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Good Sighting

PostPosted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:16 am
by emptyhead423
I had a really nice sighting last summer while I was on the Subway. It was August, so obviously it was quite hot out, and I was on the Subway one afternoon when a young, very pregnant woman got on. She was wearing a long, thin, flowing sundress and had a youthful looking face that probably belied her actual age. Her belly was simply astoundingly large. It was obvious that she was well in her 9th month, possibly about to give birth any day. But she moved well; a slight waddle the only thing impeding a woman who clearly had a spring in her step. She held a Starbucks cup of what I assume was iced tea. It was a mostly empty subway car, and yet when she entered, she walked right up to me and stood there, her simply massive belly right in my face. After a brief moment of being mesmerized, I snapped out of it and realized she was looking at the map behind me. I got up and offered her my seat, moving to another seat on the opposite side. She smiled and said "Thank you," and slowly lowered herself into my old seat, holding on to a pole for support as she sat down sideways to look at the map, and giving me a great profile of just how much her belly was sticking out. Her belly button had popped out and was clearly visible through her dress. She sat there examining the map and had a bit of a quizzical look on her face, so I asked if she needed directions. She said yes, and asked if I could help her get to a particular destination that I knew well, so I gave her the answer. She smiled and thanked me again, and went back to her business, sipping her drink and slowly stroking her huge belly, scratching it a little bit at times. She gave the sense that she was one a woman who enjoyed being pregnant, even with the temperature so warm and her being so impressively large. Eventually, the train reached the stop she was getting off at. Slowly, again, she grabbed a pole and hoisted herself up, leading with that belly, thanked me again for my help, and bounded off the train.