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Looking for a story

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Looking for a story

Postby pooky164 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:19 pm

I'm looking to see if anyone has a copy of/ knows the author of a story that used to be on Hentai-foundry. It was removed when H-F took down all content with underage content (and without announcement, either. )

The plot is as follows: fourt33n year old girl living out in the country with twin yonger siblings and 3 (or 4?) pairs of adults, 1 set of which claims to be parents. The girl, once she starts her period, is knocked out at nights after going to sleep, so they can knock her up, and run a twisted plan on her.

They have a number of chemicals, with the following effects:

#1 is a growth enhancer. Starting after the beginning of the 2nd trimester, a shot every night. The baby is encouraged to develop faster and larger, so it'll be around full term size at 7+ months (IIRC)

#2 is a birth suppressant. It completely halts the onset of labor so long as it's given every night. It has the added effect of inducing spreading of the hips, to allow passage of larger babies. After stopping injections, labor will start 3 days later. They take her to something like 11 months with it, and coupled with the growth shots, they estimate her baby is around 15+ lbs.

#3 is s topical cream, spread on and inside her vagina. It increases the elasticity of the flesh, allowing her to birth such a large baby without tearing.

During her pregnancy, which she had no formal education on, she was fed stories about how wonderful the whole experience is. She only finds out the truth the night she gives birth: the adults sit and watch her give birth in bed, without ANY assistance. One of the ladies comments afterwards that she better behave, or they'll make the next one even BIGGER. They plan on her having one from each adult male, at least.
If anyone remembers this story could please post or link it
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Re: Looking for a story

Postby Zaceria » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:11 am

Reposted your question and someone found it for me on Pregchan, enjoy...

Daughter Breeding

Stacy lived in a secluded area with her family in the remote woods of Oregon. She knew not of what society was like and had no access to any media or electronics. Her parents did have a car but she never saw them use it. In every way, Stacy was shut off from a world she didn’t know existed.

Her parents, Karen and Dave, told her that this is how people lived now after a “civil war” that drove families into isolation. This was obviously not the truth, but having lived there her whole life there, Stacy never thought to question her surroundings. The reason why Stacy’s parents had done this was that they wanted to live their lives a little differently. Karen and Dave were breeders.

At 14 years old, Stacy was their oldest of four children and also lived with her two sets of grandparents, Steven, Carrie, Jack, and Viv. Stacy didn’t know it but she was not her parent’s child and the other four were not her grandparents, they were two other couples that helped with breeding.

All of the adults were very nice and pleasant for Stacy to be around. They treated her well and told her all kinds of stories from before the “war”, as well as educated her and her siblings about science, math, biology, history, etc. Their educational lessons were skewed with information about how people lived and they kept Stacy and the others from inquiring about the lies.

Stacy had started her period a year and a half ago when she was 12 but it hadn’t become regular until recently. Long before she had started menstruating, she was taught about it. Karen told her that it happens to all women, but that it was important for girls to share every time they get it. Karen said that mothers kept records of their daughters frequency of periods to let them know if anything was looking strange so that they could help them get back on track with nature. Stacy informed her mother every time she bled so Karen now knew that Stacy was fully pubescent by her steadiness.

One day Stacy woke in the middle of the night to a sound that she hadn’t heard before. She looked out her window and saw her grandparents in the car leaving the property. She was intrigued as to what could be happening. In the morning she asked her parents about what she had seen.

“Oh, well the animals around here are getting scarce, so grandma and grandpa had to drive out really far to go hunting,” Karen explained to her daughter.

Stacy always believed what she was told and didn’t give it another thought. Her grandparents were gone for a day or two and returned in the night when all were sleeping. Karen and Dave briefed them on the story they had told the children so they were all on the same page.

“Did you get it all?” Dave asked Steven.

“Yeah, it’s all here,” he said as he held up a bag. “When should we start?” Steven said.

“Tonight,” Dave smirked.

That night, after Stacy went to sleep, the six adults retrieved the mystery bag from it’s hiding place and unloaded it onto the kitchen table. Bottles and cups and strange tools emptied from the large white paper bag until it’s contents took up the whole table top.

“So what do we have here?” asked Karen.

Steven began explaining everything as he divided the items while describing them. “These are the fertility drugs…these are the fetal growth hormones…those are birth suppressants and the skin cream…that is for the sperm implanting…the sperm cups…those are the syringes…and the chloroform.”

“So what’s the process?” asked Viv with excitement.

“We’ll chloroform her every night while she’s sleeping to make sure she doesn’t wake. We need to give her the fertility shots for a week before anything else. After her body becomes overly fertile, Jack, Dave and I will cum in these cups and mix them all together in this fourth one. Finally, we will use this sperm implanter to artificially inseminate her each night until she becomes pregnant,” Steven announced.

“You have her cycle down, Karen?” Carrie asked.

“Yeah, she has a 30 day cycle, and she had her period 7 days ago, so she should be ovulating in 9 days,” Karen answered.

“Ok, we’ll have two days after the fertility shots to start filling her. Two days before, day of, and two days after ovulation. That should cover all possibilities,” Steven said. “Sound good?”

“Yeah,” everyone said in unison.

“What’s the other stuff for, Steve?” asked Jack.

“The fetal growth hormones are just as they sound. It makes the baby grow faster and a lot bigger. We can start those after the first trimester. The birth suppressor is a little more interesting as it does three important things. You have to start giving shots of it to the mother nightly about a full month before the baby is due and continue for a few weeks after the expected due date. The first thing it does is thicken the cervix which is crucial with a larger baby. We don’t want it to fall out early. The second thing it does is substantially widen the hips so the large baby can still be delivered vaginally. We are talking really wide now, about 3 inches more on each side on top of the natural expansion of the hips. At only a 1/10th of an inch each day, she won’t feel a thing, but she’ll notice it. And finally, it’s main purpose, is the postponement of the birth. We can have her stay pregnant an extra four weeks or so before it will become impossible for her to birth naturally. The last thing is the skin cream, and it’s not your ordinary cream, this stuff is industrial. The last couple weeks we need to rub a generous amount all over her vulva, and I mean every sense of that word. Labia majora, mons pubis, labia minora, clitoris, the opening of the vagina, and a good centimeter inside. This cream with make her skin very stretchy and able to vaginally accommodate the baby’s size. If the head gets stuck at the end because her skin is too tight we’ll have a big problem. But, with all of these working together we can expect a 20 lb. baby, delivered naturally, by a small, 14 year old girl. This is going to be very exciting,” Steven explained.

“You mean 15? Her birthday is in 5 months,” Carrie corrected.

Everyone smiled with wide eyes at the prospect of such an amazing situation developing in their hands. They were eager and ambitious for this to work as planned.

“How’s the pregnancy story coming?” Dave asked the women.

“Good, we have the stomach covered, and are working out the birth stuff now. We think we are going to introduce it sooner than later to give some time before she notices anything on her own,” Viv reported.

Starting that night and the six nights that followed, Steven placed a chloroform soaked rag over Stacy’s mouth while she slept and administered an injection of fertility drugs into her limp arm. Every morning she would wake up and complain to her mother that her arm hurt in that very spot. Karen had the idea to insert a needle into her own arm without injecting anything so that she could tell her daughter that there were mosquitos that liked to bite there because of the raised veins and showed Stacy her similar mark. This worked as Stacy stopped asking about it, even after they started injecting into her other arm.

After seven nights of treatments, the men, one by one, drained their testicles into a cup and combined them together. They took the fully plastic syringe and filled it with their seed. Jack delicately ruptured her hymen on the first night to gain access to her cervix. Dave squirted their concoction into Stacy until it oozed back out of her and her cervix was thoroughly coated. Steven would tuck a wedge pillow under her butt to allow gravity to drain the sperm into her uterus. After an hour, Jack would come back in and remove the pillow, clean her up and make sure everything was in order when she would wake up the next morning. This is how it went for five days.

The six adults could only wait now for the next eleven days until they would find out if Stacy got her period. It was nerve racking for them because not only would it set them back another month if it didn’t take, the drugs were expensive and they would have to leave again for more.

“So this week we are going to be teaching about physiology and hold back on some other subjects. Now that you’re getting older I think it’s important for you to know some of this stuff now,” Karen said.

“Ok. What’s physiology?” Stacy asked.

“Physiology is the study of the way humans function, the different processes that happen and why they happen. For example, Stacy, you’ve had your period for a while now. I told you all women get it but I didn’t tell you why they get it. This is what physiology is,” explained Karen.

“I think I understand,” Stacy affirmed.

“Good, so why don’t we continue with that. Getting your period signals that you are becoming an adult. When you become an adult woman, you take on a new responsibility. Have you ever wondered where you or your brothers and sisters came from?” continued Karen, knowing that the adults purposefully raised them to not ask such questions.

“I guess I never really thought of it,” Stacy said naively.

“Well, women make life. When girls grow into young women, nature starts to take over. See Stacy, every girl’s purpose in life is to make babies. They grow inside of you,” said Karen.

