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Story: Unusual Needs of a Pregnant Woman

Have you had an encounter with a pregnant woman or better yet, dated one? Tell us about it here.

Story: Unusual Needs of a Pregnant Woman

Postby monster » Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:19 pm

Source: by vincloh88

"When my wife was pregnant with our third child, she had some very unusual needs to fulfill her. At her fifth month of pregnancy, she was rather restless and would not wear anything underneath her clothing even at work.

At the beginning, I felt the thrill of her boldness in showing her ballooned tummy. Her breasts were well rounded and her aerola were pitched black and her nipples were always hard.

Each morning when we woke up, she always give me a bj and would swallow all that I can give. Then she would sit with her pussy onto my mouth for me to lick and eat it. She cum quite fast and then we had a bath together. After that I sent her to work daily when she was on the fifth month onwards.

Her sexual needs increase to twice a day bj and me eating her pussy till she cum on the sixth month. I gave whatever I can to satisfy her pregnant needs. I still cum inside her pussy and she was really into sex unlike before. Before she needs sex twice a week and would not like bj.

Once I had to go out of state to attend to a client breakdown. I was worried about her daily sexual needs. She then asked if she can get another man to replace me for my absence. I was stunned though I had always encouraged her to have sex with other men if she wanted. Then she refused my proposal but not during this pregnancy. I agreed and asked her to be careful with other men.

It was a Saturday when I came back home. I was supposed to come back on Sunday but since I managed to solve the breakdown earlier, I took and earlier flight home.
When I reached home, I found a Land Rover parked at our garage. I thought some of my wife colleague were visiting her. When I wanted to open the door, I heard my wife voice "Fuck me hard and come inside me." I then walk to the back door and entered. In the hall was my wife on top of the sofa. There was a black guy pounding her from behind and my wife was giving a handjob to another black young stud. I look at his and it was about 10 inches with a big girth. Her hands were small.

I quietly went to a corner and observed them. After the one behind cum inside her, he withdrew his cock and I saw it was much longer and bigger girth than the young stud. When he totally withdrew, I saw his cum dripping out of her pussy. The young stud took over the pounding till he cummed inside her. It was so arousing for me that I took my cock out to masturbate. Mine in comparing with them is nowhere. I shot my load when the older man cummed in my wife's mouth. She swallow the load.

Later, my wife said, "Thanks for all your help. It make my day."

The guys got dressed up and left. There was a wet pool on the floor and my wife just used her fingers to clear the area and then put them into her mouth.

Her mysterious sexual need continued till she delivered a baby boy. After the delivery, she was not so high on sexual needs.

Wondered what was the cause of the sudden change in her."
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