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Re: Vessa

Postby bandit » Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:30 am

Can't wait for the next part



merry christmas
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:15 am

Two weeks later I was standing in my bathroom looking in the mirror.

Because my belly blew up.


And I didn't know if this was good or bad. Twenty seven weeks pregnant and I was 126 centimeters. I grew eleven centimeters overnight.

I knew I shouldn't be surprised because I ate like a pig last night. The meal I ate before the day's end contained about six thousand calories. I really needed the food. I was starving. I was not expecting to wake up to this however. Maybe this was a sign to bring in a colleague or two for some outside opinions...

Either way, I didn't make it a hair past the bathroom door before being scooped up in Philip's arms and gently placed down on our bed. It's moments like these that remind me that I'm lucky to have a husband as fit and loving as him. I'll have to have him show me a couple back exercises. My new belly wasn't going to lift itself after all.

“How's my pregnant woman this morning?” he said.

“Pregnant,” I replied.

“I can see that...did you...did you get...bigger? I mean what happened last night?” He pulled my slip up and rubbed my newly-grown belly. I didn't even see him put lotion on his hands but his hands were so silky smooth. Oh my god I've always loved his touch and today was better than most...

“I've been waiting for something like this to happen. Remember that I'm in my third trimester now.”

“Oh, right. But haven't you been for a few weeks now?”

“Technically, yes, but these things don't happen on cue, you know.”

“Right, right. How are you feeling?”

“Like I just pumped your giant babies full of a few kilos each. I haven't felt this tired since before the pregnancy.”

He stopped rubbing. He looked worried.

I pulled his hand back onto my tummy and pulled his face closer to mine.

“But not nearly too tired for you. I could use an early-morning workout.”

I pushed him back on the bed and saw his full member already ready for me. I love the feel of his skin against mine while I sleep so I rarely let him sleep with much on. This had the added benefit of making access to him in the mornings much easier.

I positioned myself over him like I usually do when I need to do things quick and dirty but found something odd.

“What's the matter, Honey?” He must have seen me pouting because he sat up and I could tell he was suppressing a chuckle. The cheeky guy. He knew what was the matter.

“I can't fit anymore!”

“I see that... You've become a very...big...girl, haven't you?”

“Mhmm...” I loved this game.

“Well what shall I do with you?”

“Let me go?”

“Oh not until I'm done having a bit of fun. And with this swollen tummy, it doesn't look like you're able to get away from me, does it?”

I shook my head no.

“Right then. Turn around.”

Philip sat up against the back of the bed with his towering, pulsing phallus just waiting to be impaled. I must have smacked my lips without even noticing it because I found them watering with my own saliva.

I turned around to look at it again.

“Naughty girl. Turn around. No looking. Sit on your knees.”

I did as I was told and he took my hips in his hands, lowering me slowly over his own hips. I could feel just the tip stretch me wide and then he lifted me up again.

I whimpered. It was so close to being inside. And his fingers were brushing the insides of my thighs just teasing me. He never failed to explore me with his hands whenever he could and I was sure that he was going to reach around to rub my hood like he always does.

I couldn't wait any longer and spread my legs over his thighs a bit more to lower myself onto him. He pressed his chest into my back and I could feel every throbbing vein slide against my lips and into my body. And just on cue, his hand went right to my clit rubbing me like he needed me to climax more than himself.

Then I remembered Willa.

I took my hand from my belly and placed it on his hand and showed him to gently manipulate me like Willa and oh my god. It was too much. I didn't even have time to enjoy it! I collapsed and began shivering on the bed. But he fell over with me and he was still inside. He was in the middle of a laughing fit!

He was smart enough to pull out though and let me be for a minute or two, content to watch me recover from my convulsions.

Oh goodness, I haven't had something like that happen in months and I don't know why. I must be more sensitive than usual today.

Whatever the reason however, I'm sure Philip was at least a little disappointed.

“I'm so sorry Hun! Is it okay if I help you after breakfast? I don't know what came over me!”

He laughed. “It's alright baby. Just relax. You need some time to get used to being a lab mouse after all...”

Oh jeez. Now the girls are hungry. “And now the girls are hungry!”

He crawled over the bed to me and held me close letting me rest against his chest.

“You're so worried! It's okay! You'll be okay. You're a brilliant woman and I'm sure you'll figure all of this out. Don't worry about me.”

“Are you sure?”

His hands went to work again. God I loved him.

“You know it.”

I sat there for a few minutes in his arms. He managed to calm the unborn babies inside me and I felt them go back to sleep. Then I did. I was so tired. What's strange is that a week ago I had buckets of energy.

A few hours after, we got up and I made us a mess of pancakes.

I concluded that my growth spurt was what caused my day of exhaustion and back aches because the day after I was back to my usual exercise binge. But that was a week ago. And it's happened again.

I woke up yesterday noticeably bigger than the day before and I could hardly get out of bed. Philip convinced me that I should get some help so today I was meeting with my friend and OBG/YN Lia as well as a professional friend of hers for a relatively impartial opinion.

Philip left for the day to let us work together which left me some valuable time to look for something appropriate to wear. I hadn't anticipated any formal meetings and as I've been growing rapidly lately, I have very little to wear.

I had to settle for the only blouse that fit me; I bought it about two weeks ago and although it was snug, it did the trick. Unfortunately the only thing that fit around my ass was a skirt that I bought to go with the blouse but hadn't put it on since. It was tight and just a little shorter than I'd have liked but it was all I had.

As soon as I managed to fit on my clothes, the bell rang. I hurried over as fast as my pregnant body would let me and opened the door.

I let the good doctors in and was relieved when my worries were for nothing because Lia and her friend, Dr. Andersen seemed to either not notice or not care. Dr. Andersen was also an older man and I could tell was only offering he assistance as a favor to Lia. I knew better than to push the issue.

We got right to business and I updated both gynecologists about my situation. They both looked like they were about to give me a three hour lecture about irresponsible medical practices. But they spared me.

“You know we need to examine you,” said Lia.

“I don't know if that's...”

“– It is necessary. I assume you haven't been examined professionally for at least a month?”

I nodded.

“Then we should really take a look to see if the babies are safe.”

“You want to examine me here?” I was sitting on a couch in my study. It was a strange place.

“No, we can go to my office – “

“Lia,” Dr. Andersen was looking at his watch. “I really don't have the time for this... And I definitely don't have the time to go to your office. If you want to send me a dossier the I'll help with some consultation but I can tell this is going to need a lot more – ”

“We can do the examination now,” I said. I was getting worried and really needed their help. “There's a sonogram in the closet. I'll just grab it real quick.”

“I'll get it. You unbutton and lie back. Where's your gel?” Lia asked.

“With the sonogram.”

She brought it over to me and fired it up. It was a relief to unbutton my blouse and even more of a relief to feel Lia's hands rub the cool gel onto my belly.

