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Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

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Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:50 am

One of my favourite pregnancy stories, from Literotica, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. It starts slow, but

Like Rabbits

Chapter 1

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in October, there was nothing to do, and he was hungry. He was driving to a place that the hotel told him would be a good place to have a sandwich and a couple of beers while he watched the Penn State game. What happened that afternoon changed his life forever.

Chuck was a networking consultant for a factory automation company near Atlanta. He was thirty­-three, and the hotshot on his team. Any time someone needed something special, he'd always be the one to fly. Unlike others on his team, he was unattached and willing to see the world on the company's dime.

This time, it was a big college town in western Pennsylvania. He was to do some preliminary project work at one of the company's big accounts. He job this time was to get some details of how things were laid out, a job that he figured would take about a week. Because his company was cheap, however, it meant that he had to stay over a Saturday night any time he left the building.

He had landed a few hours before, coming in from Atlanta. The flight hadn't been all that bad, especially considering the early fall rain that gave the Pennsylvania landscape a chill that it shouldn't have until November. The sky was low and gray, and the rain, although not heavy, was wind ­driven. All of this left little doubt in his bones that it'd be an early winter. It was the sort of feeling that went to the core, and which wouldn't easily go away. Just as the rental car was warming up, he saw the place and pulled into the lot.

He shook himself off a little like a dog when he got in. He took the usual business traveler's quick look around the place. He'd learned things to look for from his manager years earlier. You wanted to be careful with new places. This restaurant was the kind of place where the college kids would get their parents to take them for dinner when they were in town for the weekend. The walls were covered with stuff that other people would consider junk, but with enough of the stuff, became nostalgia. He wondered if these "treasures" had made their last stop at a garage sale.

In the center of the dining area was a lounge, which was surrounding a big open­-pit fireplace. This place would do.

It was about two in the afternoon, and it place was dead. Most kids and their parents were at the game, which was being played in spite of the crummy weather. He walked in the door, and went straight for the men's room. A couple of hours on the flight, followed by a run to the rental car desk didn't leave a lot of opportunity to pee.

The hotel wasn't a lot of help either, since his room wasn't ready yet. This was his first real chance to pee since leaving home that morning, and it was about time.

He came out of the men's room and went to the desk. It took a while for anyone to notice that he was there, because what few eyes were in the place were on the pigskin ball on TV. Finally a tall guy noticed him, and came over. He was obviously a college kid making a few bucks for school. His glasses were in dire need of repair, and it looked like all his clothes were exactly a month old. "Table for one near the fireplace please."

"Sure thing. You're lucky you got here when you did, in a couple of hours, you'd be lucky to find a seat anywhere near here!"

You could tell it was early in the year, since the host had actually shown some enthusiasm for seating a customer. Had it been later in the semester, he'd likely have been dragging himself from a thick book to begrudgingly find a warm place for me, but no, he still hadn't had all his energy drained by school's demands. The host first brought Chuck to the close side of the fireplace.

"Is this alright?" he questioned.

"I'd prefer to be on the opposite side, if it's not a problem," Chuck replied.

Sitting in his seat on the opposite side of the fire let him see who was coming into the room, and get a good view of the game as well. He liked to people watch. There was nobody to converse with, so this was his way of making up for that. People watching, trying to guess about them. He could entertain myself by watching the game and people at the same time. At the moment though, the gridiron had more people on it that the restaurant had in it.

Of course, there was the occasional waitress to watch. Most of them were behind the bar most of the time, watching the game. Maybe some of them had boyfriends in the game. It was hard to tell, but they all did seem into the game, more so than you'd expect women to be. They were all wearing basically the same outfit, black pants or skirt, white shirts, and aprons on the side for carrying those remote order entry devices that get you your beer before you can count to ten. Some filled their shirts better than others, and some took liberties with their dressing more than others. It was pretty clear that they were all college kids of one type or another.

He was enjoying looking at them and trying to guess what they were studying. That one must have been liberal arts, she seems flighty. Another was probably economics, or something like that. Quite studious looking, and perhaps the one having the least fun watching the game. One of them he couldn't quite figure out. He probably didn't see enough of her to guess. That must have been it. He convinced himself.

She seemed to have more natural energy than the others. She wasn't overly energetic, but seemed to show more enthusiasm than someone might while working. Maybe it was a bounce in her step, or maybe the bounce in her dark brown ponytail. There was something about her that kept her in his thoughts. Then he convinced himself of thing else. "Maybe this was why I can't decide what she's studying, maybe I'm just not letting myself come to any conclusions," he thought to himself. She was just too interesting to watch to decide anything too quickly.

After a few minutes, the mystery girl who was the object of most of his thoughts came out from behind the bar. She came right over and stood across the small round table from him. "Would you like something to drink," she asked. Her energy was even more evident up close. The fireplace played on her curves, softly detailing her shape.

A warm orange glow danced across her right cheek, from her hair to her chin. Her nose was short and round, and cast a cute shadow. Her eyes had a kind look, and it was hard for him to tell whether the fire was making them glisten, or they were just naturally that way. Her chest was not large, but she filled the shirt nicely. The orange glow transformed her from cute waitress to art form.

"Sure," he said. "What do you have for beer?" She moved closer to him.

"The beer is listed here," she said, as she leaned over his shoulder from behind, pointing toward the right page from the menu. "We have about twenty on tap here, and here's what we've got in bottles."