“How does it happen?” Stacy interrupted.

“So, your period is nature’s signal telling you to prepare yourself to have a baby so you have enough time to gather food, supplies and a safe place to live. Now, you live with your family, so there really isn’t much you need to do, you’ll just let us know and we can help you with everything. It’s different for all women, but within a year or two of starting your period, it will stop and that is the sign that you are pregnant and that your body has started the process of gestation,” Karen explained.

“What’s gestation…and what if I don’t want a baby?” Stacy questioned.

“Gestation is what we call it when a baby grows inside you. I know some girls get nervous about the idea but there is no choice. Nature is in control here, plus if it weren’t for women there would be no more people. Human existence depends on making babies. However, you have nothing to worry about, having a baby feels extremely good. It’s the best sensation you will ever feel, Stacy,” Karen convinced her daughter.

“That doesn’t sound so bad, mom. So what do I do? How do I grow it inside me?” Stacy said anxiously.

“That’s the best part, you don’t have to do anything. You just make sure to take it easy and be healthy. You’ll have to eat more because you are feeding both you and your baby but your body takes care of the rest. The baby will make your stomach get big and your body will adjust to prepare for making you a mother,” said Karen.

“What do you mean adjust? How big will I get?” Stacy wondered as she looked down to her flat stomach.

“Babies need nourishment after they are born, so your breasts will enlarge while they produce milk for feeding your child. Your belly will slowly grow at first, but as you near the end of gestation it will balloon out very big, sticking out at least a foot and a half in front of you. It will be quite massive and very round. It will be hard for you to move about as easily as you can now with your slim, tight body. That is why we are here; to take care of you and make sure you have everything you need,” Karen instructed.

“What else happens?” said Stacy.

“Well, there are many things. Your body must prepare to deliver as well,”

“Deliver? Deliver what?” Stacy was confused.

“Once the baby is done growing inside of you, you must deliver it out of your body. And I know what you’re thinking next, where does it come out? Simply put, your vagina,” Karen declared.

“My puss?” Stacy affectionately called it. “How? It’s not that big!”

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt a bit. Like I said, it’s the best thing you will ever feel. Imagine a hot shower, a full body massage, and the most satisfying stretch in bed all at the same time. It’s 100 times better than that!” Karen lied to her daughter. “Your body makes it pleasurable so that you will enjoy it the next time it happens.”

“Ok, so I will get big, everyone helps me out and then at the end I get to feel incredible and have a baby?” Stacy questioned.

“That’s pretty much it, you got it. Not so bad, huh?” Karen said.

“No, I think I’ll like that. So when do you think it’ll happen for me?” Stacy asked.

“It’s impossible to say, but with your period starting so long ago, I’d say it could happen any time, honey, that is why I wanted to tell you about it now,” Karen confirmed.

Stacy started to fall in love with the romanticized lesson her mother taught her about pregnancy. She was actively looking forward to the process and had no idea about what was really going to happen over the next year of her life.

A couple of days passed and the day came when Stacy was due for her period. Karen heard no reports from her that day. The next day came and still nothing. Everyone grew excited as each day passed until it had been weeks and still no period.

“Mom, is it time?!?” asked Stacy excitedly. “I’m I gonna make a baby? I should have had my period two weeks ago. I think it stopped!”

“Just to be safe, let’s wait until your next period date. If you miss that one too, I’d say that you have already begun,” Karen calmly spoke, but she was confident it had already happened. Karen had recovered some of Stacy’s urine from the toilet and tested it with a home pregnancy test; it was positive.

“She’s a month in now,” Carrie stated. “I can’t believe it, we are going to make this happen.”

“And she’s all set with schooling?” asked Jack.

“Yeah, she’s looking forward to it. She thinks it’s going to be the most wonderful feeling experience ever. She’s not going to know what hit her,” Karen said.

It was business as usual around the house while the first trimester of Stacy’s pregnancy passed. Everyone was feeling so happy, albeit for different reasons, that they all became closer than ever.

Stacy would stand in front of her mirror every morning, squishing her stomach together to try and see what it would look like when it would be bigger. She examined her whole slender body wondering how it would adapt to such change. She was impatient and longed to witness her flowering form.

“We can start the fetal growth hormones this week,” Steven told Jack. “She’s not showing now, but after the first month of injections, she’ll appear to be a month ahead of a normal pregnancy. Starting the beginning of her fifth month she’ll be well advanced until the end. And since the growth rate is exponential, by her natural due date she will look more than a month overdue. After the extended four weeks…I don’t even know. It will be a real show.”

“How long do we need to keeping giving them?” asked Jack.

“Just once a week for the duration. But we must check her weekly as well. I have all of the charts and formulas for how big she can get before a natural birth would be unattainable with her size. We can adjust as need be and will probably taper off the last month,” Steven added.

That night, Dave did the honors by executing the first injection into her butt cheek. Every week they traded who would be giving the dose so that they could all feel like they were helping. They loved that she would swell quickly with child in front of their eyes. By the end of the fourth month Stacy went from having a small pudge in her abdomen to a noticeable round bulge.

Now finishing her second trimester, Stacy grew more excited the bigger she got. She was on cloud nine. Amazed with how quickly her skin was stretching, she couldn’t help playing with her tummy as much as she could. In the shower she would rub it all over until her arms were tired. Her hands would absentmindedly slip under her belly in an attempt to calculate it’s heft. This is when her breasts began to inflate as well, seemingly to no end. Stacy, only newly into adolescence, had been left with a boyish figure up until six months ago. No hips, an A cup bust that required no bra, and skinny all over. In her current gravid state, her breasts engorged with milk leaving her with full C cups. They ached her constantly but the discomfort was manageable. She noticed her stance was broader and her thickened thighs were accented by her new, fuller hips. Having been briefed on all of her changes prior, Stacy gladly welcomed them into her life while staying mostly infatuated with her burgeoning womb.

Also, while she finished her second trimester, it was time for the adults to check her progress. Chloroform was used as usual to keep her asleep while they worked on her. Viv used her stethoscope to check the heart rate, which sounded strong and healthy. Carrie poked and prodded Stacy’s belly to determine fetal size and position while jotting down numbers in her notebook. Dave measured around the widest part of her stomach as well as up and down across the center, dictating his numbers to Viv.

The six of them set up their charts and compared their findings back in the kitchen. They were happily surprised to see that all was well with Stacy…very well.

“So I have her sized at seven and half months after only six actual months,” Jack said as he ran his finger from column to column on the chart. “She’s a little over but not enough that we need to slow her down.”

“Oh, that’s so great!” Carrie giggled.

“A month and a half ahead of actual. Wonderful! I knew she looked ahead, but that’s just great,” Steven smiled. “This stuff is really working!”

They continued as planned.

Two months later and Stacy was a blimp. Now eight months into her pregnancy, she looked like she should have given birth weeks ago. She could only take the littlest of baby steps as she kicked her feet about the house, swaying back and forth as she moved. Everywhere she went, Stacy needed to support her protruding belly from under to keep from falling forward. Her lack of mobility usually left her on the couch, legs spread wide open, feet propped on the table and a book resting on her huge mound, only moving to pee or eat.

“Mom, I was measuring myself and my belly has grown out over 18 inches like you said. I must be close, huh?” Stacy asked her mother.

“Well, honey, everyone is different, I think you might have some more time,” Karen replied.

“So how long does it take?” Stacy said.

“You will have another month before you’re done cooking that baby in there,” Karen laughed.

“Oh, another whole month? But I keep growing. My shirts don’t even fit around anymore as of yesterday. What will I wear?” Stacy pointed out looking down at herself wearing the biggest dress she owned.

“I guess it’s time for another school lesson, this time about history. Follow me into the office,” Karen said.

“So, as you know, being pregnant is special. It’s special for you and what you get to experience, but it’s also special for older and younger generations. Adults are happy to see young and very pregnant girls because it’s a reminder that the human race is progressing forward. For the younger generation, like your younger brothers and sisters, it’s a sign of what is to come and what nature will do to them. We like to celebrate this because it is wonderful for all people,” Karen explained.

“So do we have a party? I don’t really understand,” Stacy questioned.

“Not really. You know how we raised you to be comfortable with your body as you see us comfortable with ours?” Karen asked.

“Yeah,” said Stacy.

“So sometimes I will be naked around the house or in the garden on a sunny day. Sometimes it’s nice to have the freedom of no clothing. You have seen us all naked at many times even though we tend to wear clothes a lot, like when we eat, or when it’s cold. Even you have been nude regularly in your life as well as your brothers and sisters, right?” Karen continued.

“Yeah,” Stacy affirmed.

“So one way that we celebrate you is to show off your belly. It’s tradition for pregnant woman to stop wearing clothes for the last month of their pregnancy to show off what they have. It’s nice to see you at your biggest because it’s a sign of fertility and it pays respect to what nature has done to you,” Karen said.

“So I don’t get to wear clothes anymore?” Stacy asked.