“My, my... They're big, Vessa. How big did you say they are?”

“If I had to guess, I'd say maybe three kilos each. They're little monsters in there.”

“I can see that. I can also see that they're definitely not that small. They're each easily 3.5 maybe even 4 kilos.”


“Dr. Andersen? Would you mind taking a look?”

He took a look at the screen and moved the wand around my belly. “Yup,” he said, “Probably four each. You need to stop taking your meds, young woman. If what you said was true you're only halfway done and these babies are not stopping for a while.”

“Oh I don't know about that, William,” said Lia. “If she stops, it might endanger the fetuses.”

“Well you wanted my opinion so I gave it. Her placenta is going to age and cease functioning if she keeps up like this.”

“I've thought of that actually,” I said, “I've added a few supplements to prevent that before the births.”

“That was just one reason, there are hundreds of other reasons to stop – “

“I know. But that's not something I can do at this point, There's some other things I'd like to look into as well. I think I know the reason for the rapid growth and would like to enlist a control or two from the hospital's research department.”

“You want to give some poor pregnant girl these medicines?” Demanded Dr. Andersen.

“I've already found a few subjects willing to test for me. I've already given them the medicines and instructions so I'll be conducting the study with or without your approval. I prepared the double blind with Lia but in light of certain events, we could really use your help.”

Dr. Andersen looked furiously at Lia for a moment. I'm sure he had no idea he was going to get cornered like this.

“You have my contact info. Send me your workup and I'll examine it. But this is not a guarantee and the only reason I'd do this is to ensure the safety of these poor girls you've corralled into your study. Now I must be going.”

Lia handed me a towel to wipe down my belly with and I re-buttoned my blouse as we walked to the front door.

“We'd be so grateful for any help you can give us, Dr. Andersen. And thanks for stopping by.”

He nodded and left with Lia.

I hadn't anticipated that meeting going quite like that but it was better than nothing.

I went to the kitchen for some food; I didn't tell them but I was absolutely starving so I took the time to think while eating. The few women I had lined up for the study had already been participating in our study for a month and I had a few predictions that I was pretty sure about. And there was one in particular that I wanted to speed up time to see if I was right.
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:33 am

My usually happy-to-be-fat-and-getting-fatter gorgeous pregnant wife has been less happy and more worried during the past few weeks. I can understand why but I honestly couldn't be happier. Vessa's body is drop dead sexy. Ever since her growth spurts have begun I've noticed that all of her weight has been going to her belly. I couldn't be happier because everything stopped growing at the best proportions. Her thighs are now thunderous yet toned, her hips are wide yet slimming, and her tits are swollen yet perky. Of course her belly dominates her body now which is probably a huge turn-off for the vast majority of unlucky souls but I love to see her just get bigger and bigger. Her belly seems to get tighter and less giving as the days go by. It's a shame that I've had to hide my appreciation in favor of being tactful until Vessa's discovers whether or not there's a problem.

Vessa's been in the lab the whole week compiling the data from the subjects in her study and each day she comes home at least a little bit happier than the previous day. I take that as a good sign. She even went into the lab today, a Saturday, to finish her week's work and told me that today would be the day she would learn the good news or the bad news. Of course I was hoping for good news, for her sake and for the sake of the lives in her belly.

I spent as much time doing chores around the house as possible to pass the time while waiting for her to get back. It was dark out, however, before I heard someone at the door to the apartment.

My jaw dropped. Who do I see standing there at the door? None other than Alex with her shy but pretty smile looking right up at me. My wife was beaming right behind her.

“Look who came to visit us, baby!”

I was a bit caught off guard but I was hardly going to let that spoil my manners. “Alex! How are you? Please, you two, come inside. It's cold out there.”

“There's luggage in the car babe. Could you grab it for me?”

“Sure thing, hun.”

I went to the car and looked all over but found only a single case which had to be Alex's things. I brought it inside.

“Can you help me?” asked my wife. She was trying to get out of her coat which was getting ever more difficult to peel off of her these days.

Alex stood quietly pondering her feet. I noticed that she was wearing one of Vessa's coats which she must have brought with her to the airport. The poor girl was shivering.

When we finally took off Vessa's coat, I put it on a chair and I stood there awkwardly looking from my Wife's beaming face to Alex's timid smile.

“Well then. Can I help you with your coat?”

Alex's voice was quiet when she said, “Can I keep it on actually? I'm cold.”

“Of course! Here. Let's go to the fireplace and warm you up.”

The apartment was not large by any means but it did have a cozy little fireplace that came in handy on cold or strange days like this. I had tons of questions anyway and all I wanted to do was stop the girl's teeth from chattering long enough for her to speak.

I got a glass of milk for my wife. “Would you like anything to drink Alex?”

“Could I have some water please?”


I poured her some water then sat down on the sofa. I pulled Vessa close enough to me so that I could put my arm around her shoulders to rub my hand over her inviting tummy. She snuggled into my body.

Across from us Alex sat nervously upright in a chair bundled up in Vessa's coat, holding onto her cup of water.

She took a sip. Why was the ice so impossible to break with this girl?

“So Alex, to what do we owe the pleasure?”

Her mouth opened as if to speak but Vessa broke the silence.

“I've asked Alex if she would be so kind as to stay with us for a while as a favor for her hospitality in Rio.”

“Wonderful!” I replied. Good news I suppose... “Taking a bit of vacation from work then?”

Alex turned to Vessa, worried.

“Well, actually, I've invited her to stay a bit longer than that.”

“Really? There's not much luggage...”

Vessa whispered to me in Norwegian, “Her departure was a bit sudden.”

“Is everything okay?” I asked Alex.

She took a moment before looking down and shook her head. She looked like she was about to cry.

“What's wrong?”

“Honey, are you still cold?”

A quiet “No,” escaped her lips.

“Would you mind?”

She shook her head.

Alex stood up and took off Vessa's coat. It was rather huge on her since Vessa was both taller and larger in stature in more ways than one. I didn't even notice until it was off but I could see now that her belly was swollen. She was definitely pregnant.

I was stunned.

She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a lycra gym top which did little to hide her condition. She looked good with a belly.

“But it's only been two months. How could you be so – “

“ – Big? Guess,” said my wife. She put her hand over mine and rubbed it over her belly for emphasis.

“You're kidding. Triplets?”

Alex smiled to herself and sat down again. She was big enough that her belly bulged out from her torso even while sitting. Not a huge amount, but a noticeable amount.

“Nope, not quite.”


“No, she's carrying only one baby.”

“Then why – “

“Alex? Would you like to explain?”

“Okay. Well I had morning sickness really quickly – ten days after our...night...and I came to see your wife on your last day in Rio. You were out getting food. I took a couple tests and found out I had actually taken after only one night.”

“So you think that I'm the father?”

“Oh we know you're the father,” said my wife.

“That was the first time in a year that I – “

“I see.”

