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A Birthday Surprise...

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A Birthday Surprise...

Postby M_J_Sims » Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:02 am

Melody was feeling pensive about the current situation, as she stretched out on the couch, owned by her and life partner Michael. See his Birthday was coming up and she wanted to have something to surprise him. But she was running out of Ideas, Absently rubbing her five- (5) month pregnant swollen belly and smiling gently at the feel of the twins in her. This being a gift to her on Valentines Day of all things, she sighed in frustration.

Man, this is going to be tough, she thought. What can I get for him or do, that he has not gotten before hand, I mean hell becoming pregnant for him would have been a way, but that has already happened as she still rubbed her belly. Her fingers teasing over her smooth but taught skin of her belly. Closing her eyes she started to think about what she could get for her lover, as her fingers started to rub her breast through her shirt, eliciting a small tingle of pleasure through her body. This started a thought about an encounter with one of her girl friends named Samantha.

Samantha and Melody where what was commonly called friends with benefits with each other since their Dorm days in college. Where Melody always seemed to have a boy every night, with her long legs, well endowed B-Cup breasts and blonde hair. Where Samantha was an A-cup size breast w/ mousy brown hair, and thin frame. They could not have been more of a miss-match. Samantha had devoted her time in college to studying and learning and now worked at a respectable job as a Legal aide. Melody had studied and partied, but was doing well churning out artwork, while Mike worked as an author.

Her last encounter with Samantha had been about two- (2) weeks ago and Samantha had marveled at the size of Melody’s belly as they had made love to one another. It was also during that moment that Samantha had let slip something also, about her own fantasies about being with Michael and feeling his babies in her. Even though Melody and Michael where into practicing an open relationship. They had not found any one to share with; maybe it was about time to change that. Reaching for the phone she started to dial Sam’s number.

“Hey Sam” as her friend picked up the phone…”I’m doing fine, yeah so are the babies. Yeah it has been a bit, how are things at work? Really, well that sucks, Hey I got an Idea for Michael’s Birthday. Yeah I want you here for his party. Yeah I am thinking you, him and me. You do know that our relationship is open, and I would love to have you as part of our little family….” She listened on the other end as Samantha replied. “Samantha, come on girl friend, it would be good for you, provide you some stability and besides you admitted to me how much you want to have Mike in your body. Yeah that is it… you know you want it, you little whore. So I will see you here three—(3) days from now.”

Melody hung up the phone feeling very pleased with her self. Knowing that her friend Samantha had little to no experience in the sex department with guys, this was going to be a night to remember.

Three Days later:
The Party was in full swing at their Loft, as every one celebrated Mike’s birthday. Things started to wind down as people started to leave, Melody had made sure that Mike and Samantha had been together most of the night. The drinks had been flowing and every one had been eating and enjoying the party. Now as the last of the guest left and it was just Mike, Samantha and herself, it was time for Mike’s final gift, beckoning Samantha in to the bedroom.

“So, ready!” She asked in an excited whisper to Samantha.

Licking her lips nervously…”Yeah, Melody… I. Thank you, for this.”

“It is okay… “ She nearly finished before Samantha’s lips touched hers in a passionate kiss. Samantha’s arms wrapped around her pregnant friend’s shoulders as they kissed passionately for a moment. “Not that I am going to complain Sam, but what brought that on.” As she stroked Samantha’s taught little breasts.

“Well for the past couple of months I have been testing myself, and… well tonight is probably my most…”” her voice trailed off, as she slowly caressed her friends pregnant belly. Looking back up into Melody’s green eyes, she saw the recognition in those eyes of what Samantha had implied. The door to the bedroom opened just then, with Michael standing there, he was leaning against the door, smiling leisurely as he watched the two girls caress each other.

“So Melody love what is this?”

“Oh…nothing really, just thought I would give you, your last Birthday present and also expand our little family some more.” She said slyly as she moved behind Samantha draping a pink bow over her friends’ neck to match with the pink negligée, she leaned over and nuzzled her friend’s neck. Her hand leisurely stroking her friends breast and areola, Michael stepped in to the room smiling at his lovers little joke.

