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Swollen Succubus [by Mich]

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Swollen Succubus [by Mich]

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:55 am

Swollen Succubus

by Mich

"I want you so bad," she whispered, breath hot in my ear, hand digging into my hair, her heavy breasts heaving against me. Hungry for her, I pulled her mouth back to mine, our lips meeting, gasping into each other. My hands found their way around her back, pulling her tight body closer, as close as I could get it, letting her feel the raging erection in my jeans, to know that I wanted her just as bad, maybe more. "I want you more than anything in the world," she moaned between kisses, and I reciprocated by biting at her lip, by grinding up against her, by inhaling her luxurious hair. I was too far gone in my intoxicatingly horny frenzy to say anything back other than a guttural moan, instead sliding her backwards onto the couch, pushing her dressóalready riding high on her thighsóup past her ass. Her hands were at my belt, undoing it, freeing my throbbing cock from its confines even while I leaned in for more hungry kisses. Her dexterous, manicured fingers stroked my steel-hard dick with a shaking longing, and then she was leaning in, her hair pulled back against her neck, her lips wrapping around my engorged member, trying her best to swallow my entire crotch. I couldn't hold back, with her wet tongue massaging down the length of my cock, and soon my moans of ecstasy were met with hers as I shot load after load past her waiting mouth. Gasps of joy emerged from her lips as she squeezed my dick for every drop, then a quiet sigh of enjoyment.

"Fuuuuck me," I breathed.

She smiled up at me, beautiful, as she brushed a strand of that strange red hair away from her almond-shaped eyes. "I think you'll be good in another few minutes."

We had met only a few hours earlier.

The club had been busy enough that a single person entering was a non-event, but somehow my eyes got drawn from my half-empty glass to the door, past a row of frat boys doing Jager Bombs further down the bar, around a gaggle of girls who had to be underage psyching themselves up near the entrance, to the open door. A frigid wind came in with her, whipping between her naked legs and tossing her hair up around her neck, a harbinger of the winter that was about to take over the city. I was far too struck by the gorgeous woman in the doorway, thanking the bouncer politely, to notice the chill.

When her X-ray eyes focused on me, sitting, alone, at the bar, she somehow instantly targeted me and strutted her way over.

What was the first thing that I noticed about her? It's so hard to say because there were so many parts of her that were almost... unreal. She was tall, for one thing, probably within an inch of six feet, and in her heels, that put her over the mark. Long and curvy, the tight dress was clinging to her shapely thighs, her toned stomach, perfectly tracing her full, almost overlarge, breasts. She had east-Asian features: a narrow chin, oval face, delicately slanted eyesóand yet I could tell, even in the dim light of the club, that her hair was a coppery red I would have assumed was dyed if not for the dusting of light brown freckles across her nose and exposed chest.

She was a figure of strange, odd beauty, with curves that instantly drew me in, made me want to know more. And she came right up to the bar, asked if the seat next to me was taken, and sat down, placing her purse on the bar.

"I don't know about you," she said, wryly, her voice a little husky in a way that made every part of me tingle, "but I could use a fucking drink."

I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that but knew that conversation would be necessary in order to have any chance. "Oh, yeah? Rough day?"

"Rough week," she said, the odd smirk never leaving her face. "Rough life." I had a hard time believing that, with a body like hers, but I still laughed.

"I think I know what you mean. Well, at least for the rough week thing."

She signaled the bartender and then turned slightly to consider me, almost like she was sizing me up. I prayed that I passed whatever her test was. In profile her tits seemed even bigger, trying to escape their strapless confines. "Is that why you're over here, not down on the floor?"

I considered the floor. There were three couples on it doing their best to wiggled their bodies while two of the nervous high schoolers (or whatever) had managed to shake off enough nerves too, bizarrely, swing-dance. "Well..." I said and, following my gaze, she burst out laughing. It was loud and infectious, something I wouldn't expect from a girl that looked like her.

"I see." When she ordered a Long Island ice tea I stifled a gag, but she only laughed again at my expression. "They're not so bad. Get you drunk fast and make all of the other drinks taste better."

"Maybe I should have had one first," I joked, swirling the remaining ice in my whiskey soda. She winked, then told the bartender to bring her a second one. "Cheers," I thanked her as she passed me the glass. Our fingers touched for a moment, then I sipped at the drink. She was right; it wasn't so bad. A little weirdly bitter, but I could get over it.

Then again, I had her big brown eyes distracting my taste buds.

Her name was Felicity.

We spent the next hour joking and commiserating and getting drunker, me describing my rough week at work and the big sale I had managed to miss, her hinting at the ex-boyfriend she had just moved away from. "I thought he was making me a better person," she sighed, "but he was just tying me down, you know? I wanted to start somewhere fresh." A long, slow wink of her perfectly-shaded eyelid. "Maybe with someone fresh."

I must have been drunker than I thought, and the three empty glasses in front of us were joined by four more before she pulled me from my bar stool to the dance floor, her hips grinding into my leg, her hot tits wrapping around my arm. Fuck, I wanted her, and she wanted me. Was it the only reason she had come into the club, to get a little action? Probably. Was it the reason I had gone? Almost definitely.

The cab ride to her place was mostly forgotten in a haze. I remembered a brief glimpse of a hallway filled with cardboard boxes before we were on her microfiber couch and a curious look at the clock from her. "Do you know what time it is, Jon?" she asked, trying to peer up at the wall only a dozen feet away.

I laughed, I think, with a hiccup. She seemed to be outlined in a warm, welcoming haze. "Uh... half-past one."

"Half passed..." she breathed, leaning on me, soft chest squashing between us. Then something seemed to click in her. "I want you so bad," she whispered, hot breath on my ear.

She wasn't wrong when she told me I'd be good again in a few minutes. I could hardly blame myself: I couldn't remember being this turned on since I had first discovered pornography. So when Little Jon decided he was ready to go again, rising in front of me still damp with Felicity's spit, I dove back on top of her, unzipping her dress while my tongue explored her mouth, needfully pressing my cock against her damp panties.

She pulled my tie over my head, my shirt following, and I, at last, freed her perfect breasts from her strapless bra. The only things that marred their perfect surface were those playful freckles while her pert little nipples capped them in a light pink.

I bit down on one, playfully, and she gasped, then arched her back in willing support. "Give it to me," she begged, so I slipped her panties down off of her legs, revealing neatly trimmed, fire red pubic hair, and did.

Despite being drunker than I may have ever been before, I can remember almost every detail of that night. The sweat slick on both of our bodies despite the dropping autumn temperature. The feel of her hips on my hands as I thrust into her again and again. The realization that her tight pussy was bare against my burning hot dick. I even remember specifically pushing this thought from my mind, too caught up in everything to care.

Or, maybe, it was the thrill of the possibility that made me even harder, made me stiffen and spasm as my second orgasm of the night overtook me, just as Felicity's breath quickened and turned to gasps.

The blinding white joy made all concerns wipe from my mind, while my lover's nails dug into my back and she came, screaming, with me.

Later, after some drunken, giggling cleanup, Felicity invited me to sleep over. I preferred to sleep in my own bed, and I didn't want to stick around if she wanted it to be a one-night stand. Things looked up when she gave me her number, though, sloppily typing away at my phone screen.

I looked at her info later, in bed, trying to prevent my eyes from crossing, and barely could make out what she had typed. "Felicity Martinez," I giggled. "She doesn't seem Mexican."

Still, in my shirt and jeans, I passed out.


It was only when I was halfway through my hangover breakfast (three egg omelet, bacon, buttered toast, and orange juice) that I remembered, heart dropping, that I had neglected a condom the night before. The memory came with more than a little guilt because I also could recall a rebellious feeling of determination. Of fantasy.

Just a few months earlier I had been engaged, to a girl I met just outside of college. We had been dating for nearly four years, been engaged for one when the subject of children came up. I don't particularly love kids, although I suppose I've always just assumed I'd have one, Maggie, my fiancÈe, was ardently opposed. Extremely. Teens, toddlers, infants, and, above all, pregnancy disgusted her to her utter core. And it was that last one that made me hesitate, just for a moment, before telling her that I agreed.

How do you tell the woman that you about the fantasies you have, of her belly filling and rounding out while her breasts plump up in preparation? Of the stupid image you have of her in bed, an old t-shirt failing to cover the naked brown curve of her stomach, her belly-button exposed and popping out for the world to see?

It wasn't the reason for our breakup, but it was the first rock in a long avalanche of arguments and revealed feelings. And it seemed like that one event had led to some kind of depression or malaise. Nobody blamed me, but suddenly work that I loved and was good at became difficult and a slog. Coworkers I had gotten along with were suddenly enemies. Friends and I drifted apart, while Maggie, obviously, stopped talking to me.

And it was in this state that Felicity found me. We found each other. So, yes. I half-fantasized about the bombshell from the club becoming pregnant from our one-night stand, her gorgeous breasts positively glowing as they filled with milk, her tight dresses bursting at the seams as she tried to slip into them. And then I felt plagued with guilt at the thought.

When she called me that afternoon to ask if I wanted to come over again, I almost ignored it. But then the thought that I should man up and talk this through with her occurred, mixed with a second fantasy, a much more powerful and, bizarrely, realistic one:

She just wanted to fuck again, didn't she?

Shortly after arriving at her place once more, I found out that the second theory was actually true. I was barely in the door before she was on me, lips mashing into mine, tongue entangled, hands seeking under my shirt. When at last I pulled away, gasping for breath, she grinned, almost sheepishly.

"Iím sorry. It's been another one of those days."

"Already?" I asked, managing to finally close the door. I noticed that the couch had been neatened up a little bit since the previous night before wondering, with a wolfish grin, if it had been a pain to remove the stains.

She glanced at the clock and must have seen that it wasnít even four. "Oh, yeah. I donít work many hours, but theyíre intense." It was coupled with an odd, slanted smile. "Besides, shouldnít you be at work?"

I normally would have, it was true, but after my big fail of a sale, I had abruptly stated I was taking a week off. At this news, Felicity nearly clapped her hands. "So I have you all to myself?"

Nervous laughter almost found its way out of my throat. I mean, she was a great fuck, donít get me wrong, and she was way out of my league in terms of looksóbut I wasnít sure if I wanted to be attached so quickly. As the thought came into my head I realized I needed to get one thing out of the way. "So, about last nightÖ"

"Uh, oh," she said in a sing-song voice. "Whatís up? Did I ride you too hard?" One delicate hand traced down my stomach, sending chills up my spine, and stroked my cock. "Did your little guy get tuckered out?"

"Ha, no, definitely not. But he did go into battle without the proper equipment if you know what I mean." I grimaced at the painful metaphor, but she only laughed again.

"I am on the strongest birth control that exists, dude. Oh, and Iím completely clean of STDs last I had a checkup, which I do whenever I end a relationship. And, now, letís see, when was that?" She put a finger to her chin sarcastically. "Oh, right. Last week."

"Right," I said.

"Wait a second," she said, her eyes narrowing to slits. "You don't have anything, do you?"

I shook my head. No, I hadnít even had sex in months and had been through a routine scan at least once since then. She smiled again. "Then relax and allow yourself to be my rebound sex toy, alright?" She leaned in, squeezing my arm between her two healthy tits, which were barely contained in a tight button-up. "And I can be yours." After I nodded and playfully grabbed at her ass, she giggled. "Now, do you want a drink? I donít make Long Islands, but I can do a pretty good old fashioned."

