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Tentacles by KomperaKlause

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Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:47 pm

Found this story on DeviantArt. Enjoy :)

Part 1

Cona followed Dr. Rogers off the train. The two walked across the busy station, Rogers’ shoulder bag hanging from his arm closest to her.

“Quickly. We have to hail a cab,” said Rogers.

Cona nodded. She too was eager to get the sample they had collected back to the lab.

Cona was a small-framed girl. She was in her early twenties – a Phd student, and Dr. Roger’s current lab assistant. An aspiring biologist, she had had the honor of accompanying Dr. Rogers to the site of a recent meteor landing. It was only as the two had begun to depart from the site that they noticed men in crisp suits closing off the area. Cona and Rogers hadn’t stopped to see what was going on, instead hurrying off to catch their train back into town. The last thing they wanted was for the sample to be confiscated by some brainless uniforms over unsubstantiated concerns.

“There,” said Rogers, pointing to a cab that had stopped for them. Tightly clutching the strap of his shoulder bag against him, he began to lead the way.

“Excuse me sir.” Someone in a crisp suit grabbed Roger’s arms. Roger turned and the suited man flashed an ID card that read CIA. Cona took a step back.

“Can I help you?” said Rogers impatiently.

“Do you mind if I check the bag sir?” said the CIA agent.

“I do,” said Rogers.

“Hand over the bag, sir.”

Cona continued to step back, watching a struggle ensue. The CIA agent had not noticed she was with Rogers. She watched the suited man tear open Rogers’ shoulder bag, causing papers to tumble onto the pavement. Rogers was yelling and causing a scene. Several other men in crisp black suits began to appear from nowhere and descend on the scene.

Cona slipped back into the train station and headed for the women’s rest room. She entered and immediately locked herself in a stall where she took several deep breaths before reaching into her pocket. She pulled out the sample. She had slipped it out of Rogers’ bag when she first noticed the agent heading their way.

It was a circular green elliptical object. The shape was imperfect, and it resembled a medium potato in size. Or even a large snake’s egg. Strangest, it was warm. Cona and Rogers had been desperate to study it. If it had come out of the meteor – as both of them suspected – it could turn out to be an invaluable scientific discovery. In fact, it could prove that there was something else out there.

Cona tensed as she heard someone else enter the bathroom. She climbed onto the toilet on her booted feet to keep her legs from showing beneath the stall door. She squatted down low. Someone was pacing the room. It might have been one of the agents.

I can’t let this slip away, Cona decided. This sort of discovery could make her career. She had to hide it where no one would find it. It was a crazy idea – she might even end up damaging the sample – but she had to give it a try. And so, opening her squatted legs and tugging down her panties, Cona pressed the sample between her vaginal lips and pushed. She muffled her groan in the sleeve of her shirt.

“Is someone in there?” a male voice called from the other side of the stall. He began to knock on the door. “Get out here.”

Cona’s face reddened as she pushed more, stretching herself more than she imagined she ever had. She almost didn’t think all of it would fit, when the remainder of the sample suddenly popped completely through her opening. She panted.

The man on the either side of the stall was now banging on it. “I’m giving you until the count of three-”

The door swung open and a composed Cona walked out, looking annoyed. “Geez, what do you want?” she said, walking passed him to the sink, where she washed her hands.

The agent peered into the stall then looked back at her. “Miss, I’m going to have to search you.”

Cona snorted. “Go ahead.”

An irritable expression etched on her face, Cona endured a pat-down, and watched the contents of her purse get dumped onto the bathroom counter. When the agent was satisfied that she wasn’t hiding anything, he let her go.

Cona walked out of the bathroom and back into the station to see that the CIA agents had overrun it. They were doing random searches of everyone. People were yelling. Children were crying. Her face flushed and groin sore, Cona bowed her head and hurried off.

On the cab ride home, she fidgeted and groaned. With every bump the car hit, she could feel the sample sliding deeper into her.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:28 am

Part 2

Once Cona got home, she dumped her things and squatted down. She reached into her sore opening, but by then, her finger could barely graze the sample – and then after a moment her finger couldn’t reach the sample at all. Her position just seemed to push it farther inside her.

Cona dropped her hand and instead attempted pushing the thing out with her abdominal muscles, but that didn’t seem to do much either. After 15 minutes of grunting and struggling, she gave up, and climbed up to her feet. She impatiently pulled out her phone and tried calling Rogers, but the call went directly to a busy signal.

