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Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Chamber » Mon May 23, 2016 7:53 pm

Chapter 8
Bobbie uncomfortably found herself going into the seventh month of her pregnancy. No longer able to move freely, she just sat on her bed watching the TV across the room on her dresser. Her parents had moved the TV from their room into hers, feeling that she would probably get more use out of it than they would during this ordeal.

Her arms reached only two-thirds of the way around her enormous belly, but she found herself trying to embrace her ever-expanding figure time after time. If she pushed in on the sides of her belly, she could feel the pressure exerted on all of its extremities. The skin had become so tight that she could no longer press her hands into it and leave prints; the pressure simply pushed them right out. Some days during lunch or dinner, she could actually feel the pressure welling up from within her pushing out as the babies continued to grow. She was slowly but surely expanding ever farther out.

Once, she found herself crying in the middle of the night. She wasn't sure if it was from pleasure or pain, but the tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the shirt that did its best to hide her enormous breasts. She was uncomfortable. There was no other way to state the fact. She was larger than any other girl or woman had ever been during their pregnancy. She contained more babies than any woman had ever carried. She was stuck in a bed that was not going to let her go until the babies came out.

That Monday, the doctor came by and saw Bobbie on the house visit that he now carried out three times a week. He still wasn't sure about the whole issue. After examining her, he shook his head as he turned and went downstairs to talk with Bobbie's parents.

The doctor had no hesitation about voicing his concerns. "I still think that we have waited too long before getting her into a hospital. If we came in here and tried to move her out now, there could be some really bad things happen. First, she could go into labor with the added pressure. The babies would probably be OK, but we don't have the facilities here to deal with that. Second, if she didn't go into labor, the babies or Bobbie herself could get hurt in the move. She is in a very awkward state right now with her weight distribution in some very unyielding places. Third, and this one really scares me, she might burst. It is possible, and I am not making this up, her skin is so tight that if her skin has a weak spot, she might literally burst wide open from the pressure. I'm not sure how much more her body can handle. This leads to another point. If we were able to get her to the hospital, we would be afraid to conduct an emergency C-section for that very reason. If we cut the skin, she might rip open the rest of the way."

Bobbie's mother's eyes were watering. "So, what do we do?"

"The only thing I know to do is to wait it out. I'll start coming by everyday – twice a day if it takes it." The doctor sighed. "I don't know what else to do at this point. I'll see you and Bobbie tomorrow," he said as he went out the front door.

Her parents, both in a state of shock about the whole episode, slowly gathered themselves together and went upstairs to Bobbie's room. They stood in the doorway. Bobbie was asleep with her head resting against the headboard and pillow. They couldn't believe what was happening. Their twelve-year-old daughter was becoming more like a beachball than a young teenager. The bed sagged under the weight that her belly contained. Bobbie's belly was so enormously distended that it appeared big enough to contain a normal twelve-year-old.

"But Heather, what's wrong? Was it something I did?" Steven was trying to understand what he had done to upset Heather that afternoon. She had been extremely moody for the last two to three weeks.

"It's not you, Steven." Heather was right it wasn't him, although it did involve him. "Steven, just give me the rest of the evening. I have a headache. I'll explain it all to you tomorrow – promise." She smiled and walked him to the window that he used to get in and out of her house.

Steven snuck away from the house and made his way back home. Heather remained in the basement for a while. She stared at the window for a few minutes and then looked down at herself. Her breasts had grown, but not nearly to the size of Bobbie's; in fact, she wasn't even a quarter of the size that Bobbie had reached, but still huge for a girl sixteen or younger – especially twelve!

She looked into the deep valley of her cleavage. Her shirt stretched out from her breasts and remained hanging out from her body all the way down. She pulled her shirt off. Her breasts bounced ponderously as the shirt hung on them for a moment and then released them. Again, she looked down and saw what the problem really was. Her belly.

It had only been six weeks, maybe as much as two months, but certainly not over. Her belly was pushing out. I was very noticeable. If she didn't have such extremely large breasts, it would have been noticeable throught her shirt! How could she have been so stupid? She looked a little over four months pregnant and she wasn't even sure if had actually been two months yet. She thought to herself, "How many could be in there? Bobbie didn't show until she was three, three and a half months along. I'm showing in half the time! Does that mean I have twice as many?" A look of fear crossed her face. She rubbed her belly and then put her shirt back on. She went back to her room and climbed into bed, but couldn't sleep. Tossing and turning all night, she couldn't help thinking just how big she would get and if it was really worth it.

