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Postby L86 » Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:40 pm

Here's an original from me:

“Okay, what now,” she said. Her eyes smiled at me as she rolled them. She was getting impatient but I was going to make her suffer and wait.

I grinned at her, “Hmm... Let me see... Have you got anything left?”

She looked down and her supple lips pouted. After a moment of staring at me with her puppy-dog eyes, her eyes lit up as she just realized something and said, “Yes! My socks!” Her foot moved from underneath her so she could wiggle an adorable socked her toe at me.

I tried to laugh but instead I giggled. “Okay. Then your socks. Both of them!”

“Ugh. Fine.”

She handed me her playing cards and tugged at her sock until it came off. Her other arm was busy trying to cover her boobs but they were way too big and so she was really only able to fully hide her nipples from me.

My wife, Vessa and I were engaged in a seriously competitive game of strip poker. After she took off her socks, we would be tied for score (unfortunately for me, I wasn't smart enough to put on socks before we started playing...). The worst part was how cold it was. You know how they always crank up the air-conditioning in hotels? Well I usually love that but today it was backfiring because I was starting to freeze and I could tell she was getting a bit chilly as well. I was going to have to end this game fast.

“I hope you're happy, buster, because now I'm freezing.” She said this as she placed her sock lovingly and carefully upon my head.


“That's alright babe. Next hand wins.”

“No, we've still got these...” She pointed at her sunglasses. I suggested we both wear them because I wanted the game to be super serious.

“Those don't count.”

“Well I've still got this then...” She pointed at her cowboy hat. She insisted that the hat would “add some extra serious,” to our match.

“That doesn't count either.”

“No fair!”

“Oh shush! If we were being fair, then you can't cover your tits like that! I mean, I'm not hiding myself!”

She just smiled at me. “Oh I know baby... You've been at half mast for a while now.” She looked down with hungry eyes.

“You can wrap your lips around me all you want, but your hat still doesn't count.”

She pouted her lips and I could just hear her say under her breath, “Well I think my hat counts...”



I dealt the cards and damn, this was going to be fun: pocket aces and it was hold'em. I had to take advantage of it.

“I want to raise the stakes.”

“Oh?” She sounded intrigued.

“Loser does anything the winner wants.”

“That's quite a jump from oral...” she said.

“...for the rest of the night... You game?”

Her lips pulled up into the corner of her mouth the way they always do when she's thinking.

“...or are you chicken?”

“Fine! Winner gets anything.”

“And loser isn't allowed to sleep until given permission.”

“Mmm, okay...”

Pretty sure some precum came out of my cock when she purred like that... I loved her purr.

I dealt the cards and nearly came all the way. The river had two threes and a king. She waited with bated breath. The turn had a ten but then the flop had another ace. I was going to need more...

“And all of tomorrow too!”

She said, “But we have to meet Tom and Lucy tomorrow!”

I looked down at her pussy as I said, “You bet your tight ass we do. Now, what'll it be?”

From what I could see of her gorgeous face, she looked worried but she tried her best not to show it and gave it another long think.

“Alright, winner gets all of tomorrow too.”

My sunglasses nearly fell off I grinned so hard.

I couldn't wait any longer, “Whatcha got?”

She leaned forward, still holding her breasts. All she had was a seven and a king. I showed her my aces and she playfully pushed my shoulder.

“You cheated!”

“I did not! I'm naked!”

“Well, you did something...”

“Yeah, I made you my slave for two, long days...”

“Ugh. Fine.” She was so cute when she pouted.

“Besides, you knew I was going to win when I raised it on that ace...”

She looked at me then nodded eagerly enough to make her hat tip off. Then she said, “ what? Master...”

God damn.

I licked my lips and took off my glasses.

“Take your hand away from your tits.”

She quickly put them over her pussy.

“And your pussy!...”

She put her arms behind her which thrust her firm chest in front of her.

“Now take off your sunglasses and put the cowboy hat back on.”

Her shoulder-length blonde hair now fell messily from underneath her hat. I couldn't take much more of this.

“Does this please my master?” She was playing the part extra shy, the way she knew I would like it.

I nodded.

“What would master like me to do now?”

“Stand up so I can be reminded...”

“Yes sir.” Then she looked at me with an extra curious face. That one was adorable too... “Reminded of what, my master?”

I grinned my best devilish grin then said, “I want to be reminded of how smart I was for choosing you to impregnate.”

She rolled her eyes again but kept role playing. Now her shy smile was making her blush.

She stood up. Recently, we found out that Vessa, who is now 27 (the same age as me), is pregnant and already I can tell that she was made for baby-making. Before I even knocked her up, I knew pregnancy would look good on her but I didn't realize she would look this good.

Many women can be considered voluptuous but my girl is of a different class altogether. Vessa's told me that before she hit her teenage years, she was training to play tennis somewhat seriously and is embarrassed (but in all honesty I think she's proud ) of the fact that because she developed so much, she had to switch to swimming. She grew up with perfect D tits but now that I've put my baby inside of her, they've already swollen up to DD. She also had those lovely pink areolas that are delicate but still very large in diameter. Her nipples beg me to nibble on them.

“Bring your tits to me. I want to suck on them.”

I sat back against the bed and let her come to me. She put herself in my mouth so I could brush her silky skin with my tongue.

With a pop, I released her breast. “Enough. Go back. I'm not done looking at you.”

She hopped back to where she was. I could see her ass jiggle the best jiggle there ever was.

From here, I could see her tiny pussy lips which puffed ever so slightly nestled in the small gap between her thighs. There was no way I was letting her sleep tonight before I had my fill of sweet pussy-juice...

Vessa's thighs are tight like the rest of her body due to her vigorous swimming regimen but they're far thicker than most women, since they are so thick with muscle. Leading up from her perfect thighs is her perfect ass which definitely would have been difficult to manage as a would-be tennis pro. It was just so damn full... And what's more, I could never get over how tight she kept it – only her tits could rival the bounce of her delicious ass. It gave her an exaggerated hourglass figure because of how wide her child-bearing hips were and could only be properly described by both the words, plump and firm.

Then there's her belly. It's not flat – she never really had a truly trim stomach but there was something extra to her now. Obviously you couldn't tell she was pregnant, but since I now knew her body better than the world map, I could tell something was different.

These next months were going to be amazing.

“Do I please you master?” she said. She held her arms behind her body again proudly displaying herself to me.

“Yes but your belly is still far too small.”

“But It's only been eleven weeks!”

“That doesn't matter. Your only purpose from now on is to grow my baby as big as possible. Understand?”

She rolled her eyes again and smirked but she did her best to keep up the charade by looking down at the ground, attempting to feign subdued servitude. Then she said, “Yes, master, I understand.” God I loved this woman...

“Now get on the bed.”

She knelt down at the foot of the bed opposite me.

“On your hands and knees.”

I got up and walked around her so her pussy was right in front of my face. I wrapped my mouth around her pussy lips and started sucking away. There would be no foreplay today...

She whimpered and groaned from the surprise attack. Grabbed her ass and pulled her legs a bit further apart. As I pleasured her, I could tell she was losing control. I never let up groping her ass but with my other hand I rotated between fingering her pussy and rubbing her thigh. At first, her legs were steady but soon, I could tell she was getting weaker as her thighs started shaking. She couldn't handle it any longer and she could no longer support herself with her arms. She put her chest to the bed and reached out her now free hand to pull on my on mine which was currently tickling her asshole. Usually, Vessa did this to tell me whenever it was too much. I wanted to make her last a bit longer so I backed off her pussy and kissed the inside of her thighs for a while. With my other hand, I slid my fingers through her toes; she loved that too.

Even still, this was too much for her, so she told me through desperate breaths, “Hunngh. Baby... please I need you inside me...”

I had to slap her ass after that...she made me do it!

She gave a delicate gasp and another after I slapped her again.

“I am not your baby! What am I?”

“I'm sorry m – master... It won't happen again.”

“That's right. Now I'm going to have to punish you.”

I stuffed my face between her legs and sucked on her clit until she almost fell over. I stopped only long enough to make sure I could keep her from falling onto her side. I stopped fingering her pussy and asshole because I wanted to devote all my time into making sure she came with my mouth on her. She didn't last long. Her body shuddered and shook as her juice fell all over my face and the bed.

I let go of her body and she immediately fell onto her side as she lost control. Her eyes were closed and her torso kept gently convulsing.

I stood up to watch her. I lived to watch her do this; making her cum so hard was my favorite thing to do...

When she was done, I picked her up and put her back down so I could get behind her. Usually, she was too exhausted after such an orgasm to fuck so I would usually just spoon her when she was ready. I wrapped one of my arms around her tits and held the other one outstretched as we held each other's hands. She tilted her head back so that I could invade her mouth with my tongue.

Sure, enough, when she was ready, she started bucking me with her ass dug into my crotch. I slid my cock up and down her drenched pussy but she was impatient so she took me and put me right into her pussy. She wasn't going to let me tease her anymore...

I pulled hard on her nipple to let her know I approved. She let out a high-pitched scream which was definitely too loud for the hotel. I covered her mouth with my hand and she met my eyes with her gorgeous blue eyes. To punish her, I pulled her nipple again which made her scream but this time it was muffled. Her eyes closed so I nibbled her ear.

I fucked her hard. My cock was big and sometimes it was too much when her tiny pussy was swollen like now. But today I didn't care. I let go of her mouth just in case and pounded in and out, in and out and in and out. Slowly but forcibly.

With each thrust she gave a high-pitched squeak but she locked he own eyes onto mine. Her eyes said everything to me: 'Don't worry, master, I won't make too much noise... (just enough)...'

This was too much. I sped up the pace and she ground her ass against me to meet my rhythm.

God she knew how to fuck...

It was too much for her as well because I could feel her hot juice again as it poured over my cock. I kept grinding in and out of her as her muscles relaxed in another orgasm. She was still spent from the previous one so this one was much more mild.

I was still hard inside her and when she was done, she pulled me out of her with a schluck and pushed me over onto my back.

She straddled me and wrapped her full lips around my cock and began sucking me off, determined to make me cum. She was looking right into my eyes as a tuft of hair fell over her face. She quickly brushed it away so that she could keep looking at and concentrating on me. Sometimes she sucked my dick this way: like it was going out of style...

It wasn't long before I erupted right down her throat. I didn't warn her because I liked to surprise her but she probably knew I was going to cum soon anyway. She swallowed all of my cum like a champ then she let go of me and looked at my dick. Whenever, a bit of cum dribbled out, she made sure to lick it up.

When I was done, I beckoned her to me. I wrapped her in my arms and spooned her again. Now I was tired...

She kissed me and said, “Did I do you good master?”

I nibbled her ear and whispered into it: “Yes, my pet. You're a good fuckslave.”

She broke character again at this and chuckled but kept going: “Do I please my master?”

“You do indeed please me. You are going to be a fine babymaker...”
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:23 pm

Part 2:

I woke the next day early to get a head start on things. Lately I've taken to letting my wife sleep as she has had a terrible time with morning sickness and sometimes is spared from it by sleeping a bit longer.

But not today... What a shame - I managed to close the door without making a sound. One day she won't have to suffer through anymore but so far, she's been a real trooper about it.

I went to get her a glass of water and since she was up, I figured I'd maker her some breakfast.

When I came back up, Vessa was surprisingly alert seemed to have recovered quicker than usual. I handed her the glass of water. She was sitting completely upright at the foot of the bed.

“Here babe. Have some water.”

She looked at me a bit puzzled and drank from the glass.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“I am well master.” Then she winked at me. I had completely forgotten!

She was looking up at me submissively with her giant blue eyes at the foot of the bed. Just as she was going to drink from her glass, she handed it back to me. I could tell she wanted me to order her to finish the glass.

That's when I realized that my previous bet had backfired: she was going to make me play this game all day, even around the couple we were supposed to meet today...

