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Anybody have the second half of this story? - Queen Bea

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Anybody have the second half of this story? - Queen Bea

Postby pregspregs » Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:01 pm

Queen Bea

All her life, Bea had loved to dance. From her very first ballet lesson to her more risqué moves later in life at the night club, Bea had always had a passion to move her body in time to the music. She never doubted for a moment that this was her calling in life, so after high school, she had two options as she saw it: She could take out a small fortune in student loans to attend a prestigious dance school in the hopes of one day making it in the background of a large ensemble cast, as many of her friends chose and her parents pushed her to follow as well, or she could pack up and move to Tendrite, the “Las Vegas of the Galaxy,” and get herself a position at one of the planet’s many adult entertainment parlors, where her natural skills would make her a star right away. Bea, being a smart and practical girl, took the latter route, and at the tender age of 18 started her new life on Tendrite.

Doing what she loved, and pulling in nearly $1,000 a night, life was good. Bea was certainly pretty enough to land herself a gig at one of the planet’s more upscale establishments, and by the age of 21 was one of the hottest acts at the Diamond Club in one of the busiest casinos on Tendrite. Standing 5’ 6”, her b-cup breasts were incredibly perky to the point where she rarely needed a bar. Her ass was petite though incredibly round, and her slender waist gave her the perfect miniature hourglass shape. Bea’s alabaster skin gave stark contrast to her jet black hair, which she usually wore in a tight, athletic pony tail, when some other hair style wasn’t part of her act. Her eyes were an absolutely hauntingly deep shade of brown, complemented by the lightest freckles around her face. She was physically perfect, but Bea also had a heart of gold.

After one performance, Bea came back to her dressing room to find Caitlyn, one of her fellow dancers, sobbing quietly with her head in her hands. Bea’s instincts to comfort immediately went into action, as she lay a gentle hand on her friend’s shoulder and asked her what was wrong.

“Oh, God,” Caitlyn began, looking up at Jenny through runny mascara-stained eyes, “I’m pregnant. I’ve been trying to hide it for the past couple months, but I’m already starting to show, and it’s only a matter of time. The worst part of all is that Scott, the son of a bitch who did this to me has disappeared, and I can’t find him! Nobody knows where he is! I can’t afford to raise a baby, so I’m just going to have to get rid of it!”

Bea cringed at the last four words of that sentence. The very thought of an abortion upset her deeply, but she couldn’t rightly ask another girl to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. She knew that if this baby were aborted, it would be partially her fault for not stepping in. As Bea’s mind was flooded with emotions, she blurted out the only solution she could think of. “I’ll do it! Let me carry your baby, and after it’s born, I’ll give it up for adoption. Please.”

As Bea began to internalize the possible consequences of what she had just said, Caitlyn stopped crying and looked her square in the eye, “Are you serious? I can’t possibly ask you to do something like that.”

“I’ll do it,” was her firm and steadfast reply, belying Bea’s serious concerns about the offer she had just made.


Having signed all the requisite paperwork regarding parental rights, etc, Bea and Caitlyn were strapped into the Pregnancy Transfer Device (PTD) of the local health clinic. As corresponding five-dimensional portals opened in each of their wombs, Caitlyn’s baby was transferred into Bea. Because she was only three months along, the changes weren’t tremendously visible, but somehow, Bea “felt pregnant.” Something inside her had absolutely changed in that brief time, and the rest of her body was quickly scrambling to keep up.


At four months pregnant, Bea had undoubtedly begun to show. While she could have easily continued to hide it if she worked in an office or some other setting, dancing nude did not leave one with many options for baggy clothing. Her name was taken off the roster at the Diamond Club and told to come back after she “lost the baby weight.” With no other source of income on a planet with an incredibly high cost of living, Bea began searching for one of the lower scale clubs that might accept a pregnant act. What she found was a most pleasant surprise.

The Womb Boom Room was one of the hottest clubs catering the niche clientele of men who get off on the pregnant figure. While Bea was initially a bit hesitant about dancing for men (and women) with such an interest, she told herself that they were no better or worse than men who jerk off to skinny girls with big boobs. And in this particular case, she had what they wanted, so she called to schedule an interview.

As Bea entered the Womb Boom Room, she was taken aback by the sight that greeted her. Having worked three years in an establishment where a girl would be sent home for showing up to her shift with even a tiny paunch, this was quite a change. It was immediately apparent that the girls with the fattest guts and widest butts got all the attention and, as it follows, tips from the patrons. Rather than hide their pregnancies, these women flaunted it. She saw one girl, a vivaciously pneumatic blonde sporting a lacey black bra and thong set, who somehow managed to balance an absolute beach ball of a belly on top of 6 inch black heels. The girl rubbed her massive tummy that must have contained triplets into a drooling customer’s face, flicking his nose playfully with her bellybutton. The mesmerized patron dutifully yet absentmindedly slipped a $20 into the girl’s g-string, copping a gentle feel on the girl’s broad hips as he did so.

As she began to took in everything she was seeing, Bea’s hand instinctively went to her own, tiny, four month baby bump. She felt somewhat intimidated by these other girls and, admittedly, a little insecure about her own comparatively slender figure. “Well, I guess I can at least eat lunch before my shift now,” she thought to herself as she was approached by Rilgo, the club’s owner. “And you must be Bea,” he beamed, approaching her with open arms. Rilgo loved meeting new talent, and this one looked especially promising. “I can see you’ve already begun to show a little bit. Let me guess… 16… no. 17 weeks?”

“Wow. Um, actually, yes. 17 weeks.” Replied a visibly stunned Bea.

“Don’t be too surprised, babe. I’ve been at this game for a while now. It’d be embarrassing if I didn’t know a thing or two about the pregnant form, and I can tell you’re gonna be a star here!”

Not knowing whether or not to take that as a compliment, Bea, who was still wrapping her head around the idea of fetishizing pregnancy, pulled several papers from her purse and presented them to Rilgo. “Here, these are my references from the Diamond Club. I’ve been dancing professionally for—” Rilgo cut her off, “That’s quite alright. Now, while you truly are a beautiful creature, I’m afraid you’re still a bit small for the stage here. We’ll have you start out serving drinks until that gorgeous bump of yours really blossoms, then get you up on that pole, usually around 5 or 6 months, but as I’m sure you’re learning, every pregnancy is different, and every belly is different. Now, I will tell you, even though we can’t have you dancing in front of an audience until you balloon up a bit more, you’ll want to keep practicing. You’ll find that dancing, especially erotic dancing, with a big, pregnant belly is VERY different than what you are used to. You may use the stage during our off hours if you like. One more thing, this is probably the first club you’ve worked where the buffet is for both the patrons and the talent. Please help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want. Gotta make sure you keep up your strength and help you get to a size where you can get out there and dance. And don’t be afraid to eat in front of the customers.” He then added with a wry smile, “Trust me, they won’t mind.”

Bea hated the idea of not being able to dance, but she really didn’t have any choice. She was too pregnant for the normal club, not pregnant enough for the pregnant club. However, she knew how the business worked. She would be a team player for the first couple months, earn what tips she could serving drinks, watch the girls who performed best, and learn this unique brand of the trade, while getting in good with the DJs and the managers who assigned schedules.

And that’s exactly what she did. As someone intimately familiar with all kinds of dance, she watched the preggos on stage with a critical eye. She saw how they used their bigger bodies, thrusting blimp-like bellies, gyrating massive hips, wriggling plump asses, and shaking giant milk-swollen tits, all to the delight of the paying (and tipping) customers. At first Bea thought she’d be able to outshine all these amateurs, but as the weeks turned into months, she soon learned what her colleagues were dealing with. Practicing every night after her shift, Bea began to notice the challenges of dancing with an increasingly heavy belly and growing, tender tits.

One night while she was practicing, Bea was observed by one of the club’s star dancers, a very heavily pregnant girl named Shennie. Bea didn’t know much about Shennie other than the fact that she was having twins (a fact the DJ never failed to mention as she began her nightly routine), and that she carried herself incredibly gracefully for someone with such a belly so massive it stuck out over two feet in front of her. Bea was a little nervous at being watched, especially by someone who was essentially a local celebrity around the club. Pretending she didn’t see Shennie, Bea continued her practice routine, climbing the pole and hanging upside-down, sliding across the stage on her tummy, pulling down her thong with the heels of her shoes. Finally, as Bea was finishing, Shennie spoke up. “You got some nice moves, hon, but can I give you a little professional advice?”

Bea didn’t quite know what to expect, and simply managed to stutter, “Sure.”

“You look like someone who’s done real good for herself at the ‘normal’ clubs, and you’ve obviously got a smokin bod. But now you’re pregnant, and you’re in a preggo club. Don’t struggle to make your bump do your old moves, cause trust me, you will NOT be able to keep that up for long. Learn some new moves that work your bump! ”

Bea had never thought of it that way. Going from her early dance training to exotic was a big transition for her, and that was using the exact same body. It only made sense that she needed to change things up to succeed on the preggo circuit. “Lemme show you,” Shennie said as she got up on stage. “Here’s one they really love. You start standing with your back to the audience with your legs spread wide. The ones immediately behind you shouldn’t even be able to see you’re knocked up. Then you bend down, put your hands on the ground, and let your belly poke between your legs. Your boobs will hang down in your face. You won’t get the full effect of either of those yet, but just you wait a couple months and you’ll see what I mean. Then I sloooowly stand back up straight, look over my shoulder and give ‘em a wink before I turn slowly to the side, revealing the big ol’ bump like a moon coming out of eclipse.”

“Wow, so the guys here are really into that?” Bea asked, trying to absorb everything she had learned.

“Just ask my summer cottage on Paradiso 6,” Shennie chuckled.

“Damn, girl!” Bea replied in shock, placing her hand at the small of her back and jutting out her budding belly. “Hey, as long as we’re talking, I was just curious. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve seen you dancing here for a couple months now, and you haven’t changed a bit. Can I ask, when are your children due?”

This gave Shennie another good belly laugh, as she gently slapped her hands on either side of her massive, drum-like girth, “They were due about four years ago! Yeah, some girls find that they really, really enjoy working the preggie clubs, but we don’t want to be stuck raising a couple dozen brats. So, we use nano-tech implants to put the pregnancy in stasis, usually during the last month for obvious reasons,” she added, giving her bloated tummy a nice pat for emphasis. “My current 10 year plan involves carrying a single pregnancy.”