“Well, they don’t fit you much anyway, so it is a nice transition for you at this point. We have nice big soft blankets you can wrap around yourself, we don’t want you to be uncomfortable, but it’s warm in the house and it’s just a tradition that I would like to not see stop,” Karen pleaded.

“That’s fine. Everything chafes me, so I say good riddance,” and with that statement, Stacy struggled and pulled her dress off over her head, exposing herself completely to her mother.

“How’s that look?” Stacy said.

Karen, seeing her daughter standing naked, and further along in her pregnancy, had no words, she could only stare at the great globe that had been unveiled from her daughters green dress. Feeling aroused at the sight of it, Karen took a minute before she met Stacy’s eyes and saw the joy in them.

“That’s…great…I mean…look how you’ve grown. You look great!” Karen stumbled over her words as she looked on in shock at the enormous breeder she had created. She was so proud of her work, of all their work.

Right on schedule and with a month left until Stacy would have naturally delivered, the six adults knew it was time to start the last stage of the breeding process, ending the fetal growth hormone and beginning the birth suppressor. Because it carefully needed to be patrolled, the drug only had a daily effect on Stacy so they could stop at once without it lingering in her system. Again they shot into her fattened bottom each night as she lay there drugged in her sleep.

Stacy woke the next morning feeling a little cramped and tight inside. Her pelvis was sore and her load felt heavier.

“Still a month to go,” she thought to herself as she sat up in bed.

She rubbed her hips to soothe her sore sides before kicking her legs off the side of the bed. Stacy’s stomach grumbled as soon as her feet touched the ground. She grabbed around her tummy as it started to burn and scooted her butt off the bed until she could rock forward and pick herself up. She didn’t bother with clothes anymore as she was instructed, which at this point was becoming a chore. Still bent over, and with her belly scraping the insides on her knees, she reached under her gut and tugged it up as she brought her legs closer together. Once erect, she made her way out of her room. The walk down the hallway made Stacy’s hips creak more than the wood floor while she tried to support her swollen masses. One forearm cradled under her tender, jiggling boobs while the other fought to contain her swaying womb.

She could smell breakfast cooking and her stomach roared at the possibility of food while she waddled closer and closer to the kitchen threshold. When she entered, all eyes were on her. Her three siblings giggled when they saw her but the adults were taken aback at the sight. Having already discussed with Dave, Jack, Carrie, and Viv what she told Stacy about being naked, she kicked Dave under the table to end the awkward silence.

“There she is, our beautiful pregnant mother,” Dave announced. “Thank you for allowing us to celebrate your body with you. We all appreciate it,” he added.

Not knowing any different, Stacy nodded and casually approached the table with a smile on her face. Jack immediately jumped out of his seat and took Stacy by the arms to help her into her chair.

“Thanks, grandpa,” Stacy said.

They couldn’t stop gawking at her. She looked so much bigger in the nude and not asleep in bed. Viv put a plate of food in front of her. Her hands could barely reach the table she had to sit so far back. After a moment of fussing with it, Stacy just put the plate on her belly and used it as a tray.

“You look so wonderful,” Carrie said. “I can see your body is really working hard on this baby and your chest is developing nicely. You are lucky to be so big!” she added.

“Thanks, yeah, everything is sore, but I guess I have it pretty easy. And I noticed some things mom didn’t tell me about too,” Stacy said.

“Look at this,” she said pawing at her areolas. “They’re so dark now that they’re big. And my nipples stick out a lot too,” she said poking them in, letting them pop back out again. “Same with my belly button,” Stacy moved the plate off her belly. “It can’t go in anymore,” she laughed as she fiddled with it.

“And this too!” She said excitingly as she pushed herself back from the table in her chair and began to slouch. Her stomach shot out as she adjusted and she started tracing the midline of it from her cleavage down to her vulva. “It’s all dark,” she stated, referring to her linea nigra.

All the men nearly shot a load in their pants while the woman became flush all over. Stacy had no idea what circumstance she was in and her naïvete only made her more attractive to her breeders. Thinking that they wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, Viv chimed in.

“Why don’t you finish up with breakfast, sweetie, while I draw you a bath,” said Viv.

“Ok, grandma,” spoke Stacy, returning to her original posture.

The days continued to become harder and harder for Stacy’s onlookers as she swelled up each and every day. The new drug was working great from the outside. They kept measuring her nightly but now added her hip measurements and saw steady growth over the weeks. They just hoped her cervix would hold the gigantic child within until they would allow her to deliver.

Fulfilling her ninth month of childbearing, Stacy’s size was off the charts, literally. They used a reference card for women carrying multiples to determine that she was proportionate to a mother a week overdue carrying large twins. The next day they had to start using the measurements for women with triplets.

Stacy could hardly move now. Karen gave her a bell to carry around and ring instead of having to yell across the house for assistance. She needed help getting out of bed, making food, sitting down, going to the bathroom, bathing; the only activity she could handle was walking once she was upright and that ability was fading fast as she moved slower each day. Her breasts had showed no signs of stopping. They swelled into large D cups and were very full, forced to stay high and perky by her jutting shelf of a womb.

"Here, why don’t you use this on your belly. It’ll help with stretching and itching,” Carrie said handing Stacy a bottle of lotion as she walked into the front room where Stacy was reading.

She rested her open book on top of her stomach and leaned forward to take it from Carrie. She pumped a generous amount out into her hand and removed the book from her tummy. She evenly spread it out, covering every square inch of her projecting sphere. She continued polishing her mound even after her skin had soaked up all the lotion. Her eyes started to dim and her head fell back, resting on the couch. It felt so good that Stacy entered a daze until she felt a powerful kick under her hand. She startled forward and noticed Carrie fixed on her naked body.

“Did you see that? The baby kicked harder than it ever has before,” Stacy concluded.

“It must be getting strong, dear. And it probably liked that massage,” Carrie said, then left, needing to pleasure herself after what she had just witnessed.

Interactions like that kept happening around the house as Stacy continually, but accidentally, stimulated her elders. She didn’t pay attention to their actions as everyone was always coming and going and checking in on her, as her now sedentary life left her stagnant.

“She’s measuring at carrying triplets, one week from delivery. Her hips are on schedule. We need to start checking her cervix now too. What day is she at Viv?” asked Dave.

“She’s twelve days past her due date. So, that’s maybe two more weeks?” Viv replied.

“Yeah, that’ll work,” Steven said consulting his literature.

“Hand me the gloves,” Dave said as he separated Stacy’s lifeless legs.

Dave turned his hand palm side up and put his pointer and middle fingers together. He used his left hand to part Stacy’s puffy labia as he inserted his right fingers. He poked around for a moment before entering deeper until he felt the barrier to Stacy’s womb.

“It’s impossible to tell how thick it is, but it sure is rock hard. I feels like a strongly flexed muscle,” Dave said moving his fingers from side to side. “It’s really strong!” he added proudly.

“Good…good,” Steven said continuing to peruse his manuals. “She’s doing great, but we need to achieve a specific ratio. The baby is now growing on it’s own, but it is very advanced. Her hips need to be over 50 inches by the end with the rate her baby is developing. Once she hits 50 inches at her widest point we can discontinue the birth suppressor. Her body will excrete the drugs through her urine and it will be completely out of her body by the second day. When all traces are gone, she will go right into labor. It’s that easy.”

“So where is she at now?” asked Karen.

“Her hips are just under 49 inches, her belly is 58 inches, and just for good measure, no pun intended, her bust is 40 inches,” Viv reported.

“We need to start the skin cream too,” Steven said. “We’ll start tonight.”

“Ok, cover her up,” Dave directed and they all left the room.

Stacy just stood there gazing upon her curves, shifting her sight between herself and the mirror and back and forth. She perceived herself differently than the mirror showed. Her plump breasts seemed overtaking when she peered down her chest, but her protruding round belly overshadowed them completely when viewed from front on, probably from only having a small fraction of it visible to her own eyes. She poked around to spots she could only feel while looking at the corresponding points in the reflection. Stacy bent her knees slightly then straightened them to watch her tummy bounce, in turn causing her boobs to bounce, but stopped after one shake from the soreness. She turned to the side to see how her legs had changed. She turned back and saw how broad her silhouette was. It seemed to Stacy that her body couldn’t take much more. Her ribs were sticking out from under her tight skin. She started to turn around to look at her rear when she heard the door creak open.

“Oh, hello honey,” Viv said. “Do you need some help?” she asked.

“No, I was just looking at myself. I don’t think I can handle any more growth,” Stacy complained.

“Well, you don’t look like you have much longer. Do you want me to measure you and we can figure out your delivery date? It’s pretty easy to tell,” Viv asked.

“Sure,” Stacy said enthusiastically, wanting to know anything definitive.

Viv left and returned a moment later with a tape measure and a glass of water.

“Here, you need to stay hydrated, it important for young mothers. Now, let’s see,” Viv said while unraveling the tape. “Arms up,” she said.