Cona paced for a while, mostly worried about the status of the sample. What if her body system destroyed it? She needed to get it extracted somehow, and without alerting authorities as visiting the local emergency room would.

But it had been a long day, and Cona felt suddenly, abnormally overwhelmed with fatigue. Perhaps she would speak with some trusted colleagues at school tomorrow and try to figure things out. With that thought a consolation, Cona headed to bed and went to sleep.


When Cona awoke the next morning, she felt…different somehow. She climbed out of bed and approached her full-length mirror, where she gasped at her reflection. Cona turned to her side, running her hands over her body.

Was she having an allergic reaction to the sample? Her normally small breasts were full in her night shirt, as was her bottom. Though not abnormal or unnatural looking, her proportions had changed quite abruptly. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so evident on someone else, but on Cona’s ordinarily skinny body, it was startling.

Her stomach was also somewhat fuller – it looked and felt bloated. Though she was not in any amount of pain or discomfort, she would have to be watchful, in case the reaction exacerbated, and became dangerous. Cona might have even considered going to the hospital right then had she not been feeling so paranoid because of the prior day’s events.

Instead, she quickly washed up, pulled on a cargo dress, some combat boots, tied her hair up, and headed off to college. On the cab ride there, she tried phoning Dr. Rogers several more times, but was still met with a busy signal.

Her first stop was Rogers’ office, but it was locked and the lights were off. It didn’t seem anyone had been there since she and Rogers had departed for the meteor landing site the day before. Cona then hurried off to her lecture that morning and tried her best to focus but her mind kept wandering to the dilemma between her legs.

Suddenly her stomach lurched. What was that? She shifted in discomfort.

Cona placed one of her hands against her stomach. It felt even more bloated than it had earlier. She tried her best to ignore it, tried to focus on the lesson.

After the class, she headed to the bathroom and surveyed herself, smoothing her dress down against her abdomen. She had grown.

I have to get this thing out of me, Cona thought. I have to try. It was clear she was having a bad reaction to whatever it was.

She passed by Rogers’ office one more time before leaving campus – lights still off – then gathered her bearings and headed home to deliberate.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:58 am

Part 3

Once at home, Cona squatted down on her bedroom floor and continued to try to eject the sample but her efforts were only proving to exhaust her and make her body ache. Dropping to her knees, she stared down at herself in unease.

Her belly was strangely just getting bigger. Over the course of the day it had become a rounded mound, bulging out in her dress – she looked as though she was five months pregnant! This was definitely cause for concern, but Cona was uncertain about what course to take. Her best bet would probably have been to go to the hospital – but what if the government agents reappeared? What if she disappeared the way Dr. Rogers had? What had they done to him anyway??

Cona started feeling dizzy, and dropped down to her plumper-than-usual bottom. Her stomach did another lurch, causing her to shiver. What was going on in there? Cona bit her bottom lip as she continued to peer down at the mass.

Finally, as the dizziness subsided, Cona climbed to her feet and trudged to her bed. She dropped down against it, but found lying against her stomach to be extremely uncomfortable, so turned over onto her side. Hopefully it won’t get any bigger, Cona thought anxiously, and somehow she managed to drift off to sleep.

But Cona didn’t sleep for long. She felt a strange tension in her vaginal lips. Her panties felt tight. After rubbing her eyes, she reached down and wiggled her way out of her panties. She stroked the lips carefully, and shuddered in arousal. They were plump, swollen, bulging somewhat – like something was pushing at them from the inside.

Cona craned her neck over the mound of her belly – which now looked more swollen then ever! – and she could just see her groin in the moonlight coming into the room. She groaned as it seemed to shudder, and opened slightly, the lips parting slowly – “Ahhhhh…” – Cona moaned. The sample was finally coming out. Thank goodness. She pushed.

Something protruded out from between her vaginal lips…but it wasn’t the sample. It was green…and slimy looking…with a bulbous tip that was followed by more and more of it. A vine-like limb, almost like a…tentacle. And it was animated…moving…wiggling about as it perceived its surroundings, and continued to slide...out of her, two, maybe three feet of it, as Cona shuddered and breathed and tried to figure out if she was dreaming.

But then moments passed, and the thing was hovering above her, idly swaying, still innocently protruding out of her vagina, and in those moments, Cona did not wake up.