“But I had a test run remotely anyway because, well, I'll let her explain.”

After a moment, Alex continued, “That day Vessa told me about her experimental drug and invited me to try it with her and, well, I accepted.” She looked down at her belly. “And that's why I'm already so...”

“Pregnant!” said my wife. She was oddly happy about all of this.

“But it's only been two months and you look like you're in your what, sixth month?”

“I'm sorry,” she said.

“Oh no! It's okay. Really, you look lovely.”

“It's your fault that she's so big, you know,” said my wife.

“What do you mean? I thought you said she was taking the drug.”

“She is.”

“Then what – “

Well a few weeks ago when I had my growth spurt, I set myself to studying the issue a bit more closely. When I looked at the data I found that I was the only...overly fecund...outlier in my test study. Even despite the three girls in here and my general...fertility. My fetuses are fifty percent larger than I predicted they would be before I became pregnant, even including the extra drug growth. Then Alex called me and explained how she could no longer hide her belly any longer and I asked her to fly over while she still can. And so here we are.”

“But that still doesn't answer...”

“Don't you see?! You're the reason we're so big!” Vessa was happier than I've seen her in months. “There's nothing wrong with my drug! It was you!”

“What do you mean?”

“I had your DNA studied and it turns out a small fraction of the population – I'm not sure exactly what percentage yet – has a rather extreme reaction to the drugs, probably due to an odd gene. It just so happens that you're one of them. And so here we are,” she looked down at her belly and cupped it lovingly.

“But isn't that still a rather serious problem?”

“Not really, we just need to be more careful physically and monitor our nutrition.”

“Well that's a relief I suppose,” I said. I had no idea what to say. “Brilliant work, Honey. I knew you'd figure it out.”

“Thanks, Baby. But Alex deserves some praise as well, don't you think?”

“You're right. Where are my manners? Thanks for your...uh...contribution Alex. You've no idea how much of a weight off our shoulders this is.”

“Off the shoulders and into the belly!” said my wife.

“I'm so glad I could help. Really, you don't know how happy I am,” said Alex.

There was a strange pause. She was still behind a thick layer of ice for some reason. Despite what she said, she was still so sad... I looked at Vessa. She leaned in to whisper to me in Norwegian.

“Alex called me in tears yesterday when her parents saw her belly after she got back from the gym. She hadn't told them she was pregnant. Plus they're rather...devout Catholics.”

“I see.”

“They kicked her out of the house so I told her I'd pay her to fly over and be in my study. I was going to set her up in a hotel but seeing how she's pregnant and doesn't speak any Norwegian and has no friends here, I figured she could move in with – “

“Of course she can!” I said in English. “Alex, would you like to move in with us?” I stood and took Alex's hands in mine to pull her up as well. Vessa smiled at me.

She had a tear in her eye and looked up at me, “So you're not angry with me for keeping your baby?”

“Of course not! I think it's wonderful.”

“Even though I didn't tell you?”

“You're telling me now aren't you?”

“But won't you hate me for being here, Vessa?”

Vessa labored to stand up and put a hand around Alex's waist. “To be honest, it's my fault in more ways than one that your belly is swelling like this. Did you know that in Rio I was the one that wanted you? My husband was just there for the ride... Besides, I think it's wonderful what you're doing for him.” She rubbed her hand over Alex's small belly.

Alex burst into tears and dove into my shoulder. Vessa hugged the two of us as close as she could. “Thank you both so much,” she said between tears.
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:07 pm

I slept on the couch that night so Alex could have a proper bed to sleep on. Vessa told me later that she passed out almost immediately.

The morning after, my wife woke up bright and early but only because the cooking bacon I was making enticed her out of bed.

She ate ravenously as usual and, also as usual, she had me massage her stomach while she ate so she could fit more inside her. This morning she was a healthy 136 centimeters around and she ate without worry after her findings the day before.

After she was done feasting, we discussed how little room we had in the apartment which became all too apparent with Alex now staying with us. We decided that today we would visit a few houses we had already been looking at since we found out about Vessa's pregnancy.

Alex woke up soon after we made our plans and she came out with her hair all disheveled and wiped the sleep out of her pretty brown eyes. She sat down still looking shy as ever and I brought her a glass of orange juice.

“Thanks,” she said.

“You're welcome. Would you like some bacon and eggs?” I asked.

“Oh no, I couldn't trouble you – “

“It's no trouble at all! How many would you like?”

“Are you sure? I'm starving.”

“Of course I'm sure! How many?”

“Could I have six please?”


“Wait. Seven!”

I laughed. “Seven it is.”

“Actually I was wondering...”


“Instead of bacon do you happen to have any sardines?”

Goodness, the girl was pregnant all right. “I'm sorry, we're all out of sardines. Ran out last week.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Would you like some bacon though?”

“Not really. Eggs will be fine.”

I wasn't about to let this girl go hungry. “Tell you what. I'll run out and get some sardines for you real quick.”

“No, that's too much, you don't have to – “

“It's okay, I'm used to getting things for Vessa, aren't I?”

“Oh he sure is,” said Vessa to Alex, “How do you think this got so full?” She patted her packed womb. “Trust me, he loves to fatten you up.”

“Don't worry. I'll be back in a couple minutes.”

“Okay,” said Alex. “Thanks for doing this for me. Can you buy a lot please?”

I laughed again. “You won't believe how much I'm going to buy for you.”

With that I left for the store leaving a huge grin on Alex's face.

The trip to the store was really a reason to let myself parse everything that happened in the past twenty four hours. In the span of an hour, I learned that my wife's worries were put at ease, my one night stand was growing my love child in her belly and I was going to be a father again. And what's more, my wife seemed to be okay with it all. Solid proof that the woman doesn't go back on her word.

I'm just glad I knocked up a cutie like her. Oddly enough, I now had not one but two pregnant beauties in my home who practically begged me to fuck a baby into them. I honestly couldn't believe the size of Alex's belly already. Of course I realized that she was a pretty small person in general but god damn that belly was only two months full! There's no telling how big she was going to get.

That's when I realized she probably didn’t have many clothes in that suit case of hers. I decided to make a quick detour to a shop down the street to grab a few things for her to wear. I've become rather adept at guessing sizes and I bought a few shirts and stretchy sweatpants for her until we can take her shopping properly. I bought them a bit on the bigger size so she would feel more comfortable.

Then I went to the store and loaded up a hand basket full of sardine cans and a few other things I knew my wife would want.

“That wife of yours is gonna get mercury poisoning, young lad,” said the older gentleman who owned the shop.

“I'm sorry?”

“I said if she's not careful, your wife's gonna poison herself and that baby of hers. Too much fish.”

“Oh right,” I said with a smile, “Thanks. We're having company over so she won't be eating them all.”

“Your company pregnant too?”

“Um, yeah actually.”

