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Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Create and share pregnant fantasies here.

Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Robert44hodes » Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:45 pm

Mothers are the ultimate fetish i have acquired and am looking forward to meeting and having intercourse with one. The idea that she has inside of her another human being is astonishing. And a pregnant woman with no fabrics or a single Article on her is simply pure beautiful and warm and alive, she actually has doubled the life that she had before her future newborn. I find it sacred and intimate.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby duelmater014 » Mon May 23, 2016 7:28 am

That site closed, is it anywhere else?
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby jfingers » Mon May 23, 2016 6:32 pm

I checked out and found nothing. Anywhere else it might be? It looks like a great story.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Chamber » Mon May 23, 2016 7:00 pm

Sheesh. Here you go.

Preteen Problems
by Andy
Chapter 1
When Heather arrived at Bobbie's house, Bobbie had been in her room looking into the mirror for some time. When Heather reached her bedroom door she saw through the crack in the door that Bobbie had taken off her shirt and was sporting a new bra. She knocked and went on in, a little turned on by what she saw.
"How do you like 'em Heather?"
"I can't believe it! It's only been a month since we started taking the pills. Mine have hardly began to bud ... but yours!"
The pills were the result of two eleven year old girls having fun during summer vacation. Actually, maybe not quite what you think. During the month of July, the weather is hot and there is little to do but stay inside and relax in the AC and watch reruns of TV shows that have been on since dust was cooling.
Like most suburban towns of major cities, there are abandoned buildings of various sizes and shapes and of many previous owners. There was one building that stood out from the rest; the hospital on the outskirts of town near the woods.
Heather and Bobbie had been two of the very bored TV viewers in Jasper. Exploring is usually a boy's adventure, but they had long since passed that off and set out towards the old Hospital.
After arriving, they had finally found a way in through the old emergency exit doors in the back of the building.
"Where are we headed now?"
"Up! We're going as far up as we can. I want to see as much of the town as we can from the fifth floor." Bobbie had been the more adventuresome of the two ever since the third grade when Bobbie had kissed Jason on the mouth simply because Heather had dared her to.
The stairs were filthy, but they finally made it to the top floor. To look out of the windows, they had to go into one of the rooms that was along one of the outer walls. The first door on the left was blocked, probably since before the Hospital was closed, but the second was open. The label above the door read 'Experimental Testing: fertility drugs and new technologies.'
"There's the windows, but I don't know if you can see out of them. They look kind'a dirty."
"Just help me up onto that counter so I can clean a spot off so I can look out."
You could see most of the town up there, but that lost its charm all too quickly. The girls started looking through the stuff that had been left in the room.
"Hey Bobbie, look at this."
"What are those? They look like boxes full of vitamin bottles."
"There's a label on the side of some of them. It says it's something to do with tests conducted on mice. There's even a warning on the side of the bottle. It says, 'Human consumption is not recommended. If consumed, induce vomiting and call a physician. Has been shown to cause enlargement of the mammary glands in mice and increase litter size.' I don't think this stuff sounds too safe. Let's go look around in one of the other rooms."
"Are you kidding? Didn't you get anything out of the talk they had with you last year? Remember what breasts are? ... they're mammary glands!"
"So?" Heather giving Bobbie one of those looks that like 'who cares!'
"What do you think would happen if I took one?"
"Well, for starts, probably get sick. This stuff is probably as old as we are. Surely you're not going to put one of those things in your mouth?"
"Dare me!"
"Why, and be the reason for you dying in an abandoned hospital? If you want to go ahead, but I think I'll just pass on by on this one. This isn't about kissing Jason, this is about possibly kissing death."
"OK, I'll do it!" And with that, Bobbie placed one of the vitamin-shaped pills in her mouth. It went down dry and seemed to get stuck about two-thirds of the way down the way most un-coated pills do.
"Would you like me to go get help now? or do you want to me dare you to go get help as well?"
"I'm fine; in fact, I'm going to take a whole box of these with me so I can see if the doctors who worked here knew what they were doing."
After leaving the Hospital, the girls had managed to take a box a piece over to Bobbie's house and store them under her bed. Not wanting to be left out of 'Bobbie's little experiment,' Heather had decided to take two a week just to say that she had taken some, but Bobbie was determined to take one a day.
Over the last four weeks, the two had been on their routine with the pills. When Heather came over the first month was nearing an end.
"I can't believe it! They actually worked! You have boobs!"
"Quite, and only because 'I' have been taking one a day. Most of the growth has taken place over the last week. My mom saw that I was developing and thought that it was time that I got a real bra instead of the training thing that I have been wearing. ... Yes, they're B-cups. I'm going into the sixth grade and I have real boobs!"
"Are you going to keep taking those things?"
"Why shouldn't I? I have looked and I have enough of the pills to take one a day for the next ten years."
And with that, school started the next Monday.
Jason was the first to notice Bobbie on the first day back at school. Bobbie noticed him looking at her out of the corner of his eye in homeroom. She threw her arms back and stretched so that her breasts stuck way out against her shirt and stretched the horizontal stripes vertical over peeks. She new she had go to him, but she wouldn't know that she had nearly made him wet his pants.
During the next two months, Bobbie continues to take the pills.
"Bobbie, how big are they now?" Heather was somewhat curious since Bobbie hadn't said much more about it since school had started.
"To tell you the truth, I'm somewhat disappointed. They have continued to grow, but not like that did back in August. Maybe they will be C-cup or bigger by December."
"Don't be too upset, you are the biggest in the whole school ... besides the teachers that is." Heather had wished she had taken the one-a-day dosage instead of the two-a-week. Hers were still stuck in an A-cup training bra while Bobbie's were straining against her B-cup and wanting to get out.
Just as things were cooling down for the fall, Indian Summer slipped in and heated things back up all over town. It was as hot as it was back in August and mid-summer. Heather and Bobbie got in a last swim over at Bobbie's house before the pool was closed for the Beginning of November.
"How do you like my new two-piece Heather?"
"You're just a big show-off, you know that? Please tell me you're still not taking those things! Honestly, you're big enough for the sixth grade, please save some for next year and let me catch up with you."
"Are you kidding? And give up the looks I have been getting? No way!" Bobbie drew her hands up her torso and up across her breasts and cupped them firmly to make her point. "Actually, I like the feel of them myself. I'm not going to give this up or the chance at more of this feeling."
After the Friday night swim, the girls took it easy over the weekend and both stayed at home and inside to get out of the untimely heat. Bobbie got up Sunday morning and went to the bathroom. She took off her shirt and panties to get into the shower when she glanced into the mirror.
Her face showed what she felt inside. Her breast had either swollen from something unknown or had grown further from the pills that she had been taking. They had grown at least an inch both side ways and out in front of her. She grasped her breasts and felt the nerve endings tingle deep within her. Her nipples, while small, did not lack the intensity of the rest of her breasts. For twenty minutes, she stood there in front of the mirror and felt sensations that she had never felt before.
The phone rang. When she composed herself and answered it, it was Heather. Her breasts had finally begun to grow, but in no way the same as Bobbie's rather perky C-cups; in fact, they really weren't C-cups anymore. They had been straining to get out of the B-cup bra for sometime, but she had been hesitant to tell her mom because she would think that something is wrong and that would require a trip to see the doctor. Now that out of the question.
It took some convincing to get her mom to not worry about her development and to go to the store to get another bra. It was what Bobbie had imagined. Her breasts had grown to nearly a D-cup but not quite. Her mother purchased the bra almost reluctantly but got it anyway.
When she got back home she called Heather with the good news.
"It must have been the cool dip in the pool the other night ... what do you think?"
"Could have been but at least it happened." Bobbie was unsure what exactly was going on with her body, but she was sure it had something to do with the pills that she had been taking. There was no other reason for it. Her family had no history of anyone over a D-cup and certainly nobody developing like this in the sixth grade!
Of course Bobbie turned heads Monday morning, the same way she did at the first of school but even more so. Jason and his friends were becoming nicknamed the pants-wetting-group. They only acted that way when she was in the room or when she walk by in the hallway. Bobbie liked the reaction that she was getting from the boys. The girls were less than pleased from the reaction, as could be expected. Bobbie had boobs, but none of the other girls were really breaking through except Heather, which, or course, they were suspicious of because Heather was Bobbie's best friend.
From end of October to the beginning of April, Bobbie and Heather's growth slowed down into an almost dormant state. Bobbie filled the D-cup on out and Heather got a B-cup to say that she was on her way to catching up, but nothing happened quite as substantial as had in the past four months.
The boys started to make their move on Bobbie toward the end of the school year. It was in May that Jason's long lived crush finally had its blooming toward Bobbie. He had remembered the kiss for over three years and watch her bloom, as if by magic, all year long. It was his time he tough to mark his territory and tell the rest of the guys to step back and get in line if ever there was another opportunity.
Bobbie was at her desk in homeroom when Jason walked into the room. She was wearing one of her horizontal striped shirts that had once fit some eight months ago. It was tight around her chest, and what a chest. On an eighteen year old it would have been a nice look and might even turn a few heads, but this was Bobbie - a twelve year old that nature didn't know when to say enough was enough.
He stepped up, stiff as always in her presence as most boy entering puberty in full swing. "Hey Bobbie."
"He ... hey, Jason. What's up?" As though she didn't know already. "What do you need?" She threw her arms back in that long-winded stretch that had become one of her trademark moves. He nearly split his pants!
"I was wondering if you, well, of course I don't know if you would want to or not, but, I was wondering..."
"You were wondering what?" She could tell he was somewhat embarrassed and very turned on. She leaned forward on her desk so that he got a peek at her ample cleavage.
Jason's eyes dove right on in. "...if may ... maybe you would like to come over and watch a movie Friday night?" By this time he was red in the face. This wasn't like a date or anything, they had been friends for a long time and lived practically in the same neighborhood for the last five years.
"Sure. But, maybe you would like to come over to my house, I have a pool and it's open for the summer."
The thought of seeing her in a bathing suit would throw him over the top and she knew that as well. "OK, we can do that, if that is what you would like to do..." He was nearly out of breath when he said that. His blood pressure was up so high that he thought that he would fall in the floor. "...OK."
The rest of the week went by slowly. It always does when there is something that you want to do on the weekend. Friday finally got there and Bobbie had told Heather to come over and watch from her upstairs window. She wanted Heather to see the fool Jason would make of himself when she unwrapped her towel and sat down by the pool.
Bobbie's parents had gone over to one of their friends' houses for the evening, so it was the perfect opportunity for Bobbie to strut her stuff. She put on her two-piece which showed much more that it did at the end of the last summer. It was tight up top, but then that was the way she wanted it tonight. She wanted cleavage to be seen from the moon if it could be.
Jason arrived and had no idea what was in store for him. Bobbie told him to go around to the back and wait at the pool and even get in if he wanted to. She said that she still had a couple of things to do before she got out there. She left the front door and went and took off the shirt and shorts that she had on which revealed a mostly naked body and enough cleavage to choke a horse. She wrapped in a towel and went to the back door.
Jason caught sight of her from the water and he didn't notice anything else the rest of the evening. She walked out and strolled over to where he was in the pool. She slowly undid the tuck in the towel and unrolled the towel from her body. The towel had been pushed away from her upper body for a good reason. Her breasts stood out inches from her chest and were hardly covered by the material of the bikini. Jason could only gasp at what he saw.
Bobbie sat down right in front of him and put her feet into the water. He came up to the side of the pool where she was and reached up to grab the side of the pool. She ran her hand down to his and touched his hand one finger at a time. During the whole episode, there was not a word spoken. She eased closer to the water and slowly let herself into the pool in front of Jason.
All of the time that her breasts had been growing, she had been the only one to touch them. Bobbie wanted someone else to make them tingle, someone else to make them swell, she wanted Jason to touch them. Jason was already monitoring his heart rate again. "Would you like to touch them?"
"Ah, ah, ah I I I..." gulp "...sure." He reached up and touched her left one with his right hand. It was more firm than he would have imagined. It filled his whole hand; in fact, it would have filled both his hands. It was then that he reached up with his left hand and touched her right breast. Same in texture, and just as big.
She made a motion toward him in the water, moving closer to him than he was expecting. With her right hand, she reached to her back and unlatched the bikini top. It fell loose in the water only being held on by his hands' grasp. He pulled away his hands and his mouth fell open at the gigantic, free breasts that were offered before him.
"Go ahead and touch them." Bobbie was getting turned on by the whole thing as well. She had even forgotten about Heather in the window. Heather couldn't believe that Bobbie was going that far, but that wouldn't be the half of the night in the pool.
Jason had touched them indeed! He had already pushed his face into them to see up close if they were actually real. Bobbie really should have made a end to the whole thing before it got out of hand, but she was enjoying the sensations that she was getting far too much to stop. It wasn't long before they were both on the stairs in the shallow end loosing it all in a wave of passion as two people can only experience once in their lives.
The pool was silent and still and Bobbie put her top back on and told Jason that he might want to sneak out before her parents got back. He kissed her one more time and then got out and went home. Heather was out on the floor of Bobbie's room ... shock of seeing the whole thing put her under.
The last three weeks of school were tough. Bobbie and Jason had that magic between them that made it hard to concentrate on their work in class. Bobbie had never quit taking the pills. She had got to expecting them as part of her routine in the morning. Her breast started to grow again toward the end of May.
Jason couldn't help but notice the changes in her over the tree months of summer vacation. Bobbie's bra finally got to be a hindrance rather than a help and she had to either cram them into the D-cup bra or either go braless. The later was the rule for the end of the summer. By the middle of August, even Bobbie had grown concerned about her size and how it might affect her later. It had even persuaded her to stop taking the pills for a while to see if that would stop the growth. It didn't.
The second week of August also brought concern from her mother. This had happened when Bobbie's mom had asked her why she wasn't wearing her bra. The look on her mother's face said it all. They went to the store to have her resized. She was an F-cup and not even in the seventh grade. And the worst part was that she was still growing!
The only doctor's appointment that could be gotten was during the first week of school in September. Until then, things would be tough around her house. Heather came over everyday or so to check on the progress with Bobbie. It was staggering how much she had grown in just twelve months. Just one year ago she was in a training bra, now she could hardly find one her size in the store.
The first day of school came with what she expected ... lots of stares! Going into the seventh grade meant one thing that scared her more than her now over-inflated breasts ... it was gym class. The girls in her class had already become cynical and telling her that she was just stuffing her bra now to get the same attention that she did the year before.
The second day of classes everyone had to dress-out in gym. When she arrived in the locker room, all of the girls, except for Heather, were waiting just inside the door. They watched her go to the bench, put her clothes down and then get ready to change.
"They're nothing but socks!" "We want to see the socks!"
Bobbie grabbed her shirt and pulled it off ever so slowly over he bouncing bosom. That did it! The girls shut up and never said another word. When she had pulled off her shirt, she had also planned and undid her bra. She grabbed the bra when she pulled up her shirt. Her breasts hung from her chest and reached down to the bottom of her rib cage. Spectacular they were, and everyone knew it, but Bobbie was beginning to feel the weight from the enlarged mammaries and quickly put her bra back on.
The doctor's appointment came up and Bobbie and her concerned mother went. The examination went well and everything was thought to be fine if it were not for one little test. The doctor went in and asked Bobbie a lot of questions and then went and told her mother. It was not a good time for anyone involved.
When Bobbie got home, she looked down at her abdomen. It was already starting to show signs of outward pressure from within. She called Heather and asked her to come over. When she got there, Bobbie was sitting on her bed with only a pair of panties on. Her breasts swung low and firm, very round and very large. Her frame was not meant for the breasts that she had grown, but that wasn't the most of here worries.
"Heather, you know that Jason and I have been seeing each other all summer long, right?" Heather nodded in agreement. "And you know all that we have done?" Again the nod. "Heather, I'm pregnant. Only eleven weeks pregnant and it's beginning to show."
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Chamber » Mon May 23, 2016 7:05 pm