That sounded perfect to me. And she wasnít wrong: when she came back with the two glasses, mine was gone before I knew it, nothing but a twist of rind and an ice cube.

It was as she was getting up, going off to make us some more drinks before we tackled each other on the sofa again, that something struck me. She was wearing a pair of form-fitting jeans, cuffed to show off her shapely calves, and the sight of her round, perfect ass in them struck me as something that I could not deny any longer. Instantly I was pressing up against her, letting her feel my erection against her cheeks, wrapping my arms around her waist to tug at her shirt, to touch the pale skin of her stomach. She turned her head so that I didnít drown in the endless red locks coming from her scalp, and I marveled, not for the first or last time, at the number of opposing aspects of her that came together to make such an astoundingly attractive hole. Out of her heels, she still was only an inch or two shorter than me, just needing to twist a little bit in my grasp to let our cheeks rub, our mouths touch. When she opened them, her exotic eyes gazed hungrily into mine, her cheeks flushing to drown out the freckles. There was laughter on her face, too, like she was in on some joke I wasnít privy to.

"Letís try to use the bedroom this time," she said, her breasts already tasting the air, one leg entangling with mine, her teeth tugging at my lower lip.

"It might make it too easy," I joked.

"Then maybe weíll have to set a new record."

We did. And, as I came for the third time, once more with her plush, wanting lips drawing my orgasm from my cock, I wondered how I had been so lucky. Even giving me a blowjob, Felicity seemed to desire me with her entire being, her hips and back bucking in pleasure. Was it a fake orgasm, or did she really get off just by getting guys off? It certainly seemed like the latter.

When we concluded that we were both spent, we laid on her bed for a time, my arm woven through hers in order to cup one delicious, full breast. Her nipple was still hard between my fingers, and when I tweaked it she would shiver and softly moan.

"That was good," I said, and she laughed.

"I know." Then, after a few more minutes of basking in the afterglow, she struggled out from me, straddling my waist and sitting back on my legs. From below she seemed almost angelic: the perfect lines of her torso, hourglass curves rounding in over her hips and then out again to cup her breasts, her slim arms and neck graceful and soft, her face perfectly framed by that fiery, wavy hair. "Is there anything youíd change about me, Jon?" she asked suddenly.

"Change?" I repeated.

"You know," she said, lightly slapping my chest. "What do you not like? Come on, weíve fucked, like, twice, now. You should be able to know."

"I, uh, I honestly donít know." The question seemed to come from nowhere. Was two dates really enough time to know something like that? Who asked things like this? But she was already cupping her breasts, both of them filling her hands.

"Is it my tits? Would you make them bigger? Smaller?" She scowled, then winked. "Maybe saggier, even? Some dudes like saggy tits."


"Or maybe my hair? Redheads arenít always popular."

"No, no," I laughed, playing along, "I love your hair."

"My tongue?"

"What about your tongue?" I remembered how amazing her tongue felt on my cockhead, how she knew just the right mixture of suction, of teeth, and of tongue...

"Some people might think itís too long," she said, then stuck it out of her mouthÖ and out, and out until it was wiggling past her chin in a pointed line.

"Holy shit!" I gasped, and she laughed, the tongue gone.

"So, what? Shorter?"

I ran my hand through my hair, nervous laughter escaping again. "I mean, it seems fine. A bit long, but fine."

"Hmph," she said, collapsing back into my arms again. "I just want to know what youíd change about me."

"I donít think Iíd change anything," I said, truly confused. "Ask me again later, I can think harder if you want."

She didn't seem to want to let it go, playfully slapping at my arms. "All men want to change something about you."


Something about the way she asked stuck in my head, all the way home and under my covers. We had parted on great terms: each goodbye interrupted with another steamy kiss, another long caress down her side, or a playful stroke up my aching crotch. Finally, I had begged off leave, assuring her I would see her in the next day or two, the hungry, needful look in her eyes turning me on in a way I couldnít have imagined the day before. Shouldnít I be seeing her as clingy, as unusually possessive? But no, I wanted her, just as badly.

And yetÖ That question. "What would you change about me?" Fuck, who am I to say what she should change? If I wanted to change something, I wouldnít have been so turned on by her.

I thought it was the words echoing through my brain keeping me up, causing me to toss and turn, until I realized that my overworked and overtaxed balls just would not get into a position that was comfortable, letting me sleep. With finality I tucked them between my legs and drifted off, thinking almost nothing more about it.

It wasnít until the next morning, when I was brushing my teeth after a much-needed shower, that I wondered if they were bigger.

Normally after such a hot shower theyíd be hanging a bit free and loose, but that morning they seemed to be hangingÖ freer. And looser. And just more prominently, squashing between my thighs. Frightened of what the outcome might reveal, I lowered one hand, a splash of toothpaste still on my fingers, and squeezed one of my swollen testicles. There was no pain, no unusual lumps; just the odd tingle that feeling yourself up normally brings, and confirmation that my balls, ordinarily not much bigger than walnuts, were too big. Bigger than I was used to, at least.

I should have been worried or scared, but instead, I just found arousal building. Probably just due to feeling a bit horny, but Iím not ashamed to say that something about my big, meaty balls lookedÖ cool. Manly.

Erection in hand, almost grinning, I started to jerk myself off. Maybe it was because I was getting so much action, I stupidly thought. Swelling up to compensate. Have to make more swimmers, right?

God, my cock felt so good in my hand, like I was harder than I had ever been. Fuck, it looked huge, my cockhead emerging from my loose fist like an angry red snake. It felt like each stroke was lasting longer, sending more pleasure signals down the root of my bodyÖ

It was then I realized that my dick was bigger, too. Not much. Maybe a half-inch. Maybe a quarter-inch thicker, just enough to spread my hand.

I came in an excited panic, and it finally occurred to me that some of this might be worrying.

"So what do you want me to look at?" Felicity asked, a playful tone in my voice. I had called her over, this time, ignoring that she was supposed to be working. She had arrived twenty minutes later in leggings and a skirt, a loose white top and a leather jacket complimenting her look perfectly. It was like she had been waiting for me to call.

"Nothing you havenít seen before," I said, fighting back a panicked giggle at the joke, and started to pull my sweatpants down.

I should have seen the knowing look on her face before her eyes opened wide in surprise. "Woah, dude," she said. "Since last night?"

Even soft, my dick was obviously bigger. How had I been so stupid? Most of the evidence was in the girth, but what really stood out were my balls: pulling the soft skin of my scrotum tight as they hung half an inch lower than usual. "Yeah," I confirmed. "I mean, I think."

Cooing softly, Felicity ran a manicured finger down the length of my soft dick, and I involuntarily flexed it. She laughed, then cupped my balls, squeezing them with gentle pressure. "I donít think anything is wrong with them."

"No," I said. "Apart from, you know, swelling up."

She licked her lips and then kissed my cock head, making it rise to greet her again. "I say," she smiled up at me, "you don't look a gift cock in the mouth."

I couldn't resist her as she pulled me to the couch, one hand stroking and tugging at my hardening erection, her lips needfully pressing and tugging on mine. It was like a fog came over my mind, a childish part of me wanting to give my newfound length a try, and my hands were around her waist, pressing into her tight belly, squeezing one of her taut, supple breasts.

"Before," she gasped in between kisses, "we get, mmf, startedÖ Can I get a drink?"

I laughed and told her there was stuff in the fridge. She left me on the couch, where I wondered at my luck and the seeming fantasy I was now living, and disappeared around the corner. "Want anything?" she called back, and I told her that, yes, I wanted her. "Besides that, dummy." I said no, this time, and she snorted, before coming back with an open can of Diet Pepsi.

"Now, where were we," she said in a voice thick with lust. She tasted like bitter carbonation and sweet saliva and I found myself again wondering at the bizarre dream I was in. When her jacket and top, at last, came off, I even let myself believe I could see a little pot in her belly, imagining that her nipples were thicker, darker. Wouldnít that just be the cherry on the sundae?

After I ate her out, tasting the sweetness inside her and getting a fiercely aggressive response back for every little lick of her clit, we switched positions as Felicity proved that, no, my little increase in size did not stop her from fitting my dick in her mouth. She only seemed to feel better, tighter, more drawn into my scent, licking at my bigger balls, nuzzling into my crotch while virtually fucking my dick with her lips and throat. When I came, it felt better than any of the other times we had fucked.

We fucked all day, it seemed, and only in the evening, after gorging on Chinese delivery to the point that I did manage to live a little fantasy in her carbo-loaded belly, did I send her away. I was spent and sweaty and worried that my balls would have shrunk back down to the size of raisins after the intense, almost Kama Sutra-level orgasms I had played throughout the dayóbut, no, they were the same size. Just a little bigger than I was used to. And fuck, they still worked, didn't they? Hell, they looked good this way.

I could have sworn that they were even larger, actually. The thought of the possibility alone made me hard, even after the number of times that Felicity had made me cum. God, I would look like a badass with a big cock and two swinging balls. All of my fear and panic was gone, replaced with heated self-indulgent fantasies.

The next morning, when I was knocking two jumbo egg-sized balls below a bigger, softer cock, I didn't even break a sweat. I only grinned and felt myself up, glorying in the fact that I couldn't hold it all in one hand, now. Hard I was eight inches, a fucking great size. Nearing pornstar. In some twisted way, in my brain still drunk on pussy juice and soft tits, it made sense. Felicity was smoking hot, after all, and she wanted me for some insane reason. Looking like I lived in a porno would only seal the deal, wouldn't it?

For the first time in my life, I sent an unsolicited dick pic, gripping my shaft with my other hand, making sure the frame held my bulging testes, swollen cockhead, and flexed abs. I reveled in the unfamiliar angle for a second before sending, along with an invitation over.

To my disappointment, Felicity had other plans, but she invited me to go out with her the next night. "Wear something tight, and I will, too. ;)"

Images fluttering through my head, I wondered how I would manage to fill the next 30 hours.


I mostly did it by jerking off.

Maybe it was just the new baseline that Felicity had set for me; having sex up to four or five times a day was sure to send my balls into overdrive, plus, with the new over-pumped scrotum that I was packing down below, I was sure that meant I had a load more to work with. Pun intended.

Just the sight of how killer I looked in the mirror was almost enough to make me hard, with the bulge in my pants nearly unavoidable in all but the loosest sweatpants. I always ended up cumming to the idea of Felicity there, though. Pressing my new girthy member between her full tits, working that freakish tongue around my veiny shaft, clawing at my back as I pressed deeper, harder than I ever had. Sometimes I swore I could smell her fiery hair, the sweat from her body, the wink of her mischievous eye.

The following day I hadn't grown anymore (I very carefully checked), but I was really fucking ready for my date.

Wanting to appease my new obsession, I picked out a pair of briefs that were a little tighter than normal, which made my bulging crotch stick out further and seem rounder. Then I suppressed the package in a new pair of dark denims, loving the way that my outlined dick and compressed balls made a highly-visible bulge in my crotch. The thought of Felicity's reaction made me harder than I had been the entire day, and the feeling of leverage, of constriction on my cock, combined with the awesome way that it formed a ramrod down my pant leg, meant that I needed to jack myself off one more time. Besides, I've heard you should always do that before a date, to clear your head.

Throwing on a button-up and some nice shoes, I sped for Felicity's condo, where my head instantly fogged up.