He looked up from the register with surprise then grinned. “Good lord they're falling from the trees! Not yours too I hope.”

“Haha, wouldn't that be crazy?”

“Sure would.”

I drove back and found Vessa already on the treadmill and Alex was doing calisthenics to a program on the television.

I didn't think I had been gone that long...

Out of politeness Alex stopped and came over to me when I walked in.

“Please, you can keep going. I'll make you some food while you do your thing.”

“You don't mind?”

“Oh no.”

“Thanks! I've got so much energy these days. Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. Strange too considering how women are supposed to be tired during pregnancy, not hyper...”

“How much has Vessa been able to talk to you about the supplement?”

“Not much. Haven't had much time. Why?”

“Oh she'd be much better to talk to about these things than I. When you get a chance, you should ask her.”

She looked down at her belly a bit perplexed. She rubbed it.

“May I?” I asked.

“Of course! I mean it is your baby after all.”

She took my hand and put it on her abdomen. She was so warm and her bump complimented her figure so well.

“Here. Let me do this.”

Alex peeled her sweaty lycra top up to expose her belly for me. Her caramel skin was so smooth and I could see a single stretch mark on either side of her belly. I traced one with my finger.

“Oh please don't,” she said and pulled her shirt back down. “I don't like them.”

“It's okay. I think our baby is growing too fast for you not to have any at all anyway.”

“Your wife doesn't have any.”

“That's because I rub her down thoroughly throughout the day. I think we alone keep the lights on in the lotion factory...”

A tiny smile escaped past her guard.

“Here, I bought these for you,” I handed her the small bag clothes I bought. “I wasn't sure how much you managed to bring with you so I thought you could use some more clothes.”

“Goodness. Why are you so kind to me?”

I just laughed. “It's nothing, really. If you're going to stay with us, I just want you to be comfortable.”

She stood there for a moment then stood up on her tip toes real quick to give me a peck on the cheek before hurrying off to the bathroom.

Vessa turned to look at me and I just shrugged and set to work making some food for Alex.

The eggs were smelling excellent and I caught Vessa looking over once or twice to lick her lips. I doubt she even realized it. I brought her some water when Alex came back out of the bathroom.

The clothes were baggy on her despite her growing form but they looked good on her nonetheless. The black sweatpants were something Vessa would never wear because they completely hid her sculpted legs but Alex looked quite happy in them. The t-shirt was loose as well but mostly around the belly. It was a pink maternity shirt but I was glad to notice that her breasts were a snug fit. It came down to just above her butt.

Vessa got off her treadmill and came over to the table with Alex and me.

“Well you look comfortable,” said my wife.

“I am! How did you know my size?”

“Wild guess,” I said. “Hungry?”


I sat her down between Vessa and I and gave her a plate full of food. She immediately started chowing down. I pointed to the counter where sardine cans were piled high.

“Oh my goodness!” she said through a big mouthful.

“How many would you like this morning?”

“Four I think.”

I opened them and set them down in front of her. I gave an extra one to Vessa because I knew she wouldn't mind eating anyway. My two pregnant baby makers chowed down on their respective meals and I had the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the moment as two different gorgeous women packed their bellies full to feed my growing children.

Vessa finished and leaned over as much as she could to massage Alex's modest belly. “Philip does this for me whenever I eat. How does it feel?”

“Mmmph,” was Alex's muffled reply, “Good.”

“You'll be hungrier if you let one of us massage you while you eat. You should let us help you so that my babies' brother or sister gets nice and big so they can all play together.”

“Okay,” she said.

She managed to pack down an extra two cans before she couldn't eat any more. Her belly looked just a little more snug in her t-shirt than it did before.

I cleaned up and Vessa and Alex went over to our small but cozy living room to talk but mostly to digest.

“Philip is going to take me to my yoga class in a few minutes. Would you like to come with me? Trust me, you're going to need it.”

“I don't know. I only just got here.”

“It's great exercise and it's fun to show off your figure there. Everyone there is going to be jealous of your figure.”

“You think so?” Alex looked down with a shy smile.


“I don't know,” she said after a pause.

“It's okay you don't have to go today. The offer stands whenever you want to go.”

“Thanks, Vessa. It's really kind of you to be so welcoming to me.”

“You're very welcome. You know if you want to you can do some yoga here. I'm sure Philip would be more than willing you stretch.”

She blushed.

“You don't mind?”

Vessa leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss. “You tell me.”

Then Vessa got up and I helped her put on her jacket. I saw Alex bite her lip and stare at Vessa's swaying hips as we walked out the door.

A few minutes later we were in the parking lot to the yoga studio and I gave Vessa a long kiss before she left putting my hand on her belly.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Oh you're welcome. But I expect you to pay me back later tonight.”

“I was going to do that anyway.”

She pecked me on the cheek and I walked around to help her out of the car.

“You should get home quick, baby,” she said.

I looked at her for her to continue her thought.

“She's probably aching for you to get home after I started her off like that.”

I laughed. “Right.”

I kissed her again and pinched her ass which made her squeal and got her a few jealous looks from other pregnant women walking into the studio.

I drove home as fast as I could.
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Re: Vessa

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sat May 23, 2015 8:53 am

Love this story! Can't wait for more! :D
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:21 am

When I walked through the door to my apartment, I could see Alex stretching in our small living room. She had one leg outstretched along with the opposite arm. Her shirt, though not tight, still showcased her ripening belly hanging down from her frame.

I closed the door and she stood up somewhat surprised.


“Hello, Keep going,” I replied. “Don't let me bother you.”

“Okay.” She was nervous.

It was that moment that I decided to torture the poor young girl. She got back down onto the floor and started her stretches again. I walked over to a large chair in the center of the living room and sat down. She was right in front of me where I could see every move she made perfectly.

To her credit, she continued her exercises in complete quiet. She hadn't put on the DVD yet, there was no music, and there wasn't even the comfort of the pitter patter of rain falling outside. It was so quiet that I could hear the soft rustle of her clothing brushing against her soft skin whenever she moved.

She stretched and every now and then she turned her face nervously in my direction to check to see if I was still sitting there. I was.

After about half an hour passed, I noticed that she was repeating exercises. Her limbs were starting to shake too.

Then she stopped.

She sat up on her knees with her feet under her and turned her face in profile to me.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” I replied.

“Watching me like that.”

“...Because I want to...”

“But why?”

“Why am I watching you? I could watch you all day and not once miss the time that went by.”

She took a moment to think about what I just said.

“You mean you don't mind this?” She turned fully to me and put a hand on her belly.

“No. Why?”

She looked down at the ground and said, “I haven't been looked at by a single man since I started showing. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted nothing but to be pregnant and see my belly swell with a man's baby. To know that every day I was bigger than the day before. And now that I finally got what I wanted, I can't seem to find anyone to share it with. My family disowned me, my best friend called me a whore, and no man will touch me. And now I find myself half way around the world sitting in front of the father of my baby and not even he will hold me. In fact, the only one who seems interested in touching me is his pregnant wife.”

