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Birthing Sex

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Birthing Sex

Postby lisasdad » Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:15 pm ... -in-labor/

The other benefit to having sex in labor (other than it feels good!) comes in the form of relaxin. Relaxin is a hormone found in the seminal fluid of mammals (men included). Studies have shown it softens the cervix and lengthens the pelvic ligaments, allowing for easier passage of the baby (during conception it allows for easier passage of the sperm). In the hospital, many women are given prostaglandin inserts which contain relaxin. What they may not realize, however, is that pig semen is the source of the relaxin (more recently this is being replaced with synthetic substances). I’ve always preferred human bodily fluids myself! As an aside, studies have shown that prostaglandin inserts are ten times more effective when taken orally. At an unassisted home birth, relaxin can be given orally is a much more pleasant manner. Try doing that in the hospital! Husbands should embrace unassisted home birth, and understand it is an ideal opportunity for them to express their love for their wives both physically and emotionally.

Marnie :

Can you describe what an unattended childbirth would look like, or be like, for those who can’t visualize the concept?

Laura :

Just as each sexual encounter is different, each birth is different, as well. Imagine the difference between having sex in the hospital surrounded by hospital personnel and machinery, and having sex at home in a candle-lit bedroom. Most people are so consumed by fear about birth they have no idea how magical it can actually be. Take away the drugs and machinery, take away the watchful concerned eyes, take away the fear, and a whole new world opens up to us. Many women encounter their own creative power for the first time. This is how it was for me.
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