Later that night, Heather woke up. She heard a tapping on her window and got up to look out to see what it was. When she got to the window, she looked out and saw Steven down below. "What does he want in the middle of the night?" she thought as she motioned for him to come around to the back of the house where he usually came in through the basement window.

He ran around the house and out of Heather's sight. She was wearing a large T-shirt, so she didn't worry about grabbing her housecoat out of her closet. She started out of her room and was heading toward the other end of the house where the door to the basement was when her stomach growled. "I guess I didn't eat as much for dinner as I thought I did," she muttered under her breath. She stopped for a second and looked into the kitchen. "Surely they have something sitting out that I could snack on." Heather's mouth began to water as she looked around.

She found a candy bar that her mom had gotten the other day, but couldn't remember why. She quietly tore the wrapper off and took a big bite. "Wow, I love caramel!"

After this, she made her way down to the basement door and went downstairs. She finished the candy bar before she got all the way down the stairs. She threw the wrapper in the can at the bottom of the stairs and made her way to the window where Steven was looking in at her.

She unlocked the window and Steven climbed in. "What are you doing here at this time of the night, Steven? And what's that you're hiding behind your back?"

"I was thinking about you all the way home and knew that you hadn't been feeling very good, so I went by and got you something." Steven pulled a clear plastic bag out from behind his back. It was full of gummibears.

"You know I love those!" The smile was returning to Heather's face in a big way. She leaned over and hugged Steven tightly. She knew that he could feel her hard nipples on his chest – and then she could feel him!

She took a small handful of the gummibears out of the bag and stuffed them all in her mouth. Steven was shocked but didn't mind. "These are great!" Her words were a little slurred from her mouth being full, but Steven got the point.

Steven's eyes went from her mouth to her breasts. He could see her areolas through the white T-shirt. They framed huge nipples on the end of each breast. Her T-shirt showed signs of stretching and fatigue from the size of her chest.

Heather noticed Steven's pants start to bulge. She knew what he wanted. She thought to herself, "I'm already pregnant, what's it matter now." She looked up at Steven, "Let's go to our little room behind the stairs." Grins spread across both of their faces and they disappeared in the dark corner of the basement.

Steven's hands immediately found their way to her breasts and started caressing them even before Heather got her hand out of the bag for the third time. "Are you trying to make these even bigger?" Steven joked as she placed another handful into her mouth.

"Well, I don't think that you would mind." Heather knew what he liked and wasn't going to keep them from him. She grabbed her shirt and raised it up and threw it down on the floor. Her breasts jutted out from her chest, firm, bold and radiant.

Steven found his mouth drawn to her nipples and he started to kiss and suck them with tenderness. His tongue found a couple of new toys that made his mouth water. He had touched her nipples but never held them in his lips and gently nibbled on them.

Heather was loving every minute of it. She grabbed Steven and they lay down on the floor. Steven nearly ripped his pants off before he stretched out on top of her. He eased himself inside of her and slowly slid all the way in. His blood pressure started increasing until he completely filled her void, but he didn't stop. As had happened previously, he kept increasing until he nearly got very stuck. He had learned to start gliding in and out of her before he got too big to move at all.

Heather had learned to accept all of him, encouraging his girth to fill her to the point of tearing her apart. She breathed heavier and heavier, knowing that she would climax soon. Her breasts continued to swell, stretching the skin to the point of being shiny.

Neither noticed the growth taking place in her abdomen. With each stroke, Heather was beginning to grow, her belly reaching outwards toward the room. It wasn't until they had stopped that Heather noticed the extra pressure when Steven fell almost limp across her.

"What's going on?" she asked, almost in shock. Heather was indeed shocked, but somehow there was a feeling of sheer pleasure coming from her abdomen. It begged to be filled. "Steven, I am so hungry!"

Steven, somewhat taken aback by not only the sudden growth of her abdomen, but also by the anti-climatic statement that followed his best rush ever. "You're what?" unable to believe what she had actually said.

"Get me the gummibears!" She reached for them while she was still lying on her back.

Steven reached over and got them and handed them to her. She finished them off, almost choking them down. Steven, needless to say, was shocked at the sight.

The room they were in also served as the long term food pantry for the kitchen upstairs. Heather looked up and saw a bag of potato chips. "Grab that for me, Steven." Again, Heather was reaching for the bag while still on her back.

Steven handed the bag to her and watched her open and eat the entire bag. As she ate, he noticed that her belly grew out slightly. "Heather, your belly's growing!" He didn't shout, but there was a sound of alarm in his voice.

"And it feels so good," her eyes rolled up a little as she said it showing how good it really felt. "Hand me that," she pointed to a big box of sugar smacks on the second shelf.