Stacy put her arms over her head and stared down at Viv as she kneeled in front of her.

“You’re nice and big…61 inches around. Very healthy. Now, let’s do your hips, it’s important to do both, you know. A hair under 50 inches. VERY nice!” Viv happily announced.

“What does that mean? How much longer am I?” Stacy asked.

“Oh, let me see,” Viv said, pretending to need more information. She began rubbing all over Stacy’s belly, very deliberately, ending when her fingertips brushed her sparse peach fuzz pubic hair. “Just one more week!” she stated.

“Oh that’s great. I’m so looking forward to the wonderful feeling of birth. Mom made it sound so great,” Stacy said.

“Yes, dear. It is going to be magical. I can’t wait myself!” Viv responded.

“Since you’re here, grandma, can I ask for some help? I have to use the bathroom,” Stacy asked.

“Why of course, darling, I bet this baby is weighing heavy on you. Let’s get you relieved,” encouraged Viv.

The two slowly walked down to the bathroom and shut the door behind them. Stacy got to the front of the toilet and crept around to face her grandma. Viv grabbed above Stacy’s elbows and helped lower her down onto the toilet seat. Her belly parted her legs wide and eclipsed the toilet under it.

“Hhhuuu,” Stacy let out as her legs were freed from bearing her load. “Thanks.”

“Call me when you’re done so I can help you up. I’ll be right outside,” Viv said as she turned to leave.

“Umm…wait…I’ll need help wiping too. I can’t reach and I’ve just been making a mess of myself when no one helps me,” Stacy admitted. “Can you just stay?”

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry. Of course I’ll stay. You go ahead and do your business,” Viv smiled, taking a seat on the bathtub.

Stacy sat there with her hands on her legs but was unable to pee.

“Everything alright, dear?” Viv asked.

“Yeah, sorry, it just takes me a while to get going these days. I think the baby is in the way,” Stacy explained.

“Oh, no apologies, just take your time,” said Viv.

Stacy closed her eyes and took a couple deep breaths. Still unable to go, she started buffing circles around her womb very slowly, catching Viv’s attention. Then, like pressing a button on a soda fountain, as soon as her hand grazed her navel, Stacy instantly began powerfully squirting. She let out a big sigh once it started and continued peeing for what seemed like a full minute, lightly moaning from the alleviation.

“Your bladder must have been ready to pop!” Viv commended, impressed with her performance.

“It’s such a hassle now, like I said, I usually wait until I’m about to burst,” Stacy said with a smile.

Viv walked over to Stacy and readied some toilet paper in her hand while Stacy wiggled to drip dry what she could. Viv put out her right arm for Stacy to pull herself up with and when her butt was high enough, she threw her left hand under Stacy and stuffed the wad between her legs. She held it there until Stacy was balanced on her feet, keeping her wide stance to allow Viv to wipe her labia.

“Thanks grandma,” Stacy said modestly, as Viv tossed the used paper into the toilet.

“Certainly! Where are we off to now?” she asked Stacy.

“I think I just want to lay back down, this bundle is tiring to move around,” Stacy said, patting her hands on her giant orb, just below her billowing mammaries.

The adults had been very vigilant with Stacy over her last week of pregnancy. Now 45 weeks pregnant, Stacy’s size was impressive. They had to measure her nightly. One extra inch of fetal growth without an accompanying pelvis expansion and the whole experiment would be for naught.

Karen squeezed some of the thick cream into her palm and with a couple fingers coated Stacy’s pink gap. She continued rubbing until Stacy’s skin couldn’t sponge up any more. Karen squeezed more onto her fingers and parted Stacy’s engorged pussy and lubed the inside of her vagina for a minute. Karen pulled at her lady lips to see how they were reacting to the cream.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed. “Honey, look at this,” she called to Dave. She pulled again at Stacy’s labia and eventually got both her hands to grab open her vagina.

“Jeez!” Dave said. “But it just looks normal when you let go? This stuff is awesome.”

Karen yanked at them a final time and stared into Stacy’s birth canal then let go and watched them snap back into place like nothing had happened.

Stacy was unable to walk anymore and the six adults had to take shifts watching after her all hours of the day. She mostly stayed in bed laying on her side so her weight wouldn’t crush her. Her body would never allow this to happen on it’s own, but it had been hijacked.

“She’s asleep now and Jack just went in to rag her,” Karen said to Carrie.

“She has really taken off. We just measured her early yesterday morning before she woke up, only a day and a half later and I swear you could watch her grow. Her belly is up 1.5 inches from yesterday, now exactly 67 inches around!” Jack said.

“So let me see, that’s bigger than expected, she’ll need her hips at 51. Check her,” Steven directed.

“51.75 inches!” Jack reported.

“She’s done,” Steven announced. “The carry over should push her to 52 inches and she could be up to 72 inches around at that point and still not have a problem. We did it guys,” said Steven.

Everyone cheered as their hard work had come to fruition. They had the next day to prepare for the birth the following day when Stacy would undoubtedly deliver. The anticipation tickled them knowing it was close. The only thing better than watching Stacy swell was going to be watching her labor and birth. The fact Stacy was looking forward to it was only more titillating. Nothing could stop their joy.

“How are you feeling today, Stacy?” her mother asked the next morning.

“Anchored to this bed. Can you help me sit up?” she asked.

Karen propped her daughter up and put some extra pillows behind her back. Her legs couldn’t lie straight, instead rolling out until her kneecaps touched the bed. Uncomfortable with that, Stacy brought her knees up but were forced wide around her heavy mound. The position brought her heels together as her thighs pinched her womb.

“You’re too big for your own good,” Karen said, watching her naked daughter squirm. “Any day now,” she said softly as she left the room.

Stacy truly was too big. All her meals were brought to her bed and the adults stayed posted outside her door to listen for help or if by chance she went into labor early. Jack had set up a modified bed pan for Stacy because it was even becoming hard for them to help her use the bathroom with how she had expanded. Nothing out of the ordinary happened the rest of that day and Stacy was unaware of what the next day would bring. She innocently read her books propped up in her bed, occasionally dreaming of the joys of birthing.

Karen and Dave got all the supplies together they would need for the birth. Stacy was too big to move, so they assumed she would have to deliver in her bed. They had a rubber sheet, towels, vaseline, extra chairs, and not much more.

That night they drugged Stacy for the last time. Steven checked her cervix and unmistakably felt bone.

“I can feel the head…she’s almost 4 cm dilated. Her pelvis has opened up nicely. This baby is coming tomorrow for sure,” Steven said. “Let’s roll her over and get this rubber sheet under her so she’s ready to go in the morning.”

The breeders rolled her back and forth, tucking the sheet under Stacy until it was laid out completely. They all left for the night and kept her door open so they could hear if she cried out before they woke, however, none of them could sleep from the excitement.

They were all up drinking coffee in the kitchen well before sunrise, eager to hear Stacy call out in help as they knew she inevitably would. Around 7 a.m. they heard some rustling coming from her room followed shortly by mumbling. They all froze and looked at each other in silence. A louder moan escaped Stacy’s room trailed by energetic grunts. Karen motioned for the rest to stay as she rushed to her overgrown surrogate.

“Is everything alright, Stacy. I heard you from the other room,” Karen played dumb as to what she knew was happening.

“It’s my stomach, it hurts. It got really tight and everything hurt so bad,” Stacy complained.

“Well, I think it’s time. This baby wants out,” Karen mildly stated, patting Stacy’s belly.

“But when does it start to feel good? Also, what am I sleeping on?” Stacy asked feeling the foreign rubber sheet under her.

“What you felt was a contraction. It’s your uterus trying to squeeze your baby out. They will happen more frequently as the day moves on and they will become more intense too,” said Karen as Stacy stared at her puzzlingly. “Let me explain it to you now while we still have time, soon you won’t be able to concentrate.”

“But I don’t underst…” but she was cut off by her mother.

“Look! I needed to tell you certain things early on so you would comply with this pregnancy, but now it doesn’t matter what you know. I think it will be better if we are all here for this,” Karen said. “Dave, bring them in,” she shouted. The other five bodies filtered into Stacy’s room and crowded around her bed, quietly listening to Karen’s explanation.

“Where to start. First of all, it’s important to know we are not your parents, and these are not your grandparents. We are people of a different purpose,” she said as Stacy just opened her eyes fully and froze on Karen’s face. She couldn’t manage a word.

“Women don’t automatically become pregnant. We did this to you. Your period signals that you are able to get pregnant if you have the right ingredient. It takes a man’s ‘special fluid’ from his penis to be put into a woman’s vagina for her to become pregnant. Ten months ago Dave, Steven, and Jack put their fluid in you every night while you slept until you stopped bleeding. I wasn’t lying about that, when your period stops it means you are pregnant,” said Karen.

“Whaa…but…how could…but I don’t remember that,” Stacy stuttered.