She was going to drive me wild by the end of the day. Somehow I was going to figure out how to make the most of it.

I handed her back the glass. “Drink the rest of it.”

“But I'm not thirsty, master.”

“The baby I put inside you needs water. Now drink.”

She seemed pleased at this since she brought the cup to her mouth with both hands in the most adorable way then handed me back the glass when it was empty. I went to the sink and filled it up again and made her finish that one too for good measure.

She wiped her mouth and waited for further instructions.

“Get ready. We have some shopping to do and you have some food to eat.”

“Yes master. Will there be anything else?”

I was at the door. “No, that will be all.”

“Thank you master.”

I could hear a bit of disappointment in her voice which made me turn around to look at her before leaving the room. I gave her one last command: “You are to wear pigtails all day today.” She hated that. It made her nose scrunch up involuntarily for one cute little moment.

Then she said, “Yes master.”

She was drop-dead fuckable in pigtails. That's when I knew what I wanted to do with the day.

I went downstairs and made breakfast food for the both of us. The day was going to be long because we had some business to take care of. We were both here in New York half on business and half on vacation and today was one of the business days. I was an author and had to sit through a book deal meeting while she had to attend a cardiovascular conference. Both were pretty boring so I was going to spice them up.

I cooked half of the carton of eggs and a bunch of bacon by the time she came out of the bedroom. She sat down and looked hungry.

I only ate a couple eggs and a bit of toast but made her eat the four others, the bacon and the rest of the toast.

When she was done I said, “Stand up and remove your robe.”

I was sitting down and was afforded a grand view of her body standing right in front of me. Her abdomen was right at my eye-level and and I put my hands on her waist to rotate her in front of me. Her belly was just slightly bloated from the meal which looked very fetching on her. I stood up and nipped at her nipple as I did so eliciting a delicate surprised yelp. I walked around her appraising her body as I did so. When I was content, I commanded her to put her clothes on and pinched her ass as she left.

I wanted to fuck her so badly before we left but I knew the sex that night would be that much better if I waited.

I was already wearing my fitted clothes and tie which would be required throughout the day and suddenly regretted the fact that we didn't bring much clothing from home because looking down, I was pretty sure I stained my tie. Yep, definitely did. I was going to need a new one. I took it off and put it on the counter.

When Vessa came back out, she was wearing a relatively conservative grey sundress with a high neckline (most of the clothing she wore to work required a high neckline because any cleavage just drew attention to the size of her tits, and any such attention was a bad thing, frankly, for a doctor). It fit her form perfectly however.

And she had her hair in pigtails. What a genius just seemed so...inappropriate. She tried to downplay it but it didn't work. No doubt she was going to try to fight me on it when she had to go to her conference.

After I was done ogling at her, I walked over and kissed her a kiss that would be tasteless in public, squeezed her ass, took her hand, and led her out the door.

The best thing about New York is the fact that there are no limits to what's accepted. Here you can get away with anything short of breaking the law. This was going to be good for out bondage day.

I asked Vessa to pick out a new tie for me to wear and, as usual, she chose a classy solid maroon tie to go with my summer attire.

I took her to the shops on Fifth Ave to get a new tie but also because I loved to flaunt my wife around and Fifth Ave is as good a place as any to do that in New York. You can see fifty gorgeous girls walk past you in the span of ten blocks going up or down that avenue and today I wanted to show Vessa off amongst them. Not a single one was even close to my girl and she knew it.

Some girls packaged themselves as though they were trying to compete but didn't wear it as well as Vessa could. Others (likely tourists) pretended to know how to walk around in high heels or just tried too hard to impress. My Vessa on the other hand had to downplay her look just to fit in otherwise she'd draw unwanted, constant glaces just walking up and down the street.

When I was happy with out little excursion here, I decided to get what I was going to be needed for the rest of the day which we would have to get somewhere eles. That's when I saw an inspiration.

A girl came out of a shop wearing a skin-tight dress. Once I saw her two things occurred to me: 1) Vessa would look better wearing it and 2) I wanted to show her off doing so.

I took her into the shop and she pretty much figured out my motivations right after stepping through the door, and I'm sure the shopkeeper did as well. Vessa was set up with a stylist and they showed me three dresses before I decided upon which one I wanted.

She came out in a two-tone dress which showed her perfect shape from her full tits to her (as yet unchanged) slim waist to her overdeveloped hips and ass. But it still wasn't enough.

I walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead and whispered so only Vessa could hear, “Good, now I want it two sizes smaller.”

She looked at me with a devilish grin and she and the stylist went back into the changing room.

When she came back out, the dress was skin-tight, I mean it left no room for the imagination. Now my Vessa is proud of her body but I could tell as she walked out how embarrassed she was to be wearing something so tight. It was a miracle that they could squeeze her tits into the dress much less the rest of her. She definitely wasn't sucking in her gut either because I could tell that her stomach was still full from breakfast.

I made her wear it out but not after having four more inches taken off the length of it. When it was done, it just barely reached a few inches past her ass cheeks. I bought her some new, more comfortable, flat shoes because I didn't want to torture the poor girl, just tease her. I knew the dress would tempt me all day since it was made mostly of the softest silk they had and now my hands just begged to cup her voluptuous, pert, and now silk-covered breasts but I couldn't, I mean, there could be kids around!

Now I remembered what I wanted to get before I was sidetracked with the new dress. I hailed a taxi and we hopped on uptown.

We got out at a sex shop. I was quick about it and let Vessa stay in the taxi while I bought what I wanted. Then we went back to the hotel.

Immediately after I closed the door I couldn't control myself. I sucked her neck and started groping Vessa's tits through her dress. Slowly, I rubbed my way down to her panties thong and fingered her quickly drenched pussy.

Then I stopped. I gave both sets of her lips one last tug and let go. I took her hand and led her to the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

Without hesitation, she jumped on the bed which made her dress ride up on her ass. I slapped her ass and pushed the buttplug I had just bought into her puckered hole. She wasn't expecting it at all. I lubed it but the shock still made her whip her head back at me with a mouth gaping in surprise.

The buttplug must have been the line because she whispered to me, “I can't do a plug!”


“It's going to be too much! The food, , the pigtails, the dress, and now the plug... It's too much!”

I was pretty good at putting disappointment into my voice so I layed it on pretty thick, “That's fine. If you don't want to play with me it's okay...”

She was still on her hands and knees.

“I do want to... But we have things to do today, baby...”

I walked over to her and whispered into her ear, “That's what makes it so much fun, Vessa.” I massaged the inside of her thigh with my hand. “Besides, nobody will have to know...”

She surprised me when she said, with an even quieter voice, “But I've never used a plug before!”

Now the idea was somehow even sexier to me... “There's a first time for everything, isn't there?”

That got her. She said, “Okay, honey but just give me a few minutes.”

When she came back out of the bathroom, she put the now removed plug on a nightstand to straighten her dress out a bit. When she was done, she grabbed the plug again.

“Wait, let me put back in.”

She smiled and handed me the plug. I lubed it and slid it sloooooowly back where it belonged: into her shy little asshole and lovingly gave her rump a rub.

“Ready babe,” I asked.

She nodded then sighed and let her shoulders drop. She said with a bit of nervousness and anxiety, “If I'm going to do this for you, my legs are going to need more of a rubdown...”

I wasted no time and grabbed some lotion. I kneeded it into her porcelain-white velvety skin. I spent about ten minutes pulling and relaxing her muscles for her not because I didn't want her to cramp up or because I loved to massage my wife, but because I loved her. When she said, “Okay,” I stopped and stood up.

Vessa was still lying on her side on the bed and I realized she was a bit stuck. She was really going to need to get used to that buttplug. She gestured up to me and I helped her sit up straight on the bed. She winced a bit as the plug must have gone further up into her. Then she stood up and amazed me because of how well she hid the fact that she had a plug stuck up her ass. Her posture was no different at all. What a trooper...

I kissed her, grabbed both her ass cheeks and asked, “What, no panties?”

“Nah. I think I'll be more comfortable without them.”

“God I love you.”

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

“Ready?” She said.


“Where would you like to go to now, master?”

“I think it's time to feed my baby.”

And with that we left the hotel.
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:15 pm

Vessa would squirm all day. But I wasn't sure if it was the tightness of the dress or the plug up her butt. It was uncharacteristic of her but she stumbled when getting into the elevator which was full of people. It must have made her worried about falling down because she grabbed my hand and hardly let go of it the rest of the day. When everyone but us cleared out of the elevator on the way down, I tugged affectionately at one of her pigtails to let her know how much I appreciated her dedication.

“I'm going to force you to cram twice the amount of food into your belly than normal. You may choose what you would like to eat.”

“Salad please, master!” She was so perky about it so I reached under her dress and grabbed her ass. She squeaked just as the doors opened and I'm sure that the seven people waiting as the doors opened heard her. I chuckled and pulled her by the waist into the corner of the elevator. She buried her face into my shoulder because it was so red from embarrassment.

When we were outside, I took us through a park to sit for a while. I had to call up our friends, Tom and Lucy so we could meet for lunch.

I held her hand as she slowly sat down on the hard bench. Although she braced herself as she sat down on the bench, she still wasn't prepared for how far the hard surface of the bench pushed the rubber into her greedy hole.

“Since you chose salad, you will eat three times as much. Now I'm going to call Tom and Lucy.”

“You are going to make me eat in front of them, master?”


“But master, they do not know yet that I carry your seed inside of me.”

“Good. I want them to know what I've done to you.”

“I don't think my little tummy can't hold that much food.”

“Good! I'll make you practice making it bigger.”

“Okay master.”

I told our friends where to meet us for lunch and we Vessa and I went over to the restaurant.

We got there about an hour before our friends would which was a good thing because of how crowded it was. Just as my wife as getting uncomfortable standing in line, we were taken to our table which luckily had comfortable chairs for Vessa's trying situation. She ordered water for obvious reasons and I did as well since she likes alcohol more than I do anyway.

When in public, we had to drop most of our role playing lingo and behavior for obvious reasons. I didn't mind of course because I always enjoy our conversations and her usual dry sense of humor. I moved my chair closer to her so I could watch her tender lips as she spoke. Vessa's mouth is wide and inviting and almost always the corners of her mouth are pulled back into a warm and gentle smile. She has a dimple that forms on her left cheek when she does this and I love to tease her about where she thinks the other dimple went. Each time she'd have a new story about where it went off to this time and as she was telling me this I could see her wiggle her small but straight little nose from side to side. Then she sneezed and her eyes went wide in her head as the sneeze must have felt strange with the plug inside her. She paused for a moment before going into a giggle fit which in turn made me laugh and drew awkward looks from the young couple next to us. This only made us laugh even more.

That's when Lucy and Tom showed up at our table.

Lucy smiled and said, “I can see the newlyweds are still happy. Are you guys okay?”

“Oh hi guys! Yeah we're okay I just – nevermind... Come and sit down. I'm starving.”

We made the usual small talk and Vessa ordered the largest salad on the menu. She claimed that she would share it with everyone once it came.

But then it did and her offer flew out the window. The salad was huge. The menu said it was meant to be shared at a table of four but of course we all had our own food to eat. Vessa must not have been lying when she said she really was hungry because she hardly talked at all during lunch. Instead, she plowed through the leafy greens and cucumbers and hard-boilded eggs like it was her last meal. I was amazed that she ate this much after such a large breakfast but of course I had ordered her to. She sure is a woman of her word.

I finished eating my chicken first and decided to take the rest home and Tom and Lucy did the same but Vessa kept on eating. We were talking but Tom must have gotten distracted.

He said, “I never would have guessed you could eat so much, Vessa.”

Then Lucy chimed in, “Thank you! I was waiting for someone to say it... I've never seen you eat like this!”

