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[Story] G Spot?

Have you had an encounter with a pregnant woman or better yet, dated one? Tell us about it here.

[Story] G Spot?

Postby monster » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:46 pm

Written by mrswinecaddyman at Experience Project

When I finally became pregnant, it was almost a Godsend. I had spent close to a year trying. Because of my work out schedule and my diet (no red meat, no fried foods, no sugar, no milk), I had to curtail most, if not all of my 'health and fitness craze.' I had to pack on about 30 pounds. Actually the added body weight helped to regulate my menstrual cycle. Before that, I had very spotty periods.

I thought after I found Mr. Right (my first and only lover and current husband) and my almost every two or three month thing did not happen as scheduled, I thought I was pregnant. I ran to a doctor and fortunately, the rabbit did not die. The doctor gave me birth control pills, which I went on right away. The pills actually helped make my cycles more regular (every six weeks or so). Now back to sex during pregnancy.

First, my boobs became bigger. I was an "A" minus cup. I actually went up to a "B" cup. My nipples also became larger, which surprised Mark (my husband). My nipples also became darker. The sex was wonderful.

Because I was carrying twins I got big, fast! Mark on top was not comfortable. Me on top (which I always liked) was also hard. Mark always shied away from doggy style, Most guys just love doggy style. We were married for almost a year before I got him to have sex like that. I even tried to get Mark to 'spank' me once, and it was half hearted, at best. Maybe it is the 'tribal' instinct, I don't know. We were never 'aggressive' or 'rough' lovers. Yes we ran finger nails on each other's skin, but we were never a "slam on the bed, bounce up and down rough' types. Mark was very gentle. At about five months, I finally told him, "I love sex too much to give it up, we need to do it doggy style." Well, Mark was always 'eager to please."

Now, I don't know if there is such a thing as a "G" spot. I can certainly feel something where it is supposed to be. Also stimulating the "G" spot is supposed to intensify orgasms. Well, I definitely had more intense orgasms when he did me doggy style. My climax was like, "Oh God, come in me now" and I was drained. I would collapse on the bed and I could not do any more. Usually, one was never enough (even now at age 51). Like I said, "Mark was eager to please," he could hold himself for a least two and sometimes three of my orgasms.

We read somewhere that sex and orgasms before the due date would push things along. Even more interesting is sperm would help to soften the cervix. That may be true. About a week before due date (I was scheduled for a C section because of the twins), I planned a particularly sensual evening. We had strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar and we fed each other. When I started to get around to the 'fun' stuff;" Mark asked if I was too far along and wouldn't it be too uncomfortable for me. I just smiled and whispered into his ear, "Well, I didn't do all this and just have us fall asleep." My orgasm was so intense that, boom, I started having some very intense contractions. (I was having very tiny contractions about 30 minutes to 45 minutes at that point just a few times a day). I said to Mark, after laying in bed feeling the intensity and timing things (I was at five minutes to seven minutes),"Well, you were right, start making the calls I'm at five minutes." Mark and I kept on monitoring things and after a couple of hours of waiting for the OB/GYN to return the call, it just went away. I took a nice warm bath and went to bed.

I almost died having our two wonderful children. I developed an aneurism in a vein. Fortunately, there was a vascular surgeon hanging around Doctors Hospital in Modesto and he was able to fix things up. It was touch and go for a while (I wrote a story about it from my prospective). When I started coming around, I asked one of the Doctor's if having sex so close to my delivery date was the cause of my problems. I asked this in front of Mark and my mother, which embarrassed him to no end. The doctor said no, the aneurism was always there, having the babies, not intercourse, just aggravated it.

Mark and I did a lot of 'soul searching' for six months after I gave birth. I really wanted to have one or two more children. Mark and I decided it was not in the cards, so he 'got clipped." That was great, no condoms, no pills, no diaphragms (I tried that for a while and did not like them very much). I thought about an IUD, but the related problems with those were just coming out in about 1986 or so, we decided against that too.

In conclusion, sex during pregnancy was GREAT!!!!! I feel so sorry for those women who get pregnant and the guy leaves, they are missing the best part.
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