Chapter 2
Heather just stared at her from across the room. It was hard to remove her eyes from those swollen breasts. "Bobbie, could you put a shirt or a towel on, they're staring at me."
"Oh, I'm sorry, Heather. There's just been a lot going through my mind the last couple of hours. I knew that something was up with my body, but I never imagined this!" Bobbie made a hand gesture toward her breasts and then at her abdomen and then back to her breasts again. Heather continued to stare at Bobbie's breasts. They moved each time she breathed in like a viscous liquid bound by a soft membrane. Bobbie broke the silence, "I still can't believe that I'm showing at just eleven weeks! It must have had something to do with those stinking pills!
"Don't you remember the warnings on the ja..."
"Of course I do! It said that it showed signs of mammary gland enlargement and an increase in litter size for mice. I'm not a mouse!"
"No, but your boobs certainly went right along with the warning. Did you find out anything else from the doctor?"
"I had to schedule another appointment for two week from Friday - that's nearly three weeks from now. His scanning equipment, or something like that, was broken and he said it would take that long to get another one or to have that one fixed."
"I guess that's what we get for living in Jasper."
Bobbie got up from her bed and walked over to her wall mirror. She stood sideways, allowing a profile shot for Heather to see and also for Bobbie to see in the reflection. She placed her hand on her abdomen and rubbed it slowly. "Do you think that there could be more than one baby in there?" She never looked at Heather, but the look on her face showed worry. Her mom had told her absolutely no abortion! Their family just didn't believe that way, and one mistake should not produce another.
Heather continued to look at Bobbie and the figure that she had become. Not even looking Bobbie in the face, "I don't know. I guess we will just have to wait until your appointment."
"Heather, I'm worried!" Bobbie was not crying, but the look on her face only got worse.

Bobbie walked into school the next day without her long face, but she hadn't quite put the situation out of her mind. She couldn't! No matter where she went or what she did, the problem was still going to be there, and only getting bigger.
Her shirt showed no signs of her belly at this point. Two reasons: her belly wasn't yet big enough to really be more than a pot belly on a young girl; and the fact that her breasts were so big that her shirt, once making it past them, never made it close to her body again.
Three of Bobbie's friends (at least, they had been friends before the locker room incident) were standing just outside her homeroom door. "Oh, Bobbie, your shirt's not tucked in." Laughter from the rest of the girls and even a couple of giggles from inside the room.
"You wouldn't know what to do if YOU had them would you?" Bobbie looked up and down the flat-chested girls as though they were on display in an art museum. "I didn't think so." Bobbie walked in and sat down at her desk. This had suddenly become exciting to Bobbie, because for the first time, her breasts now touched the top of the desk; in fact, she could actually set them down on the desk when she sat up in her seat. She would watch the boys as they walked by, catching sideways glances that the boys thought were never seen.
The sensations that Bobbie got during homeroom were enough to get her back to her old self, as far as showing off her chest was concerned. When the bell rang, she walked down the hall, books to her side so that her incredibly full figure stood out for everyone to see. She even caught the eyes of the principal and three teachers looking at her - two of which were women!

Gym again! The other girls didn't make a sound, they just watched as Bobbie took off her shirt and put on her other shirt for class. The size of her breasts mesmerized the girls. Not even their moms had chests like that! And all would have been fine for Bobbie the rest of the day if it were not what she heard from the hallway spoken by one of the coaches. ", well, I think that I'll take the girls over and try volleyball this morning..."
Bobbie knew what that meant, and ouch was right! She knew better than to jump up and down with her now larger than large chest. The last time she had run had been four weeks ago, and it had left her sore for three days - and she had grown since then.
She walked out into the gym with the rest of the girls. The coach went through the details of volleyball and even gave some examples of how to hit the ball with one of the other coaches helping out. When the coach made them all take the court, Bobbie got in the back corner, hoping that nobody would hit the ball anywhere near her, so she wouldn't have to jump.
As luck would have it, the first serve came right at her. More out of reaction and self-defense, she reached up to hit the ball. The ball went nearly straight up and came down near the net on her side of the court. Bobbie still had her hands up in the air from the hit when the teacher told her that she could end the free show now. She opened her eyes and saw that everyone on that side of the gym was staring at her chest. In the two seconds from the serve being made until Bobbie's return was on its way up, her breasts had jumped out of the bottom of her bra and now lay on her belly, reaching just past her ribcage. To make matters worse, her shirt had flown up with her bra and now rested on top of her breasts.
Now everybody had seen what she had been trying to hide. Not her breasts, that was obvious for anybody watching even from the moon to see them wobble and shake as she walked. No, it was her belly; now enlarged enough to give a picture as to what was happening. "That girl's P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!" One of the girls said, spelling it out for the whole court to take in. "Well, I guess that explains Miss Bobbie-Big-Tits!" It was one of the girls from that morning in homeroom that Bobbie had looked up and down at. It was true, she was pregnant, nearly a whole three months!
It was truly a sight to behold! She pulled her shirt down and went as fast as she could to the locker room. She could still hear her classmates talking about what had just happened. Now she thought, 'I can use the pregnancy excuse to stay out of gym! - I have to!' She hadn't even thought about it until just then! It had just been a number of hours since she found out anyway and her mom was still in shock from finding out to call in and talk to one of the principals about the situation. She guessed it wouldn't wait any longer.
Jason had been one of the students in the gym at the time of the incident, although on the other side of the gym. When her shirt flew up and over her breasts, he gasped and stood in shock, nearly getting hit in the head with a basketball; he had become lost to the game that he was involved with. Her breasts protruded from her chest and rolled down her twelve-year-old figure over half way to her waist. But what he saw made him stare even harder. He knew the possible consequences for what he and Bobbie had been doing all summer, and this was proof that he would soon have to be answering some questions that he didn't want to answer.
He watched Bobbie trot out of the gym and turn the corner going toward the locker rooms, and he nearly started to go after her, but the coach blew the whistle and he came back to reality and the game. The rest of the day the situation bothered him why she hadn't told him. He would get to the bottom it, but his job was to stay out of the spotlight for a while and find out >from Bobbie herself if what he saw was what he thought it was. The last thing he wanted was his parents to know before he did.

Through the next few days, when Bobbie got home from school, she would go upstairs and shut herself into her bedroom. Undressed, she would look for any signs of change in her body. It was there, slow, but it was there. In one week, her tummy had grown. Now just twelve weeks into an irreversible journey that she would suffer alone.
Jason now knew that it was true, but it worried him like it worried Bobbie that there was almost definitely more than one baby growing inside of her. One baby inside of a twelve-year-old girl is a hard pickle to swallow, but two or three? And she had told him that every day she was getting a little bit bigger - noticeably so! He asked her so many questions over the phone that she had to tell him to slow down. After they had talked for a while, Bobbie told him that she would keep him informed about everything and every one of them. The last part didn't impress Jason.
Heather came over in the afternoons, because school had dealt the best friends a bad blow. For the first time in seven years, they were in totally different classes. This didn't mean that they didn't see each other in between classes, but in each class, Bobbie would have to go through this whole thing alone, at least, as long as her belly would let her stay in school.
The next two weeks went by very slowly for Bobbie. Heather was excited about the whole thing, and unknown to Bobbie, was even becoming turned on by the whole idea of how many babies were growing inside her best friend. The growth continued over the next two weeks, reaching a point where Bobbie's breasts, despite their dramatic size, now barely covered the evidence that she was in fact pregnant. Her breasts were even starting to ride up on her belly, making them look even bigger, as if they needed any help!
Bobbie even let Heather feel her ever-expanding belly in the afternoons so she could feel the slight movement that was already occurring by the end of the fourteenth week. Heather guessed that there might be three or even four babies inside Bobbie's belly, and each time she raised the number, Bobbie's face became a little less joyous.
"Heather, I want you to get rid of the rest of those pills for me. Will you?" Bobbie pointed toward her bed and the boxes that were hidden under it. She had had enough - literally! "But do it slowly, like a bottle an afternoon. I don't want them finding out that I was a self-made science experiment."
"OK, I'll do it. Where do you want me to put them?"
"I don't care, just don't take any! You'll end up like me, a freak with a bazillion babies inside you." Bobbie rubbed her belly with both hands, now looking at least five months gone. "I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow, the doctor's appointment is then. I'll phone you when my mom and I get back." Bobbie continued to rub her belly, not knowing if she liked the feeling or not. She supposed she would have plenty of time to find out.
Heather was already thinking about getting rid of the pills now. The more she looked at Bobbie's chest, the more she thought about the possibilities. Common sense went out the door and so did a bottle of the pills that evening as Heather went home.