She met me at the door. From her tight skirt, a hip-hugging black cotton with an enticing slit up on her leg, to her barely-there heels; from her revealing top, a blue halter with laces that crisscrossed her plump freckled breasts, to her matching purse; from her waving feathered hair that cascaded around her shoulders to the tips of her bright blue fingernails, she was amazing. Astounding. Intoxicating.

And it may have been my mind playing tricks on me, some permanently erect and salivating part of my brain, but I could have sworn that her belly was poking out from underneath the cropped top a little more than usual. But no, as I pulled her into my arms my fingers tracing their way around the strip of exposed flesh to cup her round ass, and she was firm, taut, all around.

The restaurant she directed me to was outside of my price range, but I had already been sold, purchased, and consumed. Not even my pre-date pipe cleaning could help me, now.

The conversation at dinner was actual talk, mostly lead by Felicity. Things like our jobs, our backgrounds, our families. She grew up in the southwest, throughout Arizona, and was a highly-paid researcher for some pharmaceuticals company or something. She breezed over that bit, but I got the impression it was because a boyfriend that had gotten her the job. I wasn't surprised; only a few days with her and I would do almost anything to impress.

Before the check came she asked for two glasses of champagne, and I agreed. When they arrived she gave me a sly wink, running the inside of her foot up my calf, and, placing her hands over the glasses, swapped ours. She had been doing small things like that all night: taking my arm and leading me to the table, stealing a bite from my plate without asking. Normally I'd be put off by these kinds of things, but for us, it was a thrilling means of flirtation, of tiny power plays. I reciprocated by pulling her into a kiss, or running my hand through her hair, or selecting her wine before she could.

The champagne was fantastically expensive and tasted, unlike anything I had ever had before. Dry and bubbly and intoxicating, it filled me with the oddest feeling.

Our table was tiny, really nothing more than an end-table with two chairs on either side of it, so it was easy to reach under the tablecloth, grasp Felicity's slender hand, and guide it to my crotch, where the tough fabric of my jeans was straining against the full, throbbing erection within. Her red lips pursed in a soft "ooh" as her fingers played along the turgid length. My heart was racing, pounding in my chest, trying to escape while I fought my hands from grabbing her, from taking her right there at the table. My vision was cloudy and tinged in pink, ready for the playing to end.

I was probably not safe to drive, and Felicity's hand playing across my thigh, her hot breath in my ear, that didn't help me focus on the road. But when she took my hand and gently laid it across her stomach, only then did my brain process that what I had early thought only a trick of the light was correct. Then I did nearly crash the car, pulling into an empty parking lot before I could freak out properly.

"Holy shit you ARE pregnant!" I said, my heart in my throat, my horny pink mist being replaced with a black haze of panic. But her impish smile was at odds with my head.

"Am not, Jon. Besides, we've been fucking only a few days, now." She leaned over, walking her hands up my waist and licking her lips. I was powerless to resist her. "Do you really think that you'd have knocked me up by now?"

Despite my fear and anger, my erection had never left, and now Felicity was undoing my seat belt, unzipping my pants, admiring my bulging package in its too-tight underwear. She looked up at me. "This," she said, drawing her hands across her stomach, letting me see the tiny, firm pooch. "This is just my gift to you." Then she leaned down, letting her hot, heaving tits press onto my leg as my hips stiffened in excitement. My dick was free, now, all eight inches disappearing into her wet mouth. Down once and I was shaking, then up again, her unnaturally long tongue writhing along its length. Down, my length probing deeper into her mouth, then up, my cockhead popping out with a moist sound. "Just like this," she said with a shudder, "is your gift to me."

I was long gone in orgasmic bliss when her mouth closed over my erection again and I came, my body heaving, Felicity bobbing her head in time with my thrusts. The pink mist had completely enveloped my vision, now, shots of red and white bursting through it while my dick sent electricity up through me. When I came down I realized that one hand was on Felicity's back, holding her, itching to feel that swollen middle again, not really caring how it had come about.

After she was seated back properly, sucking her teeth and checking her reflection, she grinned at me. "Now, drive us back to your place, and I'll explain while you fuck the brains out of me."

Not even caring that my pants were still down, the pedal hit the metal.


"It goes like this," she said, walking back into my room with a beer in either hand. She was naked, now, her red hair tossed around her neck as if she didn't care how gorgeous she was, her swollen tits bouncing on her torso. Now I could see that her nipples were a shade darker than before, their little nubs thicker, more prominent. And below her once trim and toned belly was a small pot, or not even, just a slight convexity where there had before been a hint of abs. "When I have sex with a guy, with someone I feel a real connection with, I change."

"Like what?" I asked, accepting the bottle and taking a long draught. I was fighting to pay attention, to not rip her to the bed and thrust into her with willing abandon. This was interesting, hell, this was probably important, but all of my daylight brains had been left behind me at the fancy restaurant. "Like this?" I eyed the little belly, how it was reforming the contour from her groin up to her belly button before gently sloping back to her tits. So slight, as if she was only a few months pregnant. But so perfect.

She winked, tracing the beer bottle up my thigh, nudging my swollen ballsack and making my erect member twitch, some cum leaking down from the head. I don't think that I had lost my boner even after the earlier road head. "Obviously this thing with my tummy hasn't happened before." She took a sip before rubbing the bottle on her nipple. When she took the cold glass away, perspiration was hanging from the hardened tip. "But before I lost my virginity I definitely didn't have tits as perfect as these." In agreement I leaned in, licking the water away, the texture of my tongue drawing a small gasp from her lips. "And I wasn't a redhead," she said, toying with a lock as I drew myself up her neck, kissing her collarbone, her jawline, the corner of her mouth. "I definitely wasn't Asian."

That one made me stop. "Really?" She laughed at me, our noses touching.

"How many Asians are named Martinez?" she asked.

"Presumably a bunch with a Mexican parent," I offered, and she giggled, the corners of her mouth forming perfect little rises in her cheeks. "Just what I assumed."

"Well, I have two Mexican parents," she said. "Immigrants. Now they wouldn't recognize me." A note in her voice grew sad, but she seemed anxious to cover it up. "Anyway, I couldn't be happier. I get to make all of the men in my life happy, don't I? Whether it be with a different skin or a longer tongue, or, well," she took my wrists and pulled my hands to her belly, letting me feel how firm it was, then drew them up to her tits, helping me see that they were swollen even larger than when I had met her.

Pressing my hands into her warm, giving flesh, I leaned in to kiss her, letting my fat dick push into her crevices. She gasped again, then opened her beautiful eyes that shone black in the dim light. "Of course, I'm not the only one who changes."

"You mean," I grunted before losing myself into the rhythm of my thrusts. She rode with them, lifting her hips in time, pushing her little pot belly up into my naked stomach.

"Oooh, yes," she moaned. "I may have told a fib before. I knew this would," she gasped again, a little, quivering gasp, "happen. But I didn't want you to, to, oh! To freak out," she sighed, then shifted herself, pulling her legs up, letting me get my hands under them. My bigger cock gave me amazing leverage, and I could almost feel a line of power running through its swollen length. I was more inside a woman than I had ever been than it had ever been possible for me to be. How could I complain if she had hidden the truth from me for a little bit?

Her head tossed back, hair messed on the pillows behind her as her back arched. "There are, ah! Downsides. Bu-uh-ut I think, I, I think it's almost all positive!" Gritting her teeth, her brows furrowed in mischief and secrets, her eyes pierced into me for a brief moment, shining through the reddish veins at the edge of my vision. "My first boyfriend made it so easy for me to get off," she said in a fast breath, then threw herself back, lost into the rhythm and pleasure of the moment.

When she came, bucking and lifting and screaming, I cried out, too, throwing myself against her, ready to see what she had in store for me next.


"It will happen gradually," she told me a few hours later as we drifted off to sleep. I kept running my hand over her belly as we spooned, ready to feel a change, a swelling. "Maybe while we sleep."

"I don't know if I'll be able to go to sleep," I said, truthfully. "I can't believe you're okay with becoming pregnant."

She shrugged and laughed. "It's not real pregnant. Just swollen tummy, bigger tits. If it makes you happy to be with me," she said, somber as she turned to pass back a quick peck, "then I'm happy to have it."

I was in love, I realized. Not just because she wanted to enact my fantasies, hell, not because she could, but because of the entire package. The mystery of her, the enigmatic way of talking, of holding back, of pushing forward. I had known her for five days now and I couldn't imagine any other woman.

It was just how she wanted it to be.

It felt like hours that we laid there, murmuring soft, silly things to each other, my free hand draping across Felicity's torso, the rose-like smell of her hair in my nostrils. Her skin was so smooth, so soft to touch, eager to jump into goosebumps from my light strokes; was that all from some past boyfriend? The fire in her hair was the freckles on her chest, the gentle slant of her eyes. I didn't want to askónobody wants to ask about their lover's past relationshipsóbut I also was burning with curiosity. Was that why she was so tall? Why her voice was that perfect tenor? Her eyes that shade of brown you can sink into and never emerge from? How much had come from her strange ability?

The concept was thrilling, my imagination going wild. Could I change it? Think of other ways she would be sexy and affect how she looked? Or was it set for everybody, my obvious turn-on being the one made for me? There was something sexy in that, too, and I couldn't say why. Maybe the lack of control, the thrill of having it in another's hands.

Only after going round and round like that for eternity did I realize there was more tummy for my hand to stroke.

"Holy shit," I cried, startling Felicity. She must have dozed off because she jerked, her head bonking into my chin. I didn't care; I was pulling her onto her back, kneeling over her, looking over the changes that had snuck up on me.

"What is it?" she sleepily asked, a coy smile already on her lips. She knew: it was the bulging belly that had arisen, unseen, from her midsection. A perfectly round dome in the golden tones of her immaculate skin pushed back against my fingers, her belly button in the exact center. "You like it?" she breathed, and I nodded ferociously, hardly thinking about the stiffening rod that was pressing up against the warm skin of her bare leg. "It's your handiwork," she said, tracing a circle around her belly. "Your doing. Isn't it beautiful?" Her hands rose up to cup her tits, or at least to try: both had grown in the night, as well, drooping slightly down her chest as they rose above it, fat and slightly firm with blue veins appearing under the surface. Her nipples had darkened more, thickening, perfect for licking and sucking.

I licked one, then sucked the fat nib into my mouth, tasting the hot, pebbly surface.

My dick was burning hot, my balls feeling ready to burst. Fuck, I had grown, too, hadn't I? My vision wasn't clouded as it had been earlier that night, but I was still so distracted by the giggling, pregnant beauty before me that I didn't do much more than look down at the monster jutting out above two tennis ball-sized testicles before getting pulled back to her.

Felicity sure as hell noticed, though, her eyes popping wide as my dick, as hard as a steel girder, pressed up against the underside of her belly. The touch against her smooth, soft skin nearly made me come, but when she reached down and I felt her cup one ball, just one, in her hand, felt her gently squeeze it while cooing, a building orgasm took root at the base of my erection and burned its way up my length. I tried my best to stop it, my hips bucking involuntarily as a squirt, then another, escaped, both of them feeling small but erupting into huge gobs of semen that splattered onto Felicity's naked dome of a belly.

Her other hand released a tit, letting its gravid mass fall against the upper slope of her stomach, and came down to grasp the length of my dick. I spasmed again, letting another wad fly. By now I had probably come more than I ever had in one go, before meeting Felicity. I was turning into a sticky, cum-producing monster.