When Vessa spoke, her mouth was stuffed with food: “I told you I was hungry!” Then she shoved another bite into her mouth with a wide grin.

Then we continued talking while Vessa ate the rest of her food. Finally she finished. She gracefully put the knife and fork on the plate and looked up while chewing the last morsel of food like there was nothing strange about eating an entire platter of food.

I was so proud of her.

I looked from Vessa to Lucy and said, “Well then, who's ready for dessert?”

Vessa said, “Oh I couldn't...not right now. I'll need a few minutes before ordering if you don't mind.”

“Wow, you could eat more? You're going to lose your shape darling if you keep eating like that...” said Lucy.

“Oh that's okay. There's nothing I can really do about my figure anymore. Phillip's already made sure of that...”

“What? You mean...”

“Mhmm! I'm pregnant!”

“Oh my goodness. But you've only been married for two months!” Lucy leaned over and hugged Vessa. “When did you find out?”

“It happened on our honeymoon.”

Tom looked at me and said, “You two don't waste time, do you?”

I laughed and said, “I couldn't help it.”

“Well congratulations you two. I'm so happy for you,” said Lucy.

“Thank you! Now, about that dessert I was promised...”

We ordered again and I watched my wife stuff an entire helping of cake one spoonful at at time past her lips. This time Lucy and Tom finished their servings but I saved the rest of mine for later once again. Then they ordered coffee and we abstained explaining that Vessa didn't want to drink coffee during her pregnancy. We made smalltalk and then I looked at the time and realized it was time to get to my meeting. Arrangements were made to meet again in sometime soon and then we made our way out of the restaurant.

Vessa grabbed my hand again and we followed Tom and Lucy out onto the sidewalk. Lucy gasped and put her hand on Vessa's belly.

“Vessa! You're so big already! Are you sure it's only been a couple months? And your dress...”

All the blood must have rushed into Vessa's blushing cheeks. She looked down at her belly and then stared right at me and said, “Oh it's just the food. Trust me, I'm not showing yet.”

“Well it looks like you're in your second trimester...”

“That's probably because of the dress.”

“Yeah and why are you wearing that dress? I couldn't tell when we were inside but now that I see it... I mean are you aware how tight it is on you? I know we're in New York and all but there are limits...”

“Not for here there aren't.” I wrapped my arm around the stretched white silk fabric covering her wasit.

“But it's so short...”

“It was a gift from my husband and I wanted to wear it for him today. After all, I doubt I'll be able to wear it for long.”

Thankfully, Tom spoke before his wife did: “Let 'em live a little, Lucy. It's alright...”

“Alright, alright. I just thought I should make sure you were aware is all...”

Then they left. “Finally,” I said and hailed a cab. I helped her in and when we took off to my meeting. “I'm afraid I've made you an enemy...”

“Nah. She's always been jealous of my figure like that. She just usually doesn't say anything.”

“Must be your tits.” I looked at the cabbie to make sure we were being discrete enough and looked at her chest. Now her dress was two-toned. Black silk covered her bountiful breasts and white silk covered everything from her tits down and even still, through the black material, I could see that her nipples were beaming. There was no way I was going to tell her about it either.

I pulled her left nipple between my fingers and snuck my hand between her legs to tickle her clit. This made her nervous because she mouthed to me, 'Please master, not here!' which made me grin. I took my hand away from her pussy and tapped her knee. She squeezed my hand with hers and then the car stopped. I paid and helped her get out of the car.

The meeting was boring. We discussed the last book in a three part series that I was contracted to write and I kept losing my concentration with Vessa playing with my thigh under the table. I myself thought the series was boring and I had little interest in actually turning my idea into a book but for some reason people couldn't put them down. The series paid the bills three times over with more to spare and because of that I had to just get through writing them.

There were two old men and one old woman (I can't be bothered to remember their names) who took me through the motions and explained what they wanted and all I could do was nod my head and explain back what they'll get back.

When we first walked in, I could tell they were each surprised by my wife's appearance and the old woman immediately requested that we all sit down at the large conference table in the room (I could tell the two men were disappointed, although they could still see her cleavage). None of them had the courage to ask whether or not she was pregnant, most likely because none of them would believe that a pregnant girl would wear such a dress. Oddly enough, even if they did guess she was, none of them would have guessed she was pregnant for the right reasons due to the fact that her belly was bloated not from baby but from food.

To their credit, the three of them carried on with the utmost professionalism and managed to conduct business as though Vessa wasn't there. I couldn't say the same for her however. She had been teased all day and now it was her turn...

I made the mistake of letting my arm drop underneath the table and she seized control of it. She was discrete about it and I'm sure that my colleagues were none the wiser but she put me right between her legs. I wasn't sure if the plug was making her this way or what it was but she wouldn't let me go. When I tried to take it back, she made little whimpers which were only audible for me to hear and only made them louder the longer I didn't finger her bud. I had to keep her happy or she was going to ruin my meeting!

Vessa didn't writhe or make any odd faces that would give away the fact that I was pleasuring my wife during a business meeting. Luckily, we were sitting very close together in chairs which allowed our fun and hid the matter from the other three.

I tried to concentrate as best I could but I'd be lying if I said everything ran smoothly. I picked up the pace of both the fingering my wife and the meeting because I couldn't keep it together any longer. Then she clamped her legs down hard on my hand which was a bad sign. She always did this when she was going to cum. I couldn't let her cum. Not here, I mean she squirts a lot. I talked faster and faster and explained that we needed to be somewhere else in half an hour – I didn't even say where because I couldn't think straight. But Vessa wasn't letting me go.

Then she came. She relaxed and let her juices all over my hand which then soaked right into the fabric of the chair. I could smell her sweet scent and lamented the fact that the table wasn't nearly as long as I now wished it to be. I had to get out of there. I didn't want to be in the room if - no when - they figured out that my wife came during our meeting.

I stood up and didn't wait for them to come over to me to shake my hand. They rushed over and held out their hands but Vessa saved me by taking my arm and said, “I'm sorry, we really must go. The baby's been kicking my bladder all day. You understand.”

And we left.

I wasted no time and took Vessa to the garage of the basement. I led her around until I found a secluded corner and made sure nobody could see us; luckily it was already getting dark out and it would be hard to see us anyway. I leaned her against a concrete wall and pulled her dress until it was over her ass. It wasn't easy to pull the absurdly tight fabric over the shelf of her ass and when it did, it jiggled and wobbled like it was taunting me. I spanked her for a good five minutes. She squealed each time I slapped her ass so I had to put my hand over her mouth. Vessa's eyes looked right into mine to let me know how desperately she needed to be spanked.

When I was done, I crammed her ass back into her dress though it wasn't easy and she had to help me. Then we hailed a taxi and drove to her conference.

As we drove, I scolded her: “You're a naughty pet and naughty pets get spanked.”

She was leaning her body against me in the car like she was pretending the cabbie wasn't even there. What's gotten into this girl?

Oh. Right.

She said, “But it's so hard to be a good girl when you haven't been hard inside me all day.” Her voice was dripping with sex.

“Now you will have to wait even longer as a punishment.”

“Okay master.”

When we arrived at the conference, they handed us identification to be hung around our necks. Vessa's posture and demeanor changed instantly when immersed in her own professional setting. She took the identification and tried to arrange it so that it covered her cleavage but I changed the length of the strap again and whispered into her ear, “You are to keep this badge low. I want to be able to see your ripe tits all night.” I put my guest identification on and we went inside.

Saying that Vessa's attire was inappropriate would be as much of an understatement as if I had said that my wife was just an attractive woman. She just didn't fit in to the atmosphere of the event (or her clothes of course). I'm surprised no ushers came over to offer her a jacket to wear.

The funny thing is that nobody brought it up. Of course this would have been far too taboo but I was secretly debating which would burst forth first: a comment about her dress or the dress itself.

Luckily for her, we didn't need to do much socializing because the presentation she was here to see was starting so we made our way to the folded chairs in front of one of the stages. The chair didn't make wearing the plug any easier, I'm sure.

I decided to let her relax a bit and she just held my hand throughout the presentation. The presentation itself of course went over my head as all of her doctor business does. I think it was something to do with MRI imaging or something but I couldn't figure it out. All I know is that it was two damn hours long and the more I sat there with her pretending to be innocent, the more I wanted to peel that dress off of her and fuck her right then and there. I was as calm as I could be and turned the challenge into a strange personal test which I'm happy to say I passed. She was certainly interested in the topic but I could tell she was glad when it ended.

Her colleagues, friends, and acquaintances came over to her after the presentation to discuss it with her but each time she explained that she had somewhere to be and every one of her excuses was music to my ears.

We left the conference still wearing the badges around our necks and it was late. We didn't get out of the conference until just after two and we were both tired. Vessa was exhausted.

Our hotel was only a few dozen blocks away and I raised my hand for a cab. That's when the second inspiration hit me for the day.

I took Vessa to the subway though she seemed to be a bit unhappy at this, I knew it would pay off. Despite the late hour, the train was packed. I knew though that everyone would be getting off at the next stop and then we could find a couple seats.

We were in the last car of the train which I knew would be less packed and sure enough, several seats cleared up at the next stop.

The orange line “D” train is a relatively picturesque route through the city because it travels on the Manhattan Bridge where you can see all of lower Manhattan going to and from. The problem was that out hotel was in Manhattan and we had no reason to go to Brooklyn. She asked me about this but I gave her an order through a whisper to have patience. Vessa didn't have much experience riding in this subway because she was born and raised in Norway but I knew it well from going to school here. I had to make a guess and my guess was right.

The train picked up speed and the rapid bumps and jostling from side to side made my wife begin to moan quietly to me. She pulled herself closer to me so that the rise that separated the subway seats pushed right into the plug, shoving it further inside between her ass cheeks.

We went way past our stop this way and into Brooklyn. It was here that tons of people got on the train at the first stop in Brooklyn and Vessa gave up her seat to an old woman. I stood up so that she could have mine but she smiled at me and pointed at an even younger couple a few seats away. They were making out, completely oblivious to everyone around them with the girl sitting in the boy's lap. Vessa sat in my lap as though she were competing with the other teen girl.

There were people all around us which made Vessa tuck her head shyly into my shoulder, put her arms around me, and curl up in my lap. I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of intense devotion and over-protection and was prepared to stay this way the whole night.

At the next stop, when more people came on, she used the commotion to adjust herself so that her the plug was right over my dick. She pulled her dress ever so slightly so that her bare ass was exposed to my crotch through my pants but made sure that nobody could tell what she was doing.

We rode the subway this way for a while, bumping up and down, up and down and her occasional whimpers in my ear. Neither of us said a thing.

Eventually, we were at the end of the track and everyone got off but us. She looked me right in the eyes, looked around to make sure nobody was looking and unzipped my pants. She had to stand up to pull all of my swollen cock out through the zip in my pants which made her laugh and I realized that she had soaked my pants through with her juices once again.

The speaker announced that the train would be leaving again soon to back the way it came and we could hear running footsteps approaching our car.

Quickly, she took my fat cock and put herself over my lap and allowed me to slide as slowly into her as time would allow. When I was fully inside her, her eyes rolled back into her head and she curled back into me the way she was before.

Two people then three more got into the car and sat down and I'm sure that all of them assumed we were just two innocent and sleeping lovebirds that had missed their stop.

When the train picked up speed, the up and down movement and the gentle vibrations made Vessa slowly grind her pussy and ass into my lap. By now there was a steady flow of wet liquid coming from her pussy, dutifully coating my growing erection in her body.

The train accumulated more and more people, some would come, some would go but we kept sitting there pretending to be sleeping and not constantly fucking. At the time I wasn't regretting the fact that I wore light pants, I was just concentrating on keeping my arms wrapped around the woman I loved so much.

I don't think either of us came during our ride because we both knew that I couldn't pull out of her without scarring the little kids on the train. It was difficult because I wanted to just cum in her pussy each time we stopped abruptly. So did she.