“We gave you something so you wouldn’t wake up. We’ve been doing it for a while now to get what we needed. Normal women get pregnant and gestate for nine months, it’s a proven span of time. We adjusted this with medicine to keep you growing for another month. We stopped two days ago and that is why this is happening today. I prepared you for the changes your body would go through, but you are a special case. We were able to give you another medicine that made your baby grow faster and bigger than your body would allow on it’s own. Some women carry two, three or even more babies in them, but most carry just one, like you are. To give you an idea, a month ago, when you were nine months pregnant, you were the size of a women on the verge of birthing triplets,” Karen finished by putting her hand on Stacy’s knee.

“Since we enlarged you, we needed to make sure you could get this baby out on your own. The drug that stopped you from delivering also helped increase and open your pelvis to allow it. It’s important to us that you do this without help, we will of course be watching,” Karen continued.

Not thinking of many other questions she should be asking, Stacy said, “Why would I need help?”

“There’s one last thing…and I think it’s the part I’m looking forward to the most. Even when a woman has one normal sized child to deliver, it’s very difficult and extremely painful. It’s the worst pain a human can bear. Average babies usual weight up to 10 lbs. but we’ve been able to produce a 20 lb. one in you. A baby this large has never passed through a woman’s birth canal before. You will be the first. You have been such a good surrogate and you are so young and tight I am excited to see what you can do,” and with that Karen was finished.

Stacy’s eyes just welled up as the room stayed silent. She moved from face to face. No one gave an expression to suggest that anything that Karen had said was false. Feeling defeated, she just closed her eyes and waited to hear them all leave. She opened her eyes eventually to an empty room with the sun starting to pour through her window onto her toes. Suddenly she was gripped by an intense pain causing her to grab her hard womb. She was surprised at how rigid it had instantly become.

“Uuuuuhhhhhwwwwwooooooo,” she let out, not having felt any pain like it before.

The six adults, now feeling like strangers to Stacy, came rushing in and watched her struggle.

“Another contraction. It looks painful,” Carrie said.

“Yeah! 20 lbs. riding on your cervix,” Viv laughed.

“Check her progress, Dave,” directed Karen.

Dave plunged all of his knuckles into Stacy’s pussy and paused a moment before estimating her to be dilated 7 cm.

“Get out!” Stacy yelled but Dave was already done by the time she realized what had happened.

“The head will be large to pass. I think she’ll need to get to 15 cm before delivering is doable. Let’s also get one final count when she’s done with this contraction for the record books,” Steven laughed.

Stacy finished out her contraction and gladly went limp when it was over. Viv pulled out her measuring tape and tried to open it across her belly. Stacy slapped her hand and moved her legs what she could. Seeing that it wasn’t going to easy, Jack and Carrie went to her sides and grabbed her wrists tightly while Karen and Dave restrained her legs.

“STOP IT!!” Stacy kept yelling, but everyone continued with their chores.

“Keep her still,” said Viv trying to get a reading. “Wow! 69 inches. Two inches in a day! Now let’s go below,” Viv said sliding the tape down her belly. “Just as you thought Steven, 52 inches. Amazing. All done,” she added returning the tape measure to her pocket.

“It looks like she’s making at least three in there,” Jack said.

“She’s on par with a quadruplet mother…at nine months!” Steven said.

Jack and Carrie let her go and backed off quickly, fearing retaliation. Karen and Dave did the same and then just stared at the helpless mother they had produced.

“Let’s give her some time to process. She might hate us now, but she’ll be begging for our help soon,” Jack said.

The breeders retreated to the kitchen where they listened to all of Stacy’s contractions. They timed them seeing that she was steadily at 15 minutes between each one. They planned to re-enter her room and stay for the show once she was at 8 minutes apart.

“She’s getting louder, they must be getting stronger,” Dave said with a smirk. He imagined what was happening inside his supposed daughter’s body while Stacy screamed through another contraction.

“How long was that one?” Jack asked.

“35 seconds…10 minutes apart,” answered Carrie.

“I don’t want to wait anymore. It’s driving me crazy not watching her labor,” Carrie said. “It’s been an hour and a half!”

“Alright, alright. Grab the stuff and we can start setting up,” Karen said.

After a few minutes they walked into Stacy’s room with supplies in hand and tried to see where she was in her labor from her exhaustion. Sweat was beading up on her forehead and she was breathing heavily. She looked sternly at them but said nothing.

“Oh good, her water hasn’t broken yet. Any guesses on dilation?” Jack asked.

Stacy loathed the idea of talking to her captors but she was desperately wanting to know what they were talking about and what was happening with her. She could hate them later, she wanted answers now.

“What’s broken water?” she softly said.

“Your baby is floating in a bag of water in your belly. When you open up enough the bag will break open and gush out of you. You’ll be opening much more than during a normal birth that you are sure to break well before you can deliver. That is what the rubber sheet is for. This process tends to be messy,” Viv explained.

Sensing that she wanted more information, Carrie volunteered some, “Once your water breaks, your labor will pick up noticeably. The contractions will be longer in length and shorter in frequency but much more severe in strength.”

Tears dripped down her cheek. Stacy felt she could hardly take another one at the current intensity.

“Don’t cry, honey, this is what your duty is. You are an extraordinary specimen and you should be satisfied with your accomplishment. I know you can’t understand, but believe us, you have done what no one else has been able to do,” Karen said.

It was no use, Stacy was inconsolable. She was their victim and would never see it from their point of view.

“You need to be checked again, Stacy. Are you going to let me or do we have to hold you down like before?” asked Viv.

Knowing it was futile and wanting to save any energy she had, Stacy nodded slightly, giving her consent.

Stacy’s young, tight labia had loosened greatly from the heat and moisture her body was generating around it. Viv’s open hand accidentally slipped entirely into Stacy’s vulva, leaving her thumb sticking out to cover her clitoris. She quickly curled her fingers as she felt herself slide in, being careful not to rupture her water.

“Aaaahhhhnnnnnn,” Stacy cried in discomfort. Not able to see over her belly, she asked, “What happened?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Viv said with her hand still in. She was surprised at the ample room in Stacy’s canal as she unfurled her fingers slowly to assess the gap. “10…no, 11 cm. I can feel that the head has a way to go. Most mommies would be pushing their babies out now, Stacy, but you’ll need some more time to open up before this jumbo head will budge.”

Just then, Viv felt Stacy’s vagina tighten around her hand, “She gonna have another one,” she said casually, pulling her slimy hand out of Stacy.

“Have another whhhaaaaa…” Stacy moaned as she felt it seize her. Her legs began to shake as her face winced. She reached for her belly out of reaction but it’s hardened exterior gave her no comfort. Stacy’s whole belly throbbed as the pressure of her baby’s head pushing on her cervix caused her groin to burn. Thirty seconds in and her face was cherry red.

“Stacy, you gotta breath. You can’t deliver without breathing for you and your baby,” Carrie said. “And I know you feel like you want to push, but you need your body to go slow. We need to be careful with this. If you go too fast and the baby get stuck we’ll have a serious problem on our hands,” she said to Karen.

“Deep breaths, don’t hold it in. Let your body adjust, baby,” Karen said in a caring tone, but Stacy didn’t appreciate the patronizing.

Stacy emptied her lungs and took the advice. She was able to handle the last half of the contraction as it ebbed. She continued her heavy breathing with fatigue.

“Let’s let her have a few more before we check her again,” Dave said.

“That was 9 minutes from the last one, still about a half a minute long,” Viv announced looking at her stop watch.

With hesitation, Stacy asked, “What do I need to get to before I’m done?”

“Well, it’s hard say with you. I think a safe bet would be two or three minutes apart and lasting over 60 seconds, but that is why we will keep checking your cervix, so you can start pushing as soon as you’re ready,” Viv said.

“Can’t you help me with anything?” Stacy cried.

“Oh…no, my dear. This is your burden, we are just here for the show. Of course there are things that would aid you in your effort but we will not be offering those options to you today, honey. I can assure you, you will do this on your own but we will direct you if we see you are doing anything that will jeopardize the possibility of delivering. And I wouldn’t try to stop it, history is filled with mothers who have died in childbirth. Many complications can arise if you go against nature,” Carrie plainly said. “The sooner it’s over the sooner you will feel better.”

“This will be difficult for you, Stacy. Because you are so big and not able to get up and move around, the process will only inch along. Usually gravity can help quite a bit, but being on your back the whole time will slow it down to a minimum. But this is a good thing, though, too fast and you could rip open. Slow and painful is what we like to see,” Karen added with a smile. Stacy was not amused.

Stacy could feel her pelvis tearing open with each contraction. The pressure seemed impossible for her body. Her hips cramped unbelievably trying to make room for her oversized baby while the fire in her cervix deepened. She continued with a handful more contractions before her development was checked.

“That one was exactly 6 minutes from the last, and just under 45 seconds long. Check her.” Jack said.

Karen tucked her fingers between Stacy’s hot pussy lips and wiggled them around as she penetrated deeper, spreading her digits as she went further. Stacy twitched as Karen fuddled around inside for a while before finding the borders of Stacy’s cervix.