Oops. I realized then how vulnerable the poor girl was and that's when hindsight told me I shouldn't have been trying to play a game to which she wasn't accustomed.

But I knew how to remedy the situation so I got out of my chair and sat down on the floor with my back to it and beckoned her to me.

After a second or two, she crawled over to me and sat down in front of me.

“Come here,” I said. “And turn around.”

I put one leg on either side of her and she laid her back against my chest. I put my hands underneath her shirt and took her softly rounded belly fully in my hands. I kissed her neck. She immediately relaxed and I could feel her melt into my body. I pulled her close enough into me so that she could feel my rock-hard member press into her from behind.

“So you don't mind me like this?”

“I prefer you like this.”


“Not many women look better when they're pregnant but those that do deserve to always have a nice round belly if they want one. I think you're one of those rare women.”

She turned her head back to me and pulled my face down to her lips. I pushed my lips against hers and nibbled her tongue, to tease her while I held her belly in my hands.

Then I could feel her hand reach behind her to slowly stroke my penis through my pants.

“Shh...” I whispered into her ear, “There's no rush.”

Alex half turned to me then so that we could more easily kiss one another. I held her shoulders with my arm and massaged her delicate swell with my other. She put one hand on mine and braced against my chest with her other.

When I kissed her I saw her eyes finally close and a single tear streak down her soft cheek. I wiped it off for her.

She was hungry for me. Her mouth kept searching for and pushing into mine aggressively like some teenager kissing for the first time. When I'd had enough of that, I forced my tongue into her mouth if only so that she would submit to my lead. She obliged and purred like a kitten.

I stopped long enough just to say, “You didn't last long enough for me to take you the way I wanted last time. You better be ready for me because today I'm going to get what I missed out on.” Then I took my hand and rubbed over her clit through her sweatpants. She squirmed and shut her eyes tight.

“ belly,” she said. She shifted so my chest was to her back again and pulled my arm around to her belly while my right hand rubbed her nub.

I nibbled on her neck and she leaned her head back into my shoulder and she had me explore her body for what seemed like hours.

Eventually I had to have her so I moved my hands up to her breasts, cupping them and swirling her nipples around with my fingers. I tugged on them and flicked them, eliciting a small gasp from her each time.

Her hand furiously rubbed her clit while the other one made its way back to my cock which was ready for her since I first woke up that day.

She got up on her knees for me to pull out myself out of my pants and as soon as I did, she slammed herself down onto my hardened dick.

I gyrated underneath her to start going in and out of her but she stopped me by saying, “Wait. Let me just keep you inside me for a moment.”

Her muscles sucked gently on me and I rewarded her with a long kiss and a hard tug.

I pulled my mouth off of hers abruptly because I wanted to see her face as I pushed all of myself into her. She must have thought I was fully inside her but she was in for a surprise.

Alex opened her eyes to wondering why I pulled away but I shut them by massaging her button. I had to crane my neck to look at her lust-filled face. Then I slowly pushed my full length into the small opening she so needfully provided me with. Her eyes opened in shock and she made a quiet gasp when I was finished. She kept me inside like that for another long kiss and then I was done playing around.

I pounded her pussy, lifting her up and down on my manhood until I could feel her muscles give way. Then I pinned her to me like a boa-constrictor until my snake pumped her full of the hot stuff that gave her the growing tummy that she begged me for. She thanked me by falling into my body again and kissing my chest with gentle little pecks before falling asleep from exhaustion.
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Re: Vessa

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A month had passed once again and a lot had happened. Vessa and I bought a house together, I started a new project and Vessa had a press conference to organize while still running her drug study. And about three weeks ago Alex started going with Vessa to the prenatal yoga classes and has since made many friends. Especially Willa, the studio's yoga instructor. Willa even offered her a full-time job at the studio as a class instructor after knowing her for a single week. I had no idea they offered so many classes at that studio...

The house Vessa and I bought is a bit far from the center of our small village on the outskirts of Oslo but that's because it's huge. All of the stuff we owned in fact managed to fit in just three of its seven bedrooms. Our closest neighbor is half a mile away which is fine because Vessa's already been making so many new friends at her yoga classes. The studio itself is relatively close at just a little more than two miles away so Alex bought a bike to travel to and from work. She doubts that she'll be able to ride it work as our baby continues to grow in her belly but she's a very fit woman so I think she underestimates her abilities.

I has just watched Alex start her routine ride to work through the snow in her tight lycra gym pants. It became to difficult for her to bike to work due to the snow, as her belly had been swelling significantly, making it more cumbersome by the day. She always refused to let me drive her to work because she didn't want to make rumors worse at the studio despite the fact that everyone already knew she was living with my wife and me. Even so, she's been running hot anyway, just like Vessa, and she says the cold run helps her stay comfortable.

After lamenting the morning wood in my pants due to Alex's remarkable bouncing ass running off into the distance, I walked inside to find Vessa in the kitchen. Today was her big day and we had to pick up her dress, among other things, for her conference tonight in the city. She's been saying she's not nervous about it but I can tell she is because she rarely wears her hair up unless she's got something itching her mind. That didn't stop her from wearing the bare minimum.

My wife has, to my delight, continued to wear almost nothing at home. As she made breakfast, she wore her thong from the night before and an apron to cover her boobs and torso and nothing else. The wonderful thing was that her apron no longer really did the trick. While it used to cover her whole torso, it didn't quite make it anymore as her tummy poked out from the bottom of it leaving her thong on full display. Her tits had also obviously grown since she bought it and so it did little more than cover her nipples.

I sat down at the table to watch her. She smiled up at me.

“Morning honey,” I said.

“Hey babe.”

“Ready for tonight?”

“I think so.”

“Anything you need to do before we start the day?”

“Well I need to make a couple phone calls but that's about it.”

“Sounds good. I'm going to go put on some clothes real quick before we eat.”

I could tell something was off so I made my exit a slow one.

“Actually,” Vessa said, “Could you do me a big favor today?”

I turned around. “Sure thing hun, what do you need?”

“This might seem weird but could you do me a huge favor and just sort of stay close by me tonight? You know how I am with crowds. I mean this conference is just so important. If the investors like my presentation, the product and well, me,” she looked down at her belly and cradled her belly with her hand, “they might fund an actual, full trial for us.”

I knew what she was trying to say but I kept looking at her feigning confusion because I wanted to hear her say it.

“...And you're really good at helping me relax at things like this when there's so much pressure.”

“You didn't even have to ask, love.”

“In fact,” she continued, “Could you do something to take the edge off before we start the day?”

“Want to finally try out the shower?”

Her eyes lit up she nodded. When we moved in I installed a fixture to our huge bedroom shower so that a sex swing could hang down from it and we hadn't yet had a chance to try it out.

