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The Breast of Times, The Worst of Times [By Cheviot]

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The Breast of Times, The Worst of Times [By Cheviot]

Postby Ninavolt2010 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:51 am

(More of a breast expansion story but has pregnancy elements as well.)

The Breast of Times, The Worst of Times

By Cheviot

The Present: 11th Grade

Under the best of conditions, a high school cafeteria isn't the easiest place to navigate, and these are far from the best of conditions, Amy thought to herself. It would have been awkward enough making her way through this small sea of humanity, pushing and shoving to and fro, without these endowments, but with them, it was damned near impossible. Amy was only five feet tall but one hundred and forty pounds. It was those last forty pounds that caused her problems.

Amy was stacked. Beyond stacked. Her breasts were so large that even now her breasts repeatedly bounced heavily against the bottom of her lunch tray with every step she took. If I can only make it back to that table, she thought, eyeing a spot near the back of the cafeteria, then I can adjust my damn bra strap and fix these damned breast pads. And it could happen again anytime. Damn it, why did I have to be so stupid? One mistake when I was too young to know better and now I'm going to be paying for it for the rest of my life. I can't even imagine what it will be like to be even bigger than this. Even in a bra, they hang down past my waist. Why did I have to be so stupid back then?

7th Grade

Amy made her way to homeroom from her locker, her notebook clutched tightly to her chest. She was one of the first girls in her class to blossom and even her modest development embarrassed her. Her classmates' taunts, especially Dawn's, bothered her most of all. Amy and Dawn had been close friends, having grown up a block apart, but over the past few months, Dawn had become more and more angry and distant.


Amy spun around, gasping as her bra strap sprung against her back.

"Well, if it isn’t Busty Titsalot," Dawn said, the words rolling smoothly off her tongue.

"Yeah, today, yesterday, the day before... This is getting so stale"

"Get used to it," Dawn said as the bell rang. "You better run if you want to have time to stuff your bra before homeroom."

Amy hunched her shoulders, pulling her notebook closer to her chest and pushed past Dawn and into the classroom to the sound of her classmates' laughter.

Why can't they just leave me alone? Amy thought. It’s not like I bug them or anything. At least I can get away from them all tonight at the carnival. Dawn and her crew would never show up at something as unhip as the State Fair and Carnival, she thought as she took her seat and the teacher began to call roll.


The night was winding down at the carnival. While the carnival wasn't officially due to close until midnight, at ten the fairgrounds started to empty out and by eleven it was almost empty aside from those that worked there.

Amy was getting ready to head for home, having just gotten the last stick of cotton candy. While wandering out toward the parking lot and toward the bus that would whisk her back home she spotted a sign outside a small colorful tent.

"Madame Inga Knows All- Fortunes Read- Problems Solved, This Week: Free Tarot Reading with ANY PURCHASE! ($25 minimum)"

Amy pushed open the tent flaps and entered, immediately enveloping herself in the smell of garlic, sandalwood, nutmeg, and what might be some sort of animal droppings. The tent itself almost seemed larger on the inside than on the outside and was dominated by a large table with a crystal ball and there were several small tables scattered about filled with small trinkets for sale. Most of the items were crap, Amy realized. Tarot cards, incense holders, things like that, but there were a small glass case behind the table with the crystal ball that looked interesting. She reached inside and pulled out a small blue bottle.

"Ultimate Revenge Potion: Get even FAST! Fits itself to YOUR problems. EffectsSTRENGTHEN WITH TIME! GUARANTEED RESULTS! Duration 5 yrs/lifetime." and then the label turned into tiny print almost too small to read.

"That’s not something a nice girl like you should buy," a heavily accented voice said from behind her. Amy jumped, almost dropping the bottle and turned to see a small, wrinkled old woman dressed in bright patterned clothing.

"Does this stuff really work?" she asked, holding up the bottle.

"All too well. Just put that down and I will read your fortune instead. That is not something you wish to have," the woman said as she sat down at her crystal ball.

"How much is it?"

"It’s only a small pittance, twenty of your dollars, but I urge you to reconsider. Revenge is neither pleasant nor rewarding," she replied as she shuffled her tarot cards and began to deal them into their pattern on the table.

"I'll take it," Amy said and pulled out a fistful of ones and fives from her pocket, carefully counting out twenty dollars. "Could you read my future now?"

"There's no need now... the die has been cast," the woman said, scooping the cards off the table and stacking them neatly, her eyes never breaking contact with Amy’s. "You have chosen your destiny." The old woman paused, "And you’re five dollars short," she said, pointing at the sign.

"Uh, okay, seeyah," Amy replied and backed out of the tent with her newfound treasure.


The small blue bottle weighed heavily in Amy’s hand as she made her way to her homeroom. Amy pulled the large stopper out of the bottle and held it up to her nose as she walked. Well, even if it doesn’t work as promised at least she’ll smell really bad, Amy thought as she breathed in the scent of the liquid and cringed.


Amy gasped as she instinctively spun around as she felt her bra strap slap against her back. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The bottle shot out of her hand, headed upward in a gentle arc. The sunlight glistened off the blunt glass spikes on the sides of the bottle as it spun, reflecting small spotlights across her face. Slowly the bottle began to spin end over end.