Cona screamed. Her first instinct was to detach the thing from her, and she grabbed it by its sole, slippery limb, but as she pulled, the pain was unbearable. She felt like she was ripping her own heart out. Cona cried out in pain and curled in on herself, the tentacle meanwhile sliding back inside, disappearing, and leaving only her plump belly and throbbing groin as evidence that it had ever been there at all.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:26 am

Part 4

The next day she looked as though she was six months pregnant. The uncomfortable lurching inside her continued. Cona sat in class, her belly hidden beneath the skirt of her loose winter dress. Her feet fidgeted in the combat boots she was wearing, her thighs compulsively pressed together. Meanwhile she blankly stared down at the notebook on her desk, sure that last night had to have been a dream. There was no way something had really - protruded - out of her opening. Something alive. That was impossible. It was utterly insane.

Cona blinked as she felt her panties begin to dampen, her loins tingling, vaginal lips seeming to swell.

Her eyes widening, Cona got up and hurried out of the classroom. She went into the nearest bathroom where she locked herself into a stall. “Nnnnghhh...” she groaned as something pushed her lips apart.

Her panties were pushed down to make way for the limb – the wiggling tentacle. It rose up to hoover in her face, Cona stumbling back in surprise until she fell, her bottom making hard contact with the toilet seat. She continued to stare up at the tentacle in fear.

It shot towards her, and Cona instinctively raised her right arm up to stop it, but the thing easily wrapped around her wrist, restricting her. Its bulby head continued on though, the tentacle snaking its way down to her chest. It definitely seemed to surpass three feet. Who knew how long the limb went on inside her! Cona whimpered as it dove into her cleavage – her new and tender B-cups – where it secreted a translucent green…slime…that dribbled onto her breasts before the tentacles proceeded to rub it into her flesh. Cona twisted and squirmed in absolute horror. She was utterly trapped with this condition – this creature – with whatever it was doing to her body. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

When the tentacle seemed satisfied with its handiwork, it pulled away from her breasts and unraveled from her arm before slipping back into her vagina to join the rest of whatever it was that occupied her stomach.

Cona gasped for breath, her skin crawling. Though her legs were weak, she forced herself to get up, hurried out of the stall, and observed her flushed face in the mirror. She tugged down the front of her dress and touched her breasts. They felt sticky. It was gross. Cona wet some paper towels and did her best to wipe the slime off, unaware that most of it had already been absorbed into her skin.

When she was done, Cona just breathed. She tried to clear her mind and think things through. What was the next logical step to take?

She needed help. That much was clear. She couldn’t handle this problem on her own. Though Dr. Rogers was unreachable, there were several other brilliant scientists on the college faculty. Now it was simply a matter of choosing one she could trust, someone she could confide in about her bizarre condition. Someone who wouldn’t spill her secrets to the authorities the moment they learned.

Cona knew which scientist that was. Dr. Bradley Waters, the young, prodigious, world renowned biologist. Cona had actually…dated him…a semester or two back. And Cona wasn’t too keen about the confrontation to come.

Taking a deep breath, Cona forced herself to turn away from the mirror and walked out of the bathroom.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:21 am

Part 5

“I wanted to know if I could speak to you off the record, Br- Dr. Waters.” Cona was sitting opposite him at a table in his cluttered lab. She watched him carefully pour a chemical from a beaker into a test tube.

“You know you always can, Cona,” the scientist responded, not looking up from his work. “And what’s this Dr. Waters business? You know that to you I’m Brad.”

“I appreciate that, Brad. I’m glad we can still be friends.”

Brad finally looked up, offering her a smile. He was still as handsome as ever. “I hadn’t known you were expecting.”

Cona blinked. “I – erm – well it was very sudden,” she stammered. As if on cue, her loins began to tingle. Reddening, she pressed her thighs together as hard as she could.

Brad nodded, but didn’t press for more information.

“Brad, I wanted to speak to you about…ahhhh…” The tentacle pushed forcefully out of her opening, shoving past her thighs and tearing through the crotch of her panties.