This left Bea completely speechless. She had never fathomed any woman actually desiring to make a pregnancy last LONGER than it had to naturally. As shocked and perplexed as she was, the thought intrigued her. But what kind of woman would ever want to spend the better part of her life pregnant?


Bea had paid dutiful attention to the best performing girls, especially Shennie, whom she come to look on as something of a mentor. She had practiced her moves every day, and at nearly six months pregnant, she was finally ready to perform. Bea couldn’t remember the last time she had been so nervous about going on stage, but she kept telling herself that this was her element. She wasn’t some knocked up housewife trying to earn a few extra bucks. She had 7 years of ballet, 6 of jazz tap, and now 3 years of exotic dance under her (now useless) belt. Shennie gave her a kiss on the cheek and rubbed her belly for good luck, as the DJ grabbed the mic and announced, in that nearly inaudible way that all strip club DJs do, “Welcometothestageandputyourhandstogetherfor Beeeeeeaaaaaaa. Pleaseremembertotipthedancersandyourwaitress.”

Bea stepped out onto the stage wearing a maternity version of the naughty nurse uniform she had previously danced in and began doing a routine to the song “Bad Medicine.” After teasing the leering eyes of the audience for a bit, twirling sensually around the pole, Bea ripped off the break-away nurse costume to reveal a lacey white bra and g-string with a red cross on the right breast and above her pussy. Her belly, which now sat on her middle like a flesh colored volleyball, made its grand debut. Cheers and a few tossed dollar bills gave Bea sufficient encouragement that they approved of her figure, and she used that as she went into the routine.

Going down on her knees, Bea leaned back so that her silky black hair grazed the stage, and her belly was thrust high in the air above her. Shennie had taught her this move, and Bea finally had the figure to make it work. Pausing for only a moment in this position, Bea gracefully moved a slender hand behind her, unhooked her bra, and rose once again to a spread-legged kneeling position, now with her perfectly round tits and pert, pink nipples exposed. She twirled the bra above her head like a cowgirl with a lasso before letting it fly.

Picking out one gentleman who seemed to be particularly enjoying the show, she bent down as low as she could toward him, so that her face was right against his, ran a gentle finger from just below his ear to his chin, and whispered, “You enjoying the show?” Then she flashed a coy grin, arched her back, and stood up slowly, her naked breasts, now the size of grapefruits and nearly as round, passing in front of his face, followed immediately by her growing belly, topped with a once innie belly button that had flattened itself out and now appeared as only a slight discoloration on her otherwise flawless tummy. Without ever taking his eyes off of her amazing form, he slid a $20 into her g-string. Whether intentionally or by accident, this was the kind of reward Bea had been missing as a cocktail waitress.

After her set was over, Bea gave a pregnant parody of a courtesy, and collected the dollar bills that had been left on the stage. She made sure to get down on her hands and knees and exaggerate the swinging of her belly and breasts as she did so, yet another bit of Shennie’s useful advice. Bea was beaming as she pranced backstage, her tits bouncing and her bum shaking in a manner that was a shame for the patrons to miss. But this wasn’t a performance; it was genuine glee. She was finally dancing again, her performance was apparently a big hit, and though she hadn’t counted it yet, it looked like she had pulled in enough cash over that three and a half minute song to pay off her credit card bill for the month. Shennie immediately waddled over and gave her friend a great, big hug, Shennie’s larger belly pressing up against Bea’s, and forcing the smaller girl to somewhat awkwardly lean in. “You did great, babe! I knew you had it in you!”


Bea had really taken to her new life in the preggo club. She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but she was enjoying it more than her old gig. It was like she had been missing an essential part of her body all her life, and now she was finally complete. She almost couldn’t imagine going back to dancing without her big, round belly. Her ever growing breasts, hips, and butt also increased her personal feelings of sensuality; feelings that were extremely apparent in her performances. The bump also lent itself to very cute costume choices, from nun to redneck hottie to blueberry girl. Also, not having to watch every little thing she ate, rather actually being encouraged to feed her occasionally ravenous appetite, was an extremely nice job perk. The slight back pain and need to take more regular breaks were a small price to pay.

Bea had also come to love the girls she worked with. From the “long termers” like Shennie, who deliberately prolonged their pregnancies to girls like herself who were on hiatus from their usual spot to the single moms just trying to make ends meet, everyone had a story, and Bea found herself unable to avoid forming a personal connection with every dancer she worked with.
One night, after she had finished shaking her increasingly plump and increasingly profitable moneymaker to “My Humps,” Bea decided to treat herself to a post-lunch, pre-dinner snack at the buffet. Using one hand to scoop up delicious fried treats, she placed the other on the front of her expanding belly in a now second nature effort to keep from painfully bumping it into the side of the buffet. Bea liked to use these opportunities to get in good with the patrons, so she approached a table of three college-aged guys, exaggerating her waddle as she did so. “Hey, boys, mind if I join you?” she inquired playfully, as they politely obliged. Bea tried to appear interested in the young men, when her mind was really wrapped around the greasy, cheesy mozzarella sticks she was greedily cramming into her mouth. Either way, the guys were clearly enjoying the close up show, as Bea leaned back and balanced the plate on her belly, which had now filled out to the size of a small watermelon and was nearly as firm. When she had finished, Bea licked her fingers clean and went right back to work. “Mmmmm, that was good. So, you enjoying the show, big guy?” she asked, giving the guy on her right a little shoulder rub.

“Best club on the planet,” her replied with genuine admiration. They were watching a girl Bea had gotten to know fairly well, Kendra, who was currently five months pregnant with twins. Bea was secretly a little jealous of the girls who were pregnant with twins or triplets and had even contemplating entering one of those PTD roulette games she’d heard about. The two problems there were that the odds were stacked against her winding up pregnant with quintuplets and that they only did it at full term, so she wouldn’t get to be that big for long.

Kendra was strutting her stuff, tossing her long, blond hair, which came to rest on her tanned shoulders. Her well rounded abdomen was almost shiny, and the voluptuous hooters that had gotten her pregnant in the first place were even fuller, resting on the shelf of her belly and lolling off to the sides just a bit when she removed her bra. Despite her impressive size, Kendra could still work the pole as well as anyone. After hiking her bloated body up and spinning around three times, she landed crooked on her heel and twisted her ankle. The heavily expectant mother took a painful tumble off the stage and fell to the floor. Bea leapt up, the empty plate flying off her belly, and ran as fast as she could to her fallen friend. “Are you ok???”

“Aaaawwwwwww,” Kendra cried, then screamed, going into a panic, “My babies!!!” Bea didn’t have to think twice. In a minute, she had called an ambulance, quickly slipped on a gauzy robe for modesty, and was accompanying her friend as she was helped along by the paramedics.

At the hospital, Bea was forced to sit in the waiting room for what felt like an eternity until the doctor finally called her in. “Kendra,” the doctor began morosely, “I’m afraid you’ve incurred a nasty uterine tear from that fall. I’ve been over the ultrasound several times and consulted with a colleague for a second opinion, and I simply don’t see any way that you are going to be able to continue this pregnancy. At only 20 weeks, I just don’t see any way that your twins are going to make it.”

There was an ominous silence in the room as everyone, especially Kendra, was completely shaken. For a moment, no one said a word until Bea finally squeaked, “What if I do it? What if I carry her babies for her?” It was only at this moment of bold heroism that Bea noticed she was still wearing her clear plastic stripper shoes.

“Well,” the doctor said, “I can see you’re clearly already expecting, and while it’s highly unusual for one woman to carry pregnancies at different stages, there’s no medical reason not to. That is, if this is ok with the patient?”

“Yes! Yes! Anything to save my babies!” Kendra squealed. “Bea, I can’t possibly thank you enough. You’re the best friend anyone could ever have!” In a matter of moments, Kendra was wheeled and Bea waddled into the hospital’s PTD unit. Bea was beginning to have second thoughts. How big would she get? Would she still be able to do anything remotely resembling dancing? Giving birth to THREE tiny-people instead of one? How big would she be by the end of this? Just as her nerves were about to get the better of her, she felt the now familiar feeling of the 5D portal opening inside her womb. As Kendra’s painfully injured uterus began to mercifully shrink, the pale round globe of Bea’s belly expanded rapidly outward, pushing her silky robe to either side of her growing abdomen and rendering the sexy garment useless. As Kendra’s five-month along twins (along with all their amniotic fluid and placenta) joined her existing seven-month fetus, Bea’s already ripe belly more than doubled in size, exploding outward until she could just barely reach her belly button, which had now turned itself outward and was reaching as far forward as possible to create a miniscule additional bit of space for the incoming mass.

When it was all over, Bea took a tentative step out of the PTD, focusing carefully to gain her balance. Whereas she had barely noticed any physical changes after taking on Caitlyn’s little one at such an early stage, the young surrogate had suddenly put on over 40 lbs, almost exclusively in her mid-section. Stepping gingerly out, she noticed that she couldn’t help but waddle now and that her hips had spread out substantially to accommodate her much fuller abdomen. Kendra, suddenly as lithe and agile as ever, ran to Bea and gave her a great big hug, wrapping her arms around as much of her friend as she could. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed, as Bea nearly fell backwards and Kendra had to grab her hands to steady her. Bea then made the judicious decision to kick off her heels if she had any hopes of walking steadily. As heavy and unwieldy as she had become, now essentially carrying triplets, albeit at different stages of development and of different parentage, Bea felt she could handle herself. After a few awkward steps, her natural sense of grace and balance kicked in. By swinging her expanded hips in a wide gait, she could achieve forward motion. Her belly and butt both swung pendulously in opposite directions as she moved, filling Bea with an unexpected sense of feminine sensuality. “I can use this…” she thought to herself.
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Re: Anybody have the second half of this story? - Queen Bea

Postby triumphspt70 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:49 pm

Bea awoke in the late hours of the afternoon to find herself pinned to the mattress by the gargantuan globe of her extremely pregnant belly. It was her first night in her own bed after being released from the hospital, and it seemed she had once again managed to forget the experience of her recent expansion in her sleep, only to be rather harshly reminded of it when she awoke to find herself more bloated and uncomfortable than ever. "Oh, that's right, there's three of you in there now," she muttered groggily to her own tummy, patting the immense girth she was still clearly not used to. It also seemed that her tits had finally gotten the memo and were working overtime to catch up with the enlarged shelf beneath them. She gently cupped one swollen, tender breast in her hand to judge its new weight. Bea grinned contentedly as she surveyed as much of her abundant curves as she could from her prone position. Her doctor had cleared her to continue dancing, as long as she avoided any steps or positions that caused her discomfort, and tonight was scheduled to be her first night back on the roster at the club. She was getting moist between the legs just thinking about moving all this new flesh around the stage. However, before she could do any of that, she needed to get out of bed...