At first, all was quiet, movement in the hallway had stopped cold, as Amy’s classmates looked first at her, then at each other and back to her. A quiet laughter started with Dawn but quickly spread to the other students in the hall. Amy spun around to see what they were all laughing at. That’s when the horrible smell hit her and she looked down at her clothes, clothes now soaked with that noxious potion. Already it was soaking through and she could feel the liquid reaching her skin. It sort of tingled, she thought, distantly, as if observing all this from outside herself. It wasn’t until Dawn spoke that she came back to the here and now.

“Good! Now you smell as good as you look!”

The laughter spread through the crowd quickly as Amy ran past them and down the hall toward the school’s main entryway… towards home.


The morning sunlight entered Amy’s bedroom at the perfect angle to awaken her on weekdays. Its warm glow crossed her pillow, slowly awakening her as the sun moved higher in the sky. Normally Amy welcomed that gentle caress.

Not this morning.

Amy lay in bed, her covers pulled all the way up to her neck afraid to even get out of bed. What if I have some huge wart on my face or gained three hundred pounds or stammer all the time or…

And so on and so forth for two hours. It finally took Amy’s mother to drag her out of bed, literally pulling the covers off her.

Well, everything looks normal, Amy thought, carefully testing each of her limbs, then checking her skin for blemishes, especially the spots that the potion had touched. This was followed by a twenty minutes inspection in front of the mirror.

Nothing. Not one single hair out of place.

Amy never quite breathed a sigh of relief. Over the next few months, she slowly thought less and less of what horrible thing that nasty potion was going to do to her and more and more about how that damned old lady had ripped her off. She couldn’t place an exact date when she finally gave up on the potion being real, but thinking back it was probably the last time she had seen the bottle and thought, twenty fucking dollars! How could I have been so stupid?

Over the winter she had even stopped thinking even that, although with spring-cleaning she moved the pretty blue bottle from her dresser drawer to her bookshelf, where it would catch the morning light. Things were also looking up at school. Thank God Dawn had finally started to develop. As soon as she was wearing something beyond a training bra Dawn’s harassment of Amy dropped to the background buzz she gave everyone, not in her clique. Someone else was under Dawn’s magnifying glass. Amy felt bad for the poor girl that was now the object of Dawn’s ridicule, but she felt even better than that person was someone else.

8th Grade

Truth be told Amy had thought this class would be a bit harder. Themes on Shakespeare in Modern Culture seemed like a name for a difficult class, the kind of class that would look good on her transcript a few years down the road. So much for that, she thought as she settled back to watch a video of “West Side Story” in class. She pulled out her pad and began to note the new names of all the characters. Around the same time she noticed that that damned Streisand song her mother loved so was from this film, she also noticed something else. As she wrote her forearm was rubbing against her breast as she wrote. It took a moment for her to register that her hands were too far from her chest for that to happen. Then she looked down.

Amy reached to adjust her bra strap and stopped cold. Her bust line seemed to be expanding, not very quickly, but quickly enough to be noticeable. Her knit top seemed to be expanding as well, keeping its shape and fit without stretching anymore than it already was. As she attempted to adjust her bra strap she felt it slowly widening as it slid over her thumb.

Amy pulled herself out of her seat and made for the door, not bothering to duck as she crossed the sightline of her fellow students, feeling the new swaying and bouncing of her breasts as she ran. She ignored the teacher as he followed her out into the hallway only quieting himself as she ran into the girl’s restroom. She pulled open a stall and locked it behind her as she removed her sweater and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Her bust line still seemed to be expanding, she noticed, weighing her breasts in her hands. Even more oddly, she could see the lace near the top of the cups reknitting itself, making more lace as the bra itself expanded. She reached back and released the two hooks that held her bra on and tried to pull it off, but something still held it from behind. She reached back again and found a third hook, one she knew had not been there this morning and pulled the bra off. She stopped a moment to examine the hooks, seeing not only the three hooks but also the wear marks on the seams that only came after months of heavy use. It was then she saw something that made her blood run cold. The tag. Nothing unusual about it at all “Hanes 32d” it said. Never mind that it had always said 32b before today. She recognized this bra. She could see the spot of chocolate sauce that had never washed out of the strap… and it had always said “Haines 32b”, said it plain as day… that is, until today. Now even the “32d” began to look blurry, the “d” getting more smudged as it expanded horizontally, finally sharpening again to read “32dd”.

Amy stepped out of the stalls and stepped toward the sinks almost in a daze, staring at her reflection. What had once been barely noticeable uprisings were now in a class that boys called “jugs” behind a girl's back. She stepped closer to the mirrors, watching her newly large breasts sway with each step, seeing her nipples harden in the chill of the restroom. Even her areolas looked different she thought, still looking at the reflection, although still the same pale pink color, they were wider, she realized, and they puffed out quite a bit. Weird. Finally, her eyes broke from the reflection and looked down directly at her breasts as her hands reached up and felt the reality of them, felt the texture of her areola and the weight of her now large breasts.

