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Postby Brisko » Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:10 pm

Hey, this idea has been lurking in my mind for quite a long time, but only today I managed to write down the first part of it. It is not yet corrected, but hey, hope you can enjoy it anyway 8-)


A huge bulge of amniotic sack is coming out of her vagina.

"Aaargh!" she screams and her belly, half naked half covered with greenish hospital cloth, moves and dilutes as if it was possesed by a force unknown. "My pussy! It hurts!"

Her face slowly frowns with pain as another contraction comes in. She holds her legs wide open, up in the air, and as the muscles in her womb do their job, she moves slighty forward, curling into a ball. She whines and sighs, eyes closed. And then suddenly the sac bursts within a loud popping sound, as if somebody just popped a microtene bag.

A gush of amniotic fluid followed by a more steady stream comes out, soaking the cellulose pad under her bottom. The excess fluid falls down over the edge of the table, creating a growing puddle on the floor.

"Good, good!" says android doctor looking at her genitals. "Very good, my dear, whatever it is, it will quickly come out now... Don't worry, just don't push yet!"

"Aaargh!" screams the woman on the table again, soaked pad in between her wide opened legs. "But I have to!" she shouts histerically. "I can't help it anymore, doc! I have to push!"

Doc shakes her head. "I know the urge to push is strong, but you can't! You must endure! Do you understand?" She places her right palm over woman's vagina and over the region of soft skin between the vagina and rectum. And she can already feel another bulge forming in her hand. This time it is a solid object, though, not just a yellowish fluid filled membrane as only seconds ago.

„Don't push, I said! You'll hurt yourself!“

But the woman won't listen to her. „It's coming out!“ she moans and starts to push, no matter the damage to her body.

And the bulge in doctor's hand gets bigger and bigger. It is slippery, covered in amniotic fluit and mucus. Its front, or crown, or however to call it, is soft, very much skin-like and covered with hair or very fine fur, though offcourse soaked in fetal fluid.

As the object moves down the birth canal, progressing towards the vagina, it stresses the vaginal lips until they get almost crimson red and about to tear. Spot in between the vagina and rectum is already rock solid.

„Stop pushing, darling! Your genitals can't stretch like that so fast!“

But then again, she won't listen to her, and so the doctor at least tries to slow down the process manually by any means possible. She applies pressure with the palm and tries to hold the bulge inside.

„Nurse!“ she shouts over her shoulder, but nobody answers. „I said nurse!“ she repeats even more ferociously.

But no answer again. As if she already forgotten, she and her pacient aren't alone. The whole department is buzzing with nurses and doctors, as there are ten more women living through the same thing as the one on the table in front of her eyes. Ten more already here and twenty others en-route.

„Nurse!? Anyone! Hand me a lube!“

„Aye, ma'am, give me a second,“ one of the android nurses manages somehow to brake away from a complicated birth just a table across. She hears the other woman crying and moaning. One of the doctors around her table holds a suction cup in her hands, prepared to help the thing in the woman's stomach come out.

A lube lands in her opened left palm. „Here ya go, doc,“ says android nurse, hurrying back to her table.


As she gets back to her patient, whose vagina she just is holding in her right palm, doc squeezes a bit of lube on the labia and lubricates them, so the fetus, if it can be called like that, can come out more easily.

„Here, that should help a bit,“ she says.

And the woman, young brown eyed blonde with medium sized breasts and a huge round belly, starts to push again. This time even stronger than before.

„Oh, dear, where do you hurry?“

„I must get it out!“ shouts the blonde. „Can't have it inside any longer!“

The labia soaked in lube slip around the fetus and the hairy crown with a sphere like shape behind pops out. — More amniotic fluid gushes out, staining her shirt and her doctor coat. Another part of the gush ends up right in her face.

„Sorry, doc! Really sorry!“ the blonde shakes her head apologiously. „Oh god,“ her voice gets more serious. „Here it comes again! Aaaargh!“

She closes her eyes and frowns as she starts pushing again. Stronger than ever before. Every muscle in her womb and in her stomach contracts.