Her frame was what most men would call "normal". She wasn't fat, but her belly filled the skirt, making a nice small round bulge under the skirt's top. It was as though she was one of those women who were always on an optimistic diet, squeezing into what she wanted to fit into, rather than what she would comfortably fit in. Maybe she was just trying to wear something form-­fitting, and missing part of the recipe. The rest of her seemed fit, the belly just didn't match the rest of the picture.

He liked athletic women. As an occasional runner, and frequent racquetball player, he kept himself fit, and was normally attracted to women who did likewise. He noticed her slender legs first, and her tummy second, but it was the whole of her that did it for him. He could easily overlook something like that. "Heck, most men are attracted to a rounding of the edges," he convinced himself. He caught himself though, he was an out-of-towner, probably never come back, besides, she was probably engaged to a football player or something. She wasn't wearing a ring though. He caught himself again.

"I'll take that one," he hesitated a little, not wanting to give up the moment.

"Great," she said as she went into efficient action, "I'll be right back with your beer and to take your order!"

He watched as she went back behind the bar to put in the order. Before, she was interesting, now she was the absolute focus of his attention.

She came back a few minutes later, but he averted his attention to the game as she came out. He didn't want to give her the impression that she was being watched. "Ready to order?", she asked.

"Sure, but I have a question." She leaned over him again. It had worked. "Does this come with a salad and fries?" He could have done without the salad, but he had to ask a legitimate question.

"We can give you a house salad for two dollars more."

"That's OK, I'll take this, rare." She scribbled.

"Do you go to school here?" he asked.

"Yeah, pretty much everyone does."

"What are you studying?" he probed.

"I'm doing graduate work in oceanography." This intrigued him even further. A scientist. Probably a lot smarter than me too, he thought. She went off again. His thoughts were concentrated.

She came back with cheese and crackers. "Here you go. How's the beer doing?"

"Fine." It was taking him a lot longer than normal to finish this one. He was busy thinking other thoughts.

"Do you ever do any field work with oceanography?", he asked, trying to know more about her rather than the studies.

"I did some work at Wood's Hole this summer, and had hoped to go back next, but I don't know if it'll work out."

"Why's that?" He knew it involved a boyfriend or something like that. She seemed too smart to let grades get in the way of her profession.

"Well, you may as well be the first to know," she started. He wondered why he was to be the privileged one to be the first to know whatever it was. "I'm pregnant."
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:24 pm

Chapter 2

Earlier that same morning, Karen woke up earlier than normal. Over the month since she discovered that she was pregnant, she had been needing more sleep. She was usually tired earlier, and avoided parties, since she wanted to take the best care of her new little partner that she could. This meant that she could begin her morning heaves earlier too, although this was starting to pass.

Fortunately, her roommate was usually gone by the time that the retching started, and today was no different. A shower always helped after a session of that unpleasantness. Today, starting the shower was the first thing she did.

As she stepped into the shower, she noticed her reflection in the bathroom mirror just as it started fogging over. She wiped it to get a better look. Her twenty-­five­ yea-r­old athletic body had changed in the last few weeks. As she gazed into the mirror in amazement, she slowly put her hands to her belly. Before her pregnancy, she would have put her hands on to a nice flat abdomen and a twenty-­five inch waist, but that was a thing of the past.

She felt that her hands actually made a round shape as they made contact with her skin. She rubbed side to side and up and down. Her skin seemed tighter than normal. A rush of blood went to her head as she realized what she was feeling. There was no denying it, her tummy was growing, and faster than she had expected.

After her shower, she looked at herself again again. The tummy was still there, not as though she expected otherwise, but it was still a new idea to her. She hadn't expected to grow this early. "You're not supposed to be showing at twelve weeks," she muttered to herself. Her breasts also seemed a little bigger than before.

She placed her hands under her breasts, and cupped around them. Definitely a little bigger, and heavier. She felt as though they had started to fill with something, but knew that they were just preparing to feed a child. She had noticed this before, but today brought a more noticeable change than ever before.

She wrapped herself in an oversize towel and went to her room. It was almost six­ thirty and she had a seven o'clock shift. She quickly put on some panties, but took extra notice of how they fit. They still fit, but they were tighter than she had remembered. The belly bump was just under the waistband, and she could almost feel the waistband settle in just above her belly. She sighed again. She felt that this was inevitable, and decided to get used to it.

She put her bra on. Since her breasts had begun feeling tender, she opted for a slightly oversize athletic bra that would give her better support, and give her room to grow. Her breasts were nice round spheres now, especially with their fullness and more ample size, and fit nicely in the bra.

She'd have almost killed for boobs like that earlier, but this isn't how she had expected it to happen!

She leaned over and fumbled with a pile of clothes on the floor, noticing how even a small pregnant belly could affect how she bent over.

She grabbed a skirt. She'd heard that you can grow overnight, but didn't believe it. Now she believed, first­hand.

The restaurant would let her wear anything black below the waist, and anything white above the waist, so she was usually willing to push the limits a little. There was going to be a game today with lots of parents taking their kids out to eat before the game, which meant big tips, so she'd wear the little skirt. As soon as the skirt met her belly, she had to work at it a little. The skirt had some stretch to it, but this was the first time she had to actually use the stretch. She pulled the waistband of the skirt over her belly, and it settled in on top of her belly. This gave the waistband a break, but the fabric on the front of the skirt was stretched outward in an alarmingly new way. She again rubbed her hand on her belly, and said to herself, "I guess this is the way it's going to be from now on, so I'd better get used to it."

Curious, she got a tape measure from the kitchen drawer and put it around her waist. She was thirty inches! It's no wonder that things that used to fit weren't anymore! Her waist had expanded alarmingly fast!

