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Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:03 pm

Chapter 11

It was Ground Hog day, and Chuck was back. It had been six weeks since he had seen her, far too long. He had come back as quickly as work permitted. Of course he was curious as to how she'd look. He was sure she'd be great, but now that they'd made love, he had more reasons to be curious. Making love at twenty-five weeks pregnancy was an adventure, what would thirty-one weeks be like? He was dying to find out, perhaps a few times!

He walked into the apartment, which smelled wonderful with dinner. She came in from the living room and threw her arms around him. She was clearly waddling side to side now, and leaned back quite a lot to counterbalance the belly. He was oddly turned on by this, a woman so hugely pregnant that she had difficulty getting around.

It wasn't that he liked to see her struggle, but her motions just accentuated the fact that she was very, very pregnant! He felt her belly first, pressing into his just underneath his ribcage. She hugged so hard that her belly took the breath out of him!

"I've got something for you," he said innocently.

"I have something for you too. I need you now," she said without any hesitation, and decidedly without innocence. She shut off the stove.

She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bedroom as quickly as her pregnant frame would move. She promptly undressed him and sat him on the bed. As she stood in front of him he put his hands up her flannel maternity top, and pulled down the expandable front of her maternity jeans.

He ran his hands up and down and all around her belly, which was just plain huge. He raised her shirt so that it rested on the top of her belly, and kissed her all around her bellybutton. He thought to himself that from here, he'd have to put his head against her belly to get his arms around her, which he did just to see. She thought of it as a hug for the kids.

Her belly was even bigger than he had imagined from the phone calls. Her skin was stretched so tight that it was shiny, but she had no signs of stretch marks. She put her hands on her tummy and rubbed in large circles, almost as though she was showing it to him for the first time. In a way, she was. Since the six weeks between her twenty-fifth week and now, her thirty-first week, was nearly an eternity for the pregnant woman, particularly for one carrying twins. A dark line ran from her belly button to her pubic hair, a relic of the hormones that were rushing through her body. Her belly was now wider than her hips, which meant that even looking from the front, he could see a round profile of her pregnant form sticking out from her sides! He placed his hands on her sides to feel the roundness of the belly as it wrapped around her. He was so wound up that he was shaking a little.

"How big around are you now?" he asked.

"It was fifty­-four inches yesterday. Pretty huge, huh?" He could believe it. "I think that the babies have dropped too. It definitely feels different. I waddle a lot more than I used to. The doctor said that I measured full-term three weeks ago." She pulled her shirt upwards, exposing her whole belly, and rotated side to side.

"What does that mean?"

"It means that three weeks ago, I was as big as a pregnant woman with one baby would be at forty weeks. Basically, I'm now twelve or thirteen weeks bigger than I would be with one baby."

"Your belly's definitely lower than it used to be, but the top is still up there at your boobs." He wondered how the belly could go all the way to the boobs, but here she was, evidence that it can. "I guess it is lower. What does that mean?"

"It means that we don't have much time!"

He worked his way around her stomach to pull her pants down to her ankles. Her panties weren't the maternity ones that he had helped her choose, they were some small regular ones, almost hidden from view under her belly. He reached under her belly to pull them down, as she stretched upward and backward to give him access.

She rotated herself around her large belly and sat on the bed. She reached down to pull off her pants, but couldn't quite bend that far, so she started kicking them off. He obliged.

She pulled her top off, leaving only a bra between them. He gently guided her down to a laying position, and tried to place his hand under her right cup. The bra was too tight though, nearly at it's limit under the stress of her ample breasts, so he unhooked the bra and took it off. Her breasts didn't seem to have gotten any bigger, but they did seem heavier. and perhaps firmer, almost like bowling balls. From the front, her breasts curved outward from her body, just as her belly did. She pushed herself further onto the bed, and laid down on her side. It was as though she was laying next to her belly because it seemed to lay down first. It drooped down to the side and onto the mattress before she did. She held it with her hand as she settled herself next to it.

He came up next to her and rubbed her belly. The skin on her belly moved, but as though it was moving around something unmovable. Her belly seemed like a large stone attached to the rest of her, it could move when she didn',t and she would work her body around it. It had become her center of gravity.

"Did you see that?" she asked.

"I did!" he replied excitedly.

One of the babies had kicked, punched, or something. He'd never seen that before, but she didn't believe it. "They were doing that last time you were here!" They watched for a few more minutes, but they were both getting anxious.