We went back over the bridge, and into Manhattan and eventually, we fucked our way to our hotel stop but we couldn't get off there because too many people were on our side of the car. We would have to wait another two stops before we could safely leave without flashing my engorged member to the world.

But when we did get to this stop, there were only two people left at the far end of the train car.

I knew it would take about two minutes to reach the next stop so I whispered into her ear, “Ready?”

Her head was still dug into my shoulder but I could feel her head nodding.

She quietly ground harder and harder into my crotch and gripped me around the shoulders to hold me tighter. In turn, I slid my hands underneath her dress and gripped her plump ass desperately with both of my hands. The train went faster and faster and I took the liberty of shoving the buttplug deeper into her ass until she emitted a sharp squeal to let me know I was pushing it too far in.

A few seconds later, she spasmed and started her gentle convulsions and let her pussyjuice come all over me. I took this as my cue to fill her belly with cum. It was only a few minutes, but I felt like I let loose a torrent of cum as it wouldn't stop pouring into her. The whole time she purred into my neck and gave me soft nibbles.

Then the train stopped and she got off my dick which made a soft slurp as it exited her. She tried putting my dick back into my pants but it hurt so I had to do it. The doors were closing but we just managed to get out.

She leaned on me as we walked because she was limping heavily. I held her up with an arm around her waist.

As we walked through the uncharacteristically deserted New York streets, we stopped at a street crossing with not a soul around and I looked down at Vessa. Just then I saw a drop of something fall to the ground. It was some of my cum.

I laughed and pointed at it on the ground which made her smile. She looked down and used her hand to gather all the cum that was dripping down her leg which she greedily put in her mouth. She licked every one of her fingers individually while looking right at me.

“Good girl,” I said. “You've earned some rest.”

“But not after I finish the rest of the rest of what you didn't eat. All that fun's made me hungry again...”

“Okay, love.”


“The day's over. You've kept your promise.”

She pushed herself into my body and said, “But I liked being your pet.”

“Careful. If that's the way you feel, I'm going to make you eat more before going to sleep.”


“Then I'm going to fuck you – properly this time.”

“Thank you so much, master.”

I couldn't wait for her belly to get bigger and she knew it. Both of us were attracted to the idea of her getting pregnant but I had no idea she wanted to get big so quickly. I think the past couple days really turned her on even more and now I could tell that both of us wanted nothing more than to make the next three months magically pass by.
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Re: Vessa

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Very nice! I especially loved the subway scene. Very clever. I cant wait to see where you take this, especially as she grows larger in her pregnancy.
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Re: Vessa

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Thanks! Here's some more:

As it turned out, we didn't have to wait that long.

“That shirt doesn't fit you anymore babe.”

I was watching Vessa change this morning. She had an early operation scheduled today.


I yawned. “That shirt's too small.”

“You think?” She looked down and smoothed her hand over her belly.

“Yeah. It's stretching across your back. Turn to the side.”

She hopped to the left, clicked her feet together with a tired smile and gave a salute to nothing in front of her.

“Yup too small. You know, you grew a lot this week.”

“Really?” She looked proud.

Only four weeks had passed and she took my request very seriously. Lately my wife has been doing little else other than eating more and exercising more. It made her rounder in all the best places.

“Let me measure you.”

She walked over to the edge of the bed and I grabbed the measuring tape from the drawer. She put her hands on my shoulders and I could see how tight the shirt was across her tummy. I could see skin poking through the holes.

“They let you work with your shirt like this,” I asked.

“They did last week. Besides, I don't have anything else.”

I unbuttoned her blouse. It wasn't easy.

“Can you suck in?”

“I am.”

This made me laugh. “Why?”

“To make the shirt fit!”

“That's not a good idea honey. Relax your belly for me.”

The next thing I knew, a button smashed into my forehead. It actually hurt. The blouse ripped right open all the way up to the button below her breasts.


“Really what,” she asked.

“How long have you been sucking in like that?”

“I dunno. Couple weeks?”

“What?! Why?”

“It became a habit I guess. I've been growing a lot lately.”

“I can see that. Why have you been hiding it from me? You know how much I wanted to see you grow...”

“I know. I know...”

She turned her head away from me and looked down. A long while went by.

“Are you going to measure me? I need to get going.”

I put the tape around her belly. What the hell?!... It almost didn't fit all the way around.

“You're 95 cm! You were only 78 last week!...”

“I was sucking in then.”

“Do you know how unhealthy that is? Tell me why you've been hiding this from me.”

She wouldn't make eye contact.

“You still haven't seen your OBG/YN. Is that it?”

She nodded.

“I can't believe this Vessa. You're a brilliant surgeon. I get that. But you need to have a second opinion”

“I'm sorry.”

“When is your shift over today?”

“Three. Why?”

“I'm going to drive you to Dr. Christiansen.”

“Everything is perfectly normal, baby. I promise!”

“I don't care. You have to get looked at. Now get going.”

She went back into the bathroom to fix her hair into a bun. As I watched, I could see her start to suck her belly back in. She probably didn't even realize she was doing it. I also noticed that her shirt wasn't just tight around her belly; it was getting tight across her chest too. She had buttoned it up to her neck, all the way over her breasts today which was unusual as she liked to show off her ample cleavage even at work. I thought this was strange.

“You're sucking in again babe.”


Her belly bulged out again.

When she was done, she came back into the bedroom.

“Okay. I guess I'll see you at three.” She started leaning over to give me a peck on the cheek. She didn't quite make it all the way; her tummy was too big. I looked up at her and smiled at her frustrated face.

“I can't make it,” she said.

“Good.” I stood up and put my hand on her belly and gave her a long kiss. “You look so good like this. I can't believe you hid it from me because you didn't want to see your doctor.”

“I'm sorry.”

“It's okay but you need to get rid of that habit. See? You're already doing it again.”

Her tummy pushed out a bit and she turned around to go out of the bedroom.

“Baby,” I said.


“Forgetting something?”

She looked confused. “What?”

“Your shirt's out. You can't go to work like that.”

“Oh geez! You're right.”

“Do you have a sweater?”


She rummaged through her closet and came out wearing a bright yellow v-neck sweater. I don't know how she pulled it over her belly. I could see the color tones of her skin through the fabric.

“That one looks a bit tight on you I'm afraid.”

“Really? It's the biggest one I have... Think we can go shopping after the doctor?”

I laughed. “Sure thing babe.”

I made progress on my novel despite spending the day fantasizing about my wife but when 2:30 rolled around, I was already on my way to her hospital.

I went inside and was walking up to her office to wait for her. On the way inside, I was greeted by the receptionist.



“Congrats on the baby! Vessa told everyone she is expecting today.”

“Oh, you only just found out?”

“Mhm. She finally decided to tell everyone. Probably because she can't hide it anymore. She must have grown overnight!”

“Well thanks. We're just going over for a doctor visit today actually. I'm just going to wait for her in her office if that's alright.

“Fine by me!”

“Alright then. Thanks again.”

I couldn't believe it. Why was she hiding her pregnancy. It's not like she could keep it a secret much longer...

I was in her office only for about five minutes before she came inside. She looked tired but happy to see me.

“Long day?” I said.


Her hair was disheveled but she looked good like that. For some reason her white coat was buttoned all the way up too.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah. I'm all set. Surgery finished right on time for a change. Let's go.”

As she took off her coat, I could see why she buttoned it. Her tits had burst right through the top buttons leaving a valley of cleavage for me to see. Luckily, for decency's sake, her sweater still kept her at least somewhat modest.

“The rest of your shirt went, I see.”

“Yeah but not all of it.”


“The two buttons under my tits are still there hanging on for dear life.”

“Can I see?”

She lifted up her sweater to show me the smooth belly underneath. I was still amazed at how much bigger it was now that she stopped sucking it all in. Sure enough, I could see a button right above the swell of her stomach as it was stretched to it's last straw. Just then it popped off.

“Oops. Sorry, didn't mean to do that.”

“It's okay. I'm going to have to put on new buttons anyway. Is the other one still there?”

“I don't know. Your tits are too big for me to see.”

“Can you check for me?”

She lifted her breasts which was easy since she wasn't wearing a bra (no doubt she couldn't find one that fit). I could see the last remaining button there holding everything together.

“Yep it's there. But it's a good thing you have that sweater on.”

“You're right about that!” She giggled then asked me, “Do you think I can leave my office like this?”

“Probably not. I know you like to keep the kittens on display but I doubt the hospital director would appreciate you walking around showing so much of them.”

“Would you do me a favor then? I have a jacket in the closet by the reception desk. Could you get it for me?”

“Sure thing babe.”

As soon as she zipped it up, we were off. Even the jacket was tight on her. I had to help her zip it all the way and her tits had obviously grown since she had bought it, not to mention her belly. I had to zip it all the way up to her neck.

Finally we reached Dr. Christiansen's office and sat down to wait. There were pregnant women all around, many of them quite beautiful in their own way. It made me wonder why I hadn't insisted on arranging an appointment earlier.

Next to me, Vessa groaned a bit.

“You okay?”

“The jacket's tight.”

“Just a little while longer then you can take it off.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her shoulders.

Eventually we were called in by an older nurse and led to a room. She took all the usual information and asked us to wait after giving her congratulations.

Immediately she zipped off her jacket and let her belly pour out of it.

“My goodness that feels better.”

“I have no idea how you kept sucking in your belly for so long. Or why. You look so good like this. Let me get a look at you.”

I helped her take off her jacket and looked at her. She was gorgeous. She released her blond hair so it fell down to her shoulders and stood in front of me. She was proud of being pregnant. Vessa thrust out her belly by putting her hands behind her back and she just stood there with a sparkle in her big, beautiful eyes which indicated that she knew how beautiful she was. Her plump lips outlined her full mouth just below her adorable wiggly nose.

“She's going to need to see your belly. Should we take off your sweater?”

“No way! My shirt's busted! I'll lift up my sweater when I need to. You just want to see me without a shirt on.”

“Damn right. Come on. She won't be in here for a few minutes yet. I want to give you a good fucking real quick.”

“Right now?!”

I started unzipping her white skirt. How the hell did she fit into that too?...

“Wait. Let me suck. It's less messy.”

She took a seat in a chair in the corner and pulled me over to her and slowly unzipped my pants, licking her lips as she did so.

Vessa flopped my cock out which was already hard and stuffed it into her eager mouth. Once it was in, she closed her eyes with contentedness and just rolled her tongue around what she could reach of my shaft. I heard a long, drawn out moan.

She took her time and slid along my shaft like she always did slowly, taking her time and giving the head a roll of the tongue every now and again. I looked into her hungry eyes which she never took off me so that she would know how much I needed her.

She sped up and sucked harder until I could hear her gagging a little each time she stuffed herself full of my dick.

I was about to come when she popped it out of her mouth and stood up.

“Help me onto the table.”

“You're gonna make a mess.”

“I don't care.”

“Mmm, you were made to be bred.”

“You have no idea...”

I picked her up and placed her on the edge of the examination bed.

“It's not high enough!” She said.

I looked around to see what else we could fuck on. Nothing but the floor.

When I looked down, she understood and got off the bed but I stopped her. I put her against the wall of the room and lifted her up and pushed her skirt up, sliding her down onto my cock. I put one arm on the wall to brace us and the other around her back. She put her arms around me and I bucked her up and down as she rode me with her legs gripped tight behind my ass.

“Thanks,” I said between breaths. “I really needed to fuck.”

“Me too.”

I thrust two more times and she came. Luckily she didn't come as hard as usual and only a few drips of her juices escaped her pussy lips. Even so I could feel it wet my pants and drip onto the floor.

Then I heard heeled footsteps approaching the door.

“Quick baby! You need to come! She's almost here...”

“Not yet. A few more times!”