Steven looked at her in disbelief, grabbed the box and handed it to her. And then it happened – it clicked in him – whatever it was happening to her was turning him on. He could feel himself getting hard all over again. He watched her rip the box open and thrust her hand into the contents.

Heather brought out a handful of smacks and pushed them into her mouth. Before she could get her mouth completely closed, she was already reaching for another handful.

Steven's eyes were bulging out. He sat and stared as his girlfriend stuffed herself full of food and watched her belly grow bigger and bigger.

Heather noticed what was happening but continued on the binge. She could feel the pressure welling up from within her. Her breasts became shiny from the added blood that continued to flow into them. She turned to Steven, "Can you find me something to drink, I'm starting to get very thirsty."

Steven got all hard and nearly went off right in front of her. He found a stack of two-liter Cokes on the bottom shelf. He undid the cap of one and handed it to her. He was going to find a cup for her when she grabbed the bottle, turned it up and drank it dry. "Wow, I don't think that I've ever seen anything like that!" This was becoming very interesting to Steven, and it was turning him on more than he had ever been in his life.

Heather's belly was growing ever further out, now even beyond her big breasts. She was beginning to look along the lines of eight months along. She put the empty bottle down and placed both hands on her belly and felt the size that she had stretched to. She looked at Steven, "I need you again!" She was smiling so wide that she was showing teeth in her grin.

Steven crawled over as she lay back down from her sitting position. He touched her belly and couldn't believe that this was actually happening. He slid himself back into Heather and they became one again. As he moved she increased in size. With every push and pull she was growing ever larger. She was quietly screaming in pleasure. They climaxed together and he pulled out and looked at her figure.

She couldn't sit up on her own. Steven had to reach over and pull on her hands as she reached toward him. When she sat up, they both looked at her abdomen. She had by far crossed the nine months phase of the pregnancy. She looked like a woman that was in her ninth month with either twins or triplets. She placed her hands on her belly and felt the skin. It was tight as a drum but very full of life. "Steven, you're not going to believe this…"

"I bet I know!" He reached over and grabbed a box of cookies that he had spotted earlier.

She smiled and took the box, "Thank you. I'm going to need something else to drink too." She started eating the cookies. He belly stretched more and more. She could feel her skin actually stretching from the force. Her breasts had become more firm as they continued to fill. Her belly started to become shiny as the skin became tighter and tighter. She stopped eating only long enough to orgasm as she felt for her belly button and could not longer reach it. She fell backwards onto her back and called for Steven to taker her once again.

Steven had grown large watching her grow. This time, he actually had trouble fitting inside of her. After some time of forcing his way into her, he slowly packed his manhood into her one long inch at a time. After a full minute of pushing, he had arrived all the way inside.

He placed his hands on her belly and mashed in. His hands made no impression in her skin. She was so full. Without moving, he came inside of her and filled her even more. He couldn't help it, she was so huge and he was enjoying it so much.

"Steven?" Heather called for him to help her sit up.

Heather reached her hands over her enormous belly and helped her sit up. She sat on the blanket and looked at her enormous size. Her belly went beyond her knees and nearly touched the blanket as it stretched outward over her legs and then downward.

They sat there for twenty minutes and just felt her belly. They realized that they had totally overlooked something that had been going on – there was movement inside her – a lot of movement! They took their hands off and watched as the skin actually pressed outward in places from time to time as small feet and hands tried to escape.

"Steven, there are babies all inside of me!" Her smile went from ear to ear. "Lots and lots and lots of babies!"

All of the sudden, Heather felt a large kick and then a wave of pleasure came over her. Her belly began to slowly enlarge even more. She could hear the skin stretching as she filled. She continued to quietly scream in pleasure.

Steven backed up and watched. He was so hard that he hurt.

Heather continued to expand. The skin got tighter and tighter. Her belly was reaching her feet and had reached the height of her chin. The pressure continued to grow and the skin continued to stretch until, at a point, she could hear the sound of her skin stretching. The pressure didn't subside. She continued to grow with nowhere to expand. The pleasure reached a climax that she could never have felt without being so pregnant. The pressure reached a point of no return, pushing her skin tighter and tighter.

Steven was in shock.

Heather was a container of life that had no way to let itself out. Suddenly she exploded!

Heather woke up in a cold sweat in her bed. She was wet all over. Her nipples were erect and very, very hard. Her breasts were hugely engorged and wet. What a dream! She had orgasmed over and over in her bed.