“What is it?” Brad asked. He began to search for something in a drawer. “I know I had that tonic somewhere…”

The tentacle continued to slide out of her, its tip now drifting into a cage sitting on a cart just to the left of the table. It was full of the gerbils Brad used for his experiments. The tentacle closed in on one of the animals, its bulb rising to reveal a small opening at the tip that stretched wide like a mouth. It then plunged down on the gerbil, swallowing it like a snake. Cona stared in horror as a lump formed on the tentacle where the gerbil’s body was being worked along it, slowly sliding down its length and towards her vagina. But the tentacle didn’t seem finished. It began to close in on another of the animals.

Cona was in a state of panic. “Brad, two days ago, I was exposed to-“

“Hold that thought, Cona,” said the oblivious young scientist who was still searching through the drawer. Giving up, he snapped it closed. “I’ll just have to make another one. Give me five minutes.” He walked over to a shelf where he began to pile various jars and containers into his arms.

Cona tensed as the gerbil hit her opening. Holding her belly, she struggled not to groan as the tentacle forced it past her lips to join the rest of its body contained in her stomach. Cona could see a second lump of a gerbil’s body working its way along the length of the tentacle. Meanwhile, the head of the tentacle was closing in on a third.

Cona’s stomach tightened as the first gerbil hit her womb. The second one was just beginning to push through her opening now. She groaned, her face red and beaded with sweat.

“Cona, are you okay?” Brad called, not looking up from whatever chemicals he was combining by some bunsen burners on the other side of the room now. As usual, Brad was so obsessed with work he was oblivious of reality.

“I…have to go,” Cona gasped out.

Not caring that the tentacle was still protruding from under her dress, she got up and hurried out of the room. She was grateful that the corridor outside was empty since school hours were over. Cona leaned heavily on the wall holding her belly as it bloated and tightened with the second gerbil. The third was meanwhile being pushed into her vagina, and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Nrrgghhh…unnnghhhh…” Cona groaned, her body trembling, belly throbbing.

Once it had finished consuming its strange meal, the tentacle slipped back inside her, and the plumpened Cona was left standing in the hallway, panting, red, and tighter than ever.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Tue May 03, 2016 12:43 pm

Part 6

Her breasts had become round C-cups, cleavage bulging in all her tops and dresses. Her bottom was round and plump behind her. Her belly made her look as though she was eight months pregnant.

Cona could feel its mass…pulsing…throbbing, inside her. She didn’t know what it was, just that it was growing.

She tossed and turned that night, her insides twisting. The whole scenario was absolutely disturbing. Despite it, she tried to get some sleep. Tried to clear her mind for the next day.

Just as she began to drift off with the false hope that this night would be an uneventful one, she felt her vaginal lips tingling, then bulging, felt the head of the tentacle start to push out of her. “Nghhh….no…” Cona groaned as the tentacle popped free. Maybe it would just go back in. Maybe it would leave her alone.

But that was not the case. The tentacle immediately went about poking and prodding her, then massaging more of its goo into her chest. Cona could barely stand it, when she felt a new pressure in her vagina, her face reddening, and her opening feeling impossibly tight. “Nrrrghhhhh….gnnhhhh...!” Her body twisted and she was stretched wider as a second tentacle protruded from between her vaginal lips.

Panting, Cona stared at the two tentacles swaying above her. She was baffled that a second one had appeared. Just as she began to wonder if she was full of those horrible things, the second tentacle joined the first in massaging slime into her bloated flesh. Every time she tried to resist, one of the tentacles would bind her arms. Cona had no choice but to endure the abuse. That night, she didn’t get any sleep.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Thu May 05, 2016 4:25 pm

Part 7

The next morning, the tentacles were gone – well they were back inside her. Cona shuddered.

She climbed heavily out of bed and trudged to the mirror, where she stared at herself in horror.

Her ass was rounder and plumper than ever. Her breasts had become D-cups on her chest, and her round belly made her look as though she was nine month’s pregnant.

Cona wrapped her arms around it. The mound felt strangely tight that morning, but she tried to ignore it. If she really was pregnant, this might have been a joyous occasion. Instead she had somehow ended up harboring some sort of strange creature inside of her.

Knowing that she was limited to skirts and dresses because of her unique…condition…Cona pulled on an empire-waist sweater dress, though it’s formerly loose material was now skin tight on her and had no hope of concealing her girth. Cona went panty-less, knowing full well that the tentacles would come out of her whenever they wanted, whether she liked it or not.