"They're running out of room in there, so I don't expect that they'll be doing that a lot longer!"

He wondered how they could be running out of room in a belly that large, but he supposed that they must be!

He got up and sat on her legs, wondering what to do next. He looked down at the huge belly beneath him and wondered how this would work. She spread her legs, and he got in between, but the top half of his body was almost upright against the bottom of her belly! They both laughed. "How's this going to work?" he asked. She inclined her pelvis upward, giving him just the right angle. They both laughed again, and made love, laughing from time to time from the planning and gymnastics needed to accomplish the task!

She got up to make love to him, but had to rotate herself completely off the bed, with her huge belly at the center of every motion. She stood up, and then crawled back onto the bed from the bottom. He watched as her breasts and belly hung like huge drops of honey from her body. As she neared him, her belly brushed against his privates. She must have known that he liked that because she went back and forth a few times as she smiled at him.

She positioned herself on top of him, and leaned forward to insert him. He had to release a lot of air from his lungs to make room for her belly, so that she could do this! Even when she was leaned forward as much as she could, he was still quite far away from being able to suck on her breasts, and touching them was a reach! She leaned back and began a slow motion that would be enough to make things happen. She closed her eyes; his were wide open the entire time! He raised his legs to give her something to support herself on. She used his legs like crutches to support her weight, and the speed increased. His hands were on her belly the whole time as they made love.

A few hours later, she got up while he laid there and watched her. She rotated her feet to the floor, and pushed down on the bed table to get up with a moan. As she walked to the bathroom, he watched how she walked. She leaned backwards to balance her belly, with her hand on her back. Her steps were deliberate and focused. The belly was leading the way, almost as though she was just following it around.

When she came back, he said, "I still have that surprise for you."

"If I do that much more, I'll have kids by this time next week!"

He pulled a small box. Suddenly he seemed serious. Her hands trembled as she took it from him. She fumbled a little and opened it. "Oh my," she said, as tear welled up in her eyes.

"Will you marry me?" he asked. "Yes, yes, yes!" she exclaimed!
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:21 am

Chapter 12

The weather was beginning to improve after the long winter, and Janice was over chopping up some ice in Karen's front yard. She came in after breaking up enough that the sun would take care of the rest. As the door opened from outside,

Karen got off the couch. She had to slide off the couch on to her knees, and then life herself up using the arm of the couch. Once standing, she took slow, deliberate steps with her legs apart for balance and comfort. At thirty-four weeks, her pregnancy was that of a woman carrying a single baby at two months overdue. Her belly was a colossal fifty-eight inches – she was almost too large to walk!

"Oh, don't get up, I'm just going to clean up a little for you," Janice said.

"OK, I'll just sit here in the kitchen to keep you company." "Shouldn't you be on the couch?"

"Not all the time," Karen protested.

"So, how do you feel?"

"I feel heavy and awkward. I can't wait until Chuck moves in. It'll be nice having him around. Thanks so much for helping out."

"Oh, no problem!"

"You know, one thing that I'm going to miss about pregnancy is the sex."

"It's that good, huh?"

"Ya, it is. We almost have to take engineering classes to make it work, but that's half the fun! And the sensation is so much better than normal."

"Well, I'll have to try this pregnant thing sometime," Janice joked.

Karen just smiled as she felt the outline of her belly.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:38 am

Chapter 13

With all of his stuff moved in, preparations were underway for the birth of the kids. An instant family, all in a few weeks' time. This was her thirty-eighth week, and she wasn't feeling as though she'd make it to the fortieth. This was supposed to be past term for twins, wasn't it?

He was cooking breakfast when she came into the kitchen, well rested after a long night's sleep. He stopped what he was doing and went over to her side to kiss her. Kissing from the side was much easier than from the front now. He slipped his hand under her robe to rub her belly. "How big do you think you are now?"

"I don't know, let's find out!" she said as she went to the drawer for a measuring tape. She wrapped it around herself like a belt and he looked: sixty-two inches!

"Wow. OK, you're huge now, it's official," he said as he kissed her again.

"Gee, thanks. I'm really running out of clothes you know." she said.

"I'd love to see you try to fit into your old jeans now," he said jokingly.

"Hah. That'd be a laugh." They had breakfast, which she was definitely ready for. "Join me for a shower, Chuck?" she asked.