Suddenly she snapped out of it. She was standing in the middle of the restroom half nude and anyone could walk in at any time. She scrambled back into the stall, her breasts pulling painfully at her shoulder blades as she bent over and scooped up her bra, top and sweater. What the hell will I wear now? she thought, eyeing her bust again. Then she remembered the label. Maybe it was right, maybe it was a 32dd. Hell, it would pretty much need to be, she thought, again looking down at her bust. She didn’t believe it would fit around her at first, but it went on without a lot of trouble. Just as she was about to button the top button on her sweater, Mrs. Angstadt, her homeroom teacher, walked into the bathroom. Amy clutched the edges of her sweater; a sweater not designed to close on even a modestly busted girl, and tried to pull it closed to hide her endowments.

“Mr. Rudolph sent me in to check on you. Are you all right?"

“Uh, yeah, Amy stammered. Didn’t Miss Angstadt notice??

“You look a little pale, you should go see the nurse.” Miss Angstadt pulled out a small pad and began to write.

She didn’t notice a thing. Amy realized and let go of the hems of her sweater, allowing her bust to stand out, no longer held back by her arms.

“Here, take this pass with you. I hope you’re feeling better.”

She doesn’t see anything!


No one noticed anything, as it turned out. Guys, of course, did stare at her chest but no one noticed that she suddenly grew three-cup sizes in two minutes. Her wardrobe was none the worse for wear either. All her clothes fit the new her. Granted, one very sheer t-shirt wasn’t in her closet anymore, but she didn’t dare wear it anyway. It was hard enough to hide her nipples and areolas and stop them from showing through her clothing. That little lacy off-the-shoulder top would never work built like she was now. But she would gladly have traded that one top for this figure. Anyway, built as she was now her mom would have never let her buy it.

Her mom. She was none the wiser either. For a week or two, she held her breath every time she saw someone for the first time since the change. Soon it became apparent that no one could see the difference.

But there were differences. Boys talked to her more often, although they all talked to her chest, not a one looked her in the eye. (Well, aside from Ross, but Ross also wore eyeshadow.). Even some of her professors took advantage of her short stature to look down her top. Perverts.

Dawn’s taunting had resumed. It was to be expected now that she outsized Dawn again. Gone were the taunts about stuffing her bra.

“I see you skipped stuffing your bra and went straight to stuffing your boobs. Those implants look so phony.”

If nothing else Dawn was original. But the other girls seemed to take Dawn with a grain of salt these days. Too many sour grapes. Especially after one of Dawn’s cronies lost her place on the cheerleading squad to Amy.

After a month or two she has stopped thinking about the incident and trying to figure out what caused it, and within four or five more she barely remembered how she used to be built.

Still, something nagged at her, especially as she drifted in and out of sleep in the mornings, spots of blue light shining across her face.

9th Grade

“This is WPAZ, 1370 on your AM Dial coming to you live from the Owen J Roberts High School stadium as the Wildcats square off against the Boyertown Bears.”

Amy was in the groove. The routines were going well, the Wildcats were ahead 18 to 5 and the new cheerleader uniforms were much more comfortable than the old itchy ones. She did wish they’d restyle them a bit, maybe just update the lettering a little. But still, all in all, not a bad day.

It wasn’t until a few minutes into the next routine that she noticed something was wrong. A peculiar tugging when she came down from jumps. Damn it, not another one, she thought, I lose more bras this way. At least they usually have the decency to wait until after I’m off the field before the elastic completely gives out.

It wasn’t until a moment later after she had catapulted onto one of her teammate's shoulders that she got curious enough to look down.

Holy shit! I’m growing again!

Amy watched in silent horror as the letters across her sweater, previously only half visible from her perspective, slowly crossed the horizon of her bust line and made their way into full view. Again, like last time, the sweater itself didn’t seem to be stretching, there just seemed to be more of it.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Think Amy, think. How am I going to get down from here and off the damn field? Luckily at that moment, it was time for all the girls who were “up” to come down, and Amy dove off Michelle’s shoulders, her chest pulling very painfully as she landed. Although the growth seemed to have stopped, a lot of the routine was now very uncomfortable, especially all the jumping. Somehow she made it through the routine and the rest of the game. It wasn’t until boarding the bus that she really had time to start thinking.

“Amy, stop by my office on Monday morning. We have to discuss some things about next weeks game at New Hanover.”

“Uh, shouldn’t you be talking that over with the team captain Miss Collins.”

“Yes, that’s why I need to talk to you. Earth to Amy, come in?”

It took a moment for Amy to sort this out. “Yeah, right! Sorry, I just kind of spaced out right now.”

A little bustier and Captain of the cheerleading squad! What could possibly go wrong now?