I kept thrusting and thrusting into my fertile wife.

“She's outside the door!”

“Don't care!”

“She's going to see us!”


Then I released all the day's cum into her pussy. I humped a few more times to get it all out.

“Good boy. Now let me down. We need to clean the floor up.”

When I let her off my cock, she squeezed her legs together almost reflexively. Then it suddenly occurred to me that she wasn't wearing panties today.

“There's a paper towel over there. Quickly! She's coming! I can't bend over right now...”

I sopped up the mess and dried off my pants then helped her back up onto the bed.

Just then, Dr. Christiansen knocked on the door and entered the room.

Dr. Lia Christiansen is my wife's classmate and actually a good professional friend of hers. She is brunette, and pretty but in a far more subdued way than Vessa with an average bust and smart eyes.

“My my. Look at you! How come you didn't tell me? Congratulations!” She leaned right in and patted Vessa's belly. “I was surprised to see your name on today's roster and now I can't believe my eyes! Fifteen weeks? Is that correct?”

Vessa nodded eagerly. “We were trying to keep it a surprise from our friends. That's why I went to my other OBG/YN but after reconsidering, we decided to just forget the surprise and come back.”

“Have you had a look inside?”

“Not yet. I didn't want to know the sex of the baby.”

Lia turned to me. “And what about you? Have you seen the baby yet?”

“No.” I decided to help my wife's lie along. “Vessa taught me how to recognize the sex of the baby in an ultrasound a while ago and I didn't want to know either.”

“Alright then, no problem. I'll take a look for you. Why don't you lean back here.”

Vessa reclined on the bed and I put a pillow behind her head. She held my hand tightly. I lifted the fabric of her sweater to expose her ripe belly.

Lia saw the torn shirt. “Growing too quickly?”

Vessa nodded. “We're going shopping after this.”

Lia started rubbing gel onto Vessa's stomach. “I see. I also noticed your breasts have swollen as well.” She put the wand to her stomach and an image appeared on the screen.

“Yeah, sorry. I seemed to outgrow it overnight...”

“Would you like to know why?”

“What do you mean,” Vessa asked.

“You're having two babies.”

“What?!” I yelled.

“Yup I see two big, healthy babies in here. That's why you got so big so quickly.”

“Goodness,” my wife said. She was always a bad actor. She probably already knew. “Twins?”

“Mhm. No wait! I see another! Three babies altogether. Let me double check that. One...two...three. Yup! Triplets!”

“Jesus...” I said.

“Want me to just tell you the sexes so you can look for yourself?”

Vessa looked at me and I nodded.

“Alright,” she said.

“You're going to have three baby girls.” Lia handed the wand over to Vessa.

Vessa looked at the screen and moved it around her swell. I saw three different figures on the screen as she moved it.

“Big girls from what I can tell. Have you been keeping measurements?”

“She was 95 this morning,” I said.

“Make that 100. I think I grew some more today.”

“Wow. You look good though. Really fit. Keeping in shape?”


“That's good because from what I can tell, you are going to get big.”

Just then, Vessa relaxed her legs a bit which until this point she kept tightly together. A big glob of my cum fell from her pussy onto the stool at the foot of the bed.

We all heard it. Vessa sat up as quick as she could to see what it was and whimpered a little when she realized what had come out of her.

Lia tried to hide her grin but failed miserably. “I'll leave you two lovebirds alone for a few minutes. Take your time using the...sonogram.”

“Thank you,” was all I could say with a straight face.

After Lia left, Vessa looked at me with lustful eyes. “You remember what you said earlier?”

“About what?”

“About how I was born to breed?”

I smiled. “Yeah.”

“Well, you were right. Take a good look,” she slapped her hand on her belly. “Look what you've done to me. This is what happens when you fuck the women in my family. Many of us on my mother's side have multiples during pregnancy. And I'm growing as big as I can for you.”

“How long have you known,” I asked.

“A while now. I wanted to surprise you too. I wasn't expecting to grow so quickly so it backfired. Are you mad at me?” She pouted. I could never resist her pout.

“No, honey. I couldn't be more proud of you.”

She kissed me.

“Now let's get you some clothes that fit.”



“She said we had a few minutes more. Do you wanna...”

“Wanna what?...” I was trying to be coy but failed.

“Do you wanna fuck your fertile wife?”

I pulled out my cock which she took in her hands. It wasn't hard but her touch always made blood pump into it quickly.

“What can I do to make you long and hard again for me?” She started rubbing her still gelled belly with my hand. “Do you want to suck on my tits?”

“Did you really grow five centimeters today?”

She nodded.

I kept rubbing and kissed her; she sucked on my tongue.

“So, what do you want me to do to...” She looked down. “Nevermind...”

She grinned and hopped down from the bed positioning herself against the wall.

She looked behind herself and said, “You'll have to fuck me this way. My belly is too fat to do it the other way again...”

“Fine by me.”

I ripped her sweater off then tore the other button off her shirt. She wasn't too happy about that but there was nothing she could do about it right now. I her pinned.

I fucked her tiny pussy harder this time and I'm sure the entire office knew what we were doing. I didn't care. Even her tits seemed to have swollen since this morning...

When we left, we tried to make sure she wouldn't leak by wiping her clean and zipping her jacket as high as it could go. It didn't work and she left a huge glob of my sperm on the waiting room floor. All the waiting pregnant girls and some of their husbands must have seen it but we rushed out too quickly to see their reactions.

I made a mental note to buy her some panties. With what I just learned and the rate we were fucking, she was going to need them...
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Re: Vessa

Postby kano » Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:05 pm

Really hot. Any idea when this is getting an update?
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:18 pm

Sorry for the delay. Here's some more:

I stepped out of the airport gate and looked around until I saw my wife skipping on over to me. I had been in Chicago arranging my next writing gig and then made a stop into NYC to turn in the first draft of my manuscript. It had been a long week...

I rushed over to Vessa; I couldn't wait to surprise her with the tickets I had just bought.

“You're all out of hops, little bunny,” I said.

She gave me a deep kiss and said, “Hey, buster, I'm a big bunny! See?”

She stepped back to let me look at her.

It had been another four weeks since we first went to see Lia and a week since I last saw my wife. Over the phone Vessa had told me that she would meet me at the airport because her surgery appointment had been canceled for the day.

And she was eager to show me her belly.

Although it was Autumn, I wasn't sure if she was aware how cold it was outside. She was wearing a black miniskirt and a white button-down which just barely covered her abdomen. I wasn't sure if she knew that the bottom button had come undone revealing a great swell of her belly. The only thing that she had on to keep her outfit modest was a very small blazer that managed to make her look at least somewhat appropriate, but only from the back.

“Aren't you freezing? It's cold outside!”

“No, I have this.” She held up a black overcoat. “I've been really hot lately.”

“I noticed.”

She giggled and whispered, “Don't worry, I kept it on until I saw you.” She looked down and said, “Do you like my skirt? I just bought it.”

I nodded.

“Good,” she continued, “Because I've no idea what it looks like on me. I can't actually see anything below these three girls anymore...” She drummed her belly for emphasis.

She was so full of baby. That's the first thing I noticed. I knew she was only nineteen weeks pregnant but she looked due. It had only been a week but I could tell she had grown since the last time I saw her.

“I ate a lot while you were gone. Can you tell?”

She twirled around for me with less grace than her less pregnant self could have handled but still graceful nonetheless.

Even so, I'm not sure she had gained an extra ounce of fat anywhere other than her belly...

“Where are you putting it all?”

“Into your babies, silly! I grew another five centimeters since you left. Here, feel.”

She lifted the bottom of her top a bit to expose her belly, took my hand and slapped it on. She really was warm. I felt a kick.

Vessa looked up into my eyes and smiled contentedly. I really just wanted to plunge my tongue down her throat but then realized we were still at the gate. A couple about our age walked past us giving me a deadly glare most likely because I was giving my wife that look. The other man's wife just stared at Vessa then at Vessa's belly before turning around in disgust or jealousy, I couldn't tell which.

I hadn't been inside her for a week and I was starting to actually hurt. I needed to fuck.

But then I heard it: we didn't have much time.

I calmed myself as I tried to button Vessa's blazer. I only managed to close two buttons in between her belly and her tits before I gave up. She only made it worse by raising her eyebrow and flashing me a devilish grin while I tried to cover her up. She kept her hands on her womanly hips to taunt me.

“You really don't like wearing clothes that fit, do you?”

“Not anymore, especially when I'm around you,” she kept taunting me.

“But we have to go! We're gonna be late.”

“Late for what?”

I handed her the tickets and her jaw dropped. Then she looked at the departure board. It read:


“You want to go to Rio?” She asked.

I nodded.



“But I didn't pack anything!”

“It's alright. It's warm there, you won't need anything. Besides, you just said how hot you've been and anyway, I probably won't let you put anything on the whole time we're there.”

She nudged my arm and grinned.

“Can I board like this?”

“Do you want to find out?”

She nodded vigorously.

I took her coat and put it around her shoulders. We both fastened it as far up as it would go and as quickly as possible. Damn, even her coat was short: it covered her torso from the front but left the underside of her burgeoning belly exposed. Not only that, I even had a hard time buttoning it up over her tits too.

I ran over and grabbed my luggage which was just now rotating around on the pick-up carousel and we hustled as fast as we could go over to our next gate. Had she not been pregnant, we would have made it by now but growing three new people at once has its downsides. By the time we sprinted to the gate, I half expected her to be short of breath but she wasn't; must have been all that extra exercise she was doing.

They were just about to close the ramp when we arrived. Luckily the concierge saw us and let us pass through security real quick before they closed the ramp down.

I helped my wife sit down at our window seats in first class. I knew she would need larger room in this section but was pleasantly surprised to find how huge the seats were: they were twice as big as I was. She looked comfortable and natural with her big belly sitting in her lap and she smiled up at me, patting the seat next to her. I sat down and lowered the armrest so we could cuddle on our trip over.

It's a red-eye flight so I was hoping there wouldn't be many people in our section but as luck would have it, the whole damn plane was packed, even in our section.

“Oof! It was a really bad idea to wear all of this,” Vessa said.

“It's your own fault you know. For being such a show-off...”

“Is it just me or is it really hot in here?”

I chuckled and looked over at her; it's so adorable to watch her squirm helplessly in her seat.

“It's just you. Need some help taking off a couple layers darling?”

“Yes please.”

I tried to be as discrete as possible while removing my wife's clothing but I unfortunately drew the attention of one of the stewardesses.

She greeted us warmly in English, “Welcome aboard! Can I help you with anything?”

Vessa grinned with all her charm and said, “Oh, no thanks, we're okay.”

“Alright then but I have to remind you that seatbelts are currently required as we will be taking off soon.”

“Of course. I'll put it on just as soon as I remove my jacket.”

I had finally gotten my wife's coat off revealing the jacket underneath which held on for dear life but just barely.

The stewardesses' eyes widened, “Please take your time. No need to strain yourself.”

My wife nodded as the woman began to walk away. I only caught a glimpse of the her but I could tell she was put together really well. She paused and came back like she had forgotten to mention something.

She was a gorgeous Brazilian woman with auburn skin, full lips and long brown hair. While she was lacking for tits, her face made up for it and she had an amazing ass. I'd have said she would easily be a 9 but with my wife in the room she was of course only a 7 and that would have been before I knocked her up.

The stewardess looked curious and asked my wife: “Pardon me but should you really be flying in your advanced condition?”

“Oh it's okay, I've months to go.”

“You do? How far along are you?”

“About five months.”

“You're kidding!”

“Triplets,” she said with a grin.

Just then, a button on Vessa's blouse came undone from moving around in her seat so much and the pressure of her belly, revealing a bit of skin.

Vessa blushed and said, “They just won't stop growing...”

The woman blushed as well and said, “Well congratulations! You wear it really well.”