"Ya, but do you think we'll both fit?"

"Wise ass. I'm sure that we'll make due," she said as she put her hand on his crotch. He tried to return the touch, but couldn't reach that far under her belly!

They went into the bathroom where she opened her robe and let it drop to the floor in one motion. Once again, her beautiful pregnant body was there for his eyes only. He couldn'thelp himself but to caress her belly and breasts. He went behind her and put his arms around her and rubbed her belly.

He definitely couldn't reach the front from here! She turned, kissed him, and started the water.

As she leaned forward for the faucet, he looked at the giant belly drooping beneath her body. It was like a huge bulb descending from her abdomen.

It was so large that it didn't even seem believable that it was part of her. He slender legs and tight butt seemed incapable of being attached to such a large belly! Amazingly, she didn'thave much in the way of stretch marks – just enough to illustrate the size and shape of the belly. He leaned over and put his hands on her belly to fell the weight, which seemed substantial.

After the shower was started, she reached out for his dick, and they jumped into the shower, but it was a squeeze! He rubbed soap all over her massive belly and breasts, all the while kissing her. He finished by rubbing himself against her slippery, soapy body. Her belly was like a giant ball bearing.

She got out first so that he could finish up. He jumped out a few minutes later.
He went into the bedroom where she was standing there wearing her old jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped, with her huge belly hanging over the top. She was also wearing a cut­off t­shirt that was nothing less than preposterous. It was hopelessly above her bellybutton, more than a foot away from the top of the jeans. Even still the shirt was stretched so thin that it didn't have any stretch left in it!

"What are you lookin' at lover boy?" she said as she wagged her belly back and forth at him. The shirt slid up to nearly under her tits as it gave in to the stress. The blood rushed to his head and to his groin.

"Wow, I was kidding, but I'm glad that you didn't seem to catch that!" He went over and gently put his hands on the sides of her belly and pulled her close and kissed her. "What else do you have in that closet?" She giggled as she wiggled the jeans off.

She held his hand and guided it around her belly and then up under the cut off shirt to her breast. "I don't know, why don't we go take a look?" She led him into the closet. "Hmm," she said, as she finished undressing. "Let's see."

He looked around too, finding a swimsuit. "How about this?"

"There is no way that I'll fit into that, I don't think that I fit into that before pregnancy!" He handed it to her, as if insisting. She had to sit down to put it on. It was a full body suit the covered her whole torso. She had it on her legs, and stood up with a little help from Chuck. "Here goes," she said as she tried to pull it up over her belly. She was really working at it. "I dunno about this..." She put her fingers in between her belly and the suit as if to shoehorn it on. She finally managed to get it over the belly, and then the straps over her shoulders. "This is really tight," she said. "The suit was stretched so tight that he could see a stretch mark through the suit! Her breasts were outlined perfectly by the suit, and her nipples made perfect impressions in the suit. "I think that I'd better take it off." As she bent down to sit back onto the floor, there was a terrible ripping sound as the side seam of the suit let go! "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it ripped! I'm glad it was an old suit!"

"With that belly and boobs in it, I can't say that I'm surprised!"

"Hey, I want to remember this. Go get my camera off of the coffee table." He went to get the camera, and took a few shots of her in the suit, including the large hole where a seam had once held things together. They both laughed as she removed the remains of her old suit and threw it onto the floor.

"How about this old dress? That'll be something to see." It was a yellow knit dress that went down below her knees.

"I haven't worn this in ages either. Are you going to make me destroy all my old clothes?" she asked with a little laugh.

She reached up to pull the dress down over her. As she did, he stared at her gigantic belly and thought, "There's no way that a belly could get any bigger, there's just no way!" Her skin was so tight that it was almost transparent!

She pulled the dress down over her breasts and stretched it down over her belly. It fit on without much struggle, but it still looked silly.

"You look a little like a snake that's swallowed a medicine ball!"

"Under different circumstances, that'd piss me off, but I'm sure that you're right!"

The dress fit her fine up above and down below, but in the middle, it was clear that the knit was being pulled for all it was worth. It was form fitting enough that it followed her every curve.

She put one hand on each side of her belly, as though she was holding a yellow medicine ball. He put one hand on top and one beneath her belly and gently kissed her. "Hang on a sec," she said, "I have something." She disappeared into the closet, leaving him wondering what would come back out!