“I thought you had already where working on expanding our little family love.” He said mildly as he approached the two, his own hand coming up to Samantha face, mildly stroking her face and neck. The feel of her pulse throbbing under his finger tips, as he traced his fingers over her face. Looking at Sam, his smile switched to one of warmth and compassion. “As much as my lady here is offering you as a present. I do need to know your mind on this.” He said to her as he leaned into her, his face inches from her own.

Samantha for her own part, brought her own hands up to her soon to be lovers face, stroking his face, the feel of the stubble under her fingers, As she leaned in to kiss him, with the same passionate intensity that she had just given Melody. “My mind, is my own on this, also I offer you something else… “She whispered suggestively as she pushed her body in closer to his, the feel of him against her. “ I also give you another opportunity to continue to expand your family.’ With that last said, she turned back around and caressed Melody’s bulging belly, as she then planted another kiss on melody’s cheeks.

“So, my lover, care to open your present.” Samantha said as she pushed Melody back on the bed, and then slowly covered Melody’s body with her own. Her arms and legs straddling Melody’s body as she leaned over her friend on all fours. The sound of clothes being shucked off Michael’s body, then the feel of his hands caressing her skin through the filmy fabric of the negligee, and the hard feel of his cock against her ass cheeks, she could feel his need. Her body growing goose bumps as her panties where pulled off, the feel of his hot breath as he started to lick her pussy. Her own mouth going into a slight “O” shape as, her girl friend caressed her tits, and nibbled on her neck.

“Hmmm, Melody, poor Samantha here is already wet, and she tastes nice.” Samantha heard as Mike had stopped from licking her and started to finger her, “and she is nice and tight too.” He continued to comment as he stroked his fingers into her. Samantha felt Melody moves out from under her slowly. Samantha kissed her friends breast, then her swollen belly to finally kissing her friends sweet muff, as Melody slowly turned her self around and then started to slide back under her head first.

Samantha luxuriated in the feel of her girl friend kissing and licking her slowly, as she descends. Soon Samantha’s head was resting on her friend’s pregnant belly, as she felt both Melody’s and Michael’s tongue and fingers caressing, fingering, tonguing and kissing her pussy. She moaned lightly into Melody’s swollen pregnant belly her hands clasping the sides of Melody the feel of the twins in Melody moving. It almost came as a surprise when she felt Michael slides into her, and starts to pump him in and out of her.

The feel of him in her was exciting to her as she felt her own body starts to move in communion with his. Her own hips backing into his. Mike’s shaft buried deep, her own sexual conquest had not been many, and in fact she could count them on one hand. However this was the first in which she was hearing the bells, whistles and heavenly choirs that every one else talked about for sex. She could feel Melody’s tongue caressing her pleasure nub as Michael’s dick moved in and out, Samantha moved forward until she could plant her own mouth and tongue onto and into Melody’s own muff as she started to kiss and fondle.

Slowly Samantha started to feel her own pleasure starting to grow in her as she felt Mikes strokes in and out of her, starting to make her gasp and moan in pleasure. “Oh, Yeah… right there, Yeah Michael … fuck me…. Baby… wants it…Oh God…. Melody… Michael…Give me…. Baby… Oh…Um!” She soon became lost in the feeling of being made love to, allowing her self to lose control as she was being breed, to a man that would love her.

As she started to get louder in her passion, she could feel Michael stroking deeper and faster in her, his own need building as he continued, his breath starting to catch also in his throat, as Melody coaxed both her lovers to new heights of pleasure. “Cum in me, Mike…. Please, I want your Baby in me.” As he thrusted one more time deep into her she could feel her womb become flooded with his sperm as his hands clasped her hips and holding her close to him sealing them together.

Her own eyes rolling back into her head as she felt wave after wave of pleasure envelope her. Her own breath catching in her throat as her pussy tightened around his shaft allowing nothing of his seed to leak out of her. Her own body going relaxed and taught as she came and came in waves of pleasure. The teasing licks of Melody’s tongue on both of them and then the kisses as she slowly pushed herself out from underneath the pair of lovers.

Samantha lay in bed with her two lovers, the feel of Michael’s cock still rubbing against her as he spooned her from behind, his hands wrapped around her belly and touching her own plus Melody’s pregnant swelling belly as the twins moved in her. The feel of their love mutual shared with each other and with her.
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Re: A Birthday Surprise...

Postby triumphspt70 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:49 pm

Great story, would love to read a part 2.
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