At first, Bea tried to sit straight up, but even by pressing her hands firmly into the mattress, this was clearly going to be impossible, and she flopped back down defeated. Glad as she was to be back home, Bea momentarily missed the automated reclining bed in the hospital. Taking a deep breath, she began to rock her massive form slowly at first and then faster until she could hook one of her still toned legs over the edge of the bed and roll onto the side of her tummy and eventually manage a sitting position. After taking a moment to adjust herself (and sooth her aching breasts), Bea shoved her bulky body off the mattress onto her bare feet and pushed her legs up with all her might to achieve a standing position. Bracing her tiny hands into the small of her back and jutting her belly out even further, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She didn't know whether to laugh, be terrified, or feel horny. In fact, what Bea felt, looking at the unfamiliar, obscenely pregnant, naked form staring back at her slack-jawed in the mirror, was a combination of all of those feelings, wrapped up in sheer excitement. She now sported a belly just larger than a beach ball (and much, much heavier), which measured just 60 inches around â three times what it had once been! Soon enough, she thought, she’d be bigger around than she was tall. It also suddenly ominously dawned on her that this was the smallest she would be for at least the next two months.

Bea wanted to get down to the club as early as possible to get ready for her big debut. After greedily gobbling down a heroic, craving-induced breakfast that consisted of an entire box of pop tarts dipped in heavy whipping cream with a massive mound of bacon on the side, she rose gravid from the creaking kitchen chair and waddled over to the closet to begin a futile attempt at finding something to wear. After that healthy meal, Bea somehow felt even more sluggish, though her hungry brood was working quickly to devour the feast she had just fed them. Turning sideways so that her seemingly shorter arms could reach the clothes on hangers, Bea began sifting through her options with increasing despair. At 7 months pregnant, she'd invested in a fair amount of maternity clothing, some sensible and respectable, other more racy items, but unfortunately nothing that could come close to covering her new triplet-filled belly. Bea had spent most of her hospital stay and ride home wearing an over-sized robe she had sent Kendra out to pick up for her, but that clearly would not do now. With a sigh and a pout, she decided that rather than try and hide the obvious, she'd squeeze herself into a pair of sweatpants that were just wide enough in the back to contain her maternally expanded ass and hips, and tucked the front neatly under the "dark side" of her underbelly. She then grabbed a hot pink ironic t-shirt from her pre-preggo days that said "FLIRT" in big, glittery letters, stretched the feeble garment over her bloated chest udders, and tucked it between her tits and her belly. The light cotton top was tight across her swelling chest, but on the bright side, it gave her a measure of support in absence of an adequate bra. She groped blindly with her feet until they finally connected with a pair of flip-flops and she was able to wedge her plump toes into them. Seeing much less touching her feet was now totally out of the question. The whole ensemble left the vast expanse of her pregnancy exposed for the whole world to see. "As if dark colors or vertical stripes could hide all of THIS," Bea thought to herself as she strutted confidently out the door.


As Bea waddled into the club, only slightly less sure of herself than she had been when she left her house, all eyes turned straight to her. My, my, my, you look fabulous! Quite an improvement, if I may say so, my dear! Rilgo exclaimed, as he ran up to greet Bea. And how are you feeling, love? he added.

Oh, pretty good for a blimp, I suppose, Bea replied, patting her vastly expanded midsection for emphasis. As she glanced casually around the club, it occurred to Bea that she was now one of the biggest girls there. So many of the dancers swinging around poles and waitresses serving drinks had polite little bumps protruding from otherwise modest frames. Ironically, in a club full of pregnant dancers, Bea suddenly felt like a big, fat cow. Her spirits were suddenly lifted when she saw a familiar face and a very familiar figure.

Babe, I know you’re preggers, but you seriously need to lay off the pickles and ice cream, Shennie pretended to chide as she gave her friend a big hug, their titanic bellies bouncing off one another as they pushed out their respective butts in an effort to kiss. My Lord, you’re about as big as I am! Are you ready to get back up there? Bea had practiced a few very basic moves at home, but suddenly butterflies were somehow finding room to flutter inside her very stuffed belly. However, Bea had never let stage fight get the better of her before and was not about to start now. She immediately put on her dancer’s face and replied, Hell yes. Let’s get this butterball of a belly into wardrobe!

A few moments and ripped costumes later, the music kicked off and a massive dome of bare belly flesh poked out from behind a curtain, reminiscent of a hot air balloon emerging from cloud cover. A moment later, it was followed by a pair of milk-laden DDD tits, tied up in a ridiculously undersized white dress shirt that now served as a makeshift bra. Around the lower curve of her belly, Bea wore a green, plaid "skirt" that was only a few inches long and just barely wide enough to encompass her substantial girth. At no point did the puny garment touch her legs, held aloft by her fat belly and rounded ass. White knee socks (which another dancer had graciously put on for her, Bea being completely unable to reach her own toes) and black, patent-leather heels completed the outfit. Balancing an additional 70 lbs. was difficult under any condition, but the three-inch high heels forced her to work especially hard to avoid tipping over! Uncomfortable as they were, the heels had the special advantage of keeping her legs particularly well toned and pushed all of her baby weight into all the right places, accentuating her incredibly sexy curves.

The taut tummy and firm but shapely butt that had been ogled and lusted after by thousands of men from across the galaxy were now distant memories, buried under an absolute mountain of baby factory. There wasn't a straight line on Bea's entire body, save perhaps the one running from her mid-calf straight down to her heel. At this point, she could only keep the ankle swelling down temporarily by staying off her feet and indulging in regular massages. But as soon as she strapped on the heels and started strutting her stuff, they would bloat right back up. Fortunately, the crowd at the Womb Boom Room was at least accommodating and at best enthusiastic about cankles. They did not attempt to hide their approval, vocally or monetarily. Her massive globe of triplet-filled rotundity had propelled Bea from her status as one of the club's more average-sized dancers to one of the largest, and thatâs what the customers were paying for.

It did take her some time to find her new, distorted center of balance. Beaâs initial pregnancy had developed gradually, allowing her to maintain (most of) her gracefulness by continuing to practice as she grew. However, the rapid and sudden weight gain of her recently added twins had presented a unique new challenge. Bea carefully worked her way over to the pole, attempting to convert her waddle into a sexy sashay, as Shennie had taught her. As soon as she had a hand on the pole for support, she knew it would all be okay. Bea gave the firm metal rod a gentle stroke up and down to get the audience revved up, and then, extending her arm, began the first of several ponderous orbits. It was a strange sensation for her, being in a setting where she was remarkably comfortable, but in a totally new body that was considerably less so. She spun around, not quickly enough to lose her balance, but just enough to let her tiny excuse for a skirt fly up so everyone could have a nice look at her bare bum. Getting into the groove, Bea strutted over to one customer who seemed to be particularly enjoying the show and bent down as far as her mammoth girth would allow. âSorry, baby, this is as far as I can bend these days,â she husked, giving a mock pout. The customer didnât seem to mind, and stood up to slip a $50 in between her plump, milky breasts, sliding his fingers down the curve of her belly as he let go.

About halfway through the routine, Beaâs brood began to do what they usually reserved for when she was trying to fall asleep. It seemed all three of them had chosen this particular moment to stretch their little legs and were visibly kicking up a storm inside their tightly confined space. Bea patted the drum of her belly, and traced their movements, which were extremely visible under the bright lights. She oohed and cooed as the bumps, kicks, and convulsions moved about, almost in time with the music. The audience went absolutely insane for the enormous belly that was actively demonstrating a life of its own.

When the act was over, there was a tremendous round of applause, as Bea went to collect her tips, which, even just at first glance, were greater than sheâd ever received. Many of the larger girls would have had one of their smaller friends pick up the bills that had fallen on the stage during their routine, but Bea insisted on slowly and gently lowering her cumbersome bulk down onto her hands and knees to do the job herself. The men loved to watch her crawl around with her knees spread out just enough to let her protruding navel brush the stage. As she made her way around, several patrons gave her more bills to pick up.

Backstage, Bea heaved her hefty bulk into one of the comfortable chairs, breathing heavily from the considerable workout and rubbing her belly in an absent-mindedly lovingly way. Shennie waddled over and handed her a bottle of water. âYou were great out there, hon! I still canât believe what an amazing thing youâre doing for poor Kendra, but you look absolutely terrific! I should be jealous; youâre one of the few bellies here bigger than me now,â she added, giving her own sizable midsection an almost defensive rub.

âI gotta say, I totally love it, way more than I ever thought I would,â a still winded Bea responded breathily. âI love dancing with a great, big, pregnant belly, I love getting as huge as possible, and I want to keep dancing until I canât move anymore! I love my new body, and I almost wish I could be like you and the other âlong termers,â but these little guys are 'on loan,' so I guess that's not an option,â she added with a hint of sadness.

âWell, enjoy it for now, and Iâm sure there will always be a place for you at the Womb Boom Room. You knocked âem dead out there!â Shennie added for encouragement.


"You know, Bea, you really don't have to do this," Meloni said, as she eased Bea's swollen feet into a pair of four-inch plexiglass high heels. Bea had gotten to be good friends with Mel since she made her debut at the club a few weeks ago. Even though the dark haired, olive skinned girl sported a healthy pair of DD breasts, her baby bump was only 5 months along, so she very graciously offered to help Bea with some of the tasks now made impossible by her elephantine girth. Tasks like putting on shoes. "You know, lots of the... um... bigger girls stop giving lap dances towards the end of their pregnancies, and I'm sure you can make more than enough cash on the dance floor." As Mel looked up for a response, her friend's face was completely eclipsed by her immensely distended womb. Squatting beneath it, all she could see was the pale, creamy skin of Bea's vast underbelly, but Mel heard her response just fine, if not muffled by some light snacking.