She emerged from the closet wearing fishnet stockings and a fishnet short cut tank top. The stockings were definitely stretched to the limit, outlining every feature of her huge belly. He ran his hands up, down and all around her belly, and she knew that she'd picked out the right outfit.

He went to the back of her and rubbed her belly from behind, and then again up to her breasts. He put his hands under the top and released her large breasts from the top, rubbing and caressing them. He lowered his hands to the stockings and gently peeled them down from her belly. As they went down, they snapped back against her skin as if an elastic band had been released. He rubbed her protruding belly, and as he did, he gently led her to the bed. He undressed her the rest of the way, and laid her down on her back with her legs hanging over the end of the bed. As they made love, she was rubbing her belly and moaning in sync with the heaving of her giant belly.

She got up and mounted him, her belly reaching almost to his chin. This time, is was his hands rubbing her belly. She tried to lean forward a little, but her huge belly just wouldn't let her. Instead, she kept her belly on his as she moved up and down slowly. He hoped that this would last forever.
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:48 am

Chapter 14

It was morning, and Chuck was off work for the week, in preparation for childbirth. He was in the kitchen with bacon and eggs just coming off the stove. She came into the kitchen, a little bleary­eyed. "Mmm, that smells great. I hope that you made a lot."

"I did, I know how hungry you've been." He turned around with a couple of breakfast plates for her. "Hah, that's pretty funny," he said, pointing at her belly sticking out from her bathrobe. "Where are the new robes that I got you?"

"I don't know, I couldn't bend over to look for it this morning. This was in the closet." She struggled in vain to pull it over her belly. "I feel different today, I think it's coming."

"Well, let me know if there's something that I can do. We've got the week. Sit down and have some breakfast."

After eating, she went upstairs for a shower.

"Hon, come here, would you please?"

He raced upstairs, expecting a ride to the hospital was in the immediate future. "What's the matter?"

She was in the bathroom, nude, and looking in the mirror. "Look at my belly! Does it look different to you?"

"Wow, ya, it's really low! Do you think that this means that you're going into labor?"

"I don't think so, but maybe."

Her belly had indeed dropped. It had dropped a couple of weeks ago as it was supposed to, but it was really dropped now. It was hanging from her like a large, heavy ball would suspended in a towel. A couple of months ago, her belly rose smoothly from her vagina at a gentle upward slope, rounding towards her belly button.

As her belly became heavier, it came out from her lower abdomen nearly horizontally for a few inches before it began the curved path toward her belly button. Now, it took a distinctly downward direction before rounding out and curving upward. Her belly button was now also lower than it had ever been, perhaps by as much as two inches! The top of her belly, which used to be rounded slightly above the bottom of her breasts, now descended from her breasts, without much rounding. When he looked at her from the front, the sideway bulge in her belly was lower, almost as low as her hips, and her belly hid her pubic hair!

"Let's make love now," she said! "This should be even more interesting now!" She giggled as she lay down on the bed. Her belly was clearly in the lead now, as she followed it down to the mattress. He laid down beside her, and pleased her with his fingers. She giggled again, and moved a little closer. "I can'tlay on my back too long, it's uncomfortable." Her belly stuck up about a foot above her breasts, and lopped to one side, so he could see how that'd be uncomfortable.

He got on top of her, but her low belly made it nearly impossible for him to get to her! "I think that you should be on top this time!"

"I don't know if I can get up," she laughed. She was once again off the bed, and he was lying down, waiting for her. She crawled across him, her belly the focus of their attention as she maneuvered it over his abdomen. She positioned herself over his dick, and slowly inserted it into her. Her belly was a huge orb in front of him, nearly obscuring any view of her breasts that he might otherwise have had. She leaned backwards against his knees, which he had up to support her. As they slowly stroked, her belly pressed into his chest in rhythm with her strokes, her bellybutton gently bobbing up and down. He was transfixed on her belly and the round, firm breasts peeking out from behind it.

She was pure woman to him. She was the perfect picture of a woman, belly full of child, large round, firm breasts brimming with nutrition for her kids, this was the peak womanhood.

As they climaxed together, which was a very gentle climax, given her condition, he thought he saw a droplet of milk fall from her right nipple!

"Whew, that was great," she said. That'll help bring on childbirth!

"I'll say,and it seems as though your boobs agree." She looked down.

"What do you mean?" "Look, right there, isn't that milk?"

