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My pregnant sex life

Have you had an encounter with a pregnant woman or better yet, dated one? Tell us about it here.

My pregnant sex life

Postby sexyjessie » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:52 am

Hey guys i not sure if this the right place for put this but i was wanting write all about some naughty things i did when i was pregnant. I not pregnant at the moment but when i was i was really quite naughty girl. Wish i had find this place when i pregnant cos i could have share my storys as they happening! Oh before i goes any far let me just excuse my bad english i is chinese girl and even i live in UK for quite few years now my english is still not best it can be so sorry for that!

I might be putting pictures on here later but for now i give description cos i scare my family can find me and know what kind of girl i am! So is chinese girl about 155 cms tall and usually around 50-55 kgs when i not pregnant depending if i in bit of chubby time or not! I is petite girl but got big natral boobs they is about G cup so i usully 32G bra but if i can honest i never really wears those things i love the girls be free and bouncing about and everyone can see me is braless. My parents is always telling me put bra on when i back in china but i trys be braless as much i can. I also is nearly always pantyless i only wears gstring when i on time of month so when i back in china my mum and dad is always telling me put clothes on cos i usully just around our apartment in skimpy skirt and top basicly showing everything so when other family member comes over or any there freinds they push me put more clothes on. I not gots any problem showing me off and i actully most comfy being naked even in front my mum and dad.

Anyway you guys is probaly bored with all that stuff and wants me to gets to the pregnant storys cos you guys is excite by pregnant girls so here i go!

Just to give bit more idea about me i always been a naughty girl. Chinese girls is supposed be good girls but i is one the few naughty ones i loose my virgin really early to older boys at my school guess i was just innicent girl and not really know but when this group of older boys start mess with me at school in one the classrooms at first i trying push them away but then once they starting touch me i let them cos i like the feel of them touch me. I got big boobs now for chinese girl and i develop early as well so i first girl to get boobs at school. So anyway one lunchtime at school i does it for first time with these boys and then after i carrys on having sex with them and more and more of the older boys so i quick gets reputation as girl who is availbel for sex.

Once i finish high school in china i is sent to uk by my mum and dad to learn english and get ready for degree in uk university. As soon as i over here i is just become total slut i is out every night and going back with diffrent guy every night i also having sex with most the guys at my language school as well as be availabel for sex with the three guys in my share house. I with three guys and two other girls and we all chinese. The two girls think i dirty girl cos there always random guys with me in the morning and i also bringing back guys from college to as well as messing about with the guys we live with. In the house i is usully just in skimpy nighty or naked so these girls also not happy about that.

After language school i goes to uni where i is slut of whole campus i basicly has three year long party and only just pass my degree getting lowest grade possibel but i is out all the time and is having lots one night stands as well as having big group of sex freinds who i regarly has sex with. After uni i moves to london and after coupel years i meets guy who is now my husband i such lucky girl cos he accept me as i am which is horny girl who cant control herself and is always gonna spread her legs for any guy who wants her. We gets marry real quick after only few months and hubby is okay that i out picking up guys all the time and having sex with lots the guys at work as well. We is also having lots sex party to where i is only girl with loadsa guys. This life is great for few years but after while we decides try for baby so we gets check for sex diseases - guess you guys can know it not first time i get check for sex diseases i is reglar girl at walk in clinics everywhere i live in uk but luckily not catched anything to seriuos yet! and once we has all clear i goes only for has sex with hubby so we can have baby.

It takes me more than two years to gets pregnant we sees gynocologist as well who says it probally cos of sex diseases i catched before and my sex life that i is having problems. There is also few months where i just cant control and end up having sex with few guys so has to take morning after pill. But when i finely pregnant it is such happy time! Me and hubby is both so happy we goes out for dinner in nice restarant and then to a club it when we in club that i goes to toilets but meet a guy on the way there and end up has sex with him in the cubical. I goes back to hubby who sitting in the booth seats i start kiss him and just says babe you know i is a naughty girl and he says of course i is happy you a naughty girl jessie so i says back to him so it okay i just had sex with guy in toilets? He is a bit shock for a second then smile and we starts get off so i get his jeans and boxers down and straddle him right in the booth, of course i not got panties with my skimpy ann summer dress. Oh yes i dress like slutty girl all the time and for this special occasion i was wear this dress in red with no panties or bra ... 7#start=10

Hubby is so excite as soon his cock inside my cum fill pussy and after he cum we decides that i can be slutty girl for whole time i pregnant. I is so happy cos it was such long time been a good girl and it was such release to be able have sex with other guys again. I really love my husband but i is just not a girl who is made for just be with only one guy for whole life i is really sex addict i is really rule by my pussy even when i not having sex i is masterbating quite a lot if i doesn't have sex as soon i wake up then i has masterbate session instead and there is times (many times!) when i spend whole day just masterbate. Maybe you guys cant imagine but i can actully do it from wake up to go to sleep and keep do it even while i eating i really is such a horny girl! And i was really horny girl when i pregnant. As i said in my post when i first join here me and hubby is thinking to have another baby cos it was so hot when i been slutty girl when pregnant i just loved going out almost naked specialy when i got big belly and just see the shock looks from everyone. Also the shock of guys when i offering them my pussy.

Sorry this post so long guys maybe i should stop already but i trying give bit of idea about sort of girl i am.

So that night in club i has sex with three more guys and then i pick up two guys to come home with me and hubby so we has nice little gangbang after. When i back to work after weekend - i worked in accounts department of london hotel - i starts offer me to the guys there again they says to me so jessie you decide not have baby after all i says no i pregnant so now we can start having sex again. There was a chinese girl work with me who i freinds with even she think i dirty girl we get on well but she always a bit disappoint i such a slut anyway she is shock that i pregnant but having unprotect sex again as soon i find out. That first day in office as pregnant girl i really busy catching up with all my old work sex freinds and so i hardly does any work!

Okay this bit long now so i tell more storys later if people like but not if people dont

jessie x
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