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Well, okay. Maybe you'd like to hear about this encounter.

Have you had an encounter with a pregnant woman or better yet, dated one? Tell us about it here.

Well, okay. Maybe you'd like to hear about this encounter.

Postby jfingers » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:55 am

This happened a while ago. Enjoy...

(February 1, 20XX)

I haven't had good encounter long time, but I sure had one today.

I'm getting ready to move after living in my house for 20 years, so I have LOTS of stuff to get rid of. We did daycare here, so I have tons of toys that I can't use anymore. One of my friends passed the word along to one of her friends and I got a call from this woman. She has a daycare center, and yes, she would love the toys.

She drives her truck over to my house, and out she gets – pregnant out to there and waddling slowly up to my front door. Nice! She was about 5'4" tall with wide hips and a big round balloon belly. She and her friend come in to cart the toys away. Her six-year-old daughter came to help, too.

The fun started right away. The little girl chirped up, “Mommy says you're her boyfriend.” Eyebrows pop up all over the room.

Mom is embarrassed. “She asks so many questions, I tell her anything that comes to mind sometimes.”

“So are you her boyfriend?"

I smiled at the tot. "Would you like me to be your mother's boyfriend?"

Now mom is trying to salvage the situation. "I don't need a boyfriend, smarty-pants. That's why I have your daddy. Besides," she rubbed her big tummy with both hands, "do you think he'd want a girlfriend that looks like me?"

"Well, actually I'd be delighted."

She was plainly pleased with the compliment.

"But I've got two more at home," she said.

"What, two more pregnant ladies," I asked.

Now things are completely out of hand. Her friend is laughing uproariously and her daughter is very pleased with all the commotion she's caused.

"No! Two more kids! And this one, too. And one in here…," as she pats her belly again.

Actually her friend and I did most of the work because she just wasn't moving around too well anymore. At one point, she is sorting through stuff on the table and we started talking. I told her how nice she looked and how when my wife was pregnant I had my hands on her belly as much as she would let me. She smiled and stood up straight and said, "Well, here, knock yourself out…" That was just what I wanted to hear, so I explored that big, warm, round tummy of hers as thoroughly as I possibly could! I love petite preggos! She was ALL belly!! I told her I was looking for movement inside her, so she say, "Try over here… No, down some… I think this is either the butt or the head over here… No, here… That's it…" All over her big swollen figure while she stood and smiled at me. It was heaven!

We finished loading the toys. She made out like a bandit – a whole truckload of toys and a shopping bag overflowing with Disney videos. We were walking to the front door and she was thanking me profusely. I was about to reach for the doorknob, when she said, "How about one for the road?" So she took my hands and pressed them to her belly again. She guided my hands for a moment before she turned me loose to wander all over her. And now the three of us were chatting as I explored that big beautiful belly again. She and her friend were going on about their pregnancies. (No, her friend was not pregnant today.)

"I don't know why these things happen," she says, "This is my fourth pregnancy, and it seems like I'm getting so much BIGGER than I ever did before."

"Oh, it's true," her friend interjected, "I thought you were pretty big last time. But this time? Wow!! Look at the size of you!"

Now she's looking at me and laughing. "I always get just a really huge whenever I'm pregnant." As she laughed, her muscles made her belly bounce and shake in my hands. “It's just the price I have to pay. But this time? I just can't believe it. Everybody asks me if I'm overdue yet. Hah!" Her belly took a big bounce at that. "I'm already bigger now than I was at full term last time. I wish I was due today!"

"Really?" I'm going nuts right about now. As casually as I can, I ask her, "So, when are you due?"

"April 10. A little more than 10 weeks from now." She leaned back and smiled at me as I cradled her broad belly in my hands. I think she was really enjoying the massage. Plus, she could see how much I enjoyed it. "Can you imagine what I look like in 10 more weeks? Oh, God, I'm getting absolutely enormous! Huge! I'll be just plain huge!!"

She wasn't unhappy about the prospect of getting so big. In fact, I think she rather enjoyed it. Her attitude suggested that she plainly knew that she was going to get very big. As long as she was in for it, she was curious to see just how big she could get. Well, good luck to her.
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