She sat up and thought about food. It almost made her sick, but she was hungry. She made up her mind that she would go see Bobbie the next day and then get her mom to take her to the doctor. She didn't find much pleasure in exploding all over the house – even if it had been fun getting there.
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Chamber » Mon May 23, 2016 7:58 pm

Chapter 9
It was Tuesday evening, and Heather had decided to take her bath early that night right after dinner had gotten through. She was standing in the bathroom with the door shut. Her shorts were laying on floor beside the clothes hamper, crumpled from a careless toss by her right foot.
Heather was standing in front of one of her favorite objects over the past few months - the mirror. She had studied her form as she had been taking the pills and watched as her breasts swelled from their pre-puberty mosquito-bite size to the now oversized double-handfuls that swayed back and forth even when she wore a bra.
It was more than most twelve-year-olds could handle, but Heather was taking it in stride. She kept looking at herself in the mirror. She still had her T-shirt on; it was enough to cover her panties, but short enough to know that was the only thing she had on. Her swollen upper body rose with each breath that she took, and the lace on her chest indicated where the bra's support ended and the un-commanded flesh began.
She grabbed the bottom of her shirt with both hands and raised it slowly over her head and then slid it off her arm dropping it to the floor. Her bra was enormous for a young girl not even in the eight-grade. Six inches of cleavage showed from the middle of the bra to the bottom of her neck. She reached around with both of her hands and unhooked the bra, releasing it with a snap. The pressure released, she slid the bra off her chest and down her arms.
The image was incredible. A twelve-year-old girl with breasts that hung down to her bellybutton. Her breasts were not flat but firm and round. Only their immense weight brought them down under the power of gravity.
She touched them and shuttered when the chill hit her. Her nipples became immediately hard and erect driving her almost made with desire for Steven. "Boy, I could use him right now." And grinning she looked at herself, "and I don't think that he would hesitate if given the opportunity."
Bobbie was eight months into her pregnancy. No woman had ever experienced what she was going through. Twelve babies inside of her and nowhere to go and nothing to do. She was bedridden for the duration of the pregnancy. Her mom visited her every hour on the hour during the day and every two hours during the night. The doctor was coming by twice daily, wondering when Bobbie was going to go into labor, or burst or both!
Her skin was so tight that she could feel each kick on the opposite side of her belly. She couldn't see it, and hadn't been able to for two months. She had lost track of how much she had grown around in the waist. It didn't matter now anyway. She was stuck in that bed for the next month, or whenever the babies decided to come out.
She had been wondering why she had taken the pills in the first place, but there were enjoyable parts to the pregnancy too. She was able to lie in bed for weeks and enjoy watching herself grow larger and larger. Her breasts had been producing more milk than ever, although her mom had never realized the fact. Bobbie kept her breasts sucked, but she always knew it wouldn't be long before there was another gallon in each one. The babies had grown immensely from their mother's milk. Bobbie continued to suck and grow.
She had wondered if they were going to transport her to the hospital and try to do an emergency delivery of her babies, but she had been examining the door she had walked through three and a half months earlier. She realized she wouldn't be going back out that way in her condition. She was wider than the doorway!
She remembered back to the time earlier in the year when she was still in school. She would be walking down the hallway and all of the students would look at her. A pregnant seventh grader! It was a site! Sometimes in class, the other girls would want to tough her belly to see if it was real. She felt that some of them wanted to be pregnant too, but that they were just all afraid. The guys weren't afraid of her breasts. On two separate occasions, she had been felt-up in the crowded hallway. She could feel the hand run from her nipple to the base of her breast and then hear a voice yell out, "Hey, they're real!" There would be a round of laughter and giggles and then things would continue as usual.
Bobbie had heard the teachers talking several times about her situation. They were afraid that she would go into labor in their classrooms and there would be a big stink about the whole issue, and they didn't want to be involved. How did they know she wasn't even halfway through her pregnancy and showing as though she was nine months?
She wobbled everywhere she went; in fact, she wobbled when she breathed sitting in a chair. She was enormous for a seventh grader. The guys would make bets as to how big she was or how big she would be by the end of the current month. They had watched her grow and they knew she was still growing. There was nothing she could do about the situation at that point, she had quit taking the pills and she was still growing! The hormones had absorbed into her body and changed its chemistry. She would be changed for the rest of her life.