Felicity's eyes flashed and she pressed my cock against her hot, swollen belly. "Come for me, Jon," she whispered, and I erupted like a volcano. Those three or four little squirts of barely contained orgasm were nothing compared to when I let loose: spurt after sticky spurt pushed from my enormous balls, up my thick length to my swollen cockhead, then flew through the air to splatter against the freckled chest and open, wanting mouth and perfectly round, perfectly smooth stomach of my lover.

When I was done I couldn't do much more than look, lustfully, over her pregnant, cum-covered form. She licked her lips, then, sending a small wave of semen to the ruined sheets, reached under a breast and lifted it to her mouth. The enormous and fat tit was the perfect size to make the distance, and her tongue stretched down, down, to lick the sticky substance up and into her mouth.

"Tasty," Felicity giggled.

After a couple of showers and a cup of coffee, she left me to clean up. "I think I need a new wardrobe," she said, managing to turn such a simple statement into a sexy, open-ended adventure. But then she hit the bullseye: "And besides, I may be growing a bit more, right?"

It was true, she probably would. She was something that had stepped out of my dreams: a statuesque, curvy goddess, with impossible features and hair and lips, who was now sporting a round stomach from my far less public dreams. Just watching her put her shoes on, or gently stroke her belly while sipping coffee, or struggle to fit her swollen tits into her bra: any of these things were more than I had ever wished for, were things that I couldn't resist popping a boner for, as mundane as they were. And yet they weren't the limit that my dreams reached, did they? She hardly looked fully pregnant, and when I fantasized about fucking a pregnant woman, when I had hesitated at my ex asking me if I wanted kids, I didn't picture a woman with a belly only two-thirds done.

So yeah. She would be growing. And fuck if that statement didn't keep me hard for the rest of the day.

I had to return to work the next day, there were things to put into order, but all I could think about was Felicity. She had left me at her place, but she was probably going through the maternity store right now, picking out clothes that would fit her "in a few months". Going through the bras to find some that had more than a few cups' worth of give, and plenty of back support. Getting pants that would stay up even with a huge, swollen belly pressing down on them, and tops that not only had room for a stomach but also for a positively enormous rack.

It was only when I at last tried to get dressed that I realized I'd need to get pants, myself.

I had to admit, as I looked in the mirror, I looked pretty fucking absurd. I was finally soft, probably because of the realization that things would never be the same, and my floppy cock, big as it was, looked kind of weirdly small on top of my heavy, swollen balls. It was definitely larger flaccid than I had ever been hard, a fact that was really fucking cool, and when erect it was fat enough that I couldn't fit a hand around it. My dick just looked strange on top of my big, stuffed scrotum. Strange and enticing, all at the same time. My nuts hung down much further than ever, like the skin of my sack was stretching to keep things as normal as possible. But it wasn't normal, was it? Your balls shouldn't hang halfway to your knees, both of them bigger than your fist.

Well, yours shouldn't. Mine clearly should. Because it felt good, and it felt right. And Felicity loved it, so what else did I really need?

Boxer-briefs kept them mostly contained, and if I squeezed in my jeans I could zip the fly, but it was a tight fit and everyone could see. Would see.

Fine, I thought. Let them see. Get used to it. This is the new Jon, the Jon that gets the gorgeous girl who wants everything he wants, and more. If anyone at work gives me shit, well, let them find out just how real I am.

The thought made me so hard that my jeans started to actually hurt, so I slipped them off and jerked off for the third time that day.

Felicity texted me around lunch to say she was almost done. I only saw that she was coming back soon. She texted me an hour later to say she was on her way. I only knew that she was coming. She knocked on the door and I only heard her gasps of pleasure when I pulled her in, taking off her cute top and fitted capris as I kissed her.

"I picked up something special," she said while I ran my hands over the firmness of her belly. "It'll make our good times completely out of this world." She giggled and revealed a pill between her fingers. I didn't even ask her what it was as I let her place it on my tongue and felt the bitterness dissolve. Pure, complete sexual need filled me, talking me into letting Felicity have her way, no matter what that way was, and as the drugs took hold my brain was washed over with carnic obsession.

My dick felt harder than it was possible to be, my heart racing as the pink mist took hold, grunts building in the bottom of my throat. She was bent over the couch as I rammed her from behind, any attempts at foreplay, at a slow build, completely lost in my lust-filled brain. I fucking wanted her, I fucking needed her. And, in her slick folds, I found her just as wanting.

When I came, the orgasm boiling from my balls up the length of my cock to spill out of her and onto the floor, I screamed in ecstasy, red veins flashing at the corner of my vision while her pussy pulsed and massaged along with me, her cries mirroring mine.

She pushed me back, my thick cock popping out of her to release a wave of cum onto my floor, and her fingers were in it, soaking in my juices. I was panting, still moaning as aftershocks went through me, but she was slyly licking me off of her hand, then kneeling in it, taking me into her mouth while I was still slick with her.

I came again with a roar, filling her mouth and stomach, and this time she came, too, fast-paced whimpers of joy squeaking up her throat as she worked to contain all of me. There was no stopping, though, and first one squirt, then a second sputtered from the corners of her lips. I was coming so much that I was overflowing her mouth, and it was my second time in two minutes.

For a moment my mind cleared. "What did you give me?" I groaned, half in fear, half in wonder. "God, I feeló"

"óalive?" she asked, pushing me down onto the couch, crawling up between my legs. My dick, still stiff and wet, dragged along her collarbone, in between her hanging, fat tits, then bumped against her full stomach. Each touch against hot skin made me feel revitalized, more ready to come again and again. I looked at Felicity's face, framed in pink and red through my hazy vision, and gave in when her sticky lips met mine, as she slipped me, once more, inside her.
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Re: Swollen Succubus [by Mich]

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She came twice more from my burning, throbbing cock, and I followed close behind both times. Only after the fourth, my fourth cum-spewing orgasm in an hour, did we both finally sit back on her ruined couch and agree to retire to her bedroom. She led me, her hand holding on to my softening sausage like a handle, down the hall. Felicity was still covered in my semen, some of it drying to her thighs, spatters sticking her hair to her shoulders and face. I wanted to be disgusted, but instead I felt a stupid, bull-like pride. That was me, all over her. My seed.

But my eyes were more focused on other parts. Her bobbing, swollen breasts. Would they be swelling even more, soon? Would her stomach be rounding out, growing closer to perfection?

Collapsed on the bed, she snuggled up close to me, my flaccid, veiny cock nestling between her perfect ass cheeks, my arm wrapping around her perfectly round tummy. No way will I fall sleep, I thought in my jumbled brain. No way.

When I woke, Felicity was gone.

I panicked at first, not even noticing my morning wood thrusting into the air, my heavy scrotum managing to drag on the bedspread as I pushed myself to my knees. I wondered only where the object of my obsession was.

Then I heard the shower running and felt a surge of relief.

Still naked, the sweet smell of my semen filling my nostrils, I pushed myself from the bed and staggered through the half-open door to the steaming master bath. It was bigger than my bathroom, for certain, an enormous bathtub taking up one corner, a huge mirror hanging over the marble counter. What I wanted, though, was in the shower stall, a dark silhouette against the fogged glass.

Felicity was humming to herself, turning in the stream of water to rinse her bright red hair, but she must have known I was there because when I opened the stall door she didn't so much as look at me, instead choosing to playfully let the water wash over her face and down her neck.

And down her neck...

When I had first met her, only a few days before, I had thought of her as perfection in high heels: tall, curvy, beautiful. But now that I saw her as I ultimately desired, I saw that there had been room for improvement. Her breasts had been full before, but now they jutted out in front of her, their perfect skin unblemished, her nipples giving them shape, purpose, as they forced their way towards you. Her hips were a little wideróthey had to beóher round, smooth butt curvier. And her stomachóit had been flat, and it had been a pot, but now it was gravid, the round, heavy size of a woman ready to be done with her pregnancy.

The hot water ran down her neck and between her mountainous breasts, but it mostly served to bring Felicity's perfectly-round belly to a glossy, beautiful shine, the taut skin drawn across her newfound roundness without a single stretch mark. Not even realizing it I was pressing close to her back, my hand caressing her stomach, my lips kissing her neck.

"Close the door," she said as she leaned into me, one hand coming up to hold my face to hers, the other pulling my fingers across her skin, letting me feel the curve of it, tracing a line from her belly button down, down, to press against her swollen labia. I was biting into her shoulder, now, then greedily pulling her tightly, letting a hand slip up to squeeze one magnanimous tit, to squash it against her and feel it give. She was so big, so much bigger than before, her breasts falling heavily against the solid upper curve of her belly. "Oh, my," she said in a mocking tone, pulling away long enough to slowly smile at me. "You wanted this, didn't you? You bad, bad boy."

"Fuck did I want this," I agreed. It had always been a fantasy, truly. I didn't really care about kids or children, though I was sure they would be nice. It was THIS that I wanted: a beautiful, sexy woman, swollen at her belly and her breast, ready and willing for me to touch her, to hold her, to fuck her. And Jesus Christ almighty did I get exactly what I wanted.

As if she read my mind, Felicity turned and pushed me back, my bare ass bumping against the cold tile of the shower wall. "Well now you have it," she said, her belly only an inch away from the tip of my cock despite our faces being two feet apart. She seemed to sense it, too, and looked down at my swollen member. Her eyes lit up with her freckled face, and she glanced at me once before lowering herself down, her huge belly resting on her knees in the shower, the water from the showerhead playing over her hair. Only there, with Felicity's heart-shaped face by my dick, did I truly realize how much greater I had become. Last night, or was it just that morning, I had been somewhere around ten inches long, but now I was much more than that, not just longer but thicker, pulsing with veins and blood, my cockhead almost purple in desire.

A giggle rose from Felicity's throat as she hefted one of my balls; my stomach cringed, but an odd pride filled me almost as much as the one testicle filled her hand. I was enormous, huge, just like my girlfriend. Big enough for her? I hoped so.

Then she kissed my throbbing, needing cockhead, and my knees began to shake as Felicity opened her mouth and took me into her, teeth unable to do anything but glide gently over my length. I almost shouted in surprise, in excitement, as pulsing feeling took hold in my groin and I bucked my hips. I tried to grab on to Felicity, to the handle of the shower, but there was nothing I could do but clench one fist while the other leaned on the soap shelf and I came, and came, and came into her throat. Not even half of my cock was in her mouth, with so much to spare, but it didn't matter, because she was moaning along with me, one hand trying to wrap around the base of my cock, the other tweaking and mashing into her enormous, heaving breasts.

My body was on a rollercoaster ride, my lungs hitching with exertion, my hips twitching... and then I came again, another burst of cum shooting down my rod, making Felicity choke out a burbling laugh before going to work again at swallowing all of me down, down, down. This time I did scream, louder than the shower, as I realized that her stomach was pushing into my shins as she pressed up close to me, the fullness of her belly that great.

When it was over I collapsed down to the floor of the shower, too, and Felicity scooted over to sit in my lap. There was the oddest hint of disappointment in her eyes as she sucked her teeth clean, but then she was leaning into me, head resting back on my collarbone, hugely swollen tits perfect for me to cupóor at least try to. It was more like I cradled each one in an arm, hands playing her huge nipples through my fingers.