She was trying to decide if anyone would notice, and whether she should start telling people. She decided yes on both counts. She was becoming just too big in the belly to hide it anymore, but she just didn't know quite how to explain it. She'd have to think of something.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:29 pm

Chapter 3

He hadn't expected that. Her rounded belly could easily have been a few too many burgers over the years. He became a little lightheaded when she said that. "Well, congratulations," he started.

"How far along are you?"

"Depends how you count, but I figure it to be about twelve weeks."

"That's great! I'm sure that you and the dad are very happy!" Her face dropped a little.

"I doubt it," she said. "It was this summer, he's married, I didn't know it at the time though, and he lives in Massachusetts. I didn't even bother telling him." She paused. "I probably shouldn't have dumped on you, sorry."

He felt like a heel. He hadn't wanted to open any old wounds, so he tried to make things a little better. "That's alright! Dump on me anytime, I'm told that I'm a great listener. He's probably a loser anyway, right"

"He's got a PhD. in oceanography," she countered. He felt worse. She left the table to see if the order was up.

"That's it, I'm never asking questions again," he said to himself. After a while, she came back to the table carrying his dinner.

"Here you are, can I get you anything else, steak sauce perhaps?"

"No, I'm fine, but if you want to sit here instead of over there, you're welcome to," he explored. He didn't really expect her to accept, but she did.

"That sounds great. You're my only table right now, and I'm really tired."

He introduced himself, and told her why he was in town. "So what are you going to do?"

"Keep it, of course! It's a child, a human being, I couldn't do anything else!" she exclaimed.

"No, of course, I meant what are you career plans, what are you plans for taking care of the little one?" He didn't want to offend, so he had used careful terms. In fact, he agreed with her wholeheartedly.

She seemed resigned to her future, and dismissive of who she was and her past. "Well, the career's shot for a few years, because I'll be taking care of my baby, and sure as heck nobody's going to want to date a fat preggo, so I'm just going to let it go where it'll take me."

"What do you mean nobody's going to want to date you?" he queried.
She seemed to be getting a little sarcastic. "You know what I mean, you don't need to sugarcoat reality for me." She turned away a little.

"I don't. I think that you look fabulous," he countered. He did indeed think that she looked great, and knowing that inside that little belly was a new human being made him think it all the more sexy.

"Oh sure, for now, give me a few weeks. Just look at this stomach, and I'm only twelve weeks into this!" She put her hands around her belly to accentuate the growing bulge.

"I think it's beautiful." He was convinced, and needed to convince her.

"No you don't."

"I do," he insisted.

She lifted up the bottom of her shirt and put her hand on her stomach, and rubbed it. Her tummy moved a little bit as she rubbed in a small circle. She sighed. This sent him in circles too. "I need to go check in, I'll talk to you later," she said. She got up and went toward the kitchen. He took one last look at her belly as she walked past. He sighed, and ate his meal.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:28 pm

Chapter 4

Later that evening, Karen went to a back table to cash out all of her receipts. One of the older waitresses was there working on her receipts.

"Hi Monica." "Hi Karen." "Hey, Monica, you've got kids, right?"

"Yup, two great kids. I'll be picking them up in half an hour if I can get through this," she said part jokingly, part longingly.

There was a pause while Karen worked up her thoughts. "I'm going to have one of my own in a few months." She confided in Monica only because she was the only waitress with kids who wasn't a gossip.

"Really? Congratulations? How far along are you?"

"Twelve weeks," she said, putting her hands down near her belly.

"My goodness, that's great! If you don't mind my saying so, I've noticed a little thickening of your waistline lately, but you do look great!"

"Do you think that other people have noticed?"

"I don't know really, but you see these things when you'ev had kids of your own," Monica assured.

"I feel as though I'm big for twelve weeks though."

"Hmm," said Monica as she looked down at Karen's belly. Karen put her hands around her belly to make the shape more pronounced. "This is your first, right?"


"Well, ya, I think that you are big for the end of the first trimester. Have you seen a doctor?"

"Sure , why?"

"Well, there's an outside chance that you may have twins. This is your first. Woman show early when it's not their first. Also, you're athletic, so that would help hide a pregnancy longer. I think that you should ask for an ultrasound."

Karen sat back in her chair, fluffing up her shirt to hide the bump once again.

"Wow. I don't know what to think."

Two days later, Karen was working the breakfast shift with Monica again. They were at the coffee station together.

"Seen that doctor yet?"

"No, this afternoon," said Karen.

"I've got some pictures to show you after the shift."

Around two o'clock, the shift was over, and the waitresses were cashing out.

"I'll be in the ladies room," Monica said to Karen.

A minute after Monica got up, Karen followed.

Monica was just coming out of the stall.

"Here are a few snapshots of me while I was pregnant with my first," Monica said. Karen took the small stack of snapshots. She looked at twelve weeks, then sixteen, and then twenty. She put the pictures down and stood next to the mirror, pulled down the front of her pants, pulled up the bottom of her shirt and compared. Monica watched too. As she looked again and again, a rush came over her. Her eyes were fixed on the photographs.


"I'd say you need to see that doctor. You're much bigger than I was. You look like you're between my week sixteen and twenty shots!"

"Ya, I guess I do," Karen agreed. "And another thing, if you don't start wearing maternity clothes, your skirt's going to burst. Look at it. The seams are already stretched to the breaking point. I think it's time to tell people."

Karen quickly put herself back together, and handed the pictures back. "Thanks for showing me those," she said as she left for the door.