“Thank you. You're very kind.”

“You're welcome. Now if you need anything at all, just let me know. My name is Alex.”

“Thank you Alex. Will do.”

And with that, Alex walked back to the front of the section.

I took Vessa's jacket off and put it in my carry-on suitcase along with her coat.

If she didn't look uncomfortable before, she sure did now. To cool down she put her long blonde hair into a pony tail and I could see was her belly sitting in her lap. No wonder the flight attendant was worried. She looked like she was a month away from delivering on the flight. Her top was stretched across her body and her skirt rode up to mid-thigh.

“Phew. I'm still too hot...”

“Sorry babe. It hurts to say it but you should probably keep your shirt on. I don't think they'll let you fly without it...”

“I do have something on underneath. I forgot I had it on – that's why I'm so warm. But I'm not sure if it'll work.”

“What is it?”

“Is there anyone in the bathroom?”

I looked over my shoulder. “The sign says vacant.”

“I'm going to take it off in there. Come back in a couple minutes to tell me if it'll be enough.”

She snuck past me and past a few already sleeping passengers in the aisle. I turned to watch her sway her ass in that tight skirt as she walked into the restroom.

I looked around a minute later to see if anyone was watching me before I got up to follow her into the restroom. Luckily, nobody was paying me too much heed so I knocked on the door. It opened and immediately Vessa yanked me into the bathroom. Just out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alex watching us right when the door closed.

The restroom was of course tiny but was larger than I expected and we could both fit inside though not comfortably. She had managed to remove her blouse.

“What do you think? Too much?”

All she had on now was a long sleeve half T-shirt and her skirt.

“Not enough I'd say...”

She pouted, “It's so comfortable though. My belly's cool and my arms are warm!”

“That's because there's nothing on your belly!”

The white shirt exposed her belly to the world and managed to fully cover her large, tender breasts and her toned arms. But all it did was cover her bra. I could see her smooth, fit back all the way to the two lovely dimples sitting right above her ass.

“We don't have much time. So are you going to fuck me or what?” She started spinning around, showcasing herself to me.

Two spins was all it took.

When she was facing away from me, I stopped her and made her face the wall, leaning over the toilet. By this point, my dick was raging as I unzipped my pants. Lifting her up by her hips, I thrust her down onto my cock while she moved her thong to one side with the hand not on the wall. Vessa's legs wrapped around my body and nearly all her weight was on my throbbing cock. I put my hand on the wall to brace us and used the other to press her back to my chest. She rubbed her clit with one hand held my side with the other.

Vessa was making soft noises with every firm push into her wet pussy so turned her lips to mine for a kiss. I'm amazed that we even managed to fuck in such a tiny room but I'm sure we were making a lot of noise from outside the bathroom. It's a good thing the people closest to it were alseep.

Though her pregnant belly made our mile-high adventure more cumbersome, it was still manageable and I got a nice view of my knocked-up wife in the mirror getting fucked.

I came and hard. I was first this time probably because I hadn't fucked in over a week. I only lasted about a minute but that's fine - she only lasted a minute ten. She gave a couple loud grunts and squirted all over the toilet.

There was a knock on the door.

It was Alex: “Are you okay in there?”

Vessa looked at me and almost burst into laughter. After a few seconds she said, “Yeah I'll be okay. It's know, the pregnant girl. But there's no need to worry.”

“Did you go into labor?”

“No, really it's fine. I'll be out in a minute.”

“Okay well I'll just get your husband for you.”

“No!” said Vessa.

“She's fucking with us! She knows I'm in here” I whispered.

“No, really, I'm fine I think he's...sleeping no need to wake him. I'll be out in a minute.”

“Alright then, I'll be out here if you need me.”

As quick as we could, we arranged our clothes and tried to make the room smell less like sex. It was torture because Vessa couldn't move around so I had to do everything with her body between my arm and her smiling, coy face looking down at me. She gave me short pecks with her lips every time I bent down. She knew I was going to need to fuck again in about three minutes.

When I was done, we carefully opened the door as quietly as we could.

The curtain separating the cabin area from the bathroom area was still pulled closed so the coast looked clear and we shut the door.

Standing right behind it was Alex.

“Sleeping, eh?”

My wife and I doubled over in laughter (I say doubled over but with all that belly in the way, she didn't really make it too far) as silently as we could because we didn't want to wake anyone up.

We spoke in whispers.

“Sorry,” I said. “Won't happen again.”

“I needed help with my...”

Alex raised her skeptical eyebrows, “Your...”

“Nevermind. We'll just go back to our seats.”

Alex pursed her lips and we parted the curtain.

Half of first class was looking right at us.

Vessa was about to have a giggle fit then noticed that she forgot to put her blouse back on. She was standing in the middle of the aisle with her naked and proud pregnant belly on full display to anyone who looked. Her miniskirt advertised her round, perfect ass and her half shirt covered her ripe, immodest breasts (her tits are so perfect and full that it's impossible to consider her them as even remotely modest). Two wet circles were right over her erect nipples: her breasts were leaking.

We hurried back to our seats and laughed quietly for five minutes straight.
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Re: Vessa

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Try to keep up to date with this story because It's about to get a lot more interesting in some awesome yet weird ways.

Also, if you like my stuff let me know why and if you don't let me know what I can improve on.

Lastly, I am very willing to do personal or public commissions, drop me a PM if you're interested. I'll write up anything you want.
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Re: Vessa

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We decided to play it cool for the rest of the flight. Vessa laughed it off but I could tell she was very embarrassed about our restroom escapades being made public knowledge. She hid in my shoulder almost the entire flight and tried to sleep. Though she was pretty restless, she managed to sleep for the rest of the flight.

I woke up when the seat-belt announcements were made but my wife was still fast asleep. She looks so lovely when sleeping so I didn't have the heart to wake her up. I fastened her seat-belt for her with some difficulty but managed to not wake her. In fact, only after nearly everyone was off the plane did she even wake up.

Alex was combing the plane and came over to us.

“I apologize for disturbing you two earlier. I didn't intend to embarrass either of you.”

“Oh, no worries,” I said.

“You were drawing quite a lot of attention with the noise you were making in there.”

“Really? I thought we quieter than mice in there.”

She shook her head and looked at Vessa. She couldn't get out of the seat without help and was looking at me with the cutest pitiful expression. I took her hands and pulled her up.


“I take it you two are here on vacation?”

I nodded. “Sort of a surprise trip really. And a celebration.”

“Oh? Anniversary?”

Vessa and I shared a knowing grin.

“Not really, just a celebration.”

“Anything planned?”

“That's a good question. Anything planned Honey?” My wife thought she was being clever.

“Gonna wing it.”

“Oh you can't do that! You need a plan. Trust me. I go to a new country every day but I never have a chance to step out of the hotel. It's a waste if you don't take advantage of all the different things a new place has to offer.”

“You must be an aspiring travel agent,” I said with a grin.

“No, I just hate to see a vacation go to waste.”

“Alright then, what do you suggest?”

“How long are you here for?”

“Two weeks.” I said.

“Oh that's plenty of time. You can see most of the good stuff then. If you don't mind walking that is...”

Vessa grinned, stroked her stomach and said, “Don't be fooled by the tummy. I still run a seven-minute mile...”

“Great! Let me get you a brochure.”

Alex went back into the kitchen area of the section and came back with a small pamphlet.

“I've circled all of the best locations on the back.”


“But I've got to tell you, I'm still finding new places all the time.”

“Oh, you were born here,” my wife asked.

“No, about an hour away but I moved here some years ago.”

She stopped to think for a second and took our brochure back, then said, “Tell you what, my next shift isn't for a few days. How about I show you two around the city until then?”

Somewhat surprised, I looked at Vessa but before I could say anything she exclaimed, “Sounds great!”

Which surprised me even more...

We left the plane with our new tour guide and she gave us her info so we could meet back up in a few hours. I grabbed our luggage and we found a hotel.

“Strange turn of events, wouldn't you say?”

“You should be more open to meeting new people. Besides, I think she read us like a book,” Vessa said.

“How do you mean?”

“Whenever we go on vacation, we always end up spending so much of it in the hotel.”

“Yeah and you know why...”

“But when these three girls come, we won't be able to afford the time to travel for a while...”

I have to admit, it was a good point.

“I suppose you're right.”

She walked right up to me, snuggled into my body and whispered, “Always am.”

Then I realized something. “How were you able to come on this trip in the first place? You don't have anything scheduled for next week? No surgeries?”

“I had to cancel them.”

“You did?! Why?”

“I'm too big! My belly's in the way all the time now while I'm operating. They wanted me to go to general care but I decided to take another opportunity instead.”

“What opportunity?”

“Remember that woman we met at my conference a few weeks ago?”


“She invited me to participate in a cardiovascular research project and I accepted. I took my early maternity leave from the hospital just yesterday.”

“That's wonderful babe! When does it start?”

“Three weeks.”

“That's great news Honey. Congratulations.”


I gave her a hug and then she reminded me that we had to buy her some things before we met Alex. We left the hotel and went shopping for all the stuff Vessa needed and then went searching for some clothing stores.

We found one that Vessa liked: a little red dress with a low neckline. Like everything new that she buys these days, it hugs her body pretty desperately but this one ended right above her knees which actually made it a somewhat more modest dress than the usual as strange as that might sound. But like usual, I'm never one to complain as long as it shows off her heavy rack and stuffed belly quite nicely.

We met Alex at a restaurant not far away who was already there waiting for us. I don't think either one of us recognized her however...

Alex's dress was a two-piece that only showed a sliver of her tight abs but left almost nothing to the imagination. It was all white and clung to her chest and ample ass as much as it could. The striking thing is how short it was. When she sat down, I'd be surprised if it didn't show off her panties to everyone around her. Must be a Brazilian thing...

When she greeted us, she kissed us each on the cheek which was strange to us being from Norway but welcome. She didn't remind me at all of the girl we met on the plane.

Out of courtesy to Vessa, she didn't drink anything just like both of us which I thought was a kind gesture. Mostly we talked about Rio and Brazil and what Alex likes to do on her days off.

“Are you two hikers,” she asked.

“Of course. You have to hike in Norway. There's so much to see,” Vessa said.

“Same here. I just went on my favorite trail a week ago actually.”

“Oh? How was it?”

“Beautiful. You can see the entire city from up there. And the mountains. I might go again soon. Just talking about it makes me want to. Do you see up there?” Alex pointed to the top of a small mountain in the distance.

Vessa nodded.

“It takes you up there and quite a ways further. It's a long hike but it's worth it.”

Then Vessa turned to me and gave me a look. I knew that look and she wasn't going to get what she wanted. Not this time...

“Don't even think of it, you,” I said.

“Think of what,” Vessa asked.

“You know what. And no, we're not going on that hike.”

“Why not?”

“Because it'll put you into labor!”

“Oh Honey, don't be silly. These babies aren't going anywhere. Trust me. I think we should go.”

“Alex. Can you talk some sense into her please? How difficult is the hike?”

“Um well it is a class three hike. But I'm not really an authority on things like - ”

“Class three is so easy!”

“If your belly is too big for you to perform surgery, it's too big for you to hold onto rocks.”

“Oh you're no fun. Come on Alex, help me out here. Am I too big to hike?”

Alex gave my wife a good analysis.

“I think you should do what you want to do,” she said.

“Then it's settled. We're going tomorrow.”

“No. You're in no shape to go.”

“That's nonsense. All I do is exercise. Sure I've tacked on a minute to my mile but believe it or not, my heart rate has gone down. I'm in better shape than I've ever been in. The only difference is that now I'm carrying three of your baby girls inside me.”

At this point I knew she wasn't going to let up.

“Besides, you'll be there to protect me.”

And with that card on the table, she practically forced me to go. I pretended to give it a good long think then said, “Fine. But I go first, you use ropes whenever I say you do and if I think you can't go any further, we turn back.”