"Mmm, this is nice," she said, as the water continued to wash over us, never dropping in temperature. I couldn't help but agree.

After finally getting up and rinsing properly off with soap, Felicity decreed that she needed to change and disappeared into her walk-in closet. I did my best to towel off, then collapsed onto the edge of her bed, finally minding how wide I had to spread my legs in order for my balls to not feel crushed between them. Even with my knees apart they filled up the space between my thighs, providing a surface for my dick to drape itself over. I was huge, I realized. Not big anymore, but approaching some sort of monstrosity, with my balls pumping out pints of hot, sticky seed. The proof was in the pudding that had collected around Felicity's shower drain; a giant, sticky puddle. And that was after she had swallowed as much as seemed possible.

And I hadn't even thought about my pants yet. "You're not dressing?" Felicity asked from the door to the closet, mirroring my thoughts as always, and I looked up to have all of my clothing concerns wash away.

Sometimes a barely-clothed woman can be much more sexy than a completely naked one, and Felicity had to have thought that out beforehand. How else could she possibly have fitting lingerie for a bust that had swollen several cup sizes in the past few hours? The black lace was perfectly fitted to her huge, billowing bust. Expertly wrapped around her round hips, the fabric of the boyshorts contrasted with her tanned skin, and the elastic was being pushed down by her gravid belly in a way that I found almost more enticing than the perfect bowl of her stomach. Each step as she sashayed towards me sent the exposed flesh of her tits wobbling against the tight silk lace, the bra more holding them back than holding them up, like two perfect punchbowls.

"I'm dressed," she whispered, leaning in so that her perfect, engorged tits swung away from their rest on her belly, putting the beautiful-but-sturdy fabric of the bra to the test. It must have been custom-made, somehow. But how would she have gotten it on such short notice?

"I, uh don't know if I'd count that as dressed," I smirked, leaning back just a little, feeling the heat from her belly on mine as Felicity's hands walked up the bedspread, her fabric-encased tits rubbing along my chest.

"Hmm," she mused, "this guy seems to think it's good enough." Sure as anything, I was rising to the task, my little Jon ready for roundówhat number was it? "But then," she sighed, rolling to the side, her tits taking an agonizing amount of time to follow, "I am so hungry." Blowing a wisp of red hair from her eyes, she gave me a look that screamed disappointment in the world. "After all, I'm eating for..." A hand draped across her stomach, feeling the long curve of it. "Oh, right. Just one." The flash of a smile.

She was perfection.

The word popped into my mind again when she did follow up on her threat to get fully dressed and emerged, once more, from the closet. I had thought it before, when I first saw her in a similarly-tight dress. Only now did I realize that I had been slightly off the mark then, the night we had met: the dress had been deliciously tight in a lot of right places, it was true, but not quite the RIGHT ones. Now her swollen tits were dragging her neckline even further down, and under the tied sash her belly was bulging obscenely, pulling the hemline up to her knees. Golden material contrasted her pale and freckled skin perfectly, hinted at her round ass perfectly, caressed her plump, prominent nipples perfectly.

My problem was entirely in my jeans, and not just in keeping my erection down. Even after I managed to stuff both swollen testes into my boxers, and then push them down under my belt, the crotch of my pants was just too filled to allow the zipper to close. Struggling to push my thick cock aside, praying that I didn't somehow enclose the fat sausage in the metal teeth, I pulled up on the tab. Felicity laughed and strutted over, distracting me with her swaying hips and swishing dress, the way that her tits were pulling at the wide shoulder straps...

A moment of pressure and a tug and my jeans were on. Bulging obscenely at the groin, but on. "Uh," I mumbled, overcome with potential embarrassment, "I don't know if..." Then she was behind me, the press of her enormous tits squashing into my bare shoulders, her belly pressing against my back.

"Don't know what, lover?" she whispered, while a manicured hand drew up the massive bulge between my legs. A surge of blood attempted to squeeze in to my stuffed dick and I could almost feel the teeth of my zipper trying to give way. "Are you too embarrassed to be seen outside with big, bloated me?"

I couldn't help but laugh. "Not quite what I was thinking." That prospect, actually, awoke something else inside me, some longing I had. Yes, I could show her off, couldn't I? Make the entire world jealous of the woman I was with, her gorgeous assets.

"Were you thinking about all of the people out there?" She poked a lip out. "Upon seeing my gravid state, they'll make the natural assumption, won't they? That we were more than lovers: that you filled me up." Now her other hand was reaching around me, her warm body completely wrapping around mine while both hands stroked up my trembling groin. "And who would doubt it." She was nearly licking my ear, now, her tongue flitting against the lobe. "They'll see both of us just bursting with sexual potency and they'll know that I'm yours."

My throat was dry, my cock ready to burst, my palms slick with sweat. I did need that. I fucking wanted that. Everyone would know what I had packing below, just like they'd know what Felicity was strutting out. And I would let them know. At last I turned into her nuzzling face and clamped her mouth into a kiss. "Let's have dinner, then, love," I said.

The restaurant she picked was downtown and even pricier than the last, especially on the end of my vacation week. I chose to ignore the dollar signs flowing through my brain and instead parked a few blocks further away than necessary. "There's a lot right next door," Felicity told me, the slightest hint of annoyance creeping into her husky, lust-filled whisper, but I only smiled at her. She realized my game when I opened her door for her, pulling her out of the seat and into a deep kiss, one of my hands on her taut belly, feeling the hot skin through her thin dress. When we pulled away she gave me that wolfish grin. "Jon, everyone can see us."

"I know." Taking her by the hand, I led her around to the sidewalk, mindful of the small steps she had to take to keep her balance. What with her massive breasts and ready-to-birth stomach, anything faster than a teetering pace was going to send her into a waddle, which is why the three-inch heels she had picked out, black to match her sash, had surprised me. But she took to them like a graceful ballerina, gliding across the sidewalk at a regal strut. I wondered if somehow I had been the cause of that; if one of her former lovers had turned her Asian, another given her a functionally long tongue, who's to say that, along with her pregnant belly and deliciously huge breasts, I hadn't given her the grace to sexily show them off?

In the cold autumn air, Felicity held me close, her huge breast fat enough to cradle my elbow and press into most of my upper arm, her round belly brushing against my side as we walked down the sidewalk. Every pair of eyes we passed boggled at the sight of her. Who could blame them? Those enormous, delicious tits, barely captured in the neckline of her dress, were enough of a sight to attract any attention, but there was something about a glowing pregnant woman that drew attention from everyone. One old lady grinned wickedly at us, a kid's eyes grew wide before he popped his thumb back into his mouth, and a young couple seemed to have different ideas on what to stare at as they stepped aside for my sexy paramour and I to pass. Only one passerby appeared to notice my own unusual enormity, a college-aged girl with her Macbook clutched to her chest; her eyes seemed to pass over Felicity with a slight hesitation of interest before meeting mine. There was a blush at the awkwardness of two eyes locking, at which I grinned but she looked down in embarrassment, only to realize that something, some great force, was unhappy about being squashed into my jeans and desperately wanted to get out.

I could feel it, with every step, enough mass jutting from my crotch to wave left when I stepped right, my thighs pushing against my balls with each footfall. Several inches of denim jutted out below my stomach, my crotch unable to hide. And nobody but this blushing girl seemed to notice.

We didn't have a reservation, but it's easy to seat two without notice, and the waiter was quite happy to get us quickly in place so that Felicity didn't have to stand longer than necessary. I pulled her seat out before mine. "What a gentleman," she cooed in her sexily husky voice. "Now," she said, leaning forward so that her tits rested on the table, the line of her cleavage drawing eight inches from her neck to her neckline, "what do you say I order a bottle of wine, to really screw with these people?"

I grinned at the thought, but decided we were already giving everyone heart attacks. Better stop short of killing them.

We ate in mostly silence, apart from the occasional stroke along a thigh, a foot up my leg. Mostly Felicity reveled in the looks and winks and smiles from each new fan that came by, and I reveled in her receiving of them. What was the point of being jealous?

At one point she dropped a leaf from her salad into her cleavage. "Oops," she said, in an exaggerated whisper, lifting a perfectly-manicured hand to fish it out. Some vinaigrette was still on her freckled skin. "Oh, no," she said, a wolfish look in her eye. "Could you be a dear and clean that for me?"

Smiling, not even looking to see if we had an audience, I leaned across the tiny table and wiped at the swollen skin of her tit with my finger, then lifted it to her lips. She popped her smiling mouth around the offered digit. "This is tasty," she said when I had sat back in my chair, feeling my cock throb as it attempted to pump itself up, "but I'm hungry for something else, I think."

Only when we were getting up to leave, me offering a hand to Felicity for support and her taking the opportunity to scrape her firm belly up my groin, did a nearby table ask her when her due date was. "Oh," Felicity said, pressing a hand on the upper curve of her gravid stomach, "I'm not pregnant."

The woman's eyes grew wide as she looked between our grinning faces.

"I want to fuck you so badly it literally hurts," I told Felicity as we slowly made our way back to the car. She gave me a knowing smile, then began searching in her purse. Eventually she came up with a small orange bottle of pills.

"How about you take one of these, and we see where it leads us?" she said, shaking the little container.

The offered white pill didn't have a marking on it, and it looked familiar, somehow. "What is it?" I asked.

"It'll make things more fun," Felicity said, hugging my arm closer, so that my elbow was being squeezed between her two massive breasts. "You had one last night, remember?"

That must have been it. And last night had been amazing. Without a second thought, wanting to make her happy, I swallowed the pill dry. It was bitter and chalky. "Do I call a doctor if my erection lasts longer than four hours?" She snorted.

"If it doesn't last that long, I'm not doing my job right. Now." She leaned closer, her tongue flicking against my ear lobe in that way I found irresistible. "What do you say we make the ride home interesting?"

Already ideas were forming in my head of how to accomplish that, some of them physically impossible with Felicity's newly enormous breasts and belly. The thought of her lips wrapping around my fat, throbbing cockhead, though: that one persisted, standing out in my pink thoughts. "If you take the lion out of its cage, Felicity, I don't know if it's going to be able to go back in."

"I'm counting on it," she said, and unzipped my jeans, several inches of stiffening meat escaping in an instant.

Leading me by the cock, her delicious hips waving with each step, she walked me to the car, all pretense of being a doddering pregnant woman gone. Now she was my captor, my mistress. "Get in and take your pants off," she ordered, letting herself into the passenger seat. I obeyed, my vision clouding with horny need. The relief at finally having my cock free was almost as enormous as my cock itself, and twelve inches of veiny purple dick stood proudly in front of the steering wheel, my balls competing to sit on the cool leather and mostly ending up pushed between my thighs.

As I revved the car Felicity leaned over, her tits smooshing around the gearstick, one hand pressing into my naked thigh while the other calmly directed my member toward her waiting mouth. "You drive stick?" I asked, the joke failing as my breath hitched.

Driving was very difficult, between the distracting slurping of my puffed-up date, the waves of pleasure washing over the excessive inches of my cock, and the rose-tinted mist that seemed to be clouding my vision more with each moment. I was harder than I had ever been, more turned on than I had ever been, and I could feel my huge balls working overtime, preparing to dump a load that they had never dumped before. When I turned a corner a little too sharply, desperate to get us back to Felicity's apartment as quickly as possible, she fell forward, her face landing in her inhuman cleavage, and I looked down to see that a fat nipple had escaped from its shimmering, golden prison. Her grinning teeth gleamed. "You want to have something to suck on while we drive, too?" she asked, pinching the thumb-sized teat between her fingers. Images of milk sprouting from the turgid flesh sprang into my mind, but no such thing happened there, and I shook my head.