„Good, good!“ shouts doc, securing the strange fetus with both her hands. „Here it goes... Here it goes! Push, darling! Push!!!“

And then in just a moment the whole thing comes out of her, and so does the rest of the fetal fluid, which was inflating her little belly into such a monstrous size. It is everywhere. On the table, on the floor... Doc's clothes are all wet.

The woman falls completely exhausted on her back. And for the first time in the last thirty minutes she releases the firm grasp of her thights as she lays both hands alongside her strained body.

„It's out!“ informs her the doctor. „Whatever it is, it's out.“

There's a slight smile forming on her face. And the blonde, Brandi is her name, smiles too.

„I know,“ she says, very much relieved.

Doc's eyes then slip back to the thing laying on the table in between Brandi's legs. Though it just came out of a young, healthy girl's womb, it doesn't look anything like a human baby. Sure, it shares some similar feature like soft beige skin and the head-like sphere covered with hair in front, but the rest... well...

She has never seen anything like that, and as there seems to be no record of such an occurence in the centralized archives, neither did anyone of her android colleagues around the globes. At least not until twelve PM, twenty fourth july twenty two eighteen.

The fetus, and she strongly hesitates to call it that way, looks somehow like a small squid. The hairy spherical crown in the front is separated from the rest of the body by a narrowed neck-like stalk. She tries to move with the 'head' but the whole organism, or whatever it is, is rigid.

Behind the neck there is much longer posterior part, about the same thickness as the head. It lacks hair and detailed texture, almost like it was covered in a thick layer of silicone.

Moving to the rear end the posterior part gets narrower and narrower, with four rounded fins evenly placed around the longitudinal axes of the body.

From the very rear end, where the squid would normally have its head and tentacles, comes out the umbilical cord, through which the organism presumeably gathered oxygen and nutrients from the mother's body, as would normally a human fetus did as well.

In five years of her medical service she brought to this world thousands of babies. She might not really be sure, what did she brought to it this time, but her machine experience tells her to emasculate the cord and disconnect it. And so she prepares all the tools necessary for the procedure.

Her clothes are completely wet. The amnicotic fluid is still warm. It has a distinctive sweet smell.

The tools are ready. She emasculates the cord behind the posterior part of the squid's body and clamps it on the Brandi's side. Before she makes the cut, though, she further inspects a bit.

The umbilical is a bit thicker than usual. It has a deep greyish blue color and there is a matrix of darker colored veins wrapped around its whole length. Strangely, it is not pulsating with life anymore. As if somebody choked a valve on the placenta side and stopped the blood from flowing completely.

After a brief moment Doc finally decides to carry and do her job she was programmed to do. But the very moment she wants to cut the umbilical off, Brandi's stomach starts convulsing again. She moans.

„Something is happening, doctor,“ she says. „My stomach, it hurts.“

Doc inspects her belly with both hands, than she moves down to the vagina. Umbilical cord is coming through the stretched birth canal like some sort of a strange power cable. She moves it asside witch one hand and stretches the labia even more with thw other one. Than she puts four fingers inside and inspects the inards of Brandi's genitals. She can still feel the cord going along her hand.

Another contraction. Brandi quickly returns to her previous position: legs wide open – up in the air, holding her thighs with both hands, pushing uncontrollably.

„Aaargh! There's more! I have to push it out! I have to push it out!!!“

„Wait wait wait wait, Brandi!“ doc gets kind of freaked out. She has never seen progressing it that fast. „Hold on, girl, hold on, take a deep breath, darling...!“

„I have to push it out!!!“ repeats Brandi frantically and indeed she does.

Moaning than a loud gushing sound. — Disconnected placenta with the rest of the amniotic sac and its contents rolls out of Brandi's vagina like a fat man on a toboggan. The other end of the umbilical is flushed out as well and lays now on the table like a body of a dead greyish blue snake.

It's over.
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Invasion, pt. II

Postby Brisko » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:58 am

Part II, 'The Shoreleave'

It is ten o'clock evening. With two more days of shoreleave here on Earth left; utterly tired from playing poker whole evening down in the bar, Tom Jacobs lays finally down into his bed. — Today was a good day, he thinks to himself, contently smacking his lips. Indeed, a time well spent, old man, and tommorrow is gonna be the same.
Little does he know, that only four hours from this moment, the world will dramatically change forever, and his life will never be the same as it was.
As he falls asleep he dreams of Algeron, a merchant starship he serves aboard as an engineer. There are five Andromedan girls with him locked in a storage bay and they are about to have some fun. — Compared to what's awaiting him the very next morning, it's nothing worth mentioning, though...