Karen stopped at home before going to the doctor's office to put on some sweatpants. At least those weren't tight to the breaking point. She threw the skirt into the hamper; this was the last time she'd wear that for a while. The sweatpants felt a world more comfortable.

Doctor Harrington stepped into the room, looking closely at the chart. "Good afternoon Ms. Denning," he said while looking down at the chart. "We have you at twelve weeks, give or take, right?"

"Yes, doctor." "And you say that you're too big for twelve weeks?" "Yes, everyone tells me that I'm huge for twelve weeks."

"Well, let's see." She reclined on the table. The doctor pulled her shirt up a little and the top of her sweats down a little to expose her belly.

"Yes, you do seem larger than you should." She felt for Karen's uterus just above her pubic bone. "There it is," she said matter-­of-factly. She pulled an ultrasound cart next to the table.

"Normally, we have a technician do the ultrasound, but in this case, I'd like to do it myself. Your uterus is above your pubic bone, and it's a little early for that to be happening.

Normally, it rises above the public bone at 4 months, or seventeen to eighteen weeks, and this is when women who are having their first children start to show. Also, with your athletic condition, that would keep you from showing for longer as well. It would be that your dates are off."

"No, I'm sure about the dates," Karen confided.

She put jelly on Karen's bump and on the ultrasound probe, then applied the probe to her lower abdomen. It felt cold. "Hmm."

"What do you see," Karen asked as she stretched to see the screen.

"Well, quite frankly, it looks like twins." She reclined again, wanting to put her hands on her belly, but not, so as not to interfere with the doctor. She moved the cart to a more comfortable viewing position for her. "See these round objects?"


"Those are the tops of the babies' heads. Yup, you definitely have twins. That would explain your size." She did some measurements with the machine, and confirmed the twelve-­week age of the babies.

"So you're telling me that I am twelve weeks, but that I'm showing as though I'm eighteen?"

"Actually, I would say closer to nineteen on twenty weeks," the doctor corrected. "But this is healthy for a multiple pregnancy. I do need to see you in four weeks though."

Karen left the office that afternoon filled with joy and fear, even more cognizant of her growing belly.

The next night, her friend Janice came to her door. Karen had bought some maternity outfits the day before, and was wearing some stretch pants and a tank­-top. She hadn't been expecting anyone. She opened the door, not thinking that what she was wearing told a story.

"Hey Karen, I was in the neighborhood, and thought I'd stop by." Janice's eyes drifted downward. "Umm, I guess I haven't seen you in a while..."

"It's only been a couple of weeks. Why don't you come in, and I'll fill you in," Karen said nervously. They sat at the kitchen table.

"Remember that guy last summer in Massachusetts?"


"Well, as if you can't tell, I now have a souvenir. Two souvenirs actually. I'm pregnant."

"What's the second?" "With twins," Karen completed, with a smile on her face.

"Oh – my – goodness! Congratulations, that's great!"

"Ya, not the way that I planned to raise a family, but I'm happy that I'm 'in the family way', as they say." She placed her hands on her belly to show the bulge.

"How does it feel?"

"Well, at first, it was lousy because I was sick all the time, but now, that's not so much an issue. It's fun now that I have a belly to show for all the sickness. I do feel as though I'm carrying around a few thanksgiving dinners all the time though! I had to start wearing maternity clothes this week because my regular stuff's just too tight around the waist.

Janice's eyes were fixed on Karen's belly. "Would you like to feel my belly?"

"Sure!" Janice leaned over and felt Karen's warm belly. "It's soft – I guess I expected it to be hard."

"Ya, I always though that pregnant bellies were hard too, but it's just part of me!"

"You sure that you're happy with this?"

"Ya, I am, but you know, I've been pretty 'in the mood' if you know what I mean. I wish that I had been knocked up be someone who I really cared about, and who was here!"

"Really? You're horny? That's pretty weird. I'd want to hide. No offense."

"Ya, they say that the hormones do that, you're either a nun, or a sex addict. I drew the short straw this time I guess."

"Maybe you'll find someone who likes sex with pregnant women! Ha!" Janice laughed and jumped up as Karen swatted at her with a newspaper.

"Ya, right!"
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:02 am

Chapter 5

It was early November, and Karen was late for the brunch shift. She quickly dressed in some black maternity jeans and white turtleneck, and got in a few minutes past ten. She got a few tables that others had been covering for her.

Chuck had worked hard the month before, and his company had been awarded the contract for the factory work in town, and had personally seen to it that the job was complex enough to require him to be on­site during the process. It was to be a six month job, and he needed to oversee it regularly. He had gotten in the night before in hopes that he'd run into her again. He was waiting in line at the hostess station, part of the breakfast crowd. His heart was beating a mile a minute in anticipation. There she was!

Rushing past, she almost didn't notice him, but stopped on a dime as soon as she did. "Oh, hi, it's great to see you!"

"Great to see you too! How have you been?" His hands were sweating. He did some quick math. This would be week sixteen. That's almost half­way there. Her tummy definitely showed now. Her apron tied above the top of the belly, just over where her bellybutton would be, and created a small shelf that would be just about the right size to carry drinks on! He chuckled in his mind.

"Fine, hey, look, if you want to take table twenty-­three, over there under the tiffany lamp, and in front of that wait stand, I'll be right over." She scribbled something in a book on the desk, and he went right over.

He was more than a little happy that she was there, and even more so that she wanted to wait on him personally. It was Saturday, and that wasted Friday night in the hotel room was worth it already. His mind drifted thinking about what she must look like under the covers, so to speak.