“Deal! Can you come with us Alex?” asked my wife.

“Probably. I think we could have a lot of fun tomorrow.”

“Wonderful! Maybe you can tell us where we can find some gear too.”

“Sure, there's lots of places though I don't know if any of them sell, you know, maternity gear.”

“That's alright. I'll make due.”

“When are you – due that is? Are you really only a few months?”

Vessa nodded eagerly.

“Wow. It's really amazing how big you are. I hope you don't mind me saying that.”

“No, no. I take that as a compliment.”

“Can I feel your belly?”

Vessa took Alex's hand and rubbed it over her belly.

“Oh my. They're kicking!”

“They're always kicking. Especially after a meal.”

“That's amazing. I've never felt that before. What's it like? Being pregnant...”

“Well it's different for every woman but personally, I love it. In fact, I think we'll have more as soon as I'm done baking these three,” she said with a smile.

The waiter came over with the check and when he did, Alex took her hand back like she was embarrassed. I paid the check and he left.

Alex looked nervous. She said, “Please excuse me. I'm going to run to the restroom before we leave.”

“What's gotten into her?” I asked.

“You haven't noticed?”

“Noticed what?”

“She's been giving me the eye since we met. And you.”

“Is that so?”

“I think she wants us pretty bad. I bet you she just ran in there to give herself a good rub.”

“You think she's got a thing for pregnant women?”

“After the way she just rubbed me, I know she does. Besides, I think she's really sexy. Don't you?”

Sure enough, Vessa was right. The three of us took a cab to our hotel and the entire way, the two of them were making out like they were sixteen years old. Not even the cabbie said anything. Probably got off on it like I did.

When we got to the hotel, Alex took Vessa's hand and led her through the lobby and I led them to our room. Shoes came off, panties were thrown and hair came down. I watched as Alex crawled onto the bed and sat up against the headboard. I saw just how big her ass was as she crawled and got a great view of her puckered asshole.

Alex beckoned Vessa over to her. Now's when the real show started. I decided to take a seat in a chair by the corner to watch. Vessa crawled ever so slowly on the bed on her hands and knees to where Alex was sitting. She crawled right up to her, straddling her body along the way and stopped when her hanging belly fell into Alex's lap. They kissed hungrily, and with need for a few minutes. Then Alex pulled on one of Vessa's nipples through her dress.

They stopped and began undressing Vessa. Vessa just sat there on her knees and enjoyed being unwrapped by Alex like some pregnant Christmas present. Alex did it slowly, stroking her legs as she pulled the fabric up and kept rubbing her body all the way up until the dress was over Vessa's head. They kissed while Alex was groping my wife until she felt one of her breasts over her bra.

Alex looked at Vessa and said, “You're lactating?”

I looked at the bra which had a small wet stain on it and Vessa nodded.

“Can I have some?”

Vessa smiled devilishly and pushed Alex on to her back. She slowly unclasped her bra and wiggled while taking it off. Her breasts bounced happily when they came free of their confines and Alex's mouth drooled.

Vessa crawled again over Alex's body until their bellies touched and their breasts mashed together. She gave the stewardess a kiss then crawled a bit further until one of her tits was hanging over and eager mouth. It was amazing to watch the Brazilian beauty suckle desperately yet tenderly from my wife's full tits. Her head moved forward with each suck and she rubbed the pregnant woman's clit with her free hands. She stayed on one nipple for a while and I watched a smile form on Vessa's face. She put a hand to the girl's head and said, “That one's been empty for a while, baby.”

“I know,” replied Alex.

“Give the other one a try.”

“I don't think I can. One was too much. I'm really full now.”

“But I need you to finish me off. It hurts so bad. I need your lips, baby.”

“But it's so much. I don't think I can handle having any more.”


She said that word with so much longing that Alex looked deeply at Vessa and took the other breast in her mouth. She sucked away but now they locked eyes the whole time. Alex moved her hands away from Vessa's clit and instead started rubbing her body. Vessa gave her a bottle of oil from a table nearby to put on her hands.

So Alex sucked and sucked and sucked on my wife's hanging breast all the while rubbing her down with slick oil until any skin Alex could reach with her hands was absolutely covered with it. Eventually, Alex's mouth popped off the tit and she breathed deep as though she were coming up for air.

“Good girl. That feels much better.”

“I'm so full. My dress feels tight.”

“I make lots and lots of milk,” my wife said with a smile.

Alex smiled then looked down at Vessa's exposed and un-oiled belly. She began to rub oil all over it with a mesmerized look on her face. Vessa just rested on the headboard and enjoyed the feeling and attention.

“It's amazing. There's no stretch marks anywhere.”

Vessa looked at me. “He rubs me down every night.”

“Here too?” Alex groped a breast.

“Everywhere you can imagine.”


When Alex had her fill of my wife's body, Vessa pulled her up and started peeling off the white dress.

“Now it's my turn to eat you, my darling.”

When she said that, Alex whimpered and her beautiful eyes told me everything I needed to know.

She squealed as Vessa went down on her, her perfect ass in the air, belly hanging down to the bed.

Every now and then Alex would give off a cute “Hnnngg,” and writhed constantly on the bed, gripping bedsheets, pillows, anything in reach. I have no idea how long my wife sucked on that pussy but she was good on me with her tongue and always knew how to prolong a good cumming.

Suddenly, Alex pushed against Vessa's head to stop her and sat up in bed. She looked confused at the stewardess and went over to her. Alex whispered something into her ear then they both looked at me.

That was my cue.

By the time I was by the bed, I had stripped off my shirt and stood next to Alex. Alex looked up in my eyes and then down at my pants. Slowly, she unzipped me and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down. Inside my underwear was a hog just waiting to get out. Her eyes went wide and just stared at it not even bothering to look up at me. She stroked it over the material of the underwear and reached in through the front to pull it out but as much as she tried, she couldn't because it was fully erect. Instead, she licked her lips. She was frustrated and started yanking my underwear down like an impatient teen. After a few amusing tugs, I decided to help her and stripped off everything but my socks. Before I could take them off she was pulling me to the bed. She got on her hands and knees and rubbed her pussy.

“Be inside me,” she said.

I looked at Vessa; we were both confused. I think we both expected her to suck me dry, not this. I wasn't sure how my wife was going to feel about me properly fucking another woman.

I waited to let her decide because there was no way I was going to let something like fucking another woman come between us. I could tell she was really conflicted about it but then Alex started begging.

“Please... I need that cock. Please let me have it...”

Vessa melted at this and nodded her head at me.

The problem was we didn't have any condoms. Haven't needed any for a while now so I mouthed to Vessa: No condoms! and her eyes went wide.

Vessa stroked Alex's hair and said, “We have no condoms for you baby.”

Alex was getting irritated. I had no idea women got blue balls...

“If you won't fuck me without a condom, there's one in my purse! Hurry!”

Vessa grabbed a condom from the purse and pushed it down my shaft. It was a tight fit and didn't go far enough but I didn't wait any longer and I plunged it into the girl's cunt as hard as I could.

God it felt good. She was pretty tight and she let me know how good it felt for her by melting on the bed.

I pounded her hard and she managed pretty well to take a good fucking from me. She made soft noises each time I went all the way in and pushed back into me when I started to pull out. She really needed to get fucked.

I was pretty pent up from watching them for what was most likely a few hours on the bed and I'm sure she was ready to come. So I let her know:

“How are you doing baby. Are you ready for me?”

“Wait! No! Not yet!”

She pulled me out and turned around. It was ridiculous but she yanked the condom right off my cock and turned around again. She ground her pussy on my hips and whimpered again.

“When we come, I want you to be inside me.”

“What?! Why?”

“I want you to impregnate me. I'm ovulating and I want to look like her!”

“You want to have my baby?!”


I was stunned. Vessa was stunned. I had no idea what to do.


All I could do was look at my wife. Here I was fucking two women, one my pregnant wife and another literally begging to have my baby.

She sat up on the bed after I didn't do anything and said, “Please, give me a big, sexy belly...”

Vessa struggled but she got up to talk to me.

When Alex saw us whispering, she said, “Don't worry, I'm clean!”

There was no downside for me; I was never going to see the girl again and most likely she didn't want to see us again, so it all depended on Vessa. She told me she didn't want me to of course and we've never discussed this sort of thing before. It was hard to think, my cock had been rigid for so long now and Alex was putting a lot of pressure on us to hurry.

“Please, I just want to see myself grow like you and it's so hard to find someone when all you do is fly every day...” Alex said to Vessa.

I saw a different kind of pity wash over Vessa when Alex said that and she sighed silently, patted me on the back and nodded. She whispered, “Fill her up nice and full for me baby.”

I plunged my still-hard shaft inside the girl's pussy and watched her melt into the bed again. I held my cock inside her pussy for a good few seconds in between thrusts and she spoke after each pounding into the sheets: “It'”

I wanted to make the most of this moment so I pulled the girl's torso up to mine, turned her around to face me and thrust her down onto my cock as hard as I could. She kissed me as I supported her from her award-winning ass and I pulled her body into me.

Vessa started massaging my balls and whispering softly to me, “That's it Honey. Do a good job. Get her nice and pregnant, just like me. Put all your baby batter right inside that mean old empty belly for her.”

I didn't last long after that and I spurt buckets of cum into the girl's womb.

Shortly after, with both mine and my wife's juices sloshing around in the girl's belly, the poor girl passed out.
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Re: Vessa

Postby L86 » Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:41 pm

The next morning, Alex didn't say anything about what had happened other than that she promised not to abort if she were indeed pregnant. She didn't even mention that she wouldn't accompany us on our hike after all but of course that would have made for a wildly awkward day. After that, she gave us directions to the trail and a few hiking shops to buy gear from. I had expected her to change her mind of course and I was surprised to hear how committed Alex actually was. After we cooked her breakfast and a bit of awkward small talk, she left but I noticed there was a little more sex in her walk.

I knew that if I didn't confront the elephant in the room now, it was only going to get bigger later on so I decided to ask Vessa about what happened. “So...are you mad at me?”

She sighed and looked down at the ground for a while and said, “If anyone should be mad, it should be you. It's my fault for not spotting crazy in time and inviting her back here with us.”

That threw me for a loop.

“And if she's pregnant?”

“Then she's pregnant. Not much we can do about it now. Besides, I'm already growing three babies for you. Why not let her have some fun and make a little brother or sister for the girls? I can't be expected to do all your babymaking for you after all now can I?”

Well fuck me sideways. I did not see that coming.

I know to quit when I'm way ahead so I changed the subject as fast as possible and got us on the road looking for hiking shops.

When we found a good one, I was able to buy everything I needed pretty quickly but my wife had a few problems finding things that fit. Each item had a problem. Things that fit her chest or belly didn't fit her arms. Shorts that fit her ass were too small for her belly. I kept bringing her items for an hour until she had to eventually settle on a pair of incredibly short white, nylon booty shorts with a purple stripe down the side and a supportive sports bra over which she bought another half long-sleeve nylon tee, also white with a purple stripe. The shorts were so tight that I could see her lips but they were the only thing that even remotely fit her muscular legs, plump ass and womanly hips that didn't slip off her waist just underneath her belly (No shorts even came close to wrapping around stomach belly so she had to wear them under her belly swell. Apparently they don't make maternity hiking gear in Brazil).

I spent a long while scolding her about not buying something that covers her midsection as well but she just complained about always being too hot there anyway. Plus, it was hard enough finding something that fit her in the first place. Her measurements have always been a bit – uncommon and now they're doubly so due to her pregnancy. In fact, I had to help her stuff her tits into the nylon half tee in the fitting room and her tits needed so much material to cover them that there was only just enough shirt to cover her bra. Not only that, her hard nipples were always visible because of the how absurdly tight the nylon fabric clung to her tits.