"You calling me fat, girl?" Bea jokingly snapped. It was true, though. Her larger than life belly had made her an instant celebrity at the Womb Boom Room, and while she had already gotten plenty of requests for private dances, she really didn't need to oblige them. "I'll admit, I donât exactly know how this is going to go. I mean, Iâm not even sure if I can still physically do it at my current size, but you know the guys here. I think they'll still enjoy it, even if my act is a little... clunky. Plus, I think I've gotten pretty good at the preggo lap dance, if I may say so, myself! Pressing and grinding and teasing with my big ol' belly to drive them wild? I think it's fun! I honestly canât even remember how I used to do it when I was skinny!"

"Wow, I really admire your confidence," Mel was genuinely impressed as she pushed herself up to a standing position, huffing a bit and steadying herself on the globe of Beaâs pregnancy for support. "Well, good luck out there tonight, girl!" and with that, Meloni lent Bea both her hands and leaned back with all her weight to help the gargantuan starlet to her feet. After a bit of wobbling, Bea found her balance precariously atop her plastic pumps and waddled out to greet her first client of the evening.

He was a skinny little kid who barely looked old enough to have gotten past the bouncer, but his cash was as good as anybody's, and he seemed to have plenty of it. "Wow, y-y-you're... b-beautiful," he stuttered.

"Aw, nervous? That's cute," Bea replied, giving him a wry smile. Somehow, that made her more confident in herself. She led the boy into the champagne room, letting him watch her plump ass wiggle and jiggle as she went, her pendulous belly swinging side to side, plain to see, even from the back. Standing to face the young man, she gave him a little bump with her wrecking ball belly and commanded, "Sit."

He obliged. "So, you like pregnant bellies?" she stated more so than asked.


"The bigger the better, right?"

He nodded timidly but eagerly.

"Good. Cause I've got the biggest, fattest baby factory in this place. Kiss it," she ordered, surprising herself almost as much as him. Normally, she'd never engage with a customer like this, but somehow, being so full of life, her belly felt almost like a unique entity unto itself. As he leaned in to comply, Bea gave him a good, solid bump. "Ooh, I'm sorry, did one of my little ones kick you? They can be so poorly behaved sometimes. Mommy needs to work now, kids," she said, glaring at her own tummy. With that, Bea leaned forward, pressing her protruding swell into the eagerly awaiting maieusophile. She put one knee on the seat beside his lap and tried to left up the second. When that was clearly not going to happen without assistance, she gave him her characteristic pout. Bea whimpered, "Looks like I've gotten too big and full of babies to climb all the way up there. Do you think you can help me? Otherwise, I'm afraid we won't be able to do this."

Terrified of that notion, he gave Bea his hands and helped hoist her up. She let him bear as much of her considerable weight as she thought he could handle and finally landed astride his lap, landing with an oomph as her preponderance pressed him firmly against the cushioned back of the plush chair and he emitted a slight wheeze. Bea's considerable mass positively dominated his diminutive form. From behind her back, all that was visible were a scrawny pair of legs and hands sticking out from beneath an avalanche of pregnancy. "You ok? Can you breathe, hot stuff?" she asked in a sexy voice, though secretly fearing his answer. Trying his best not to sound too winded, he gave a convincing enough response in the affirmative. It became immediately clear to Bea that the routine she had developed to give a pregnant lap dance was not going to work anymore. Fortunately, she wouldn't need to bend and stretch to have her belly make contact with his member, since it now seemed to occupy the entire space between them on its own. Bea began rocking back and forth, rolling her gloriously gravid pregnancy over the aching bulge in his trousers, pressing him further and further back into his seat. She also didn't need to lean forward to give him a good view of her girls, as the now DDD milkers protruded straight into his immediate range of vision, held back just a few inches from his face by her further reaching belly.

Hmmm, being this big might have made a lot of things more difficult, but the lap dances basically take care of themselves now, Bea thought to herself as she bounced gently up and down, letting her overripe figure do the work for her. Right as she could feel he was about to cum, Bea pushed herself off and awkwardly stood before him. "Ooh, that's a lot of work for a big, bloated heifer like me," she husked, swaying back and forth on her heels. "Do you mind if I sit down for a minute?"

Not being one to impose upon a heavily expectant mother, the young man politely nodded. "Good," she replied, as Bea turned and sat down in his lap, her plump ass and the immense weight above it nearly breaking his thighs. Turning her bulk sideways, throwing an arm languidly around his neck and casually kicking her swollen cankles over his arm, his other now supporting her back, she sighed, "Ah, this is much better. A girl in my condition needs to take it easy. Mmm, this feels nice. I've gotten so big since I took on two more pups. There's three in there now, you know?" He of course did, but it didn't hurt to be reminded as he felt all 190 lbs. of Bea absolutely crushing his erection. She leaned the broad left flank of her belly and soft, full left tit into his chest. "Nice to have a big, strong man like you to take care of me when I'm too big to move." turning around in his lap with her back to him, Bea gave a nice grind before ponderously making her way back to her feet. "Hope you enjoyed the show, big boy." And with a wink, Bea waddled out, more confidently than ever, leaving her very satisfied customer a moment to recover.


If Bea had been huge before, she was ridiculously so now. She had far outgrown Shennie some time ago, sporting a belly that jutted out a full two and a half feet in front of where her once taught tummy had been. Her perfectly round orb of maternity had been kept fairly clear of stretch marks thanks to a combination of good genetics and better cocoa butter. Only a few faint pale blue veins marred its expansive surface. Her enormous abdomen was topped by two very full, very heavy tits that were already leaking milk intended for her near term baby, but still growing to prepare for the arrival of her 7-month twins. Along the way, Bea's hips and butt had continued to round out. Her rear had grown considerably wider, but there wasn't an inch of cellulite on her plump but firm lower body. Her meatier thighs and calves could only be described as "thick." In a word, Bea was looking extremely pregnant.

The whole experience had given Bea an entirely new outlook on pregnancy; one she sincerely enjoyed, bordering on the obsessive. She often found herself dreaming of those brave, intrepid female colonists who would travel the galaxy bearing litter upon litter of multiples to populate new worlds. While such a lifestyle of constantly being fucked, getting hugely pregnant, and repeating the process over and over appealed to her, Bea felt bad that these noble women had no one but their communal families to show themselves off to, while she had hoards of men fawning over her bloated form on a nightly basis, affirming her beauty with their cheers and their tips. As for herself Bea was enamored with how stupendously massive she had managed to become, but she was a little glad that she would not be getting much bigger. Over the past month and a half, many once basic tasks had become extremely difficult or impossible, and Bea had started relying on others for rides, as she had grown too large to fit behind the controls of her sporty little speeder.

Even still, the biggest woman on the dance floor was but a flat-fronted girl next to Wenna. Bea found herself spending considerably more time with the girl in the back, possibly for that very reason: to have someone next to whom she could feel petite. And yet, during their time together when Bea would keep Wenna company, she could not escape her feelings of awe. As Bea sat on the large, plush couch Wenna kept for visitors, it dawned on her that even in her present state, the triplet-filled Bea could have easily crawled up inside the space of Wenna's stretched-to-capacity womb with room to spare! Frightening and unappealing as the thought of immobility was, especially losing the ability to dance, Bea couldn't repress her intrigue.

"So, you ready to do the one thing I've never done?" Wenna asked.

"Tie my own shoes? No, those days are long gone," Bea joked, dodging as Wenna threw one of her many pillows at her.

"You know I haven't bothered with shoes in over a year! No, I meant give birth!" Wenna laughed, causing her entire brood to jostle violently, "I mean, you'll still be pregnant, but I bet it will be nice to have a little of that weight off."

Bea thought about it. She loved being pregnant, but it would certainly be nice to gain a little flexibility back. "Hmm, yes and no, I guess. It will be nice to be able to move a little more freely, but I still can't get over how much more womanly I feel with three big buns in my oven," Bea rubbed her great big oven with both hands for emphasis and added, "I can only imagine what it feels like to be carrying ten times that many!"

"Oh, pretty womanly, alright," Wenna said, somehow chuckling and groaning simultaneously. Sprawled out in the nude across the surface of her huge bed, Wenna reached a comparatively slender arm around her breast, each of which was now easily the size of a full term pregnant belly with twins in its own right, and stroked what bit of impossibly abundant belly flesh she could reach.

"Well, looks like it's time for me to get to work," Bea said, the clock on the wall waking her from her daydream. She graciously accepted the assistance of two of Wenna's helper robots to lift her unwieldy mass off the couch. Bea rubbed her bare belly against Wenna's for good luck and gave her friend a kiss on the forehead as she lumbered out the door.

It was funny, at this advanced stage of pregnancy, she could barely walk, struggling to waddle along at a comically ponderous gait, her hand pressed firmly into the small of her back, jutting her gargantuan swell even further out in front of her. However, the moment Bea set foot on stage, all her natural grace immediately returned. Certainly, necessity had forced her to slow down a little, and her range of motion was limited. Slowly, gracefully, the planet her belly had grown into orbited the pole, her tiny hand holding on tightly to keep her from flying off into space. Bea's movements were fluid, languid, and suddenly the obscenely pregnant behemoth was in perfect control of every ounce of her body.

Tonight, she was coming to the stage clad in one of the few costumes that still fit her: a gauzy Middle Eastern belly dancer outfit. The semi-transparent material wrapped languidly around her massive breasts and her exceptionally plump butt and hips, leaving her imposing mass of belly flesh completely exposed. Most girls who wore this number would wrap the bright fabric around their hips four of five times. Bea managed to get it around her equator twice, and she was grateful to get that much coverage. Gold colored bangles jingled and jangled every time she shifted her considerable weight from hip to hip. Beaâs hair was tied up in a colorful wrap, which she seductively undid, letting her sable locks tumble down, casually blowing a few stray strands out of her gorgeous face and letting the hair wrap fall effortlessly to the floor.