Amy stood in front of her full-length mirror, topless, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. Damn girl, this is just a little much. While a dd-cup was impressive, this new size (32g, or at least, so said her bra label) was over the top. Her back was starting to hurt. The pulling on her shoulders, just above her armpits, was getting really painful, especially when she made really sudden movements. I’ll just need to get some sturdier bras, that’s all. She tried not to think about the fact that she couldn’t imagine something sturdier than the ugly white underwire she had been wearing. When she got home from the game she had, after taking a personal inventory, checked out her wardrobe and discovered all her beautiful frilly bras were gone, replaced by these huge, white cotton monstrosities. Not only that, where were all her belly shirts? Missing in action as well. She still had all her full-length t-shirts and even a new one… with a picture of a masonry outhouse on the front. It took her a moment for it to sink in. Ha, ha, ha, she thought, tossing it back into the drawer.

What the fuck is wrong with me. This just isn’t right! Amy sat down on the edge of her bed then slid onto her back, looking at the ceiling. She used her upper arms to try to push her breasts out of her armpits, where they had begun to slide almost as soon as she lay down, but they moved right back where they had been. God damn these things are everywhere! She pushed herself upright, feeling gravity reasserting itself and caught a glimpse of blue light in her eyes.

The bottle!

She jumped up and grabbed the bottle, groaning slightly as the weight of her breasts hit her again. The tiny print on the bottle was hard to read, even in bright light. It had been about a year since her last growth spurt, and about a year before that the carnival had been in town and she bought that little trinket.

Not exactly a great revenge potion, Amy thought, I’ll make her sorry she ever teased me, I’ll make her the most popular girl in school! That will teach her!

Amy laughed out loud. I don’t know if it actually was the potion, but if it was it was the best twenty dollars I ever spent. Somehow I think I’ll be able to cope with a few extra hooks every morning.


“Off the team???” Amy paced back and forth across Miss Collins office.

“We discussed this two months ago. It’s not you’re fault. It’s just not healthy for you to be jumping around like the cheers require. I’ve seen you holding your back and rubbing your shoulders.”

“But that’s nothing. I can cope.”

“And then there’s the players' reaction. Did you hear about Kirk Michael’s sprained ankle?”

“Yeah, he ran into one of the other players and tripped.”

“He ran into another player when he was watching you cheer instead of paying attention to the game.”

“No way! This is in no way my fault!”

“I didn’t say it was. This isn’t about blame, it’s about supporting the school and the team.”

“So, this is already decided?”

“Yes, Dawn has already been offered the captain’s spot and she’s accepted. I just hope you’ll see a doctor about your back pain and get something done about it.”

Amy turned and left the locker room


Amy crossed the parking lot and entered Boyertown High at the gymnasium entrance. From there it was a quick walk across the field to the bleachers where Kirk Michaels was sitting.


Kirk turned and smiled, his eyes never leaving her chest, “Uh, hey! You’re Amy, huh?”

“Yeah. I heard you got hurt at the game on Saturday. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I’m fine, it’s just a little sprain. Doc says I’ll be back on my feet in two or three weeks.”

“So, what are you up to this weekend?”

“Well, I think I could clear some…”

“Kirk, who’s this?” said a rather sharp voice from behind them.

Kirk and Amy turned to see another girl walking up. She was about their age, a bit taller than Amy but more amazingly a bit bustier than Amy as well.

The girl stepped past Amy, sat on Kirk’s lap, wrapped her arms around him and planted a huge kiss on his neck.

“Hey Kris, this is Amy. She was at the game on Saturday when I ripped up my ankle.”

“Great to meet you,” Kris said, convincing no one that she really meant it.

“You too. After I saw Kirk go down at the game I just wanted to come over and make sure he was all right.”

“Oh, he’s fine. Don’t worry, I have him completely taken care of.”

“I’m sure you do,” Amy replied as Kris nuzzled Kirk’s neck.


“Sure, I understand. I’ll give a call next weekend.”

Amy hung up the phone. Damn, that’s the fifth call. What the hell is up with everyone? She had just called her five best friends and all of them had plans. Plans that didn’t involve her. Just a month ago a weekend wouldn’t go by without all of them hanging out together, but suddenly all that had changed. Just two cup sizes and all of a sudden her life was a bra.

And what was up with suddenly being captain of the cheerleading team? And the conversation that Miss Collins has said they had. Maybe it made sense. What if those were things that would have happened if she had been busty back then. What if when she suddenly changed it was kind of retroactive and she’d always been busty to them. That would explain Miss Collins, and the clothes and even mom. It didn’t explain her being captain of the cheerleading team though. Maybe the football coach had something to do with that one, she thought, he was always a sexist pig anyway.

Just to be sure of her theory she ran downstairs, clutching her back as she descended the stairs, and grabbed the family photo album. Paging through only confirmed her suspicions. These albums went back as far as the fifth grade, but slowly, starting around the seventh grade you could really see a difference in her photos. Jeeze! I look like a fucking hooker in that! She thought, seeing herself in a belly shirt and shorts at 14 with what must have been double d-cup breasts. Having never had the opportunity to see what she looked like to others she was amazed by how huge she appeared. I’m just a set of boobs with legs! Okay, not really, but still, this is nuts!

I’ve got one way to help myself, she thought as she went back to her room and dug through the closet. I just hope this works, she thought as she pulled out the diary she had gotten two years ago for Christmas and never used.