At the doctor's office, Bobbie and her mother had already gone into one of the examining rooms toward the back of the building. The doctor finally came in and told Bobbie to take her shirt off and lie down on the table on her back. Three weeks before, he had determined that her breasts were perfectly normal, just the result of a hormone increase of some kind, although what kind was still debatable.
As she raised her shirt up, the doctor took a step back. He knew from the previous tests that she couldn't be more than three and a half months. "How did this happen?" Almost in a whisper, not even audible to Bobbie and her mom. Avoiding her swollen breasts, he put his hand on her belly and could feel the slight movement. "Have you been feeling this for long?"
"Only the last four or five days. I've noticed it for sure over the last three." She could sense that something just wasn't right in the doctor's tone.
"Let me get the sonogram equipment in here and we shall discover just what, err - how many are in there." He left and was shortly back with the machine. It was on a dolly and had two or three cords leading from it. He plugged one into the wall, the other into a monitor. The third had a scanning device on the end of it. He smeared a jelly-like substance on her expanded belly and turned the machine on.
The screen was fuzzy at first, but then the images started to come in. The doctor, with shocked face and shaking hand, moved the instrument back and forth until he stopped. He looked at some of the images that had printed out and then turned the machine back on and started the procedure again.
"Just what's the problem?" Bobbie raised up a little until she could see the screen a little better. There was a lot of movement on the screen.
"No real problem, miss. We've had cases like this before, just not quite this many at one time before." He looked at her mom with a somewhat worried expression. "Have you ever heard of super-ovulation?" Her mom looked like she had never heard the term. "Well, this is the process of a woman, or a girl as in this case, who ovulates more than six eggs at one time due to a rise in hormone levels at the time of intercourse. This is probably the same hormone rise that has made Bobbie's breasts so enormous."
Bobbie, looking more concerned by the second, broke in, "How many?" She had now raised up on the table resting on one elbow.
"It's hard to tell at this point, but from what I have seen, at least seven."
With this, Bobbie just lay back down on the table. Her mom was as far back in her chair as she could get. Bobbie just repeated to herself, softer and softer, "seven, seven, seven." She had mixed feelings at this point. It was the time to choose between ending this now and continuing. Mom or no mom, this was a state of her personal health now and most of all, a choice for the mother carrying the babies. The thought ran through her head, no school for the rest of the year. They'll make me stay home in this condition. A chill went down her back; she was worried about the number of babies growing inside her, while at the same she wondered just how large she would get if she continued to full term. "Mom, I'm going to go through with it!" Her mom fell right out of the chair and onto the floor.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

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Chapter 3
Heather got home later that evening with the first of many of the bottles of pills to dispose of. All the way home, she had heard Bobbie's voice, "don't take any of the pills...bazillion babies inside of you..." On the other hand, Heather couldn't get her mind off Bobbie's breasts either. They were huge! On an eighteen or nineteen-year-old they probably would have looked big, but slightly more at home. On Bobbie, they were just huge and so inviting looking.
After some personal debate, Heather sat down on her bed and glanced across her room into her mirror. What she saw was a pretty but still flat chested twelve-year-old girl. She looked down at the bottle in her hand and unscrewed the top. The pills were not that big, about the size of a Vitamin C. She poured a few out in her hand and looked at them. She thought to herself, if Bobbie took one a day and got breasts like that: if I take more everyday, mine should be much bigger than hers. With that being her aim, Heather slid all but four back into the jar and went to the bathroom. With one of the small bathroom cups, she took all four of the pills, washing them down with a full cup each. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it tight across her chest, looking at herself in the mirror. "I guess Bobbie won't be the only one looking in the mirror from now on," Heather said under her breath.
Heather went on with her usual routine the rest of the evening, eating dinner with her family and then doing homework and getting ready for bed. Right before bed, Heather thought about the bottle of pills again. Without hesitation, she went into her room, opened the jar, took out three more pills and went to the bathroom, following the same steps she did before. After that, she went to bed and then quickly to sleep.
Bobbie was continuing to go to school, but was starting to show. All of the girls were starting to point and laugh, and the attention that Bobbie had once enjoyed from the boys was now turning into resentment and pain. The sensations that she was getting from her ever-expanding belly far out-weighed their ridicule though.
Walking down the hallway, Bobbie would receive stares from everyone, including teachers and principals, the head principal of which was becoming concerned. He didn't much care for a pregnant seventh grader being in his school, but the concern was for the school's liability. He didn't want the school to be brought into a court case because the school did not meet the needs of a particular student, even though the situation was all her fault.
Little did Bobbie know that Mr. Brady, the principal, was already putting the paperwork together to allow her to be home schooled at her parents option and at his personal request. Bobbie was already finding it harder to get around. She had put on a good bit of weight over the last few weeks and her legs and feet knew it. When she got to class, she would sit down very slowly in her desk and then work her way into the chair so that she could sit forward. It was tight, but she could still manage.
And so went the sixteenth week. The Friday of the seventeenth week, Bobbie found herself wedged into her desk at the end of History class. All she could think of was that she had eaten a big lunch that day and that had been just an hour and a half prior to that. She managed to slide out, but not without giggles from the girls sitting nearby. Bobbie thought that if she could make it through the next class, she would take Mr. Brady up on his request of home schooling.
When Bobbie's mom picked her up at school that afternoon, she knew that Bobbie wasn't going to last very much longer at school. "Bobbie, I talked to Mr. Brady again today. I think that it would be a good idea if you stayed home starting on Monday." Bobbie wasn't surprised at the statement; in fact, she quite welcomed it. The day had not gone well for her, and she liked the option of sitting at home in bed most of the day feeling her belly and breasts as they continued to expand.
From the beginning, Bobbie's mom had not felt comfortable with the idea of having a pregnant twelve-year-old daughter, but she didn't believe in abortion either. This situation had given the issue a whole other perspective. She didn't know if she was doing the right thing by allowing Bobbie to continue with the pregnancy or to put her foot down and tell her that she really needed to end it. Unfortunately, at this point in the pregnancy, the decision had already been made for her. There was no turning back after the fourth month and this was getting to be the middle of the fourth month. Bobbie's mom and dad were having to realise that they were going to go through this whole thing with Bobbie even if Bobbie thought that she was all alone on the issue.
When they got home, Bobbie's mom called the school before Mr. Brady left for the day. He was more than supportive of the issue; after all, it had been his idea from the beginning. Starting on Monday, Bobbie would start receiving tutoring at home.
Heather was yet to hear this news; in fact, Heather had been more than a little preoccupied with other issues. One of which was a boy that she had meet just a couple of weeks before. His name was Steven and Heather thought that he was the best thing since sliced bread, but she wasn't going to carry this thing too far, she remembered Bobbie's situation and was determined not to follow in her shoes. She was disappointed in the lack of results that the pills had been giving her. At this point, she was taking as many as five and six up to three times a day, but still with no real results. Her breasts had grown, but only by a fraction of an inch and she attributed that to being that time of the month.
Heather couldn't ask Bobbie for advice, that was out of the question. She had managed to get all of the bottles from under Bobbie's bed and place them under her own. As far as Bobbie was concerned, Heather was getting rid of the pills - she thought that her friend had more sense than to take the pills after the example that she had set before her.
Jason had managed a couple of times to sneak over and into Bobbie's room (with the help of Heather). Heather would help make the way clear so he could visit Bobbie without her parents ever knowing. Her parents had asked her several times who the boy was but Bobbie had kept her mouth shut on the issue. She didn't want Jason to be dragged into this situation unless there was just no other way.
When Jason got over to see Bobbie early in the eighteenth week, he couldn't believe his eyes. She was slowly swelling up like a balloon - three of them. Her T-shirt was stretched way out, leaving no wrinkles or seams, and her breasts were showing quite clearly on top of her growing belly. Bobbie had not been wearing a bra for a couple of days now. Her breasts were so big they wouldn't fit into her bra and it was very uncomfortable when they had.
Heather gave them a few minutes alone in Bobbie's room. Jason ran his hands along Bobbie's belly and then up and over the top of it where the breasts protruded like hills beside a mountain. "They really have grown, Bobbie, and so have the babies!"
"I know, believe me." Bobbie grinned as she said it, enjoying the rub-down more than Jason. Bobbie's nipples began to enlarge and harden as her breasts swelled slightly. Jason was definitely turning her on. Bobbie thought that sex might be out of the question seeing as her parents were in the house, but there would be other opportunities for that later, although Bobbie knew she wouldn't be able to move as easily from this point forward. Her breasts had already grown nearly a fifth larger than they had been before Jason had come in, and were still enlarging, but Heather came in and said that it might be a good opportunity for Jason to leave since Bobbie's parents were both tied up out in the garage.
"I'll come by and see you in a few days Bobbie," Jason told her as he kissed her and waved good-bye.
"You know where I'll be, I mean, I'm not going anywhere." Bobbie waved him good-bye as Jason left the room. Bobbie slowly got to her feet and went to the window and watched as Jason tried to sneak through the bushes and trees to the road. She watched him make his get away and then turned around to Heather. Heather was standing there looking at Bobbie the same way that a dog might look at a piece of red meat. She was hungry for her turn to rub the ever-growing belly. Bobbie stretched her arms back, pushing the T-shirt to its limits. Heather saw the bellybutton protruding through the shirt and the nipples on her now huge breasts sneaking a peek out through the tight weave of the material. Heather thought that if Bobbie kept growing at this rate, she wouldn't be able to stand in another week or so.
"You did get rid of the pills, didn't you, Heather?"
"Yes, Bobbie. That's the tenth time that you have asked me this week! I got rid of them all!" Heather was trying to play the game right. Bobbie knew when Heather was lying, so Heather was doing her best to not let anything slip in a way that might give her away.
Bobbie looked back at Heather and said, "Well, would you like to feel them? They are really growing now!" She could see Heather almost jump toward her, not even letting her sit down before Heather had her hands all over Bobbie's belly. Heather was massaging it like a huge crystal ball and, of course, Bobbie was enjoying the rub-down - even if it wasn't Jason that was giving it to her.
Heather left an hour later and went home for her evening routine. Another five pills when she got to her room and another five when she went to bed. Lying there in bed she started wondering. She wondered if the pills had different effects on different people or if they worked on different time tables for different people. Then it hit her - what would be the effect on a guy? She had enough of the pills for ten people. She lay awake for several hours thinking how she could get Steven to take some of the pills. She also decided to increase her dosage the next day. For all she knew, Bobbie had taken quite a few more than one-a-day and had just not told her. Heather was getting turned on right there in her bed. "Yes, tomorrow will be an interesting day. I wonder what Steven likes to eat?" Lost in thought, Heather went to sleep with a tingling in her breasts.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