"You want us to crash?"

"Wouldn't be a bad way to die," she purred, before tucking her boob back into the dress and leaning forward again. My breath quickened, my balls churned, and I swear that my throbbing cock grew even harder. The highway was empty, thank god, because I don't know if I could keep my car between the lines as I sped us back to Felicity's apartment. One-way signs were ignored, and stop signs didn't exist. Until the moment I parked and Felicity's mouth detached from my cockhead with a popping noise, I was completely enshrouded in that rosy red tint.

"Hmm," she said, playfully examining me and my throbbing problem as I shifted in the seat, teeth grinding. All I could think of was her, and I knew that I couldn't have her in the tiny, cramped car, but walking the twenty feet to her building's door with my inhuman erection out for the world to see was too taboo even for me. The problem was too complex to articulate, but Felicity seemed to understand, that mocking look in her eye making me even hotter, a toy on a string dangling from her finger while her free hand rubbed over her taut belly in thought. Then her arm reached out, brushing a full breast so that it squashed in a deliciously enticing way, and reached around my member, her fingers only just touching. Slowly, ever slowly, she pulled the massive boner back towards me, the pressure building in my groin at the force.

Then she pulled my t-shirt down over my cock, zipped my leather jacket closed, and pushed my balls back into my jeans. "There," she said, doing up the fly. "Problem solved."

My cock throbbed and my jacket zipper strained, but I growled in acknowledgement and threw open my door, trying not to bend at the waist too much. Then she was at my hand, smirking at she balanced just right to get out of the car on her heels, bulging belly held delicately in one hand, wobbling breasts just asking to be thrown free of their silky prison. She lead the way into the apartment, down the hall, to the dooró

"Miss Martinez," an old woman's voice called out. We both looked up to see an elderly woman, wrinkled like a nut, frizzy hair a mix of white and black. She had on a bathrobe and was leaning on a cane, but her voice was still stern. "Oh!" she said, her eyebrows shooting up as she took Felicity's round form in. Then confusion set in as my paramour grinned, leaning back into me, her perfect ass grinding in to the base of my rock-hard erection. I tried to keep my eyes from rolling back into my head. "I'm, I'm sorry. Is this your boyfriend?"

"That's right, Mrs. Harmon," Felicity said in her people-pleasing voice. Her hand came up to stroke my face and I almost licked it in desire. "My long-term boyfriend." She put particular emphasis on the word "long-term", then, in a not-so-subtle move, dropped her hand down to rest on her burgeoning stomach. "I moved here to be with him."

"Sorry?" Mrs. Harmon said, cupping a hand to her ear.

"I moved here for him," Felicity repeated, this time a little louder.

"I... I see," Mrs. Harmon said, hand clenching back on her cane, sharp eyes narrowing as she tried to compare the Felicity before her with the one she probably met only a month or so prior: sexy, curvy, and with nice, juicy tits, but nowhere near this. I could almost hear the questions forming before she shook her head and turned to toddle down the hallway. "Try not to get up to too much mischief," she called back.

Felicity turned and kissed the corner of my jaw, making my eyes close involuntarily as I inhaled her scent, like deep red wines and flowering roses. The whisper of a response was meant only for me. "Wouldn't dream of it."

The door slammed behind us and my jacket was unzipped, Felicity's hands moving quickly to push it over my shoulders while her tits and belly pushed into me as her lips sought mine. The straps of her dress slipped over her shoulders and fell to the ground, revealing that lacy black lingerie that she had started the evening inóand then then, as we staggered to the bedroom in a mixture of kisses, fondles, and giggles, dropped to the floor one-by-one, along with my shirt, moist from precum, and my stupidly-encasing jeans and boxers.

Felicity pushed me onto her bed and I willingly complied, pulling her with me to straddle my legs, feeling the curve of her belly against the underside of my manly, dripping penis. "Oh, Christ," I said, unable to look away from the red-rimmed image of perfection in front of me: a beautiful pregnant woman, huge breasts laying heavily on her round, gleaming belly, red hair falling around her shoulders, wicked smile in her eyes while she looked down at a cock, my cock, that gods would find impressive.

Not tearing her eyes away from my cockhead, which was still glistening from saliva as well as the unending stream of precum, Felicity rolled forward onto her knees, letting me feel the heat from her round torso press into my thighs and swollen, aching balls. With another smile that showed every one of her white teeth, she brought her hands up to her hanging, billowing breasts, and pushed them up, swallowing as much of my twelve-inch dick as she could. And, with her huge cup size, she could get a lot.

The warm, delicious flesh pressed in, and a small shot of cum spattered out onto them as I gripped the sheets. It only made her job easier while Felicity worked it down my shaft like lubrication, sending my dick to warm titty heaven, then pushing the cleavage up to her face to lick a little bit of cum clean.

Between her naked thighs I felt a little squirm, a pulse, and in a distant land I felt wetness drop down the curve of her belly and drench my legs. Another kiss, another tiny spurt as I let some escape, and another writhe in her nethers. The tempo increased, her breasts massaging me, wrapping around me, taking me away.

Then she wrapped her lips around my cock and it was complete. With a grunt and a heave I was coming, shooting into her mouth, cum spraying from between her lips to splatter on her tits and hands and my chest. And when I realized that, with her bucking hips, Felicity was coming, too, that only made me come harder, faster, roaring with pain and pleasure as my huge, overfull balls tried their best to empty.

When she had sucked me as dry as she could, Felicity, quivering, licked all down my shaft, slurping up the sticky semen that seemed to coat everything. With both hands she lifted one tit to her mouth and first sucked the nipple dry, then licked the freckled surface, finally letting the clean tit smack down onto her sticky stomach before moving to the other. Then, like a cat, she let her tongue work her way up my panting belly to my cum-splattered chest.

This time, somehow, I saw it: the need, the shaking desire, the sick love as each tiny amount passed her lips and touched her tongue.

And somehow, even though I had just come harder than any man in the history of the world, her want of it only made me harder. My foot-long dick, roped in red veins and shiny with spit and semen, still pointed proudly at the ceiling as my pregnant girlfriend spooned up next to me. "Fuck me," she demanded, her tongue flitting against my ear in that way of hers.

I rolled to my knees, lifted her legs, and complied.

The titty-fuck I had gotten from Felicity was as memorable as anything else, but that's how I'll really remember the night: Felicity leaning back, her belly proudly jutting at the ceiling, while her freed tits washed back and forth between her chin and the wall of her stomach with each thrust of my jackhammer of a cock. Her pussy muscles were clamped on tightly to me, and though my dick was thicker than my wrist, there was no problem fitting into her. One of her past loves must have desired that, and seeing ten inches of me disappear into her, feeling almost my entire monstrous length get hugged by her, only made everything more sweet.

She screamed as I sent her over the edge, and I cried out with her, feeling that dam burst again and another wave of cum pour out. And this time it was with interest that I watched her absurd tongue roll out and lick the sweetness from her fingers, then go back for more.

"You love my stuff, don't you?" I asked as I crawled back up to hold her in my arms, to try and fail to hold both of her breasts in one arm.

"Mmm, I do," she said. "Nothing like it." Taking my hand, she pressed it against her belly, letting me feel the hot curve of it, the poking belly button. "Stay here with me tomorrow," she crooned. "Let's just have sex like this all day."

I laughed. "My vacation's over, babe. Tomorrow night. After work." It was hard to say, and even harder to imagine, but I did have to return to work, didn't I? My reward would be more Felicity, of course.

"I guess," she sighed.

And the next thing I knew, the handcuffs were clicking closed.

"What theó?" I started, but not before she closed the second pair around the bedpost, leaving my arms pinned back on the damp mattress. Even in her swollen state Felicity was moving quickly. I glanced at the clock: 10:45. I must have dozed off.

Then metal closed around my right ankle and I realized she wasn't done. "What the fuck, Felicity?!" I shouted, but she already had the last pair around my left ankle and was locking it around the remaining bedpost. I was trapped, spread-eagle on the bed. All I could see was a very pregnant, very beautiful Asian woman, and the horizon of my drooping dick draping across the swollen swell of my balls. Felicity placed my cell phone on the dresser, next to an orange bottle of pills, and gave me a playful, coquettish look.

"Shush now," she purred, kneeling back on the bed and walking up my body, letting her tits and hard nipples drag across my naked skin. "I just need you for a little bit. Can't have you go back to work when we're not done, can I?" Her lips were against mine, now, and I couldn't resist pressing them close. She kissed me back, then sighed. "Don't worry. Just one day off. You can do that for me, right?"

"Sh-sure," I said. "One more day." It would be fine. I could deal with that. Hell, I was already growing hard again, my dick rising up between her two perfect ass cheeks. Felicity sat up, pushing back down on my inflating erection, and I looked up at her, over the curve of her stomach, between the two distant globes of her perfect breasts, at her freckled, knowing smile. How could anyone say no to a face like that? How could anyone say no with that stomach pressing more and more into yours?

Then I realized she wasn't moving. She was growing.

"Mmf, more?" she asked when she realized what was happening, more sensually than confused. "You are a funny boy, aren't you, Jon? Bigger andó" her breath caught as she rubbed her hands over her swelling middle, and something about the pause made my dick run itself straight, "óbigger." Her belly was still growing, pushing her thighs apart as it expanded downward onto my chest. I found myself naturally trying to reach out, to stroke the taut skin, to caress one of her swelling, growing tits, but my wrist only pulled against its new constraint

I hadn't expected her to grow. She said she gradually turned into whatever her man desired, and I thought that I desired pregnant women, women with bellies nine months full and breasts plump and juicy. She was definitely past that point, now, and as the growth slacked off I realized that, yes, this was what I wanted. A belly large enough for twins or even triplets, massive and smooth. Breasts bigger than her head, bigger than globes, resting on the curve of her belly, her plump nipples waiting to be teased, nibbled. I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of her.

Felicity's dainty hands, now tiny when compared to the rest of her, drew up the long, round curve of her belly to squeeze into one pillowy breastóand milk beaded at her nipple. She grinned at me, her teeth shining in the dark. "You are naughty, Jon," she purred, and it felt like my dick was going to burst, just from the sight of her, from the sound. I could feel it pulsing, the length of it drawing harder and harder.

The head of my cock, somewhere past the beautiful form before me, touched her back, and my thoughts disappeared as Felicity cooed while writhing against my length. I had grown too, it was obvious, but how large? With my legs pulled apart like that, it was impossible to tell... but I could almost feel the presence of my balls, the heat of them, pressing into the mattress while the burning hot body of my lover stroked along my length, her belly pushing into me, her breasts leaking milk, red hair flying as she got into her ride, her knees tightening around my chest.

With nothing other than light pressure and the sights and sounds before me, I came again, cum shooting over Felicity's head to splat to the ceiling, to her hair, to my chest. And I came again, and again, and again, thick gobs spilling out onto the room, all over the bed. The intensity of the orgasm forced my eyes into the back of my head, sent my eyelids flickering. Sensation left, but I would occasionally come back to feel the curve of Felicity's belly, touching from my groin to my chest, or see the angry red head of my cock popping out above her shoulder, before disappearing again into another wild thrust.