Dear Diary,

Life in the land of the G-Cups is a very odd way of life indeed. Today I went to…

Grade 10

Life had been slowly improving these last few months, Amy thought as she showered.

It had taken awhile, but with plenty of exercise she was finally able to cope with carrying around these monsters all day. While her old friends had faded into the background she at least had the girls on the cheerleading team, at least until Dawn slowly poisoned them against her. Now she had made new friends again and things seemed to be doing better. She also managed to pull her grade point average up another 0.2. That will look good to the college admissions board.

Amy turned off the water and leaned out of the shower to grab her towel.

“OW!” Amy yelled as she clutched her back. What’s going on? It’s been months since my back gave me any trouble. Amy started to dry herself off but stopped almost immediately.

Oh my God, it’s happening again!

Amy dropped her towel and ran out of the bathroom into her bedroom. Looking down she could see her breasts swelling, but more than that, she could see them flushing, turning an almost angry red. Her nipples and areola slowly changed tone, getting darker and darker brownish-red as they grew larger, but something wasn’t right, something was different. They felt sore. That never happened before. She stepped in front of the full-length mirror to see if she could figure out what was going on.

Her breasts, which had been very perky before, at least for a g-cup, were now stretching downward as well as outward, lying heavily on her belly. She noticed her belly didn’t look right either, it was slightly puffed out, and she realized, to her horror, it was pushing out further and further as she watched.

It was as if a small balloon was being inflated insider of her pelvis. Its bulge was just below her belly button now but as she watched it expanded, sliding her belly button over its growing roundness. She watched as if hypnotized as her belly swelled out further and further, all but ignoring her still growing breasts. She felt a gentle flutter, almost like gas, but not quite, then another. She reached down and placed her hands on her swelling middle, feeling the skin stretch beneath her hands. Her nipples itched, she realized as she sat down on the edge of her bed. As she rubbed them they leaked a fine yellowish liquid. She was momentarily engrossed in this until she felt quite possibly the oddest thing she had ever felt. Something was resting on her inner thighs. She looked down and ran her hands over her legs until they came across the warm firm swelling of her belly, now larger than a basketball.

She looked away from herself and back to the reflection in the mirror.

My God, I’m pregnant! She stood up and waddled over to the mirror, noticing red stretch marks appearing across her lower abdomen as she moved. Almost in shock, she placed her hands on her belly, still feeling the skin stretching beneath them. She moved her hands quickly up to her breasts, confirming the news. She was still growing.

Amy stumbled over to her dresser and pulled open a drawer. Unlike previous times, none of the clothes fit her. Belly shirts, shorts, capris, all way too small for her. She pulled on a pair of panties and a t-shirt anyway and started downstairs. The T-shirt barely managed to cover her belly after covering the huge outcropping of her breasts. As she slowly waddled down the steps she could feel the t-shirt loosening up, the shirt growing larger to fit her form. A logo faded into view on the front of the shirt, “Bun in the Oven and Two on the Warmer” with large arrows pointed in the appropriate directions.

Amy waddled across the living room toward the kitchen, feeling her breasts and belly expand to fill the t-shirt to capacity and then a little more, her nipples and areola jutting out from her breasts, her belly button popped out into a large, firm outtie as her breasts slid down the sides of her huge belly and pressed against the soft tightness of her top.

“Good to see you out of bed dear, sleep well?”

Amy slowly turned to face her mother, feeling the very odd sensation of her breasts sliding over her belly. “Uh, wha…”

“I know, I know, you don’t like how you look, and your back hurts, but you know what the doctor said about exercising.”

Amy stared at her mother incredulously.

“Once those babies get here you’re going to wish you got out a lot more now…”

At the sound of the word “babies” Amy felt a very odd sensation in her breasts, something just couldn’t describe, then a warm, wet feeling across their front.

Amy and her mother glanced downward at almost the same time. “Oh dear, I’m sorry. I forgot. When I was pregnant and nursing you I was the same way. I’d let down at the drop of a hat. Let me toss that top in the washer for you while you change.”

“Well, I, uh…”

“No need to be embarrassed around me. It's not like I don’t help you in and out of the bathtub almost every day. Anyway, I have all your maternity clothes here. I was doing the laundry. You weren’t going to actually wear that shirt out anyway, were you? It was just a gag gift. That Dawn, what a kidder.”

“Yeah, what a kidder.”


Amy’s diary cleared several things up almost immediately. That is, once she found a comfortable way to sit and read it. At first, she had tried simply sitting down and reading, but her breasts and belly conspired against her, blocking the area where she’d normally hold a book. Several other positions were tried, but they were no better. Eventually, she settled on sitting at the very edge of the bed, her legs spread as far as she could, allowing her large belly to sink between them. Her breasts, sitting atop her belly, followed it down and with just a slight bit of back arching and a small twinge she could sit and read normally.

Backtracking to when she started the diary… The differences started on the first page.

“Dear Diary,

Life in the land of the I-Cups is a very odd way of life indeed. Today I went to…”

So that’s how big I am now… Jeeze!!