Ringing of a doorbell. Jacobs turns onto his left side in bed and murmurs something incomprehensible.
„Mr. Jacobs?“ another ring accompanied by several loud knocks on the door. „Mr. Jacobs! Are you home?“
Jacobs slowly opens his eyes. „Who the fuck is this...?“ he murmurs, this time a bit more comprehensibly. „I've already paid the rent, leave me alone, dicks!“ he shouts out to the unknown stranger at the door, and as he slips out of the bed he continues with the profanities: „I work for he Company, assholes! Do you want to mess with an astrogator? — I tell you this: You better not!“
With a pace of a sloth shot with a twelve-gauge shotgun he moves slowly across the appartment and towards the hall entrance.
„No, Mr. Jacobs, it's me – Linda,“ echoes from behind the locked door. It is a sweet female voice.
Linda? Thinks Jacobs. Who the fuck is Linda?
„Oh, really?“ he frowns. „And what do you want, Linda?“
But before the stranger woman can reply to his question he opens the door.
„Oh... That Linda...!“ Jacobs' face lightens up with a relieve. „The neighbour! Of course! — I'm sorry for the things... I said, Linda, I didn't knew it's...“
„That's fine, Mr. Jacobs, make nothing of it,“ says Linda, and Tom's eyes have to inevitably lock-on to her big pregnant bump.
Man, must have I been really drunk the day before, he thinks to himself, we've met like eight hours ago and I'd swear she wasn't pregnant back than.
„Anyway, what can I do for you..., Linda?“
„My terminal...,“ she frowns, guiltily gazing at the floor like a schoolgirl caught up smoking on the bathroom. „It broke...“
„Your terminal broke, huh?“
„Yes,“ she blinks, looking up to him. „It did. — And I know you're working for the company as a tech-guy, so I thaught...“
Jacobs nods his head. „Yeah, I get the idea. You know what? Let me get some clothes and I'll check it out and see what I can do, okay? Just give me a minute...“
„Oh, that would be so nice of you, Tom!“ she smiles contently.
And so he gets some clothes and in a matter of mere minutes they're at Linda's place and they're both starring at a broken computer terminal on her desk.
„May I get you something, Mr. Jacobs?“ says Linda, looking up to him again.
„Uh, a...,“ Jacobs murmurs, „a coffee would be wonderful, thanks...“
Linda smiles broadly as if his answer made her very happy. With those short blonde hair and ocean blue eyes she looks like an little Aryan angel, pregnant Aryan angel.
„A coffe, okay, I got that!“ she says happily and in the very next moment dissapears in her kitchen.
In the meantime, Jacobs left alone with the broken computer, tries to analyse the situation with the poor thing.
„So,“ he says quietly. „What's up with you, pal? Why aren't you working, huh?“
First he just tries to simply start up the machine by pushing the power button on the circuitry box, but that doesn't get him any response at all. The power lights won't even come up.
„Well, that's weird,“ he says and bends down under the desk for a close inspection of all the cables going in and out of the circuitry box. Everything checks out. Wel... except... except for the power cord, lying disconnected on the floor.
He plugs it back in.
Then suddenly, Linda adresses him from behind his back.
„Mr. Jacobs?“ she says, strange tension in her voice.
„Yes?“ replies Tom quickly, and as he tries to get up from under the desk, he bangs his head.
He scrathes the places which took the hit. „Ouch, that hurt!“ „What can I do for you?“ he turns his head towards Linda, but suddenly gasps with astonishment. „Oh my...! Linda!“
The thirty-something pregnant blonde with swollen breasts and a huge bump is standing right in front of him, wearing only a pair of black stockings and a black-and-red nightgown.
She touches her lips.
„It... looks... like...,“ Jacobs stutters, “your power cord... was dis...“
She move closer toward him and grabs his hand, placing it on her chest and then the pregnant belly.
„Linda... well... what can I say?“
„Do you like how I look?“
Jacobs hesitates to answer. „Well,“ he says, „you look goergeous, but...“
„Yes?“ Linda slightly backs away.
„What about your... husband or... boyfriend... whoever got you to this blessed state... I don't think they would approve of anything like this...“
„Husband?“ smiles Linda and the little Angel suddenly becomes a little vixen. Pregnant sexual vixen ready to take your sould. „I have no husband,“ she says, shaking her head once again innocently.
„Well, don't get me wrong, but somebody had to... you know... got you pregnant...“
„I have no husband and no boyfriend either – it's just you and me...“
„Well then how did you get... pregnant then...“
„Magic,“ she smiles.
„But...,“ Jacobs still resists.
„Don't you like pregnant women, Tom?“ she grabs his hand again and places directly it into her crotch. Jacobs can feel her warm, cock-ready vagina with his fingers.
„Oh, I do,“ he confesses. „I've always did, but...“
„It's just you and me... Don't worry, just relax Tom...“
„OK... relax... I'm relaxing...“
He feels how the defiance in him subsides and how the desire for Linda's hot body assumes total control over his actions.
„Give me your starship, astrogator...,“ murmurs Linda, as she reaches for his cock. She unties the zip on the pants and takes the thing out.
„I want you're cum in my belly,“ she gasps as she strokes his tool. „Give it to me, give it to Linda!“
She then bends down and takes it to her mouth.
„Damn!“ sighs Jacobs as Linda's soft lips slowly enfold the tip of his... starship... „That's good... damn good...!“
From the tip she progresses down to the root, until she has the whole penis in her mouth. Jacobs can feel as the tip slides along her soft palate.
Almost makes him cum.
„Hey, Linda,“ he says, holding her head back from doing another round on his poor, almost done, cock. „I think I'm gonna... please, stop...“
She slides the dick out of her mouth and nods her head. „Oh no, don't cum yet...,“ she says. „I need your cum in my belly, you remember?“ she points at her bump.
„Yeah, of yourse I do.“
She stand up and turns her back to him. Then she grabs him behind her back slightly bends down.
„Do you wanna cum into my pussy, hmm?“