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Chapter 4
"My, you're up early this morning," Heather's mom was shocked that her daughter had beat the 6:15 alarm that she usually set the night before.
"I know, but I wanted to get on to school this morning and work on a science project that a couple of us have started." That was half true, at least, as Heather's science project had already covered a whole year, and the results were excellent - at least, for Bobbie. She was looking forward to seeing Steven again. Heather and Steven had been seen together quite often at school for the last couple of weeks, but technically they were not an item. Heather was wanting to change that.
Upon arriving at school, Heather went on to her homeroom and sat down. Steven was in her first class of the day and she had to work out how to entice him over to her house for the afternoon one day that week. She wanted to bribe him with food, but that just seemed too girlish, even for a girl. Finally she came up with a plan that might take off if she could get him interested enough.
The bell rang and students filled the hallways from one side of the school to the other. After crossing over two halls and going down another, Heather got to her first class - Algebra. One of her least favorite subjects, but on the other hand, Steven had the highest grade in the class. Soon after she had found her seat next to the window at the far side of the room, Steven walked in and came over and sat down in his desk, which was, of course, just in front of Heather.
"So, how goes it this morning?" It was Steven's usual perky introduction. He was a little perkier than usual after seeing Heather, in his own special way. Heather couldn't help but notice.
"Trying to make a big intro this morning, Steven?" Heather glanced down from Steven's face for a moment to let him know that she could tell his happiness, and then back to his face. "Have you done the homework for this week yet?"
"I did it all Monday afternoon." He opened up his notebook, producing a perfectly written sheet of paper with all of the numbers and symbols spaced evenly and correctly on the page. "No sense in waiting to the last minute." He smiled at Heather, and then the tardy bell rang.
Toward the end of class on Thursdays, the teacher, Ms. Sharky, a relic of the sixties and highly knowledgeable of the subject, would allow a study session in which she would answer questions for the students and even allow the students to work together - as long as it was about math. "Steven," Heather decided to make her move after Ms. Sharky had sat back down, "could you help me on this problem?"
"Sure, what is it?" He turned around and Heather was looking right into his eyes.
"I was wondering if you would like to come over and watch a movie tomorrow night?" It was a little more blunt that she had anticipated it being and certainly a little louder.
"Heather! I've told you before, keep your conversations on math. That's what the hallways and lunch breaks are for." Ms. Sharky had never even looked up from the papers that she was grading. Heather was more than a little embarrassed about the whole statement.
Steven continued to look Heather back into her eyes. Cindy, sitting beside Heather in the next row of desks broke in, "Nothing like being blunt, Heather! Maybe you should have hit him over the head and drug him home by the hair?" Giggling through her nose, Cindy turned back to her papers, catching a glare from Ms. Sharky looking through the top of her reading glasses.
Steven looked down at Heather's paper and started to write. 'Tell me when and where. All you have to do is let me know. Steven' Then he said, "Now, what was the problem that you were having?"
Heather's eyes watered and, after being so embarrassed, she was a little choked up. She finally managed to whisper, "No problem, I think I have it worked out now." Grinning from ear to ear, she couldn't take her eyes off him. The bell rang and then the trance was over. She talked with Steven all the way to her next class where he left her and went to the gym for PE. All she could think of the rest of the day was how busy she was going to be getting things ready for Friday night. Still grinning, she opened her book and started reading her History - she wouldn't need help the rest of her classes the rest of the day.
The end of the day found Heather at home in her bedroom. She had already taken her afternoon dosage of the pills and was constantly awaiting the arrival of her new breasts, hoping that at any moment, her breasts would rise from her chest and tear through her shirt. Taking one of the full bottles of the pills, she was grinding the pills up into a powder in a mixing bowl she had retrieved from the kitchen earlier. The final volume of the pills was around one half cup and looked like coarse ground corn meal. She was hoping that she could incorporate the powder into something that she could feed to Steven and then sit back and watch for the results.
After running through several things that she could fix, she finally decided on a reliable treat that was guaranteed to work - brownies. She would substitute some of the flour in the mix with the ground-up pills and see what happened.
Heather had already mentioned to her mom that she had asked Steven to come over to watch a movie. Her mom had first hesitated, but then felt that it would be OK if they were to stay in the living room and keep the lights on. There was no sense in promoting dating at this early age, but this wasn't a date really. It was probably just a crush that wouldn't last longer than a couple of weeks. Her mom had been twelve years old once too and she knew what was going on.
Actually, her mom had no idea about what was going on. While Heather's parents went to the store, she sneaked into the kitchen and started work on the brownies. She wanted to make sure that they were going to turn out OK so she wouldn't be in a rush the next night right before Steven came over.
The next day at school, told Steven that it was OK with her parents for him to come over and watch the movie. He had known where she lived for a couple of years now - it was just a couple of streets over. It was one of those bits of information that he had but never thought that he would use. It was all set up for Steven to come over at 6:00 that evening.
The movie was Airplane. She thought that her mom might not like the idea of a romantic movie and certainly not one with love scenes in it. And the fact that Steven loved funny and stupid movies - Monty Python and the Holy Grail was his favorite of all time. They sat and watched and ate brownies. She couldn't believe that Steven ate as many as he did. She didn't think that it would hurt his figure any, but at any rate, it was something to watch him eat six of them.
"These brownies sure are good, Heather. What did you put in them?" He looked at her and smiled at the rhetorical question.
"Just followed the directions on the box - glad you like them!" Heather looked down at the plate and ate the last one from the original eight that were on the plate. "You must have not eaten any dinner tonight."
"Oh, I ate, but I've just been hungry this week. That happens sometimes. I won't eat much next week I guess." He shrugged his shoulders and turned back to the TV. It was the scene that her mom had forgotten was in the movie. The waitress ran in front of the camera, naked, shook her boobs back and forth and then ran off of the screen. Steven's eyes got big and Heather noticed that some of the rest of him did too!
"You like 'em big Steven?"
Steven blushed, but produced a small grin. "Your friend was pretty big."
"Yea, you ought to see her now." Heather saw what turned him on.
"I haven't seen her at school lately. Is she OK?" Steven had been more than interested in Bobbie's condition, but had never brought up the subject, afraid that others would think him just a little weird.
Heather looked back at him, "She's OK, just very large right now." She was using her arms and hands to portray how big Bobbie had gotten the last time she had seen her.
Steven's eyes got even bigger and his pants were getting tight. Heather was enjoying teasing him. This was a big turn on for her. She adjusted the position of her hands to give the invisible Bobbie a pair of breasts that were two or three sizes bigger. Steven was sweating visibly. "Would you like to see her?" she purred huskily.
Steven twitched in the chair. Heather knew she was making him uncomfortable. "Come over later this weekend and I will take you over there." That made him breathe deep and then look at Heather. "We're best friends, I'm sure that she won't mind." Heather smiled and touched his hand with her own. "How about Sunday afternoon?"
Steven looked at her and then adjusted his position in his seat again. "OK." He wanted to see Bobbie, but he didn't want to let on to Heather that he was anxious.
The rest of the evening went on, finishing with the crash landing of the plane and everybody assuming crash positions. Steven's pants stayed tight the rest of the night - he couldn't get his mind off what Heather had proposed to him. Heather was noticeably turned on as well. Her nipples had been showing for the last forty-five minutes of the movie. She knew he could see her nipples sticking out. If only she'd had the breasts to go with them!
Steven went home soon after the movie was over. He thanked Heather for the evening and the good brownies. "Come back and have some more next week." Of course she knew her mother wouldn't like the idea of this becoming a weekly event between them. She watched Steven walk down the road and out of sight, and then went back inside, wondering what effects of the pills would have on him.
Later Sunday afternoon found Heather and Steven walking over to Bobbie's house. "...Steven, like I said, I don't think that she would want you staring at her in her own bedroom. Just take care of my dad's binoculars. I don't want something to happen to them - I'd be grounded for a month!"
"OK." Steven looked down at the binoculars in his hand imagining what he would see on the other side of Bobbie's window. "I just climb the tree beside her house and that will give me a view right into her room?"
"Right. Just be careful and quiet and maybe it will be dark enough that nobody will know you're up there." She looked back at Steven with a reassuring look. "I think you're going to like the view!" She smiled, and glanced down at Steven's pants and noticed something moving. She couldn't help but grin, she was finding out she could turn this boy on with just a few well-chosen words - and herself, too!
Steven sneaked around to the tree beside Bobbie's house while Heather went to the front door. Bobbie's mother let her in and told Heather that Bobbie was lying down on her bed up in her room.
Heather went to Bobbie's door and knocked. There was no answer so she slowly turned the knob and quietly opened the door. She glanced around the room, noticing that everything was the same as the last time she had been there. But on the bed was a sight that took away Heather's breath. Bobbie was asleep, lying on her back on top of the covers. Her shirt was pulled up and her fingers were locked together on top of her belly - and what a belly! Her hands obviously couldn't reach her now protruding bellybutton in the way they were connected. Her skin was tight and almost shiny, leaving the impression that you could touch it and not mash it in. The shirt was bunched up around her chest and appeared to be stuffed with flesh underneath. Her head seemed dwarfed by the sheer mass of her torso.
Upon seeing the figure before her on the bed, Heather quietly entered the room and shut the door behind her. She could see that Bobbie probably was going to have a hard time standing on her own two feet without help from someone. She walked over to the bed and looked down on Bobbie's belly. It was wider than her body now by a couple of inches, and quickly catching up with her breasts in that dimension.
She reached down and touched Bobbie's belly. It was as hard as it looked. The skin was even shiny in the light, but it appeared that Bobbie had been using lotion to keep her skin smooth around her growing offspring. Heather's hand rubbed Bobbie all over and then she stopped abruptly when she heard Bobbie cough and start to wake up.
"Bobbie, you've grown!"
"Yea, tell me about it. A few days ago, I went to the kitchen to get something to snack on, because I was kind of hungry. After all, I'm eating for nine!" She grinned a little and patted her belly a little bit with her right hand. "But then I was still hungry so I went and got some more. I think that I ate everything that I could find. That was right before bedtime on Thursday night. I guess I grew during the night - or they did!" Once again she patted her belly. It didn't jiggle like a fat belly would, it just made a slapping sound like whacking somebody on the back.
"Can you get up?" Heather was beginning to get a little turned on by the story.
"I did yesterday, but I haven't tried today. I guess I was tired from yesterday." She stuck out her hands for Heather to help her sit up. This turned into quite a strain for the both of them. After a couple of minutes of rocking and pulling, Bobbie was sitting up on the edge of the bed. Her belly was much larger now than when she was on her back. It extended out over half the distance to her knees, and at least that far in every other direction. Meanwhile, her breasts were growing out of control. From the size that they had been on the Wednesday before, they seemed to have grown nearly one third more in length and girth.
After a couple of moments Bobbie blushed a little and her voice dropped to a whisper, "My breasts are producing milk." She had a smirk on her face that was hard to tell if she was worried or entertained. "There has been a white liquid coming out of the nipple area. I guess that's what it has to be, I don't know anything else it could be. I haven't mentioned it to my mom yet. It would just give her something else to worry about."
Bobbie's shirt was visibly wet around the ends of her breasts. "Is that why your shirt is wet?" Heather motioned toward Bobbie's shirt that was stilled pulled up over her belly and bunched up around her breasts. She put out a hand and reached for one of the wet areas on the shirt, but her goal was to feel - and possibly get a hand under - one of Bobbie's breasts.
"I guess so. It's been going on for the last couple of days too. My breasts are getting very, very heavy, and really full and round. I don't know what's going to happen to them over the next four months at this rate - if I make it four more months." Bobbie was rubbing her belly as she talked. She seemed to enjoy it, a little too much. Bobbie didn't stop Heather's hand from making its way around her swollen breast. In almost a whisper, "try not to mash it, it makes the milk come out." Bobbie's blush had gone and she was now enjoying the turn on that she was getting.
Heather was getting turned on herself but her nipples popped out when she remembered Steven up in the tree. She bent down and started rubbing Bobbie's swollen belly, receiving a huge grin from Bobbie. Bobbie's nipples hardened and started to drip the liquid that she had just mentioned.
Outside in the tree, all of this was just too much for Steven, who had gone into hormone overdrive. The term blue-balls did not apply to him anymore. He was not only suffering from lack of release, he was suffering from a lack of room in his pants. He had never been so turned on in his life. The sight of Bobbie was too much, but when Heather started to feel her belly, that put him over the top.
Steven fell out of the tree!
"What was that noise?" Bobbie looked toward the window.
"Probably just a squirrel. They live in trees you know."
"Must have been a big squirrel!" Bobbie made an effort to get up from the bed, holding onto the bedpost. After a couple of moments, she made it to her feet, stood for a couple of minutes and sat back down. "These kids are getting heavy."
Heather looked at her in envy. Those breasts were so huge and she wanted a pair just like them. She glanced back toward the window, "I'll look." Heather looked toward the bottom of the tree and saw Steven lying there on his back. Thinking quickly, "Bobbie, I guess I better go on home. I will be by to see you in a day or two."
Heather had turned toward the door and was walking out when Bobbie spoke, "Yeah, please come by and see me, and see if Jason could come by too. I need him right now. I want him right now!" Bobbie was obviously turned on by her situation. Her constant growing had turned her on!
Heather got to Steven under the tree. "What happened?"
He was looking up at her with a grin on his face. "Come here, you." He put out a hand to her and she knelt down beside him on the ground. "No, come here." He reached up with his other hand and pulled her on top of him.
She got the idea quickly and found herself kissing him and he was kissing her back. Steven had a surprise for her. His pants were already undone and his youthful manhood had already started its way out and toward her. He unzipped her pants and started to slide them down. At that moment she realized what was going on, but couldn't resist because she was so caught up in the moment. Before she knew it, he had already got past her panties and had placed himself inside the front door.
The next fifteen minutes would be replayed many times in Heather's head that night as she was lying in bed. "How did he get so big? Why could I not stop when I know the consequences? Will I be as big as Bobbie? Bigger? - Why did I take the pills?" Heather couldn't sleep, the thoughts had become too much.
A couple of streets over, Bobbie lay in bed retracing the scenes from just a couple of hours before, when she had watched Heather and her boyfriend underneath the tree in her side yard. She had always remembered Heather as being a sensible person, not taking chances or doing stupid things. Now the issue of the pills began to sink in and run through her head. "If Heather was capable of having sex in my yard, surely she was capable of taking those stinking pills!" She spoke out of frustration, knowing that she had warned her, but then, Heather was turned on by the whole idea of huge breasts and expanding bellies - it wasn't hard not to tell when her hands were treating your belly and breasts like play things!
Bobbie realized that she was getting hungry again and reached over the side of her bed and brought out a box of cookies. She had hidden several boxes of her favorite cookies and chips beside her bed a few days ago. Between her bed and the wall was a space just big enough for the boxes, but small enough to conceal the evidence. She took one of the cookies out and started to nibble on it. Her other hand reached up and patted her belly, "You be good in there. No fighting and you'll get your midnight snack."
She finished that cookie and reached for another one. Trying to pull herself up in the bed so she could sit up was a hassle, but she finally made it. Not quite five months pregnant and she could hardly get around under her own power. She thought again about Heather and wondered if she had been stupid enough to take the pills. After a couple of minutes, she dismissed the idea, realizing she couldn't do anything about it if Heather had taken the pills. Bobbie reached for another cookie.
After the fourth cookie, the water bottle that her mom had left for her had run out. Looking around for an imaginary second bottle, she looked down at her swollen breasts. The thought flashed through her mind, and she started to dismiss it, but then she gave it a try. With both hands, she lifted her right breast up so she could put her mouth around her nipple. At first, she didn't much care for the taste, but then it wasn't the taste that gave her pleasure. She had found another sensation that was able to turn her on.
The night went on for hours - a cookie and then some milk. Then she said it out loud, "Got Milk?" She couldn't help but giggle. She was full of cookies and her own milk, but her breasts looked bigger than when she had taken her first drink. Deep inside, she could feel movement, and the pressure on her belly told her that the babies were happy and were eating too! She could almost feel the growth of her ever-expanding belly as she grabbed another cookie.
Then her mind switched to Jason. 'Just wait until he sees me this time!' she thought. 'Maybe he would like some milk too?'
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

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Chapter 5
A cool, cloudy morning. The clouds had blocked the morning sun from coming in the window as it usually started doing around 8:00. The room was cool, although the heat had been turning on earlier in the week at the first threat of a frost. The coolness also meant another quilt on the bed.
In the corner of the room, between the wall and the window, was a bed. The head of the bed was pushed up into the corner and the side of the bed was against the wall nearly down to the window on the same wall. It was covered in a colorful quilt that had to have been made during the early part of the century. The quilt was tucked into the foot of the bed and came up toward the head.
About a foot from the end of the bed, a small rise showed that somewhere under the depths of the covers was a pair of feet, one beside the other. The quilt creased from that point to form a path for two legs extending toward the head of the bed. After about twenty inches, the crease was interrupted by a perpendicular obstruction. It was as though, under the covers, the legs had run into a wall. The quilt puckered to accommodate the mass that was under it. The wall that the legs had run into rose about thirteen inches then started to round off and go down the other side, where it, in turn, was met by yet another obstruction beneath the sheets. From the end of the quilt, a head was resting on a pillow, eyes open and looking down toward the major obstruction.
Underneath the sheets, motion could be detected. Slowly circulating around the large mass, two hands could be seen, not disturbing the sheets, but just making a slow graceful movement that could best be described as affection.
For the last few days, Bobbie had been wondering what her parents would think when they found all of the empty boxes of cookies and bags of chips that she had deposited beside her bed in between it and the wall. In essence what Bobbie had done was permanently place herself in her bed for the rest of the pregnancy. The babies inside her thrived on the sugars and starches and had grown quite unexpectedly large over the last three days. She knew that she could no longer get up out of bed and walk to her window and look out as she had done for several weeks now. But that was OK, it give her more time to spend with her growing figure.
The doctor had to make house calls now, and he had been quite shocked to find that Bobbie had grown so large so fast. After his examination, he found her to be in great health and good humor. He was even shocked to hear that she was experiencing no pain or discomfort from her expanding belly. "I can feel them moving sometimes, and other times they are just having a party in there!" Heather had told the doctor. His face grew a little more concerned having never seen a twelve-year-old in this kind of a condition. But then, there was nothing that he could do except see to it that she stayed healthy, because Bobbie's parents had over stepped his judgment and decided to continue with the pregnancy.
Bobbie had grown since then. Her breasts were exploding with milk and she still had three months to go before she was technically due to deliver. She tried to put that part of the pregnancy out of her mind. She was still rubbing her belly thirty minutes later when she came out of her daze. She had nearly rubbed herself back to sleep. Her mouth still had a white crust on it from sometime during the night. She had woken up thirsty, but as usual, her water bottle had been emptied hours before. She got under the sheets, rolled up her shirt and raised her right breast up where the nipple would reach her mouth. This procedure had gotten even easier over the last few days, because along with her belly expanding, her breasts had grown too. At first she had found the taste of her milk a little peculiar, but being thirsty in the middle of the night can really change your mind fast. She found her breasts to be water bottles that never ran out. She had also wondered if that was what was making her babies grow so fast?