Bea shook her awesome belly heavily from side to side with as much speed as she could muster, which wasn't much at this point. Her protruding belly button, which was now the size of a golf ball, seemed to exaggerate its movement. She gave her fans a devious wink and sensually unwrapped her bulbous, milk-laden tits. Bea lifted one heavy, tender teat to her mouth and gave it a lick, then turned it toward the audience and gave a gentle squeeze, sending a thick stream of hot milk into the faces of her jaw-dropped fans who still couldn't believe how sexual this mom-to-be could be.

After giving her tits a vigorous shake, Bea stood to face her adoring audience, hands perched way back between her hips and the small of her back. She began thrusting her monumental belly out, and then pulling it back in. Bea was giving them a true topless belly dance, but suddenly something felt funny. All of a sudden, her belly started undulating in and out on its own. Bea ignored it and chalked it up to her extremely large babies being especially active along with their surrogate mommy. She was also beginning to feel hot and flushed. Ever the pro, she decided to use this to her advantage rather than hide it and moaned as she reached to undo the wrap around her hips. Still, her belly continued to tighten and release, the burning in her loin growing hotter and hotter as she let the garment fall to the floor, where it was immediately drenched in warm fluid. It wasn't until Meloni ran up on stage and threw a blanket around her that Bea figured out what happened. Her water had broken.

Amid gasps from the audience, Bea was rushed into the dressing room, where Mel and Shennie helped pull Bea's large tent dress over her head and down to cover her now violently contracting belly. As her two pregnant companions huddled her into Mel's speeder to bring her to the hospital, Bea couldn't help thinking that this wasn't anything like what she imagined labor would be. All the books, classes, and testimony of her friends at the club led her to believe that it would consist of tight and powerful pain, but what Bea was experiencing felt more like a throbbing and swelling from her belly down to her nether regions, as if some invisible yet expert hand was vigorously massaging her g-spot.

There is a very small minority of women who, for whatever reason, experience something called "orgasmic birth." For these lucky few, labor is felt as one long, continuous erogenous experience. Though she had never previously heard of the phenomenon, Bea was quickly learning firsthand that she was one of the extremely fortunate ones. By the time they arrived at the hospital and Mel and Shennie worked to help Bea out of the speeder, she was completely beside herself, moaning in ecstasy. They checked Bea in, got her into a wheelchair, and met an excited and anxious Caitlyn outside the emergency room. Caitlyn had agreed to be Bea's birthing coach, and for the past six months, she had been feeling terrible that Bea would have to go through the agony of childbirth to bring her baby into the world. However, when she saw her former coworker rolling in hot passion with her head tilted back, passionately rubbing her belly to urge on the pleasure, Caitlyn was almost jealous.

In between contractions, the orgasms seemed to ease up to the point where Bea could speak. She was still riding a wave of pure sexual pleasure, but at the same time was slightly embarrassed at the spectacle she must have been making of herself. Even for a woman in her immodest line of work, getting off loudly in front of an entire hospital reception area was slightly humiliating. Bea felt even more self-conscious as the medical staff arrived to assist her, but when the contractions hit, she was simply unable to control herself. As a kindly, plump nurse helped Bea into the stirrups, the doctor arrived to greet her. "Hello, I'm Dr. Park--" Dr. Parker was abruptly cut off. Biting her lip, his patient thrust a single index finger at him, winced slightly, and then screamed.

"OOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOHHHhhhhhhhh!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!" The orgasms seemed to be getting stronger as the contractions did. Dr. Parker had delivered hundreds of babies, and in that time, he had encountered a few orgasmic births, but none like this. Another contraction sent a visible wave rippling over the great dome of Bea's belly, now glistening with sweat, culminating in a positively toe-curling orgasm. The building pressure reached her pussy, which, though her water had broken almost an hour ago, was now drenched in its own juices. Bea's hands clutched her throbbing belly, nearly digging her nails into its extremely tight skin, as she once again lost herself, riding the sexual roller-coaster inside her own snatch.

All in all, the labor lasted 14 hours, which would have been torture for most women, but for Bea felt more like a marathon sex session with a highly skilled and massively hung partner. Squatting beneath her trembling knees as the great quivering mass of flesh above him undulated and the face behind it moaned, screamed, and giggled, Dr. Parker did his very best to keep his professional cool, and finally delivered a healthy 9 lb. 4 oz. baby girl. The final push that brought a new life into the world was the sexual epoch of Bea's young life, reaching a height of passion and pleasure she had never imagined possible. As Caitlyn finally held her newborn baby and presented her to the woman who bore her, the happy, smiling surrogate was still lost in a post-orgasmic haze.

Had she not still been pregnant, and in a maternity ward, Bea would have asked for a cigarette.


Here she was, big and bloated with twins at seven months pregnant, still bigger than three quarters of the other girls at the club, and yet Bea felt horribly emaciated. Her belly was still firm, though a bit softer, having been painfully tight at the time she gave birth to Caitlyn's baby. Her tits, which had been leaky before, were positively gushing now. She pumped regularly to supply Caitlyn's newborn with precious, natural breast milk, but no matter how often she milked herself, Bea's girls just kept producing.

As postpartum depression mixed with pregnancy hormones, a most dangerous cocktail, Bea shuddered to think what would happen to her in two months. Although part of her looked forward to the birthing experience, hoping that bearing twins would generate an even greater sexual high, soon her twins would be gone, and she'd be left with nothing but a sad, saggy stomach. Then what? Months of cardio and dieting to get back to some semblance of her old figure (she knew that after carrying three babies over 11 months, there was no truly going back to her former shape). Returning to the Diamond Club to parade her scrawny butt around for men who didn't appreciate real curves and having to carefully watch everything she ate sounded absolutely horrible. But what other option did she have?

"Wait a minute..." Bea thought to herself as she looked around her present environment. There were lots of girls at the Womb Bomb Room, each one with her very own, unique story. Sure, some of them loved working the preggie clubs, but most were just as anxious to get their old slender figures back and resume their old gigs. They lived in constant fear of stretch marks or a c-section ruining their earning potential. Bea pulled Meloni aside and asked her point blank, "How would you like to take those nice little tits of yours back to your old club tomorrow?"

Mel gave a great belly laugh, "Ha, I'm sure the management at the Foxy Lady would love me showing up like this," she said, giving her pronounced tummy a rub.

"Tell ya what, you find one other girl who's about as far along as you are and also wants out, and come talk to me," Bea said with a smile.


Chloe was a cute little Asian dancer. Her tits, small b-cups at best, were tiny but exceptionally perky, standing at attention even when she went without a bra, which was quite often, her milk chocolate nips always pertly pointing the way. Standing barely 5 feet tall, pregnancy was already dominating her petite figure. At just 5 months pregnant, she had developed a sizable tummy that showed no sign of stopping its outward expansion. Much like Meloni, Chloe had been a very successful exotic dancer until a run in with the stork put her in the pudding club as well. Now she was somewhat reluctantly shaking her bump for the preggo fans at the Womb Bomb Room until she could get back to the club where she normally worked. Fortunately for her and Mel, that day was coming sooner than either had anticipated, as they both stepped into the sending chambers of a three-way PTD.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Mel asked Bea, as the doctor strapped her in.

"Absolutely sure," Bea replied with a grin. She was ecstatic, knowing that in just a few short moments, she would be massively pregnant with four babies, but she knew they had to act fast. There were limits to how much mass the PTD could push into a single woman's womb, and having given birth days ago, Bea's uterus was already beginning to contract in the absence of Caitlyn's baby and her amniotic fluid. Likewise, Mel and Chloes' babies were relatively small now, but growing every day. Bea knew this had to be done, and it had to be done now.

With all three girls prepped and ready, the technician activated the 5-D portals inside each of their wombs. With a slight tingling, fluttery sensation, Mel and Chloes' bellies both began to slowly recede back into their bodies. The mass simply ceased to be, their notable bumps flattened out, and they were no longer pregnant.

Bea's experience was a very different one. Her belly grew at twice the rate the other two shrunk, as the contents of both found their way into her own. Any loose skin remaining around her twin-filled bump from her recent birth quickly smoothed out, plumping up as she was filled from within. The warm fuzzies overcame Bea as her fantasy was realized. Two unborn babies at 4 months gestation each were joining her twins, who were now nearly 7 and a half month along. The 5-D physics implanted them inside of Bea, nestling them carefully inside her now overtaxed uterus next to their new womb-mates.

By the time the procedure was done, Bea was panting heavily with fatigue, her knees wobbling, and her legs strained under the increased weight of her much larger litter. As soon as they were released from the sending chambers, the suddenly svelte Meloni and Chloe ran over to hug the woman who had just saved them from five more months each of growing and stretching. They wrapped their slender arms around as much of Bea's behemoth belly as they could reach. It was as hard and smooth as polished marble, only warm and throbbing with life, glistening with sweat. Bea was completely exhausted, but for the first time since giving birth, she finally felt... full. Mel and Chloe had their ears to the immense swell of gravidity, listening to the kicks of the babies who were just moments ago inside their own bellies. Heaving a sigh of contentment, Bea smiled and placed a loving hand on either woman's head, stroking their hair.

"Thank you so much," Mel whispered.

"Thank you," Chloe echoed.

"No," Bea replied, "Thank you."


Shennie had just finished her routine. She threw her thong back on for modesty but let her plump, milky tits hang freely atop her belly, perpetually 9-month pregnant with twins. Counting her tips, she made her way back to the dressing room to see her friend, Bea, for the first time since she had, for whatever reason, taken on two other girls babies in addition to the two she was already carrying. What she saw shouldn't have surprised her, but her eyes opened wide nonetheless.

"Wow," Shennie gaped. "You, um, think horizontal stripes are a good idea?" she added with a giggle.

