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PLEASE READ: How To Use Pregnant XXX Forum

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PLEASE READ: How To Use Pregnant XXX Forum

Postby monster » Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:02 pm

Well I am holding my breath as I write this. My first online forum ever. Lots of blood sweat and tears went into the effort to reproduce a pregnant resource that is dearly missed and I'm just hoping that I've covered all the bases.

How To Use This Forum

Register: Definitely the first thing you need to do. Click here to register so you can fully access this website.

Posting: I'm sure you have used a message board before so this likely goes without saying. Once your account is confirmed, just use the board. No fancy anti-spam stuff yet, but if it turns into Pregnant Community during its final months, it will become a little more difficult to unlock full permissions to the site.

Upload/view Pictures: Click here to access the Picture Gallery. If you want to upload something, you must first click on the name of the album you want to access, and from there click New Image to upload.

Upload/view Videos: Click here to access the Videos. Once there, click Add a Video. Here is where it gets a little tricky: If you are uploading an FLV video, click the field for Upload an FLV.... Otherwise, click Upload a Video for everything else.

The file size limit for uploading a video is 200mb. If anyone remembers, Pregnant community was only 25mb, so you'll have more real estate to work with on this board :D

How to "favorite" images: If you really like certain images but don't want to click through 10 sections to access them, you can add these pictures to your Favorites instead and then access them in your user profile at any time. Here's how to do it. From the Image Gallery > click any picture to open > Click "Add to Favorites" (located under the image). To access your favorites, under the "Pregnant Community 2013" header, there will be several links > Click "User Control Panel" > Click "Gallery" tab > Click "Manage Favorites" .

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Enjoy Pregnant Community 2.0!
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Re: PLEASE READ: How To Use Pregnant XXX Forum

Postby crazymonkey » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:28 pm

is this just like the other site where you can download the videos? cuz i cant see where the download button is.
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