“Measure this,” Karen said to Viv, keeping her hand inside Stacy. With her free hand she mimicked the span of her other hand.

“13 cm. Is there more to go?” Viv said.

“Yeah, but it’s thinned out nicely. A few more good ones and I think she might be ready,” Karen confirmed.

“Good. Let’s start preparing her between contractions so we’re all set up when she starts,” Dave ordered. “Grab that end with me,” he said looking at Jack.

The two of them pulled at the bottom of the rubber sheet Stacy was laying on but it didn’t move. Dave scratched his head for a minute before coming up with a plan. Steven and Carrie got on the bed by Stacy’s shoulders and picked her arms up without asking. She looked up at them with scared eyes and tried to jerk her arms loose, but she was too weak. Steven and Carrie pulled her up toward the ceiling and freeing some of the weight, Dave and Jack were able to drag her until her butt was almost to the edge of the bed, her feet now resting on the floor. Stacy’s body heavily planted itself in place and was again immobile.

“Hhhhmmmm,” Stacy started humming through her contraction. “Hhhhmmmm…,” she continued, unable to wail loudly like she was earlier, resting her wrists on her hips and reaching her hands around the base of her sore mountain. Still flat on her back, she just faced up, closing her eyes tightly.

“Look at how much it moves,” Jack said, fixed on her twitching womb. “That thing’s got some power.”

Stacy’s back tried to curve in agitation but her weight allowed no motions, it just strained the muscles down her vertebrae. The contractions felt like they were getting shorter and her hunch was verified when she heard the numbers called out.

“5 minutes apart…45 seconds long,” Carrie confirmed. “I assume from your silence that they are getting quite bad.”

Stacy just continued bringing her hands up and down from her hips to her belly’s peak, trying to calm herself, when she heard what sounded like a knuckle cracking. She felt a shift inside of her followed by a gush of water between her legs.

“Wooohoooo!!!” Karen shouted, as she saw a gallon of water rush across the bed. “That’s why we have the rubber sheet,” she said to Stacy, but she wasn’t listening.

“Was that my water?” Stacy asked in a tired voice.

“It sure was and, boy, I’ve never seen so much in my life,” Viv said, picking up a towel to sop up the mess around Stacy and the floor.

“Now we’re really starting,” Jack commented. “Get the chairs.”

Carrie moved the two chairs from the corner of the room and put them facing forward at the end of the bed. On either side of Stacy’s legs, the chair backs stuck up a foot and a half higher than the mattress. She took the other six chairs and set them up in a row facing Stacy.

“Um, we need the wedge…and all the pillows,” Dave said.

Jack fetched the wedge they had used to help impregnate Stacy with 10 months ago and Steven retrieved the pillows behind Stacy’s head. Karen and Dave yanked Stacy’s arms forward to pick her back up off the bed while Jack and Steven used their items to keep her propped up. She parted her legs quickly to avoid trapping them under her encroaching load until she could not move them any longer. Her belly bulged even more as she sat up and rested itself on the edge of the bed, her body almost completely curled around it. Drained and weak, she let herself fall back a foot and a half onto her new backrest once Karen and Dave let go.

Seeing Stacy worn out, Viv said to her, “You can’t sleep now, dear, most of the work is ahead of you. Plus, we just set you up for the show, it would be rude to not perform for us.”

Momentarily appeased from the pressure of her water breaking, Stacy felt her groin bloat up from the contents within her, now more filling and full than before.

“I feel the baby…it’s coming…it’s so big,” she whined and was hit with a powerful contraction.

“Ooooooouuuuuuwwwwwww,” she howled out, more primal than before. Stacy pushed her feet hard into the floor leaving her mouth agape in shock of the pain. She dug her nails into the bed until her hands were white from lack of blood. She gasped for more air when on the verge of passing out and continued squeaking high pitched tones as she gritted her teeth. Her hips unwound as the feeling of all her nerves being pinched left her in agony.

“Gggggaaaaaaahhhhhh,” she let out, allowing the blood to return to her extremities. Her face was drenched in sweat while her chest and thighs started to get clammy from the exercise.

“She speeding up, let’s get her legs up now and check her,” Karen said.

The other two ladies picked each leg up and pulled them up and apart as Viv approached the middle. She noticed Stacy’s flushed pussy throbbing with each heartbeat as she neared. Her fingers easy passed between Stacy’s juicy and swollen labia and into her warm, slick cavity. Her fingertips stopped sooner than expected, tapping the unborn child’s head.

“Oh yeah, she’s ready,” she said confidently.

“Are you sure?” Dave asked.

“Uh-huh, I’m sure,” she answered with a grin on her face, clearly happy with what she discovered. Viv’s attitude intrigued the others in the room with what she experience. “Come see for yourself,” she encouraged.

“Please, my legs are getting tired…please, let me rest,” Stacy begged, but like before, her breeders pretended not to hear her as they continued. “It burns…it burns so bad…I can’t take it…” Stacy faded out, knowing she wouldn’t convince anyone.

The three men took turns jamming their hands into Stacy’s sore vulva to feel what Viv had. One by one they became overjoyed and smiled at each other. The men replaced Carrie and Karen as leg holders to let them glove their hands in her. They waited for Karen, the last one, to feel around and let her describe what they all had just felt.

“It’s a bowling ball!” she exclaimed as she tried to palm the head. “I can’t get all the way around it!” her eyes widened. She put a big smile on her face and tugged her hand out of Stacy with no concern for her tenderness.

The breeders did a group hug and cheered and laughed. While keeping her legs up, they moved the chairs not fully together leaving a large gap to watch the birth. They brought her legs down just enough to let her heels overhang from beyond the chair backs. In her new upright position, Stacy’s giant womb caused a deep fold to develop from hip to hip where her belly flopped over, creating an awning above her baby’s exit. No sooner did they get Stacy in place and sit down in front of her did she contract again.

“You can push now it you want,” Karen said. “But it’ll take some time to pass that watermelon,” she laughed.

“Hhhheee…hhheee…hhheee,” Stacy panted shallowly. “Hhhnnngg…” she stressed as she flexed her abdomen and pushed with her butt as long as she could. The pain flared as she continued. The head seemed much bigger than Stacy’s birth canal as she felt her cervix stretch around the circumference of it.

The contraction ended quickly and Stacy immediately gave up. “I can’t…huu…huu…do it…huu…huu…it hurts…huu…so much…huu…huu…too…big…huu…huu,” she panted.

“Oh stop it! You’re not even crowning,” Carrie scolded.

“That was 3 minutes apart. They’re going to be right on top of each other now,” Karen said. “Grab behind your thighs when you push and bring your head forward.”

“Open your bottom up and only push with the contractions,” Viv added. “I can’t tell you how much I want this to go unaided and natural and if you go too fast and rip, you’ll bleed out and ruin everything,” she warned Stacy.

“Slow and painful,” Steven reiterated continuously.

As evil as they were, Stacy knew that her breeders wanted this birth to go complication free so she had no choice but to follow their advice. Slow and painful was her mantra. She wasn’t sure if the pain was worse between or during contractions until she experienced the next one. It seized her harshly. Stacy could really feel the baby’s head enter her birth canal as she pushed. The sensation left her shocked. Looking as if she had seen a ghost, she froze with her mouth open and hands resting on top of her giant round belly, as she tried to calculate the agony.

“Hhhhaaaaaahhhhhh,” she interrupted the silence with a shout halfway through the contraction. Her hands instantly reached around her spread legs and grabbed behind her thighs. Her whole body leaned forward attempting to give her arms more reach while her chin buried into her plump, bare chest. “Ffffffffffff,” the air escaped between her teeth as she stressed. Stacy could feel the head push her thighs open from the inside as it rubbed through her pelvis. “Gggaaaahhhhhhh,” the contraction was over and Stacy broke out in a sweat over her whole body.

“She’s struggling nicely with it,” Carrie said.

“What a joy to watch,” added Karen. “It looks so difficult, she must be getting forced open pretty wide,” she said as if Stacy wasn’t able to hear her.

Stacy panted with her arms at her side, fully exposed to the wicked audience in front of her. Her hips ached terribly, feeling the head expanding them slowly. She was unable to get comfortable in her immovable state so she tried to shift her butt on the bed but nothing changed her position. She wasn’t strong enough to lift her legs off the chairs, all she could do was turn her head, move her arms and rotate her ankles, no of which helped her circumstance. The day had been getting warmer as she labored in the hot room and mixed with the other six bodies, it grew rather humid in her birth chamber. Stacy found an old shirt that had been thrown on the bed and used it to wipe her sweaty, pinkened, face. She started to wipe her tired belly with it next until she felt it stiffen under the shirt. She quickly threw it to the bed and prepared for pushing.