After a few minutes, she came over. "It is really, really great to see you. Things have been going well, and I've been thinking about you a lot. My social life's virtually dead, and I never forget someone who thinks I look good, especially now!" She certainly hadn't lost her energy.

"I've been thinking about you too," he understated, "You look great!"

"You think so?" she said, raising her arms even with her shoulders, and rocking her belly from side to side. "Do I still look sexy to you, even with my belly?" she continued, half jokingly, raising the bottom of her shirt even with the top of her jeans.

Her round belly was enticing, and her playful nature made it even more so. "Even more than I had imagined." She had grown from a little belly to something more substantial. Now there was no denying that she was pregnant. She had outgrown the skirt long ago; when the waistband had become much more comfortable under the belly than over it, she declared that it just plain looked stupid, and hung it up. Her belly now showed quite clearly after sixteen weeks of pregnancy.

"I've found out that I'm having twins! Can you tell?"

"Umm, really, that's incredible!" he exclaimed. "No, I can't tell." He couldn't, but everything that he had imagined about her pregnancy had to be expanded a little.

"I sort of thought that something was going on, because I was growing a little faster than I had expected. A friend of mine suggested that I might have twins, and the doctor confirmed it. I'm looking forward to it, I really am." She sounded as though she was trying to convince herself. She was determined to make the best of it, even if it wasn't how she'd have chosen to do things.

"You'll have a lot on your hands, but I'm sure that you'll be a great mom!"

"Hah, you don't even know me." "We could fix that, you know. When are you off?"

"Umm, OK," she seemed a little taken aback, but he seemed nice , and she was curious. "Four o'clock, why?"

"It was fun talking to you before, and maybe we could go out someplace. I know it's very forward, but I think that we both need to get out." She did. With her social life was nearly gone, this guy was the nearest thing to a companion that she had at the moment.

"That sounds great, but I have a few meals to deal with between now and than. What would you like for breakfast?"

He got back to the restaurant at four o'clock promptly. She was just clocking out. "Hi," he said.

"Hi! I hope you don't mind, but I need to go to my apartment and get out of these clothes so that I don't smell like a restaurant all night. My car's around back, would you like to ride with me?" This was more than he imagined.


Getting into the car, she fastened her seatbelt, snugging the belt under new belly. The shoulder harness divided and delineated her smooth round breasts. Her nipples were protruding through the soft fabric of her bra and shirt. As she started the car, he was reeling. Never had he enjoyed a ride in a Civic like this.

The ride was a quick one, perhaps too quick for him. He wasn't expecting anything because he didn't know what to expect. They got out of the car, and went up the rear steps to the second floor apartment. She fought with the key a little, and then opened the door. She threw the keys onto the kitchen table. "Make yourself at home, I'll be just a minute."

He followed her into the living room, and sat down. She went into what was presumably the bedroom and closed the door. He waited doing nothing because his mind could do nothing while waiting for her. She eventually came out, wearing a black jumpsuit and white shirt. The jumpsuit wrapped her belly nicely, showing her every curve, but in a way that still left some to the imagination. He liked that.

"Don't you ever wear anything besides black and white?" he joked, secretly hoping that she wouldn't change though.

"It's all I've got that's clean that I can still fit in." She wasn't joking. "What would you like to do for the rest of the day?"

"I don't know, I'm not from here remember? What's there to do around here?"

"We could go to the mall. I need to buy some more clothes. I've run out of things to wear. You can help. You think I look good, so you tell me what I should be wearing!" He was sweating again.

At the mall, they went into the maternity store. He had never been in a place like this before, and it was strange. All kinds of clothes for women who were temporarily round, he thought. He saw a few pregnant women in various stages of pregnancy, and tried to imagine her like that. He was definitely hooked on watching the whole process unfold.

"I need more jeans, something dressy, and some underwear. You can help with everything except the underwear." She took some underwear from a display, and thought better of excluding him from the underwear decision. "Do you think that I should wear something under the belly or over the belly?" She held up two pairs. The over the belly pair was definitely bigger, but all by itself it suggested a nice round belly. The under the belly pair looked pretty normal to him. He really liked the over the belly pair.

"Umm, under I guess, I don't know, whatever's more comfortable," he stammered, trying to act only slightly interested. He didn't know how his new­found interest in the pregnant form might play with her. Would she be enticed or scared off?

"I'll get both. I don't know what's more comfortable, I've never been pregnant before!"

He thought "Great! I don't know which I really like better anyhow!"

He chose some nice jeans for her, a cat suit, and a long skirt. As they were leaving the mall, she decided to use the ladies' room. He seized the opportunity, ran back into the maternity shop, and bought her a nice lace bodysuit. The woman at the counter looked at him with a slight grin; she wasn't going to give away his secret. He was out before she was, and she was none the wiser.

Later that evening, sitting on the sofa watching television, she was rubbing her tummy. She had changed into flannel pajama bottoms because she said that her jeans were tight on her belly. "I'm still not used to this." She pulled the stretchy flannel down, gradually exposing her rounded belly, first a small crescent, and then half of her belly was visible. She put her hand under the part of the material still covering the lower half of her belly. She slowly moved her hand side to side under the fabric, getting used to the shape.

Her belly was a bulge that peaked just at her belly button. It looked soft. Her belly button was still a little concave, but it wouldn't be for long, as the bulge was moving upward and outward.

"I'm not used to it either, I've never seen a pregnant woman's belly before," he said pensively.