Now, setting in bed, as she had for the last two and a half months, she just felt big. She was enjoying the sensations, but there was also the urgency to get out of bed and get on with life. But she couldn't do that now. She could feel the skin stretch every once in a while. She was continuing to grow at an alarming rate. She had wondered several times about the possibility of her exploding and babies going everywhere. That feeling had come back for the moment.
Her breasts were expanding everyday as well. They would fill up with milk, stretch and start hurting. The pressure from within became so immense that she had to suck the milk out before her breasts started dripping from the nipples. That had happened on more than one occasion.
At ten o'clock, the doctor came in for the morning visit. Each time he came in, Bobbie noticed that his pants grew tight in the front and that he started to walk funny coming across the room.
She let him pull the sheet off her body. She hadn't been able to wear a shirt for the last six weeks and she only kept a towel wrapped around her breasts for modesty. Her belly was over three feet wide and had grown out nearly four. She skin shivered and quaked as she breathed. They could both see the individual kicks as each baby tried to make his or her presence known to the outside world. The doctor started with the daily tests and was done in about thirty minutes.
He covered her back up and walked out of the room. Bobbie's mom talked with him as he was getting ready to leave. "She's grown two inches since last night. If she keeps growing like this she will give birth to twelve fifteen pound giant babies."
"How is she able to do this?" He mom was beyond shock. She had been in the same state for months since she first heard that Bobbie was pregnant at twelve.
"When we know that, we will know the answers to a lot of things. Just don't feed her as much. She needs to grow, but she can't keep up like this!"
"OK, I'll do what I can do."
The doctor left and she closed the door. Bobbie's mom walked upstairs and sat down on the edge of Bobbie's bed. "How do you feel, Bobbie?"
"Big. I feel really, really big!" Bobbie reached over and patted the part of her belly that she could reach.
Her mom touched the front of her belly and felt the babies inside of her daughter. The desire to be like this made her hot, but she was embarrassed by the fact. She just sat there and felt of her daughter's tight skin and grow hot as she thought about it.
"I hate homework!" Heather did not like homework! It was obvious to anyone that had ever been around her. She sat in the floor looking at her math book and trying work one of the problems on a sheet of paper that had become a mess of erasures and graphite smears. "This problem has no answer!"
She sat back and looked around the room looking for the answer to be printed on the wall or the bedspread. Why all the math? Then she remembered back to that night that Steven had come over and that had had sex in the basement of her house. They had had so much fun. And then they got stuck together! It was the math that had gotten them apart. They had to think of math, which of course, had nothing to do with sex.
Heather kept thinking about the night and how Steven had held her breasts and kissed them and attempted to suck them. It was all cute, but he kept commenting on them and how he liked them. He had asked her more than a couple of times if they were still growing and if they would get any bigger? All of the sudden, Heather didn't think about math anymore. She sat and thought about her breasts and how they continued to grow and get larger. And then the evil streak hit her and the desire she felt was overwhelming.
She jumped up and went over to her closet where she had kept the pills that she had taken for several weeks. The same pills that had given Bobbie twelve babies when she had made out with Jason. The same pills that had altered Bobbie's body to grow huge breasts that secreted milk and continued to grow. Oh, how they had grown!
The sweat built up on Heather's forehead and her blood pressure rose until she could feel her heartbeat in her throat. She opened the closet door and bent down to find the last two bottles of pills that she had hidden away from the rest. Underneath a shoebox in the back corner of her closet she found them. She took one of the bottles and placed the shoebox back.
Heather knew her mom would be coming in from work in nearly an hour at five o'clock and that her dad was working late tonight. She placed the bottle on her bed and ran down to the kitchen to grab a large glass of water. When she got back, she sat the glass down and looked at the bottle of pills. Her heart rate was uncontrolled and she had been breathing heavy now since she had first gotten the evil desire.
Her hand reached out and got the bottle. She twisted the top off and pulled the cotton out of the neck. There were fifty pills in the bottle. She poured the pills out on her bed and looked at them for a few seconds. Before her conscious got to her, she grabbed the glass of water and started taking the pills.
It took her twenty minutes and four glasses of water to do it, but she had taken all fifty of the pills. She was sweating and her nipples were hard. Her excitement was at a high, and she knew if Steven had been there, they would have been on the bed making some noise.
She sat back and looked at the empty bottle. She held it in her hand and placed the cotton back in the neck and sat it down. "Fifty pills? I can't believe I just took fifty of those pills!" She looked down at her breasts. "Well, I hope that Steven is a really big breast lover."