Like she knew from before, Stacy wrapped her hands around her legs and rolled her back forward. “YEEEEEEEEE,” she let out a high pitched shriek. She pulled her legs wide so that her knees were horizontal, pointing to opposite walls. The burning got worse and Stacy reacted by slipping her hands down her hamstrings, toward her butt, to spread her pussy open. “Hhhhhuuuuummmmmmmffff,” she growled after resetting her breath, pulling even harder at her butt cheeks.

“It’s starting to open!” Karen said as she saw Stacy’s gooey labia unstick just barely, with ropes of birthing juices still connected to both lips.

“Well, she’s spreading it. I think it will be a minute before she’s open all on her own,” Steven corrected.

“Still, we’re close,” Karen retorted.

As their bickering ended so did the contraction and Stacy retired from her efforts. Her labia sealed back together as she released her hands. The burning was more constant now and not just during contractions. Stacy began weeping quietly while trying to cope with the pain. She buried her face in her hands, not wanting to face her breeders, whom she could hear stimulated from her misery.

The air shot from Stacy’s lungs, leaving her breathless and curling around her baby’s enormous circular den. All eyes went back onto Stacy as she recoiled.

“Hhhhhuuuuu,” her lungs tried to keep expelling, but she had no more air. A moment later she took a deep breath and held it in, this time grabbing the inside of her knees and pulling them hard as if she were rowing a boat. Her elbows stayed bent to accommodate her huge belly as she peeled her back off the wedge. “Ffffffaaaaaahhhhh,” the air left her mouth. “Uuuuuuuhhhhhh,” she breathed back in deeply and winced as she pushed.

“There!” Carrie said. “She’s bulging.”

They all drew their heads in closer to Stacy’s vulva and saw it just start to puff out. Her labia was still closed without her help, but her birth canal was filling fast. Stacy stopped pushing as the stress was too much on her body. The bulge went away followed by complaints from the breeders.

“Don’t stop now! It was just getting close!” said Viv.

“Huuu…hhhuuu…too much…huuu,” Stacy panted.

Her breeders’ success in staving off her delivery meant that Stacy’s contractions would be making up for lost time. A normal mother would be having contractions every two or three minutes, but as Stacy progressed, her contractions kept getting closer and closer. Having already labored for hours, Stacy only had 30 seconds between contractions.

Her hips felt like they would unhinge if any more of the baby progressed. She tried to slow it down, but the weight of such an unusually large mass kept her advancing regardless of her attempts. Stacy could feel more and more of the head stretch her birth canal as her bones were ready to snap. She rubbed her hips to ease what she could, but she didn’t have enough hands to tend to all of her throbbing body. Hands on hips, she had another contraction. Her hands popped around her haunches and gripped onto her butt cheeks again.

“Eeeeeeeyyyyyyyaaaaa,” she squealed as the contraction forced the head much deeper into her vagina than before. She tugged harder as the head bored it’s way through. Her labia bulged out noticeably now. Her pussy lips detached once more but this time wider. Stacy’s birth canal had been lubricating itself with thick fluids, but now that her vulva was open, it oozed out like the semen that had impregnated her last year.

“I know it felt big, but this looks humungous!” Jack noted about Stacy’s protruding vulva.

“Thank god for that cream. Her little girl pussy wouldn’t have been able to take something so traumatic,” Carrie stated.

“The head must be massive for her to open without any signs of the culprit,” Dave said, noticing the labia continuing to separate but not seeing any signs of the head.

Stacy kept pushing harder and harder as the breeders discussed her progress.

“Hhhhhhaaaaaaa,” she yelled in frustration.

She wrinkled her face and yelled, “Hhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyaaaa,” through her last go at pushing before the contraction was over. Stacy could feel the head jump forward significantly. She now felt the burn spread to her whole vagina while her birth canal felt injured from the mass lodged in it. Knowing the next contraction would come before she knew it, Stacy just tried to catch her breath.

“Huuuu…huuuu…huuuu…huuuu…huuuu,” she panted while right rubbing above her light pubic bush with both hands. She could feel a large bulge there where the body had entrenched itself trying to make it’s exit. Stacy was scared at the size of what she felt. It seemed like a fully grown person was in her womb. She knew it must have been big with her size, but now realizing it, demoralized her.

Her abdomen rumbled under her hands and she knew it was time. Stacy brought her knees slightly together so her hands could reach around them as she curled her neck and beared down. She was so distressed she hadn’t been breathing as she should.

“Keep breathing…hold for 10 seconds and then ‘hee…hee…huuuuu.’ Long breath out,” Karen instructed. “Hee…hee…huuuu,” she repeated.

Stacy quickly took her advice feeling her own attempts weren’t helping the birth. “Hhhhhmmmmmm…..hhhhhuuuuuuuuu…hee…hee…huuuuu…hee…hee…huuuu,” Stacy struggled. The contraction was not ending. “Hhhuummmmmmffff,” Stacy tried with all her might to force the baby out. She could feel it slide more and more as she labored. The tightness moved from within to without as the breeders watched her skin protrude far out then start to pull taut.

“I think this is it,” Carrie said, poking her head in between Stacy’s legs.

Stacy’s vulva was now very extended and her legs spanned apart from the load. She cried out as the six others cheered. I large teardrop shaped was formed by her open labia.

“I can see the head!” Carrie shouted, having not removed her head from the birth. “Keep pushing that baby out, you bred cow!”

Stacy’s labia kept stretching further as the head forced it open. The teardrop shape quickly rounded out into a large circle. “Aaaaaawwwwwhhhhhh…huuu…huu…huu,” even Stacy’s moaning was interrupted with her panting.

Stacy started howling as she prepared to crown. Her already opened pussy lips finally began to frame the head that would shortly come through it.

“I’m dying to know how big she opens,” Viv stated. “What’s she at now?”

Jack got a rough estimate with the tape measure in Stacy’s crotch.

“She’s 4 inches across and counting,” Jack said.

As soon as he reported the contraction stopped, but it was only known by Stacy, as her body showed no signs. No retreat, no relaxing, no relenting. The breeders could tell it was done by Stacy’s forfeit of action but “oohed” and “aahed” at her groin.

“She’s staying open,” Dave said. “I like this. I can’t wait.”

“How long was that contraction, they’re getting long,” Carrie said.

“80 seconds,” Steven replied. “It’s easier to count when she’s not having one now. Probably another one in a moment.”

Steven was right because after exchanging a short few sentences, Stacy was back into her routine. Hands gripped, face forward, and groaning.

“It’s coming!” Karen shouted as she saw the head butt right up behind Stacy’s outreaching pussy. She was officially crowning. As the head hit, Stacy stretch instantly to 5 inches and kept moving faster.

“I didn’t think the head would be so far behind an already opened pussy, but I guess these are extenuating circumstances!” Viv remarked.

Stacy’s skin stretched nicely due to the cream her breeders had applied but it did nothing for the pain.

“Heeheeeheeehee,” Stacy tried to breath. “I”M GONNA RIP!!” she yelled at the top of her lungs as her birthing exit grew to 6 inches across. “Hhhhffffffffff,” she couldn’t help but push.

The breeders laughed while Carrie reached under her chair to get the vaseline.

“Who would like to do the honors?” she asked holding up the tub.

“I think Karen should, it’s her ‘daughter’,” Steven said.

Carrie handed the tub of vaseline to Karen as she smiled with delight. Karen took the lid off and used her fingers to scoop a large glob of it while she picked her butt up off the chair to lean in toward Stacy.

“What did I do to be so lucky?” Karen said rhetorically. “I can feel her spreading!!!” she said starting to paint around Stacy’s labia on the outside. She slipped two fingers inside Stacy. “It’s pushing my fingers!” she laughed and giggled as she circled around the vulva. Her fingers started getting pinched as the head pushed continually. Karen leaned back to get another glob of vaseline when she realized her own pussy to be wet and juicy. She hadn’t noticed in all the excitement that she was getting considerably aroused. Her face blushed as she felt proud with herself. She went back in to finish lubing Stacy and her pussy rubbing on the chair under her made her moan in pleasure. She returned to her seat to watch while she kept a slow massage on her clitoris and let her panties soak up her juicy pussy.

A minute and 20 seconds…30 seconds…40 seconds came and went as Stacy’s contraction continued.

“It’s at 2 minutes!” Viv said. “I don’t think it going to stop.”

Stacy pushed for as long as she could take it but the contraction didn’t end. She was forced to just rest through it as it continued to pain her. Stacy’s back cramped terribly and her legs were starting to go numb. Knowing that she didn’t have to wait for another contraction, she rested longer than she was able to before. After a minute or two of resting during her permanent contraction, the pain in Stacy’s body possessed her. She felt a shock run down her spine and spread out to her extremities. In unison, her back lifted forward, her hands ripped at her thighs and her gigantic belly flexed. She had no control over the motion and was only able to think about what her body was forcing her to do.

“Faaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa,” she yelled. She bit her lower lip in consternation. The vaseline helped slide Stacy’s labia around the burgeoning head between her legs. “Huuu…huuu…huuu..heee,” Stacy breathed quickly before resuming her push. The cream had done what it was going to do at this point, her body was going to have to take her the rest of the way. Stacy could feel her hips separate at the joints as she watched her thighs creep slowly apart.