I walked over and she gave me a deep kiss. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she slowly flipped some of her eggs in the pan all the while keeping her eyes closed which of course made me smile halfway through our kiss.

We laughed.

“Sorry, I'm just really hungry today.”

“When aren't you?” I said and gave her ass a nice hard slap before rushing out of the room to set up the swing.

We ate breakfast as fast as possible and then we were off to the races. I already wasn't wearing any clothes and I ripped Vessa's apron and tiny thong off her body as we raced upstairs to the shower.

The swing itself was simple to use and we had Vessa safely strapped in record time. I turned on the water and teased her by just soaping her up.

“I need a good stuffing babe, not a good soaping.”

“Oh, you're a dirty girl.”

“I am but not the way you seem to mean. Now put down that bar of soap and fuck me.”

The girl didn't want foreplay today so I pushed her torso forward in the swing so her bulging belly was facing the ground and pushed right into her snug little pussy. The swing was amazing. It let us fuck much harder than normal since her whole body was suspended. But putting the swing in the shower was a touch of genius because it made fucking in the shower so much easier. I slipped a couple times but we were getting a new shower mat anyway.

Vessa wrapped her legs around mine and pulled herself into me to add more force to the position. The water definitely made penetration more comfortable for her. I noticed we were both pruny already.

Then she pulled herself up with the arm straps and positioned herself so that her back was nearly touching my chest and started bouncing up and down on my dick. I took the opportunity to grab some soap to put some suds on her body so she was slick against mine. Faster and faster she went, I could tell she was getting close. I used the straps to lower her body a bit more into me as she was coming down one time which made her whimper aloud. But she didn't stop so I put pressure on her clit for her since her hands were preoccupied. Up and down she went and just when I thought she was going to break my dick off with this angle her body shuddered as she came and she leaned back into me in the swing. She slowly pulled myself out of her and checked.

“You didn't come from that?!” she said surprised.

“No, but you seemed to have a good time.”

“Yeah,” she said through labored breaths, “but it's a workout.”

“I noticed.”

“How long do you think that was?”

“I dunno, five minutes?”

“Five minutes?! No way. It had to be longer than that.”

“No, five minutes sounds about right,” I said. “Your arms must be tired.”

“Yeah. If we keep using this thing I'm going to have biceps like yours in a month!”

I chuckled. “Do you like the swing?”

“I love it. I can't believe we haven't done this before. But what about you?” she asked.

“Let's do a missionary sort of thing this time. If you just let it support your back I can pull your hips into me and I can see all of you. Being able to look at your face makes me come.”

I got on the other side of her as she secured herself in the swing's back straps. Vessa was avoiding my gaze and making a cute little shy smile and her cheeks were blushing redder than a rose.

“Ready?” I asked.

She lifted her gaze up at me, bit her lip and nodded and she gave me the most intense 'fuck me' eyes I've ever seen.

I made the pace slow this time and pushed her hips into me but only just enough to tease. She whimpered again when I put only a small bit of my cock into her. She needed more. Her hands, being free this time, went to rub her nub reflexively in her need but I stopped her from touching herself and move her hands away from her pussy and put them on her swollen belly. All she could do was rub slowly over it.

My rhythms became a bit deeper and I pinched one of her nipples to let her know I would let her tug herself there. Her hand flew up and assaulted her breast, mashing it and kneading it and tugging it until I saw milk flowing freely from her hard nipple.

I thrust almost all the way in once then twice at random. She locked her huge blue eyes on me, hungry eyes, almost angry eyes. She took one of my hands and placed it on her smooth, wet belly where I could feel the kicks of our unborn children. I took some soap and rubbed her down so that her whole torso was covered in suds from her spherical, tight belly to her heavy, pert tits.

She never tore her gaze away and I waited no longer. I thrust harder and harder, I slammed her body into mine. Her pussy was mine. I made sure she knew that with each push inside her. Vessa bit her plump lips again.

I took my hand away from her smooth skin and used her curvy hips for more purchase to satisfy myself. I swung her whole body back and forth until I was ready and then I slammed her into me one last time enough to make her squeal. I squeezed my muscles as hard as I could with each pump because I wanted her to feel me taking her and I wanted her to feel every bit of my cum as much as possible. Like an animal I didn't let let my pregnant wife move until I had pumped all of my seed yet again into her wanting body.

Vessa's belly has kept growing at a steady pace which is why at the tailor's shop her belly size measured a healthy 140 centimeters. It was also why the dress was quite a bit tighter than she expected it to be.

“I'm so sorry, my dear,” said the elderly seamstress, “The measurements I took just last week were so much smaller. Had I known – “

“It's okay,” said Vessa, “This will do for tonight.”

“Are you sure? I've already let that dress out as much as I can but perhaps I have another dress here that will – “

“Really, it's okay. It's not your fault, I've just been growing so quickly lately...”

“Alright,” said the old woman, “Just let me know when you and your husband are ready.”

She left Vessa and I in the large changing room to ponder Vessa's predicament.

As a surprise I decided to buy Vessa a congratulatory dress for her press conference to a few prospective drug manufacturers tonight. In advance I forwarded Vessa's measurements to the tailor but had underestimated how much she would grow in a week's time. And now here we were with this absurdly tight dress.

The dress was actually a twin to the one I had bought her in New York those few months ago. It was a deep ruby red over just her engorged breasts and from there down the rest was a rich cream color. The main difference between this dress and the white and black one was the amount of cleavage on this one, of which there was a considerable amount. She still looked tasteful in it but only just. This dress went to her mid thigh as opposed to the other dress's much shorter length so that helped as well.

The main problem is that this dress was skin tight just like the other one. There was stitching in the back to pull the fabric in front completely tight. This had a dramatic effect on how big it made her belly and tits look. But the stitching ended just above her ass where the fabric was once again pulled skin tight.

I got up to close the fitting room door for a bit more privacy so I could drink it in.

“Wow,” I said.

“Oh you like it do you?” she replied.

“Yup. This is clearly one of the smartest things I'm ever going to buy.”

“It is soft though. Here, feel.”

She took my hand and put it on her massive bump. It was smooth.

“But I can't move very well in it,” she said.


“And I can't wear heels with it really.”


“And the price tag! Oh my gosh, is that the price?!”

“ smooth...”

She snapped me out of my belly rubbing trance by giving me a gentle kiss.

“This dress costs way too much, babe,” she said, “I mean I'm not going to get much use out of it. I'm only going to keep getting bigger.”

“I don't think you understand. I would buy this dress just to see you wear it for one day. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. If you're uncomfortable wearing it in public then – “

“No. I'll wear it for you. Tonight that is. I'm just worried it's just too...undignified.”

“Well it would be if you were trying to sell migraine pills but let's face it, you're trying to sell some baby-making pills! If they aren't convinced the pills are worth it after seeing your milk-filled tits in this dress then they will be once they look down at such a tightly wrapped baby-filled belly.”