She rubbed her nipples through her shirt until she could see them standing erect. It made her hot to see her nipples poking out of her shirt. They had swelled from the influx of blood to her breasts during the excitement. Her bra was tight and unrelentingly binding. She wanted to take it off, but she was hesitant that her mom would get onto her. Her mom had told her that her breasts needed support when she wasn't in the bed asleep. Of course, Heather knew it was to keep her dad from getting hot over his twelve-year-old daughter's newly grown assets. Poor dad she thought! His daughter's breasts are a cup bigger then his wife's and twenty-eight years younger.
Bedtime came early for Heather. "I wish that I had finished that homework. Mrs. Johnson isn't going to be happy about that." She was still thinking about that afternoon and the pills she had taken five hours earlier.
Then she thought about Bobbie because of her own breasts. She looked at the phone and thought about giving her a call when the phone rang. Her mom answered the phone and called for her to come and get it, "Sounds like your friend Bobbie." Holding the receiver as she talked, "I haven't seen her in a long time, you ought to invite her over for dinner one night." Her mom hadn't found out about the situation with Bobbie and her dozen babies. Bobbie's family had decided to keep things very quiet as long as they could.
"I'll pick it up in my room, mom," Heather was leaning out of her bedroom door. She had already taken her bra off and didn't want to put down her mom or excite her dad. She picked the phone up and answered, "Hello."
"Heather! How's it going?"
"Bobbie, I was just thinking about you. How are you coming along? Sorry about not getting over there in the last few days."
"That's OK. It gets kind of boring over her sitting in bed all day and all night and thought that I would give you a call and see what was happening in the real world."
"How much more have you grown?" Heather, not beating around the bush about what she was interested in.
Bobbie breathed a sigh and started into the whole description about the last three days of doctor's visits. The resulting answer was a gain of four inches in circumference in two and a half days. For a pregnancy to take that kind of leap was unheard of, but then, this was an unheard of pregnancy.
"The biggest thing, and the one that is going to stick with me for months after I have the babies is my breasts."
"What about them?" Heather was most interested in this subject.
"The doctor told me, I guess because I asked him, that after I give birth, my breasts are going to really start producing milk. He said that the way they have grown and started producing milk already could mean a good increase in size and milk production."
Heather shivered from the chill bumps that ran up and down her back when Bobbie said that.
"He was telling me that I might have to have them pumped to reduce the pressure and the growth. Otherwise, he said that they might grow considerably more and cause some real problems." Bobbie could hear Heather breathing heavy, "With these things hanging down to my waste, as big as they are now, I'm going to still look pregnant even after the babies are all gone."
"Did the doctor say that there was anyway to reduce their size?" Heather loved the idea of having large, large breasts, but she also was curious if there was a way to reduce their size back to a somewhat normal proportion.
"Actually, I asked him about that too. He said that as long as they were producing milk, it would not be possible to do a reduction. That will make me have to stay this way for a long time after I have the babies."
Heather shivered again and thought about Bobbie with even bigger breasts. Bobbie being bedridden during pregnancy was one thing, but this could cause her to stay inside for a long time. Pumping! "How would they pump your breasts?"
"It is some kind of a device that sucks the milk out of the nipples and collects it in a container. With all of the babies, I would imagine that they would need it. It think that I will have enough to supply them all, even before they engorge with milk."
Heather and Bobbie talked for another twenty minutes and then they both hung up. Heather finished getting ready for be and turned out the lights. She was still thinking about the sight of Bobbie being hooked-up to a machine to suck the milk out of her breasts. She was turned on and anxious for Steven to show up, but she knew that wouldn't happen tonight, or at least when she really wanted him to.
She lay in bed for a little while rubbing her breasts and making her nipples hard. She could feel the moisture between her legs and awaited an orgasm. When she did make it to sleep, one hand was inside of her shirt and between her breasts. The other was between her legs and damp with excitement.
While Heather was asleep, the tingling started deep within her chest much as it had started months before the first time she had taken the pills. The tingling grew and intensified, but an hour later, the tingling had not subsided as it had before. Her breasts became sensitive and her nipples hardened and stood erect. Slowly the flesh of her breasts expanded and spread. The glands within each breasts started to develop and hormones worked their magic on her young body.
When Heather awoke the next morning...
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Re: Preteen Pregnancy: Chapter 2