A couple of blocks away, Heather had gotten up to get ready for school when she found something different. She stood there, looking into her mirror. Her T-shirt was actually starting to show hints of breasts underneath. Her hands reached up and cupped her breasts as though they were warm rolls. Her smile went from ear to ear. She turned and looked at herself from a side profile. They were indeed breasts; this was the first time she had actually thought of them as breasts and meant it.
She was still sore from being with Steven the night before. Heather had gotten over the issue of getting pregnant, or at least she wasn't as worried about it as she had been. During the previous week Heather and Steven had tried to figure out how to enjoy themselves without finding themselves in a situation that they would rather not be accountable for. The obvious solution was some sort of birth control, but twelve-year-old girls just don't ask their mother for birth control - it just isn't done. Since it wasn't an option for Heather to be the one with birth control, Steven became the candidate.
There was a humorous argument that followed Steven's choice of birth control. "...but I know that they will work."
"Balloons! You got balloons!" Heather didn't know if she was going to laugh out loud or go ballistic on Steven's head. "There's a thing that a lot of the girls at school talk about - condoms! Do you think that we can do a little better? Not only are they balloons, they're hot pink!"
"But I thought that you liked pink?"
"I do, but not inside me!" Heather turned away to keep Steven from seeing her smile uncontrollably.
Steven spoke up, "Couldn't we at least give it a try?" He was really begging because he thought that he had hurt her feelings, but that all changed when she turned around. She was smiling.
"Of course we will give it a try," with a smirk on her face. Come over tomorrow night and we will give it a go in our secret little place.
The 'secret little place' was a forgotten room in the basement of Heather's house. She used to play in the room when she was younger, and her parents had used it for storage for several years now. It was kind of back in the corner where you wouldn't think to look. Quietly, Heather had gone down to the basement and into the room. She had moved some things around so that two people could feel very comfortable lying there behind the shelves. The stage was set...
The next evening, Steven came over about 7:00 and called up to Heather's window. Heather went down to the basement and opened the window so that he could crawl in. Quietly, they made their way to the room. It didn't take them long to get ready. The passion was flowing as soon as Steven had climbed inside the window. Stripped of their clothes and kneeling on the blankets that Heather had put on the floor, Steven got one of the balloons out and started to apply it to himself.
He had noticed that he had grown since the night that he went over to see Heather at her house - the same night that he had fallen out of the tree after seeing Bobbie in all of her glory. That had been a night like no other, locked together as one person, enjoying the essence of each other. They had stopped short of climax, however, because Heather, fearing getting pregnant, jumped off Steven right before he let go. It was hard for Heather to get off of Steven for two reasons. One, she was really, really enjoying what was going on, and two, his manhood, behaving oddly, continued to swell past the point that he thought it could. He blew it off as just part of puberty, thinking that it was a growth spurt that had happened in the previous twenty-four hours. He hadn't really thought about it since.
Tonight they would climax. Steven pulled the balloon on, but realized that the next time he might want to get a larger size. Heather was glowing. "Do you need some help with that?"
"No, but I will in a minute." He looked at her and softly laid her down on the blankets. "Now I will." They aligned their bodies and soon they were one person again. They had never done anything like this before and, well, they didn't know what was right or wrong, but it all felt good to them. It went on for a couple of minutes and then Steven couldn't hold it any longer. He had noticed that where he and Heather had joined had gotten tighter and it was now hard to move back and forth. He slid all of the way in, and found that each time that he did he couldn't move as far back out as he previously had. Another minute went by and he found that he couldn't move either way - in or out.
"What's wrong, Steven?" Heather was a little concerned at the look on Steven's face. "This feels so good, I wish that it could go on forever."
Steven looked down and saw that Heather's pelvic area seemed swollen in front. "It may go on forever if I can't get out of you." Steven pulled again to no avail.
"What do you mean? Surely you're not stuck! Can that happen?" Heather was taking it all in that she had taken him all in, and then it hit her - the brownies! Could this be the result of those brownies?
"I don't know if I can pull out of you, Heather." Steven was worried. He was already getting dizzy from what was going on. "Let's roll over, maybe you can pull off me easier than I can pull out of you." They rolled over until Heather was on top, but still very tightly connected. She got her legs out where she could try and stand up, but that only brought about a small wince of pain from Steven. "Try that again and it may just come off!"
"Sorry, but I don't know what to do?" Heather's mind was racing. She could just see them going upstairs and asking her parents for help. They might as well just die there!
Steven got an idea, "Let's get our mind off this."
"Well, sometimes, when I'm in class at school and something crosses my mind that is nice to think about, I get all hard and my pants stick out. I can't stand up and walk around like that, the other guys will see and that's no good. When that happens, I try and think about something else to get my mind off the subject. Usually that works."
"OK, what do we think about?"
"How about that algebra test we have in two days. I know that formula like the back of my hand." Steven sensed that something was already starting to happen in his loins.
"What is that formula? I never can remember it." Heather's mind was gradually leaving the subject of being stuck on Steven and turning towards other things. "Can you say it?"
"X squared plus three times X equals..." Steven knew something had happened now. He looked down really quick so as to not excite himself again and noticed that the swelling in Heather's tummy was now gone. Quickly, he grabbed Heather and pulled her. She came sliding off with a little resistance. "...two!"
"Wow, it worked!" Then she looked down at Steven. "The balloon! Look at it!" Steven had grown through the end of it and what was left of it was being worn like a ring. The whole end of his shaft was covered in white, viscous liquid. He knew why he could slide out of Heather as easily as he had done. The resistance was now inside of Heather. "I can't say that I'm happy about this! You said that the balloons would work!"
"It would have if I hadn't grown so large. I've never been that size before." Steven looked puzzled, but once again thought that it must have something to do with puberty. After all, he had never gone through it before, he didn't know any better that what was going on, and it wasn't as if he was going to ask his dad if he had the same problems with sex when he was his age. "I better get dressed and head back home. I told them I was going over to Tom's house for a few minutes to get some homework I let him borrow. I think that would put me walking home by now. If I don't get on home, they'll call for sure and then I've had it."
"OK, but we're going to talk about this later. Maybe bigger balloons or something?" Heather was hinting that something would have to be done.
"Don't worry, I've had that on my mind for five minutes already. I'll get something better." Steven kissed Heather and slowly and quietly made his way to the window. He climbed out and then walked home.

Heather called Bobbie about 8:30 that night to see what was happening with her. Heather hadn't been able to get over to see her in a little over a week and was eager to know how things were progressing.
Bobbie's parents had moved a phone up into Bobbie's room so she could talk to her friends and not have to get out of bed. "Heather? Hey, how's it going? I was hoping that it was you when the phone rang." Bobbie was sitting up in her bed watching TV and rubbing her swollen belly.
"Maybe I should ask, how are you doing? I haven't seen you in over a week." Heather was hoping that Bobbie had grown a lot. It had become a big turn on for her.
"Well, you remember how big I was when you were over here last?"
"Yes! You were huge. I wasn't sure if you could even get up and walk around on your own. I mean, you were really big!" Heather was definitely into Bobbie's expanding condition.
"You say that I nearly couldn't stand up then. Well, I really can't now. I've been in the bed for nearly a whole week. It's even hard to pull myself up to where I can sit up in bed." Bobbie was sitting up in the bed rubbing her belly as she talked to Heather on the phone. She was indeed enormous! Her breasts were having trouble staying on top of her belly. They had become engorged with milk and were becoming larger and heavier every day. Her belly was a water balloon constantly being filled with ever-expanding life. Bobbie was getting a charge out of feeling the babies move around inside of her. Sometimes, she could even see the movement through the tight, shiny skin. Her belly extended out nearly to her knees when she was sitting up, and hung over her thighs several inches. It was as though somebody had placed a beach ball underneath her shirt and didn't know when to quit pumping air into it - except it wasn't a beach ball, and she couldn't get a shirt over it. She was definitely a sight to be hold. "I don't know how much more I'm going to grow over the next three months."
"Three months! At this rate, you're going to need a bigger bed." Heather was getting hot again, but in a different way than with Steven. Heather was turned on by the subject of large breasts, and now that Bobbie was so pregnant, she couldn't help but think about that subject as well. "I'm going to try and get over there and see you in the next day or so." Truth of the matter, Heather just wanted to see Bobbie's belly and breasts and touch them. Deep inside of her, her juices were flowing. She had never been turned on quite like this in her life. She knew that her activities with Steven that night would probably leave her sore for a couple of days, and she hoped the broken balloon wouldn't leave her sore for longer than that.

The next morning, Heather had woken up to find that her breasts had developed some more and she stood in front of her mirror in different poses for several minutes. She thought, 'maybe all of the activity last night turned on my hormones in high gear?' Breasts or no breasts, she still had to get ready for school. She took off her night shirt and grabbed one of her bras. It went on much the way that it always did, but it wasn't quite as comfortable as it was the day before. She could see some parts of her breasts trying to escape around the edges of the cups. "Oh, I guess I really did grow last night. Maybe my mom will take me to the store tonight?" Heather was thinking out loud.
Her mom walked in, "Heather? I guess we will have to go shopping tonight." She had been walking past the door when she heard Heather talking. "I didn't realize that you had grown like that. You really must tell me these things, otherwise, I don't know right away." Her mom was trying to hide the smirk on her face, knowing that her daughter was starting to experience something that later on in life she would find to be a fun treat. Right now, she wasn't going to tell Heather just how much fun it was going to be. Maybe it was just as well she wasn't aware that Heather already knew.
"Yeah, tonight will be OK. Can we go right after you get in from work?" Heather had taken her eyes off the mirror. She didn't want to let her mom know that she was too excited about having bigger breasts.
"I don't see why not. Maybe we can pick something up for dinner so we don't have to cook tonight? That will give us more time for shopping. So, get ready, we don't want to be late." He mom closed the door behind her as she walked out.
Making sure that her mother had left the room, Heather ran her hands sensuously over the warm, full cups of her bra. They were really hers! "I guess I better get ready..."
"Heather, are you talking to yourself again?" Her mom was trying to be funny with her daughter, but all she got was a sigh and a smirk from the other side of the door.

Bobbie's mom had worked out a system where she would bring Bobbie her meals up stairs to her room and place them on a tray beside her bed. From that point, Bobbie could reach anything that she needed, and for added caution, that had invested in a baby monitor. They were going to need it soon anyway, and Bobbie could use it until then. If she needed anything, she just called her mom or dad and they were upstairs in just a few seconds.
This particular evening, Bobbie was extremely hungry. She had cleaned off her plate once and wanted her mom to bring her another full plate. At first her mom protested that the doctor had recommended a diet for her to stick to, but her mom wasn't going to let her (and her babies) go hungry. "I'll be back up in just a few minutes, dear." Her mom went out of the room and down the stairs.
Bobbie reached underneath her pillow and brought out a long piece of ribbon that she had made using several shorter pieces. She quickly wrapped the ribbon behind her back and brought the ends around to her front so that they crossed in the middle of her belly. She marked the ribbon with a marker she had also hid underneath her pillow. She had been doing this for the last five weeks, keeping up with her growth. It had happened in spurts, but none ever really got over a quarter of an inch along the ribbon in any twenty-four hour period. She heard her mom coming up the stairs and quickly put the ribbon and marker away.
"Here we are. Let me know when you get done, I have some cookies in the oven for later." Her mom grinned as she put the plate down. She had worried about Bobbie's condition for weeks, and now she worried about the outcome of the pregnancy. What were they going to do with eight babies? Was Bobbie going to last another three months? If she did, she was going to be enormous! - she already was!