"You want to touch it. That's fine, go ahead." He was sweating and almost trembling now. He slowly and deliberately reached out and touched the side of her belly where it was still covered. It was indeed warm and soft, and a shape that excited him. She pried her hand back underneath the stretch material until it was relieved of its strain and rolled up at the bottom of her belly. There for him to see was the full shape of her rounded belly. She looked softly at him. His eyes were fixed on the belly. He drew his hand back along the cloth as she pulled it down, and made contact with her skin as soon as the cloth was no longer in the way.

It was even warmer, smoother and softer now. He froze for a little while, afraid to make a move. After adjusting himself on the couch, he starting moving his hand in small circles on her belly. She just smiled. He made larger and larger circles until the circles were bounded only by the top of her belly and the top of the jeans beneath. He looked at her, and she returned a smile. His face was serious, hers inviting.

"Doesn't it feel nice?"

"This is incredible," he was finally able to blurt out. "This is such an unimaginably wonderful feeling. I've never felt a woman's pregnant belly before," he repeated.

"It feels good to me too. Just wait a few months, there'll be a lot more belly where that came from."

He laughed. Did this mean that she wanted a relationship? He wanted to be cautious, but kissed her anyway. She kissed back in such a way as to reward the motion.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:00 pm

Chapter 6

Karen put on a coat that she was sure would fit over her eighteen week pregnant torso, put on a scarf and closed the door. Ten minutes later, she was at Janice's place for dinner.

As she walked up the steps to Janice's apartment, she felt the weight of her belly weighing her down, and leaned over a little as though she were carrying a back pack. As she reached the top of the steps, she took a couple of extra breaths, and knocked on the door.

The door opened with the aroma of dinner. "Hi there, come on in!"

"Thanks." Karen took off her coat and placed it over a chair next to the door. "What's for supper?"

"Stir-­fry chicken."

"Mmm, that sounds great!"

"You're looking large!" Janice joked.

"Ya, and feeling large too." Karen sat at the dining room table, watching Janice finish up.

"You know that guy that I told you about?"


"Well, we had an 'evening' when he was here last."

"Did you..." Janice started.

"No, no, too early, but you know what? He seems to actually like me pregnant."

"You're kidding? Well, wait until you guys try to get 'busy',and see how he does then. Guys don't like pregnant women."

"He does though, he said so, a few times!" "Well, more power to ya then," Janice said as she put a couple of plates onto the table. So what's next for you two lovebirds?"

"I, uhh, I invited him to stay at my place over the Christmas holiday."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I think that he's great. He's not putting any pressure on me, and that's a change..."

"Ya, because he can't imagine of sex with a preggo!" Janice teased.

"I think that if I had pushed things a little more, we'd have done it."

"Hm. Well, let me know how it goes!" "I will."

"How do you have sex while you've got a big twin belly anyhow?"

"Ah, curious, huh? Well me too, and I intend to find out. I suppose that I could be on top."

"It just sounds too weird to me!" The conversation changed at that point.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

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Chapter 7

It was a cold December night. He walked up the steps to her apartment juggling Christmas presents. He hadn't seen her in six weeks, and was really anticipating what she might look like at twenty-­two weeks pregnant! Of course they'd spoken on the phone, and she'd described her changes, but he was still dying to see and feel first­ hand. He'd picked up a book about pregnancy, and had read it cover to cover. He thought that getting to know what was going on would help him help her. Not to mention that he was excited by her pregnancy more than he was even willing to admit to himself.

He had come back to the customer the week before Christmas, and had an invitation to stay at Karen's house for the holidays. This wasn't an opportunity to miss. His heart was aflutter.

He knocked on the door. As she walked toward the door, her pregnant silhouette was visible through the curtains.

She opened the door wearing some sweatpants and a t-shirt that had become increasingly too small for the job. "Hi!" As she hugged him, he had to lean into the hug to make it a head-to-head hug. Her tummy pressed into his pelvis, a sensation that he'd never had before. It was a soft feeling, almost as though there was a warm pillow between them.

"You're looking great!" He stepped back a little to check out her newly enlarged figure. "I can't believe how big you've gotten!" When he had seen her last, her belly came out as far as her breasts, maybe a little farther, and her belly wasn't the dominating feature of her body that it was now!

She was definitely bigger than the pictures of pregnant women in the books that he'd bought. But, he supposed, they were carrying one child, and she had twice the load. Had she been carrying one, he'd have figured her to be about thirty­-two weeks, not the twenty-­two weeks that she was.

"How've you been feeling," he asked.

"I've been great," she said, turning to help him with his things.

He took in the whole picture as she turned again to carry some of his things in to the living room. He caught himself. "Here, let me get that stuff! You shouldn't be carrying that in your delicate condition!"

She put down a bag and a suitcase, turned to him, hopped up a little, and gave him a little kiss. "You're too sweet," she said. "You should see what I carry at work!" He put his hands on her belly, trembling a little while he did. She looked down and smiled, putting her hands on his.

He picked up the baggage and brought it through the living room into the bedroom. She followed. He put the suitcase on the floor in front of the dresser, and put the bag on top of it. "What's in the bag," she asked playfully, with her arms behind her back, swaying her belly from side to side. Her sweatpants kept falling below her belly, and the t-­shirt kept creeping up, giving a glimpse of what was underneath and causing the clothes to stretch in ways that they hadn't been designed to stretch.

"Nothing. You'll see later." She put on a fake frown of playful disappointment, then smiled and again pecked him on the cheek.