My wife gave me a lovely giggle and said, “You really like this dress on me, don't you?”

“It's a miracle that I'm not ripping it off you right now.”
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Re: Vessa

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great story - keep it up please! ;)
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Re: Vessa

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Thanks, will do.
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Re: Vessa

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While Vessa was preparing for her big presentation, I secretly went out to pick up Alex from work. It was only five but Alex had managed to take off the night to attend Vessa's function as a surprise. She came out hot and sweaty, we got in and started the drive home.

“How's the baby?” I asked.

“Lovely,” was all she said as she took my hand and placed it on her bulging tummy.

“You know that's such a good look for you. I really mean it.”

“Thanks, and trust me, I'm loving every minute of having your baby grow so fast inside my body.”

Though she was only about halfway through her pregnancy, Alex was already sporting a belly that one could easily mistake for the third term. And her breasts, though neither large nor small originally by any means had certainly already become large by any definition of the word. I couldn't even get my hand all the way around one of them anymore. Just like Vessa, her tits had been swelling almost daily with milk for the baby I put in her belly. And her top was not shy in showing off that fact.

“You're looking particularly sexy today by the way. New top?”

“Mmm I'm glad you noticed. Willa says dressing like this helps to motivate the class.”

“Well it certainly motivates me,” I said.

“Is that so?”

She gave me sly grin and looked down at the rising tent in my pants.

Then she said, “It seems I'm not the only one in this car with a bulge...” and she winked at me.

She scooted a bit closer to me and leaned over to unzip my pants. “Shall I?”

“We're almost home you know. I don't think you can – Ohh – “

She gulped my whole member down her wet throat without warning and it was all I could do to keep from swerving into the next lane.

She had to contort herself expertly to keep me going and I glanced over in time to see that she had to clench the muscles over her belly, making it contract as she did so. I even saw the baby kick in protest to its new momentarily smaller space. She put her free hand over the spot where the baby kicked in response as if to try to calm them down and gave a couple comforting pats to her belly for good measure. It seemed instinct for her to do this even.

She used her tongue to wrap my head and stroke the tip all the same and before I knew it we were in the driveway. It was simultaneously one of the best car rides I've ever had yet the saddest because of how fast it ended.

But that didn't stop her from finishing me off at least. I was surprised to realize that the same moment that I was able to slide closer to give her more purchase, was the same moment that she got me off and she looked up at me with a mouthful of my cum, swallowed it and said, “Thank you, daddy. Your baby was hungry for a snack.” And she even patted her belly for me. Vessa must have been talking to her because she knew way too much about what I like.

All I could do was shake my head.

Not to be outdone, I got out of the car and gave both of her ass cheeks a firm squeeze while helping her out of the car. “How on earth were you still able to do that with such a big belly?”

She winked at me and used her hips to playfully bump mine, “I'm a yoga instructor, silly. It's my job to be flexxxxible.”

We got inside where she let her ponytail down and asked, “So did you pick up a dress for me?”

“Shh, Vessa still doesn't know you're coming tonight. But I do have one for you in your room.”

“Sorry!” she continued in a whisper, “What color is it?” she asked with big eyes.

“You'll have to see for yourself. You should be able to use the shower in your room without her hearing.”

“Okay!” She ran back and before I could even get a glass of water to drink she ran back and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I love green!” Then ran back.

I laughed and walked into my bedroom to see Vessa.

“Oh, good timing baby, could you fasten me up?” she asked.


It was all I could say. I pulled the clasps up the back of her dress but only just managed to get them. The dress fit her like a glove. It showcased her tight ass, full tits and swollen belly perfectly.

“I doubt you could even wear this thing next week.”

“I know. Actually that reminds me, could you stick those bottles of milk in the freezer? I had to milk myself to even fit in this dress.”

“Sure thing honey. Ready to go soon?”

“As ready as I'll ever be.”

“Alright, meet me at the door. I'll be right back after I put these away.”

I went downstairs to our basement freezer and before I knew it I heard the two girls squealing with glee. I adjusted my tux tie and ran back upstairs just in time to see them hugging each other as much as their bellies would allow.

“You're coming?!”

“Philip wanted to surprise you. I took tonight off!”

“Thank you so much, this means a lot to me. It'll really help me relax, really.”

“Anything for you, love,” said Alex.

“You look so good in that dress by the way.”

“Thanks, you can thank your husband for picking it out for me.” She turned to me and said, “I have no idea how you do it but it fits me perfectly. Well almost perfectly. It's a bit tight across my boobs but knowing you I assume that wasn't by accident.”

“You caught me.” I said.

“I swear, he must measure us at night,” said Vessa.

“The way you two girls grow? Not a chance. I'd never get a wink of sleep! I just have a good eye and you both have great bodies I might add.”

“Thank you,” they said in unison.

And they did indeed have just that. Vessa's dress was pulled tight across the front everywhere it needed to be (which was everywhere) and across her ass to leave very little to the imagination. Alex's dress was very similar in cut but was instead striped with green and white along the whole thing. The stripes did a great job accentuating the size of her belly on her petite frame and drew the eye to her growing tits as well.

After watching them both sway their hips for me, I helped them each into the backseat of my car and we were off.

And before we knew it, we were all at the the event hall and my wife had center stage and was in the middle of her presentation. She was such a bombshell in that dress that she thought she had to wear prescription-less glasses during her presentation to look more credible. So instead of her looking like a model giving a presentation, she looked like a sexy librarian giving a presentation. I couldn't tell if the glasses really worked as intended or not...

Regardless, she gave a great presentation.

“...But all of these benefits so far have been applicable to pregnancies with complications: growth to prevent premature births, healthier birth weights, full-term pregnancy assurance, etc. The drug I am developing, Philexa, has far more applications than health correction. I would even argue that its main design purpose would be the gestational assistance that the drug provides to the mother.
“My theory is that due to the obstetrical dilemma, the human gestational period has seen an undesirable decrease in length which limits the ultimate mental and physical growth of children at birth. My drug, through further development would seek to correct this problem first by allowing the mother to carry much longer than the natural forty weeks and second by correcting the complications that would otherwise arise out of carrying a child in the womb for an unnaturally-prolonged length of time such as behavioral issues or neurological disorders. There are a host of reasons that both of these problems are corrected through my drug but the primary one is because Philexa ensures that the placenta continues to function optimally throughout a mother's pregnancy. There are twenty-nine main control points that enable Philexa to perform its necessary functions but there are 138 secondary and 543 tertiary requirements that have been included in the drug's structure to ensure that it is accepted and beneficial to the human system. I will go over those twenty-nine primary points in my presentation as my team and I have written literature outlining the in-depth analysis of the drug overall which can be given by request tonight.
“But before I do that I would like to emphasize that this drug is not merely in the development stage. As you may have noticed, I am currently pregnant.”