At 9:30 that night, Bobbie cut off the TV with her remote control and sat there on her bed in the dark. Her legs were spread apart so that her belly rested between them, lying on the bed. She placed both hands on the sides of her belly and felt the babies inside of her. "Grow, little babies, grow." She whispered to them every night. "I want big babies. You got two meals tonight and a big dessert. You'll get your milk later for a midnight snack." With that, she felt several kicks as though they were jumping for joy - or for more food. "Well, maybe you'll get some now and later." Bobbie pulled the shirt off her massive breasts and raised her left breast to her mouth. It had gotten heavy during the day. Each night she would empty them as much as she could, and each day they would fill back up. For half an hour she sucked on her left breast until it was noticeably smaller than her right breast, and then she switched. For a whole hour she filled her stomach with her own milk, forcing each drop down, knowing that her babies would be happy. "There must be over half a gallon in there now. Drink up, there will be more later." Bobbie attributed the constant growth of her breasts to the food that she was eating, but in reality, it was the constant feeding that was making them grow larger. Each time her breasts became engorged, they grew a little larger, producing a little more milk than they had the time before. "Good night, babies, talk with you in a few hours."
Bobbie woke up at around 2:00 in the morning. She ran her hands down her belly to feel the babies inside of her. She awoke with a start! Her skin was much tighter than it had been when she went to sleep and the babies were more active than they usually were. After several minutes of struggling to sit up she finally made it. She reached over and got the flashlight that was always on her night stand and turned it on. She looked at her belly. It was noticeably larger than when she had gone to sleep just three and a half hours before. She got the ribbon and pulled it around her. The two ends met and crossed in the middle, but the mark was two inches past the crossover. "Wow!" She put her hand over her mouth hoping that her parents were sound asleep. Then the urge hit her. Her breasts had regained their pre-sleep girth and begged to be emptied. "OK, little babies, you seem to want some more, so here it comes," she whispered softly to them. She turned off the flashlight and replaced it on the night stand. She raised her right breast to her mouth and started sucking again. Her eyes closed as she experienced the pleasure of growth in her abdomen as she poured the white liquid into her stomach.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

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Chapter 6
Saturday morning. The phone rang at Heather's house. "Hello. Oh yes, just a minute," Heather's mom had answered the phone. "Heather, Bobbie's on the phone."
"Hey, Bobbie, what's up?" Heather made it sound as though nothing was different between her and her friend. Her mom didn't know about Bobbie's condition and Heather wanted it to stay that way as well.
"Heather, can you come over sometime late this afternoon? If you want, maybe you can even spend the night. We have a lot of things to catch up on." Bobbie was starting to get lonely, even if there were nine in the same bed. She needed Heather to talk to just to keep her sane. "My mom said that it would be OK if you wanted to. She's been as understanding as a mom could be in a situation like this I guess."
Heather could hear the tone of Bobbie's voice and knew she needed to spend some time with her. She had neglected her over the past couple of weeks because of Steven's constant presence. Today and tonight, he would just have to live without her. "I will ask and see if I can come over later this afternoon. Maybe we can watch a couple of movies?" Heather was trying to be distracting to her mom's constantly open ears.
"That would be great! Give me a call a little later this afternoon, there's something else that I have thought about doing."
"OK, I sure will," Heather switched ears, "Talk to ya later." She heard Bobbie say bye on the other end of the phone and then she hung up the receiver. She could only wonder what Bobbie had in mind for tonight. There was something going on or she wouldn't have brought it up. "Mom, would it be OK if I went over to Bobbie's to spend the night?"
"I don't see why not. I don't think that me or you dad were going to do anything special. Are you going to eat dinner here or over there?" Her mom was just being her mom now.
"I suppose I will eat here and then go over there after dinner." Heather felt that would be best, although she was interested as to how much Bobbie must be eating now. She knew she would probably find out later that night anyway.

Bobbie was back on the phone right after she hung up with Heather. "Hello? Jason?" she paused, hoping that it wasn't his dad.
"Yeah, Bobbie? I thought that you were never going to call me back?" Jason was breathing a sigh of relief that she had finally called. "How's it going?" He hadn't seen her in nearly three weeks.
"Things are getting bigger and bigger, how about you?" Bobbie knew how to get him going.
"Well, to be honest, things are going great, but I have been concerned about you. I can't really call your house because your parents would assume that I'm the one that did that to you."
"They'd be right too!" Bobbie almost laughed, and two of the babies kicked. "Would you like to see me?"
"Would I?" Jason lost his breath, "When?"
Bobbie paused for effect, "How about tonight? Would that be OK?" She could almost hear his heart beating over the phone.
"Yea! That, uh, that would be great!" His hands started to shake, "Where and when?"
"Be outside my window sometime between twelve and one."
"Twelve and one! Isn't that kind of late?"
"My parents will be asleep and you won't disturb them. Heather is coming over to spend the night, so she can help with everything."
"OK. I will sneak out and come over. I want to see you so bad." Jason's mouth was starting to water thinking about being so close to Bobbie in a matter of only a few hours.
"Just to warn you though, I'm a lot bigger than I was the last time that you saw me," she giggled this time. "Think that you can handle me?"
Jason was drooling now. "I'll be there, believe me, I'll be there."
"I'll see you later then. Bye." Bobbie had him hooked. Now all she had to do was to get Heather to help her get up and over to the window where she could be seen by Jason. "Heather will help," she whispered. "She likes her hands on me - I guess I do too!" She giggled some more and felt four more kicks. "I know, I know, I'm excited too, but we have to wait until tonight." She rubbed her belly as she talked to her babies, "Honestly, I feel like I'm having a football team sometimes."

Heather called Steven and explained to him the situation for the evening and night. Steven said that he would see her the next day or on Monday at school. He mentioned that he had some stuff that he needed to do with his family anyway. Heather got off the phone and started getting ready for the day. She couldn't help thinking about her relationship with Steven and how it had worked into something so wonderfully fulfilling.

As the days went by, Steven and Heather were finding their escapades becoming more and more involved. Steven would come over usually every other day, but he split the days up so that there wouldn't be a particular pattern for his parents to recognize. The window would be unlocked and Steven would slowly and quietly climb in, shut the window after him and then go into the room that had become their love nest.
Thursday evening, Steven actually got into the room before Heather did. It had been a little over a week since their first try at sex and they were both enjoying their time together. Steven prepared the pad of blankets on the floor and got ready for Heather to come in.
Steven heard Heather's dainty footsteps coming down the steps and the across the floor of the basement. The doorknob twisted and the door slowly swung in. Heather brought her head in enough to see that Steven was already lying on the blankets. She shut the door and tiptoed over to where he was. "I have something to show you, Steven." The grin on her face went from ear to ear. "I know that you have noticed that my breasts have been growing a little."
"A little is hardly the word I would use for it, Heather." Steven's face was beaming, realizing that he was about to see her breasts in the flesh again. "They've grown since last week."
"Well, I think that you'll like what you see tonight." Heather started to unbutton her shirt, starting at the highest button and working down. "I'm sorry I didn't get to see you today at school. I had to stay after in History to copy some notes that I didn't get finished with. That ran me late and I had to get a note just to go to my next class." Her hands were working themselves through the buttons, while Steven's mouth was watering on the inside, waiting to taste her already erect nipples.

"That's OK, we see each other quite a bit. One morning isn't going to set us back, just make us more eager to see each other." His hands were getting moist.
"There, the last button! Sometimes things just take too long." She parted the shirt to reveal that she had a T-shirt on under it. As she removed the shirt, it was clear, even through the T-shirt that her breasts were expanding into new territory, trying to sneak out from under her bra. She laid the shirt down and reached down to pull the bottom of the T-shirt up. Heather did this slowly, letting each rib show for a half a second before raising it up any further. She knew how to get Steven going. Inexperienced as she was, she was constantly learning new ways to turn Steven on - her favorite was to make him wait before everything.
The shirt came up over her bra, proving what he had thought before, her breasts had grown quite a bit in only the last forty-eight hours. "Steven, I'm going to need some help from you to unfasten my bra. It's gotten quite tight and it isn't as easy to get off as it used to be. The hooks need pulling together to take up the slack; could you do that for me?"
Steven was speechless. His mouth felt dry, his tongue too big. Heather turned her back towards him and he raised his hands to the clasp. He took both sides of the clasp and unhooked it so that the main band of the bra came loose. Quickly, he twisted the strap of the bra so he could read the label. "32C!" He didn't actually mean to say it out loud but it was already done. "And you're pouring out of this one?"
"Yea, I guess my mom and I will have to go back to the store in a couple of days."
"I'd say you better hurry."
Heather had turned back around and was facing him. They were both on their knees, looking at each other. Steven raised up his hands and slowly caressed her breasts, and then started to knead them as though they were bread dough. "Don't be too rough, Steven, they have been very sore the last few days. It must be all of the attention that you've been giving them."
Steven grinned and began to move his hands slower and softer across her breasts. Her nipples were very hard, and turning darker with each passing moment. With Steven's hands busy, Heather used her hands to unbutton and unzip Steven's pants and pull them down. His pants showed that his excitement was growing, and it wouldn't be long before he had to be inside of her - and she knew it.

Heather quickly came back to reality. She had been staring at herself in the mirror reflecting on Steven when her mom knocked on the door and came into her room. "I thought that you were ready?"
"Just another couple of minutes and I'll be finished up." Heather was trying to grasp where the time had gone.
"We need to go on to the store so we can get back. I have some other stuff that needs to get done today. So, hurry up and we'll be on our way."
Heather nodded and jumped up and started getting ready. All she had to do was come? out of her night shirt and put on her bra and a shirt. Her night shirt came off and landed on her bed. "Now, where's that bra?" She found it on the floor next to her night stand where she had left it the night before. She snapped the catch together, spun it around and pulled the straps up on her shoulders. More work than it had been the previous day, she worked her breasts into the cups. "I'm glad we're going to get new ones. This one isn't going to make it to the store if a take a deep breath." The cups were mounted on her breasts like a beanie on a nerd. The straps were pulled tight and flesh was flowing out from under the cups. "I hope we get there quick!"

Heather and her mom arrived at the store about thirty minutes later. "OK, Heather, what size are we going to have to look for?"
Heather had no idea. "I don't know."
"Well, we'll just get two or three different sizes in your measurement and see what happens." Her mom wandered over to a rack of bras in various sizes and colors, and chose three apparently at random. "These ought to get us started."
They went back to the dressing rooms and went inside one of them. Heather had always been very close to her mom, especially when talking about the changes in her body, but over the last couple of weeks she had been rather closed lipped about her breasts. She took her shirt off and her mom gasped, "Oh, my! How did you get into that thing this morning?" Heather had been successful at disguising her growth.
"It wasn't easy," Heather blushed.
Her mom looked down at the bras in her hand and then back at Heather's chest. She shook her head, "I better go back and look again. Stay right here." She went back to the racks. "Damn!" she whispered to herself, "I wish I had breasts that size!" She chose some larger sizes from the racks and returned to the fitting room. "Here you go, I hope that one of these fits. I wasn't expecting you to be so big that you'd have to be re-measured. We'll have to go somewhere else for that. They don't do that here at this store." She watched as Heather removed her bra.
Heather reached around and undid the clasp. It was under a great deal of tension and snapped around toward her sides. Released, her breasts relaxed and spread out on her rib-cage. They were firm, holding their rounded shape, standing proud of her chest, but at the same time wide and luscious. "I guess I have grown a little," she smiled at her mom, hoping that she would just accept that she was now smaller than her daughter.
"Yeah, I'd say you've grown more than just a little." She handed Heather one of the largest cup sizes she had been able to find for a 32-inch bra. "This is an E-cup. It's huge, but try it and see how much too big it is. Then we'll try the smaller ones."
Heather hooked the clasp and worked her way into it. "Looks pretty good. What do you think?"
Her mom sat down in the chair and stared at Heather's stunning figure for a moment. "It's a perfect fit. Let me see if I can find another the same size and we'll go with them." She gathered up the other bras and went back to the racks. There was a sheen of sweat on her forehead. She was still shaking her head when she came back with another E-cup and let Heather try it for size. It looked as good as the other one did. "I guess we will go with these two. Do you like them?"
"Yeah, but can I wear this one home? It feel quite a bit better than the other one," Heather was hoping that her mother understood.
"Sure, just give me the tag off it and we'll take them to the register."
When they presented the bra and the other tag, the cashier looked puzzled. "OK, where's the other bra?" Then she grinned at Heather's mom as she noticed the twelve-year-old's new shapely figure. "Never mind, I think I just found it."
Heather and her mom just looked at each other and grinned. Mom knew that her little girl was going to start getting a lot of attention, and Heather knew it too. Heather felt better all the way to the car. Her breasts almost bounced with each step. She even looked down once or twice to see if they were actually moving. She couldn't tell it, but they sure felt like it to her.