"Oh, wow, it looks that way to me! I thought that my boobs felt different this morning!"

Three days later, Karen was packing a few last things for the hospital when Chuck came into the bedroom. "Hi, anything I can help with?"

"Nah, not really, just fine tuning my packing."

She was wearing sweatpants and the largest t­shirt they had as Wal­Mart. She figured that it'd fit one of those big construction guys who use jack­hammers, but it was still tight around her belly.

He bra had been uncomfortably tight this morning, so she had decided to forgo it today.

She reconsidered his question. "Actually, ya, would you look at something for me?"

"Sure, what'sup?"

She moved her hands to her t­shirt covered breast and cupped her hands around it to tighten the shirt around it, giving a form­fit to the shirt around her breast. As she did, this, a little bit of milk soaked the shirt.

"Do you think this is normal? I mean, it's leaking, it hurts like hell, and it's huge!"

"I read that this is supposed to happen after birth, but maybe your body'sgot a head start. Let me feel." He was dying to feel it, and she knew it. He put his hands around her breasts and felt. They were as hard as rocks, and heavy too. "I'd say that you're engorged with milk!"

"Is that bad?"

"Well, it can be sometimes because it can reduce your milk output. You need to get rid of some of that."

"How? Oh wait, I know what you're thinking." "Ya, it's OK though, and it does need to be done."

"Well, are you hungry?"

"For that, you bet!"

She took off her shirt, exposing her tremendous breasts. Instead of being as they usually were, her breasts were sticking out directly from her body, supported by the huge amount of milk in them. Her breasts were nearly as firm, round, and as large as soccer balls! Instead of pointing directly out from her chest, they pointed slightly to the sides too. Her skin was stretched thin, even more so than her belly, and the veins of the breasts were visible through the thinning skin.

Once again, she cupped her hands around one of her breasts, and gave a gentle squeeze, in spite of the fact that it hurt. Milk squirted out, and onto Chuck'sshirt! He brought his mouth to her breasts, and almost immediately, warm milk poured into his mouth. "It's really sweet."

"I wish I could try it."

"We'll find a way."

She reclined on the bed, giving him access to her leaking breast. He suckled for about 10 minutes.

"Oh, thanks for that, it doesn'thurt anymore, but we have another problem," she said, looking at the other breast, which had begun leaking profusely. He got off the bed and went to the other side because her huge belly was like the wall of China – he couldn't reach the other side.

After draining her breasts, he was full, and she was also satisfied.

"I'm afraid that I'll need you to do that every few hours until I give birth," she said.

"I don't think that'll be a problem."
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Re: Like Rabbits - DustinSteerpike

Postby Felly94 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:57 am

Chapter 15

At four o'colck in the morning, she woke up with labor pains. "Hon, I think that it's going to happen today."

"Huh, what?" "It's going to happen today." "Oh, wow, OK. What should I do?"

"Nothing for the moment, but I am sorta wanting to make love one more time while I'm pregnant. I've read that lovemaking makes delivery easier anyway." He wasn't the kind of guy to hold back.

She slid her feet off the bed, pausing for a moment.

"You OK?"

"Ya, just a contraction. I'm fine though. They're still about a half an hour apart." She was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her belly rested on her legs, almost all the way to her knees! Her lap was truly completely gone now! Her breasts were heavy and resting on the top of her belly.

He got her clothes, which consisted of the biggest sweat suit that they could find. He helped put the pants on her, because she wasn't able to reach to the floor to pull it on herself!

When they got to the car, the seat belt was hard to get on her. They finally did make it fit, but it was hidden far under her belly, and the shoulder belt was hidden in her substantial cleavage.

After being checked in and looked over by the doctors, she got into the warm two­-person tub in the delivery room, and invited him in. He was only happy to oblige. After a few quiet minutes together, in between contractions, she said, "Do you still think I'm sexy?"

"Yes, Karen, more than ever." She sighed and smiled as she lay her head back.

"Honey, you've been so wonderful. After all this, I hope that we can have babies of our own together too. I know you love kids, and you'er going to be so great with them, you really deserve your own, so no matter what I say during labor, know that we'll start growing our family as soon as we can. I guess that what I'm saying is, let's breed like rabbits!"

Their twin girls were born later that afternoon after a long labor. They married later that summer. Seven years later, they had to upgrade from the minivan to a full-­size van to accommodate their eight kids. They were as happy as could be.
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