When it was over, I focused my eyes to see Felicity slyly winking at me as she lifted a finger dripping in semen to her lips. "Such a waste," she sighed.

This time I passed out for real.


"I think I know what you are," I said the next day. It was sometime before lunch: the breakfast Felicity had served me was long gone and I was growing hungry again. She was sponge-bathing me, wetting down and wiping off the crusted-over layer of cum that covered both me and the bed.

"Am I your every desire come true?" Felicity asked, that smirk back on her face. She had left me naked, but insisted on wearing one of the maternity dresses that had stocked her closet the moment she discovered I had a pregnancy fetish. It didn't fit now, of course; her rotund belly and overwhelming breasts deformed the yellow flower print, the bottom curve of stomach poking out from under the skirt while her tits pulled the elastic tight. Even now her milk was dampening the cotton, and I wondered what it would be like if she grew out of the dress completely, ripping it open while her belly became more fulsome, more large and round and perfect.

"You are," I conceded. "Even more than I thought possible."

She winked. "I bet you didn't know you were into lactation." I shook my head, my eyes drawn to the spreading dark spots, tented against her erect nipples. I hadn't given it much thought before, but god, how I wanted her to lift one breast, both hands enveloped by the freckled flesh, to pop the giving, spouting teat between my lips. Or hell, between her lips.

"N-no," I said, as the sponge reached my cock. It was flaccid for now, but still huge: over ten inches, laying across my waist for the big soft head to rest on the mattress. She seemed to pay unnecessary care drawing the sponge along its length, and was rewarded with an involuntary twitch. "I didn't know," I finished, gritting my teeth while the sponge travelled over my scrotum, polishing my swollen, pulsing balls. They were enormous, bigger than I had expected, filling up the space between my legs and then some. Felicity lifted one with a hand, leaning over to get a better angle so that her belly pushed into the springs of the mattress and her massive breasts sat on my thigh. The testicle in her hand looked like a big, fleshy basketball, and she bounced it in the air like one. My scrotum had stretched to match, but the movement still pulled at my other ball, the weight of it sliding around on the bed.

I was still growing, something else I hadnít given much thought. Before I had been caught up in Felicityís game, in the feedback loop of her growing more and more impossibly beautiful, of me growing more and more horny, but now I wondered where my growth would end. If it would.

"No," I gasped, when she at last leaned back, putting her weight back onto her hips. "No, I think you're a succubus."

To my surprise, she laughed, and laughed, and laughed, stepping away as she tossed her head back, red hair stirring around her perfect shoulders. Her chuckles carried her across the room, letting me see another tantalizing, teasing glimpse of her ass squeezed into the skirt of her dress. Finally, between giggles, she composed herself. "A what?"

I tried to maintained focus as my theory gushed out. "The Greek myth. I think it's Greek, at least. A woman who draws power by having sex with men." It was my turn to try to look sly. "I saw how into sucking me off you are. You get something from it, some sort of power. And this, what's happened to you? Hell, what's happened to me. That's not just weird genetics."

Felicity snorted. "No, it isn't. I lied to you. But I'm not some myth or something like that. No, all of this?" She ran her hands down her breasts, tweaking at a nipple, then felt along her belly. To my shock, and my dick's, her hands couldn't reach around herself anymore. She saw my look and sashayed across the room as best her unbalanced body could sashay. "All of this is your doing," she said, letting one finger touch my nose.

"Mine? But... how?"

That smirk again. "You think those pills I've been feeding you since we met were just to help with erectile dysfunction?"

"Since we met?" I tried to think back. She had only been feeding me pills the past few days. I could still taste their bitter powder on my tongue.

Her smile was fiendish, fiery, and now she leaned fully on me, her soft breasts pooling onto my chest and squashing onto the mattress as her enormous belly pressed into my side. "Yes, since we met." She laughed and shook her head again, flinging her hair into my eyes. "The last guy I was with was just as skeptical, you know. Once I told him. 'No, you said you were special!'" Her voice was high and mocking. "What a dope!"

Kissing me on the nose, Felicity got her hands under herself and pushed... puuuushed up to her knees. She couldnít get her legs under her belly anymore without its girth spreading them, and something about the pose was instantly sexy to me, even as she laughed in my face. "The pills came from my first boyfriend. He DID develop them as erectile dysfunction fixes, but I don't think he had any problems getting it up. It was me he didn't find attractive." Her nose wrinkled. "But after his first test on himself, after I tasted his cum and wanted more, well. That was when I changed." The smile was gone now, and she was considering me with her dark brown eyes. "It's all in the pills. And you don't taste anywhere near as good if you don't have one in you, you know. Which is why it's so perfect that they don't just make me hotter to you, and they don't just make you addictively deliciousó" she shivered as she said it, trying to cup her elbows and only getting two armfuls of tit "óbut they massively increase your supply. Don't they?"

I involuntarily eyed my crotch, seeing the distant mountain of my balls. I could feel the sperm churning inside them, or at least thought I could. All of this from some weird experimental drug?

A fingernail dragged its way across my tight, sensitive skin, tracing along a massive testicle. Felicity was almost drooling as she considered me. "You're my sixth, you know. The others... well, I have to leave them, eventually. There's no way to have you take the pill and not have you grow a little." There was an odd sadness in her voice, but not in her eyes. Her eyes were laser-focused on my cock, which, despite my misgivings, despite the ill intentions in Felicity's voice, was slowly, ever so slowly, throbbing harder and longer. "It's only karma that eventually I'd meet someone who wanted me to grow, too. And boy, Jonny, have you made me grrrrrrow."

She almost growled the last word, and I couldn't help myself: every muscle in my body tensed up, my erect cock thrust at least a foot and half into the air. "What'll, hng, what'll you do?" I asked, gritting my teeth, trying to maintain control.

Only a tilt of a head indicated Felicity had even heard me. Instead she pushed herself awkwardly to the edge of the bed, her legs popping down to support her hugely rounded form before she waddled to the dresser. When she came back she had a pill in one hand, and she put it into my mouth without even needing to ask me to open.

"I guess I'll obey my body," she said, eyes lighting up as the pink veins clouded my vision.

Now that I had an idea of what was going on, of what had been changing my body over the past week, I imagined that I could feel it happening. The mystery drugs dissolved on my tongue, seeping into my bloodstream, fast-tracking through my veins, past my glands, waking up every nerve in my body, putting my brain into overdrive as one line of inquiry filled my thoughts:

1. Fuck
2. Be fucked
3. Orgasm
4. Do it again
5. Improve on the process

And the rest of my body responded. Saliva almost poured from my mouth at the sight of Felicity, as her great, swollen breasts, dotted in freckles and blue veins and weeping milk, rolled off of the mountain of her belly and pushed around my throbbing, swelling dick. My sense left me as the heat from her tits completely enclosed my ropy, veiny shaft, leaving only the head, now the size of a plum and a perfect purple to match. Through my flickering vision I swore I could see it swelling bigger, throbbing with my increasing heart rate, while below the burning curve of her belly pushed into my heavy, aching balls. It would grow, too, wouldn't it? I wanted it to. I wanted her to get bigger with me, to swell and round and cry out in need for me just like I wanted her.

Her tongue licked along my cockhead and then her mouth clamped on before even my first spurt of pre-cum could be released.

And, after I cameóa long, bucking process, where her tight tits squeezed as many ounces of sperm out of me and into her willing mouth, where I couldn't focus my eyes, let alone my thoughts, only dig my fingers into her ruined sheets and hold on while Felicity's body kicked with another touch-less orgasmóI realized that I was nothing more than a machine to her. A means to an end. It was obvious, really, and should have been from the moment the first handcuff had clicked, but it was an important thing to focus on, to feel: I was a prisoner. Not just for a day, but for as long as she could reach my cockhead.

But how would I get out?

I gritted my teeth as I felt my changes take hold, my cock softening to an absurdly long length. I had felt those last few inches as they ripped down my erection, pushing me longer, further, harder to please my mistress, rising up from my crotch like a skyscraper. I had felt my balls swelling, readying themselves for the next go-around. And my dick was so ready, now, as its flaccid meat slapped back against my stomach and chest, now almost long enough to tickly my chin. My legs were being forced apart, anything to not touch the ultra-sensitive skin of my throbbing, growing testicles.

How would I get out?

Felicity's finger drew down the length of my balls in what was becoming a familiar touch, her eyes glistening in what could have been hunger, longing, or some sick poetic reverie. "Such a big boy," she breathed, her chest heaving, pushing her tits nearly up to her chin. "Big enough for me." Then her eyes closed again, her brows furrowing in growing anticipation, and her tits began to swell, to rise like dough. One of her hands was reaching out, squeezing her tits in so that she could brush her fingers against a nipple still dripping milk, but the growth was almost too fast, and her teats would be out of reach soon. Just like her belly, which was doing its part to expand outward, outward, rounding and pushing its way between her legs, against my body, growing millimeter by millimeter as Felicity rubbed the tanned, smooth skin, trying to reach a nipple.

Her eyes rounded on me. "I need you to milk me," she said, in a sultry voice. "But, god, it feels so good to be so full."

I wondered if that was part of my fantasy, too. Loved to be milked, but loved to be brimming with milk. "You're not going to be able to walk in a few days," I laughed, almost coming to my senses despite the drool dripping down my face. She was perfect, wasn't she? Everything I had ever desired, knowing or not.

Her nose wrinkled. "No?"

"No," I chuckled again, unable to contain my vengeful glee. "Youíll be trapped like me.

A look came over her and her mouth snapped closed. Working her knees, pushing backwards with her hands, she made her way off of the bed, one foot coming down, then another, before heaving the monstrosity of her belly off of the mattress. There was triumph written all over her face as I watched her rise, even as her perfectly round stomach dipped down nearly to her knees, extending outward several feet before curving back to give her enormous tits a resting place. Her spine was curved back so far that she was nearly looking at me between her cleavage.

Then there was a look of mischief in her eye, something venomous. "Maybe I won't, by Wednesday." And she was at her dresser, leaning over it sideways to get a pill bottle. Then, slow waddle by slow waddle, her belly shifting back and forth with her hips, she was standing by the bed, then sitting on it, leaning back with one hand to support her. "But neither will you."

And another pill went into my mouth.

Would I get out?

As the red-tinted fog enveloped my vision and all of my thoughts turned only to fucking, Felicity closed the door.


In the morning my captor squeezed her way through the door to my room. She had on a ridiculous top, probably a dress that had been cut down to be nothing more than a cropped tank, and black leggings. "Give me a foot rub," she demanded, collapsing into the lounge chair next to the bed and putting a foot into my lap.

I winced at the mix of pleasure and pain the movement gave me. My nutsack was enormous, forcing my legs apart and stretching to my knees as it attempted to contain two balls that could be mistaken for some bachelorette party beach toy. Any movement to my lower torso sent shockwaves through them. Even my morning wood, which felt like it had stretched to the ceiling, sent tingles all through my ultrasensitive testicles while it rested on them. I felt like I was boiling over, ready to go even when I was soft, my fat, stupid cock stretching across the mattress like a tired puppy.

"I can't really rub your feet with my hands tied," I said, explaining the obvious. Felicity sighed and pulled a handcuff key out of nowhere.

"Fine. But your feet stay cuffed," she said. I nodded, trying not to betray my excitement.