Indeed, Bea was sporting an impossibly tight mini-dress in black and yellow stripes. For the moment, she was resting, conserving her strength for the three-and-a-half minutes of strenuous work ahead. Seated on a plush love seat and taking up the better part of it, Bea's bulbous, over-ripe belly positively spilled out before her, pushing her legs apart. Her underbelly rested heavily on the sofa cushion between her thighs and nearly reached her knees. At this point, her belly had advanced past the point of being a sphere and had taken on an oblong shape akin to some genetically modified watermelon. It jutted out in front of her, as though her belly button, now a perfect half-sphere three inches across and an inch and a half pointing out, was attempting to escape and stretching her bulk out with it. Her fluffy, fat tits were pushed up by the impressive mass of her pregnancy so that Bea had to press down on one of the hefty milkers in order to greet her visitor. Doing so released a few droplets of warm milk that created a visible wet spot in the strapless mini-dress. The dress itself must have been wider than it was tall, covering only the top quarter of her plump thighs and revealing a solid ten inches of cleavage (as well as a fair amount of side boob). Bea's thighs had unavoidably plumped up and now measured nearly three times as big around as they once did, complementing her ass and hips, both of which had widened out considerably to provide a broad cradle for her ever expanding womb. Her calves, however, were completely toned; rock hard from the strenuous activity of supporting all 275 lbs.-and-growing of mother and child. The outfit, one of the several which she had had Rilgo buy especially for her, was complimented by a pair of black high-heeled boots acquired from the fat-girl store, in order to ensure they would be able to accommodate her very swollen ankles and support her tremendous weight. Bea's ensemble was completed with a headband topped with two cute, springy antennae.

"Might as well go with the stripes, I don't think dark colors or baggy clothes can hide this anymore," Bea replied, giving her mammoth mound a pat. Her hands seemed ridiculously tiny against the vast expanse of her obscenely protruding abdomen. Somehow, Bea was even bigger now than she was at her largest with three babies, and she still had at least a month and a half of growing to go!

"Well, you look fantastic. I know the guys out there are gonna go nuts when they see you in all your glory. By the way, Wenna told me to give you this," Shennie said, handing Bea a sealed, pink envelope. Bea opened it, removed the card inside, and rested it atop the fatty shelf of her swollen breasts to read it.

"Dear Bea,
Welcome back! I hope everything is going well with your new 'additions.' I wouldn't want to steal your spotlight on your first big night back, but I'll be watching your act on closed circuit, and I've got a dozen helper robots lined up to wheel me out next time you're on the stage, so I can actually watch you in the flesh. Good luck, and know that Big Mama is cheering you on!


PS- You can call yourself 'queen' if you want, but just know you're still 26 shy of the empress!"

Bea giggled a little at the lighthearted note, and she was honored that Wenna would make the long trip of nearly 100 feet to come watch her in person!

"Well, good luck out there," Shennie said, offering her a helping hand up off the love seat. Bea politely refused the assistance, however. Not out of pride, but knowing that she needed to keep doing little things like on her own if she was going to continue the physically demanding job of exotic dancing through the advanced stages of her most unusual pregnancy.

It was funny. When Bea first arrived at the Womb Boom Room with a dancer's figure and a couple extra pounds of pooch, Shennie had seemed impossibly over-pregnant to her. Now, despite her role model maintaining her weight almost to the pound, she was almost waifish next to Bea's new and improved physique. As Bea worked her way to the edge of her seat, positioning herself to get up, Shennie had to stifle a laugh. Bouncing and jiggling her way gradually forward, Bea looked as if she was riding some great, heavy, over-sized hippity-hop. Noticing her friend's amusement, Bea shot her a sideways glance. "What's wrong, twiggie? Ain't you never seen an expectant mother before?"

"Don't say I didn't offer to help," responded Shennie with a great belly laugh, her nude tits and belly jiggling up and down. As Bea finally achieved the optimal position, she pushed her weight off the love seat onto her own two legs and performed a great squat thrust to boost her massive bulk into a standing position. Wriggling her hips, she adjusted the top of her outfit to cover as much of her vast, doughy tits as possible and stretched the bottom as far down as she could make it go, covering her ass, lady parts, and not a whole lot more. Running her mountainous gut alongside Shennie's, Bea gave her a kiss on the cheek and left for the stage. Waddling heavily, her head bobbed noticeably from side to side as she went.

The usual din of drunken conversation broke as the DJ introduced the evening's main event, "Let'sgiveawarmwelcomebacktotheWombBoomRoom'sfinest. Thelovely,thesexy,theprrrreeeeegggggcellent, Queeeeeeeeeeeen Beeeeeeeaaaaaaaa!"

After that, the only sounds that could be heard were jaws hitting the floor and the occasional creek of the stage under Bea's ponderous poundage. Making her grand debut, she was very conscious to hide her waddle as much as possible. The expert dancer very deliberately placed one foot immediately in front of the other, working hard to swing each chubby thigh around the other, resulting in a sexy pendulous gyration of maternally bloated flesh. All eyes were on her gargantuan belly, which seemed to move forward of its own accord, the rest of her comparatively tiny body simply moving around it. Her titanic tits bounced and jiggled heavily with each step, threatening to spill out over the top of her severely overtaxed dress. The desperately clinging black and yellow striped garment gave her belly the humorous impression of some small alien planet, its smooth surface marred only by the mountain of her belly button. The dress itself seemed to get shorter and shorter as Bea moved, the bottom riding up and the top sliding down, until it covered little more than her belly and most of her nipples, the great pink semi-circles of the tops of her areolas slowly peeking out. After a few seconds, which felt like an eternity to her, Bea finally reached the center of the stage. First, turning to one side to give everyone a nice profile view, she ran a slender finger from the lower curve of her breasts as far down the dramatic slope of her belly as she could reach, then gave the broad side of it a nice pat, like a marching band bass drum. Bea then swung her amazing girth around to face the audience head on, taking a wide stance, her seemingly out of place high heeled boots framing muscular calves that tapered off past pudgy knees into full, thick thighs, all of that somehow supporting the vast weight above on the surface area of small dancer’s feet.

Giving her fans a sly wink, Bea inhaled deeply, sucking in as much of her expansive gut as possible, her pregnant belly balling up tight and hard, pushing her tits up even further into her face like hot air balloons rising to take off. She held her breath like that for a moment and then, all at once, let it go, her colossal belly bulging down and out violently, splitting her mini-dress at the Velcro seams that ran down either side of it. The front and back of the black and yellow dress blew off of her gravid body and fell to the floor. Pretending to just notice her wardrobe malfunction, Bea gave a smile of mock embarrassment, tucking one knee in front of the other, a petite hand going to her mouth, the other flying as close to her crotch as her bulky belly would allow.

Now fully nude, save for her knee-high boots and bobbly antennae, Bea grabbed onto the pole with one hand and slowly and heavily paraded her massive form around it 180 degrees, swinging the complete bulk of her belly towards the audience and letting centrifugal force bring her to face away from them, the great flank of the side of her belly passing before them like some great rounded space vessel. Ponderously heavy as she was, Bea floated across the stage as lightly as a balloon. A big, over-inflated balloon that seemed ready to pop.

Looking back over her shoulder to give her fans a wry grin, Bea vigorously shook her globular glutes. Though her ass and thighs were relatively toned, they still gave a healthy jiggle compared to the stiffness of her overstuffed gut. Moving her ass impressively from side to side, visible ripples ran across its broad surface causing her legs and ass cheeks to slap together audibly.

Still with her back to the audience, Bea decided to try an old favorite. Using the pole to balance herself, she leaned as far forward as she could, her generous ass pushing upward as she arched her back, and the ever rounded swell of her pregnant belly dipping between her spread legs. From this unique angle, her belly swung down low and heavy past her knees, and her hot, wet snatch was on full display. Working her hands up and down the pole as she held on, Bea moaned sensuously, presenting her moist baby cannon.

Next, Bea surprised even herself by sliding down the pole until she was on her hands and knees. At this size, she didn’t have to work to make her belly brush against the stage. Instead, she was forced to keep her back very straight to keep her ample belly flesh from dragging. Grazing along on all fours, Bea’s elephantine tummy swung pendulously as she made her way to the edge of the stage. She crawled up to some of the more attentive (and wealthy) looking patrons and gave them a nice tit dance. After pulling in some exceptionally good tips, Bea rolled onto her back and lounged languidly for a moment, doing a ridiculous impression of a mud-flap girl. She then rolled once again onto her front, heaved herself to her feet, and pulled her awesome weight up on the pole.

It wasn’t until the song and thus her dance was over that Bea noted the irony that she could barely get out of bed under her own power, and yet she was still an unstoppable force on the dance floor. This truly was her calling in life.

And so it went for Bea: constantly pregnant, constantly giving birth, and constantly swelling right back up, never going a day without at least two babies in her womb, and working her best to get as big as she could. She wasn't a pig, a cow, a hippo, a whale, or any other clichéd animal. She was Queen Bea.
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Re: Anybody have the second half of this story? - Queen Bea

Postby jfingers » Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:00 pm

Delightful story. I have another by that same author. It ties in with Parts 1&2 above. It tells the story of Wenna, the rather shadowy mega-pregnant woman who shows up briefly in Part 2 above. I believe i remember a number of stories floating around by this fellow. He just loved his futuristic pregnancy stories. I think we'd love to hear from the author. If he is unhappy to have his pseudonym revealed, well, the Internet never forgets. Enjoy...

All 4 One

by 3124_Waxamanac


In the year 2256, Wenna turned 18 and moved out from living with her overly-strict aunt. Her parents had died when she was very, very young, and she had lived with her aunt her whole life. They had left her an impressive amount of money because they had both been lawyers for a large interplanetary corporation.

Her aunt had made her live like a nun, and as soon as she could legally get the money her parents had left her, she booked a flight to the Las Vegas of planets: Tendrite. As soon as the ship landed at the spaceport, she knew she would love planet Tendrite.Her first few weeks were a blast! She stayed in all the best hotels, partied until dawn, met a lot of hot looking guys (and did a lot more than just party with them!), and gambled in all the ritziest casinos.

Ah, the folly of youth.

Soon, she had spent and gambled nearly all her money away.

She couldn't afford a ticket off-planet, and realized that she needed a way to make money, and fast! She was of legal age, and her C cup tits were very perky. She very easily got a job as a topless show-dancer. She made enough money to live on, and enough to have good times on the weekend. It was a life she easily settled into. It may not have been her childhood dream, but she was happy. And then came the day she learned she was pregnant. She had no idea who the father was, and she couldn't keep working as a dancer (a stronger woman could have just worked in exotic clubs catering to clientele with preggo-fetishes, but Wenna's constitution was too delicate, and she had to stop dancing). She was never any good at saving money, and the casino floor show she danced in didn't have any "maternity leave" plan. It looked like her life was over. She thought about abortion, but she was too scared of the idea. She couldn't afford a professional one, and a "street job" frightened the hell out of her. And then she met Rilgo.....