I got thrown off the cheerleading squad, yeah, yeah, yeah. Met Kirk on the practice field… Ah, here we go. He took one look at me and totally dissed his old girlfriend and started dating me. It was the beginning of a six-month relationship that ended abruptly when I, er, she, er, I told him I was pregnant. He said he’d always stay with me and help me raise our child but within days he had been whisked away to a private school in another state and contact with his family became a matter for lawyers. Meanwhile, I found out I was having twins. My mom was upset at me, for of all things, ignoring the fact that my condition could be aggravated by pregnancy.

My condition? It turned out she’d been to several doctors as well as done tons of research, evidently having plenty of time since being removed from her academic honors courses and being dropped into the practical parenting curriculum (!!!???!!!)

So, not only is there some medical condition supposedly causing me to be very busty, but also my diary sounds like it was written by a me that never even heard of that damn magic potion.

She put her diary down and as she waddled back over to the mirror she began to rub her very itchy belly again. It would have to fucking itch all the time too, so I’m always rubbing the damn thing. At least the aloe stopped my nipples from itching. Now I don’t need to rub those gawd-awful things all the time. Amy rubbed the aloe into her gigantically swollen, rubbery nipples, each the size of her big toe, sitting on a puffy saucer of dark flesh each leaking a thin stream of milk. They began to harden as she did so, more than doubling in size as a result. The weird rubbery texture freaked her out, but not as much as her belly did, especially when they kick.

Her life was all about the belly right now. Rubbing it, finding clothes big enough to cover it, having people stare at it, touching it… her… touching her without even asking. The only respite she had from any of this was her weekly dips in the pool at the YWCA, and even then she had to deal with getting out of the water, which felt like a cannonball was trying to fall out of her pelvis.

The worst part of all this, she mused, wasn’t the physical changes… but the things she’d never done… or at least never remembered doing. Little miss diary might have dated for six months before doing the big nasty, but me, the real me, hell, I’ve never been on a real date, much less had sex. Oh God, I’m not a virgin anymore! She had to laugh. The absurdity of an 8-month pregnant girl… the woman suddenly realizing that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. That took the cake. Maybe I can go out Friday night she thought… and then looked at herself again. Even if she wasn’t pregnant her bust line was now totally out of control. Who’d even ever heard of breasts this big? Who would even want to be with a girl that’s this size? They looked and felt like a pair of watermelon that just never finished filling up. Damned heavy, not to mention sweaty. It took forever to talc the whole area where her breast rested on her belly. She could skip it, but then she’d get a rash and have to put on this really smelly cream again to get rid of that…


Amy crossed the foyer and headed for homeroom, waddling slowly down the packed hallways feeling the very odd sensation of her massive cotton-clad breasts sliding over her equally massive belly. At least she had some decent maternity clothes. She wore a pair of black Capri pants with a waistband that snugged itself under her belly and a large blue blouse. Unfortunately, like every other top Amy owned this one barely closed, there were large open gaps were between each of the buttons as the top crossed her huge breasts and the bulge of her belly button was clearly visible below. Her swollen belly pushed her breasts up, and, restrained by a bra looked like twin torpedoes jutting out above her belly, forming an almost perpendicular shelf, taking up nearly all the space between her belly and shoulder blades.

The crowd seemed not so much to part as to be repelled by her, people moving out of her way only to spin around and watch her pass. Luckily all this would end soon anyway. Pretty much any day she’d give birth, the babies would be adopted and she’d try to get back to a more normal life. Amy had thought about it for a long time, but keeping the children wasn’t really an option. She was far too young to be an effective parent and unlike most young mothers felt no sense of responsibly for having brought these children into the world. After all, she mused, from her point of view the whole having sex thing had never even happened.


Amy gasped as she slowly turned around to face Dawn. “Looks like the udders are in full production today. Any bigger and you can start your own dairy.”

Amy raiser her hand to slap Dawn, but Dawn caught her hand easily. “Never lay a hand on me. Ever. Got it?”

Amy let her hand drop, defeated, and turned to waddle away.

“Amy, just a second…”

As Amy turned Dawn grabbed the collar of her blouse with both hands and pulled in opposite directions, ripping off the entire row of overstrained buttons. Her breasts and belly seemed to almost burst free of their confinement as the buttons flew. Amy just stared in shock, first down at herself then out at the crowd. While Amy looked around at her shocked classmates Dawn stepped behind her and grabbed the collar of her blouse at the tag and pulled down sharply, peeling the top off Amy like a banana skin. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement among the students. Dawn had stepped over the line. As soon as Amy realized what had happened she tried to cover herself, but her hands were in no way up to that job. Finally, she simply started toward the office, supporting her back with one hand and rubbing her belly with the other. Her classmates weren’t laughing, not this time, although they couldn’t help but stare as she waddled down the hallway toward the office, her bra-clad breasts gyrating on top of her beach ball sized middle.

Not a one of them even noticed her tears.