„Sure I do,“ Jacobs replies decisively, stripping his clothes down.
„Oh, give me your cum, Tom, give it to me!“
Linda bends down even more, showing her beautiful round ass. Her swolen pregnant pussy starres at him like an eye of a goddess, inviting him inside. — And so he goes. He takes his cock into his hand and enters the body of a pregnant vixen.
„Aaaaargh!“ she moans. „Cum into me!“
Her pussy is surprisingly wet.
Warm and cozy too.
„That's it, space cowboy!“
With his hands resting on her bottocks he pounds her like his mere life depends on it. And god knows he has a time of his life. — In just a matter of seconds he's about to cum again. So he slows down and slips out of Linda's vagina.
„What's wrong?“ linda turns over her shoulder.
„I'm gonna give you my cum,“ says Jacobs, „but not yet – first I'm gonna eat your pussy.“
„Oh, please, do!“ Linda purrs contently.
And so Jacobs does as he says. And while his cock is slowly getting softer and therefore ready for round three, Linda moans with pleassure.
Then, after some time, when she has enough, she straightens up and drags Jacobs to a white furry sofa nearby. There she lays down on her back, wide opens her legs and indicates him to penetrate her again.


When his cock is back in her sweet cave, she unties the nightglown, uncovering her breasts.
„Touch me, Tom! Grab my tits! Hold my belly!“
And she doesn't really have to insist very much.
„Aye aye, ma'am,“ says Jacobs and does what the lady asks for. Her nipples are rock hard. He massages the swollen aerolas with his fingers, and apaprently, it brings Linda great joy.
She squirms and purrs like a little happy kitten, pregnant little kitten, to be exact.
And then the inevitable comes and for a brief moment the whole world somehow darkens a little, just before a whole new universe is born in between Linda's wide opened legs, as Jacobs' cock explodes in a big bang of cum.
He feels a little sorry for comming so early, but hey, he feels a little accomplished and proud too. In the end, it was the first time he managed to fullfill his pervert sexual dream. He fucked a pregnant woman...
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