"Come on into the living room, I was just about to catch a movie on pay­-per­-view." She went to the couch, and removing his jacket, followed. She had him sit down first, and laid with her legs over his so that she could give herself a rest.

She rubbed her tummy a little under the sweatpants. "Ugh, winter's got my skin awfully dry, could you please pass me the lotion over there?" He reached to his left and took the lotion from the end table.

"Would you mind if I did this for you?"

"No, that'd be great." He took a few dabs of lotion and warmed it in his hands, then lowered her sweatpants and raised her shirt. Her belly was indeed much bigger. Where before there was a bump, this was more than a bump. It had an outline all its own, and was truly round, even slightly on the sides. It was still soft and smooth, even where her belly button was; it hadn't yet "popped", but he was sure that it would before he left after the holidays. He rubbed the lotion in all over, and went back for more when what he had had run out. He again warmed it. "Do you still think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"Yes, Karen, more than ever." He gazed into his eyes. She pulled herself up and kissed him, this time a little more passionately than before.

"I think you are too." He hadn't heard her say that before. "Besides, any guy who thinks that I look sexy while pregnant with twins is my kind of guy." There was a moment of silence between them. What was yet to be said was hanging in the air between them.

"I love you," he finally mustered.

"I love you too," she let out. She had felt this way for a while, but didn't want to ruin a friendship. She decided that if he felt that way, then she could too. Both wanted to move slowly, and neither felt that this sped things along at too brisk a pace.

She sat up, spread her legs and moved closer to him, one leg on each side of him. She put her tummy against his side, put her arms around him and hugged. He leaned towards her and gave her the kiss of either of their lives. He turned towards her so that he could put his hands on her belly, as if hugging both mom and child. She liked that because it meant that he loved them both.

Two weeks later, it was Christmas eve. He was burning to have her open her present, and could take it no longer. She was ready for bed, but had something for him too. He gave her the box. She delicately opened it and found the lace body stocking that he had purchased at the mall. "I've never had one of these. Do you think that I should try it on? For that matter, do you think

I'll fit without ripping it?"

"I think you'll fit. Go ahead, put it on, if you're comfortable with it."

"I'll be right back," she said, leaving little else to be said. He sat there not knowing quite what to do, his heart pounding and his hands sweaty with anticipation.

In the bedroom, she took off her bathrobe, her ill-fitting pajamas, and put on the lace bodysuit. As she pulled it over her twenty-five-week belly, she watched herself in the mirror. "This really accentuates the curves," she said to herself, "Now I know why guys like these things." She had more than the usual curves to cover, something that she hoped wouldn't turn him off. She put the robe back on over it and went out to see Chuck.

He has dimmed the lights, and lit two candles. He now was ready for this. "I didn't want you to feel self-conscious. Are you wearing it?"

"Ya," she said sheepishly. "But first, promise me that if I don't look good, you won't leave."

He laughed a little. "Promise," he said quickly.

"I'm sure that you look absolutely beautiful."

"OK... you want to see your present now?" she said as she played with the robe's tie.
He was dying for this. "Ya. I'd like that".

She tugged gently at the robe ties, and the robe's sides slid sideways off of her belly, pushed aside by her belly. She let the robe ties drop, and put her hands on her belly, which by now was a major bodily feature. The lace accentuated the shadows that were illuminated by the candlelight. Her breasts were round and prominent, larger, and fuller than he had ever seen first-hand. Her belly was round, even from the front, and a small bump was present where there had once been a belly button!

He reached up and folded back the shoulders of her robe, and it fell to the floor. He ran his hands down her arms, then back up again and down to her breasts. He went to her belly, and ran his hands along its curves so as to implant a mental picture into his mind. He had to remember this well. While he found the bodysuit nice to look at, it was beginning to interfere. "May I?" he asked as he prepared to peel it off her.

"Yes," she said as though at a loss for breath.

He pulled it from her shoulders, exposing her breasts. He knelt in front of her and put his hands on them. They were heavy and full, preparing themselves for what lay ahead. Slight blue veins were just under the skin, exposed by the stretching that happened when they grew larger. They were firm, still supporting their own increasing weight. The skin of her breasts was smooth because the growth of her breasts had given it much more to hold in. They were like balloons filled with warm milk, although she wouldn't lactate until birth. He had always heard the old saying "more than a mouthful is a waste," but he had never believed it, and definitely knew that it was wrong now.

"They're so much bigger than they were last time you saw them, aren't they?" she said quietly.

All he could do was to say "Hmmm." He wrapped his hands around them, but wasn't quite able to because they were so much bigger than his hands could cover. He licked them, which made her giggle and squirm a little. He suckled on them gently, so as not to be uncomfortable for her.

"I've wanted you to do this for months now," she said.

"And I've wanted to," he managed. He pulled the suit down further, and again ran his hands along her belly. It was amazing what twenty-five weeks and growing twins would do to a woman's belly. It was large enough to hug all by itself. He wasn't sure what to do with it, but knew he wanted to do something, so he licked at her bellybutton and rubbed the rest of her belly. He removed the bodysuit the rest of the way, and it fell into a small pile at her feet.

She undressed him, making her intentions clear.

He took her by the arms and drew her to the couch, with him lying down. She accommodated him with one leg on either side of him, and knelt over him. He drew her closer and again suckled on her breasts, while running his hands down the sides of her belly to the bottom, and back up the center over her bellybutton. She leaned towards him, pressing her belly against his. She arched her back, giving him access to her breasts. Her breasts were almost against her belly. He didn't know what to play with more, her boobs or her belly, so he put his face at the point where all three spheres converged, and decided to go back to her breasts.