Amy’s labor, while not noteworthy, was neither pain-free nor short. Twenty-three hours of pushing… That wore her out a lot more than she expected. What she hadn’t expected was her breasts swelling even further after she had given birth. That was one demon she thought she avoided when her breasts hadn’t grown during her pregnancy, but within a day or two of the birth her breasts swelled with milk and the almost constant leaking she had been experiencing got much worse. Not only were her breasts bigger, but also they were much heavier, regaining much of the firmness they had lost as they grew larger.

It took almost two hours to drive to the small lingerie shop where she got measured for her custom-made bras. Evidently, she had passed another threshold among the huge busted. Even the women at the custom bra shop stared at her openmouthed when she came in to be fitted. And at a hundred and twenty-five dollars each, she couldn’t afford to let any of them get ruined. She wound up switching bras three times a day, so the milk could be washed out of them before it stained and spoiled. But all the bras still seemed to have the light scent of spoiled milk to Amy, despite her mother’s assurances that it wasn’t the case.

Amy stood in the fitting room, looking at her reflection in the three mirrors.

At least I lost all the puffiness around my face, she thought, pushing a stray hair away from her eyes. She still had a bit of weight to lose from her upper arms where she had gained when she had been pregnant… but no one else was likely to notice that, Amy reminded herself, looking down at her massiveness. Even held in my her new bra her breasts hung down to her hips, flaring out a full 8 inches on either side of her waist. She pushed her hands into the small of her back to help with the pain and turned around, looking at herself from all angles. So that’s what forty pounds of boobs looks like, she thought. She shifted from foot to foot, noticing that the bouncing was now completely gone. All that remained was a gentle swaying motion. Still, she knew from experience that even that small motion could be enough to throw her off balance if she took a corner too fast.

Too fast? Who am I kidding? I can barely walk, much less run.

One last test for the new bra. Amy sat down and reached across her massiveness to her nipples and gently tapped. Hopefully, this bra will at least try to hide these damn things when they’re up. Moments later her nipples began to firm up, at first becoming small dents in her bra cups, but expanding outward into large fleshy cones. Amy tossed on her blouse and looked at her breasts from several angles, realizing that her nipples and areola showed through this bra even more prominently than the last ones.

Amy’s mother found her in the fitting room crying.

Grade 11

If I can only make it back to that table, she thought, eyeing a spot near the back of the cafeteria, then I can adjust my damn bra strap and fix these damned breast pads. And it could happen again any time. Damn it, why did I have to be so stupid? One mistake when I was too young to know better and now I'm going to be paying for it for the rest of my life. I can't even imagine what it will be like to be even bigger than this. Even in a bra they hang down past my waist. Why did I have to be so stupid back then?

Amy pushed such self-indulgent thoughts from her head. She had brought this all on herself and had no one else to blame but there was no point in beating herself up about it. Only ten more yards and I’ll be off my feet. Thank God. Between the lower back pain and the soreness where the underside of her breasts hit the very top of her thighs with every step, she was pretty much ready to call it a day.

And any day it’s going to get worse… so much worse…


Amy gasped as her tray went tumbling to the floor and she spun around, her girth nearly knocking Dawn to the ground. “Why don’t you fucking leave me alone? You have no fucking idea what this is like! How’d you like to be stuck with these goddamn monster tits?!” The whole room became instantly silent. Amy started to turn back when

There was a brief flash. At first, it seemed like someone had set off a flashbulb somewhere nearby but it wasn’t from outside her… it felt like it came from inside her head.

The lunchroom was noisy again. She scanned the room. No one was staring at her, for the first time in 4 years. NO ONE IS STARING AT ME! Amy took a step forward then stopped abruptly realizing she was holding her tray. But I dropped that just twenty seconds ago. She looked down at the tray, realizing first that it was obviously not dropped, second that she was holding it at waist level rather than above her massive bust line and third that, hey, no massive bust line to hold it over. She was looking over what appeared to be normal d-cup breasts to see the tray.


Now people were staring at her… and someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around, bouncing her tray off the massively stacked girl behind her. Well, more to the point, bouncing it off her breasts. Jeeze! Was I that god damned big? Her eyes were locked on the poor girl’s massive breasts, much like the people who can’t help but look at a car accident they pass. Each one looked like the size of a… hmm, well anyway, each one was pretty damned big. She was wearing a big, loose t-shirt, a dark cranberry that did a valiant job of trying to hide the dark wet spots at the front of her bra. Her eyes scanned upward, past the wide neckline and up the overly pale neck and face to the overly tired, dark circles under her eyes, her shoulders hunched over.

“Uh, if you’re done shouting can we sit down? My back’s really killing me.”

“Oh, uh… yeah, sure.”

They reached the table Amy had originally been aiming for and they took seats on opposite sides, Amy and Dawn both sitting sideways.

“Uh, Why are you sitting like that?” Dawn asked. “It really sucks, I just don’t really fit at the table any other way.”

Amy looked down and realized just what she meant. Sitting like this was a pain. It's just the only way she had sat for the last few years. She turned and pulled herself up onto the table.

“So, I went to the doctor again yesterday. Still the same. No, go until they can get my milk to dry up. And my OB/GYN has no idea why none of the standard stuff is working either. I should have just gotten it done last year when I had the chance. Then Kirk would have never been a problem. We still on for Friday night?”