“Ngghh…” The tightness had only grown worse throughout the morning. Cona sat down carefully, holding the mound of her belly. Her face was flushed, forehead beaded with sweat, her belly growing tighter and tighter in an uncomfortable and frightening way. It made her think that whatever was lurking inside was going to break free, like one of those horrible monster movies. Cona envisioned a tentacle bursting out of her flesh. “Ohhhhhhhh….” Cona moaned, veins rising on her temples and the surface of the mound.

Cona didn’t know why, but she felt a sudden compulsion to be in water. She got to her feet and hurried into the bathroom where she ran the tub, breathing in puffs as she impatiently waited. Once the water had risen six or so inches, she climbed down into the tub, socks, dress, and all. She squatted down into the water and started straining. Her opening tightened uncomfortably, but with a larger mass than the tentacles. Cona grunted and trembled, continuing to clutch her belly. She wondered if the tentacle creature was finally coming out of her. But it was far too big by then. Surely she couldn’t push it out vaginally? “Nrghhhh…godddd….” Cona groaned as the pressure increased. Her eyes teared. What if this killed her?

Just when Cona thought she couldn’t take another bit of pressure, something slowly crowned, then popped out, her lips closing on whatever else lurked within.

Cona panted. Shakily she reached down in curiosity of what she had produced. It certainly hadn’t been a tentacle. Her hand connected with the hard, smooth surface of a round object, about the size of a softball.

“Unnghhh…” Cona groaned as she felt another one pressing against her vagina from within. She strained and pushed until a second mass popped out of her, which was soon followed by a third.

Cona gasped for breath. The unbearable pressure was finally gone. But in its place, the generalized throbbing had returned, and an almost…contented…squirming. Cona stared down at her mass. It was still as big as ever.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Fri May 06, 2016 3:05 pm

Part 8

Cona climbed out of the tub. Pulling off her soaked dress, she perched down against a floor mat upon her plump ass. She sat there panting for a while, staring at her heaving breasts and wiggling, erect nipples, which seemed to almost have a—greenish tint by then. Cona shuddered, and looked away from them. This transformation didn’t seem to have an end.

And then there was the matter of the…things she had just…given birth…to. Cona took a gulp, before leaning over to peek into the tub.

She stared at the three round masses in the water that she had produced. Eerily enough, they highly resembled the sample from the meteor site that she had pushed up inside of herself originally. She reached down into the water and lifted one of the masses. The surface was warm and hard…shell-like. And slimy. As Cona stared at it, she knew what it was. She felt the squirming inside her increase. As though in excitement.

It was…an egg.

Overcome by disgust, Cona felt an impulse to get rid of the thing, but somehow she knew the tentacles would react badly, and she became frightened of what they might do.

Shuddering again, Cona lowered the egg back into the warm water. She climbed up to her feet with some awkwardness and walked into her room. She opened her closet and began to tug clothes off hangers, looking for something that would fit her.

She ended up with a top that was too tight to conceal all of her belly, and a spandex skirt that had gotten formfitting on her rounded ass and fuller hips. She wished she could have put on leggings with it, but she knew the tentacles would not have it.

Cona pulled out her cell phone and tried calling Rogers for the umpteenth time. Curiously, this time the call didn’t go to a busy signal. Instead it went to Rogers’ voicemail. At the sound of the beep, Cona’s heart pounded.

“Professor Rogers, it’s me, Cona. Geez, I haven’t seen you in a while, not since—well, I’m getting a bit worried about you. Call me back, will you? I really need to speak to you about a…personal matter-“ Cona paced her room, absently tugging down the front of her shirt. “My situation is getting a bit—desperate—so if you could just give me a call Professor—please just contact me-“ A beeping noise indicated that Cona had used up her allotted time. With a sigh, she hung up the phone. Then she couldn’t help but stare down at herself.

Her breasts were so round and full, they didn’t necessitate a bra for support—though it might have helped with the jiggling, and it might have also helped to conceal her erect and growing nipples—though Cona knew that none of her measly bras had any hopes of containing the newly blossomed masses.

It was weird having breasts. It was weird having a pregnant belly and a porn star ass. Cona turned in her mirror, marveling at her transformation. Even her hair seemed longer, thicker, more…abundant. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her.

But Cona was certain one thing. She needed to get back to the lab. Get Waters on board if she had to.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Fri May 06, 2016 3:09 pm

Part 9

Walking into the kitchen, Cona grabbed a banana for the road, then her keys, and stuffed her feet into some ankle boots. She grabbed her jacket off a chair—it had no hope of wrapping around her but would at least cover her arms—then she turned to head for the door.