He felt her pussy, giving her shivers. "Are you OK?"

"Oh, ya, that feels so fantastic." Her labia were swollen from her pregnancy, engorged with a new­found sensation. To him, they felt larger, softer and warmer. To her, it was a new reason to enjoy her pregnancy!

She helped him enter, and started to make love to

him. She moved slowly, her body moving up and down. She moved forward and placed her arms on the side of the couch for support. She then moved backwards and supported herself with her arms behind her on the other end of the couch. He was just watching the whole time, his gaze fixed on the beauty of her pregnant body. It was perfect.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

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Chapter 8

The phone rang, and Janice went to pick it up.

"We finally did it last night!"

"Oh, hey Karen! How was it," Janice inquired.

"Wow. It was great. He was just great." Karen was left speechless.

"Well, I mean, how did you do it?"

"Oh, you mean the belly..."


"Well, this is weird to talk about, but I was on top. We didn't try anything else."

"Was it good? I heard that sex during pregnancy was great."

"It was. It seemed to be a better fit, if you know what I mean. I think that those parts, you know, swell up some during pregnancy, and that made it feel a lot different, better.

"You're making me want to get pregnant, what with that and your big boobs."

"Ya, the big boobs and big belly seem to be a turn-­on for him. I'm glad for that, because otherwise, I'd have no chance for a relationship right now! I'm starting to waddle some I think. The weight of the babies is lying heavy in my torso. I'm definitely feeling the increased weight."

"And you've got fifteen weeks to go!"

"I doubt it, I can't see going to term with these big kids inside of me. I'll have to be in bed for the last two months!"

"Well, here's to good luck!"
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

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Chapter 9

The phone rang as she was getting ready for bed.


"Hi there, Karen, miss me?" Chuck asked.

"Yes, very much. I was just thinking about your," she said.

"I was thinking about you too."

"I'm just getting into bed, hang on a sec..." She had an old pair of flannel pajamas on. The bottoms were never going to get over her belly, so they were bunched up underneath her twenty-­eight week belly. The shirt was missing a button on the bottom, and parted near the bottom to make room for part of her belly to show through. She sat down in bed and picked up the phone again.

"I'm back."

"So what were you thinking about me?"

"I was in the bathroom getting ready and looked at myself in the mirror. I think I've grown again." She had pulled the shirt up and was rubbing her belly.

"I'm sure you have. What I would give for a plane ticket right now... Describe it to me."

"I don't know, it's just that I feel bigger. My clothes are getting tight, even the maternity stuff. I feel like I'm waddling now too, my legs just don't go quite where they used to. I think that my boobs are bigger too."

"Don't tease," he said. "I'd love to see you."

"If you were here, I'd have you rub lotion all over my belly, then we'd do some more gymnastics." He sighed. "We'd really need to work at it this time though. My belly seems so big that I don't know how it'd work!" His dick was hard as a rock. He'd never wanted her sex more than right now. He imagined her pregnant body over his and almost came just on the thought.

"I think that we'd make something work...," he offered.

"If I made love to you, I'd probably bump you in the nose with my belly button. I don't know if you could even make love to me without something getting in the way!"

"Good grief! How big around are you?"

"I dunno, hang on a sec." She went to get her tape measure. She put it around herself like a belt, pinched off where the magic number was on the tape. "Hmm."



"How big?"

"Forty-five inches! I was forty-­two last week, and thirty-nine when you were here last!"

"Wow, you're really expanding! I see what you mean about making love ... but I'd like to try. I'm trying to get another trip up there. I wish I could be there now."

"I wish you could be too."

"I have that line down my belly now, and my belly button's popped out!"

"Wow, I guess you have changed. The line's caused by hormones, it'll go away."

"Ya, I've been reading those books that you gave me."

"Tell me about your belly button," he prompted.

"There's not much to say, except that it's an outtie now!"

"Is it soft or hard?"

"Oh, it's soft, kind of like an ear lobe. It sticks out when I wear tight fitting clothes."

They continued for a long while. They hung up and went to bed, each thinking of the other.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

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Chapter 10

It was after work, and Karen was resting after cashing out. She was slouching on a cushioned leather bench in the back of the restaurant. She was thirty weeks along, and ready to give birth. Her belly was huge, like a mountain on her abdomen. She looked like a pregnant woman with one child – a month overdue! Her belly was increasingly looking like it was glued to her stomach rather than an extension of it!

Janice walked in. "Hey Karen, how's it going?"

"I'm tired. I think that I need to give up work pretty soon now. I can't carry trays very well, and I keep bumping people with my belly out back!"

"I could see that." Janice motioned to Karen's belly. "May I?"

"Sure." Karen lifted her shirt, exposing her huge round belly. Janice felt her belly at her bellybutton. Her bellybutton was flattening out again. When it first came out, it was definitely out, but now the stretching of her belly needed the bellybutton skin to continue expanding.

"Thanks for picking me up," Karen said.

"No problem. Is your car broken down or something?"

"No, umm, well, I can't fit behind the wheel anymore!"

"You're kidding."

"No, I'll show you, I need to get some stuff out of it out back anyway."

The arrived at the little Honda. She pushed the seat all the way back and got in. She pulled the seat forward until her belly hit the steering wheel. "See, I can't even touch the pedals!"

"Wow, you weren't kidding!" Janice drove Karen to her apartment, and helped her carry her stuff up the stairs. Karen was walking with her legs fairly far apart to her herself up the stairs. "I can't wait until Chuck gets back."
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