“I know you have this totally wild social life, but you think you could remember the one thing you’re doing with me this month, you know, the sleepover at my place. You all set?”

It took Amy a moment to realize someone was talking to her. “Oh, uh, yeah.”

“Anyway, I was up all night with the girls again. Between that and trying to get blood from a stone… or rather milk from a stone. You’d think if I leak all the time it wouldn’t be any problem expressing enough that I wouldn’t leak through the night, but no, not a drop. Dawn placed her elbows on her breasts, and rested her chin in her hands, allowing the weight of her arms and shoulders to rest on her breasts. Almost immediately there was the sound of dripping water beneath the table.

Amy looked down to see milk dripping from the bottom of Dawn’s top to the floor.

“Fuck! Now it’s going to come out. Shit. Can you give me a hand cleaning up? Dawn handed a backpack over the table and started dabbing the front of her blouse with napkins.


I don’t believe how badly Dawn is handling this. Amy thought in her room as she went through her clothes and her other belongings. I had like no problems at all compared to her. She looked like she’d been thrown under a steam-roller. Well, at least that would get the milk out of her boobs. Amy stopped. That wasn’t even funny, she thought. Just sad and pathetic.

Amy flopped down across her bed and reached into the nightstand, pulling out her diary, which now had a small bottle tied across it with a large red ribbon. Amy started with the latest diary entries, working her way back toward the beginning of the boob. Just like every other time, the contents of the diary reflected how things were now. She found her entry from almost ten months ago when Dawn had her babies and from 6 months ago when they had their last sleepover. According to the diary they had been pretty much inseparable for the last three years. A Polaroid photo fell of her diary out showing Dawn holding her little girls in her arms. Amy looked at it, smiled and put it back in among the other photos. Although a lot of the diary was about her own life a surprisingly large amount of it was about Dawn. When Dawn told her that she was pregnant, when Dawn she met Kirk, when Dawn got tossed off the cheerleading team and when Amy had gotten her place as captain. Back to the day she remembered starting the diary.

She turned back another page. She still wasn’t at the beginning.

Amy flipped to the first page of the diary and began to read.

“I couldn’t believe how much grief she was giving me just because I started to grow a little before she did.”

What’s going on? This diary starts like two years before I started mine.

“The old woman told me it was a very powerful potion and it wasn’t something to be trifled with. Anyway, it had its own safeguards built in. The moment you spray it on someone it carries out its magic on you, not your target. You will experience all the things the person you wished to curse would have experienced.”

That makes sense, Amy thought. Why else would the potion have given me big boobs? That was her revenge against Dawn; the potion wasn’t some giant boob potion.

“Then, after you’ve experienced exactly what you’ll be subjecting your victim to, it removes all the effects from you, adds in a yearly increase and hits your intended victim. From then on its clear sailing. Then the old woman handed me a second bottle. I asked her what it was for. She said to call it insurance. If I ever felt that the potion was just too nasty I could spray the victim with this second potion. Then all the magical effects would leave her and come back to me.”

“I also suggest if you decide to use it you start keeping a diary. Believe me, it will come in very handy.”

Amy stared down at the small red bottle, then back at the picture of Dawn that had fallen out of the diary, as well as the other photos of both of them that were in the back of the diary. She stared into Dawn’s sunken eyes, seeing past her phony photo-op smile. Amy thumbed through the rest of the photos, finally coming to one of Dawn lying on the bed, on her belly, propped up by her breasts. She had her hands at her temples as if trying to rub away a massive headache, her elbows resting on and sinking into the curve of her breasts, half her breasts sticking out from the bottom edge of her top.

What have I done? I can’t let this go on. Amy picked up the bottle and looked through it at the contents. The growing lasts five years… four are done… one more growth spurt. That would suck big time. Amy sniffed the bottle. It smelled just as bad as the first potion. I just can’t be responsible for someone else living like this. I hated having those breasts; I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for Dawn.

Amy upended the tiny container and poured the contents all over herself. Just as she began to feel a gentle tingling throughout her torso the phone rang. Amy ignored it until her mother called for her. It was Dawn.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Okay. Listen, I know you won’t remember this later and it won’t make any sense now, but I’m sorry for how much your life has sucked.”

“What are you talking about??”

“You know, your breasts, being a teen mom, you know?”

“Uh, I hate to break it to you, but I love my daughters.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, I just meant that if you had it to do over again…” Amy saw her breasts swelling against her top, their firmness meeting in the center of her chest and starting to expand outward.

“I’d do nothing different at all. This may come as a great shock but not only wouldn’t I do things with Kirk differently I absolutely love my breasts. I mean, yeah, they’re awkward and heavy, but frankly they’re so damn sensitive that I can have an orgasm just by having my nipples rubbed. The milk is a mess, but my boyfriend loves it! I’m sorry if this seriously distorts your worldview, but I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Amy let the phone drop out of her hand to the floor. She didn’t move a muscle, not even as she felt her now massive breasts beginning to push into her thighs, her now swelling nipples hardening in the cool night air.

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