Postby Chamber » Mon May 23, 2016 8:10 pm

10: The Last Chapter
Heather awoke in a state of total shock. Her face was wet with sweat and her blood pressure was high and her heart beating as fast as she could remember. She had been having wild nightmares and had awakened in a run trying to get away from something she could not recognize.
She sat up in her bed and leaned forward almost placing her head between her knees as though she was sick and fixing to heave. After three minutes, the dizziness began to fade and she leaned back and sat up against the headboard. Her mind raced as to what was causing the fantastically horrible feelings within her. She couldn't help but think about two nights ago when she and Steven had united in a fit of passion that had lasted for over an hour. That was a joyous occasion that even now she longed for again. Every minute had brought about new ecstasy and she climaxed over and over again. Then she fast-forwarded twenty-four hours to the previous night. How stupid had she been? There wasn't a single one of the pills left! And then she thought of Bobbie and the mess that she was in. Her blood pressure went up again and she started sweating at the thought of blowing up and looking like a balloon and not being able to get out of bed for five months. Poor Bobbie, she thought.
It was then that she noticed that her breasts had grown during the night. She looked down at her shirt and saw that it was fuller that it had been the night before. It was almost anti-climatic. Her hands raised up to her shirt and felt her new mass and began to rub them until her nipples became erect and hard. She removed her shirt and massaged her breasts until they became engorged and firm. She run her hands all over her chest, rubbing the sweat like a lotion on her skin. Her hands slid down her breasts and across her nipples and back up and around to the underside of her chest and then down towards her bellybutton.
Her heart skipped! She had a pudge where her belly was! There was actually a belly instead of the firm torso that she had been so used to. It was as though she had eaten too much and had put on five pounds! She parted her breasts with her hands and looked down at herself. Could she be pregnant?
Deep within the confines of Heather's womb, a strange thing had happened. The pills had brought the fertile hormone to her ovaries and fluids at just the right time (or just the wrong time, however you would like to look at it). The fertilized egg for the night of passion had been hit by a wave of the hormone and it had split into two eggs, producing what would in most cases result in twins. But for Heather this was only the beginning. The hormone was strong enough that it caused the eggs to split again creating four identical eggs. Every couple of minutes, the hormone was reacting with the eggs and causing a division to take place. Heather was feeling the effects of over twelve hours of chain-reaction splitting. Yes, she was definitely pregnant! How pregnant was anybody's guess. The physical effects of the pregnancy were slow but continual. The normal stages of division and growth had begun, but multiplied by all of the eggs within her.
For the next hour, Heather sat in her bed and rubbed her belly. Although the growth had been slow and she had not physically seen it happen, she had seen a growth of over two inches in diameter as her belly had crept out. She continued to rub it and her breasts, watching and enjoying. Heather had no idea what was going on inside of her. It was Saturday and her parents had both gone away for the day. They were helping some friends move and wouldn't be back until later that evening. But Heather's mind was lost as she continued to watch her body change. Over the next forty minutes, she watched as her belly grew out three inches. She now looked like she was approaching six months pregnant. Her belly was round and growing in all directions. She loved the exhilarating feeling she was getting from the growth within her. Her breasts continued to expand with fatty tissue and milk as her belly grew. She would squeeze her breasts and get shivers from the feelings within her.
About the time eight o'clock rolled around, she was reaching the typical look of nine months, but she continued to rub her belly, not realizing the situation that was occurring. Slowly she expanded and continually she felt her belly as it enlarged within her hands. She had felt the skin being pulled as her belly enlarged, but the ecstasy she felt overwhelmed her and she didn't think about it. As though she was filled with yeast causing dough to expand, she continued to inflate with life. Her belly button had become flat with the rest of her belly as she reached the look of ten months pregnant with twins. She looked at the mirror and shifted so she could look at herself, when she realized that she couldn't move very easily. The new weight had caused her to become unbalanced and she couldn't get to her feet to raise herself up. A fear struck through her when she realized that the portable phone that she always kept by her bed was on the dresser on the other side of the room. She couldn't even call for help. Her hands felt the growth within her as her belly continued to grow ever larger. Her skin was already becoming quite tight and her breasts were rolling off her belly and hanging down to her waist. She was growing out of control!
The tension on her skin increased with every breath. She could feel the skin stretching as growth took place within her ever-expanding womb. She could only think about Bobbie's situation and how she had had weeks for her skin to adapt to the abnormal pressure of the babies within her. She was blowing up in just a few hours! Her skin wasn't stretching like Bobbie's over time. It was stretching too fast! She was looking like she had a cow inside of her! Her skin was turning shiny and becoming more and more taut. The stretching of her skin made a sound like static on a TV. It was unusual but continual. The skin had turned white as the pressure had begun to force the blood out of the capillaries. She was going to explode! She was shouting to herself, "No, no, no! Stop!" But her body wouldn't listen. The larger she got, the tighter her skin became and the less sound she heard from the stretching. The skin of her belly was reaching its limit. The pressure was immense and she had no way of stopping the growth. Why had she taken the pills? Why had she been so stupid, she thought?