When the cuffs were off I took some time rubbing at the red marks that encircled my wrists. How long had they been on? Two days? Three? Time was so hard to keep track of in there. Felicity's heel bounced in my naked lap and I winced again, feeling the blood rush to my soft dick, praying it didn't get too hard. She grinned at me, over the obstacle that was her enormous bosom, and I could see the same thoughts were going through her head. "Let's not wake the giant, huh?"

Her last pill had been a nightmare of ecstasy and terror. My slight must have wounded her, the reality of our situation pounding into her head, because she had simply placed it into my mouth... and walked away. With no way to get off, no hands free to touch my throbbing monstrosity, no willing mouth to place over my cockhead and suck it empty, no beau to toy with my swelling, gurgling nuts, I had simply laid in writhing, pink-mist-filled agony. It felt like it lasted hours but it couldn't have been, shouldn't have been possible to last that long without finally, at last, succumbing, spraying an unusually small amount of hot seed up in a fountain to the ceiling.

The damage was different than normal, too: my nuts were definitely bigger than I was expecting, having swollen and swollen with no outlet, and my dick was like a third leg. A third leg that was almost longer than my other legs when fully erect, leaning against my beach ball nuts like a cannon. And I could still feel the need inside, like I had only half-cum before shutting off a valve.

"You did this to me, you know," Felicity said as I dug my fingers into the sole of her foot. Her thoughts were a dark reflection of mine. "My back aches even more than it did when I first got big boobs, my tits ache with the need to be milked constantly. The slightest brush against any of my skin, brrr, so sensitive. And my feet..." She leaned her head back, that red hair cascading down her back in a perfect waterfall. "Mmmm, that feels so good. You don't know."

"I could guess," was all I said.

"Maybe." She swapped her feet, the movements requiring a complete shift of her body to put the weight of her belly on her other leg, then some shifting of her tits to keep her vision on me. "God, you love this, don't you?"

And there was the truth of it: I did. "You could have wanted me to be a perfect pregnant woman, walking around like my belly was full of air, my tits weighing almost nothing. But no, you need it all. Aching feet and straining back and sensitive, tender skin." She was right. Something in me wanted it all, not just the big, round belly and huge, dripping tits. I wanted it to weigh something, to cost something. The struggles along with the joy. All of that, I found now, appealed to me.

And, well, the sensitive skin was a bonus.

In the end, all of it saved me.

"Doesn't it all feel good, though?" I asked. "Even when it sucks. Don't you like it?"

"I like how you taste," she said, pouting. "I don't... I don't think I like this." But her hesitation said it all, along with the goosebumps on her leg, the way her toes curled a little. I had wished her hypersensitive for a reason, hadn't I?

My free hand reached out and stroked along the massive curve of her belly, and she did nothing to stop me. I saw the flicker in her eyes, and in a moment her huge nipples, both of them fat corks, were swollen against her strained top. And, god help me, I was getting hard at the sight.

She saw it, too. "Again? Are you sure?" But the teasing in her voice was only that, teasing. She would decide when and where it would be, and this time she wanted it.

Soon the top was gone, the leggings were off, and a pill was pressing between my lips. "Come on, Jon," she said. "Fill me again."

It was lucky for Felicity that I had grown so long, because there was so much more of her to get in the way, now. Once the pill took hold and sex-fueled rage filled my body, fueling my dick to stretch and fill and strengthen, my balls to begin to rumble with oncoming eruption, she was able to kneel at the foot of the bed, pull my cock to her lips, run her inhumanly long tongue around my football-sized cockhead, and lightly suck. It was there, nestled between her tits, her hands trying and failing to cover very much of my naked, throbbing flesh, that I realized this was going to be different. I still had so much left in me from the night before, willing to come out.

Had she known? Had she done this before? Or was I the first one to goad her into giving me a pill and then refusing to treat herself?

Any questions were pushed from my mind as I went over the edge, barreling down toward orgasm like an out of control train. I had three feet of quaking, aching cock, ready to blow; two barrels of sperm ready to overflow.

And then they did. A burning, hotter than an oven, hotter than a sun, flooded into my crotch, and I could feel it touching my nuts, filling them, stretching them. "The other pill," I thought, fragmented, screaming in my mind, as my legs were pushed further apart, as I filled up any empty space between me and Felicity's rotund, perfect belly. The limited space squeezed them, pressured them, and I nearly burst before I felt the volcano blow. Hot magma filled me, flowing through my veins and reaching my cock and travelling up it. I was going to come, I was going to COMEó

And then I was pushing, stretching, smashing into Felicity's face as I grew longer, thicker, harder, my cock ready to give and give some more, getting back for its denied orgasm only a few hours before. Felicity's eyes popped open and then rolled into the back of her head as she leaned back, straining her spine to keep her suction on my cock.

Finally, I came.

The force of the first spurt shook my captor, nearly knocking her head back, and I saw some jizz leak out of her nose, felt splatters that sprayed from the corners of her lips, but then she was on me, grabbing my dick, hugging it, as she sucked and swallowed. She must have opened her throat, I can't really say, but no more than a few loose globules missed their mark and dribbled onto the naked plateau of her leaking tits. Her eyes had at last closed, hiding the freaky possessed look in them, but I didn't miss the way her lower body was writhing on the bed, her fecund belly pushing my monstrous balls back and forth as we fought for space on the sheets.

It was the mightiest blow I had ever let loose, and I fought unconsciousness from sheer blissful agony the entire time. I could feel it approaching, like a light, a coming break in the storm: my chance to get out.

My hands were still free, and with them I pumped my trunk-like cock, pushing the last vestiges of my mighty orgasm up the length of it to Felicity's waiting mouth. When it was done, I sighed, and she did little more than detach her lips and lay her head, blissfully, against the side of my cockhead. It was softening, but still huge, like a small pillow.

With my newfound freedom I reached up and stroked one huge nipple. It would have been nice to enjoy them a little myself, I thought.

After a wait Felicity's eyes cracked open and she looked slyly down at her handiwork. "There," she said, eying my huge nutsack. "Now who won't be moving?"

She had a point. In a single pill I had gone from "impossible to believe but still functional" to "probably will be a museum piece". If I could stand (and the thought was so close, wasn't it, with my hands free?) my balls would undoubtedly rest on the ground, assuming I could bow my legs a bit to give them room.

Seeing the gears turning in my head, Felicity pushed herself off of the bed and back onto her feet. Then, to my surprise, she gave a very cute little yawn. "I need another foot rub," she said, making her ponderous way back to the chair. Her unrestrained breasts were lolling to the sides of her tits, nipples nearly pointing downward from the weight. "And... and a quick... nap." She collapsed into the chair, the springs straining from the weight of a woman who had probably tripled in mass in less than a week. "So... full..."

She was sleeping when the changes began.

I was watching carefully, measuring her breaths, and so at first I thought she was merely waking up, taking that deep breath people do after a good nap. But no, this was no deep breath: no deep breath continues to rise, and rise, even when I can hear an exhale. It was fast, so fast, the backsplash of pills catching up to her and then some, the entirety of one of my pool-filling orgasms having its way with her like she had with me.

Felicity gave a soft moan as her legs fell apart, making way for her belly as it stretch out, filling the space between the chair cushion and the ground. It needed more room to grow, needed to be bigger. I was egging her on, both for my plan to succeed and that other part, the part that loved all of this. I wanted her bigger.

The curve of her belly was rising in front of Felicity, now, sending the mass of her filling breasts to wash back towards her. I wouldn't have been able to see her if I were laying in front, as her stomach was touching the floor and only gaining in size, stretching out on the carpet as her filling tits continued to amass flesh. No more sexy dresses for her, I thought. No more going to restaurants on another guy's dime. I looked to the doorframe and realized that there was no way in hell she was leaving this room without serious construction.

The sides of her stomach were now pushing against the bedframe, and that was probably what woke her up.

"Oh, god," she breathed, and I saw a hand reach up to push her gorgeous red hair from her impossibly beautiful face. Then she realized she was still growing. "OH GOD. Stop, stop, stop!" Perfectly manicured hands reached out for tit flesh, holding it in, trying to squeeze them together, I think, in some desperate attempt to stop the growth. But there was no stopping it; her belly was over her head and pushing the chair back, her belly button almost the same length away from her hands as my toes were from my teeth.

"It'll stop when it's perfect," I said. "When you're just how I want you."

"Nnf, gaaaaaawd," she moaned, and I realized that the sensitivity was paying off: the friction from the carpet and the pressure of her milk and the touch of her breasts, all of it must have been sending her into overdrive. Deep down, where her belly met the rest of her body, her hips were trying to thrust. They couldn't get enough traction and force to lift her, though. She was trapped.

Time to try to get the hell out.

"Where's the key?" I asked.

"What?" she said, almost coming to her senses. I think it was slowing down, by then: my perfectly immobile succubus. And just in time: her voice was muffled by her impossibly large breasts, both of them squashing into her cheeks so she had to talk up through her cleavage.

"The key! To my handcuffs."

That shook her. "Oh, no. You're... you're staying here. With me." I couldn't see anything of her face anymore but an ear and some freckles, but her left hand waved at me around one huge, wobbling tit. "I... I need more. I NEED MORE."

Holy shit, she was broken. My chance was here. "The pills. They're on your dresser. I can't get to them."

"Fuck," she said. "Itís on me, then. You never do anything around here, Jonny," she said, the old smirk back in her voice. Her hands grasped the arms of the chair, and, to her credit, she managed to heave herself up a little bitóbut the size of her tits probably tripled her weight alone, let alone the pressure her belly was putting on the rest of her. "Nf, fine," she collapsed back into the chair like a child. "If you can walk, get them."

"The keys, Felicity," I reminded her. One eye peeked out around a breast, and I realized that the areola alone was wider than her head, her leaking, perfect nipple almost too big to fit between her lips. My mouth watered, despite itself.

"They're right there, doofus," she said, pointing at the bedside table.

Fuck. How long had they been there? How long could I have escaped for?

And would I have wanted to, before seeing Felicity like this?

With some painful stretching I got my feet unlocked, then pushed myself, heaving, to the edge of the mattress. My dick was completely soft, but that didn't stop it from stretching from my groin to the edge of the bed then down to the carpet where its head lolled around. I was long. Way too long. And my balls... from where I was sitting my overtaxed scrotum followed my dick, where it rested on the ground and pinned my feet, so big that my balls were still were taller than the bedframe.

But the tender skin of my nutsack was also hardy, having gained a lot of elasticity and strength in its growth, and I was able to grasp it in two fistfuls, pull it up, and waddle to the dresser, my dick flopping and dragging on the ground. As I walked around Felicity's gorgeous, overfull stomach, I felt something twinge in my crotch. Something that wanted what I saw in the little orange bottle.

Could she get bigger? Would she? Did I want her to? I imagined her swelling even more, stretching, filling the room, her breasts resting on the ground, eternally leaking, a perfect, fertile goddess...

And me beside her, a cock as big as a schoolbus towering alongside, leaking, feeding her from the tanker-sized testicles that rested behind me.

A stupid image.

My cell was on the dresser next to the pills. "21 missed texts, 5 missed calls, all from work," I sighed.

"Stay here," Felicity pleaded. "The pills... more..."

It was a tempting offer. I could. There was food in the kitchen. I could reverse this entire situation, with my little slave. Show her what being trapped was like.

"I want you so bad," she breathed.

"Fuck you," I said, as I dialed the police.
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