Later that afternoon, Heather got back on the phone with Bobbie. "Bobbie? Hey! How are you doing?"
"Better now that I know that you are coming over tonight." Bobbie started rubbing herself again, and she felt the babies' responses. "You are not going to believe how much I have grown since you were over here." Bobbie used her right hand to reach as far as she could around her belly. She rubbed the side of it, feeling her babies inside constantly moving. "And could you bring me some candy bars?" Bobbie was constantly hungry and her parents had been reluctant to give her anything with high sugar content, scared that it might not be good for her.
"What kind?" Heather was more than happy to do anything for Bobbie, but she didn't know that sugars had a direct effect on the growth of her babies.
"It really doesn't matter, but I really like Crunch bars. Think that you could bring me some of those?"
"Sure, I'll get some and bring them over tonight." They talked for about an hour, finishing up with another reminder from Bobbie to bring her the candy bars.

Bobbie put down the phone and looked down at herself. Not so many weeks ago, her breasts had flattened out under their own considerable weight. Now, as with each passing day they became more engorged, they were becoming more and more rounded, until each mound resembled her belly in shape, if not quite in size. She ran both hands over her belly. The skin was tight and smooth. Until a week before, her skin had grown along with her growing babies, but the sudden growth spurt had sent the babies growing past the rate of the skin. She could now feel every inch of growth within her. Bobbie didn't feel any pain, but she could feel the expansion and tightening of her skin, and she could feel each little kick.

Heather arrived at Bobbie's that evening about 6:30 and went directly up to Bobbie's room. "You weren't kidding!" Heather was standing at Bobbie's door and looking at the mound of flesh that was her friend. "You look like you've been eating for nine!"
"Close the door and come over here!" Bobby reached out for Heather's hand and placed it against her swollen belly. "Feel them?"
"How could I not feel them?" Heather placed her other hand on Bobbie's belly and started feeling as many of the movements as she could. "Do they keep you up at night doing this?"
"Sometimes, although I would never say anything to my mom. She might think that there's something wrong." Bobbie placed both of her hands on her belly and they both felt around for several minutes. "Heather, have you seen these yet?" Bobbie lifted off the shirt that was covering her breasts.
Heather stopped rubbing Bobbie's belly and her eyes became huge. "And I was going to surprise you with mine." Heather motioned toward her own breasts. "I've never seen a pair that big!"
"I've still got three months to go." Bobbie said this as though she was in the middle of a party and the center of attention. "I can only imagine how big I'm going to get."
Heather was having enough trouble trying to grasp just how big Bobbie already was. "If you grow much bigger, you're going to split wide open!" Heather could see how tight Bobbie's skin was on her belly. "Doesn't that hurt to have your skin so tight?"
"Not at all. I rub as much as I can with lotion every night so I don't get stretch marks. Mom said that it was extremely odd that I haven't gotten any. She said that it was as though my skin was actually growing to fit the babies." Bobbie giggled and shook back and forth. Her belly rolled a little back and forth like a giant water balloon full of Jello. "They seem to like that. They get all active when I do it." Bobbie giggled again and leaned back on her mound of pillows.
Bobbie watched the TV for a few minutes and then looked at Heather. She knew that she had been taking the pills. No seventh grader could have such big ones without some help. Her friend was still groping her belly. "I need a bit of help from you, Heather."
"Sure, what do you need." Heather never looked up.
"First, did you bring me a Crunch bar?" Heather reached over into her overnight bag and handed over three candy bars. "Now, what I need is to stand up and go to the window."
Heather stopped feeling Bobbie's belly and looked up. "You want to stand up?" She looked at Bobbie's belly and then back up at her face.
"Yeah. You see, I told Jason to come over somewhere between twelve and one tonight and that I would be in the window so he could see me." Bobbie was eager for Heather to help.
Heather knew that this must be the ultimate reason for Bobbie wanting her to come over for the night, but then she was eager to see how Bobbie would look on her feet. The last time that she had seen her on her feet had been nearly a month ago and that had turned her on. "OK, just let me know when you want to try."
"I thought that we would wait until my parents go to sleep, maybe around eleven-thirty. I figure that it will take a few minutes to get into a position where I can even begin to stand up." Bobbie placed her hands on her belly and felt the movement. "I think that they're excited about it!"
Heather placed her hands back on her belly and agreed. "I think that we will all like it!" She smiled, knowing that she was going to get to see something that not many people would ever get to see, but many would love to see.

Eleven-thirty rolled around and Bobbie's parents had already been in to check on them before they went to bed. They had told the girls not to stay up too late.
"I think that we can start trying," Bobbie said in a low whisper. "I guess I need to get to the edge of the bed first."
Heather watched as Bobbie rocked herself back and forth from where she had been sitting most of the evening. The mattress was well mashed where she was, indicating that she had put on a considerable amount of weight during the last two months. She watched until both of Bobbie's legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. Her toes didn't quite reach the floor.
Bobbie's belly was just past her kneecaps and rolled out, up and then back toward her chest, resembling an overstuffed beanbag chair. "OK, Heather, I think that this is where I'm going to start having problems."
Heather grasped Bobbie's outstretched hands. "I will gently pull you up and see if we can get you onto your feet." Heather pulled Bobbie's hands and Bobbie shifted her weight to make it easier to get off the bed. Slowly, Bobbie's feet made it to the floor where she anchored herself on the carpet for the first time in three weeks. As Heather pulled, Bobbie's rear came off the bed and slowly rose from the mattress.
"I think that it's working, Heather." Bobbie was smiling and somewhat out of breath. Bobbie legs were weak from lack of exercise and were trembling from the added weight. Bobbie's mirror was directly across from where she was and now she saw how big she really was. Her belly sagged down under its own weight but still managed to stand out nearly eighteen inches from her original shape. Bobbie's breasts were gigantic mounds on top of her belly. The stress of standing up had forced some milk out of her nipples and had made her shirt wet. "Well, I'm standing, but don't let go of my hands. I don't know how stable I really am."
"You want to try walking toward the window?" Heather indicated that it was getting pretty close to twelve.
"Yeah, let's try it. I hope that I can make it over there." Bobbie was red in the face from the effort, but she was enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that she was standing again. She took baby steps with Heather holding her hands. With each step, her belly shook and her breasts swayed leaving little droplets of milk on her shirt. After ten slow minutes, they made it to the window.

Jason had gotten to Bobbie's house early, somewhere around eleven-forty-five. He wanted to look into her window clearly and found that the best place was perched on a limb in a nearby tree. He climbed the tree and could see inside Bobbie's room with a clear line of sight. Jason had seen most of what had happened over the last fifteen minutes before the two girls had reached the window. Heather disappeared from the window for about two minutes, in which time, Bobbie stood with her hands at the sides of the window, looking out toward the tree. Jason had been glad that he had climbed the tree, otherwise, he wouldn't have seen anything but belly.
The next scene took him off guard, for he couldn't believe what he saw. Heather reappeared behind Bobbie, but she wasn't wearing her shirt anymore. She stood directly behind Bobbie and wrapped her arms around Bobbie's chest. Jason's blood pressure was starting to go through the roof! This was too much! Wow! Jason continued to sit on the limb, watching the movements of the two girls. It was a show he had not expected to see.

When Bobbie had reached the window, she had taken her hands from Heather and placed them against the sides of the windows for support. She was close enough to the window to see Jason in the tree but her mind soon turned to something far more erotic.
During the walk to the window, Heather had become hot with desire. She had seen Bobbie's belly roll with each step she took and her breasts jiggle with every breath. When she had seen the droplets of milk from Bobbie's nipples wetting her shirt, it had been just too much for Heather. The wet patches stuck to her skin, making the material transparent, showing her dark nipples, the rounding of each breast and the top of her swollen belly.
By the time Heather had seen Bobbie safely to the window, her arousal had reached boiling point. She tore at her shirt buttons in desperation. Bobbie was still staring out into the darkness, the swelling mountains of her breasts easily visible on both sides of her body. With a strangled moan, Heather unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders, feeling her own full mounds bounce heavily as she tossed it away across the room.
Heather could only imagine how incredibly erotic the scene must appear to Jason perched up in the tree! Two huge-breasted twelve-year-old girls, one standing naked from the waist up, the other gigantically swollen and crammed into a sopping wet T-shirt. Heather glanced at herself in the mirror for a brief moment, admiring her own extravagant profile. She raised her hands up, licked her index fingers and touched her nipples, which were already hard and dark. The contact made her hot breasts quiver with excitement. Heather could tell that they were already starting to swell with anticipation of what was fixing to happen.
Heather tore her eyes away from her own shape in the mirror and refocused her attention on Bobbie at the window. She stepped toward her friend and stopped right behind her. The blood flow to her breasts had already caused them to grow visibly larger. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against Bobbie's back. The lush mounds of flesh spread out, covering most of Bobbie's back and shoulders.
As she felt the pressure of Heather's rock-hard nipples against her back, Bobbie's whole body quivered and became covered in goose-bumps. Slowly, her own nipples started to puff and harden. Soon, there were tiny droplets of milk dripping from the ends of her breasts, completely saturating her shirt. Her belly shook, not from her own excitement, but from the excitement of the babies within her.
Heather reached her arms around Bobbie's upper body and brought her hands down on top of Bobbie's breasts. She caressed them and rubbed them, feeling every inch with subtle indulgence.
Bobbie didn't say a word, she allowed Heather to hold her and stroke her for several minutes. The babies were becoming more and more active. Her belly shook, and the drum-tight skin showed signs of where each baby was kicking in turn. Bobbie let out an ecstatic moan as Heather's hands made their way to the top of her belly.

What Jason saw next pushed him over the edge. His pants were already too tight to be comfortable. He had actually straddled the limb he was sitting on to try and relieve some of the pressure (and pleasure) from his waist.
He watched as Heather moved around Bobbie and lowered her head. She pressed her mouth against Bobbie's left breast and started to kiss it. A minute later she moved around the breast to the nipple and started to kiss and suck as her right hand rubbed the top of the breast. Bobbie leaned her head back in pure pleasure as Heather sucked harder and harder.
Jason's eyes had gotten big as he watched the two girls just inside the window. The pleasure inside of him welled up and erupted as he straddled the limb. It was too much for him to take in. He leaned back in his emotions and rolled off the limb and fell to the ground.
The two girls didn't even notice the fall, or hear the noise, or even realize that they were still in front of the window. The night was young and there were many hours of pleasure to be explored.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Chamber » Mon May 23, 2016 7:48 pm