"But I can't work as a dancer. I know all about those exotic preggo-clubs. I even know a girl who dances at one. But she's a stronger person than I am. If I ever tried to dance the way she does I'd be throwing up all over the customers."

"Relax, you wouldn't be a dancer. Shennie's the one who told me about you. She said you were pregnant and had nowhere to go. She also said, as I can now see, that you don't have the constitution to be a preggie-dancer. But I have a different offer for you. There's some risk involved, but it would pay decent, and it might just solve your problem. Would you like to hear more?"

Wenna swallowed nervously.

"Hey, relax! It's perfectly legal," laughed Rilgo, "assuming you're at least 18, that is...."

"Oh, uh, I am...but...if it's legal, then why all the secrecy?"

"Well, it's a new idea, and the general public may not be ready for the idea. We want to keep a low profile until our demographic market analysis indicates it will catch on. The preggo clubs of the last century were kept well secret, you know, despite their legality. It wasn't until preggie-fetishes went mainstream that they were located on main streets all over Tendrite."

Wenna was relieved to hear that this wasn't anything shady, and let out a deep sigh. Rilgo developed a visible bulge in his pants as her swollen lactating breasts rose and fell with her deep breath upon her bulging middle.

"So, tell me about it."

"Have you ever heard about a PTD?"

"A Pregnancy Transfer Device? Yeah. I've heard of those...."


So Rilgo told Wenna about the new form of gambling that was emerging at some of the preggo clubs. It involved a rather unusual PTD though. Usually, a PTD transferred a pregnancy from one pregnant woman, into one non-pregnant woman. But this one was different. It had five chambers, instead of two. And the five-dimensional portal generators in each chamber were hooked up to a strange looking device in the center. This was the "randomizer". Five pregnant women entered the PTD, one per chamber. Then, the portal generator began powering up. As it did, the randomizer device did something to it (it fucked up the Quantum levels, spun the atoms funny, or something) that caused it to generate four "sending" portals and one "receiving" portal. Which woman got the "receiving" five-dimensional portal projected into her womb was completely random. But the pregnancies of the other four women would go into her, as well still having her own pregnancy. Many customers in the preggo-clubs had belly-expansion fantasies, and would pay a lot of money to watch as the fifth woman's belly grew and grew. As soon as it was determined which woman was receiving the pregnancies, it was broadcast upon a large screen for the audience to enjoy. Also, of course, those who liked to gamble could place bets on who they thought would be the one to end up pregnant with the quints. Being one of the girls in the PTD didn't require the hardy constitution required for being a preggo-dancer. And four of the women weren't pregnant anymore. It was for this reason that they often chose girls like poor Wenna, who had unwanted pregnancies.

"But what about the fifth woman? She ends up pregnant with quints!" pointed out Wenna. Rilgo frowned.

"Well, the women in the PTD are gambling too. That's the way gambling works. Sometimes you lose. I'm making the same deal with four other girls in your situation that I'm making with you. Four of you will have your problem solved. That means there's an 80% chance you won't have anything to worry about, and only a 20% chance that you'll be the one to have to give birth to five babies. Like I said, there IS a risk...." Wenna liked those odds. They went back to the "Womb Boom Room" (the club that Rilgo managed, and that Shennie danced at) to go into.

Rilgo's office. "I just need you to fill out some paperwork," he explained.

Wenna didn't buy it. Rilgo obviously had a major hard-on for women who were pregnant and young. But she didn't mind being seduced by him. After all, he was giving her an opportunity to solve her problem..

"And besides," she told herself, "he IS cute. Why not have a little fun?"

After the sessions of fun, it turned out that Rilgo actually DID have paperwork for her to sign.

"Hmm, all this lawyer-talk looks complicated. What does it mean in English?"

"Basically, it says that when you're not pregnant anymore, you have no legal obligation to care of the baby, and relinquish all parental rights."

"And what about this other form?"

"Well, uh, that one, um.....well, now remember, there's only a 20% chance it could happen. You can be 80% sure, and those are damn good odds, which you don't have to worry about it, but, well..."

"Let me guess, if I end up pregnant with quints, it means I receive full parental rights of all the babies I give birth to, but also receive full parental obligation?" Rilgo nodded.

"If it were any different, kid, then it WOULDN'T be legal."

Wenna paused thoughtfully for a long while. “Look, kid if you don't want to, you don't have to.."

"Rilgo," she said, slowly rising "did you bring the other four my situation...back here to sign the papers?"

"Well, uh, yes. But..." he began to sweat as she approached him.

"You like preggies, don't you?" she said, playfully reaching down his pants. Rilgo chuckled.

"Well, obviously."

"The bigger the belly the better, right?" Rilgo was sweating profusely. Wenna could feel his member stiffening in her palms as she brushed it back and forth against her bulging middle.

"Oh....oh god yes. Huge."

"And I'm very young. 18-and-a-half," she said, smiling playfully, looking into his eyes.

"Imagine how very big I'll be when I get into my ninth month if I end up preggy with five!"

"Oh, you'll be, so big....." he panted.

"But you know I can't be a dancer when I'm pregnant. I'm too delicate. Stronger women could, but, well....I'm more....dainty."

She felt his cock surge as she said that.

"Rilgo, If I end up being the fifth woman, I'm going to be so very.....helpless," she said, batting her eyelashes at him. "It sure would be nice if I could find a caring, gentle, considerate, loving man to take care of me when I get so big that I can hardly walk. Can you imagine that, Rilgo? Can you picture me with a belly sticking out so far that I have trouble standing straight? So very big and helpless? Poor, pregnant Wenna?"

"Oh, god, I'm gonna cum...."

"Will you take care of me if I'm the fifth woman, Rilgo? I would just love to have you hold me in your arms when I'm as big as a house, my belly all swollen with babies that kick and jostle and jiggle me around, helplessly, from inside me...."

Rilgo came all over her front.

Rilgo was only the manager of the club, not the owner. The "Womb Boom Room" was owned by a very wealthy chain of casinos that operated on every corner of Tendrite. There was plenty of money, and he knew the right people to ask. He was able to have a provision added that the "fifth woman", whoever she might be, would be supported by the casino, along with her five children. The casino-chain owners didn’t mind at all. To them it was a long-term tax-write-off!


When the five girls were eight-and-a-half months pregnant, the day of the big event came.

Actually, it went on every day, with other women, in many preggie clubs on Tendrite. But today was the day Wenna herself was involved. The managers always waited until the girls were eight-and-a-half months because the preggie-loving audience had more belly to look at that way, and the "fifth woman" would grow immensely large very rapidly, which is what kept audience members coming back for more.

There were separate events for girls who were pregnant with twins or more. It wouldn't be fair if one of the women was carrying twins, and each of the others only had one, so there were separate events for those women (but more about that later). Wenna waddled out on stage, naked, with the other four participants, for the audience members to look at, and to place bets upon.

There was a short Japanese girl with long hair and deep tan skin and pretty almond eyes.

There was a tall girl with short-cropped blond hair, who was skinny except for her lactating grapefruit-breasts and swollen middle. There was a freckled redhead with deep blue eyes and a shy smile.

And there was a Latina girl with very perky nipples.

And then there was Wenna.

They were all eighteen years and some months old, and they had all worked as topless dancers before they became pregnant, and were all too delicate to be preggie-dancers.
After everyone had placed their bet on who they thought would end up quinta-pregnant, the girls entered their chambers in the PTD..... Moments later, the gigantic TV screen on the stage came to life. It showed the shy, freckled redhead with an expression of amazed disbelief as she looked down at herself expanding and expanding, and expanding. Her legs began to wobble at the knees. She wasn't strong enough to keep standing under her own weight! As she emerged from the PTD chamber, she slowly and carefully lowered herself onto a medium-height stool that someone had thoughtfully provided.

The crowd was cheering and ogling her, as excited gamblers began to collect their bets. The redhead was astounded at her size, but could take some comfort from the fact that she and her children would receive comfortable financial support for the rest of their lives.

Wenna and the other three girls were led away. Backstage, Rilgo passed them. Wenna knew that he would be talking to the pregnant redhead. He would ask her if she would like to spend the night at his place, she was sure.

She was incredibly relieved! Her problem was solved! Sure, she had had to carry a baby around for 8 and a half months, but now that whole ordeal had ended. And she had a nice set of lactating mams now, as did the other three women. She could easily get her topless-dancer job back.....especially at one of the exotic dance clubs that catered to lactation fetishes!


And so it went, Wenna living her life as a dancer again. As time went on, the PTD-events did become popular on Tendrite. Women on Tendrite never had to worry about unwanted pregnancies again. If they got knocked-up, they figured they could just sign up for a PTD-event in one of the preggo-clubs, and get paid to boot! Wenna was one of these women. After her first PTD-event, she started topless dancing again, and every night she took home a different man. It was only a few months later that she was pregnant again.

"Gosh, Wenna," said her friend Shennie, "I thought you'd have had enough of being pregnant."

"Well, this was unintentional, like the last time. It's a good thing medical science eliminated STDs last century! I seem to get pregnant through carelessness. Anyway, I'll just go into the PTDs again. Say, Shennie, you looked about due with your twins when I met you! You seem almost due again! Do you know if the twins are getting a sister or a brother? And what are your twins anyway? I never saw them."

Shennie laughed.

"Girl, you may get pregnant accidentally, but it's how I make my living. They love it when I shake my blimp of a belly. I never HAD the twins! This is still them! Some dancers only work the preggy clubs on a temporary, nine month basis, but a lot of us are in it long term! We use special nanotech-implants to control the rate of growth of our babies, and to postpone childbirth indefinitely. I got pregnant with these twins when I was 19, and now I'm 22. I'm thinking of having them when I hit the big three-Oh, but I let myself grow an inch or two in diameter every month, and I've found I make more money the bigger I get! If I pace my growth, I could make a living doing this MUCH longer! One thing's for sure, I'll have quite a nest egg saved up when I do decide to have them!"