Cona froze in place as she felt her loins tingle. She knew what was coming next. Clutching her belly, she grunted as a tentacle slowly pushed out from between her vaginal lips. Her knees trembled as more and more of it slid forward, inch after inch, foot after foot. It seemed longer than ever.

Cona stood frozen and watched as it swayed about in her small kitchen. </i>C’mon, go back in,</i> she thought in disgust and impatience as she rubbed the round mass of her belly, as though this would do her any good. A beat of sweat trickled down her temple. She hoped it wasn’t looking to fondle her again.

She watched nervously as the tentacle curiously wrapped around a large grapefruit and lifted it from a bowl on the counter. The tentacle then wobbled around supporting the grapefruit for a while. She gasped as the tentacle abruptly began to shoot inside her, sliding in like a tape measure being retracted, until the grapefruit slammed against her too-small opening. But the tentacle didn’t release it.

“Nrrghhh…stop…” Cona grunted, her face red, but the tentacle just continued to pull, jamming the fruit against her sensitive, swollen lips.

Cona reached down and opened her lips to free them from injury, only bringing the grapefruit all the closer to her opening, pressing into it, the tentacle keen as ever to pull it in.

“Ahh….unggghhhh…” Cona groaned in discomfort, slowly sinking to her knees, her legs spread wide against the fruit. Face red and sweaty, she sunk to her back and opened her legs as wide as she could, curving to the whim of the tentacle. She knew better than to hope they it would release the fruit.

The grapefruit began to ease inside her inch by inch, stretching her painfully, as Cona trembled and moaned. It finally popped completely through her opening, Cona clutching her lower abdomen, face contorted in pain. She could still feel the grapefruit being pulled deeper and deeper, until hitting her stomach, and Cona swore she could see her belly visibly swell. She felt the creature within her squirm in pleasure and she groaned.

When it was over, Cona laid there for a while, gasping for breath. She rubbed her belly if just to calm the creatures and ease her own discomfort. And as appealing as the idea of lying there indefinitely seemed to her at that moment, Cona knew she had to get up. She had to get back to the lab.

With some difficulty, she climbed to her feet.
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Re: Tentacles by KomperaKlause

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat May 07, 2016 7:31 am

Part 10

Rubbing her belly helped somewhat. It got the tentacles relatively calm.

Cona ignored the stares as she waddled through the school building. Many were from her peers, who had seen her perfectly slim only a few days before. Now she looked like she might pop out a baby at any moment.

Oh god, Cona thought, as the creature within her gave a particularly strong squirm. She fervently rubbed her belly as her loins started to tingle, but it wasn't working anymore. And the more she rubbed, the more people stared. Cona waddled her way to the nearest bathroom, hoping she would make it on time.

Fortunately, when she got inside, the tentacle still wasn't protruding from her. Cona locked herself into a stall, pulled down her panties, and leaned on a wall as a tentacle rubbed at her clit, it's bulbous head crowning. Finally, it pushed out of her.

"Nnghhnn..." Cona groaned, her body trembling as the mass continued to slide out, inch by inch. It seemed longer than ever, at least six feet.

Cona grunted, clutching her belly as a second tentacle pushed out of her opening, following the first. She panted and tried to relax, slowly lowering herself to the toilet seat and spreading her legs wide. She resigned herself to the inevitability of what would transpire, pulling her shirt up to spare it from being torn by the tentacles. She thrust her chest out - they were incredibly plump DDs by then. "Let's just get this over wi- ohh...aahhhh!" Cona's eyes opened wide as she felt her opening tighten yet more, something pushing at it from the inside. She squirmed and reddened before a third tentacle finally burst free with a wet popping noise. Her face sweating, she panted, her mounds heaving up and down as she whimpered and squirmed. So tight...

The tentacles went about attending to her in that strange, horrible way of theirs. One took to massaging her breasts, another rubbing her plump ass, and the last rubbing its goo into her belly, as well as the flushed skin under her breasts. Cona was lost in a mixture of discomfort and arousal, her body heaving as the tentacles did as they pleased. Her opening seeped fluids down the first several inches of the tentacles. Her belly button throbbed, looking the size of a golf ball. Cona groaned as she was relentlessly massaged all over her body. She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take.
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