She could no longer mash her belly in, creating dents in it. There was no more room to force growth from. The pressure was making her wince and grit her teeth. She was taking up most of the bed she had confined herself to. She was trying to hold the growth back with her arms but she couldn't reach enough of her belly to hold it in. Her breasts had become the size of cow's udders and had tuned purple around the areola and started dripping milk.
At 10:35 in the morning, the sound of stretching skin ceased. There was a moment of relief as the room became deathly quiet. A bed bowed in the middle by the weight of a nearly thirteen-year-old girl with a weather balloon for a belly and breasts that could easily hold two gallons of milk apiece. She looked at herself and realized that she had messed up. Although the skin of her belly had stopped stretching, she could still feel the pressure building within her. As it became more and more intense, she started crying and rubbing what she could reach of her belly. "Why, why, why did I do it?" The walls of her belly shook and vibrated as the pressure become unbearable, her skin so tight it felt like concrete. She was almost afraid to breathe for fear it would cause the skin to rupture. But still the pressure grew.
Bobbie saw the story on the news the next day as she was enjoying breakfast. She turned up the volume and listened in. A tragic story of a youth, pregnant at twelve and barely living to experience the after-effects. On the scene in front of Heather's house. The mother reports that she came home for a tool she had forgotten and went up to check on her daughter. When she opened the door and saw her daughter, she screamed in horror at what she saw and raced over to her. Even with her daughter's emphatic screaming not to touch her, the mother placed her hand on the child's pregnant belly and the contents were instantaneously released from the resulting fissure. The girl is in critical condition but recovering at Bowdon General Hospital where she will stay for the next two weeks.
Bobbie nearly choked on the bite of toast she was eating. "I tried to tell her, but I guess she wouldn't listen." Bobbie felt bad for Heather, but what was she able to do about it?
As Bobbie was growing closer (no pun intended) to her final days until delivery, her breasts were becoming engorged with milk. She had felt pressure before, but this was more than she had ever experienced. Her breasts, now lying beside her now nearly nine-month pregnant belly were filling up and becoming quite round. She couldn't even raise them up to drink from them anymore. She was completely immobile setting on the bed.
Bobbie's doctor had seen the story too, but he was at the hospital when Heather had come in. As the doctors rushed to work on Heather, Bobbie's doctor was asking as many questions as possible. He was now in fear that the same thing would happen to Bobbie. He would deliver the babies from her with the help of a team of doctors stationed in the bedroom with him. Bobbie was oblivious to the plan.
On the following Tuesday, the team of doctors visited Bobbie and began making preparations for the delivery. Everyone was positioned and Bobbie made ready, even over her resistance (as though she could fight it). Bobbie's parents agreed with the doctors and pushed for the episode to be completed.
The head doctor was still in fear of Bobbie's skin splitting, so they were very gentle with her. It took six doctors to roll Bobbie onto her side and maneuver her left breast around to the front. The doctor moving her breast had become soaked with milk and became horny with the whole event. The delivery was quite easy, considering the situation. The pressure within Bobbie's womb forced the babies out from between her legs as though being pushed at high force from within. Bobbie's weight had prevented the natural forces of labor from working, allowing her to last so long in her pregnancy. As she screamed to release the last two babies, she was met with a feeling of exhaustion and relaxation.
She was turned back over, where she saw her feet for the first time in over three months. Her breasts were enormous! They reached past her knees and were leaking milk from all of the excitement. The doctors were catering to the babies and a nurse was seeing after Bobbie. Everyone had come through the procedure in good condition. The doctors had counted not twelve but thirteen babies as they carried each one out the door to the two awaiting ambulances. They placed Bobbie on a stretcher, binding her breasts to her so they would not fall off the sides during the ride. An hour later, they were all at the hospital recovering.
Two weeks later, Bobbie was back at home. She was taking care of her babies though, well, not exactly. After she had given birth, her breasts engorged and swelled to twice their size, producing enough milk for all of the babies. Bobbie was hooked up to a milking machine for six hours every day to keep the milk supply coming in for the babies, but also to prevent her breasts from exploding! She would set in front of the TV in a chair while the machine did its work. She was anxious for the reduction surgery that would bring her back to a normal size, but it could not be done until milk production had waned.
Heather was back at home now, but in a wiser form than she had been before. Her now double-g size breasts, (or at least that's what the label said on the bra she had been forced to wear), made her look light a girl caught between two different times. She was the innocent twelve-year-old that was going to have a birthday in three weeks, but at the same time she was well aware of the penalties of sex. But Heather liked her breasts, and after all, that was what she had wanted the whole time anyway.
The End
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