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How to convert videos to FLV

Get help with any general technical issues here.

How to convert videos to FLV

Postby monster » Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:38 pm

Greetings Pregnant Community,

Today I've made a change to the site that I have considered since the early stages and finally decided the time had come to take action towards the purpose of improving the overall quality and user experience at PXF.

As some members have noted, there are random issues with uploading videos to the site. For example, some videos don't play after uploading and some videos lose quality during the server's conversion process (all videos are ultimately converted to FLV on the server regardless of their original format).

FLV videos have given us the least number of issues and have yielded the best results in terms of quality, but that does not mean 100% of FLV videos work either. I have had a few lower quality FLV files that did not play on this website, but they worked fine after standard conversion.

On that note, let's talk about Video Conversion and how you can do it. Whether or not you would like to convert videos and share them here, the information in this post will probably benefit you at some point in your Web experience.

Part 1: Video Conversion Software

Format Factory is the software I will recommend for easily converting videos to any format, including FLV. If anyone reading this has an alternate suggestion, please share and discuss in this thread.

Click Here To Download Format Factory (it's a free program)

Part 2: How to use Format Factory

* Please note: For our purposes, these step-by-step instructions will show you how to convert a video to FLV.

1. Download Format Factory here

2. Run the downloaded file. This will take you through the Format Factory installation process.

3. Open/Run Format Factory program

4. On the left pane, you will see several icons beginning with "All to Custom", "All to Mobile Device", etc. Click the down arrow 4-5 times (in the right corner of this pane) until you see the option "All to FLV".

5. Click "All to FLV"

6. Click "Add File" and select any video in any format (AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc).

7. Click "Output Setting" to change the settings of the video you will create. There are a lot of options here and I like to set all of them to "Default" since the new video's quality can only be as good as the original video, so I prefer to maintain everything. So I would start by clicking the drop-down arrow for "Video Size" and select "Default", "Bitrate" will be "Default", etc. You can also add watermarks and other stuff from this screen.

8. Click "OK" when you are done with the Output Settings.

9. Now you are back to the "All to FLV" screen. Make note of the "Output Folder" shown at the bottom because this is where the new video will be saved to on your computer.

10. Click "OK" again after you are satisfied with the settings.

11. Now you are back to the program's first screen. You should see the name of your video near the center of this screen.

12. Click "Start" and watch the progress meter. Fast, ain't it? Well once you've hit 100%, simply retrieve the video from the "Output Folder" you saw in #10.


If you have any questions about video conversion, please submit them on this thread.
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