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Story: I Love Pregnant Sex

Have you had an encounter with a pregnant woman or better yet, dated one? Tell us about it here.

Story: I Love Pregnant Sex

Postby monster » Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:50 am

Source: by dst68

"Many years ago when I was going thru a divorce my attorney told me she was pregnant as a result of a one night stand at a legal conference. She wanted to keep & raise the baby but did not want the biological father to know about her pregnancy.

She was looking for a companion & **** buddy, nothing more & nothing less!

When my wife & I divorced we had 5 children, 4 boys and the youngest was a girl. My daughter came to live with me due to some issues she was having because of the divorce and the boys stayed with their mom.

My ex & I had had a child every 2 years for 10 years.

I was very used to pregnant sex and adult breast feeding! My lawyer friend was a big girl and a very attractive young woman. I will call her "S".

Very early in S's pregnancy she asked me to go with her to her OBGYN's office. S introduced me to the doctor as her friend. The doctor & S talked about several different things then the doctor asked her, "if you have a son do you want to have him circumcised?" S turned her beautiful head to look at me, smiled her seductive sensuous smile and said no. I know I turned beet red because I could feel my face flush from embarrassment.

As S's pregnancy progressed her sex drive went completely off the charts. It was like bull riding, hard to stay on but the rewards were worth it! We did it all the time and everywhere you could think of! I had friends & sitters helping with my 6 year old daughter. S really wore me out. She had a sexual appetite that was unbelievable! My ex could not have come close to S's sex drive!

After S had her baby boy I continued to have relations with after it was permissible and also enjoyed adult breast feeding too!

Once she really got everything going her way with the baby we tapered way off but still remain friends to this day. S has married had 2 more boys and her husband adopted her 1st son.

I wonder if her husband likes pregnant sex like I do?

Whenever I see her and she gives that knowing sensuous seductive smile I blush every time without fail!

Guys, if you have not ever tried pregnant sex I highly recommend it!"
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Re: Story: I Love Pregnant Sex

Postby alexnj » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:59 pm

I guess I need to start going to the confrences :).
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