"Wow! You've been pregnant with twins for four years? And you're an exotic dancer! And you're not planning on giving birth for another EIGHT years? My God, Shennie. I may end up spending over a decade of my life pregnant too, but with me it'll probably be by accident."

And so it was that Wenna began to live by the following cycle: topless-dancer, then pregnant, then was in a PTD-show, and then to topless dancing again. She would usually only topless dance for a week or two before she carelessly ended up pregnant again.

She was 22 years old, and pregnant for her fifth time when it happened. She had begun to take the PTD for granted as a way of disposing of her unwanted pregnancies that she was so careless about preventing. She couldn't believe it when she felt herself starting to grow! It was HER up on that big TV screen, growing and swelling and expanding as her belly filled up with quintuplets!

This time is was she who gently lowered her massive bulk onto the stool as the other four girls were led offstage. After the show, she slowly and cumbersomely waddled her way backstage, and she ran into Rilgo.

"Uh, hi Wenna. Long time."

She found herself blushing. "Oh, my. Rilgo. Hello." She remembered what a thing he had for her when she was pregnant that first time, back when she was only 18. She imagined how out of control his lust must be now, staring at her, eight and a half months pregnant with quints!!

"Rilgo, I think I know what you're going to ask me..."

"Oh, believe me, Wenna, I'd really like to. But you're due in about two weeks, and I wouldn't want to accidentally induce you. I just wanted to ask you if you're looking forward to your new life as a mother?"

Wenna considered what was in store for after the next two weeks: Being paid several thousand dollars a month, but having to change all those diapers, getting up to feed them at all hours of the night, the endless crying....she realized she wasn't ready to be a mother, but had no choice. It was like Rilgo had said about the PTD: she was gambling. And she had lost.

"Oh, Rilgo! Maybe someday I'd love to have a family, but I'm not ready for this! I'm still too young! I don't know if I can take care of five babies all by myself!"

"Well, there is another option. But the stakes are higher this time. There's bigger risk involved. But it might still be possible for you to not have to be a mother yet. Are you interested?"

Wenna felt a gleam of hope. “Yes!! Tell me! What is it?"

Rilgo took a deep breath and explained.

"There are two other women who were recently in PTD-events and ended up quinta-pregnant. One girl yesterday, and another earlier this evening. Neither one of them feels ready for true motherhood yet either.... I never told you this before, because I had no reason to, but now you look like you're in a tight spot. There is traditionally a second round of PTD. It's in a smaller room, and to a richer, more classy, and smaller audience. The three of you will have another round in a three-chamber randomized PTD. Two of you walk away unpregnant. You won't get lifetime financial support either. A one-time payment, and that's it. Your support money goes to the third woman; the one who ends up pregnant with all fifteen of the babies. Before you agree to this, Wenna, let me point out, there are only three of you girls this time! That changes the odds! The odds that you will be able to walk away from your pregnancy has dropped from 80% to 66.7%, and the odds that you will end up pregnant with the whole enchilada (and five may seem like a lot but it's cake compared to fifteen!) has risen from 20% to 33.3%.

Now, you don't have a lot of time to think this over. We have to arrange this event quickly because all three of you are due to give birth in only two weeks. What do you say? Does this sound like something you might be interested in?"

Three nights later, Wenna hefted her enormously cumbersome bulk in both hands and, cradling her massive body as carefully as she could, she wobbled and jiggled all the way out on stage. She was accompanied by two other, equally pregnant women. One of them was one month away from her nineteenth birthday, the other looked a year or two older than Wenna.
The nineteen year old was slim (except for her bulging breasts and gigantic middle), light-skinned black girl with deep brown eyes, short hair, and large, almond-colored areolas the size of a man's fist, and nipples like big, juicy, brown grapes.

The 24-year-old had bright red, pouty lips, and creamy-smooth alabaster skin, light hazel eyes, and long, slinky hair. Her nipples looked like two perky little cherries stuck on to two flesh-colored, smooth pumpkins.

The audience could tell that all three of them felt very heavy. Their legs wobbled and their backs bent under the enormous bulk of their oversized pregnant bellies. They each slowly entered the PTD. A couch was brought out on stage for the mega-pregnant woman to set herself down in afterwards. No stool would be sufficient, no matter how wide.

Wenna felt the tingle beginning in her belly. That would be the five-dimensional portal. She just hoped that it was one of the two "sending" portals, and not the one unlucky "receiving" portal.

When she felt the tremendous additional weight on her legs, she knew it wasn't. She ballooned out to monstrous, titanic proportions! Her skin became super-smooth as it stretched and stretched. She felt herself growing from within, and her hands tightened their grip on the overhead handlebar-grips on the roof of the PTD-chamber, to keep her massive weight from collapsing on the floor. She strained and tensed, and beads of sweat formed and glistened all over her massive, bloated, pregnant body. The sweat began to run down her face, hair, arms, breasts, her tremendous sphere of a belly, and down her legs. The sweat even ran a trickle past her soft, moist, puffy pink pussy. She might have enjoyed the feeling, but she was too busy being concerned about the sweat on her hands. She was losing her grip! She began to cry out as she felt herself slipping. Her hands struggled to maintain her grip to keep her mammoth girth from falling to the floor, where she knew she would not be able to get up.

Afterwards, she set herself down into the couch, and heard it emit a creak. The audience members who had bet on her were collecting their money, and all of them were ogling her body. She was pregnant with fifteen babies, and due to go into labor in a week and a half!
Two men wheeled the couch and Wenna backstage after the show, and Rilgo came over to her.

"I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. You know my number. If you ever need anything, anything at all, just give me a call. I'd do anything I can to help you."

"Anything?" asked Wenna.

"This is Tendrite, Wenna. People from all over Space come to our casinos, gamble their money to us, and then go home. There's plenty of money to go around. Mothering fifteen babies is tough no matter how you slice it, but we'll take as good care of you as we can. The casino-chain and the club have made a great deal of money because of you, and we intend to take care of you for as long as you need it. Hell, we could probably put all 15 of your kids through college and not even make a dent in the profits we've brought in."

"Rilgo, if you'd do anything for me, then listen to this. A third round. You said second-round PTDs happened all the time right? With a more exclusive clientele? Imagine the money you'd make on a third round!" Rilgo frowned.

"Wow. You really want to get out of having all those babies, don't you? Well, I can't say I blame you. You're right. Second-round PTDs are common. But you'll be in labor in just over a week. Likewise with any other potential participants in a third round. I'll have to get the word out fast if we're going to have this event in time! But I'm telling you right now, as soon as I find ONE other contestant, that's it! It's just going to be the two of you. The loser of a two-woman third round would end up pregnant with thirty babies! That's the limit! Allowing a woman to become any more pregnant than that would be asking too much of 23rd century medicine to even hope to keep her alive after the labor."

"But, Rilgo! That means the odds are 50/50!!"

"Well, that's all I can do."

It was only three days until Wenna's due date. It was also only three days until the due date of her "opponent", a tan-skinned Asian-Indian 20-year old, also pregnant with 15 babies. There were only two chambers in the PTD, making it just like the privately-owned PTDs, except for the randomizer-unit. They looked at each other, knowing that when it was all over, one of them would walk away with nothing more than melon-sized mammaries, and the other would have to be carted away on a wheeled bed, and would go into labor with thirty babies in only three days.

The audience included only eleven men, and one woman. They were the twelve richest preggo-fetishists on Tendrite. There was no stage. For this event they had reserved a banquet hall in one of the casinos.

After letting the audience ogle them until their legs seemed like they would give way under the weight, the two women each took a seat in one of the PTD-units chambers.

"Well," Wenna thought to herself, "at least if I get big I won't have to worry about losing my grip like last time."

The portal-generator powered up. The audience watched with bated breath. Half of them had bet money that Wenna would end up super-pregnant, and the other half had bet on the Asian-Indian girl. But that wasn't why they were watching. They wanted to see one of them grow!

Wenna felt tears beginning to well-up in her eyes. She could feel it. Her belly was growing larger and heavier. She was receiving the fifteen babies from the Indian girl to go along with the fifteen she already carried, and she knew at last that there was nothing she could do. In three days she would go into labor, and probably stay in labor for well over a week! She would be the mother of thirty babies! Her breasts could have filled the volume of two shopping carts, but with only two nipples, how could she feed more than two at a time?

The Indian girl was so happy that she sprayed generous amounts of milk onto several audience members before she left. Wenna pulled herself together. She would not let herself cry in front of these people. She let them ogle her beached-whale of a body, before four men wheeled her away on a reinforced bed (reinforced steel frame or no, it still creaked loudly when she was laid down upon it).


Rilgo was more aroused by Wenna’s enormous, gargantuan, behemoth belly than by any other pregnant belly he had ever seen! It was such a shame that she would give birth in only three days! Besides, Wenna didn’t WANT to be a mother! There was no WAY she would even survive any abortion procedure at such a late stage of pregnancy, not to mention the legality of the situation! So that would not happen. Money would be no object...but Rilgo knew Wenna simply was not ready for motherhood any more than he was ready for fatherhood. He was quickly on the phone with his most popular preggo-dancer, Shennie.who just happened to be a good friend of Wenna’s. You know those nanotech-implants you use to put your pregnancy in stasis? Well, do you know where I can get some of those? A LOT of those? On short notice? It’s for a friend of ours.”

Somewhere, in an electronic banking database, a great deal of money was shifted from one account to another. Soon after, a delivery was made.

Rilgo explained the proposition to Wenna. Obviously, she could barely move, so she would not be able to be a dancer. But Belly-fetishists from all over the Galaxy would come to Tendrite to see the Girl who was pregnant with Thirty Babies! Especially if her pregnancy was put into nanotech-stasis at three days from delivery! She could get paid just for lying on a couch and letting them look at her with her enormous, mammoth belly!

Wenna frowned to herself. She did not like the idea of being so tremendously, gigantically pregnant..especially not for the rest of her life. But she liked the idea of trying to raise thirty children at once even less. And she had to admit, it sounded good letting customers look at her and get aroused just by laying there all bloated and super-pregnant. It did sound like an easy lifestyle. She eventually got used to being barely able to move at all, and having limited mobility even with help. She came to accept the constant jostling, squirming, and kicking from all her babies, and even managed to get a few hours of sleep when most of them were behaving calmly... And she never had a shortage of paying customers.

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