.

But her body was prepared, her plump lips bulging, spreading, to make way for the mass. She gripped the edge of the sink and gave one more forceful push. “Nrrghhh!”

It dropped free to join the others in the small pool of water beneath her.

Cona panted, her back hunched. She waited for the next mass, but the pressure was gone. And so she just remained squatted there, gasping for breath. She had birthed ten eggs this time, though, as usual, her belly did not look any smaller.

Brad was stunned. “C-Cona…” he said.

She rubbed at her abdomen, which was more large and round than ever. She looked overdue with quads, the tentacles squirming in pleasure inside her. “I think they…they need to be in water,” Cona said weakly. “I can’t birth them otherwise.” She groaned as her belly trembled. She did her best to get up on her shaky legs. Brad hurried over to help her to the chair, and then the floor.

The two stood back to observe the ten eggs submerged in the water. They were each quite large, each the side of a grapefruit, and Brad was a bit shocked that Cona had managed to birth them at all.

And Brad found it fascinating. What did they contain? He was itching to examine them, when he heard Cona groan.

He turned to survey the girl. She was pale, sweaty, and presently rubbing her large mound. Her back was arched, as though straining to support the mass. He could see the skin of her belly shift as something lurched within. The mass was protruding completely free of the tanktop she was wearing. Her breasts seemed to have experienced some growth as well, her cleavage now bulging heavily against the scoop neckline.

“Oh Cona,” said Brad in sympathy. He took her arm and ushered her off to her room. “I’ll be in the exam room across the hall. Why don’t you try to get some sleep?”

Cona managed a nod. “Thank you Brad. For everything.”

“Of course.” He said. He squeezed her shoulder then walked off.

When he was gone, Cona continued to rub her belly, groaning as the tentacles squirmed. Things were escalating fast. She hoped that Brad found some answers, and soon. Cona didn’t know how much more growth she would be able to handle.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Mon May 16, 2016 9:03 am

Part 19

Cona found another outfit of Brad’s – a T-shirt that her belly poked completely free of, and some long johns that the top half of her bottom bulged out of. She frowned down at herself, knowing that this was the best she could do, at least for the time being. She would speak to Brad about other clothing options in the morning. But at present, she just wanted to collapse.

Before heading for the bed, Cona threw a glance at the mirror, and wished she hadn’t. With a trembling hand, she turned on the lights directly above her.

Her skin had taken on a faint, greenish hue. Brad must have been too astonished by her giving birth to the eggs to even notice. Cona continued to observe herself until she realized that her lips were now a much darker, forest green. She lifted her shirt. Her nipples were too.

Cona swallowed. All of this was quite unsettling. She spotted strange flecks of green in her hazel eyes. It was beautiful.

And quite unsettling.

Cona felt her heart race, but she knew that there wasn’t anything she could do about her changes. Not at the moment. Her best bet was to get some rest so that she would have a clear mind in the morning. And who knew? Maybe while she was sleeping Brad would come up with something grand.

Even with these thoughts, Cona felt increasingly hopeless as she eased herself down on the bed. The door was ajar, and she could see the light coming from the exam room across the hall that Brad occupied. She shifted and squirmed, but somehow managed to fall asleep.

Cona awoke a few hours later to powerful movement inside her. She grunted, and instinctively rubbed the mound. She looked down to see that a tentacle was protruding from her opening. She must have gotten so accustomed to the sensation that it hadn’t even awoken her. The tentacle’s winding length was trailing across the room where it disappeared through the opening left by the door. Cona shifted uncomfortably. It was probably looking for food, perhaps more lab gerbils to feed on.

Cona reached down, and slowly, tentatively touched what she could reach of the slimy limb, right where it protruded between her thighs.

Cona gasped as it shuddered, and the contents of her belly gave another powerful lurch, but to Cona’s frustration, the tentacle did not retract. She had no choice but to tolerate whatever it was up to. She watched it move farther and farther from her, until the limb was taut. She felt a strange pulling sensation, and instinctively held the underside of her belly as her abdomen tensed and ached, as though something was tugging at the tentacle. Just what was going on?

Panting by then, Cona started to heave herself up, when suddenly the bedroom door pushed open. Cona looked up and was surprised to see a disheveled Brad being dragged inside. His captor was the tentacle itself, wrapped tightly around his chest and arms. The tentacle was pulling Brad over to her, and Cona was lost as to why.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Mon May 16, 2016 9:32 am

Part 20

“Brad!” said Cona in alarm.

“Cona, I must have dozed off in the lab and it – it just grabbed me!”

The tentacle pulled Brad close, against her, before its head snaked down to Brad’s waist and began to push the front of his pajama pants down.

Cona struggled to get up, feeling much like a turtle that had fallen onto its shell, but the tentacle managed to lock Brad tightly against her. A second tentacle pushed out of her opening, causing Cona to tremble. This one wrapped around one of her legs, holding it up, and spreading her wide.

“Brad,” Cona repeated, watching in horror as the first tentacle wrapped around Brad’s member, lathering it in slime. The tentacle proceeded to pump it, Brad’s face reddening as he hardened and swelled.

“Errghh…” Brad groaned, struggling to escape, but it was no use.

Cona couldn’t help staring at his swelling member. He was even larger than she remembered him being. Much larger. She watched in astonishment as the tentacle continued to slather Brad’s gender with the pale green slime, somehow coaxing it to grow, and grow, and soon he was at a length and thickness that might rival a horse’s. Veins throbbed on its surface as Brad’s face twisted in discomfort. He looked incredibly strained.

“Cona…” panted Brad, as the tentacle tightened around his chest.

“I’m so sorry Brad,” Cona cried. The long tentacle bounding her leg was now sliding along it, keeping her leg in place while also wrapping around her, beneath her breasts, holding her whole body secure.

Brad shook his head. “I agreed to help you,” he forced out. “You have nothing to be-“

Cona released a pained yelp as Brad’s member slammed into her already stretched opening.


It was tight…so tight. She grunted as the tentacle rocked her, shoving her up and down Brad’s member. It seemed to go deeper every time.

Both their faces were red, Brad staring at her in horror, struggling to contain himself.

Cona’s eyes were squeezed shut, her grunts rhythmic with the forced thrusts of their bodies. It was so strange, so…tingly. Her belly throbbed, her loins heated, and the creature within her throbbed in delight as Brad was pushed deeper and deeper into her already-packed stomach. She could feel him tense. She knew he was at his limit.

“Cona, I-”

He poured into her, flooding her, Cona’s face reddening more as she felt his seed invade her, far more of it than a man should have even be able to produce. Her belly seemed to tighten and fill with heat before she felt Brad slump down, the tentacle the only thing that was keeping him upright. His gender came out of her with a wet sopping noise, but none of his fluids followed. Why? What was the purpose of all this? Cona trembled as the tentacle slowly slid away from her waist and unbound her leg. Both tentacles retracted back into her opening, leaving her and Brad to exhaustedly collapse against the bed.
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