Vessa was rewarded for her understatement with a warm round of laughter for the welcome jargon break.

“And with triplets too! I assure you however that despite my size and even though my due date would regularly be scheduled for four weeks from now, I will not be delivering for another sixteen!”

Each dinner table fussed over this statement with quiet murmurs.

“I have taken it upon myself to test the drug and so far my results have surpassed my predictions. Each one of my babies is currently twelve pounds and still growing rapidly,” she said with a proud smile, “and through extensive, redundant examination we have concluded that not only are my babies far healthier than normal, but they also show no signs of negative over-development normally associated with their size or gestational period at this stage.
“To explain why, I will now go over the twenty-nine primary reasons for this wonderful drug's functionality. It is my belief that with further study, Philexa could control and even prolong human gestation to a full eighteen months which is what I believe would remove the limiting developmental shackles to human potential placed upon us by the obstetrical dilemma.”

And with that Vessa paused long enough to greedily down the entire bottle of water placed next to her on a stool for her to drink. It wasn't enough though because she motioned off to the side for another one and someone dutifully ran out to give her another and placed three more for her on the table. She smiled her shyest smile and continued on with her presentation.

I understood none of it but that didn't stop me from being as proud of her as I could be.

Her presentation lasted another two hours and I could only imagine how badly she needed to go to the restroom because the babies had really been pressing on her bladder. And sure enough, when she was done and I was helping her off the stage to a dignified yet loud standing ovation, she had me quickly escort her to the closest one.

Dinner would have been long and dull had Vessa and Alex not been there at the table as there were so many old, filthy rich people there. Something I found ironic considering the reason for the event in the first place. Alex and Vessa both ate prodigiously to feed their tummies. Before I knew it, however, dinner was over too.

Then came the part my wife and I both hated: schmoozing.

It came naturally to Alex however, as I was glad to notice. One moment she was standing right by us and the next her lithe but swollen body had disappeared.

I kept true to my wife's earlier requests however and I made sure my arm was made available for her to hold onto the whole night which meant that I was subjected to a great many long-winded conversations. To make it better for myself and to help pass the time, I let my hand roam freely to explore Vessa's backside. Unfortunately, just whenever I could manage to grab a good handful of her, she'd just take her own hand and move mine up until my arm was wrapped around her body and placed non-suggestively on the shelf of her hip. It was better than nothing I suppose but I couldn't keep myself from realizing how much ass-play I was missing and her dress was really starting to tip my sanity. I needed to have her, and soon.

I even noticed that her dress was actually getting tighter across her breasts as the night wore on. She was literally filling with milk with each hour that passed by. It was a good thing that the tailor was amazing because I could see the stitching hold strong despite how much my wife's growth was testing it.

She must have picked up on my obvious signs because she rested her head against my shoulder and patted my hand as it was just about to make another break for her ass. Instead she once again slid my hand along her silk dress and invited me to palm as much of the side of her belly with my hand as my arm around her back would allow. Just then, as it would turn out, the last conversation of the day walked up to us. I say walked but I should say waddled because she was pregnant. And sexy despite her ridiculous tent of a dress (she and her husband also seemed to be the only other people in the whole function who were under the age of fifty). I could tell she had a decent figure to accompany her beautiful face. We found out that both of them were OBG/YNs. He didn't talk much and he barely seemed to be paying attention to our conversation at all but I managed to catch her name which was Elsa.

“I promise I won't keep you long because I know you must be exhausted,” Elsa said to my wife.

“Oh no, please. I have plenty of energy, really. You have no idea. Even with all three!” said Vessa as she ran a hand over her belly.

“Your presentation was amazing by the way. Actually, may I?” Elsa motioned to touch my wife's belly.

Vessa smiled and nodded eagerly.

“I hope you don't mind me saying so but I'm astounded with your size! I mean so many women come into my office but I don't think I've ever seen such a belly just stick out on a figure like yours does. It's so big and you carry it so well!”

Vessa chuckled and said, “I don't mind at all! I will say though that – “ And she cut herself off.

“Say what?”

“Oh nevermind, you probably don't want to hear – “

“Oh no, please! What's on your mind?”

'Well it's just that,” my wife lowered her voice to a whisper, “To be honest, my belly has just gotten so big that we can't have sex the ways we used to. Since you're an OBG/YN and pregnant yourself I was hoping you knew of something like a few posit – “

Elsa cut her off and said, “Say no more! I know just what you need to help you both out. There's this Lamaze class in the city that does wonders for this sort of thing.” She continued in a whisper, “In fact, my husband and I had the same problem and we have been going for months now. It really helps. You should come!”

“A Lamaze class? Helping your sex life? Really?”

“Oh sure!”

“Alright, I guess we can give it a try. Does that sound like a good idea to you Honey?” Vessa asked me.

“Sure, I'll try anything.” I said. And It was true. I was mainly thinking that I would try anything if it meant I got another excuse to put my hands on Vessa but I was also thinking that I would try anything if it meant I got to go home immediately , and well, put my hands on Vessa.

And so Elsa gave us the details just before she beat a hasty retreat from the function with her husband.

That is when I took the opportunity to grab the pulled fabric across her back, squeezing it with my hand to stretch the fabric even tighter over her torso, letting her know as subtly as I could that I needed to go balls deep inside her before my balls were going to explode.

She looked up at me with her huge eyes specifically to roll them at me with a cute little smirk on just half of her mouth. “Okay, big boy,” she whispered, “I know!”

“Have you met with everyone you need to?”

“I think so. Now how about we go home and get you taken care of?”

“Sounds good to me! I've been at code red for about ten minutes now.”

She laughed, “Code red, huh? What does that mean?”

“Nothing good for anyone here, let me tell you!” I joked.

“Alright, from here on out, it's handshakes and business cards only. Hey, where'd Alex go?”

“You're only just now noticing? She's been MIA for a couple hours now...”

“Oh,” she said, “I'll give her a text real quick. Let me just grab my phone...”

Nobody was around so without warning she plunged her hand into my pocket to fish out her phone, “Wow,” she laughed, “You weren't kidding...” She gave me a single courtesy stroke with her hand as she retrieved her phone from my pocket.

A moment later she got a text from Alex. Apparently she had gotten lucky herself.

Vessa and I both laughed and we prepared to leave the function.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Ready. Business cards?”

“Business cards, check,” I pulled a stack of her business cards from my jacket pocket.


“Coat, check,” I wrapped her up in her coat and buttoned it up for her.


“Hand, check” I put her hand at hand-shaking level for her.

“All set,” she gave me a peck on the lips and we left.

Fourteen business cards and twenty-six handshakes later we were in the car and driving. One hour after that we were home. Five minutes after that I did what I had been wanting to do all day: I wiggled her dress up until I had access to her butthole and I pumped her full of all of my cum. Then we were both out like a light.
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