Chapter 7
Heather filled her mouth with the white liquid and swallowed with unexpected delight. She began to fill her mouth again when she felt Bobbie sway on her feet.
The two girls had been standing at the window for several minutes now, and Bobbie, although enjoying the sensation of having her breasts sucked by someone other than herself, was growing quite weak in her legs. She was not used to the added weight and it had taken a lot of her energy to show Jason a glimpse of her immense belly and breasts.
"Heather, we better get me back to the bed before I fall over." Bobby was growing concerned that her legs might not last much longer under the weight.
"OK, Bobbie." Heather reluctantly took her mouth from Bobbie's left breast and licked the milk from her lips and chin. "Let's get started."
Heather stood in front of Bobbie and held her hands as she slowly took baby steps, turning around back the way that she came. Heather could see the effort making her friend red in the face. She couldn't take her eyes off Bobbie's belly. With each tiny step, it undulated like a ripe water balloon ready to pop. Slowly, Bobbie took one step then another. A few inches every time she moved a foot and then again.
"We're halfway there, Bobbie," but Heather wasn't looking for Bobbie's facial expression, she was still watching her belly.
Bobbie was breathing heavily, taking deep breaths. Her breasts had become quite excited during the entire event and were now noticeably larger than when she left the bed. "It's," she took a breath... "going to feel g..." another breath... "good to be back on the bed again."
The girls were getting very close to the bed and Heather switched positions so Bobbie could hold onto the bed and pull herself in. In transition, Heather held Bobbie by the shoulders. Her hands deliberately slipped down Bobbie's arms so that her fingertips rubbed against the enormous breasts that were pushing out to Bobbie's sides.
"You can have all that you want when I'm back on the bed." Bobbie knew what Heather was up to. It wasn't hard to figure out.
Bobbie reached out and placed her hands on the side of the bed. She turned and slowly let herself down on the edge of the bed. She pulled herself up until the edge of the mattress was underneath her knees. Her belly was slightly hanging over her knees and rounded out to the sides of her legs. It was apparent, even from behind her, that Bobbie was very pregnant.
"Yea," Heather was indeed anxious for what Bobbie now had in mind.
"This whole thing has made me kind of hungry. Could you get me something to eat from the kitchen?" Bobbie hadn't eaten in several hours and the 'exercise' had taken most of her energy reserves.
"What would you like?" Heather was eager to get Bobbie anything that she wanted as long as she was able to explore Bobbie later in the night.
"Chips, popcorn, cake, ice-cream. Actually, anything that you run across down there in the kitchen." Bobbie was already licking her lips.
"My, you must really be hungry. I'll go and see what there is down there." Heather got up and put her shirt back on. Her hardened nipples showed through the material like two rockets ready to take off. The increased blood flow had caused her newly acquired assets to grow by nearly fifty percent. They jiggled with every breath she took. From Bobbie's viewpoint, they must look like two huge scoops of ice cream with a cherry on each scoop. (Bobbie might just eat them up if she didn't come back with her snack.)
"Be quiet! Remember, my parents are asleep and I would like them to stay that way."
"OK, I'll be back in a few minutes." Heather left the room and started down to the kitchen.
Bobbie took the opportunity to pull herself back up in the bed and lean against the stack of pillows that were at the head of her bed. Her hands made their way down to her belly and felt the tight skin. The babies were still very excited and were moving and kicking, making the skin of her belly ripple like the surface of a pond.
Bobbie had crossed her legs in Indian-style so that she was actually resting her massive belly on her legs. Her belly spread out in all directions, and much like Santa Claus, jiggled like a bowl of jelly. The babies had been growing at an alarming rate, worrying her parents, but she said that she was not experiencing any pain or discomfort other than just feeling 'large.' Her mother, having no knowledge of multiple pregnancies, assumed it was normal. This had not affected the doctor's monthly visit that was to occur during the next week. Her mom was anxious to know if everything was going OK inside of Bobbie too.
She was still rubbing herself when Heather got back from the kitchen with her midnight snack.
"Here you go, Bobbie." Heather had brought a bag of chips and a bag of cookies, as well as a can of Coke that she had found in the refrigerator.
"Thanks, Heather!" Bobbie's eyes got really big and she reached for the food. "Oh, Heather, you can rub my belly while I eat." Bobbie gave a sinister little smile, knowing that she could eat all that she wanted. She would have Heather run to the kitchen and bring her food in exchange for rubbing her belly and breasts.
Heather's forgot Bobbie's eating frenzy and focused on her belly. She placed both hands on it. The skin was nearly as tight as a drum, but it did have some give to it. It mashed in, but when it was released, returned to its previous state. Heather could feel the babies having a party in there! They each seemed to be kicking, or maybe dancing, to their own rhythm. As Bobbie ate and breathed, her enormous belly shook and swayed.
Bobbie finished off the chips and reached for the bag of cookies. She was still chewing the last of the chips when she placed the first of the cookies in her mouth. They were chocolate-chip; her favorite. Her eyes rolled back with the taste of each cookie. Her mom had not allowed her to eat 'junk-food' since she had become bedridden for fear that she would put on fat weight versus baby weight. These were the first snacks that she had eaten since the cookies beside her bed had run out. In fifteen minutes, the cookies were gone. The sweet mixture was in Bobbie's stomach, but it hadn't appeased her hunger. She reached over and grabbed the Coke and popped the tab. She leaned her head back and drank the can down.
"Heather, can I send you down for something else?"
"You're kidding! You ate all of that?" Heather was astonished, but then thought of Bobbie's belly. "OK, what do you want now?" Heather imagined Bobbie's belly stretching larger and larger until the skin couldn't stretch any further. The babies would grow larger and larger until she couldn't move on her own at all.
Bobbie pondered for a moment, and then grinned at Heather, "Ice-cream!"
"Ice-cream it is! What flavor?"
"Yes!" Bobbie indicating that the flavor didn't matter and would probably try several different flavors during the night anyway.
Heather rubbed her friend's belly one more time and then left for the kitchen again.
Bobbie licked the crumbs from the corner of her mouth. She was hungry, and Heather was going to feed her until she popped - or at least until she got close. She knew that the babies were already feasting on the rich sugars and starches that were entering her blood stream. Her stomach growled before Heather got back to the room, telling her that the babies were wanting more. Bobbie patted her belly and whispered to the babies, "I hear you, just give me a few minutes. Mommie is going to feed you."
Heather got back with a half-gallon container of chocolate ice-cream. Some had been taken out of it, but it was still over two-thirds full. She handed the ice-cream and a spoon to Bobbie and then took her place on the bed. She sat down in front of Bobbie, her own big breasts nearly touching the skin of Bobbie's belly. Her hands ran across the skin. The bellybutton wasn't as small as it once was. The growth of her belly had turned it into an outie and now, after more growth, it had become stretched with the rest of her skin until it was almost smooth with the rest of her girth. There was a change in the texture of the skin where it was. It now covered an area slightly larger than Heather's right hand.
Although she wasn't sure, Heather thought that she felt the babies stretching the skin outward with their feet. She felt them kicking and saw the indentations on the walls of Bobbie's belly.
"Heather, could you get me some more?" Bobbie was licking her lips and wanting more ice-cream.
"I'll be back in a few minutes." Heather left the room and went back to the kitchen.
Bobbie was still hungry. She could feel her skin growing tighter. "I must be getting something to you little guys," she whispered to her belly.
Heather returned with more ice-cream and then eagerly resumed her place on the bed. Bobbie's feeding continued for three hours.

Somewhere after three in the morning, Heather gathered up all the empty containers and wrappers and placed them in Bobbie's closet, (she would remove them in the morning and dump them in the trashcan outside). Heather glanced over at Bobbie. She was already asleep on the bed. Her head rested on the pillows behind her. Heather turned off the light and climbed into bed. Knowing that Bobbie would sleep for hours, she lay down in front of the belly and held it in her arms. The babies were still moving. "How can she sleep with all of that going on in there?" she whispered to herself. The skin was a little tighter than it had been at midnight, but she thought that was just due to the eating. Soon, even Heather was asleep. The girls had exhausted themselves during the night. Bobbie would be sore for days, and Heather would want to stay there with her.
The babies were still very much awake. They were feeding, and feeding, and feeding. Their space was getting more confined and they started to push on the sides of their 'living' room. The skin stretched and the babies grew, and then they grew some more. And so went the night, until Bobbie woke up at seven.

"Wow!" Bobbie stared at herself in disbelief. There was no way to explain it away. She had eaten for three hours the night before and now she was seeing the results. She placed her right hand on her belly. She had known that the skin was tight even before she touched it. The sweet pleasure of pain in her body made her hot all over again. It was not painful in the sense of the word, but in the sheer pleasure of being stretched to the point of popping.
The skin was indeed tight! It almost squeaked as she drew her hand across the flesh. It made her quiver. Goosebumps formed on her arms, but her belly was too tight to allow them to form. She was so hard! - and large! She must have grown by several inches during the night! Bobbie couldn't help thinking that it was a good thing that she walked to the window the night before, because she surely wouldn't be able to stand again until after the babies were born. Over two and a half months from then!
Her body ached! Almost neglected were her breasts. The sheer size of her abdomen had stolen attention away from them. Swollen! It was the only word that she thought would describe it all. They were huge - no, they were bigger than huge! Her shirt was crusty from the night before from where the milk had dried. The material clearly showed her nipples poking through. She was becoming hugely aroused at the sight and feel of herself. Now the milk was beginning to come. Her breasts were round, and now starting to look like her belly. There was no way she would be able to pull those enormous breasts up to her mouth. Not only were they so immensely heavy, they were so full that her nipples were way out of reach of her mouth. She was huge in every way.
Heather stirred to life and looked up. Her eyes became large as she realized what had happened. Her dreams had come true. Bobbie was huge and it was obvious that she couldn't refuse anything Heather wanted to do. Heather sat up and looked into Bobbie's eyes. She moved closer and looked down at her breasts. "Now it's my turn to have something to eat," she grinned, pulled up the crusted shirt, reached for her right breast and put her mouth to Bobbie's right nipple. She closed her eyes and started to suck. Her mouth filled quicker than she thought it would and she had to swallow.
Bobbie leaned her head back in pleasure and let Heather do whatever she wanted to do. Heather did!
Heather drank the milk until she thought that she would explode, and then she noticed Bobbie's left breast. Despite her already full stomach, she sucked. The more she drank the more she wanted.
Bobbie hadn't been this hot since Jason had impregnated her six months before. She thought she would pass out from the pleasure but she didn't. Her breasts were beginning to return to the size of the previous night; Heather would have to work harder.
Without saying a word, Bobbie reached for her left breast and began to lift it to her mouth. With some of the milk removed, it was now flexible enough to raise it to her mouth, much the way she could before the night of eating. She sucked and sucked. After several minutes, the two girls switched. Bobbie was having the time of her life. Her belly was growing even while they were feasting on her own juices. She was feeding herself and Heather at the same time! She had never imagined such a thing in all of her life. The emotions were making her wet all over. Her belly was stretching further and further.
Heather was so caught up in the feeding frenzy that she didn't notice that she was very, very full herself. Her breasts had become excited and were engorged from the increased blood flow. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been and were seemingly growing harder and longer with every swallow she took.
Suddenly, Heather stopped drinking and started running her hands all over Bobbie's belly. She could feel the babies inside running and playing. The skin was growing ever tighter, and still Bobbie sucked from her breasts. Heather placed her head against Bobbie's belly and felt the kicks of the babies with her cheek. They were alive in there! They were growing! They were growing bigger and bigger! What a wonderful thing that this was. The more Bobbie drank, the more the babies would grow!
Heather had a sudden thought. Bobbie's babies had really started to grow when she started drinking her own milk. All she could think of was what had happened between her and Steven a few weeks before. Some mornings she hadn't felt very well, and her breasts had been growing rapidly since Steven had come over that first time. There's no way! But this is so nice! Bobbie must really be enjoying this time. She's huge! And here I am, loving on her and sucking her dry! She's so big!
"Bobbie," Heather was wanting to talk seriously with Bobbie.
"Yea," she licked her lips and looked up.
"When's the doctor coming over to look at you?"
"It's supposed to be tomorrow morning. He comes over every three or four weeks just to see how I'm doing." Bobbie looked down at herself. "I think he's just interested in me and that I'm having eight babies."
"Do you like being pregnant, Bobbie?" Heather was curious, and for a good reason.
"Yea! There's just a feeling that you have that something growing inside of you. And the fact that I enjoy being big. It gives me an excuse to be fat! I like the feeling of it. My skin is tight and tingles when I rub it." Bobbie slid her hands across the parts of her belly that she could reach.
"I was just curious."
"You're not are you?" Bobbie felt that Heather wasn't telling her something.
"No. I was just wondering. You look as though you are enjoying yourself."
"I am."
They heard Bobbie's parents wake up and open their bedroom door. The girls covered themselves and tried to look like they had just woken up. Bobbie's mom knocked and looked in. "Girls, want something for breakfast?" She looked at Bobbie's figure, now half covered with the bed sheets. "My, looks like somebody grew a little last night. Good thing the doctor's coming by tomorrow. We can know if there is anything we need to do."
"We may wait just a little bit about eating breakfast, mom." Bobbie wanted to be rubbed some more before her parents started getting involved in her day.
"Well, when you get ready, just let me know." Bobbie's mom walked out and shut the door.
"How about another rub, Heather?" Bobbie liked the rubs very much.
"Sure thing. Just keep telling me how you feel as I rub." Heather grinned at the comment and the rubbing commenced.

The doctor's visit was different than previous visits. He brought sonogram equipment with him so he could see if there was anything out of the ordinary going on in Bobbie's womb.
It wasn't long before the doctor had all of the equipment set up and had jelly on Bobbie's belly for the tests. Bobbie had to lie on her back for the tests, which apparently turned the doctor on, because he made a comment under his breath that he'd never seen an abdomen so big, not even at full term.
He ran the device over her belly and looked at the monitor. "They appear to be quite active," he mused while still looking at the screen.
"Yes sir, they seem to be from my side too!" Bobbie grinned as she said it, knowing that the doctor was getting hot from the whole situation.
He counted as he went, "one, two, three ... six, seven." He looked at the screen for a moment and then at where the device was on Bobbie's abdomen. "Oh boy!" The doctor looked back at the equipment and continued the count, "eight, nine, ten, and eleven." The doctor just gaped at Bobbie, stupified! "How in the world did you get pregnant with eleven babies? This is unheard of! Eleven babies!"
Bobbie was almost in shock herself. She knew that they hadn't done the test for three months, but to miss three babies in the count didn't help her feelings either! "How did you not see them before?"
"It happens. They hide behind each other, or dodge the equipment altogether. Sometimes it happens. I've never had experience with more than three babies at a time, and here, you were hiding three babies behind the other eight!" The doctor put his head in his hands and then raised his head back up and looked out the window. He glanced back at Bobbie. "Are you feeling any discomfort? Any pain?"
"No. I've noticed that my skin is starting to get very tight, but other than that I'm fine. The tight skin doesn't even bother me." Bobbie had a somber face, as though she were the unwilling victim in some uncontrolled science experiment. "Is there anything wrong, doctor?"
"I'm just worried for your safety, Bobbie. There's never been anyone pregnant with more than six or seven, and usually all of the babies don't survive."
Bobbie showed a little concern. "What can I do?"
"Well, to be honest with you, nothing at this point. Just keep getting plenty of rest and eat well, but there is the problem. The more you eat, the more you are going to grow. The uterus and the skin of the abdomen have a limit. I don't know what that limit is, and I hope that we don't find out here. Your skin is so tight! By the tests, you have nearly three months to go. Most of the growth during pregnancy occurs during the last three months. You're bigger than any woman has ever been, and you have just crossed the sixth month - and you're still only twelve years old!" The doctor shook his head and looked at Bobbie.
Bobbie looked down at her ever-expanding figure and then up at the doctor. A look of concern was on her face. She was about to speak when her stomach growled. She could only think that supper wouldn't be that long off..
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