While she was getting herself ready I secretly purchased a jacket for her in case she got cold. It was a little bigger than the coat she had so I knew it would fit her for the hike in case she needed it. I stuffed it into my new pack.

I bought the biggest pack I could find because I wasn't going to let her carry anything other than a hydration pack. We were only going to be gone for a day but it's better to be safe than sorry.

With all of that taken care of, we headed out and got a taxi to drive us to park where the trail begins. There were lots of other people there getting ready and I felt like they were all staring at Vessa as we walked up to the sign in. I couldn't blame them, she was quite a sight to see with her globe of a belly, plump tits and round ass jiggling with every boot step. She looked like she was trying to do her best impersonation of a blonde, pregnant tomb raider. Though my Vessa of course looked much better for a list of reasons too long to rattle off here.

I bought us a map, some more water and a cap sold at the souvenir shop to wear for the hike.

After that, we were on our way.

For the first couple hours, the trail was easy compared to an equivalent class three in Norway. Hardly a careful step was needed and I was making her take the trip much slower than we normally would go. She complained about this but I could tell she was grateful that I wasn't going fast. She has more of a sprinter's body and though she hikes better than almost anyone and though she bragged about her speed, she definitely has a harder time with longer distances these days.

About two hours in, we took a break to eat.

I brought lots of food since I knew she was going to want a lot to eat and indeed she did. Today she craved jerky for whatever reason and m&m's. Luckily we were able to buy in bulk before we set off. Vessa ate an entire one our packs of jerky and half a bulk bag of m&m's plus I think she drank half a gallon of water. I ate only a bit of granola. I knew she was going to eat a lot but I had no idea she was going to eat this much. So instead I decided to save most of what I was going to eat in case she wanted to have it later.

The strenuous work must have increased her appetite but I had taken that into account when I purchased our food. Maybe the babies were growing more today than usual.

After she was finished, she asked me to reapply her sunscreen which I happily agreed to. We were sitting on a large stone and I had her lay carefully back on it after taking off her water pack which I noticed was already almost empty. She looked so gorgeous laying there in the sun with her tits and belly sticking so far out from her body. I couldn't believe how big she had gotten. If I hadn't known better, I'd have said she as actually overdue. I guess the triplets just need a lot of room in there.

I took my time rubbing Vessa down with sunscreen cream all over until her body was slick and shiny with it. When I rubbed her legs I made sure to tickle her nub just a little so I could hear her giggle. We were off the trail and we hadn't seen many people around anyway.

After her legs, I smeared her warm belly which was still riding very high on her body despite its healthy size. It was smooth and firm and I felt strong kicks constantly from within and all over the expanse of her tummy.

“They're very active today,” I said.

“That's because Mommy's very active today!”

From here I covered her face and neck considering her chest and arms were already covered with her long sleeve half tee. She giggled again when I covered her nose and I took a moment to kiss my wife.

After that, I just had to do her back so I had her sit up with her legs dangling off the rock and I went around on the other side of the rock to rub her back down. Seeing her sitting there with her belly ballooned out and sitting in her lap, knees together made my day. I noticed when rubbing her back that it was really knotted and already tense from the day's walking so I took a few minutes to give her a back rub. I stroked the indented spot above her spine with my hand and kneaded her shoulders until she was nice and relaxed. After that, I went back to the other side of the rock, took her by the hips and helped her down. She kissed my cheek along the way and took the bottle from me, this time to rub me down.

She tried to bend down to put the lotion on my legs but was of course having a hard time doing so. It was cute to watch her though. I hopped up on the rock and she took some time applying the cream to me. As she did my legs, the cheeky girl rubbed me right up my shorts to my junk and gave my dick a nice stroke.

“Ooo, it's so hot in here,” she said with a wink.

“That doesn't need sunscreen, you know.”

“You never know, I could make you need it.”

“Then I'd just block the sun from it with you.”

She took her hand out of my shorts and said, “Mmm, you're so hot and sweaty. And you smell so good.”

“Don't get me going, babe. I'll make you finish me if you start. It was hard enough getting those clothes on you in the first place and we have a long ways to go. If they even qualify as clothes, that is.”

“Of course they do! All the normal spots are covered: my bum my boobs!”

“Barely. You're going to be all scratched by the end of the day.”

“Then I'll just get you to rub me down with some lotion!”

“You're driving me crazy. What's gotten into you today?”

“I know what hasn't gotten in to me today and that's you. We should fix that.”

“Jesus, pregnancy really messed with your hormones.”

“You have no idea.”

“Alright but we shouldn't have sex right here, we're too close to the trail. Let's keep going a ways and see if we can find somewhere better.”

“Okay. But you owe me one for rubbing me down like that you know,” she said. I could actually hear a desperate need in the way she said that.

We continued going despite my desire to stay for a while to take care of Vessa's needs so that we could keep some good time on the hike.

The trail became more difficult at this point since we were further from the base of the mountain. I was beginning to use my hands more often to keep my balance and kept looking back to watch Vessa's movements carefully.

We started the trail early in the morning and midday was creeping up fast on us. I couldn't see the sun due to the lush forest but we kept seeing people walking back down the trail coming the opposite way we were going which often happens when people can't make it all the way. Each time people passed us, I noticed them give Vessa a double-take, usually in as polite a manner as possible. It's not every day you see a sexy and very pregnant girl climb a mountain almost naked. One trio of young men in particular lingered for an uncomfortable amount of time staring up at my wife's ass before continuing on their way with perverted smiles. I was glad that she at least didn't notice their stares.

Finally we came to a wall that would not be so easy to climb. It was a straight vertical stone wall about twenty meters in height. I figured this wall was the single reason the trail was considered a class three hike because everything before it had been incredibly easy.

I could tell Vessa wanted to prove me wrong about her physique because she wasn't intimidated by the wall in the least. I didn't even bother asking whether or not she wanted to continue; I could tell by her radiant face that she was eager to go.

So I set to work putting on my harness and then helping Vessa on with hers. Then I began climbing up. I told her that I would climb all the way up first since I was heavier than her and wasn't going to take any chances. Though she was unhappy about being treated with so much chauvinism she didn't argue and found a rock to take a seat.

Luckily, it was an easy climb and only took a few minutes. I made sure the anchors were well placed and spaced close together and often. Even so the climb only took me about ten minutes.

At the top I took a look around and saw something I knew she would like. I climbed back down and gave each anchor a test with my full body weight.

Then at the bottom I gave Vessa a hand to start the climb. I gave her butt a strong squeeze when it was at my eye level which is when I noticed it: I could see the clear outline of a butt plug stuffed into her ass through the tight fabric of her shorts.

I gave it a push.

“Huunnggg! Don't do that! I'm climbing!”

“Sorry sweetheart. I couldn't help it. Have you had that in there the whole time?”



“I like how it feels. I've been keeping one inside more and more often now since New York.”

“Where'd you get it?”

“I asked Alex and she gave me hers. She left it in our hotel room.”

“You dirty girl. You wore that while hiking?”

“I cleaned it and yeah. How did you know I was wearing one?”

“It's real easy to see with how tight these shorts are Honey,” I said.

“So I've been walking around all day letting everyone know that I've got a plug shoved up my pregnant ass?”



I watched her wiggle her ass as she climbed up the rock face. When she was high up enough I started to climb using newly placed anchors in the walls below her; if for whatever reason her anchors didn't hold, I wanted to be able to catch her. Plus I got a view of some great eyecandy.

She had some trouble finding handholds on the rocks. Because her belly stuck out so far in front of her, she had to contort her body in strange ways to compensate. It took her about twice as long as she normally would have gone but after struggling, she made it to the top. I watched her strong muscles leg flex and strain to carry her ever-increasing weight along the face of the wall. Even her toned arm muscle bulged visably through the sleeve fabric of her shirt with each grip on the wall.

I was about halfway up the wall when she reached the top which is when I felt a hand grab my ankle. Vessa, now kneeling on the edge of the wall screamed.

I looked down and saw the young trio climbing right behind me. One of them was trying to pull me down and the other two were climbing alongside me. I hadn't noticed them as I was pulling up gear behind me. They must have been really fast and really quiet.

The one on my right caught up to me and said something in Spanish then yanked hard on my wrist.

“What are you doing?!” I yelled at him.

The one on my left, only about a head below me said in some very broken English, “We saw how much your pregnant whore likes getting fucked in the ass and so we're gonna fuck the shit out of her.” They each punched or kicked me a couple times in the sides and back as though to confirm what they wanted from me.

I also felt another pull on my right ankle from the third guy below me so I put all my weight on my left foot which was on a very sturdy foothold. As I pulled it up, it happened to hit the leg of the guy to my right. He got angry after losing some of his balance but recovered and tried to pull my wrist again. I resisted and instead kicked as hard as I could into his side. He lost his grip and fell at least fifteen meters to the ground.

The other two looked down in shock and climbed faster.

I waited and gripped the rock with my arms, ready to pull myself up to give a kick at a moment's notice. The young man to my left went around me after he saw his friend writhe on the ground far below us. He started climbing over me to get at my ropes and the one below me kept reaching for my legs. I gave his hand a good kick and he lost his balance.

One of my ropes came loose. Then I saw Vessa begin climbing down to help me. She looked angry.

After I saw her begin climbing down, I decided to ignore the guy below me and climbed as fast as I could to reach the one above me who was also, of course, the one that Vessa was going to reach first.

I went as fast as I could but the two men were just as fast. When the one above me reached Vessa, he grabbed at her ankle but she dodged him and landed a kick right into his face.

He let go of the wall and fell right past me but, holding onto one of my anchored ropes and gripping some more rope with my legs, I managed to catch his wrist with my free hand as he fell. He immediately looked up at me and tried to grab some rock. I wasn't going to let him find a secure hold so I swung him out a bit and gave his head as hard a kick as I could. I knocked him out.

Below me the third guy was again pulling out my equipment from the wall that I had put in there and he tried pulling me down again.

I angled the limp man in my grip right over him and yelled, “I'll let go!”

I don't think he spoke English because he kept pulling. I was angry enough that I didn't feel like giving a second warning and let the man loose right at his friend. He dodged his friend who then fell to the ground, no doubt breaking at least one leg in to a writhing mass.

The last one remaining looked down and then up at me and Vessa. He swore something in Spanish and climbed down very quickly. Then he ran off, into the woods.

My heart was pounding. I took a moment to calm my nerves and asked Vessa, who was also stunned to just wait at the top of the small cliff.

They had actually made my gear easy to pull up behind me by taking it out of the wall so it was only a couple of minutes before I joined my wife.

At the top she grabbed my arm and pulled me as up as much as she could and began looking me over for injury.

Other than the few good kicks and punches they got in, I wasn't touched and after she was satisfied checking me over, I held her close to me and thanked her for helping me out.

She stepped back and I saw a few tears fall down her soft cheek. “What did they want,” she asked.

“They wanted you, Baby! Couldn't you tell?”

“I don't know, they just said something that I couldn't hear then they just started attacking you!”

“It was just so crazy. What do we do now?”

“We keep going. We shouldn't let them stop us from enjoying ourselves.”

“We should head back and just go to the hotel. What if they return?”

“I doubt we need to worry about that. You of all people should know that two of them didn't fall that far without suffering major injuries. And that other one probably ran to avoid trouble.”

“Are they still there?”

We walked to the edge and peered carefully over to see.

There was no sign of any of them. Even the one I dropped was gone.

“Oh my god! What do we do?”

“It's alright. They're not going to come after us again,” I said.

“But they're not there!”

“I know but we're both healthy and fit and two of them broke every bone in their bodies. They're not going to attack us again. Don't worry.”

I of course had no idea what I was talking about and was amazed that the two on the ground were gone but I didn't think we should stick around that place so I picked up my pack, too my lovely wife's hand and started marching up the hill.

This time I didn't go slow.
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