“Oooooooowwwwwww,” she moaned, followed by squealing, “Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhuuuuuu.”

“7 inches!!” Dave yelled. “It’s close to full.”

The breeders looked on, Karen still stroking herself minimally, seeing that the full girth of the head was almost visible. Stacy tried to rest for a moment but was met with hostility.

“Don’t stop now, you birth horse, or we’ll make the next birth even harder!” Steven shouted at Stacy.

She picked up again and pushed harder. The head spread her pussy wide just past 7 inches until it began to taper down.

“That’s it, Stace, make that giant baby. Better get used to this, you’re going to be doing it a lot more.” Viv said.

“I guess that’s it,” Carrie said as Stacy’s labial ring stopped growing. “Fully crowned,” she added.

“We’re in the home stretch, not pun intended,” Dave said. “How does that feel, Stacy, being that spread open?” he asked, but was not answered.

“Hoooo…hoooo…hoooo,” Stacy breathed deeply trying to cope with the burning of her pulled labia and birth canal. The contraction was still constant but her pain was distracting her from dealing with it. “Burns…it burns…hoooo…hoooo,” was all she could say.

Stacy desperately wanted to see what was happening on the other side of her massive womb, but it was impossible for her, so she just used the information she could hear from her breeders with what she felt to get an idea. After calming down she decided to continue. She grabbed the inside of her knees like she had earlier and yanked as hard as she could. Her heel slipped over the back of the chair and her legs were now free from the makeshift stirrups.

“Yaaaaaaaahhhhhh,” she screamed as she pushed. Her freed legs now went wide around the sides of her giant womb and her hands switched to grabbing the outside of her knees so she could bring them back farther. As her knees came back, the head squeezed out two inches. Stacy moved her hands down to her shins as her thighs laid flat on the bed, hugging her ribs. She was completely spread open.

“Move the chairs!!” Steven yelled and Dave instantly kicked them both over.

“Oohhhhhhhhh,” Karen moaned through her orgasm while watching the head pop out of Stacy. “This is better than I could have imagined. I didn’t think she would be so flexible,” she said explaining her climax. The others seemed not to care that she had cum.

“That’s a teenage body for you,” said Dave.

Stacy was pushing her back into the wedge as she tugged at her shins. The head pushed out another inch.

“Oooooooowwwwoooowwwwooowwwoowww,” Stacy growled feeling the head exit her. She could feel the ears and nose as it passed under her spread tight labia. The head slowed to a stop but Stacy didn’t dare move so she just froze in place. “More vas…huuu…hooo..more vas…hee…hee,” she pleaded.

“No, I think you can do it on your own now,” Jack said. “But how about a rub?” he said as he stood up and began to trace the circumference of Stacy’s lips finishing on her clitoris, where he stayed for a moment before sitting back down.

“Aaahhhh,” she moaned as Jack’s touch pleased her, but once he stopped she only felt the burn of birthing an unnatural load.

She started pushing with her butt more and closed her eyes during a big effort. The head greased through her and Stacy could feel it coming out. She continued for a full minute for the last 5 inches to creep out of her until she felt a slight relief followed by an eruption from the breeders.

“The heads out…oh my, it’s incredible,” Viv said. “Measure it, measure it!”

“7 and three quarters inches across at it’s widest…my god” Carrie said.

“It massive!” Dave mumbled.

Stacy rested a moment and was glad to have some tension released, however, her contraction stayed strong on her. She wanted to feel the head sticking out of her but she feared taking her hands from her thighs would make it impossible to get through this. She could feel the baby’s jaw rest on her tender labia as it’s head used her butt cheeks sticking out under her vulva as a pillow.

“Hoooo…hoooo…hoooo…hoooo…heeee…heeee…heeee…heeee,” Stacy panted like a dog.

“You’re not done yet, so don’t think about quitting now,” Steven urged.

She could feel her womb sending constant waves down to her vulva. It was trying to force out the large child on it’s own, but the baby’s shoulders were stuck as the top of them hit the inside of Stacy’s birth canal. Knowing she would get no help, she tried to visualized what was happening inside of her. She carefully removed one hand from her shin and felt where she had previously probed above her pubes. Instead of a large mass, she now felt an angular corner pushing her skin out. It was no doubt the shoulder.

“Is it coming out sideways?” Stacy asked in a panic high pitched tone.

“Yeah,” Carrie said calmly.

“Which way is it facing?…huuu…huuu” she asked.

“To your left,” Jack said equally as unenthused.

Stacy, already using her right hand to probe, grabbed the lump sticking out of her and tried to move it to the left. Surprisingly, it started to inch easily and she kept at it until she couldn’t feel it anymore, even when she poked her skin down above it. She returned her hand to her leg as she rested.

“Huuu…huuu…huuu,” Stacy huffed. “Better…,” she sighed.

“She’s good, let’s see how she does for the rest,” Karen said, now riding out her post-orgasmic high.

Stacy started to do a medium push that she wanted to maintain. She could feel the shoulder finish rotating inside her birth canal in preparation for delivery. Not strained as hard as before, she could breath through her pushing, and kept it going for a minute before she could feel any progress. The shoulders seemed to slip into an open pocket inside of her and ended a cramp in her hips. Her vagina started to burn again from the inside as the pressure built back up. She kept pushing. The shoulders scrapped her inner pelvis as the neck tried to be born next. Once the rotating stopped and the pressure got high enough, Stacy thrusted a little harder.

“Mmmmmmm,” she started a low growl. It caused further movement from within as her birthing muscles clenched around her unborn child. It wasn’t progressing forward, but she could tell it was progress nonetheless.

“Ffffffuuuuuuu…uuuhhhhhhh…hhhmmmmmm,” she got more air and tried and little harder as sweat began to pool under her.

“She’s determined, what a good little birther she’s become. She’ll have many successful breeding for us, I can tell,” Steven mentioned.

“Ow, ow ow ow ow,” Stacy cried, feeling her vagina stretch open again to accommodate the broad shoulders. Her labia slowly spread apart and allowed another gush of fluid to escape her uterus. It kept her gaping with the baby’s torso fix in her canal. Stacy could now feel the baby kick inside of her as it struggled to birth itself. The added pain was excruciating on top of her perpetual contraction. Her womb was being assaulted.

“Ffffffyyyyyyaaa,” Stacy screamed in pain and effort and was able to dislodge the torso from her swollen vulva. Although still unable to see over her heaping mound, Stacy knew the baby was mostly out.

“Get it out…huuu…huuu…catch it,” Stacy didn’t know what to say, she just wanted to be done.

Karen stepped forward as the foot of the bed and waited for Stacy to finish her job. Once she saw her ‘mother’ approach, Stacy knew it was safe to finally birth this monstrous child.

“Hhhhaaaa,” she gave one final push and the baby slid the rest of the way out, covered in thick mucus. Stacy’s maternal legs and hips shivered uncontrollably and her contraction finally stopped.

“Shit,” Karen exclaimed as the full weight of the baby was realized in her hands.

Stacy let go of her tired legs and kept them wide to straddle her mother, who hadn’t moved.

“Huuu…huuu…huuu…can I see it?…huuu…huuu…huuu,” she labored.

“I suppose it’s the least we could do,” Karen said.

“Aahhhhhhh,” Stacy gasped when she saw what had just come out of her. Never having seen a newborn she had no frame of reference, but she knew what her sweet, little pussy had looked like before she was pregnant and wondered how it was earthly possible to deliver such a large child. She practically fainted in exhaustion after she laid her eyes on it.

Karen stood up, umbilical cord still attached, and presented the new baby to the other breeders. They all marveled at the size child they had created.

“Who’s do you think it is?” asked Jack

“Well it looks so much like Stacy, it’s hard to tell,” Carrie said.

“I hope it’s mine,” Dave said. “Being my daughter and all. I would like to be the one that caused her all this suffering with my seed.”

“When should be start again?” asked Steven.

“Well, normally it would be a few weeks, but with the fertility drugs, let’s shoot for next week,” Viv concluded.

“I think we should keep going until we are sure she had made a child from each of us guys. Might take a half a dozen pregnancies. If we’re lucky. Fingers crossed,” Steven laughed.

Stacy could hear the conspirators plan their next breeding with her and she uncontrollably wept until she felt the familiar feeling of a contraction. This one hit her hard and fast and was over before she knew it. Her placenta fell right out of her overly stretched pussy and slumped onto the floor. She didn’t even care to investigate it and just buried her face in her hands as she cried herself to sleep on her birthing bed.

“She hasn’t moved since the birth, I think she’s asleep. Get the chloroform and the fertility drugs…,” Steven said.

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Re: Looking for a story

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Thank you . You rock
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Re: Looking for a story

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very nice! i was hope really continue another chapter maybe with multiples but i think is just for make a huge plot twist :D nice story anyway, thanks for share ^_^
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